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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 21, 2014 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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further response to airline tragedy last week. he spoke today for just under 10 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. i want to make a brief statement of the tragedy in ukraine. thate i do i want to note secretary kerry has departed for the middle east. as i have said many times, israel has a right to defend itself against rocket and tunnel attacks from hamas. as a result of its operations, israel has already done significant damage to their terrorist infrastructure in gaza. i have also however said that we
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have serious concerns about the rising number of palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of israeli lives. why it now has to be our focus and the focus of the international community to bring about a cease-fire that ended the fighting and can stop the deaths of an and civilians, both in gaza and israel. kerry will meet with allies and partners. i have instructed him to push for the immediate cessation of hostilities based on a return to the november 2012 cease-fire agreement between israel and hamas in gaza. the work will not be easy. obviously, there are enormous passions involved in this, and some very difficult strategic issues involved. nevertheless, i have asked john to do everything he can to help facilitate a cessation of
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hostilities. we don't want to see any more civilians getting killed. with respect to you train, it since theen four days flight was shot down over territory held by russian backed separatists in ukraine. over the last several days our s have been absolutely broken as we learn more about the extraordinary and beautiful lives that were lost. men, women, and children. infants who were killed so suddenly and senselessly. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with their families around the world, who are going through just unimaginable grief. i have had the opportunity to speak to a number of leaders around the world whose citizens were lost on this flight. all of them remain in a state of shock, but frankly also in a state of outrage.
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is onmediate focus recovering those who were lost. investigating exactly what happened. putting forward the fact. we have to make sure that the truth gets out and that accountability exists. arernational investigators on the ground. they have been organized. i have sent teams. other countries have sent teams. they are prepared and organized to conduct what should be the scouring,rotocols and collecting of evidence that should follow any international incident like this. what they need right now is immediate and full access to the crash site. they need to be able to conduct a prompt, full, and unimpeded and transparent investigation. personnel have to do
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the solemn and sacred work over covering the remains of those who were lost. the ukrainian president has declared a demilitarized zone around the crash site. as i said before, international teams are already in lace, prepared to conduct the investigation and recover the remains of those who have been lost. unfortunately, russian backed separatist in the area continued to block the investigation. they have repeatedly prevented international investigators from gaining full access to the wreckage. investigators approached, they fired their weapons into the air. separatists are removing evidence from the crash site. all of this begs the question -- what, exactly, are they trying to hide? moreover, these russian backed separatists are removing bodies from the crash site. often times without the care that we would normally expect from a tragedy like this.
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this is an insult to those who have lost loved ones. this is the kind of behavior that has no place in the community of nations. now, russia has extraordinary influence over the separatist. no one denies that. russia has urged them on. russia has trained them. we know that russia has armed them with military equipment and weapons, including antiaircraft weapons. key separatist leaders are russian citizens. so, given the direct influence over the separatist, russia and president putin in particular has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the investigation. that is the least that they can do. president putin says that he supports a full and fair investigation. i appreciate those words, but they have to be supported by actions. the burden is on russia to
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insist that the separatists stop tampering with the evidence, grant investigators who are already on the ground immediate, full, unimpeded access to the crash site. they are responsible for the safety of the investigators doing their work. along with their allies and partners, we will be working on this issue at the united nations today. more broadly, as i have said throughout this crisis, and the crisis in ukraine generally, and i have said this directly to president putin as well as my focus is finding a diplomatic resolution within ukraine. i believe that that can still happen. that is my preference today and it will continue to be my preference, but if russia continues to violate the sovereignty of ukraine and back these separatist and these separatists become more dangerous and are risk not only to the people inside ukraine but the broader international
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russia will only further puzzle -- isolate itself. to pivot away from the strategy they have been taken. respecting the right of the ukrainian people to make decisions about their own lives. time is of the essence. our friends and allies need to be able to recover those who were lost. that is the least we can do. the least that decency demands. able to deserve to be lay their loved ones to rest with dignity. the world deserves to know exactly what happened. and the people of ukraine deserve to determine their own future. thank you.
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>> more on the situation in the ukraine as being alive to that u.n. meeting of the security council where members are expected to discuss the latest into the investigation. that will be here on c-span, starting at 3 p.m. eastern. president obama, after having made his statement this morning, we have learned since then that the prime minister of malaysia announced that he got assurances from rebel leaders that they will in fact hand over the two black boxes from the plane and investigators will be given safe access to the crash site. quickly, for those of you who were planning to watch coverage of the released policy council discussion, that is live right now on our companion network, c-span3. it started at 2 p.m. eastern. theave more now on situation in eastern ukraine from this morning's "washington journal."
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host: good monday morning to you. this is a headline, "bodies piled onto a train amid grim farce." globe and mail," "anger over rebel control from "the canadian globe and mail," "anger over rebel control of crash site." william pomeranz is an expert on the region, senior fellow for the wilkins center. for the wilkins center. thank you very much for being here. guest: my pleasure. host: what is motivating vladimir putin and his response? he has committed russia to direct and indirect support of these groups. clearly evidence is mounting that these rebel groups are responsible for the downing of this plane. i don't think that he wants to abandon his rebels, the rebel groups, but at the same time he can't admit to any kind of direct support of these groups. so, he is walking a very thin
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line. one anticipates that his current strategy of denying involvement is the one that he will pursue until the time that this crisis begins host: to die down in the headlines. host:the headline this morning from "the wall street journal," "pressure on vladimir putin." europe, departing from their initial reactions as anger grew across the continent over the attack -- guest: right. i think that the reaction on the ground has further anger the europeans and world opinion as to what is going on in eastern ukraine and the failure of any certain obtain a responsibility or control over this crash site. i think that the anger is simply growing towards the rebels and
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therefore towards prudent. putinovernight vladimir issued a statement on the situation. this is the headline from russia today, as he talked about the investigation not being enough, saying more needs to be done. let's listen to what he said and get your reaction. [video clip] [speaking russian] we have repeatedly called for all boring parties to sit down at the negotiating table. if the june 28 fighting was not renewed, this tragedy would not have happened. for sure. no one should, and no one has the right to use this tragedy to achieve their own selfish political goals. these events should not divide, but unite people. it is necessary that all people increase their responsibility before their own people and for the people of the countries
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whose representatives of the victims are in the catastrophe. it is essential that a full team of experts, under the auspices of the international aviation organization, corresponding international commission, is at the crash site. we must do everything to ensure full and absolute security to ensure humanitarian corridor is necessary for its work. for its part, russia will do everything that they can so -- to see that the conflict moves through the military phase into lucidlysion phase by peaceful and diplomatic means. >> william pomerantz --host: do his wordsanz, matches action? >> he has --guest: he has called for what has been stated, international observance meeting
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to occur. has he backed up his words with actions? the problem really is -- to what extent are these negotiations that he is talking about going to take place? there have been negotiations. what does russia want? what does ukraine one? russia want to ukraine within its sphere of influence with significant powers devolved in the regions. becoming less and the unified space. this is not what ukraine wants. we have this fundamental disconnect at the negotiating table. i want to come back to that point, but this is from inside usa today -- "usa today," "severely compromised." "at least 48 hours went by before there was any in-depth investigation and 424 hours the bodies were on the crash site,
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just lying there. >> exactly. the crash site and --guest: exactly. it has been deplorable at the crash site. it is rebounding in that sense against vladimir putin, changing public perception of the crisis and of russia and international affairs. this isen he says -- his quote -- we have called for all sides to stop the bloodshed immediately and sit down at the negotiating table beer go should he not look at the mirror? is russia not responsible for this? guest: they are responsible in the sense that they have continued to provide direct and indirect support for these troops and his continued action in eastern ukraine makes a peaceful settlement to the problems and possible. in order to have a negotiated settlement, there must be some sort of consensus as to what ukraine is going to look like going forward as a country and the ability of ukrainians to solve their own problems. this is something that vladimir
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putin has not been able to let the next few host: going back to your earlier point. guest: exactly, he stills insists that ukraine should be part of the russian influence but ukraine gets to decide who it wants to align itself with. in many ways, this dispute gets back to a very distinct trade a problem that triggered this crisis several months ago. ukraine wants to pursue and has signed the eu agreement that allows for free trade with europe. this is something that they have opposed the entire time. unionanted ukraine in the and he has continued to put pressure on ukraine in order to
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make sure that ukraine does not enjoy the benefits. u.s. and the specifically the president's response been appropriate? guest: i think so. we are not in a position to engage in this part of the world . ukraine is not a member of nato and despite protestations, ukraine is not about to become a member anytime soon. ,hat president obama has done sanctions are beginning to bite within the russian economy. the russian economy is vulnerable, and recession are on the verge of recession. sanctions have created uncertainty and risk heard in the russian economy, which is part of the reason russia is responding the way that it did. host: this is from "the huffington post." cartoonsial teams -- editorial cartoons.
