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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 3, 2014 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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evolution that you found new? you are a concerned american? one of the things that we got really quickly was that it was not an individual movement as much as it was a movement. we may have had that first phone call that we saw quickly how things spread and how people in individual communities took hold. you look at how many tea party organizations there are around the country and this did bloom from the first phone call. economy and how individuals took what we started with one phone call and ran with it, now you have these organizations in washington, new jersey, or in new york. we have organizations all over the country. that is not because of us that is because -- because of us, that is because people want to make a difference. evolution and what these people are doing in their communities
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now, no we do not see the big rallies. it's a most better anyway because you have these people in these communities who are on their school boards running for office. they are making differences on the ground where it counts. here triedople calling to tell the representative or their senators that they did not want the stimulus bill to pass? could notny of you get through because they turned off their voicemail or they their cellwering phone? all experiencing the same thing at the same time. that is what prompted me to hold that protest. i have been taught as a kid that all you have to do is call your representative. they listen to you. power of the people. that is why we are so great.
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they deliberately didn't listen. that is when i realized something was broken. we were all experiencing the same thing at the same time. >> lettuce wrap this up. -- lettuce wrap this up. the future is undefined. it is an open landscape. their many of you that are parts of groups and not parts of groups. the independence, this is a word i like to put into the tea party movement. regardless of whether the even identify with it, the principles matter. just likeing round, on my show, starting on the end. what about the future of the tea party? as much as things have changed, a lot of things are the same. we are still fighting the good
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fight. there are still people on the ground. until we see some of the changes we tried to push five years ago, our tactics may change that what we are working towards -- there are still a lot of fight in us. >> michael, go for it. >> we are going to win. [applause] five years from today america is going to be much closer to the constitutionally limited government our founders had in mind. win is we are going to with you. to be theg conservative ground game infrastructure. we are going to win your neighborhood and your precinct and talking person-to-person, face-to-face with your neighbors, expressing the three core values of the tea party movement, fiscal responsibility and free markets -- because they
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agree with us. now i am going to wrap up. kelly, give us your future. >> we are going to be more free. i can go back to doing improv. >> this is your future. it is your kid's futures. think for a second what is important. i'm going to attach one word and walk away. this panel has been great. unselfish. the tea party movement is about unselfish people who agree on some issues, disagree on others, debate others, but we look at something other than ourselves. think about that for a moment. how about a round of applause? look at this panel. americans.ryday
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great job, guys. ♪ >> please welcome bill martin to tea party patriots. >> i hate politics. but i love principles. politics is a dirty rotten filthy business and i hate it. but i love guiding principles. that is why i engage. i love the principles of liberty. that is why i love our history,
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the founding fathers, and our constitution. early in 2008, as i have artie been volunteering for a few years to the national center of constitutional studies, we started noticing an increase in requests to american seminars. you can feel a sense that something was brewing in america. little did we know that it would be tea. the teaugh, in 2009, party movement flooded the nation with a new awakening of liberty. people felt that something was wrong in the land of the free. the people turn to the constitution and the founding fathers for answers. thomas jefferson said enlighten the people and tyranny and oppression will vanish. it wasravel the nation exciting to see you, the american people, inherently understand this truth that if you stand out -- if you step out tyranny we must learn and
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understand the principles of liberty. ournherently knew that if nation wants freedom, peace, and prosperity, we must live, learn, and teach the principles of liberty. principles that are at the heart of the miracle we call america. 1607 they were using a stick plow, the same way mankind has been plowing their fields for 5000 years. their mode of travel was walking and animal power, the same way mankind has been traveling for 5000 years. -- their decisions medicines were made up of more noxious superstitions than science. they thought alcohol was a staple food. inadhering to the principles the declaration of independence and the constitution we went from oxcart to space travel in less than 200 years. a 5000ld say we made
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year leap. read the bookve the 5000 yearly. almost sold one million copies in 2009 and 2010, copyght increase from the sold in the previous years. this great awakening indicated there was a yearning to understand the 28th principles of liberty. they learned that when you free the mind of man it results in a miracle that changes the world. today we call this miracle the american dream. that we can be and do what ever we set our minds to. byhave been taught this teachers, family, even pop culture. quote from an unlikely source, i am the epitome of what the american dream basically said.
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fromid you can come anywhere and be anything you want in this country. that is exactly what i have done. that is whoopi goldberg. isn't she going to be surprised when she hers -- when she hears she was quoted at a tea party event? she was right, that is what the american dream was all about. i have come to realize the american dream will not be a combo by restoring what the founders had. they had the tyranny and depression of parliament. we want to build upon what they created. thomas jefferson said, i like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. they laid the foundation. in the next generation they built upon its and the next and the next. until their foundation gave rise
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to liberty. happenedd never have without an enlightened and educated people. is the solution to take freedom from us? jefferson said i know no safe depository than the people themselves. if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion through education. ofs is the true corrective abuses through constitutional power. these amendments are not solutions. dirt -- true directive is education. the founders did not live in the past. to the future greatness of all mankind.
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byreatness that comes liberty and virtue, not by bondage and coercion. we too must learn these timeless principles, look to our future, and reach what mankind may become and pursue your american dream. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome president of the center of self-governance, mark kerr. >> we are a people losing our inherited visions of the american dream. no one seems to be able to
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.ommunicate this dream it seems no one can agree to what the american dream is or how to reach it. communicatery to this dream we are on such different sheets of music that our american harmony is shattered. in the book epic of america, the american dream is not a dream of merely material plenty. it has been much more than that. is the american dream selfishness? selfishness that produces an ever increasing burden of centralizing governments? the american dream itself less? selflessness that reduces the privilege and burden of a self-governing society. the american dream is an oferiment in the capacity
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mankind for self-government. people are responsible for for failing the american dream of a self-governing society. i realized i am responsible for losing the vision of the american dream. i asked myself a simple question, how do we keep our republic? me, likeveryone around michele perkins of tennessee and pamela let -- pamela from washington, who is with us this morning. amazing,red something there is a pilot light of liberty in the soul of everyone around me. george washington said preserving the sacred fire of liberty is the responsibility of the american people. we are charged with speaking the
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language of self-governance. what is the language of self-governance? it is the difference between power and governance. it is the delicate balance between self-governance and centralized governance. it is where rights come from. and who can take them away. this is what the center for self-governance teaches us. -- we are setting thousands of men and women on fire for the enthusiasm of the system of government we love. the system of government that is under threat. we haveem of government all vowed to keep. otherszens we looked to for inspiration. it began as an experiment and it worked. travel the country to
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train citizens and break their manacles. with the support of tea party patriots we grew from 71 students in 2012. we are reaching a new generation through the entering a. of the center for self-governance we have a dream, that dream is to inspire healthy discourse once again. at the dinner table, on the street corners, in the halls of , only bylatures speaking the language of self-governance can we realize the dream of aristotle, locke, and jefferson. of all the lovers of liberty throughout history abraham
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hoping said i leave you the land of liberty will burn with you. reality you with the that the hope of the american dream is not dead. it is in fact burning brightly. purpose at the center for self-governance in the tea party is to inform the discretion of others. together we will keep the american dream alive. join us in lighting the sacred fire of liberty. join us in setting the brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. god bless america. let's keep our republic. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome founder of the tea party
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-- [applause] them a good morning. i want to paint a picture for you. 18 years ago on a snowy november evening my boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. my response was yes. he wanted children and i didn't. , in myhim, knowing this the one you want to spend your rest of your life with the echo for some reason he came back and we got married. and we have two fantastic children. [applause] anthony is 16 and my daughter will be 14 in march.
