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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 4, 2014 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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welcome. at the george washington university school of media public affairs, former international bureau chief of " in 107thiated press" president of the national press club. the national press club is a world leading organization for journalists come in it -- committed to the future programming. with events such as this while fostering a free press worldwide . for more information about the national press club, please visit our website at
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on behalf of the members worldwide, i would like to and those ofpeaker you attending today's event. our head table includes guest of our speaker as well as working journalist. if you hear applause, i will note the members of the general public are attending, so not necessarily evidence of lack of journalistic objectivity. we always put that disclaimer in because it is important to do so. i would like to welcome c-span and public radio audiences. you can follow the action on the #. using we will have a question and answer time after lunch. many questions as time permits. now time to introduce our head table guests and asked each of you to ask -- it stands briefly. from your rights, senior vice president thomas jefferson
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waterman international. until iold the applause finished. i know you are eager to do so. eric smeltzer. our friend has excellency ambassador to south africa to the united states. chiefcall away, editor in of usa today. the first lady of the republic for south africa. the washington bureau chief of the washington news, chair of the national press club speaker committee and former president. skipping over the guest of honor bloombergt kasha, news correspondent and speakers committee member who organized today's event, thank you.
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the minister of international relations and cooperation. paul barber, the north american editor of afp tv. connie long, president of audiovisual news and senior white house correspondent who for many years was familiar to south africans during the from washington and when she met nelson mandela when he was here 20 years ago he were and the radios smuggled into the cells, connie's broadcast gave them hope. thank you for being such an active member of the national press club. tony foster, founder and president to see fco international. the ceo of africa to the which launches today. [applause]
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very day, nelson mandela think the united states and international media for supporting south african struggle for democracy and the fight against apartheid. two decades later, our guest of honor today the current south african president his excellency jacob zuma presides over a much improved country. apartheid has long ended. many more in south africa have access to clean water and electricity. the murder rate has been cut by more than half.
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the country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. the imf lowered the country's growth forecast this year due to electricity shortages in labor complex. in a positive development, south africa was invited to join brazil, russia, india and china to an association of large, emerging-market economies known as the brick's these nations seek more involved mint and international affairs and more access to resources. and month president zuma other leaders agreed to set up a $50 billion new development bank and 12 $100 billion currency exchange reserve, lowering the dependence on international monetary fund and the world bank. president zuma and may secured a second term as the country's leader.
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he is seeking more trade and investment, as well as president obama support for various african union economic andlopment programs, peace security, climate change and environmental protections. -- environmental protection issues. please join me in welcoming to the national press club, jacob zuma, president of the republic of south africa. [no audio] [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. indeed.u very much the president of the national tent,club, mr. myron bell
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and deputy ministers who are the ones wholarly to thismpanying me great country. ambassador with us here, particularly ambassador to south africa to presenting the united states and the ambassador representing south africa. distinguished guests. , it is an gentlemen honor. speakeasure to be able to
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to you today from the same that our president nelson asdela spoke at 10 years ago we heard when he was thinking -- thanking the united states in media for having supported our struggle. he was south africa's first the macquarie -- democratically elected resident. i would like to thank the national press club for providing this unique opportunity for us to talk about to aountry's journey
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prosperous south africa. lot since theed a in 1994.reedom firm foundation for thriving democracy in a short space of time. among our key achievements is creating an open democracy and open society. ourselves in having a thatessive constitution inspires freedom and expression,
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that of the media. we are also proud of a well-established democratic as holdinguch elections successfully and transparently every five years. year we cast our ballots for the fifth time, cheerfully, patiently and in peace. agedemocracy has come of and a very short space of time. well in aso done
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unique society and improved quality of life. we have made enormous strides in expanding access to free education, housing, electricity, clean water and sanitation for pete all who did not have these . six close to half of the people are now in the middle to higher income bracket due to progressive transformation policies by the democratic of people the number poverty hassolute
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the extension of sustainable safety. safety net to 15 million of our who are live airing -- living invulnerable conditions has led to the target of five .ercent growth by 2019 we believe we have laid a sound economic foundation. encouraged by the fact that our foreign direct continues totlook be positive. one of the companies
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was in south africa for the first time expanded their investment. inflow direct investment of eight point do billion u.s. dollars which is double the figure for 2012. young predicts such africa -- into south africa will average 12.2 billion annually for the next four years. foreign institutions and other
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investors also continued to seek opportunities within the continent, working with south african companies. among the words best independent ofhe our courts and protection property rights. we also are recognized for transparency of policymaking.
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another important study was done by goldman sachs last year, entitled to decades of freedom. doing withafrica is it and what now needs to be done. bank found much to admire in the performance between 1994 and 2015. gdp from 136 billion 400 billion u.s. dollars. we tamed inflation while
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more thanour tax base sevenfold. capitalization under johannesburg stock grew eightfold. we increased the goal from 3 we really have a good about southl africa's democratic rule. but, we are also the first to admit our work is not yet complete.
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we still have a long, hard -- hard road ahead. fortunately we have a roadmap in the form of the national development plan vision 2030. 2030 we want poverty to be history. reduced, andto be an annualaverage 5.4%.
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these are not easy targets, but with determination and hard work, nothing is impossible. gentlemen, earlier we met with members of the u.s. chamber of commerce. we have about 600 economy -- in the fashion investing u.s. economy. the president of these companies demonstrate south africa is a viable investment destination. forward to the further
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expansion of trade and investment opportunities with the u.s. and other key markets. the african growth and a powerful has been instrument in achieving this goal. over 95% of our exports go into the u.s. markets through all co-op. it has also been opening up for many goods and services.
