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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 12, 2014 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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in 45 minutes, our guest is bob cusack. at 8:45 eastern, we will be joined by someone from the aids institute to discuss federal funding to ♪ iraq has taken an important step or word, according to president obama. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, august 12. we will stick with foreign policy this morning and get your thoughts on secretary of state -- former secretary of state's 's opinions.ton
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host: we will get your thoughts here in just a minute. atlantic," "the which published the interview on sunday, "hillary clinton, failure to help syrian rebels led to the rise of a isis." her foreign-policy doctrine." here is what she said in the interview. "the failure -- that is what the former
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secretary of state had to say on syria. on president obama's approach to getting involved in countries where we see a conflict, the former secretary of state said -- syria,n the issue of president obama will be sitting sat down for an interview with thomas friedman. here is what he had to say on syria and arming the rebels. host: --[video clip] fantasys always been a that we could provide some light arms or even more sophisticated arms to an opposition made up of former doctors and pharmacists. that they would be able to
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battle a well armed the state backed by russia, backed by iran , a battle hardened hezbollah. that was never in the cards. host: that was president obama tomis interview with freeman of "the new york times." we want to get your take on what hillary clinton had to say about the president's approach to foreign policy. david brooks, in his column, today, clinton, obama, and direct. here is what he right that here's what he writes -- here is what he writes -- "there is a certain assumption that there will be hostile ideologies that threaten america and the grand
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strategy to her mind --
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what do you make of hillary clinton's misses him this morning? you can send us an e-mail, join the conversation on facebook , you can also tweak at us. the piece from "the wall street journal" this morning on this. "clinton charting a tricky gingrichre go "newt said that it was an impressive broad visionwing a of world affairs that would make her a strong candidate if she could sustain the point of view through a democratic primary --
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larry,37-0001 --host: boston, democratic line. i think she is running for president, even though she it is playingut, into the hands of the hawks. president obama was right. just like in afghanistan, these weapons will wind up in the hands of the enemy. you can't say -- you know -- that we are going to arm these people. they would have been overrun. host: this type of criticism, is it appealing to you if she
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decides to run in 2016? i am actually a fan of elizabeth moran and wish that she would run. i think that hillary clinton takes too many positions. right now she is opposing the president and merrily because he wants to distance yourself his policies in order to appeal to a wider race. you think that will give her trouble in the democratic primary? it might be. it might open the door for republican presidency. all right. john, independent line, new hampshire. what do you think? caller: pretty much on the side of your previous caller. you have got to listen -- tot: you have got to listen me through your phone. her the tv down. basically hillary stood
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by the president during the syria. engagement with congress was basically going to put it on their table. she did not make comments back then. it seems more or less like political it's edm some her part. -- political expedients on her part. expedience on her part. host: what position would you like to see her to take, as an independent? caller: a realistic one. we have been at war for over a decade. enough is enough.
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about theining budgets, the money, the humanitarian needs -- i support that, but the infighting when it comes to hillary clinton making those comments? she could have voiced her opinion back then when it was proposed to congress. john, is there a potential republican contender that you think is realistic in your mind? caller: the closest one that would rob only merit, in my opinion, believe it or not, is rand paul. so, if the general election was rand paul versus hillary clinton, you would vote for rand paul? caller: yes. did you vote for president obama in 2008? caller: 2008, not 2012.