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for many of us, life is not what we thought would be. my life is nothing what we thought it would be. i would not change a thing. are my world. i'm sure your children are your world. lies aheadout what for our children. we want the best for them. we want every opportunity for them. we have dreams for our children. , that we liveis in a country where one's aspirations are limited only by one's self. if my son wants to be a world-class neurosurgeon he can be that neurosurgeon. it was stated so beautifully by thomas jefferson when he said the policy for the american government is to leave its citizens free, either restraining them or aiding them
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in their pursuits. what did he mean by that? individual, the towns, and the desires of the individual. no one else. that is my dream for my children. everybody'sm for children, to be able to pursue their dreams without being shackled. in 2008 i started to see that dream slipping away. we had become complacent. were actually buying into this hope and change thing. i started to hear phrases like andribution of wealth leveling the playing field and fundamentally transforming america. one night my husband and i were watching senator obama. it hit me, people are really buying the stuff. a really believe what this man is saying.
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the tea partybout movement. i knew i had to be a part of it. i was new to the area, totally new to the political scene, so i did not know what to expect. i knew this had to be done. i started a local tea party group. we had our first rally. the numbermazed at of people who came out on this cold, rainy, windy day and stayed. they stayed right to the end and little did i know that this is only the beginning. many things. we are starting to late and educating and instilling virtues in our children about what made this country so great. we need to counter the progressive movement that hasn't faded textbooks and curriculum.
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i have already been a reading tutor for several years. i started essay contests in the high school. i went dressed in. costume and constitution week. i spoke to the kids about the journey to this country and the constitution. i created visuals for them to bring to life the sacrifices that their forefathers have made and their kids loved it. that still was not enough. take the next to step when i ran for my locals -- local school board in 2011. in 2012 iran for our state board .f education, again losing but only by 10% to the governor's appointees. third time is the charge. -- third time is the charm. it is an uphill battle.
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complacent anymore. our children are our future. we must get involved as parents, grandparents, and educators. yourself,re, insert and smile when you ask your questions. smile when you ask them what they are doing. learning the kids are and know what the reading and literature -- our children are our future. we must allow them to be the architects of our destiny. as stated by another american ronald reagan, the american dream is not that every man must be leveled with every other man. the american dream is that every must be free to become whatever god intends he should become. thank you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen please welcome the founder of frederick douglass republicans, carl smith. >> thank you. thank you so much. is theck douglas quintessential american dream story. here is a quote i want to share with you. he said on one occasion the constitution as well is the declaration of independence and the sentiment of the founders of the republic give us a platform broad enough and strong enough to support the most comprehensive plans with the freedom and elevation of all the people of this country without regard to color, class -- can pursue his
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american dream story. is more thandream buying your first home and rising through classes. it is an opportunity to discover your god-given gifts. the american dream is about discovering your talents, taking europe sessions and making it a profession. . is anerican dream opportunity to make a difference. unfortunately, the opportunity to pursue the american dream is under attack by those who want to fundamentally transform our a europeanntry into socialist nation. if we are serious about constitution,
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about defending liberty, we must face -- must make frederick douglass an integral part of the conservative message. if not we are doomed to failure. the political insight of frederick douglass is more portent than the political .nsight of the founding fathers they called it heresy. i cannot believe they said that. let me prove my point.point. the founding fathers gave us two magnificent documents, the making -- the declaration of independence and the constitution. when the constitution was ratified, that is not when they were freed their slaves. after the were freed founders died. when it comes to the founding
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fathers, their view of liberty is tainted. frederick douglass did not own any slaves. he has affirmed the founding fathers and constitution. once we get the message on a going tolevel, we are go back to france. in addition to incorporating douglass entire message, conservatives must learn how to engage at a local level. we must learn how to talk to our family members and fellow citizens. i contend that the greatest asset we have in this nation is
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not being utilized. seminars,y messenger we unveiled the myth that white conservatives cannot engage in the body of different ethnicities. who established the diversity outreach program that is still having a major impact in the world today? it was god would he commissioned poll to the gent -- commissioned to take the gospel to different ethnicities and different races. we have the same situation. predominantly white. we are trying to share the empowering message of the conservative philosophy. you can do it but you have to be trained in something that works. what we need is a conservative hero. we need someone who can spark an emotional appeal for conservative values.
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the answer is frederick douglass. our nation and turn things around, all of us need to become liberty messenger's. god bless you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cofounder of southwest tea party patriots and state representative from minnesota, cindy pugh. >> before 2008 the only political activity i have ever taken was voting. like so many of you i was busy
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working and raising my family. because of the tea party i run for office and i won. i am now serving my first term in the senate -- in the minnesota house of representatives. my story may be your story. if it's not, maybe it should be. in 2009 i went to my first ever political rally at the state capitol, alone. i made my first ever political sign. it was awesome standing there among so many like-minded patriots. that october i was watching fox news on a friday night when congresswoman bachmann called upon concerned americans to be in washington dc before the
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first to on obamacare. speaking toshe was me. i got on a bus that following wednesday and took a 24 hour ride to washington. it was my first trip to the sea. i was alone. bus i met mara sue and a world war ii veteran. when we got back to minnesota we looked for a tea party. when we cannot find when we started our own. that was the first time i asked if not me, who? if not now, when? we lost the metro tea party on the fourth of july in our city parade.