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to unconditional commitment ofng alcoa with south africa included among the beneficiaries. gentlemen, let me hasten to add that south africa alone but asnot africanthe broader success story. we are working to integrate our and regional trade. we are promoting and powerization generation. we are transporting
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infrastructure to get our goods and internalarkets markets that we are creating. together as african countries we are making progress and all of these areas. transcontinental corridors to the south and east, west are realities. this to tap 40,000 hydropower also becoming a
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reality. area turninge south africa into a market that 600 million consumers with a combined gdp of one trillion now a reality. and the prospect. indicates how much we are reorganizing the continent of africa for the best.
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it is truly a reason of great wide challenges ofain in the areas of peace poverty and parts of the continent. toy eased the determination find the african led solutions to african problems. partnerships with the world in dealing with these challenges are important. regard, we welcome the opportunity that this week's u.s. african leaders summit to engage further on
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economic growth development and security. we think president obama for the invitation to participate in the summit. we are ready to discuss partnerships that would assist in making african led initiative succeed. we hope that the outcomes of the achieved and implemented through mechanisms. we also look forward to outcomes that would be co-owned,
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by the participating nations. gentlemen, we meet during a difficult time in the middle east. by killing of civilians israel. united nations shelters ofo condemned the killing israeli civilians by hamas. upon all sides to lay to work towards a
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negotiated solution that would lead to the international recognized and supported two state solution. we believe violence would not solve the israeli-palestine problem. negotiations, compromising that people must make in the spirit of give and take for the sake of a bigger future in the lives of their all. -- of people. ladies and gentlemen, it has been a real privilege to meet with you today. africa has a good story to tell.
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we are open for investment, open for trade, tourism and open for partnerships. a better life for all of our people. program i amhe with my minister and deputy minister put money on the table sure engageand i am where they feel necessary to emphasize or throw light on other issues. i thank you very much for the opportunity. [applause]
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>> thank you again for a very substantive speech. now we have the traditional question and answer session. what industries in south africa will help the economy most to rebound this year from a weak first quarter to the promised of reject -- a five percent growth? while -- >> well, we will be expecting all industries that will find an opportunity in south africa.
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as you know, south africa is one of the mining areas of the world . we are consoled by the fact that the relations between companies and the unions has a very good tradition in south africa. those matters have been addressed by both government, the private sector and companies, as well as
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themselves. i am mentioning it because you cannot excuse mining in the industry that south africa will undertake for london -- long time to come, and therefore open for investment. we're also looking at energy. we have taken very key decisions energy mix, which includes the wind, hydro, -- all of the energies that we talk about. one thing that we deal with, exploding -- exploiting each of
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these but also aware that south has given up shale gas which americans would agree is an economic game changer. oil andare discovering abundance of coal. therefore the innocent -- issue of energy is very important. i am merely mentioning a few. >> why should american businesses invest in south >> because the
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opportunities are open in south africa. i think we have a country that is democratic, constitutional democracy. it is entrenched in the constitution. things, wellthe organized labor force. we have rules and regulations to deal with south africa. i think it has opened opportunities. >> what do you think the bricks bank will do that the world bank, imf and other development
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banks are not doing today caps day? >> the banks that have been there a long time have not been doing. but of course we are dealing african leader who has been there quite a while. there has been concern from the african later that an existing bank that has been there before has not succeeded to produce an example country that has been driving. that has tended to give concern. and therefore a mixed feeling. there has been a call that there must be reform
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mobile financial institutions. bank comes from different countries. among the south. said it is there from the beginning to help people up developing countries. it will have a different for how it deals with developing countries and struggling countries. but as a hope that we have that what it will do things differently. no country can look at the bricks bank and say i need to be rescue and say it will not have more problems.
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we feel the countries would be taken out of the problems and helped so they can stand on their own. >> one more question about bricks. not all are on solid ground. the brazilian and chinese have slowed for example. what effect will the slowdown have on the efforts? >> you would agree with me again that haveo country been driving. everybody has been struggling so there is nothing new. agree and i wish we had enough time because you even in the economic haddown somehow the brick
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money to address it. with all of the challenges that face, but brick countries but certainly be able to utilize the bank, better their position and also better position for the country. >> what are the major bilateral priorities between south africa and the united states in 2014 and over the next 3-5 years? i think with our plan of the remarks this morning and earlier that certainly the american companies have a role to play with regard to the economy to
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grow as low as the continent. this will never go our way and be less important. particularly on the matter we're handling in south africa. the u.s. companies have the experience and hope we will be there to share experience with together we will be able to move forward. >> barack obama is the first american president of african descent. has his engagement with african affairs met your expectations, and do you think his background has influenced dealings with africans in any way? has.s, it it has influenced dealings with africa, partly because of what was said.
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background of african descent. sayas an individual i would that has not happened to some degree because many people who looked at it from that point of view and therefore have made him to tread very carefully handling this matter. believe he is i could have done more but always was aware of the fact, and therefore has navigated the situation very well. [applause] >> changing topic. like interaction.