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one shows vladimir putin with the nose of his -- of the aircraft above his fireplace. above that, blood on his hands. both of these pictures just show that russia has lost control of this story and is perceived as the country responsible for this action. fairly or unfairly, that is how the world is responding. it is hard to remember, but three or four months ago they were busy hosting the winter olympics, which was supposed to be there kind of coming-out party, showing a revived russia, a resurgent russia. obviously, these types of cartoons are showing a very different russia, not the one they wanted to portray. host: this is from "the boston herald." "this one is on vladimir putin. those 298 souls are on him.
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it doesn't matter who shot the missiles, or even from which side of the border it initiated. it does not matter if it was some fool too stupid to tell a transport plane or fighter jet from a passenger plane. what matters is -- who put that weapon in the hands of those separatists? all in an effort to return chunks of ukrainian land to mother russia? the world knows the answer. the generalt: perception is as the cartoon suggests, russia is responsible for the conditions that created the tragedy. denials,arious including ukraine itself, the world is essentially saying that russia is responsible for this action. the: the u.s. and europe, headline of "usa today."
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pushing for new sanctions. one of the things we learned over the weekend is that the russia, 4% trade with but europe has 50% trade. it comes to sanctions, europe needs to be the leader, not the u.s.. guest: but in many ways the u.s. has decided to lead. just the day before this tragedy they introduced a new round of sanctions that hinted that further sanctions were on the way from the u.s. side. it is these sanctions, the energy sector that would potentially exclude russia from international finance that russia fears the most. will europe take the lead? europe has a very different relationship, as you mentioned. they are largely dependent for its energy resources. that being the case, the downing of this malaysian airliner will most likely serve as a catalyst
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for tougher response from the ee you against russia. you have seen that in their anticipates a one new round of sanctions being introduced at the end of the month. one anticipates that this will have more in it than the previous rounds. two years ago mitt romney said that russia poses the greatest geopolitical threat to the u.s.. was he right? i don't he was necessarily right in that sense. they obviously pose a huge threat in terms of europe. russia is not powerful enough internationally to pose a geostrategic threat to the united states. they clearly still have nuclear weapons and the ability to influence international affairs, but russia really doesn't have the economic power or the influence abroad to really be the number one geostrategic enemy of the united states. that was a statement that was
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too far and i still think so. host: our guest was a graduate studyingord college, in scotland and at the university of london. one of the will -- woodrow wilson center. we welcome your calls and participations. or send us an e-mail or a tweet. john from spring, texas, good morning. john, are you with us? caller: [inaudible] i apologize, we can hear you. i am going to put you on hold and see if we can fix the audio. connecticut, good morning. you are on the air. caller: i am on the air right now? host: yes, go ahead. the russia and that, if you go back to woodrow wilson, when he went and formed the league of nations, that was a farce, europe did not do anything.
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they went ahead and just did not do anything. europe did not do anything when hitler took over. europe will never do anything. they just sit in the backseat. the u.s. always puts their blood and money into it. host: we will get a response. guest: unfortunately, the united states was a country that decided not to join the league of nations. obviously, europeans participated significantly, including the soviet union, it should be emphasized, and the defeat of germany in world war ii. it is an exaggeration to say that europeans don't get involved in their own affairs. the question, really, is to what extent europe is willing to danger their trade relationship that it has with russia today. as i mentioned, that is upwards of 400 billion dollars. it is a significant relationship
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. in many ways europe is dependent on russia for its energy needs. europe has different sorts of obstacles when dealing with russia and has to weigh different issues when formulating strategies. that, i think, gets to the heart of that question. host: inglewood, marvin is next, good morning. morning, sir. there are a lot of things i have issues with that you are saying this morning. first of all, we all know that vladimir putin has been saber rattling since george was left office. come on, now. this guy is a big geopolitical threat. he sees a vacuum in leadership and is taking advantage of it. what is more disconcerting is that you have john kerry on " meet the press," in one breath , butatulating him on syria dancing around and calling him a thug on this issue. guest: again, this issue, the
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problem in eastern ukraine calls out for a diplomatic response. even after this tragedy they're still has to be some room for diplomatic maneuvering in order to a dress the problems on the ground. i think that in terms of the statement from the secretary of state and the u.s. response, there has been significant condemnation of what has occurred. yes, this has been an ongoing problem since before 2008. questions about what the president's -- what president putin's intentions are in the post-soviet space. but this is still a situation that requires a diplomatic solution. a military solution would only increase the amount of bloodshed. host: a comment from one of our viewers -- us fromhn, joining texas. hopefully we can hear you better now. good morning, john.
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john, are you with us? about: i had a question knot this issue. host: your question, john? apologize, we will have to move on. carol, ohio, good morning. good morning. putin is a thug. that is the best word to give to him. his way or no way. no negotiations, no compromise, it is all his way. we have a republican party that does the same thing. it is their way or no way. the last caller that was talking about that, that is how the republican party thinks. they don't have a sense that this is america and we should be americans first. they just want to be what they are, which are bugs. thank you. host: thank you. in a related note on sanctions,
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only 4% of russian trade is with the u.s.. sanctions must be enforced by europe to be effective. guest: that is true, but nevertheless some of our sanctions have extraterritorial reach. that was particularly true in the most recent round of sanctions that went after certain prominent oil companies, energy companies, and banks in russia. all of those sanctions from the u.s. alone have led to a significant outflow of money over the last few days and a decline in the russian stock market and so forth. even though the europeans have to step in at some point and introduce significant sanctions if they want to put restaurant do haveu.s. sanctions an impact and i don't think they should be underestimated. host: another comment from edwin -- -- theyes, i don't think u.s. has specifically said, on several occasions now, that it
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is not about to intervene militarily into ukraine. that is clearly understandable. as i mentioned earlier, ukraine is not a member of nato. there is no immediate requirement under nato to intervene. also, it is quite clear that intervening in ukraine would be to intervene directly on the course border, of causing significant uncertainty as well. the u.s. has decided to pursue sanctions and hopefully that will push russia towards getting to the negotiating table and at least recognizing that ukraine has a right to pursue its own economic policies as a sovereign nation. is reporting this morning that dutch investigators have now arrived at the crash site. do you sense that today will be any different from the weekend? if actual international investigators get onto the site we will finally have the
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investigation that has been being delayed. that will ideally begin to answer some of the questions and secure the crash site so that we can get answers in terms of how and maybe finded out more information as to what actually down the plane. what was your take from the sunday shows? the secretary of state said that there were images of a missile launcher being moved back into russia and missing a missile? producing a.s. is convincing case that it was a russian supplied missile that took down the plane. it has been done through the evidence of the missiles leaving ukraine. it has been done through the social media comments of the rebel leaders after they shot the plane down. a significant circumstantial case has already been made that it was a russian supplied missile that brought this down.
