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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i am reminded this morning of words that speak to the american soul. words spoken by thomas jefferson, who said "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing." our country is in peril. our deficit is at a record amount. our economy, the economic recovery is stagnant. our place in the world is weakened. so i have a simple solution. it is time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas. [cheers and applause] instead of looking to washington to find the front lines of the battle, i ask you to look to the states. where we find the laboratories of innovation. 50 different experiments in democracy are taking place.
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among the states, we see two visions for america. there is the vision common in blue states where the state plays an increasing role in the lives of citizens. taxes are on the rise, pensions are out of control, and jobs are leaving by the truckloads. then there is the vision common to red america. [cheers and applause] the red state america vision, the freedom of the individual comes first and the reach of government is limited. in these states, taxes are low, spending is under control, jobs are on the rise and opportunity is being sought far and wide. we see opportunity flourishing in states led by governors like
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nikki haley, bobby jindal, scott walker, rick scott. [cheers and applause] under governor haley's south carolina moved 20,000 citizens from welfare to work. under bobby jindal, louisiana has become more competitive for jobs. under scott walker, red state principles have been brought to wisconsin. the public union leaders balked and instigated this massive disruption of government. because scott walker had the courage to reform pension programs fairly, the people of wisconsin did not recall him. they stood behind him and reelected him. [applause]
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under rick scott, florida's unemployment rate has dropped for 3 straight years. when just four years ago his predecessor presided over the loss of more than 800,000 jobs. now, that guy wants his job back. with a record like that, he is running to seek it this time as a democrat. [applause] ask yourself, what is the common denominator in these states? conservative governors who cut taxes, control spending, invest in jobs. they trust the people more than the machinery of government. it is conservative governors who know the freedom of the individual must come before the power of the state. [applause] the contrast with blue states is
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crystal clear. pick any two. heck, let's pick the two biggest, new york and california. [laughter] from the east coast to the west coast. no two states have lost more personal income to other states than new york and california. if you rent a u-haul to move your company, it costs twice as much to go from san francisco to austin because you cannot find enough trucks to flee the golden state. [laughter] [applause] new york has this new advertising campaign, "the new new york." they are implementing the tired old recipe of backbreaking taxes and you guessed it, regulations larger than a 30 ounce big gulp. [laughter]
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let's pick a large red state. shoot, let's pick texas. [applause] we cut taxes. we did not spend all the money. we created fair and predictable regulations. we stopped personal injury trial lawyers from filing frivolous lawsuits. [applause] we have created almost 30% of the nation's jobs while keeping taxes among the nation's lowest. we have presided over an energy boom. the nation's largest population boom of monumental proportions. we have demonstrated that no state can tax and spend its way to prosperity. but with the right policies you can grow your way there. the red state-blue state debate
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matters because it is about the future of america. the vision that wins out. either the big government, protectionist nanny state offered by liberal leaders or the limited government, unsubsidized, freedom state offered by conservative leaders. it will determine the future of our nation. [applause] america cannot sustain its current fiscal course. we cannot continue to borrow trillions of dollars from bankers in beijing and brazil and tokyo. the downgrading of our credit, for the first time two years ago, it should not have surprised anyone. our leaders were fighting over a few billion dollars in spending cuts while our debt has soared by trillions in the last 5 years.
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how can the greatest nation on earth continue to spend its way to astounding debt without the bill ever coming due? how can we explode budgets with unreformed entitlement programs without the bill coming due? how can we appease a syrian tyrant and embolden his russian ally without the bill coming due. there is a price to be paid for policies that destroy our economy and embolden our foreign enemies. i am here today to say we do not have to accept recent history. we just need to change the presidency. [applause]
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it is not too late for america to lead in the world. but it starts by leading at home. it starts by returning to the founding principles of democracy. found in our constitution. among the enumerated powers of congress are the power to lay and collect taxes, to pay debts and provide for the common defense. to regulate commerce with foreign nations. to declare war. to raise and support armies. to provide and maintain a navy. but nowhere does the constitution say we should federalize classrooms. [cheers and applause] nowhere does it give federal officials, nowhere does it give federal officials primary responsibilities over the air we breathe, the land we farm, the
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water we drink. nowhere does it say congress has the right to federalize health care. [cheers and applause] you see, it is inherent in human nature. once given power, to never give it back. let me tell you something. this human tendency is a bipartisan offense. that is why we must elect the right kind of leaders to represent us in washington. leaders who devolve power to the states, not rob them of it. leaders who believe in free markets and not a bigger federal government. leaders who respect the freedom of the individual instead of depriving them of the power to realize it.