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my new friend wrote in the parade with us. our tea party has been meeting every week. 2012 mydistricting in phone started ringing off the hook. people were asking me to run. they said i had to. i repeatedly said no. of the calls kept coming and i said fine, i will find somebody -- aallenge a 22-year-old 22 year incumbent. it hit me that this was a call to action. i said to my husband i think i am going to have to run. if not me, who? if not now, when?
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i ran on fundamental tea party principles, fiscal responsibility, and individual sponsor ability. for every one of you who wonders if voters will support these concepts, my story says yes. i learned that the incumbent was a solid vote for labor. in we have a 17 ilion dollar unfunded pension liability in minnesota. when i talked to voters about that they were shocked and supportive of me. people gave me hugs, they gave me high fives, they said you go girl from their front porches. one voter said to me cindy, we have been waiting for you for years. i thought to myself, me? wow. --tarted my second section
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second session this week as a state representative. because of all the voters i met i can see them in my minds eye when i rise to speak on their behalf on the minnesota floor. my constituents have given me the confidence to challenge government overreach and taxation. i spoke out against the unionization of childcare small business owners. i spoke out against the government takeover of minnesota self-care, which used to be the best in the nation. thanks to the tea party and thanks to all of you i have found my voice. now i am speaking on behalf of countless people who have not yet found theirs.
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if you considered running for thought you were not up for it, maybe you should reconsider. if you have never thought about it, maybe you should. if not us? -- if not us who? if not now, when? freedom is never more than a generation from extinction. we do not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them to do the same. the challenges before us are great. time is short. there isn't anyone of us who can do everything. every single one of us can do something. --ave been inspired you
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inspired by you over the course of the past year. we have seen with the people can do. thank you. >> people who are not afraid, speak out for what is right. it is time for a new beginning in the united states of america. >> michele bachmann has claimed her state to fame mama making the list of the most influential people in the world. poeticallegitimate star. >> these strong conservative
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excellentesent liberalism. awayof the party give 10,000 tickets to this event and it appears they were all used and then some. >> the winner of the 2011 -- his congresswoman michele bachmann. your heart be troubled. >> there is really no one in
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edercan politics who has a hold of the tea party movement ability to project a message through the neighborhood. tea am the chairman of a party caucus in the house of representatives and for -- and formal federal tax litigation attorney for the irs. >> i think they are afraid of michele bachmann. demo that is why you are here today. >> forbes magazine and released the list of 100 most powerful women. michele bachmann is number 20. a michele bachmann is fundraising powerhouse. >> she was doing the tea party
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thing before tea parties were doing tea parties. she knows what she believes in. need to bring government back to you. that is the government our founding fathers gave us. stand strong, hold them accountable. >> i'm not going away. these well, congressman -- congresswoman michele bachmann. >> good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. good morning. it is so great to see you. are we having a good time? i'm so excited. i just have to let you know a head of time i cannot stay long by the i being audited
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irs. you know exactly what i am talking about. i am here today to say thank you americawhat you did for is stellar. it was life changing to the lifeblood of this nation. you and the movement we represent took the gavel out of nancy pelosi's hand in 2012. you did that. now imagine where we where. in 2008 president barack obama became president of the united states. nancy pelosi was the speaker of the house in 2008. harry reid was the majority leader leader in the senate. one thing that the progressive left movement understood is that elections matter. does that have your attention? do elections matter?
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absolutely they do. what is it we are seeing on mainstream tv? he could talk about was the 2016 e election. why do you think that is? they do not want us to think about the 2014 elections. why are the 2014 elections so incredibly important? the senate, that is right. take a look at what the results have yielded from the 2010 election and the 2012 election. prior to the 2010 election, did we have senator ted cruz? rand paul? marco rubio? imagine what the future holds with senators like that. senators that are willing to stand up, take a stand, and look at the house of representatives. it is not your grandma's house of representatives anymore. in some ways you may say we to have hood and powerful voices in the house and senate. are we there yet? do we have a ways to go? who's going to do it? we are. we are going to do it the tea party at its core is an intellectual movements. a movement based on ideas. will break away from this program on the anniversary of the tea party movement for remarks from secretary of state john kerry on the situation in ukraine. >> good afternoon.
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the morning passed incredibly rapidly. pleasure toy real tocome prime minister -- washington on a snowy day. me and we had a wonderful visit in december. tothat time i invited him come here to continue our conversation. the prime minister is leading a transformation. we are very pleased that they have continued their efforts to move forward their association agreement with europe. we are pleased to announce that we are going to add additional toding to their efforts develop competitiveness, which
12:42 pm
is key to their businesses and economic process. of $7.5add a total million to help in this particular transition. the united states has provided very significant economic assistance, close to $1 billion in the course of this transition. interested in helping the prime minister in his efforts to continue with his anticorruption initiatives in the country. we are very excited by the leadership that he and his government are providing as they really determine their own future and to make clear their determination to be part of a larger global trading mechanism. it is really a rather remarkable winery. a it is quite a spectacular
12:43 pm
underground facility. we are excited about the prospects of their ability to broaden their market. there are challenges. russia iso say that putting pressure on ukraine. there are challenges with respect to their energy sources. we are committed firmly to the direction they have chosen for themselves. we will talk about the neighborhood, the region. i look forward to a timely conversation as i depart for tf.
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>> thank you for this conversation. grateful.remely we are building a functioning institution. tolerantilding a society, making sure that we are ofe to ensure the benefits the citizens of mobile the. a strategicch dialogue, which i am sure will be extremely important in building a more functioning society.
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we were able to resume the activities of the trade commission because we are indeed accessterested to spend -- we would like to see more american investment in the economy. the response from the usc cr is extremely promising. we will launch today to make sure that there are working groups. numeric and step forth -- it is about the security cooperation. some verythe region .egative developments unfolding
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since we are the neighbor of ukraine -- [indiscernible] everything that happens in ukraine is extremely important to our future. the problems are of a profound concern to us. there is movement on its territory and we know exactly what that means. unfortunately we were not able to find a promised solution. what happens in the ukraine today is just a reminder. we need to do much more to address this issue because if it is not interested time it becomes very problematic.
12:47 pm
moldova is very much -- we hope a peaceful solution to these conflicts will be found. i am happy to be here and i am looking forward to your visit. [indiscernible] i hope the american consumers to taste the chance the excellent mobile the wine in the future. >> i don't think that will be hard. thank you very much. >> secretary of state john kerry reports on meetings he found today -- on meetings he had
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today with the prime minister of moldova. secretary of state kerry will be traveling to the area tomorrow. yesterday he said all options were on the table after the kremlin -- were going to- .solate russia before secretary kerry leaves tonight he will head to the american israel public affairs committee conference, taking place in washington. to talk about 6 p.m. eastern and our coverage will start at 5 p.m. on c-span. also israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is scheduled to speak at the group tomorrow. he's meeting with president obama at the white house today. we plan to bring you any comments that may come out of that meeting. to our program on the fifth anniversary of the tea party movement. this event occurred earlier last week.