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host: you voted for romney in 2012? caller: yes, i did. host: crystal hills? listen to me, you are on the air. yes, i wanted to remind the people of -- can you hear me? host: we can, we can. caller: she was secretary of state when four americans were killed them and ghazi. before the committee she held her hands in the air and said what does it matter. anyway, thank you for taking my call. you think she has a problem because she was the secretary of state? caller: absolutely. bill, democratic caller, what do you think? caller: i am reading her book,
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"hard choices." not quite finished with a yet. i think that the interview is consistent with what is in the book. i remember she was in favor of the war in iraq initially. she is interested and concerned with the united states the heart of world affairs and does not want to withdraw. but i am a barack obama fan also. think shes though i is right and he is wrong. president obama is doing a great job and i think that hillary has on our engagement in the activities of other countries. her, and if she was
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i will look for her. my concern about her running is for health. health.r i hope that she can withstand constant obstructionist republicans. it will be interesting to me to see, if she runs, if they will continue with their obstructionist attitude towards hillary, as they have with president obama. ill in alabama. from the jeffrey goldberg interview with hillary clinton, published on sunday, he quotes her saying this --
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host: so, kirkwood, delaware, independent caller. good morning to you. hillary clinton has always known that obama has been an inept president. a cold wareen between her husband and the administration. her, her husband, and the administration. basically elected on the premise of getting us out of everything and apologizing to the world for supposedly what the united states has done,
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which actually the united states has been helping a lot of countries all over the world. but our theory and policy of the united states has always been keister power. now that the president went the that the on this, now whole world has taken advantage of the week this of this -- president, they know he does not know what he is doing. a general election, you are an independent. if hillary clinton survives the democratic time mary, if she runs, and is in the general election, do you hope for her over a republican? this that -- caller:
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particular time i would have to go with a republican. i would hope that mitt romney would run. everything he has said has come true. i would vote for a man who would put business and the military back on track. with you said you would go a man. is it because she is a woman? to see no, i would love a woman president, i just don't think that hillary is the one. is from "theadline daily beast." lawmakers criticism of his syria policy is ho rseshit."
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host: it goes on to say -- host: so, this was in a meeting before the interview that hillary clinton did with the atlantic andriy for president obama did his interview on friday with thomas friedman. so, that on "the daily beast," website. is a headline from reuters this morning out of australia.
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host: we are getting your thoughts on the president's criticism -- on hillary clinton's criticism of the president. what do you think? what about her friend who said don't publish the book until i die and said that she was ruthless? talk to sean smith's mother. how many chances would you give someone who already killed one
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of your children and let them who would even consider that -- not our news media talking about you, but fox, msnbc, they push the people we have now. if you want to know what i think -- and i don't care -- i would personally want a man. remember how they'll mocked ofgan, the governor california? many people don't know that ministers went to him in the statehouse and prophetically said that if you do so and so i will put you on 1600 pennsylvania avenue. news, sheen on fox has been a prosecutor for many years and a judge for many years.
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she speaks to obama and the pope the way we would if we were speaking honestly. i have ever seen a better candidate for president in my life. right, margaret. thibodeau, pennsylvania, janice, what do you make of this? there seems to be some confusion between isis and isil in iraq the shiites were also paradoxically a rainy and. this seems to be a great deal of
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confusion there. the difference between isis and isil has never been explained. host: our connection with the was bad, but maybe we can clear some of this up right now. mccain is a joining us on the phone to talk about the iraqi president naming a new prime minister. who is this new prime minister? interestingly, he is a member of the same party as nouri melekeok -- nouri al-maliki, but he is less sectarian and has a bit more of an international view. the hope is that he will be more conciliatory, but it is not clear how we might proceed as a leader. he certainly has a difficult task ahead in forming a cabinet
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and completing the task of forming a new government. it is not clear how he will proceed as a leader, but u.s. officials have said on numerous occasions that they have reviewed all of those choices as .etter than nouri al-maliki what was the reaction from the current, sitting prime minister, nuri al-maliki? it has been interesting. nordion malik you went on television to declare that he is going to retain patter. the next day, the president of iraq declared haider al-abadi the next prime minister and afterwards nuri al-maliki went back on television to give another defiant speech to say that what happened has no value
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and he has threatened legal action and threatened to use special forces to defend his flame on being prime minister. at this point it is setting up a political showdown with two different people claiming they are going to be the next prime minister of iraq. host: why is it that this threat of force poses a real challenge for the united states? that is certainly a wildcard where it is not clear when he will do. is there going to be a coup? will he try to use the military to hang onto power? this obviously comes against the backdrop of islamic state militants continuing to advance in the north. this kind of adds to the chaos and uncertainty of the country. there are certainly a lot of people urging malik you to step aside quietly and, at this