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time for washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government's role. defend our country, provide a foreign policy, deliver the mail on time and on saturdays. [applause] get out of the health care business. get out of the education business. stop hammering industries. let the sleeping giant of american enterprise create prosperity again. fellow conservatives, the future of this nation is upon you, it belongs to you. you have the power to change america. you have the power to speak to our newest hope in addition to our age-old dream, you are the past -- half to the future. represent over nude hope
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that america can be great again. god bless you and god bless this great country live in -- we live in. [applause] >> good morning. it is great to be with you this morning. i want to thank our friends at the american conservative union and all of you for all the work you do around the year to
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promote the conservative message. i have to admit my friend governor perry is a tough act to follow this morning. it is a privilege to do so. under his leadership, texas has shown the world that concert of -- conservative policies do lead to growth and prosperity. [applause] i can tell we have a few texans in the house this morning. call it an experiment in one of our of democracy, if you like i'm a but quite a successful one compared to the failed experiment in big government during the last five years under president obama. has ever had cpac to texans be back to back before. patience on your part. let me bend your ear for a few minutes this morning. i promise i will be brief but i
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don't want my brevity to distract from the seriousness of the topic. this morning, what i want to talk you about his accountability. specifically, the importance of accountability in our government and its shocking abandonment on the obama administration. accountability is a fundamental virtue. we hold in high esteem people who are accountable to themselves, to their families, and to god. american history is filled with stories that celebrate the accountability of some of our greatest leaders. from the founding fathers who famously who cannot tell a lie to one of the founders of our party known as honest abe. we celebrate accountability as a nation and it makes sense to do so. not just because it is a morally admirable trait but because this entire experiment and self-government depends on it. thomas payne said a body of men
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holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody. [applause] as public servants, we must be forthright in our actions and fully accountable to those that have the privilege to serve. as citizens, we must hold those in public office to the highest standard of accountability. because unaccountability has always been the refuge of scandal makers and stubbornly bad government policy. for the last five years now, five long years, president obama has put this maxim to the test for five years. he is advocated for a larger, more intrusive federal government. thefive long years,
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president refused to take responsibility for his own actions. let's look at the record briefly. when it was revealed that eric holder's justice department had knowingly allowed weapons to be smuggled to mexican drug cartels, did we get accountability? we got a cover-up. when one those weapons showed up at the murder scene of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry, i ask you, did we get accountability? >> no. >> when the president invoked executive privilege and the damaging evidence under lock and key when a career state department official dared to speak the truth about that arrible night in benghazi, night were four americans lost their lives, did we get accountability? >> no. >> he was punished for his honesty. when it came to light that the irs was targeting americans
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whose only offense was to disagree with the president, did we get accountability? >> no. >> we got a campaign donor to the obama campaign instead, appointed to lead the so-called investigation. then there is obamacare. where do we even begin? when the website that americans must use to purchase government notated health care did work, do we get accountability? >> no. >> we were told the errors were great problems to have. theret was discovered were no criminal background checks for obamacare navigators, people employed to handle sensitive information, did we get accountability? >> no. fact, secretary sibelius told me herself that convicted felons could be hired as navigators.
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barlow, ae like glenn planter in texas lost his health insurance, he found the only comparable plan was 65% more expensive and included maternity care which he did not need. did we get accountability there? >> no. >> we were told that people like him were thrilled with their options, thrilled. the fact of the matter is we conservatives predicted things like this would happen. when obamacare was debated, we scream from the rooftops that it would not work, that it would be make killer, that it would health care more expensive and less accessible for millions of americans. for pointing this out, we were mocked and disparaged by president obama and his allies. we were accused of being heartless and misinformed.