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. very much.ll a wonderful welcome here and a us toic morning for celebrate the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the tea party. in my years of slogging this thing out in the public arena we always needed to have the grassroots rise up to save america from the left. you are doing it. i think back of those years into 2010. i watched what happened when nancy pelosi became the speaker of the house. i am doing all i can try to roll
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that rock uphill, punching away and trying to hold our constitution together and our free enterprise together and our way of life together. and they rolled piece after piece over the top of us. they rolled cap and trade over the top of us before obamacare. it did not get through the senate because of the super majority required before here you read pulled the trigger on the nuclear option. they rolled cap and trade over the top of us. now you have barack obama deciding that he has constitutional authority to make applause on his own. and to direct his minions to do whatever they decide to do to impose this agenda on us. i have long spoken about the constitutional violations. here is the one that is the clearest to me. when barack obama stood up to the podium after a beating on
12:51 pm
them religious community because there was a requirement to provide sterilization even through church organizations. barack obama took a two-week meeting, and he went up to the podium like this and said, now i am going to make an accommodation to religious organizations. now i am going to require them to provide it for free. he said, for free. he said for free. he said it twice. there was not a letter changed. the only thing that changed was that barack obama had spoken. and the insurance companies lined up to do his bidding, as if he was king. the imperial presidency has emerged. i want to take you back when nancy pelosi walked through you and carry that big apple through. and she had that, let them eat cake moment. a glorified how they are going to use that gavel to impose the
12:52 pm
will of the leftist on the american people. and they did that. they did it over the largest uprising of people that i have seen in my lifetime. and that was you. i remember walking down the steps the day we saw that bill come out and having it conversation about, what do we do, how do we save this? well, we call the american people to come to the capital. just fill the place up. you know what you did? you did something that has never been done. you surrounded the capital. all the way around the capital. it was not a demonstration here or there. you circle the capital. [applause] it was not just a human chain. you were six and eight deep, with thousands of people in the
12:53 pm
corner still left to go. there is no picture of that. there is no air cover over the top purity you cannot lie helicopter over and take a picture. you stand up against cap and trade, tarp, against obamacare. what happened? the president sent the irs after you. and he said there is not any corruption involved in this. and that there is not any constitutional authority that this man exercises. he is outside the bounds of it. we have got to pull that down. we have a battle ahead of us. [applause] we are doing the right wing together. remember this. we are about restoring the constitution. and we will do this with public
12:54 pm
demonstrations. we will do it through the grassroots. we will do it through the next president of the united states. we will restore constitutional rights in america. we will reaffirm that it says what it says, not what somebody wants it to say. we will identify for little babies american exceptionalism. if we do not believe it in our hearts, if we do not believe in us, if we do not know this is part of our civilization, they will win. ur children need to know that our founding fathers mean what they said. the constitution and the law, mr. president, mean what they say. we have got to step up here and
12:55 pm
we owe them. we owed this to the working class to protect and defend and defend it. and we need to hand it to the next generation. these are rights that came from god. they shaped the declaration of the constitution, fought a revolutionary war. we just have to hand it to the next generation in better condition than we found it. we are going to have the most patriotic motivations. we are going to serve with joy. we might as well have fun. if you can serve with joy, they can never defeat you. [applause] and they are never going to defeat the tea party. we are stronger than ever before. we are anchored in the constitution.
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we are anchored in limited government. we are anchored in free enterprise. we are anchored in strong families. we are anchored in western civilization, which is the foundation for the things we believe in. let's go out and continue this effort in our homes, cities, churches, workplace, and families. god bless america. let's save it. let's save it together. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the congressman from idaho. >> good morning. it is a great honor for
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me to be here. i would not be here if it were not for the tea party. four years ago i ran for office. and the establishment decided that i was not the right candidate for idaho. they decided they wanted somebody else to be the congressman for idaho. we had a democrat in office. we all knew that he was beatable. what they wanted somebody who is electable. and the person, apparently, was not made. and i had a bunch of people out there who decided that they wanted me to be their representative. and they were people like you, who wanted to bring back america to what america used to be. they wanted the strength, the energy, the excitement that most of us have to be americans. in little old idaho, they decided, you know, the tea party patriots are so racist -- they decided they wanted a puerto
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rican mormon to be their congressman. [laughter] [applause] they worked so hard for me that in my primary i got outspent 5-1. they could not raise the money. but they raised the forces to beat the establishment. and i won my race by nine points. when the preferred candidate of the establishment lost, the decided that a were ok. the establishment decided they did not want me to be here in washington dc, so they were not going to help me in my race. they decided to move onto other races. and the tea party, and many of you in idaho, decided that they
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wanted me to win. i got outspent 6-1 in my general election. guess what? i won that race by 10 points. [applause] i am here to tell you that you can and have made a difference for the united states. it is important that you get together and make a difference again in 2014. we need to take our country back. we need to remind americans what the dreams, and aspirations, of our founding feathers, of our grandparents and parents used to be. that is why we want a nation that is once again great. a nation where a young boy who was born puerto rico can aspire to college, law school, to own a
1:00 pm
business, and can do that without needing the government to depend on. and that young boy can move to idaho and decide he can run for office because he wants to make america what it used to be, give other people that opportunity to grow, expand, and to become great in the united states, and can run for a state legislative seat. it and that boy can decide he wants to go to congress. and he decides that in a state where there are less than one percent puerto rican descent, and less than nine percent hispanic descent, the majority of that state will send him to congress. [applause]
1:01 pm
not because he fits a particular class, or fits a particular idea of what a person should look like or should; but because he believes in the values that have made america great. it is because of you. when the tea party decided to get behind my candidacy, and many other groups -- it was not just the tea party. it it was the old reagan coalition. social conservatives. fiscal conservatives. in that silent majority out there that we have not talked about for many years. we are calling it now the tea party, but we have called it many, many thanks. it was when those groups got together and decided we can actually win and send people to washington dc that want to make a difference. i did not come here to make friends.
1:02 pm
i came here to save the republic and save the nation. i need you to get engaged. it need you to get active. with your help, i believe that 2014 will be bigger than 2010. [applause] thank you very much. god bless america. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome george rodriguez.