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point, he is showing no signs of doing that. so, if this new prime minister is going to take control, he has to get the sunnis to come on board. does that look doable at this point? it certainly appears to be a challenge. it is not a given that he will be able to accomplish this, but he has 30 days to form a new cabinet and try to unite some of the divisions in the country. to atere is a willingness least give him a chance, but it is not clear that everyone will come on board. it is certainly not clear what will happen when you have two people claiming to be prime minister at the same time. as obama said yesterday, this is a promising step, but there is still a lot of work to do,
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forming a cabinet is a difficult task. so, this is just the start of what will be a tough process. host: let's listen to what the president had to say. this is from his vacation in martha's vineyard and his reaction to the situation in iraq. [video clip] >> today they took a promising step or word. last month they named the new president. today the new president named a new prime minister designate, dr. haider al-abadi. an important step towards forming a new government that can unite the different communities in iraq. earlier today the vice president and i called the doctor to congratulate him and urge them to form a new cabinet as quickly as possible, one that is inclusive of all and represents all. i pledged our support to him and to the president and speaker as
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they work together to form this government and meanwhile i urge all iraqi political leaders to work peacefully to the process is the days ahead. that was president obama from martha's vineyard, where he is vacationing. joining us on the phone, "the wall street journal's" colleen mccain nelson. administration on the military side trying to fight back isis and help out with the kurds. the headline this morning in "the wall street journal" is "iraqi leaders clashing over , limits the airstrikes hinder u.s. policy." what else is this administration considering usher and mark considering?ge --
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caller: a range of options. the airstrikes have had a modest impact, but they certainly have not completely slowed the momentum of the islamic state. the administration has begun considering what else might be an option. at this point we have learned that the cia has begun providing direct covert military aid to the kurds. they provided ammunition and some small arms the kurdish fighters. the pentagon is considering whether they met -- they might divide military aid as well. at this point the next steps are , the president certainly has difficult decisions to make about this winning the involvement of the united states or continuing on the course or pulling back.
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what we have seen is the u.s. involvement has had only a modest impact and has not changed the trajectory of what is happening. colleen mccain nelson, thank you. caller: thank you. host: back to your phone calls, we are getting reaction on the hillary clinton interview in "the atlantic here go she had critical words for his approach to syria, calling it a failure in saying that "don't do stupid stuff" is not an organizing and -- organizing principle for the united states." mike, what do you think? it morning. she was the secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. she know she was going to run for president anyway.
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think she's distancing herself from the administration now that she is getting closer to officially putting her name in the race. she going to start to criticize everything he's done up to now. as an independent, would you be able to vote for her? does this sound appealing to you? let me ask everybody out there something, taken the scandal that her husband was involved in, the monica lewinsky became inhat if she one of the sexual scandals, how would you pull look at a woman in office? -- would people look at a woman in office? ok.: and, new york. caller: can you hear me? host: yes. samer: i live in the
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county as hillary clinton. westchester. she is a phony. she puts her hand in the air, sees which way the wind blows, she is a phony. >> on the republican side who would you like to see? conservative, a nice conservative who goes by the constitution and who will stick up or favor american citizens. been put -- ben carson is very good. i liked romney. conservative who will strengthen the united states, that is basically what i want. hillary, absolutely not. she is a joke. thank you. the hill" right, " newspaper writes this.
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"a link between obama and clinton has come a point of attack. ted cruz -- host: david, fort lauderdale, florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think that hillary clinton is an extremely competent leader. she played an incredible role in the president's first
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administration. as a democrat we have to acknowledge that president obama is an unpopular president. importantvery election coming forward. i think that hillary clinton can reshape the face of the democratic party and make us look like a stronger party. that will give us a better chance for winning in 2014. we certainly have very important economic and social policies that need to go forward and we certainly don't want to go back to the failures of the bush administration, possibly one of the most inept and incompetent administrations in my lifetime. i think that what she's is doing is good for the democratic party. host: you think that whoever runs needs to look tough on national security? democrats are losing that? host: he is clearly -- caller: he is clearly unpopular and foreign policy in the polls. i think the democrats need to gain some muscle in that area,
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which i think is a good thing. i support her. the wallis is from " street journal." "the hillary metamorphosis." he writes --
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host: let's go to sean, nashville, tennessee, independent color. good morning to you. go ahead. caller: i would like to say that there was ao when republican president, what was the first thing that the republicans said? and giving weapons to the enemy or whatever you want to call -- looked at the republicans in the iran contra scandal. they have the hostages? they gave them weapons.