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now, for years later, our predictions have come true and i ask you, has the president shown any accountability? >> no. >> instead we have gotten and mincedlays, words over exactly what the president meant when he promised you and me and all americans that if you like what you have, you can keep it. conservatives, what can we do? simply us no good to point to these facts and say, i told you so. quo is not written in stone. if the last five years have taught us anything about our liberal friends, it is that they don't get accountability. a lost cause, be the future of our great country is never a lost cause. [applause]
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if we are going to get back to the america that our forefathers handed down to us, the america that our children and grandchildren deserve, we must foster a new era of accountability. here is the simple fact about conservatives. we are pretty good and holding people accountable. that is why conservatives must lead in rebuilding this new culture of accountability. for starters, we need to hold the house of representatives in this next election. then we must take back the senate. [applause] we must win in arkansas, virginia, west virginia, north carolina, louisiana, montana,
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and other states. we must lead the charge all over the electoral map, including nebraska. that is how we will take back the white house in 2016. [applause] together let's support conservative candidates. let's win and bring accountability back to washington. let's get to work. thank you and god bless you and i could beat the united states him in golf once in a while. welcome rick santorum. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. thank you very much, foster, i think [laughter] . [laughter] it is always a joy to be with foster friess. it's always -- you never know what you're going to get. i've been watching a little bit of what is going on here at cpac, and i hear a lot of "we have to win." now, we all know what they mean. they actually mean "we have to lose." we have to lose those currently unfashionable stances on cultural and limited government issues that have been proven over time to give americans the best chance for a healthy, happy life.
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so we are told that we have to put aside what we believe is in the best interest of the country.p so a republican candidate can win. that will result in a win for a republican candidate, but it will be a devastating loss for america. [applause] you, but i'mabout not out here fighting just to elect republican candidates and let them win. i'm here to see america win. [applause] by the way, how did it work out for the republican establishment following their lead nominating moderate candidates in the last 2 presidential elections? we have a bunch of leaders in this country who don't believe conservative
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policies can be the basis of a winning national election, and so they put forth candidates that keep apologizing for the principles they say they believe in, and then they wonder why they lose. [applause] i want to win, too. i think everybody here wants to win. but unlike a lot of these beltway talking heads, i am not pontificating. i actually put my neck out there , and just about every other body part. you may recall that i ran for president in 2012. [applause] run to put forth issues. iran because i wanted us to win the white house -- i ran because i wanted us to win the white house. i wanted us to be successful in
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transforming america away from the policies of this administration, to create a better america for the people who are struggling. and let's make no mistake about it, millions and millions and millions more people are struggling because of the policies of this administration. and in spite of being outspent 4-5-1 in all most every state, we won 11 states, more states than any second-place finisher since a guy who finished second back in 1976 named reagan. [applause] now the popular consensus of the media is he one because he is a conservative, a cultural conservative, he appealed to the cultural conservative voters. that really wasn't true. let's be honest, everybody in that race was a cultural conservative. they all had the same positions i have. almost identical. but you wouldn't know that. no, we went out and talked about something different.
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we went out and talked about focusing on those who are working americans. notice i didn't say "middle-class." i don't know why we do this, fellow conservatives and republicans. why do we believe -- why do we use the term come i should say, that is of the other side? why do we as republicans who believe in the dignity of every human life, who believe in equality of opportunity, for everyone to rise, adopt a class-envy leftist language that divides americans against themselves? [applause] classes in america? you real -- do we really accepted the fact that there are classes in america? why do we use that language?
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we have to stop that, we have to stop acting like them and somehow feel we should reach out to -- we can reach out to folks. we should use the term "working americans," because unlike them we think that work is a good thing. [applause] class rhetoric because they are all about dividing one class from another, one ethnic group against another, one group of americans -- that is what they do, they divide. let them divide. let us unify. [applause] you saw from the news today president obama's policies continue to create an ever increasing wealth gap in america . when i was out there campaigning, i was talking about the 70% of americans who will not get a college degree. have college degrees, and that number is not changing at all in america. what are we going to do to talk to them?
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,ur answer has always been well, we will cut taxes for high-income people. now, i believe in that policy, but if you are sitting there under employed, unemployed, looking for a job i'm wanting to move up in your job, and all we are talking about is cutting taxes for high-income people, doesn't exactly connect emotionally. it doesn't exactly resonate with the people we are talking about. so what i did is i talked about, yes, cutting taxes, but for manufacturing so that we can create jobs for those folks who don't go to college that are good paying jobs so they can rise in society and provide for their families. [applause] celebrate that all work is good work, whether it is manufacturing or energy, the road to things we can grow and expand and really get behind and create not just a quality of life for people who are working
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but better energy prices and better quality goods and services for people here in america who are not in this jobs. that is a plan and a vision that connects with those folks who stayed home in the last couple of elections. we saw this in ohio, hundreds of thousands of people who stayed votebecause they couldn't for barack obama, they knew that his policies were her and is an -- his them -- them policies were horrendous and were hurting them -- them, not just the country, but them. but they also couldn't vote for us. they couldn't vote for us because they didn't think we .are they didn't think we cared about them. so they stayed home. and now we are here, because we didn't connect with them. ladies and gentlemen, times are uncertain in america, even today. we saw the unemployment number
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is not getting any better. the addictions that the economy is going to falter again. people are nervous, anxious, and yes, fearful. people ask me, why did we not win an election when so many people were doing so poorly and the economy was so bad? fear. look at where barack obama got the votes. he got the votes from people who are most economically vulnerable. fear. and we are out there saying we will cut this and cut that and cut this, and you are sitting there holding on by your fingernails. we have no message for you as to how things are going to get better for you? not for the employer who might hire you. we are in trouble as a party. -- were's the sad part are the party who has the policies that would work best for these folks.