1:03 pm
>> i am fighting off an nsa allergy, i think. [laughter] they're trying to silence us. years ago the tea party came to texas, and is stronger than ever, particularly in south texas. what is curious to many political pundits is that we attract hispanics into the movement in south texas. there are several reasons. first of all, contrary to what many liberals believe, not all hispanics are the same. [laughter] ok? you just heard from a puerto rican.
1:04 pm
here i am, a mexican-american. there are cubans. there are central americans. and even within the large group of mexicans, there are mexicans that have been here, like my family for generations, since before texas was texas. and then there are those that just crossed the border, legally and -- you know. all of them have a different perspective on american politics. secondly, many hispanics continue to be attracted to the faith-based family values that we espouse. that makes fertile ground for recruiting them. third. very importantly is the outreach that we do. for example, we do trench work. over the gop, and i don't want to hurt their feelings, but over
1:05 pm
the gop they hire professionals, professional hispanics. [laughter] i'm sorry. they hire professional hispanics. in a clear example of how the differences, first of all, let me give you an example. there was a recall going on against a liberal city councilman. there was a grassroots effort led by faith-based groups and tea party folks. they go door to door knocking and talking to people. they are having great success. on the other hand, gop candidate jerry patterson is put together video, a professionally made a video that he is sending out. who do you think is going to be more successful, ok? the fourth reason is that our
1:06 pm
message, my friends, is not a segregated message. i that i mean, the same message to all americans resonates in the hispanic community, ok? the message of god, family, and country. that is important to us. the biggest challenges that we have got -- and i want to point out that none of the latino, spanish-speaking media showed up. it is the mainstream media and the spanish-speaking media. those are our challenges. in the spanish-speaking media, they look at us as monolithic, as victims who just care about immigration, ok? and i feel that that is just another form of liberal, reverse discrimination. racism, that is what that is. i personally have worked very hard in south texas to show that the conservative and tea party
1:07 pm
have a brown face. the spanish speaking media, and we do need spanish speakers to speak out -- the spanish-speaking media, specifically, uinivision and telemundo referred to us tea party folks as anti-immigrant. in reality, we are anti-illegal immigration. intentionally or not, my friends, what they are doing is dividing a future group of american citizens. that is what they are doing, misleading them. rather than helping them to assimilate, maybe they want to maintain a capture spanish-speaking audience.
1:08 pm
i do not know. but they are promoting their own liberal agenda. conservatives, my friends, conservatives need folks like rush limbaugh, sean hannity and others to challenge the liberals in spanish, as with the mainstream media in south texas, where we have endeavored to speak out on national tv a, on fox and all the other ones. we must be heard in the spanish languages, as well. it is not just a bunch of old white men. i was born, my friends, i was born in public housing. my parents were self-taught. they taught us that water may be many reasons to cry and surrender, there are more reasons to laugh and succeed.
1:09 pm
we spoke in spanish at home. we ate tortillas, but we were always american first. liberals and the gop need to adjust the fact that the tea party movement is not going away. the gop must realize that grassroots has been myself are true believers who will work to save our nation, unlike the professional hispanics who need to be paid to get the vote out. in texas, my friends, we have tea party hispanics who are americans first. in san antonio, and my very good friend, ted cruz. [applause]
1:10 pm
senator cruz who was elected because he was an american. i am proud to be of mexican dissent. what i'm much more proud to be an american. god bless america. thank you. >> please welcome the organizer of the washington blueprint. ? >> i am from seattle. what is seattle known for?
1:11 pm
>> rain. >> that is a good answer, there. rain. we are known for starbucks, amazon, microsoft, we compete a, cosco, boeing, and the seattle seahawks. what else is seattle known for? an incubator of national movements and trends. if people think washington state is not. it is purple. three years ago, i read the book called the colorado blueprint. some of you may be familiar with it. it is about how for individuals put a plan together to change colorado from red to blue. i'm sure you're thinking, why is woody so excited about this. because we can do that here. when looking at the immense task of how to turn washington state red, john f. kennedy had a quote.
1:12 pm
"the american by nature is optimistic. he is experimental, and inventor , and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly." this is about the american dream. it is about how local activists can work together to turn a blue state purple. how did we do this? first, we surrounded ourselves with people who have a deep understanding of the political process. by deep understanding i mean i immersed. we knew we had to have the karl rove of washington state on our team. you also need people skilled in organization and structure. we need an organization that runs efficiently, like a business. for example, the executive that ran the 757 program was a perfect fit.
1:13 pm
he was on our team. some of you know dan. second is the coalitions. coalitions are nearly unstoppable. we set out with patience, diligence, and brotherly love to form this coalition. to name a few, the washington state federation, the freedom foundation, the tea party patriots, and local groups from all across the state. i think i spied a couple of you in your earlier. the second amendment foundation. and the campaign for liberty. all of us standing together to work hand-in-hand for the first time in 35 years, with one common goal. that is the goal of changing the
1:14 pm
state senate and house to fiscal conservative. we agreed to leave our egos and agendas at the door. [applause] the third factor is targeting. selecting targeted districts to flip them is critical. with identified seven districts that the conservative candidate lost every election for the last 35 years, but with 40% to 49% of the vote. what you do once you have your districts? you must make sure your candidate can win. do they have a campaign manager? do they ever written campaign plan? how they taken a selfie with their iphone?
1:15 pm
you know, make sure the guy is not a moron. as election season started, we put the plan into motion. some of you flew in from alabama, georgia, mississippi, tennessee, to watch with us. that made a huge difference. it was special to us that you all fluid. we asked the organizers from the effort to run the ground game. we could not have done it without them. it was truly a team effort. the hundreds of walkers began fanning out over two months, knocking on thousands of doors, engaging voters, handing out information on which candidate was fiscally conservative. along with the walking came the training, one of the most respected conservative organizations in washington state, the freedom foundation,
1:16 pm
was busy training hundreds of grassroots activists, along with campaign, staff, and candidates. the washington state blueprint was in motion. fast forward to election night. we sat and watched the disheartening news streaming in from the east coast. as the night wore on, and it got later, it seemed as if one bright night was shining in a night of disappointment and despair. washington state results started trickling in. a celebration started to unfold, as it became clear that fiscal conservatives had taken control of the washington state senate for the first time in 35 years. [applause] one first step at moving
1:17 pm
washington from blue to red. one step closer to spreading this to all 50 states. this cannot be about one state. it is about our country. this is how we finish the story, the fight for freedom, and fiscal responsibility. the american dream. this project, this machine is capable of running in all 50 states, targeting everything from city councils, local elections, to purple and blue states. the next chapter is ready to be written. the blueprint is ready. [applause] ? >> please welcome catherine engelbrecht. >> thank you. thank y'all.