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again, the strategy of the russian federation is simply to deny that and point fingers at other places. rocky, hello, good morning. caller: am i on? host: you sure are. go ahead. caller: i think that russian coc ks big cocks -- host: ok. this is from lauren -- guest: an interesting question. thisne has no agreed to association agreement that allows for free trade, essentially, between the european union and ukraine. the problem is that ukraine also has a free trade agreement with russia. russia has introduced all sorts of protectionist measures, which is it's right, against russian goods. from a pure trade standpoint, goods is concerned that
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will come in duty free from ukraine and then enter russia duty-free and therefore russia will suffer the consequences, economically. at the very core this is an economic dispute, a trade dispute. from the russian perspective, the association agreement creates a hole in the system of tariffs. so, therefore russia wants to, within its rights, addressed that issue. the problem is that both russia and ukraine are fellow wto members and russia could only introduce those members -- those numbers in light of the existing status. host: if you are just joining in, our guest is william are focusing on the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 last thursday. dutch investigators are now on the ground. dawn is joining us from ohio. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. good morning to your guest, two.
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as far as the situation with russia, the best thing we can do is it sounds hokey, but a republican senate in there in november. i like president obama. i call and talk to the white and supportt line the president, but the democratic policies that they have, you cannot go around and about to the russians. we beat them with propaganda. the cartoons was great. that's where you need to hit vladimir putin. cartoons and voting. get out here on the campaign trail. take part in the system. go at it. that is the best i can tell you. for us to vote for our elected officials and stand strong. but i am a republican and i will be voting republican, and i like president obama, he will get out there and fire back and call names, but you have got this loss. god bless you, thank you for being there. i like the would row centered,
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two. you have really good policies and philosophies there. thanks for calling. in a related comment -- to both of these points, the politics behind this and sanctions. the republicans --guest: republicans in opposition can demand a more forceful response. frankly, i don't think that the republicans in this position would have pursued a more aggressive policy that would have brought troops directly towards the russian border. we have learned certain lessons from the iraqi war and so forth. so, i do not think the u.s. is really looking to engage in another major military confrontation. therefore, i don't think the republicans would be willing to pay the economic and military
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price for a directing agent in ukraine. they foundikely, if themselves in that position of power. as for sanctions, sanctions have a complicated history. in some sanctions -- in some cases they have worked. i would point to south africa. they take a long time to work. the impact is not immediate in any way. but in light of the alternative -- do we want to engage militarily in ukraine? do we want to find an alternative way to put significant pressure on russia? sanctions are the tool that exist in our toolbox for that policy. a fairly strongly worded editorial in "the new york times." this morning, from "the guardian ," "time for brutish prudent to be held accountable. their behavior should be challenged. those who blew the plane out of
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the sky need to be brought to justice and for this to happen there needs to be a full, credible, and unimpeded investigation into the circumstances of the disaster and russia needs to cooperate. they must allow access to international investigators and black boxes should be held -- and it over to the commission that is international. so far it seems their priority is to obstruct the investigation. guest: that has been the perception and so far that has been the case, that the russian troops on the ground have not allow these inspectors to arrive. they have clearly gone through the wreckage site. there are various reports of people stealing things from the wreckage site. clearly, as long as that continues, the perception of russia as interfering in what should be an open investigation will continue. host: we are do you think the black boxes are? guest: hard to say.
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my best guess is that they have been recovered and, according to initial press accounts, they were brought to moscow. as to whether they are still there, i don't know, but at some point they will have to be they will play an informative role as to what occurred on this flight. host: chicago, karen is on the phone, good morning. caller: what i can't understand -- at the beginning we were talking about the different statesthat the united had in terms of spyware over the area. if it was done by russia, if it sympathizersussian
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in russian speaking areas that they control, they would come out with the exact longitude and latitude. but if it was done by the ukrainians, it will be gone. we will go -- maybe it is this, we have to find out that, so forth and so on. there is no advantage for the separatistsfor the -- you don't think the russians have that much control over them in some cases -- to have done this. the only people it is really helping is the ukrainian government. if you read in the latest ," they have the 400 civilians that have been killed in the eastern ukraine. but even when we were trying to overthrow the previous government, we had everybody it, the cia to -- what was
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255 american ngos? the previous president was not killing civilians. is basicallythis the same thing as the weapons of mass destruction was for bush. host: we will get a response. thank you for the call. guest: there were a lot of different topics raised in that point, not sure if i can cover the mall, but clearly if you look at the last days of the younger echo which regime before he was ousted, he had resorted to the use of the security services to clear the [indiscernible] and people were killed there as the president of ukraine attempted to end the protest. it is incorrect to say that there were no killings and no violence associated with the collapse of the previous
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ukrainian regime. there were. in terms of -- did the ukrainians do this? did the americans do this? it only serves ukrainian government at the present time. evidence so far does not suggest that. the u.s. does have the ability to pinpoint where the missile was launched from. the u.s. has been very clear, so far, in insisting that the missile was launched in rebel controlled territory. until the russians or the rebels can propose genuine alternative evidence suggesting otherwise, then this is where the evidence is pointing and this is where the investigation will proceed. join in on the conversation on our facebook page. already many of you waiting in, including noah, who says --
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host: jesse is joining us from muskegon, michigan. good morning. guest: good morning -- caller: good morning, gentlemen. i listen to c-span quite often. when you talk about over 500 people being killed -- america is more committed to world peace than any nation on this earth. why couldn't we put a sanction unjust israel? going to a rack and killing those innocent people? this black president we got is nothing but a joke.
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host: the headline this morning from "the washington post." "collocating the foreign policy picture. guest: clearly. president obama is going to want to try to have diplomacy in the middle east as well. the juxtaposition of these events are interesting. at the same time, there are different issues involved in terms of how israel understands its security interests and how russia understands its security interests in this case. in russia -- ukraine has not made any sorts of attempts to interfere or intervene anyways in the domestic affairs of russia. nor has it engaged in any sort of military or terrorist activities vis-à-vis russia. in ukraine you have a country that simply wants to assert its sovereignty, as all countries
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want to do. i think you have a very different set of facts in ukraine that are guiding the current issues. out thatshould point the secretary of state is en route to egypt to try to broker a cease-fire between hamas and the israeli government. he also made appearances on the sunday morning programs yesterday, focusing on the situation in russia. the headline this morning from "the new york times," indicating that russia and ukraine separatists are linked. here is more from his comments. host: -- [video clip] is a clear that this system that was transferred from russia in the hands of separatist. we know, with confidence, that the ukrainians did not have such a system anywhere near the vicinity at that point in time. it obviously point to clear finger at the separatist. that is why president obama and
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the international community are demanding a full-fledged investigation that russia said they would do. the: comments from secretary of state on "the state of the union yuriko an ultimatum to vladimir putin with prussia -- pressure coming from european president the russian being warned that he faces further sanctions unless he is sure that they had full access to the site in the eastern ukraine. carl, oxford, massachusetts, good morning. good morning. good morning. thank you for correcting a previous caller about "the league of nations -- about the league of nations. i would like your reaction. the united states doesn't care people, anything like that, what they want is the market that russia is supplying western europe with, gas, america wants the market.