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we are the party that will create growth and opportunity. we are the party that believes in restoring something that is roping in most of the communities where people are struggling -- that is broken in most of the communities where people are struggling, the merrick and family. i talked about how important it was that the american family be the center of all of our policies, our economic policies, because if you look at it, the word "economy" comes from a greek word which means home or families. the first economy is the home. and when the home breaks down, the economy breaks down. [applause] i don't want to talk about redefining marriage. i want to talk about reclaiming marriage as a good for society, and celebrity how important it is for our economy. [applause]
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but that is not what we did. that is not what we did. we went out and talked about job creators, and that is what we do as republicans. we got to face it. we talked as if everybody who is a voter is like us. people who type a want to reach for the brass ring? you know what? we need folks like that and we need policies that encourage people to do that. but you know what, we also need folks who are going to work 9-to-5 and then go home and coach little league. we need them to work in the library and volunteer -- [applause] and to be the parent in the neighborhood when another parent isn't around. we need people like that. that is the backbone of america, these folks who don't value just family andthey value communities and children. america is a great country because we have that strong
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infrastructure of family and community, and ladies and gentlemen, it is falling apart. 40% of children in america are born to a single mother. 40. in the poor neighborhoods, it is 3 out of 4. in neighborhoods, there are no dads. i hear ben carson, he gives a wonderful talk about how he was raised by a single mom but he had dads in the community who helped. there are no dads. you say what can government do about it? well, what can government do about getting people to stop smoking? it turned out a heck of a lot. what can private enterprise do to help support marriage? it turns out, when they take the cause, it turns out they can do a lot. what about education? how do we get the educational institutions behind valuing
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marriage and talking about the importance of it? how about businesses saying they will give marriage counseling as part of a benefit. how about we have a movement to reclaim the true, beautiful institution of marriage? [applause] we talked about job creators, not jobholders. i will give you the classic example during the campaign. it was on a convention night. i spoke that night and i was backstage and i saw all of these folks who are wonderful people, small business people, some big business people. and all throughout the convention hall was a packard that." d "we built as you remember, president obama said, "hey, you didn't build that." we got all outraged -- "yes, we
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did!" we trotted out small business person after large business person to say to the small percentage of this is people who start their own businesses in america is that we built it. we didn't send one server at a restaurant to go out there on that stage and talk about how great -- grateful she was that her employer sacrificed a lot to .reate a job for her we didn't have that employer walked out on the same stage and around that server and say "i thank god for the work that you do." that is uniting america, not dividing america. [applause] we as -- look, i understand why people come out on the stage and they bang away at president obama.
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i mean, i know. it's fun. i get that. [laughter] it's also easy. getting easier, i might add. but that isn't going to win people who are sitting at home who are hurting. they don't feel better. we feel better. i think we need to take a lesson from someone who is maybe the most popular person in the world right now, pope francis. [applause] there might be some people who are surprised that rick santorum is suggesting we take lessons from pope francis. but i do. because what pope francis is doing, he is going out there and not talking about what the christian faith is against. he is going out there and talking about what it's for. [applause]
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he hasn't changed a single policy. he won't change a single policy. do is he willll go out there and talk about the ,ood news to hurting world because he believes that that is what the world needs. it needs the lord. well, we are not a religion and we will not go out there and talk about the good news. but what we need to do is talk about the news of a good america, and what that could america can be. we need to paint a picture for people. we need to use a brush where they see themselves in the painting. lifesee a part of their --re they hear someone say they see it and they say "that's me."