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i asked the president how he is doing, and he is doing fine. is south africa at risk for ebola? what is your country doing to ensure the epidemic does not spread come and in what way is south africa assisting the west african nations. so far. has been around in other parts of the continent. to thenever come down south. of course south africa is working together with all health institutions in the continent to address the problem but there is no imminent risk to south africa. >> even though you are not
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directly affected, i think many people would like to hear what you feel about what does the international community need to do to successfully eliminate the ebola virus? how much money do you think it would take and who should well,e the financing? >> first, i think the world works together today through the world .ealth organization there is no problem they are not tackling together. ebola is one they must tackle together. need, i canch you guess really. ofhink that is a matter health practitioners who are
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dealing with this matter, given the challenge it poses, i am sure they will be able to provide that answer. >> how does the unrest in nigeria, central africa republic and other regions in africa impact development in south africa? what more needs to be done in terms of security to ensure africa's continuing development. we have tried many remedies in terms of peacemaking and peacekeeping. past there hast been new approaches to the problem that have affected some
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, as wellentral africa as north africa in particular, which was in a sense an overflow of the arab problems. we have taken a decision to a military capacity to be able to stop these. the discussions were taking longer. going through that process, we better establish an action force that must be established by countries in the continent. will have the capacity, possibility to address these issues so that by the time we come to the ideal situation you are in a better position to deal
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with any matter that is going to arise. what therefore we are calling upon from countries is the support of the initiative by the african countries. that they support the initiative . i think that is one point we will make two president barack obama. >> related question, south africa has sponsored a very proactive peacekeeping force in the democratic republic of congo. plans to expand at south africa's military peacekeeping forces in the future? >> south africa is part of africa. it plays a role that other african countries clay. some of the role it can play some of the countries cannot play, precisely because of the situations.
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ofhave been in every part the continent as making our own contribution to peacemaking and peacekeeping. we will continue to do so as long as there is trouble in the continent. >> sir, islamic extremism is now thegnificant issue across african continent from boko haram in nigeria to al-shabaab insomalia and everywhere between networks. to what extent has the issue of affected south africa and have you see the problem arriving in the next decade, and what part will south africa play? >> anything that happens in the extent the sexme south africa. extreme kindthese
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of activities have affected africa. it as a looking at country, but the continent and the au has discussed this much, out of the remedy i talked about to having ates quick action to deal with the issues and many of the areas. the african countries have in fact completed a plan to deal ,ith how much will be supported in some areased it will spread to other areas. therefore we have come together to ensure it is stopped.
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it cannot be quicker given the demands to the african countries , but certainly we have taken decisions in areas where we have to stop such activity, and i believe that from now on we are going to accelerate our activities to deal with these problems. >> corruption has often skimmed much-needed development dollars from people who most need it. what should african nations due to root out the worst of the corruption and safe our development dollars? >> countries would have their own way how to handle it but an issue we talk about that is agreed not wanted in the country of south africa.
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i think we have great agreements in the eu. the issue of specific countries, what specific countries do. if you take south africa for keyple, where you have thedies emanating from rolls to the institutions established, in fact we have a number of people that have been arrested that are serving in prison. we are dealing with it. it needs people to work together and countries to work together. ,ecause those who commit crime it is not a one-way thing, how
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can we work together all of us to address corruption is a matter we need to deal with. you do not hear much of the talk about corruption. is there. in some areas it is talked about, acted upon. country that has addressed corruption. >> among south africa's biggest problems is persistent ratio and classified of the nation. how long do you see that lasting and what are the steps the government is implementing to lacks thess severe? class division in south africa has a particular history. one of the things that different
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class divisions. in south africa at a given time just by a race you were identified in a class. those are the matters we are we'reg with, and i think inequality,ay's in which we have said is a problem. the cap between the rich and the poor, which perpetuates the class division is a matter we cannot put by the state to of dealt with it. the matter to deal with it as much as we can. we think tackling poverty and inequality will him a long way to address the issue. >> south africa has recently
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launched an ambitious nuclear program. what role will nuclear energy play in the development of south africa's economy? we believe it will play a greater role. energy is very critical. great clan to utilize economygy, to help the it willelieve very soon be clear what role it plays. we are not looking at energy only as a country. we are looking at it from a regional point of view as well as a continental point of view. that is why in my remarks i touched upon a project we believe will go a long way to amend whatever south africa is
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doing but to southern africa and the whole country. >> age remains a problem throughout sub-saharan africa. do you feel a world held organization and pharmaceutical companies are doing all they can to remain -- to make drugs affordable throughout the region? >> yes, i think they are trying their best. think it is far better today than what it was when the pandemic started. you know south africa was one of the countries that has been criticized very highly with regard to hiv and aids, but that manywill agree countries are saying south africa is an example because of our programs we have put in place. if that is the case, i think it gives hope we can deal with this
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in a shorter time than we realized. >> a question related to the middle east. expel the called to israeli ambassador. do you agree with that position ? know, there was a demonstration in south africa where a call was made. people were indeed worried about what was happening. i think as a free country, free expression, people indicated how they are feeling and made that believe calling in ambassador is not a simple matter, particularly if you take
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the complexity of the problem of the middle east with regard to palestine and israel, particularly because we believe we have an example as a country and experience that we can offer the two sides. we think the manner in which we toe our action with regard the israeli issue did not take that into account so that we don't do something that could in the goodent you to do thing at the end. with believe that and have offered to both sides that they come from a conflict that nobody has ever fought. we resolved it. we have been an example. ourselves andt
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that's kind of level, it means whatever we do, we must bear that in mind, and therefore, cannot be a quick thing to say call them, called ambassador. bothy what will benefit countries and the middle east in the long and, and as a country, we have to take a bigger picture. [applause] >> one last question before the final question. the final question on a lighter note. up to this is a question related to many countries but specifically, what steps are being considered or implemented to protect women and girls in south africa from violence of all kinds? that question in south africa
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is very active on that issue. in terms of taking the put -- position of women and children. has taken aountry position to help all women, not just to talk about them, but give them responsibilities in they are partg so of the process of addressing that issue so the issue that we site continuously in south africa, how to protect the women is part of leading programs in the country. >> thank you, sir. if you could standby for the final question. first, we're almost out of time, but before asking the last
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question a couple of housekeeping matters to take care of. i would like to remind you about our upcoming events and speakers. stump, ceo8, john c of wells fargo in september 19, larry merlot, president and ceo of cbs corporation. i know jerry ramsgate, chair of the speakers committee and vice chair are working hard to complete bringing you a very full program for the rest of the year. next, i would like to present our guests with the traditional national press club mug. we are honored to do so as we did so to nelson mandela. [applause] now, the last question. sir thomas much has been said about nelson mandela's profound impact on your nation and the world. that being the case, could you
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special recollections of your experiences with him that will inform us even more about the kind of man he was. much for thatvery question, and of course, nelson mandela has always been a special man. he joined the struggle that he sharedding at one point many things, and i don't know which one you can talk about, but his greatness was felt by us .s the followers of him he was the volunteering chief when i joined as my commander. there are many things he did.