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your reaction? guest: i don't think that the u.s. is engaged in this dispute because they want a market in ukraine. indeed, ukraine is in such difficult financial straits, in many ways no one wants to be the country responsible for bailing them out. many ways, ukraine requires something on the scale of the marshall plan in order to revive its economy and political system and neither the u.s. nor the ee plan.e providing such a indeed, the association agreement with europe requires that ukraine introduce very difficult, structural and economic reforms in order to imf andess to international funding. i don't think that this is all about trying to capture a market . indeed, the united states is engaged more broadly in defending what i think were the impulses in the my done and the desire for ukraine to move more able toeurope and to be
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exercise the sovereignty of any nation. host: one of our viewers makes a reference on our facebook page, the u.s. shooting down that iranian airline jetliner with 56 children on board and says -- who do we think we are? examplesll, there are of a variety of nations that have mistakenly shot down commercial planes or have engaged in these types of act. obviously, the united states assisted in the investigation and admitted culpability, ultimately, in this action and paid compensation. a small price to pay in light of the loss of life. i don't want to say that the u.s. cleared its conscience by simply paying off the people who died because of this accident. but ultimately the u.s. did at least admit responsibility for this action.
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in many ways this crisis would move to a different stage of russia were to assert a similar level of responsibility, directly or indirectly over what occurred in the eastern ukraine. renée is next. mississippi, buckled to the conversation. good morning. would like to point out that months ago the united states supported not seas against the democratically elected government there. russia gave ukraine a choice here you go with the west in the lesser agreement, or with russia, who presented a better deal. jan echo which chose russia. that is when the state department activated her nazis on the street. $5 million in taxpayer money to overthrow the democratically elected government. now you have the state department and the pentagon in the ukraine trying to bring russia into a war of their
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choosing in order to protect their reserve currency. this is all so that the united states will have a constant for thef currency entire planet to rely on. that is the dollar. host: let's get a response. guest: i don't think that this is about the role of the dollar in international commerce, although some sanctions against russia show what an important role the dollar still plays in conducting international business. it is interesting that the caller mentioned the $15 billion in support that russia initially proposed to keep that government in power. the u.s. and european allies in many ways it up to that as a choice that d'amico which had made. i think that, although we would have been opposed to the kind of growing ties between russia and
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ukraine, i don't think the u.s. made any efforts at that point to stop russia from providing $15 billion to essentially bailout jan echo which. theas the reaction in streets that ultimately brought mr. d'amico which down. a small percentage of those protesters have been linked to right-wing causes. that is true. but if you look at the level of support of these right wing parties in ukraine, they are very small, as confirmed in the presidential elections. host: this tweet from michael -- guest: we are taking the lead and it is our fight because the stability of europe and the sanctity of the borders of europe are something we have been engaged in for the better part of the 20th century. this is an important part of our foreign policy.
2:48 pm
the notion of territorial sovereignty is an important principle that the u.s. has supported in international affairs. of the worldt where we have participated in the past and therefore this is something we should be concerned about. as well as the potential threat posed by russia, particularly in the near abroad. host: the next caller is from georgia. james is on the phone. good morning. guest: good morning. when will the world wake up and realize that the majority of our wars have oil around somewhere. dependent on not russia's oil, with a join us in the sanctions against russia? guest: energy is an important part of international policy today. part ofst a fundamental international trade and the sustainability of different
2:49 pm
economies. yes, oil and energy play a critical role. not surprisingly there is an important energy dimension to this dispute. host: marlon, good morning, welcome to the conversation. caller: i have a question i would like to ask. to what extent did the ditch -- did the treatment of russia after the fall of the soviet union include the views of vladimir putin regarding tension towards russia on the borders? host: hold that point. we will follow up. guest: i think the collapse of the soviet union had a profound impact on vladimir putin. on various occasions he has said that it was one of the great tragedies of the end of the 20th century. that being the case, he has also spoken at the same time about the problems of going back to a soviet mindset. for the first two terms he was president, at least, he did
2:50 pm
pursue a more modern economic policy that called on russia to be integrated into the global economy. i think that since he has returned to office in 2012 he is pursuing a different policy, a more nationalist policy, a more xenophobic policy, consistently pointing to the west as being at the root of many of russia's current difficulties. host: your follow-up? , should i say,h u.s. action is ultimately designed or calibrated to draw china's attention from the south china sea to take on russia as a means to show that there are consequences if they pursued a more aggressive policy in the south china sea? third, how much of the reliance upon the brick countries is seen as a challenge on the economic
2:51 pm
u.s. border? of china, irms don't think that china is taking the actions in ukraine as a direct response to the development in the south china sea. i think the balance of power is different. i think that china views its relationship with the west in a different framework than does russia. i think china might be watching developments to see how strong the u.s. in the you respond to these developments, but i think that china will make its own calculations independent of what occurs in russia. as for the bricks meeting, it just concluded in brazil. there have been talks about creating a new world bank, the equivalent of, as well as a reserve fund. there are clear economic reasons that unite the different nations. brazil, russia, india, china,
2:52 pm
south africa. at the same time, it is a very new and untested institution, primarily looking towards economic cooperation and not looking at making major international political statements. not surprisingly, so far despite the fact that president putin has asked his fellow brick nations to rally around russia and objective these sanctions, i don't think that those nations will feel the need or the desire to insert themselves into this crisis. host: to clarify, that is an acronym for which nations? brazil, russia, india, china, started as an investor banking acronym, but it has truly morphed into a general institution. it is anays institution that russia believes in and is actively engaged in and can help to provide russia with an international platform that they might not necessarily have acting by themselves. host: the news for the weekend,
2:53 pm
the u.s. is charging moscow not only with sabotaging and contaminating the crash investigation site, but also hiding evidence, including the suspicion that the black boxes, as we heard from our guest moments ago, are now in russian hands. carl, chicago, good morning. good morning. mr. prime minister, i would like for you to comment on the observations i have around this situation. over the last few decades it power in thethe world has been in the hands of business. sovereign countries no longer have the leverage of power to affect the kinds of things that are happening in the world. i think that vladimir putin realized this in the beginning. i've got oil. i got injured -- energy.
2:54 pm
some businesses will do whatever they need to to make money. average peoplehe understand this shift in power. it is no longer about sovereign countries. germany? the europeans? to do these want sanctions because it would impact their economies. guest: yes, the ability to get around sovereign nations that has really ain't -- is something that has really engage russia in the last few years. before russia was removed or kicked out of the g8, the issue that russia wanted to discuss was the problem of offshore banking and the ability of so much money to leave countries and escape into the shadow banking system. offshore money is a big issue in russia. it is essentially russia has huge capital outflows every year of the resources that they need and required to rebuild the nation.