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we need to be the "that's me" party. there are a lot more speakers will come up and you will have a lot of fun cheering and stomping your feet and railing obama, get it out of your system. ,ecause after we leave here we've got a job to do. we got to win. [applause] and we will win not by further dividing. we will win by uniting could i ,sk each and every one of you candidates and supporters of candidates, to go out and stand for that underemployed person working 2 jobs, talk about what we are going to do to help. stand with the unemployed. stand with a single mom holding things together. stand with the people who are fearful, because fear is power. is whatcoming fear
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makes america the greatest country in the world, and you can be a part of that. , we have anentlemen --ortunity, yes, because look, they are messing up big time trade we have an opportunity. let's not blow it by just talking about them. let's talk about how we can build a great america again. thank you, and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ["the power of love" playing]
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. what a great crowd! great to be here. [applause] imagine with me for a moment. imagine a time when liberty is again spread from coast to coast. imagine a time when our great country is again governed by the constitution. imagine -- [applause] time when the white house is once again occupied by
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a friend of liberty. [applause] and you may think i'm talking about electing republicans. i'm not. i'm talking about electing lovers of liberty. [applause] it isn't good enough to pick the lesser of two evils. we must elect men and women of principle and conviction and action who will lead us back to greatness. -- a great andt tumultuous battle underway for the future not of the republican party, but the future of the entire country. the question is -- [applause] bolduestion is will we be
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and proclaim our message with passion, or will we be sunshine patriots retreating under adverse fire? will we be firm in our convictions, or will we cower defeated and meekly dilute our message? will we water down the bill of rights, or will we be all on fire like the unstoppable william lloyd garrison? for 30 years, garrison stood as politicians whimpered and compromised and left their fellow man in bondage. garrison would not. .e could not sit quietly by he rose above those politicians that would leave the country half free, half slave. his voice was unwavering. i will be as harsh as truth and on compromising as justice. i will be in earnest.
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i will not equivocate. and i will not excuse, i will not retreat an inch, and i will be heard. [applause] will you, america's next generation of liberty lovers, will you stand and be heard? [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. the sons of liberty who fought against british soldiers writing
6:43 am
their own warrants would today make a bonfire of the special orders issued by secret police. they would risk everything to guarantee your right to a trial by jury. they would today call out to the president, they would say "we will not be detained, spied upon, nor have our rights abridged. we will not submit and we will not trade our liberty for security, not now, not ever." [applause] yet as our voices rising yoursts, the nsa monitors every phone call. if you have a cell phone, you are under surveillance.
6:44 am
i believe what you do on your cell phone is none of their dam business -- damn business. i believe this is a profound constitutional question. appliedngle warrant be to millions of americans'phone records, credit cards? i amovernment says, and telling you the truth, they say you do not own your records, that you were visa statement does not belong to you. i disagree. the fourth amendment is very
6:45 am
clear. warrants should be issued by a judge. warrants must be specific to the individual. a single warrant for millions of americans' phone records hardly sounds specific to the individual. they should be based on a probable cause. generalized warrants that do not name an individual and seek the records of millions of individuals goes against the very fabric of the fourth amendment. john adams wrote that james protests against generalized warrants was the spark that began the american revolution. there's a great battle going on. no forget it. there is a great battle going on for the heart and soul of america. the fourth amendment equally is important as the second amendment, and conservatives cannot forget this.
6:46 am
will we sit idly by and let our lives be trampled upon? -- will we be like be like lemmings, running from crushing embrace, or will we say we are free and no man, the matter how well intentioned, will take our freedom from us? daniel webster anticipated our modern-day saviors who wish to save us from having too much freedom. he wrote good intentions will always be pleaded. it is hardly too strong to say
6:47 am
that the constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. how will history remember barack obama? those who had hoped that president obama would somehow be a champion of civil liberties, roger waters might ask, did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? did they get you to exchange a walk on part? did they get you to exchange a walk on part in the war for lead part in the cage? i do not question president motives, but history will record his timid defense of liberty. when congress passed legislation allowing for the in definite detention of an american citizen without a trial, he shamefully signed it while promising not to
6:48 am
use such a power. a great president would have risen to the occasion. instead of merely suggesting that he would not use this dread power, a great president would have taken pan inhand and vetoed -- pen hand and vetoed this abomination. a great president would have loudly proclaimed congress cannot and must not overturn the right to a trial by jury. a great president would have protected us from the prying eyes of the nsa. a great president would have proclaimed i will not abide it. the constitution will not abide it.
6:49 am
our forefathers fought for the right to trial by jury so that not one innocent man would be wrongfully imprisoned. remember richard jewel? everybody thought he was the olympic bomber. he was convicted on television the only problem was he did not do it. had he been a black man in the south in 1920, he might not have lived to prove his innocence. thene with a memory of times in our history when we did not adequately defend everyone's rights, when we did not adequately defend everyone's right to a fair and impartial tand now and s be heard. we must defend our rights.