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when you regurgitate it republicans ask for the same thing? go for it. republican caller, you are on the air. if hillary runs, it will set the stage for sarah palin to win, it will create a huge divide and i think that sarah palin will announce that she is running before hillary officially announces and inc.. she is tactical and smart. these big media places, not c-span, but the media commercial pushing forare all this hillary run and they need to be careful because it will set the stage for sarah to win. do you think that sarah palin has enough experience, the credentials on foreign policy issues? thanr: she is much smarter people give her credit for.
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i am not saying i would go for her or for hillary, but i think she is politically much smarter and she has won the hearts of a lot of people, and that is really what people used to vote with. host: they go with who they like? someone who go with they think will do what needs to be done and sarah goes out and does it. host: patrick, what are your thoughts? caller: i am more arm in arm with hillary when she came to pittsburgh and was running against barack obama. ist we are simply looking at -- pivoteristic pivot point for the presidency in 2016. to change topics for a second, when president obama went over to saudi arabia because they were shrieking about america's
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lack of involvement in syria, no sooner did the president return then there was an announcement that we were providing and time it technology to the syrian rebels. thereately following that was a five-mile long convoy .oming in from syria into iraq if you know anything about the , you know thaty it had state sponsorship. the outrage of the american people for any intervention whatsoever when the saudi arabians were destroying the infrastructure that the american people establish with trillions is no waylars, there that isis would have ever existed if it was not for saudi arabians support. leave it there.
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"the washington times" is complementing the president on .is decisions in iraq in the third, fourth paragraph down here they say -- is in "the washington times," this morning. about the situation in a rack, this from eugene -- "this administration and country is still paying for bush's mistake." eugene robinson
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piece from "the washington post," this morning. in other news, the front page of "the star advertiser," out of .awaii several thousand will get the rare opportunity to settle a close election.
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host: so, that is the latest out of hawaii on that. let me give you a couple of headlines this morning about russia. "the washington post," "humanitarian mission is set for ukraine. and international humanitarian mission would be sent to the war-torn east of the country -- host: that is in "the washington post," this morning on russia. the editorial weighs in and calls the food and humanitarian putina farce -- humanitarian watch a farce. the money section of "usa
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today," says that if russia sneezes, wall street gets a cold . foreign relations dominating the new math on wall street, "russia laying a big role. markets going down after numerous news" -- you can look along the site here, going up and down with news of russia. that in the money section of "usa today." phonel keep getting your calls here this morning on the hillary rodham clinton criticism of president obama's up roach the foreign policy. certainly in countries like syria, iraq, israel, syria. what do you think, dan? toler: she has a lot of gall criticize obama and her own failures. after she was involved? it is ridiculous.
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i voted for obama twice, but now i am republican because i see they are so we on foreign policy. it is exactly what the last caller said, they put the wet finger in the wind to see which way to go. it is ridiculous. they are not worried about christians and christians are getting beheaded. are we a christian nation or who do you want to see run as a republican? caller: ben carson. host: does he have the credentials to win in the general election? has no credentials at all besides being a neurosurgeon and the genius area that is what we need, he is a smart, good man. we don't need the same old thing over and over. the parties have become a joke. how old are you, if you
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don't mind me asking? caller: 38. host: 38. charles, democratic caller, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. got thisuse someone appeared about something, that doesn't make them a bad person. president obama is not weak on foreign policy. since in office we have not been attacked. he killed osama bin laden. with hillary clinton running for president? about as dumb as they come. host: are you a diehard democrat? caller: yes, i am. host: how old are you? caller: 66.
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host: what do you do for a living? caller: i am disabled right now. host: thank you. john, good morning. thatr: i don't think hillary has any business criticizing obama. she stood by her republican fellowship. it was partially her foreign policy. she is just putting her finger up into the wind to see how it is blowing and she will criticize obama because her whole numbers are down. she has taken $400,000 to speeches from goldman sachs saying that she would act the bankers. she worked with walmart on their board. she used to be a republican. hillary is the worst thing the democrats can, with.