2:55 pm
so, the power of banking is an important issue for russia. in light of all the capital flights that occur from the russian federation. us fromed joins virginia. good morning. -- caller: i am concerned that we are spending a lot of effort, money, everything else we don't have to secure borders and we can even approach our own border situation. that's all i have to say. time: yes, but at the same , at least in terms of ukraine, the borders were agreed upon after the collapse of the soviet union. russia signed onto recognizing crimea.rders, including this is an international security issues -- issue in terms of the recognition of
2:56 pm
borders. i appreciate the comment that border issues are difficult in many countries, but this one ukraine is particularly relevant today. host: this is from karen -- the: i saw a poll over weekend that his ratings are high, but you need to question the source. polls.those are high i think in times of crisis people rally around their political leaders. until now he has been successful in the sense that he has returned from crimea, which many russians believed never should have been included in the ukraine. he has turned that back over to the russian federation. president clinton is very much -- his ratings are very high. it is understandable. at the same time he faces a difficult choice right now, which is if he were to decide to
2:57 pm
pursue a diplomatic solution, if he were to decide to withdraw support from the separatist, this whole crisis would essentially be russia having but having lost ukraine. for vladimir putin that is a major political loss. springfield, tennessee, good morning. caller: good morning. i have a question regarding the sanctions that were imposed. how is that affected by the international space station and nasa? host: my understanding is that it has not been affected by sanctions. at some point if indeed the u.s. were to put technology sanctions on russia, theoretically that could have an impact. from the russia today website, they call it breaking
2:58 pm
news. the full-scale investigation into the causes of the collapse, complicated by the lack of the agreement on the size of the .afety guarantees the dutch team of experts has arrived at the crash site. there have been problems with osce observers trying to get in who have been essentially taken hostage or captured by the ukrainians, by the separatist. there have been very long negotiations to get them released. so, if the rebel separatists are not willing to guarantee the safety of these inspectors, then that is a real problem and that has been a real problem with going intovers eastern ukraine. tj makes this point -- vladimir putin hiding evidence
2:59 pm
well, i think there are significant differences in terms of how the u.s. is able to identify different pieces of information, even when there are attempts to hide them or not be immediately transparent about them. the ability of the united states to get to the bottom of those is very different from the russian situation. host: but that has been a propaganda war, from the russian perspective? yes, with the continued propaganda effort on russian television to tax the crisis. let me conclude with this question. what happens next? guest: president clinton will continue to deny any sort of responsibility, direct or indirect, to the shooting down of this airline.
3:00 pm
he will consistently do so. at some point from his perspective he hopes that this crisis will leave the headlines and that he will be able to pursue the relationships with europe more directly and not be bound by the current crisis. i do not anticipate russia and with any sort of her thoughts ability, direct or indirect, in this crisis. host: will we get the information and the materials from the black boxes on site to do a full and completely credible investigation? host: we will get access to the crash --guest: we will get access to the crash site, but it has already been contaminated in a number of ways. the investigation is as revealing as it would have been if we had had immediate access is a question. host:
3:01 pm
>> in live picture from the u.n. this afternoon where the security council is about to meet to discuss the situation 7,th ukraine and flight mh1 shot down last week. president obama and amended full access to the website and accused separatist rebels of removing evidence and locking investigators. address,ened during an a statement on the south lawn of the white house earlier this afternoon. since then, the rebels have agreed to hand over two black boxes to the prime minister of malaysia. this is live coverage on c-span.
3:02 pm
3:03 pm
>> again we are waiting for the start of this in un security council meeting to discuss this situation in ukraine. british prime minister david cameron offered remarks on ukraine and flight mh17. the prime minister offering the possibility of further sanctions on the russian government. is a. speaker, this defining moment for russia. the world is watching. faces a clearn choice and how he chooses to the sponsor this appalling tragedy. i hope he will and the crisis by
3:04 pm
ending russia's support for the separatist, but if he does not change his approach to the west in this way, we and the u.s. approach toour russia. those in europe should not need to be reminded of the consequences of turning a blind eye when big countries bully a countries. we should not stand from standing up for the sensible that ultimately keep the peace on our -- the principles that ultimately keep the peace on our continent. there has been too much reluctance to face up to the implications of what is happening in ukraine. it is time to make our power and our resources felt. i agreed with chancellor markel nde.resident holla we should take the first step of the foreign ministers meeting in brussels tomorrow. russia cannot expect to continue
3:05 pm
enjoying access to european markets, european capital, european knowledge and technical expertise while she feels confident in one of europe's's neighbors. do what is, we must necessary to stand up to russia and put an end to the conflict in ukraine before any more unnecessary lives are lost. >> a portion of british prime minister david cameron's remarks earlier today. we will have his remarks in their entirety after the un security council meeting on ukraine as it wraps up later today. also, we will bring you president obama's remarks from the south lawn earlier today. he started his statement, he took a brief moment to address the increased fighting in gaza. secretary of state john kerry has added to the mideast to make a renewed push to a cease-fire between israel and, osprey at the president allowed that
3:06 pm
israel had its right to defend itself, but also said he did not want to see more civilians getting killed. again, we will have the entire statement the president made earlier today after the u.n. security council meeting. >> good afternoon, ladies and this meeting of the security council is called to order.
3:07 pm
the provisional agenda for this very --is dated from the united nations addressed to the 2013--ty council -- f- the agenda is adopted. wish to warmly welcome the ministers presenting today's meeting. is anarticipation indication of the importance of the subject matter under discussion. accordance with rule 37 of the council's provisional procedure, i advise representatives of belgium, canada, germany, indonesia,
3:08 pm
theand, malaysia, netherlands, new zealand, the philippines, ukraine, and vietnam to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its deliberation of item two of the agenda. members before the security council have before them document -- resolution the draft submitted by argentina, australia, belgium, canada, france, germany, indonesia, ireland, jordan, estonia, luxembourg, malaysia, nigeria, theds, philippines, the republic of korea, ukraine, united kingdom
3:09 pm
of great britain and northern ireland, the united states of america, and vietnam. understanding that the council is ready to proceed to the votes on the draft resolution before you. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. will those in favor of the draft resolution contained in the please raise their hand? the results of the voting thus follows. resolution received 15 votes in favor.
3:10 pm
the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously as resolution21-66-2014. floor to those members of the security council who wish to make statements after the vote. i give the floor to her , ms. julie bishop, the minister of foreign affairs for estrella. you have the floor, ma'am. >> thank you, mr. president. the adoption of this resolution is a decisive step by the security council. anis an ambiguous -- unambiguous response by the international community to a deplorable act, the shooting down of malaysian airlines 17, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board.
3:11 pm
the passengers were citizens of australia, indonesia, germany, netherlands, the netherlands, philippines, and the united kingdom. these governments cosponsored this resolution today. for that, i am deeply grateful. a number of victims were dual nationals of other countries. they were all innocent people on a commercial aircraft. the plane was shot down over territory controlled by separatists in eastern ukraine. this is an absolute outrage. our nation is devastated by the loss of so many australians. 37 people who called australia home. they were traveling home from europe. a couple, both teachers, on
3:12 pm
holiday to celebrate the retirement. a 25-year-old traveling in europe, like so many young australians do. yesterday i spoke to a husband had beenfrom perth who on a family holiday in europe. they had decided to stay on for only a couple of days while their three children, aged 12, 10, and eight, had to return to school in australia. so they went on ahead with their grandfather on flight mh17. the parents are inconsolable in their grief. were the members scientists, medical researchers, and doctors traveling to the international aids conference, which was yesterday. people who dedicated their lives to helping others. our nation mourns the death of all the victims.