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his appearances in court twice 1962. summarized what we all stood for. it reminded me, and i was telling the story recently when a left prison, he visited hall where he addressed a public as a last public act in 1961. among the people there was an i ameneral, and remembering that because i am among the generals. he was asked to give an account of that day. the venue changed, was supposed to be somewhere and there was difficulties and came to a different hall, smaller than usual.
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nowhereeral came with to come in. we were there as volunteers not wanting anything to go wrong. he looked around and found a window and talked. to the window and threw himself inside. oh wait he came. police realizing, a few who were political police in south africa where they're taking notes as he was speaking. and he said he took his notes to report the following day. when mandela finished speaking, there was a bit of a scuffle,
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and he did not know the scuffle was prearranged, because it was meant to protect him as he escaped. someone pretended sick. he says as he finished one of other, and to the said this is like a state of the nation has been given by the president of the united states. [laughter] [applause] >> before concluding, i would like to take this opportunity to give two special thank you's and acknowledgments. first to his excellency, the ambassador of south africa. [applause] who has worked closely with the national press club during his
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tenure here, starting with the south african night honoring the life, legacy, and values of nelson mandela, for whom we are for your support and all of your colleagues who put this program together. second i would like to acknowledge the presence today of the washington dc mayor. would you please stand? [applause] signed a sister city agreement with the executive of the national capital of the respective nations. we are now sister cities. thank and gentlemen, you for coming today. we are adjourned. [applause]
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>> showed the -- should the u.s. invest more in africa? wet is the facebook question have been asking today. are some of the nearly 500 responses we have received so far.
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let us know what you think on our c-span facebook page. read secretary gravely wounded during the 1981 assassination attempt on president ronald reagan, james brady, died today. he was 73. the family released a statement saying he died after a series of health issues. he was shot in the had outside of the washington hilton hotel on march 30, 1981. against gunmpaign violence is named in his honor. withan find video of vents james brady on our website years c-span5 brings public affairs from
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washington directly to you. whiteou in the room at house events, briefings, and conferences. offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house. all is it service of private industry. we are c-span, created by cable tv 35 years ago. facebookin, lycos on about paula was on twitter. -- like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. attorneyrmer bush l aalborg tols ar console is talked about changes. congress needs to vote on this. they need -- as other speakers they need to see
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that this is about america, about what we are in the country. we have heard republicans say we do not want to go down this road because the president will only enforce the laws he wants to. my perspective is that congress has a job to do. if the president is not doing his job, they are to be doing their job. both branches ought to be working together. to me it is intolerable. i know how hard it is, president bush tried and we cannot get it done with the republican congress. and is why we elect people to go there, to tackle the most difficult issues we have is a country. they should be accountable. is is soour position interesting to me because obviously there are republicans, it able inside the party, who are resisting it, especially the talk radio crowd who says you are rewarding people who of. illegal things. you're in the position of an
3:06 pm
intraparty civil war in the room looking party over this issue. how do you see it playing out? >> i think in the end, my side will win, or it is the end of the party. that is the way i see it. i think this is something that has to be solved. is,truth of the matter hispanics are a growing political force, and if they feel like the republican party does not have anything for them they're going to vote democrat, and the republicans will not win the white house, they're going to lose control of the house and senate. more in the >> you can see the entire annual meeting tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. out, issues that came civil rights and the 2014 midterm elections. thelly was held outside white house saturday to protest
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u.s. support for israel over gaza. the organizer, the answer coalition says that israel receives $4 billion in aid from the u.s. each year. >> brothers and sisters we are going to get started here, here with our rally here, and we are going to have some amazing speakers from all over. and then we're going to margin bring our message to the streets of washington and the war makers themselves. i represent the answer coalition, i'm going to be one of the cochairs here today. there will be several of us here going back and forth and introducing speakers, and before we go any further i want to introduce my cochair who came
3:08 pm
all the way from new york to be a part of this. [applause] >> free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. sisters and brothers i am so happy to be here with you today to introduce our next speaker. our next speaker is the executive director or of mass immigrant justice center. her.e welcome
3:09 pm
>> thank you for being here. president ago i asked obama directly, what you intend to do about the palestinians? can to do whatever i ensure peace. to this day, the israelis and the palestinians live in different worlds and gaze of the same land. through the eyes of the palestinian, he sees that the israeli world is one of steady progress. eyes of the israeli he sees death and occupation unless he is blind. the chances are that the children of what the west bank and gaza were born without a father, or a brother. he becomes aware of what was taken from him through the television. he sees the multiplying wonders homes,eli life, more more education, but he cannot have any of it.