1:18 pm
it is a pleasure to be here this morning. it is humbling, really. how many of you previous to five years ago have political experience? let me ask you a different way, how many of you never had political experience before five years ago? what in the world are we doing? [laughter] >> i came five years ago to the first tea party patriots rally in washington dc. quick show of hands, how many of you all were there on that lawn? wasn't that fun? i came to this hotel. i did not know what to expect. i had come completely unprepared.
1:19 pm
i did not see anybody else that looked like a patriot. my husband thought i had lost my mind. i knew i was potentially going to have to eat a whole lot of crow when i got home. when i prepared to go to the rally that morning i looked out of my window this is not part of my prepared comments at all, but i looked out of my window, and i saw the sea of red, white, and blue shirts working their way down to what became a current that led to the lawn of the capitol. ladies and gentlemen, that does not happen but by the hand of god. we have been called here for a very high purpose. we could have been born at any time. but we have been chosen to be born at this time.
1:20 pm
we have jobs to do. let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, if the american dream is to be preserved, it will be because citizens are willing to take a stand and preserve, and preserve ideals that transcend politics. [applause] it is not about republican and democrat. we need two parties. we need debate. we need open discourse. that is healthy. that is good. what is changes that we used to have a common center. we used of a common center where we believed in the ideas of freedom, opportunity, and faith. somewhere along the way we lost that true north. that is what we need to find our way back to. i first up in 2009 when i
1:21 pm
started an organization called true the vote, which i thought would be a great, uniting effort. . [applause] it has been. it is been interesting to watch. i always assumed that everyone would be in favor of election integrity. how can you be against free and fair elections? if you are against free elections then what are you for? i will leave that to your imagination. what i will say that as our reach increased, so did the number of alphabet soup agencies . at last count, there've been in the past three years, 25 plus audits or in greece into my personal business. now, this morning, as many of you know some tea party pages are testifying before congress
1:22 pm
the cousin of the iris abusive targeting that this administration is now looking to legalize, and i have a call to action for you. we started a website called w the irs has attempted to write into law regulations that will stifle political speech that it will change the landscape of nonprofit organizations, many which are of the type you belong to in this room. a standard levels of voter engagement will be made illegal in these regulations, if they are allowed to pass.
1:23 pm
there is a window of time for citizens to comment. that window ends tonight at midnight. tonight at midnight. if you go to the website you can leave your comments for the irs. ls count, there were over 100,000 comments. i may tell you why this is important. it is a process. think we are still a country of laws. in the law, it is a requirement that every comment be addressed. 100,000 comments is going to take an awful lot of time. maybe, in that time, saner heads will prevail. things might change. maybe we will have a midterm election, and we can stop some of this nonsense.
1:24 pm
if we don't, and if you don't stand up, it is not going to stop. it will not stop. and this american dream is worth standing up for. thank you. [applause] thank you for everything you do in this room, believe me, things that many people would not believe cap to happen just to preserve the right to free speech, preserve our constitution, preserve the dream for our children. thank you on behalf of my family and my children. god bless, everyone. god bless america. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome steven tucker. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming.
1:25 pm
mark levin just sign my book grade i'm not letting go of it until i leave the stage. he is coming up soon. before the passage of the un-affordable care act, we were told by our friends on the left, as which i have several of that we had to pass this law to solve the issue of pre-existing issues. we were told that the board dying in the streets. is that true? no. of course it is not true. we know the people are not dying in the streets. there is the emergency medical treatment and leave act. it was passed by reagan.
1:26 pm
if you are near an emergency room in this country they must treat you regardless of your ability to pay. was president obama speaking truthfully when he said that if you are denied and the individual market, where there is no protection for pre-existing conditions, does that mean you're left with no options? no. who is responsible for pre-existing conditions anyway? where did it come from? as of the kids with most of our problems, it comes from right here, right here in washington dc. back in 1996, a bipartisan group wrote a law called hippa. when we hear that we think a privacy. but there is a far more important clause. it was portability. that you can move your plan as long as you find coverage within 90 days.
1:27 pm
has anywhere looked you up and down and said, boy, you can lose a few pounds? how many medications do take? does your family have a history of heart disease? it is illegal to do that because of those laws. that protects 90% of the american injured. when they wrote this law they dropped the ball, and extended no portability protection for those of us in the individual market. today that is 14 million americans. those people, prior to obamacare , could be denied for coverage for pre-existing conditions. do we need obamacare to solve the problem? >> no. >> do we need to spend to join dollars over the next 10 years and still leave 31 million people uninsured? we did not.
1:28 pm
we had infrastructure built already. in 35 states, before obamacare was heard of, there were laws. in the people's republic of china illinois, where i hail from, we have one called the illinois conference of health insurance plan. if you are denied for health insurance from any carrier, the regulators in the state of illinois said that they have to give a percentage of their profits to pull of mine. it if you are denied for my carrier, we will ensure you. and that will be even though you have pre-existing conditions. we did not need obamacare to solve the issue of pre-existing conditions. 10 other states have guaranteed mandates. in ohio, they mandate that each insurer do this once a year with open enrollment.
1:29 pm
another important clause is 274 2, which prohibits an insurer from dropping your coverage when you're sick, or raising your premiums when you're sick and i found this out years ago as a health insurance broker. that is right, i am an insurance broker. i watched a show and saw bill elliott. he said that it is forth battle of cancer, thanks to obamacare, his insurance company was dropping his coverage. if were raising his to dockable from $1000 up to $1500. his premium from 100 $89 a month to $1500 month. i reached out and said, the president has been lying to the american people for four years. they cannot drop your coverage. they cannot raise or premium. it is illegal. contact the governor and south carolina.
1:30 pm
she is one of us. he did. he printed out the section 2742, and the governor faxed it to the insurance company. i got a message from bill three days later. it's that, steve, i cannot believe it. the insurance called me. you were right. i can keep my policy. [applause] three weeks later, i want you to know that bill is still in full remission. do you know he covers peeking out?
1:31 pm
a letter from the irs. that was on thanksgiving day. that was the same day i got my letter. that is right. i want you to understand that we should never be afraid from this tyrannical lawless regime that we are living under. we must speak out. you never know, through god's grace, when you might save someone's life. thank you. [applause] ? >> please welcome the congressman. matt salmon. i am what they call a retread. remember the contract with america?