3:13 pm
i cannot begin to fathom the pain and anguish their families and friends are experiencing. but grief is accompanied by a outrage as we witness re-task violations of the crash site. this demands a response. that is why australia has brought this the solution to the security council. today, the security council has responded. our resolution demands that armed groups in control of the crash sites provide safe access immediately to allow for the and thatof the bodies these groups stop any actions that compromise the integrity of the crash site. this is imperative. there must be a cease-fire in the immediate area around the site. the victims must be treated with dignity, brought back to their homes, and laid to rest.
3:14 pm
all parties are required to fully cooperate with these efforts. russia must use its influence to ensureeparatists this. russia must also use its influence to bring the conflict in ukraine to an end. our resolution also demands a full, thorough, and independent in a national investigation into this act. we must have answers. we must have justice. we owe it to the victims and their families to determine what happened and who was responsible. the resolution acknowledges the investigation is already underway. ,t commands that safe, secure full, and unrestricted access to admitted sote be investigators can continue their work.
3:15 pm
it is despicable this access is not being provided. it is an affront to be victims and their families. all states, armed groups, everyone must who operate with the investigation. secretary the u.n. general office of assistance to the investigation. the united nations will continue to have a crucial role. mr. president, the message from this counsel to those who were responsible for this atrocity is to thosee -- council who were responsible for this atrocity is definitive. you will be held to account for your actions. australia will do everything we can to ensure the arbitrators are brought to justice. broughterpetrators are to justice. we have an overriding objective to ensure dignity, respect, and justice for those killed on mh17 . we will not rest until this is
3:16 pm
done. we will not rest until we bring them home. >> i thank her excellency for her statement. ministere floor to the of foreign affairs and european affairs. sir, you have the floor. >> we recommend unanimous adoption of the resolution. we commend australia and my colleague ms. julie bishop, for taking this action. voted in favor of the draft resolution and has cosponsored it for three reasons. to condemn in the strongest civilian downing of a aircraft of malaysia airlines.
3:17 pm
17 july, in donetsk. to express our solidarity with the family and friends of the astims on board flight mh17, well as their countries of origin. and finally to express our support for the ongoing efforts to shed light on this disaster, to raise a full, thorough, and independent international investigation in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines. it is really way to determine who is responsible for this unspeakable act. despite everything that invites us on the crisis in ukraine, the security council has finally been able to reach a consensus on this resolution. this is the least we could do to 298r the memory of the victims of the catastrophe, 298 lives lost to a crisis for which
3:18 pm
they bore no responsibility whatsoever. a crisis that has gone on for far too long. on behalf of the people in government and luxembourg, i would like to express my most to the 298ondolence individuals on board mh17. a familyhe victims was living in luxembourg, and anglo -dutch couple, and two of their sons, 12 and 14. we share the grief of the people, the government's of malaysia, the united kingdom, germany, belgium, the philippines, canada, south africa, united states, ireland, and vietnam. allow me to express a special thought to the netherlands, a country with which we share close ties which has been struck in a particularly cruel manner .y this disaster
3:19 pm
i salute my colleague and friend, the foreign minister, who is with us today and assure him of our brotherly support in this difficult time. mr. president, everything must be done now for the full implementation of the resolution we just adopted. there must be support for the efforts underway by ukraine in coordination with the aviationonal civil organization and international experts, including representatives of the state level lost -- states who have lost nationals aboard the aircraft. to the investigation, the behavior of illegal armed groups at the scene of the disaster is unacceptable. immediately provide the safe, secure, full, and unrestricted access to the crash site near the village in eastern
3:20 pm
ukraine for the appropriate investigating authority, these special monitoring mission, and representatives of other international organizations. be armed groups must refrain from any other actions that would compromise the integrity of the crash site and cease all military activities in the area surrounding it. thehis regard, we welcome resolution to the claire an immediate cease-fire within a radius of 40 kilometers around the scene of the -- to declare an immediate cease-fire within a radius of 40 kilometers around the scene of the tragedy. all parties concerned must ensure this happens with immediate effect. we call on the russian federation actively and without a leg to use its influence on the illegal armed -- illegal
3:21 pm
to stop his despicable maneuvers aimed at blocking a proper investigation. the russian federation must bring its full weight to bear to ensure these groups stop affecting the investigation and stop removing elements of ofning evidence. the bodies victims must be returned to their families and the black boxes surrendered to the appropriate authorities. the international investigation must ascertain the facts and the responsibility to read in the resolution just adopted, the council rightly demands those responsible for this incident be held to account for this despicable act and all states walk rate fully to establish accountability. must remain council vigilant on these reports.
3:22 pm
we owe it to the victims and their families and friends that justice is served and their -- thatnd friends justice is served and the perpetrators are held responsible. this catastrophe reminds us in a cruel way how urgent it is to de-escalate the tension in eastern ukraine. this crisis has gone on for far too long. its human toll grows day by day. diplomaticle up efforts to find a solution to the crisis. the priority is to establish a real and sustainable cease-fire observed by all parties to create necessary conditions for the implementation of president henko'sa and go -- petros peace plan.
3:23 pm
it is high time that all parties, particularly the russian federation, commit in good faith to ending the crisis. so that the date of july 17, 2014 may enter the history books not only as the day on which to 98 innocent people lost their lives tragically, but also the day marking a decisive turning point for the resolution of the ukrainian crisis. thank you. thank the gentleman for his statement. i give over the floor to be representative of the united kingdom. >> mr. president, the united kingdom welcomes the unanimous adoption of the resolution. i would like to warmly thank australia, whose leadership is steering this resolution to adoption. i would also like to acknowledge the presence of the foreign ministers of australia, the netherlands, and luxembourg. allow me to take this opportunity to reiterate our deepest and most part out
3:24 pm
condolences to the citizens and -- ourents of all those most heartfelt condolences to the citizens governments of all those affected by the tragedy who are now in morning. in the united kingdom we, too, are in mourning for the 10 britons killed. have seen the we images. the blackened earth, the twisted metal. eachve seen the stakes, side with a piece of white ofth, each marking the place a family member or loved one. mr. president, we owe it to the memory of those 298 victims to ensure their remains are treated with dignity and with respect. and we owe it to them to find out exactly what happened on the afternoon of july 17. that is the purpose of resolution 21-66. 6. resolution 21-6
3:25 pm
it is a demand from the international community for the dignified treatment of the bodies of the victims. what we have witnessed over past days has been sickening and a calling beyond belief. we have seen separatist folks trampling over the site of the forh, showing no respect the victims, rifling their belongings and even looting personal effects. they have shown a complete his regard for human dignity and violated established procedures for dealing with an incident of this nature. the resolution requires pro-russian separatists in control of the crash site and the surrounding area to allow bodies to be returned to their families as soon as possible.