3:10 pm
then he is told that he lives in a democracy. what can that mean to him? he cannot experience the freedom of others, nor should we expect them to feel grateful because he is allowed to build settlements in order to field his family -- feed his family, and he has not been imprisoned. to treat hiss told condition and make a better life for his children. he is denied the most fundamental need, the need for an identity. recognition as a citizen and a man. in gaza, violence is born and bred. so we will ask, why does he continue to fight? because the angry palestinians are not fighting because he is poor, or because he is hungry, or because he is denied hope for his children, he is fighting to assert his worth, and dignity as a human being, and to tell his oppressors that though they may
3:11 pm
hate or scored his descent, they must still respect his power and his willingness to never give up. you let obama, know his support for israeli forces will not prevent change, change will come. change will come. that change will occur when the israeli government i acknowledges the palestinians as people, not as aliens in their own land. change will come when the israelis learned that their own children's future cannot be built on the misfortune of others. change will come will see when their lives are not enriched by hatred or occupation. palestiniansthe may be cut short, but the power of their conviction is too strong to die. last, the president can deny this change, or work to make the occupation come true. if he denies it, he to is spreading conflict, this roaring
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liberty, while diminishing the ideals of america. if he chooses to end the occupation it will take work, the choice will be to free the palestinians, to end the fears of the children, to heal the wounds, and to choose real peace , the only piece that will last, peace with justice. thank you. [applause] she came all the way from north carolina had brought people with her, we appreciate that and we need every voice we can get to say free, free, alice palestine. long live palestine. free, free, palestine. long live palestine. brothers and sisters we are honored to have a lot of amazing speakers with us here today, and next i want to bring up someone in whatvery amazing
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they put on the line of what they bring to this drug will and to bring a highly decorated former cia official who is standing in solidarity with the people of gaza. please welcome ray mcgovern. [applause] >> free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. i am about the carnage in in gaza right now. and i'm thinking about the prophets. indifference to evil is worse than evil itself. there are times and not all of us are guilty, but we are always responsible.
3:14 pm
our government is enabling this massacre, and we have to stop it. the other profited from's to mine is a fellow named isaiah. some of you may not realize that isaiah went around stark naked for two years. wasical scholars say he not clear was always make with always naked, just during services. you he was saying is look, criticize me, you say you're stripped of your garments, i say to you, you are stripped of the vision with which you were blessed, a vision of justice and shalom, and that is much more reprehensible. to here as determined not
3:15 pm
cooperate with that evil, and not to be in different, but rather to be promoters of that same vision. a confession to make. two times within the last eight years i voted for an ngo. no guts obama. remember when he made that's beach in may of last year, the one that they infiltrated here at the university? conflicted, he felt a story about the drones and guantanamo. is that who we are? that is not who we are. what is with this we? it may not be who you are, but it is not who we are.
3:16 pm
were are many of us who involved in occupy here in washington, new york, and other cities. they put some of us in jail. now the idea is that we need to occupy the jails. what are they going to do? arrest us? people say that is not really smart my even ralph waldo criticize thd the henry david thoreau for doing that. but later today i will be joining him, because sometimes you have to put your body into the machine to stop it and to stop it. [applause] >> a round of applause for ray mcgovern.
3:17 pm
our next speaker is a chairman i can't believe usa -- can believe, usa. my dear brothers and sisters, because time is short and we achieve a lot, i wanted to ask a few simple questions. died, 9000 people severely injured. more than 9000 houses demolished. centers,ospitals, u.n. schools, bombardment. who is the biggest terrorist in this one?
3:18 pm
answer me. which one is the biggest terrorist? who is the biggest security challenge and threat to america? israel. which country makes america most unpopular throughout the world? destroys the u.s. security pact? most country makes the enemies of the usa? my dear friends and sisters and all the non-muslim community i welcome you here. i want to start with the koran.
3:19 pm
as aever you do, i follower of the prophets, you will do to success. shame to cnn, shame to bbc, shame to washington post. shame to fox news. god bless. social media. god bless all of the civil rights people.
3:20 pm
thing, stop reviving them the arms. taxax dollars in your dollars are being used to kill my own children. i cannot tolerate this. thank you very much. thank you for being here. next brothers and sisters i want to bring up another great speaker, the national coordinator of american muslims for palestine. >> thank you. thank you palestine supporters.