1:32 pm
i was one of the people who made a pledge and kept it. there were like 100 of those who made it. that is the way things go. you drink that water, you change forever. anyway, when i was in congress before, i was dubbed as one of the bad boys of the republican party. there were 11 of us. i think it was the precursor to the tea party. anyway, there were 11 of us. we were constantly having to fight bill clinton, and fight against some of the things our leadership was doing. we did not come back to be a a minor elephant over the donkey. we came back with bellies. to bring government spending don't.
1:33 pm
to live within our means. we actually believed the things that the republican party stood for. that was our egg crime. a call this the bad boy republicans. now, to be referred to as a tea party patriot makes my life a lot easier. my wife did not like the bad boy republican thing. i want you to know what brought me back good i left for 12 years. i kept my term limit pledge. i never thought i would come back again. we had balanced the budget for the first time in 40 years. in 1998 we balance the budget. in 2000, we have a $247 billion surplus. i see what happened 2010, with two or is patriots standing up and fighting against the most radical president that we have ever had in the history of america.
1:34 pm
my juices just aren't flowing. i get energized. these patriots were on the mark. in 2012, i decided to come back and run again. i believe, with all my heart, that this movement is growing. you have heard from folks in the media, the liberals, we refer to it as the mainstream, lame stream media. the tea party is growing and strengthening. when i was in congress before, there were 11 of us on the house i. there are now 40 of us on the house side. [applause] when i first came, there was nobody that was carrying the banner.
1:35 pm
now we have about six or seven. it is only going to grow. i want to talk about the idea we get labeled with almost all the time. extremist. we get called extremist. the father of conservative politics, harry goldwater, said that extremism in defense of liberty is no bias. he said that moderation in defense, and the pursuit of justice is no virtue. i want to acknowledge something. balancing the budget is extreme, then i am extremely. if sending obamacare to another world is extreme, then i am extremely. [applause]
1:36 pm
it fighting justice is extreme, then i am extreme. if finding justice for ambassador stephen, who was murdered in benghazi is extreme, then i am extreme. [applause] and i will tell you something. the old phrase, when the going get tough, the tough get going. i will stand shoulder to shoulder with you people any day of the week. i will fight side-by-side with you until we take our country back, and get our freedom back. thank you.
1:37 pm
18 years ago, when i first came to congress, i was the young father of four children. now i am a grandfather of six grandchildren. i look into a little eyes and faces, and it makes me want to weep. what kind of a country and legacy are we going to lead them? i spoke to a group of high school students last week and i said, what we are doing today is running away your future is so immoral. it is like your parents getting all expense a trip around the world to the finest hotel and then putting on a credit card in your name. that is what we are doing today. the kids get it. we need to get it. we need to fight for our country. [applause] if that makes the establishment cringe a little bit, if it makes them uncomfortable well boo hoo
1:38 pm
hoo. this is not a game. this is an epic battle. abraham lincoln once said that, if america is defeated, it will not be from without. it will be from within. let's rise up and take our country back. i am proud, proud to be a tea party republican. god bless you. bless america. ? >> please welcome tea party patriot, indiana state coordinator.
1:39 pm
>> thank you. people are saying that the american dream is dead. however, i believe the vision that our founders had for this nation is alive and the hearts and minds of most americans never before in history has any group of people enjoyed freedom and liberty as we have here in america. many of you gathered here today, like me, were tea party before they was a tea party movement. i became part of the tea party because it fit in with the natural flow of my compassion and love for our great nation. [applause]
1:40 pm
i served in the u.s. air force during the vietnam war. i saw the disrespect shown to those who would served our nation, upon returning home. they return home from a war, to a citizentry that showed anger and disrespect. 30 years later while driving i heard glenn beck -- [applause] -- glenn beck say he wished he could find a way to reach our troops during his rally for america event. he wished for two-way communication, or in exchange to our troops deployed in afghanistan, iraq, and here at
1:41 pm
home. he said it would be too expensive. hey, folks. that was back in 2003. there was no skype, no facebook. cell phone bills were very expensive. but i have a ham radio operator. i had an idea of how it could be done for free. so i pulled over and called the local radio station. they laughed at my idea and hung up. shortly, they return my call and wanted to know more. glenn beck held a rally in downtown, one of the largest in the nation at the time. i introduced him to radio connections to the event. we chatted live with the military during the rally. [applause]
1:42 pm
someone in the crowd began a conversation with a soldier. stir surprise, that soldier turned out to be her son. it was very emotional. as a result of our success, i was invited to the national glenn beck rally in west virginia. and then went on to organize a series of them on my own over the next 10 years, in my community and worldwide. called amateur radio military appreciation day. i was invited to breakfast with president george w. bush and his entire cabinet on the white house south lawn, all because i had an idea and took action.
1:43 pm
that is what i mean by being tea party before that was a tea party. shortly after the tea party movement began, i got a call from fellow patriots asking me to organize a rally in my city. i rose to the challenge, even though the local media said i would fail. they printed a front-page story on local newspapers, saying this man will need a lot of luck to pull this off. they said that no one would attend around the led by a black man. i had two weeks to prove them wrong. for that rally, this black man, booked another black man, alan keyes, as the keynote speaker. [applause]
1:44 pm
we had one of the largest crowds in the nation at a tea party event, organized by a black man, key-noted by another. it anything is possible if you are active in pursuing your american dream. that is fundamental to the tea party movement. all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. a former congressman from oklahoma, also a black man, jc watts -- [applause] he said, when it comes to the american dream, no one has a corner on the market. all of us have an equal chance to share in the dream. so i encourage you to stay the
1:45 pm
course because our voices make a difference. i would like to think mine has. pursue your dreams. do not ever think that one person is not important. stay united. continue to stand up for what you believe in. god bless you. god bless america. and god bless our men and women who serve in the armed forces of the united states of america. [applause] ? i will leave you with my personal motto, freedom and unity, use them or lose them. god bless you. ? >> please welcome jeffrey lord.
1:46 pm
>> thank you very much. thank you for having me. thank you for all that you do. the obama administration has made a point of calling its critics, extortionist and terrorists. you cannot be a nicer group of extortionist and terrorists. [laughter] i am happy to be here. i call you the heirs of ronald reagan. it has been clear from your spontaneous beginning that you are concerned about the fiscally responsible actions of the federal government, the misguided bending, the takeover of the private industry. your goals were equally as clear as they were reagan-esque. you want a cost of tuition only limited government and free
1:47 pm
market policies. or believing in liberty and fiscal sanity, you are demonized right from the very beginning. it was astonishing. it was unsurprising to watch the torrent of abuse sent to the tea party. this kind of abuse was directed at ronald reagan for believing exactly the same kinds of things. he was called evil for believing exactly the same kind of things. he was called evil by house speaker o'neill, a president that was cold and cruel and of course, ronald reagan was inevitably called a racist. this is what the american west does especially when they are losing the argument. the tea party is racist, really? really?