3:26 pm
this is about the investigation into what happened. the resolution supports a full, thorough, and independent international investigation and it recognizes the steps already taken by the ukrainian authorities and other international stakeholders to set this in motion. separatistshat the do not further compromise the integrity of the crash site. we have all seen the images of cranes and other heavy machinery disturbing the wreckage, and the footage released yesterday that appears to show one of the flight recorder is being removed from the site. this is completely unacceptable. the site must be preserved and investigators must immediately be rancid safe, secure, full, and unrestricted access -- be granted safe, secure, full, and unrestricted access. finally, a message on accountability. those who were accountable and
3:27 pm
those who were complicit in the shooting down of flight mh17 must be held accountable for their actions. the resolution demands all states much cooperate -- must cooperate fully. tois russia's attempt destabilize a sovereign state and violate its territory and integrity. the events of the past 4 days should serve as a wake-up call in moscow and prompt a profound re-examination of russia's policy of supporting, training, and arming violent separatist in eastern ukraine. thank you. >> i think the presenter from the united kingdom for his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of nigeria. >> thank you very much, mr. president. in our intervention on the downing of
3:28 pm
flight mh17 on july 17 that the tragic incident must potentially mark a new dimension in the ukrainian crisis, one that civilents international aviation. this also prompts us to consider the security means for human race. it is for this reason that we not only voted in favor of this .esolution respect for international law -- [indiscernible] is the guiding principle in this matter. in adopting this resolution, the council has once again demonstrated when it is united
3:29 pm
in purpose, it is capable of speaking with one voice and foring a strong message international security. the resolution takes in account concerns of not only members of the international security council, but indeed those around the world, and states that have lost civilians in the crash. principal among these is the need for a comprehensive, thorough, and independent investigation in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines. fors crucially important the outcome of the investigation to be credible and unimpeachable . thehis regard, we welcome involvement of an organization that has relevant expertise to share with the authorities involved in the investigation. no less significant is a question of accountability.
3:30 pm
the security council has demanded those responsible for this heinous act should be held accountable. we would like to emphasize it is in their interest to cooperate fully in efforts to find and bring to justice those responsible for this present act violates not only international law, but the piece of the human race. thank you. my friend, the representative of nigeria, for her statement. i give now the floor to the representative of the republic of korea. >> thank you, mr. president. the republic of korea welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 21-66 on the downing flightmalaysian airlines 17 over eastern ukraine. i'm behalf people of the republic of korea, i once again
3:31 pm
extend my most heartfelt condolences to all of the affected countries and their families. we share their sorrow during this difficult time. we would like to welcome the foreign ministers of australia, the netherlands, and luxembourg, to whom we offer our solidarity. we believe that the resolution we adopted today is a firm and united response i the international community to the heinous act of downing a civilian aircraft. the most urgent task before us at this moment is to establish the solid facts of what caused this tragedy and to is responsible through a full, thorough, and independent international investigation. --icular early, we particularly, we recognize the role of the ukrainian governments and have confidence 's supporting role in
3:32 pm
this regard. to shed light on this tragedy, no less pressing is the need to keep the integrity of the crash site and to secure safe and unrestricted access to the crash site by competent international investigators. the bodiesvital that of the victims are recovered without delay and treated in a dignified and respectable manner. we very much hope this resolution will be instrumental credibleng the international investigation threw its full implementation by all parties concerned, particularly the separatist armed groups. the security council must remain watchful of developments on the partiesnd hold responsible if this resolution is not fully materialized. we must again stress the perpetrators of this instance,
3:33 pm
if it turns out to be the result of a deliberate attack, must be brought to justice as promptly as possible. thank you. think the representative of the republic of korea for his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you. today's resolution calls for a thorough, and independent investigation into the horrific downing of malaysian airlines flight 17. went to 98 civilians are killed, 8e agree we must -- when 29 civilians are killed, we agreed we must stop at nothing to bring those responsible to justice. we extend our condolences to the .oreign ministers
3:34 pm
we extend our deepest countries, to those to the families of the victims they represent, and all who lost loved ones on that plane. this gives even greater urgency to our calls for the dignified return of the big m's and our pursuit of truth and justice. -- the victims and our pursuit justice.and as we reflect on the we are note loss, only outraged by the attack itself. we are are a five and outraged at what has happened since, by the clear intention of some to andruct how the passengers crew died. even after adopting this resolution, it is worth asking if there is really consensus this crime merit an immediate and impartial investigation --
3:35 pm
why did we feel the need to meet today in order to demand one? we came together because that everyone has been supporting a real investigation into this crime. international experts would have had unimpeded access to the crime scene and all wreckage would have been left where it had fallen. that has not happened. haveead, armed thugs walked around the sites with little regard of where they stepped. we have heard the sound of debris -- all of this needing to be carefully preserved -- crunching beneath the. we have seen evidence carted away from the site. all around the world, the risk similar reaction to the footage. stop, those are people. those are people's lives, we all said.
3:36 pm
the passengers aboard malaysian airlines flight 17 had nothing to do with the conflict in eastern ukraine. were families on vacation. students returning home from abroad. researchers combating a deadly disease. they deserve to be treated with dignity and their families are crying out for closure. we condemn the actions of the separatist to control these sites. there is one party from which we too little condemnation. russia has been outspoken on other matters. russian officials have publicly toonuated there has been little responsibility for the crash. blame has begun to ,kraine for the missile itself
3:37 pm
although the missile came from russian territory that russia knows well ukraine is not reclaimed. but even if russia believes that , surelyis involved president putin would have told the separatist leaders to maintain a hermetically sealed crime scene? support forussia's today's resolution, but no resolution would have been necessary if russia used its leverage with the separatist separatists on- thursday or friday or even yesterday. it turns out only this morning, coincidentally the very morning the security council was meeting, did president putin order a public call to ensure the security of international experts. stillr, president putin did not direct his call to the separatists who threaten the
3:38 pm
experts and over whom he has tremendous influence. resident poroshenko, by contrast, has done everything he to the crimeaccess scene. he has been careful to allow investigators, hailing their independence. sends a muteness message to the illegal armed groups it supports. we have your backs. sinces the message russia by providing weapons, massing thousands of troops at the ukrainian border. we have taken a step toward combating impunity. the resolution provides clear directions to safeguard and uncover the facts, however inconvenient those proved to be. we are not naïve. if russia is not part of the
3:39 pm
solution, it will continue to be part of the problem. the last six months, russia has seized ukrainian territory and ignored repeated requests by the international community to de-escalate, all to preserve influencing ukraine, a country clear itsong made desire to maintain constructive ties with moscow. russia must recchi knives -- must recognize that no zero-sum game battle with the west can justify the lives lost or the pain ukrainian families experience daily as a result of this needless conflict. today, three dutch investigators accessed the site. investigators are trying to hold this up as proof of good faith, but this is an extremely complex and time sensitive crime scene. letting in axt,
3:40 pm
few investigators here or there simply will not cut it. access must the immediate and full, period. approach isaged form of obstruction. russia can and do this. russia can unequivocally condemn the tampering with the bodies that the site and demand that the separatists adopt the cease-fire in the area around site, as ukraine has done. russia can sit down with president poroshenko, and russia can take back all of the surface to air missiles and heavy weaponry it has delivered. these would not only be important steps to achieving accountability and achieving justice for the victims. it would constitute a long overdue sign that russia is willing to take steps to end
3:41 pm
this deadly crisis. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states. i think the representative of the united states for her statement and i give the floor now to china. >> china voted in favor of the resolution the council has adopted. condemns the downing of the flight and use turn -- eastern ukraine, where we saw the loss of 298 lives. in his recent statements, chinese president xi jinping expressed shock at the crash, mourned the death of all
3:42 pm
victims, and expressed condolences to their families. bealso has said there should an impartial investigation into this incident. china supports an independent, impartial, and objective investigation into this incident. as a specialized agency of the civilthe international aviation organization should play a crucial role in this international investigation. china calls on all parties to cooperate with this international investigation. that our current focus should be the establishment of the truth of that, we, and pending should not engage in conjecture or mutual recrimination.