3:21 pm
a war criminal machine has been unleashed. palestine will be free, gaza will be free, gaza will be standing tall, gaza will be victorious. what we want is for washington to be free. what we want is for our president to hear our demands, for our president to respond and be responsible for the people who elected him. what we want is for elected the answer ton to be and the people who elected them. what we are here for us to onand an end to the monopoly the foreign lobby that is acting as an agent to a foreign country, over our foreign policy. crimes are being committed by our money, are american maded by
3:22 pm
weapons, and we are the american people who refuse to stand for this. we refuse to stand for colonialism. by a stateo be led that is funded upon the united states. it is us who gets a lifeline to israel, not the other way around. we should demand israel to do what the we asked them to do. it is not up to lieberman to tell our secretary of state to get out of here. that is what he was basically told. our secretary of state is the secretary of state of the superpower, it is our superpower. he should not be insulted by a full state that depends upon us.
3:23 pm
we are demanding now, we are standing here in solidarity with palestine, but also we are standing to tell our elected officials enough is enough. enough is enough. this war machine us to come -- has to come to an end. killing children and playground should not be committed in our name. killing civilians is not what america stands for. if our president cannot stand up to israel, then he should give back the rights that he was given for doing nothing. president,nt, mr. this is our call to you. either you live up to your promises, either you live up to the hope you promised us, and you promise to the world, or you will become another president who has failed and will continue to fail because you do not have the spine to stand for justice.
3:24 pm
[applause] ice, nojustt peace. give another round of applause. speaker is a man who needs no introduction. brother cornell west. [applause] forthwant the world to go right now i know that we love the brothers and sisters in gaza. we are here out of a deep love or our oppressors palestinian brothers and sisters who are undergoing not just occupation, not just domination, not just humiliation, but more and more every day an annihilation and we will not stand for it. we will not stand one minute for it. i come to you in the spirit of the love of john cole
3:25 pm
rain, my brother tried to tell the truth a long time ago, and we know that's true this to allow them to speak just as we unapologetic love for those who are dealing with this condition under occupation. we wanted and to occupation now -- an end to occupation now. i have come to you also in the beard of the black defendant tradition of frederick douglass, wb the boy, martin luther king x, and they sayked him benjamin netanyahu is a war criminal not just because he is jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and
3:26 pm
annihilation. this is a human affair. any human being who chooses occupation and annihilation is a war criminal, and especially when they're killing precious palestinian babies. as white exact same baby in newtown, connecticut, as a brown baby in eastside l.a. as a jewish baby in israel. every human being is made in the image of god. we want the world to know that and no which well -- know it well. history of the out of who were pushed 400 16 villages. we want that story to be told. let's tell the truth.
3:27 pm
let's tell the truth in such a way that we are honest and open. here, andwish hatred anti-occupation here, anti-annihilation of anybody here, this is a universal affair. it begins with our oppressors palestinian brothers and sisters ciousessures palestinian brothers and sisters. we want to shatter all of the lies. there is a connection between lies and crimes against humanity. what i want to say to my black --ther in the white house
3:28 pm
barack obama is a war criminal not because he is black or half african and white but because his drones have killed 233 innocent children and because he facilitates the killing of innocent palestinians in gaza and the west bank. that would be true anywhere else. i'm going to be honest with you before i sit down. if there was a palestinian occupation of the jewish brothers and sisters. because it is wrong, unjust, and skinand not with pigmentation or the nick cage ec humanty, but with the identity.
3:29 pm
the killing of any innocent civilian is a war crime. with 1500 and counting, that is israeli state terrorism and action -- in action. , it does notacism make on behalf of all of the jewish brothers and sisters who have a choice to say we are against occupation, we're gives annihilation. up together, free palestine, let's gaza live. >> free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine.
3:30 pm
roses and sisters let's given up her brother cornell west one -- brothers and sisters let's give it up for brother cornell west one more time. now i want to bring up someone who's encouraged me every day. they saw the invasion of iraq in 2003 resign their position in protest. kernel and rice -- co ann rice.colenol they have become more on
3:31 pm
balance, more favoring the israelis everywhere. the attacks on gaza, massive attacks, the us is not a war, these are military attacks. no way to defend. the palestinians in gaza are like fish in a barrel. there's nowhere for them to go, nowhere for them to hide. the israelis are just picking by one with the agreement of the united states of america. it is up to us as the citizens of this country to keep going president obama and the state department and our congress to say we are horrified about the level of u.s. support for israel. that israel can act with impunity, but we say no, no to israeli impunity. no. no. no. also, we say the only way
3:32 pm
that there will be these there is to end the siege of haas up. and the siege of gaza. the siege of gaza. thank you. another round of applause please. [applause] a >> announcement. announcement. hide.ahu you can't we charged you with genocide. see?yahu can't you palestine will be free. palestine will be free. free, free, palestine. now.he occupation
3:33 pm
free, free, palestine. occupation as a crime. please welcome the national coordinator of the coalition, brian becker. [applause] sisters and brothers, all around the country and all around the world people are standing together in solidarity with the people of gaza. media used torate be able to conceal the crimes committed by the israeli defense forces, paid for by u.s. taxpayers, but now the images, the horrific, gruesome images are coming through all kinds of
3:34 pm
international media and social media, and they can no longer that thehe fact israeli government policy has never been about peace. it is only about a relentless war against the indigenous palestinian population, with the idea that t under enough pressure, with enough bombs and enough missiles, with the siege that goes on until people cannot feed themselves, cannot get medicine for their children, cannot travel, cannot see their endure all have to the indignities of racism and occupation, the israeli idea and strategic concept is that the palestinian