1:48 pm
perhaps this charge of racism from the west comes from the political party that has probably stood for and i want to be specific here, six platforms that supported slavery. they oppose the 13th and 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution that wiped out slavery and gave both the legal rights and voting rights to black americans. they supported segregation actively in 20 platforms. they oppose anti-lynching laws specifically supported by the republican party. liberals do not just support the ku klux klan, they were the ku klux klan. elected members to the united states and state representatives and the governorships. and the supreme court of the united states. these are people with a long and wretched political history of depending on any and every
1:49 pm
scheme imaginable then and now. they charge their fellow americans. and today have the nerve to call of the tea party racist? it is more than past time to call them out. and hold the party -- [applause] and tell the party of slavery, segregationists, ku klux klan, racial quotas to quit judging americans by skin color and get back to the business of getting this country on the road to fiscal health and economic growth. [applause] you have received considerable criticism from establishment republicans. they, too, -- no one by the way it knows is better than our friend mark levin. i cannot say enough about mark's ability to bring constitution and the founding principles of this nation front and center.
1:50 pm
he is a national treasure and we owe him a considerable debt of gratitude. [applause] mark and ronald reagan biographer certainly remembers and i do that in march of 1980 as governor reagan was on his way to winning the republican nomination for president, former president gerald ford went to "new york times" to say the kinds of things that are said of the tea party today. ronald reagan said president ford was "too extreme," and "a sore loser."
1:51 pm
i am quoting, "a very conservative republican cannot win a national election." as you may recall, ford had lost to jimmy carter and reagan not only beat carter in a landslide in 1980 and he won reelection by 49 states. that was george bush -- sorry. [laughter] sorry. which lastly sent me to the great friend margaret thatcher. there was a reason ronald reagan won two landslides and margaret thatcher was the longest-serving british prime minister of the 20th century winning three times in a row. drawing a line in the sand that clearly separate right from left. that is not only the key to victory, they were right about this and the establishment was wrong. president reagan referred to establishment republicans of the type the tea party does battle with everyday as internal order
1:52 pm
republicans. mrs. thatcher summed up the term and called her establishment conservatives the west. both believed the politics of what ronald reagan's called the fraternal order. mrs. thatcher sustained as consistent politics were roadmaps to defeat. if there had been a tea party in britain, mrs. thatcher would have been the leader. the politics she believed of repeated defeats in great britain and i am quoting here "the old testament prophets did not allow them the highway saying brothers i want consensus. they said this is my faith, my vision, this is what i believe. go out and preach it and practice it and fight it and the day will be ours." as you go by your challenges, the fraternal order republicans,
1:53 pm
whether here on capitol hill or across the land, i would encourage you to take the understanding of ronald reagan that there's a time and take to heart the words of margaret thatcher if i may americanize it down. go out into the highways and byways of america and make it plain as ronald reagan did, hold the american people, this is my faith, my vision and this was in the tea party believes. go out and practice and preach and the day will be yours. thank you very much. [applause] >> ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome new york times best-selling author and host of the mark levin show, mark levin.
1:54 pm
[applause] >> come on! thank you very much. what it is all of this for? happy anniversary. it is an honor to be with you. you are an inspiration to me and millions of others. the fact is today we live under a lawless president, a feckless congress, and an all-powerful supreme court. the federal government consumes nearly 25% of the entire economy and gobbles up whole industries. we are 17 chilean dollars in -- $17 trillion in debt.
1:55 pm
not enough on the planet to pay that back. the overall debt when it is combined is $7 trillion a year. this president proclaims the era of austerity is over. the federal government is the largest creditor and debtor and lender and employer and consumer, contractor, property owner, tenant, insurer, health care provider, and guarantor. so much for limited government. it unleashes thousands of regulations and rules every single year over the course of a decade and it fills nearly one million pages of the federal register.
1:56 pm
we are being devoured by the very government that is supposed to serve us. the centralization and concentration of power is now moving at speed as the constitution has been breached. i do not need a liberal law professor from george washington to tell me what is going on either. [applause] we welcome them. the tea party movement is the only thing left that stands between what remains of our republic and the tyranny of a runaway government. and i say this from the bottom of my heart and soul, and i thank you. you are the citizens from every walk of life who possess the spirit and enthusiasm of the founding fathers to proclaim the principles of individual liberty and unalienable rights as set
1:57 pm
forth in our declaration. and insist on the federal government compliance with the constitution's limits. you are astutely aware of the peril of the moment and all that is at stake. and for this, you are smeared, and attacked by the ruling class. democrats and republicans alike. by the media. from the "new york times" to the "wall street journal" and others who are dragging the nation into the abyss. i know at times, you wonder if we will be able to reverse course. you wonder if it is all worth it. you wonder if you should live quiet lives among family and friends and tend to your own needs. i also know you are americans. and you cannot be idle. and you will not be silent while a relative handful of self aggrandizing masterminds seek to
1:58 pm
lord over you. you will not allow your country to fail. [applause] let me remind you, december 23, 1776. when it looked like the american revolution was lost, what was left of general george washington's continental army gathered for what the history books would describe as the battle of trenton. before those men aboard the rickety wooden boats on a
1:59 pm
daunting course across the frozen delaware river on that miserable winter night, they began to read aloud from thomas payne. and today repeated these words, it became their motto. "these are the times that try men's souls, the summer soldier, and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country. but he who stands by it now deserves the thanks of man and woman, that is you. tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us that the heart of the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. triumphal we must and try off we will." my dear friend spoke of the reagan administration. we are fond of quoting the great ronald reagan. ronald reagan was fond of quoting thomas payne and he would recite them in a campaign stop after campaign stop after campaign stop. whether in the primaries or in the general election.
2:00 pm
you see ronald reagan was not part of the establishment, he was an outsider. like you and so many others throughout history, he had the and like you in so many others throughout history, he had the courage to stand up and be counted. and for this, also like you, reagan and his supporters were disparaged and dismissed by the same ruling class. i will give you a few examples. , 1974.will reagan is 63, and he looks it. his hair is still remarkably free of gray, but around the mouth and neck he looks like an old man. he has never demonstrated substantial national appeal. hard-core support today consists primarily of the, causing conservatives -- of the


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