6:50 am
justice cannot occur without a trial. this fact should be abundantly clear to any group that has ever been persecuted. by the be a minority color of your skin or the shade of your ideology. who has ever been a minority of thought or religion, anyone who has ever taught their children at home or sought to pray to god without permission should be alarmed that any government might presume to imprison without a trial. whether you are black or brown or white, man or woman, you should fear a government that
6:51 am
maintains the authority to imprison without trial, without a jury. we would not that need a constitution to protect us if government were comprised of angels. guess what -- admitted we were not likely to ever be governed by agngels. it is not so much that president obama has done, although he has done a lot, very little good, but it is not what he has done with his usurpations of power as much as it is the pre cedent that he sets for lawlessness. if the executive branch can you initiate or if the executive branch can't detain citizens without trial, if it can amend -- if it can amend legislation, if it can declare that congress is in recess, then government,
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unrestrained by law, becomes nothing short of tyranny. want to skew recognized this. he wrote when the executive ranch usurps the legislative authority, when the president says i can write the laws, write me, a tyranny will ensue and we must stop this president from trading the constitution. -- treading on the constitution.
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it is not just the harm that this president is causing. it is the future harm that he allows by destroying the checks and balances that once restrained each of the branches of government. progressives by their own assertion do not want to be bound by any original intent of the constitution or its authors. they believe the constitution is whatever the majority says it is. --ressive's believe that a progressives believe that a majority may separate you from your rights. jim crow, the japanese internment, today's indefinite detention without trial only occur when we allow our god-given right to be abridged by the girardi vote. our rights are inherent. they are in separate bowl -- they are inseparable from our
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person. our rights are innate. they come from our creator, and no government can take them away from us. the constitution merely codifies what exists for all time. mr. president, we will not let you, we will not let you run roughshod over our rights. we will challenge you in the courts. we will battle you at the ballot box. mr. president, we will not let you shred our constitution. our future hangs in the balance. we can debate a jobless
6:55 am
death, a and alarming bothersome and abusive regulatory state, but know this -- you cannot have prosperity without freedom. it is not a message of the haves versus the have-nots, the rich versus the poor, it is a message for anyone who wishes to own their own destiny. will not greatest flicker if we believe in ourselves, believe in our founding documents, believe i that. not only great prosperity, but it sure in their generosity. anybody who thinks it is great to be poor in cuba, america is the most generous nation on earth. we cannot forget about it, but it came with our freedom. they go together. it is going to take all of us to
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gather. it is going to take a national revival of liberty. america's greatness, exceptional character is not in our dna, but it is in our founding documents, that for the first time in history rewards all individuals, regardless of birth, ethnicity, it is a republic that restrained government, not the individual. your task is not to minimize the loss of freedom, not to clutch it. your job is to maximize your liberty. let's do it together. let's take a stand. and the president refused to -- of american citizens, i took a stand. i filibustered.
6:57 am
some things are worth fighting for. spied discovered the nsa on and was collecting every ierican citizen's records, took a stand. i sued the president. it is decidedly not a time for the faint of heart. it is a time for boldness and action. the time is now. stand with me. let us stand together with liberty. thank you, and god bless america. ♪
6:58 am
broker-dealers and investment advisors, but we don't have a criminal authority. we don't have the power to bring -- we have the power to bring civil fraud actions and negligence actions against those who violate federal securities law. to jail,send anybody but we can assess civil penalties.
6:59 am
our level of penalties is not as high as we would like it to be. there are some legislation in congress that will give us the ability to give higher penalties. power in an appropriate case to bar somebody from the securities industry so that they can't live another day to defraud again. >> securities and exchange commission chairman, mary jo white, sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q and a. >> this morning, ralph reed, founder and chairman of the faith and freedom coalition, talks about the role of religion in politics in 2014 of the future of the republican party. then, usa today politics editor paul singer examines effectiveness of the congressional ethics office. later, julia anglin, author of
7:00 am
dragnet nation discusses intelligence gathering and the right to privacy. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. ♪ yesterday was the final day for the state department to take public comments on expanding the keystone pipeline. more than 200 million comments -- the washington post reporting a possible sanctions against russia for actions in ukraine could affect u.s. businesses to the figure of billions of dollars. good morning. employment figures out for february. the


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