3:35 pm
nation and people would disappear. because what people could possibly withstand decade after decade after decade of that kind of treatment? , even thoughoday the israelis have succeeded in imposing great suffering, they , 250 children00 and babies. the israelis have failed, they because thed palestinian people will never stop resisting. and when they resist, and as they resist as the palestinian people resist the become of four-port -- become a
3:36 pm
magnet for support. all around the world right now people are standing with gaza. all over the united states there is a change taking place. longerrican people no want to have the taxpayer money go for genocide against palestinians. among the jewish american community, especially the younger people, they no longer refugeael as the last following the holocaust. they see israel as a privileged nation that is pursuing a colonial policy of racism and -- and more and more jewish americans are saying no, not in our name. [applause] this is the strategic the
3:37 pm
defeat of the u.s. and israeli plan, and we just have to look back for a historical analogy. the same thing seemed to be true 's racistth africa apartheid government. that they had all of the guns, missiles, and bonds. the world rose up. the world rose up. the world rose up to say not one more nickel or dime for racism or apartheid. the apartheid government came down, and that is what will happen with palestine. [applause] muslims,ing to hear people of, jews, different political persuasions. we have formed a very broad coalition, and today is not the end of it all, but the beginning
3:38 pm
of a new day. a mass movement, a grassroots movement, and we will turn the tide. thank you very much. let's gaza live, free palestine. >> free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. brothers and sisters, we're going to hear next from a very powerful speaker who has a very personal message, one that needs aroundeard by people this world. i will not say too much more than that. carl, to introduce mr. the leader of the department of justice, and his son. >> good afternoon sisters and brothers. i very least and proud as a parent to be here with my
3:39 pm
nine-year-old son, who knows that gaza must he free. i am thankful that every night securely, sleep peacefully. he does not have to worry about hellfire missiles can be does not have to worry about m-16s, he does not to worry about waking up and having a sip part building destroyed around him. that is not the way it is in gaza today. the civilian population in the gaza strip is under direct attack. there is nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere a father or a mother can protect their family. entire families have been killed. children watch as their parents suffer in death. dicken, findce their precious family slaughtered. the unitedclinics,
3:40 pm
nations places of refuge have all been targeted. the israeli government has declared its military the most moral army in the world. arrogance, such a perversion, no words could be more senecal or further from the truth. is to intentionally targeting civilians, a war crime, a crime against humanity. not target civilians. convert unarmed civilians into targets for death with a warning or a text message that say they are coming, they are armed and on their way. let me speak personally for a moment. some of thegard remarks i had prepared.
3:41 pm
just as aspeak not lawyer, but an american jew. when i was in hebrew school, they taught us that the jewish people were to be a light unto the nations. acts as aneli army instrument of terror, raining death and destruction on innocent gazans, using pinpoint weaponry to slaughter unarmed when ins by the scores, was in hebrew school they also taught me that palestine was a people without a land. that was a lie. hundreds of palestinian vigil jews were lost and destroyed -- villages were lost and destroyed. look at them huddled in gaza. label anywill criticism of israel as being anti-jewish.
3:42 pm
and this is not true. my jewish education taught me that it is the silence of good people in the face of inhumanity that allows evil to be perpetrated. injewish education instilled me the precious value of life of all humanity, that while we should not suffer, we should not kill. we as jews have to confront the ,ies of the israeli state reject the myth, and openly re-examine the root causes of the problem that we have created. we must reject the dehumanization of the palestinian people. of israel lifeng as more than any other. the jews were the victims of the atrocities of the not sees, but there is nothing in the whole experience that gives them license to do such atrocities
3:43 pm
against the gazans. mow them down and destroy them as a people. my jewishy deeply for people and for the physical safety, the moral integrity which is lost day and day again. as a jew, i long for the day which as an arrow past, muslims, jews, and palestinians coexist. -- and christians coexist. end thesrael must illegal siege and blockade of gaza. where do i stand as an american jew? andand with the gazans, their heart ache, frustration, and anger.
3:44 pm
as an american jew i stand with them as they say that could be no peace without justice, and the blockade. i stand with the gazans when i condemned the israeli army for his terrorism, it's war crimes, it's inhumane atrocities. doubly obligated because i know that the israeli military strength comes from the billions thatfense and aid pours in from the united states. you,dent obama, i implore stop the aid word israel. we are paying for the f-16s, and the hellfire missiles. we are paying for the tanks that target schools and eu and safety. facilitating the slaughter of the gazans, we are complicit. make it stop.
3:45 pm
[applause] we stand together at this historic demonstration, muslims, christians, and jews, all sharing our common humanity, a longing for justice, and together as one voice we demand less gaza live -- let gaza live. free, free, palestine. let gaza live . [applause] >> sisters and brothers please welcome the national direct or of the american muslim alliance. [applause] you sound wonderful.
3:46 pm
you sound wonderful here in on behalf of the people of gaza and palestine. introduce, wender have a lot of speakers and things going on. i want to let you know that we have thousands of postcards being distributed on the behalf of the american muslim alliance. will end thee occupation now. please take these cars, and thet i want to take opportunity to introduce another person who needs no introduction whatsoever. he is my brother, he has been in the forefront of civil rights and civil or liberties. thent to introduce
3:47 pm
executive director, he is here because he cares. he represents the council american muslim relations. [applause] >> good afternoon. shalom to my jewish brothers and sisters. peace to everyone who is listening and watching. thank you for coming. thank you for traveling to washington dc. and thank you all for her watching c-span today at other networks. this should be a historic day for america.