3:43 pm
unanimous that cooperation will promote trust on all sides and cooperation. thank you, mr. president. i give now the floor to the representative of chile. >> thank you very much, sir. i begin these words by thanking the delegation's for -- the delegation of australia for .roviding this resolution thedelegation cosponsored we believebecause this is the appropriate response
3:44 pm
by the council and it sends a clear message on the need for an international investigation to and it needs to be independent to look into the inning of flight mh17 keeping with international law. the security council has taken important and necessary steps toward clarifying facts and guaranteeing with those was possible for this incident be held accountable for their actions, and the families of the victims have a right unique -- a right to know the truth. there is an obligation to actively cooperate with the relevant authorities. on behalf of my country, i would like to reiterate our solidarity
3:45 pm
and our most heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and the governments with citizens who were victims of this event. terriblehat this incident will serve as a reminder of how this crisis affects countries and families beyond the borders of ukraine and the need of resolving it. thank you. >> i think the representative of his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of france. >> mr. president, the emotion that was upon us on friday has not left us. but today, we have gathered to act. we have justn adopted at the initiative of australia underscores the importance of quickly conducting an investigation into this abominable drama. we owe it to the families of those who have disappeared, many
3:46 pm
nationalities of which are represented here today. france immediately asked for everything to be done to shed light on the circumstances that led to this tragedy. delaying action would add shame to our mourning. this resolution, the international community has taken a first step to clarifying the circumstances and demand injustice. is in keeping with the chicago convention on air ukraine, ando the experts to lead the international investigation's work. we would also demand that everything be done, mr. president to facilitate the work of the investigators. all parties and states in the region should guarantee immediate and unfettered access to the site of the disaster, the
3:47 pm
remains of the victims, and material. we would like to express our alarm at the reports that continue to indicate there has been obstruction by the separatists. that the site no longer be profaned, that it not resulting, and the ultimately in human actions need to stop. the resolution asks the secretary-general to provide options to the security council to revive support for the investigation and accounting for its development. the resolution recalls well that those responsible for this disaster should be held accountable for their heinous acts. we should see this pursued to its and. france will make sure. we will not forget the 298 innocent victims who lost their
3:48 pm
lives in the air. thank you. >> thank you. i give the floor to the representative of jordan. >> thank you, mr. president. of the half of the government and the people of the kingdom of jordan, allow me to express my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the malaysian airliner that was downed as a result of the criminal act in eastern ukraine. delegationnt, my recommends the adoption of , that we have66 andonsored and voted for, the belief of unveiling the truth surrounding the incident, thorough,hrough the
3:49 pm
independent, international investigation to hold those response before the crime accountable and to achieve justice. to bringing closure to the families of the victims, all the relevant parties should cooperate in the implementation of the resolution as soon as possible. and this is in the interest of protecting the site of the incident and allowing unfettered access to the investigators and preventing and if you laois and. thank you very much, mr. president. >> i think the gentleman for his statement. i give the floor now to the representative of argentina. like --ld
3:50 pm
to greets the foreign ministers of australia, luxembourg, the netherlands and myress my send your -- sincere condolences and expressed that to the families and the governments of all of the victims and it is along these lines we would also like to recognize the presence of the theign ministers of netherlands and luxembourg and most deep-seated solidarity. the same time,at argentina would like to highlight the courageous work undertaken by the delegation of australia so that the security council could adopt a resolution which would be necessary and .imely this consensus is especially relevant to the extent that,
3:51 pm
based on the text opposed by australia, a number of different points of view, and concerns by members of this body were taken into account, which shows on that it ison, clearing up the crime here and reviving the clarification of what happened in order to understand if it's -- events in an objective, reliable, and effective manner. because that is what the victims deserve and that is what the entire international community deserves. it has a right to safe flight whicht be subject to acts
3:52 pm
might be a breach of international law. it should be so. and fundamentally, it should be so in view of the most recent respect for the dignity -- basic respect for the dignity of human life. given reports that have been seen in the last few days, with regard to the limits on access to the disaster site, both preventing the authorities responsible for the investigation and the monitoring mission for the representatives and others being prevented access, given that, the security council could not main silent. nor could she remain in different. it was therefore absolutely necessary we express our deep-seated concern for what could be found by those
3:53 pm
responsible for the investigation and demand the immediate safe, thorough, and d access to the site of the incident be guaranteed, preventing any action that might compromise its integrity. while the security council did underscore that need very clearly in our press communiqué of july 17, today we see ourselves compelled morally and institutionally to demand that it be so. and none other has been the unanimous demand of not only this council, but the entire immediately an international investigation be conducted in keeping with the aviation soor civil
3:54 pm
that a thorough, effective, and independent investigation be conducted to determine objectively and unequivocally what occurred and based on that , encourage those bodies with legal jurisdictions so will be heldible accountable and justice served. immediately we demand that an investigation be conducted without any obstacles based on the principles, norms, and andedures set forth by iko set forwardures through this resolution. the security council is demanding that all military activities cease and desist around the area of the incident environment be
3:55 pm
established around the incident area to provide access for investigators. efforts undertaken to conduct an investigation each would be consistent and impartial. likewise i would like to offer the cooperation to the secretary-general, to whom be lines ofs requesting action we could develop and we also request he keep the council and forms. argentina requested in these painful and difficult moments, we should be cautious. members of this council should
3:56 pm
also be cautious. today we would reiterate this appeal. it is not the time to come to opinions or interpret what occurred based on geopolitical disputes. nor is it time to be pointing fingers at each other. pain forty and the what occurred requires that we that we reflect, and that we use reliable mechanisms in order to come to a full, truthful understanding of events and that we determine what was responsible in such a manner. argentina cosponsored this. it, vistain favor of president, making its own and call for all states to fully cooperate and has asked for all parties to make sure that respectful and ignore five dignified treatment
3:57 pm
be given to all of the victims. thank you. >> i think the representative of argentina for his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you very much, mr. president. on behalf of of the russian federation, may i once again convey our condolences to the families of all those who lost whor lives, the governments had nationals on board the flight that was downed on july 17. there needs to be a total and impartial international investigation of the disaster. this is the target of today's security council resolution, which we supported -- a clarification of the content with the organized participation of all of those
3:58 pm
ready to shed light on the truth. all elements of proof, including the black boxes, should be provided and studied in the framework of an international investigation and at the ground, there needs to be necessary conditions created for access to expert teams. everything will be done to guarantee the full security of international experts at the crash site. buy them, there is the humanitarian corridors. there are already representatives from donetsk, the ukrainian minister or emergency situations, it but that is not enough. there needs to be a full complem in line with the international commission. russia, for its part, stands ready to provide any assistance in organizing and conducting international investigations. bodies have been
3:59 pm
provided with the necessary instructions. we stand ready to provide experts. however, there can be no jumping to conclusions or political statements here. what is going on today is absolutely admissible. has taken thekiev opportunity to step up its punitive operations in the eastern part of the country. indiscriminate artillery and airstrikes are hitting cities and killing civilians. room can confirm that kiev will be acting with restraint -- i am wondering what strange significance you would give to this? understand how people family, have lost their
4:00 pm
because russia itself found itself in that tragic situation in october 2001. and antiaircraft missile downed . passenger flight 78 people were killed. -- the circumstances became clear right after the accident and were affirmed by international experts who were independent. do this day, ukraine has refuted its legal responsibility here -- has refuted ukraine its legal responsibility here. it would be frivolous to give kiev a leading role in the investigation. during the investigation, ukraine is going to have to answer a number of questions regarding the activities of its region,rollers in the why one of ukrainian batteries systems was -- ukrainian battery's systems was in an area controlled by the rebels,


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