3:48 pm
this should be a historic day for people of conscience. as autterly disturbed muslim, as a palestinian, as an american, to see my fellow palestinians being slaughtered tax dollarith my money. governmentwith my because my government does not represent valleys of america, of peace, justice, and wally for all -- equality for all. gentlemen, this garbage, and -- carnage and slaughter at the hands of the israeli defense forces should the called the israeli offense against civilian population forces. brutal government
3:49 pm
has been slaughtering innocent populations knowing that it will be targeting innocent civilians. knowing that it will be hitting schools, and hospitals. knowing that the biggest casualties will be among the civilians. so why is the majority of the civilians?ies number one, they had that equipment -- bad equipment, which i doubt. they are a bad shot, which i doubt, because they are trained. they have an official policy to target civilian populations. i believe that is the policy. ofording to the definition
3:50 pm
terrorism. any use of force against civilian populations to achieve political aims of a that is the definition of terrorism. that is why some latin countries have claimed israel as a terrorist state. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, you know that the hold have shown that the american public does not support this carnage. they see powerful images of children being murdered. see schoolsbs, they being flattened, they see you in schools being bombarded. they know that america never signed up for this. they know that this is in defiance to what we stand for as americans. media commentators started
3:51 pm
to shift because they satarted o speak truth to their audience. isone who has a cell phone an independent media outlet. that is why the power of the images, the power of the civilian population, the faces of the deck dems have overwhelmed the world. -- in fact comes have victims have overwhelmed the world. except fox news. views., it is only fox they should be ashamed of themselves because they should serve the american public, not the israeli public. things are moving, the american people reject this war against
3:52 pm
the innocent population of palestine. but why is our administration of the actionst of the israeli government? why congress is voting to send more arms to the state of israel? why is that? , ladies andquestion gentlemen. those who are watching nationwide, congress is acting in defiance of its mandate to protect any civilian population. congress people of united states were elected by the by the people -- american people not the israeli people. why you're elected leaders are taking action on behalf of the state of israel, not america? why so? , allow me to be
3:53 pm
frank, to be blunt with all of you. rallies are good, we can come here and that, but this is not good enough. what we need to do is to tell our members of congress that they have lynched allegiance to the constitution of the united states, not the state of israel. to holdefore we have our elected leaders accountable. iss is our tax money that going to supply the state of israel to kill innocent people. no longer should it be in our become aael has strategic liability of the united states. stay out being paid to of trouble, but today they are being supplied with american f-16s. this does not speak for me, it does not speak on behalf of the majority of americans.
3:54 pm
that is why, ladies and gentlemen, i am asking you after this rally to call your elect to representatives, to hold them accountable and to not accept the israel talking points. it should not have its hand on the united did congress. -- united states congress. they have corrupted our foreign policy, our political leaders who speak their party line, they do not speak their conscience. john kerry, our secretary of e spokesman of our government, when he thought the mic was off, he said it is point d of a pin
3:55 pm
operation. leaders, our appointed leaders, when they are themselves they speak the truth. i want them to speak the truth to america, i want them to be free of the party lines, i want them read pledged their allegiance to america and american values. so, we are not done. save gaza, call this number. this is the white house number. please call the white house, express your dissatisfaction and demandedicy, that they stop the blockade on israel. they are more about
3:56 pm
organization. contact this website. american people need to know more about this issue. it is for people to learn about the facts and to counter the lies and the propaganda. thank you very much. peace. >> free, free, palestine. for others and sisters the next person i want to bring up is someone who is not afraid to put their whole body on the line. someone who was arrested just last week at the israeli consulate in solidarity with the people of gaza. pink.presentative of code >> if you have been in the streets protesting for polished time, make some noise. >i work with the peace group coe
3:57 pm
pink. we're working to get our government to stop funding wars and occupations. we are glad to be out here with all of you. protesting at the white house for years, we have been protesting in the halls of congress, we have been protesting at the state department. we have even protested at john kerry's house. we were arrested at the israeli embassy, and we brought people to protest in gaza, tel aviv, and the west bank. what do we do next? what do we do in the massacre is over? aboutny have you heard the boycott divestment, and sanctions movement? it is an international movement to get israel to stop occupying siegeine and lift the
3:58 pm
through boycott. boycotting cosmetics made with stolen palestinian resources. not only have we gotten stores across the world to drop them, but the store in london had to shut down -- [applause] and the heir to the disney fold urchin has had to invest $12 disney fortunehe took away $12 million from them. israeli apartheid will have to grumble. inis up to all of us to be the street standing up for palestine because we know our government will not be the one doing it.
3:59 pm
we stand for human rights and dignity and we know that we are on the right side of history. free, free, palestine. free, free, palestine. free, free, gaza. free, free, palestine. thank you. >> sisters and brothers, our next speaker is an activist with students against israeli apartheid. [applause] >> today we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in palestine. as the number of martyrs increases and our anger and sorrow rightfully deepens, we find ourselves asking what can we do and how can i help.
4:00 pm
oslo, the diaspora was once connected with the -- deeplyrative has been affected by the zionist narrative and the language imposed upon us. we are made to believe we must fight for peace instead of justice. they were -- they replace our struggle with endless negotiations. they try to soil the words that we hold sacred. these words will always be sacred because they belong to the oppressed. empower us and strike fear into the hearts of cowards. people of resistance and we need to rebuild our culture of resistance. we did not trade our right of return for pragmatism. some of our leaders may have traded in fear -- are still in the streets exercising their rights to racist colonial domination.


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