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host: it has come out that during private meetings she said to the president that he was wrong about syria -- if that came out, if she were forceful? well, i don't know that she knows that much. what has she really done over the years? saying things is easy. if you are in the hot seat at obama or any other president is, it is a tough go. those military guys want to go to war at every check -- every chance. she is a hawk. that is why she lost in the first place. we don't need hawks. host: you are an independent? caller: i am. host: have you voted for independent -- for republicans? caller: no, but i have voted for independent party, green party
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candidates. this headline is from "the hill" newspaper. "hillary clinton has broken from obama six times now. oh they go every way, starting next -- last november. so, "the hill" newspaper with six ways that she has broken with president obama. we are getting your thoughts on the latest criticism in an interview with the atlantic that was published on sunday with jeffrey goldberg. anna, arizona, hello. good morning.
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i think that hillary is the only choice. i don't see anyone with more experience than she has. i am a diehard leaning left democrat. even if i were a republican or independent, i don't see anyone out there with more experience. i want to reference the comment what a previous caller said about the benghazi situation. her comment of what does it matter now? meant the losshe of life in benghazi did not , it was just -- you know, this happened and we have to find out exactly what did happen. i don't think she was taking it lightly or criticizing the president personally. simple different
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opinions. to me she is the only choice for president in 2016. some have called her stance hawkish --host: some have called her stance hawkish. do you agree? caller: if that means more, no. i don't agree that she is .awkish the we are, back in iraq, afghanistan situation. those people that are being held on that mountain. you know. i don't think she's for that at all. there is anythink
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other choice for president. host: how old are you? caller: 75. host: all right. in domestic note -- domestic news, this is the headline from "the washington post." "fbi will be investigating the shooting in missouri." so, the fbi, getting involved in that missouri shooting. then in the politics section of "the nation," "the company that supplies the ebola test bug -- test drug has run out."
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white house picks engineer from google to fix sites." that was from "the new york times," this morning. my, what are your thoughts on the former secretary of state, hillary clinton's, her critique
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of the president's foreign policy. caller: speaking as a black conservative, hillary is the very last ricin we should ever consider. first of all people need to stop looking at the individual and recognizing the activity of the entire party. is nothing more than modified hillary health care. care andhe same health her position as secretary of state was nothing more than a consolidation prize. let's face this, democrats are famous -- i am a black conservative -- they are famous for playing the low information .oter when i run again i would say that oddly enough, of the three men, hillary, obama, and clinton, hillary
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probably has the most cap own ace -- cajones. [laughter] right.ll tom, what do you think? caller: but stubby stupid. we know why we are in this position. we are here because of what george bush did. i don't care what color of a conservative you are. the fact of the matter is we are because oftuation what george bush and republicans did. with the help of some democrats, no doubt about it, but we have to figure out how to get out of this. want to blame the president for handling the situation that was almost impossible? it will then get more impossible. host: i hear what you are saying, what do you think that hillary clinton can continue to fix what you see as the mistakes
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of the bush administration if she were to run in 2016? i doubt i doubt that anyone could fix it . we are a situation that is inevitably going to have a really bad affect on america and the rest of the world. host: how old are you? caller: 75. host: what did you do for a living? caller: i -- i don't want to tell you. [laughter] fair enough. matt, good morning. i am confused. it seems like the army of these rebels and all that, knowing where they are coming from, that is two separate issues. i don't understand how last year the obama administration could send their secretary of state to the general assembly of the united nations and promote the
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resolution of making sure the five date arms suppliers in the andd don't give up weapons at the same time we leave ourselves with the only option inarming a group of people serious that we don't know. how can they reconcile these? it justemocrat, but doesn't make sense. as far as hillary clinton goes, through the early days of the chemical attack last year, she held bit reserved and herself back. i did not have the sense that she would be critical, but this is why a lot of people feel there are no choices between the candidates. candidate,tic
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republican candidate, they all for her husband, for andt of oh, for airstrikes appeal there is no peace party. host: are you still there? sorry about that. that is it for this discussion, but we will continue this discussion with bob q sac --bob cusack. later we will be talking about hiv aids research and advocacy here in washington. we will the right back. ♪ [video clip] >> some of the highlights for this weekend, history tool looking at the -- history to are
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looking at the civil war. sunday, on "q&a," political commentary, author, former presidential candidate, pat .uchanan and sunday morning we too are the literary sites of casper, wyoming. and the negro league's kansas city monarchs. the depiction of slavery in movies. o any, on "real america," interview with president "herbert hoover." call us to much -- call us to let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. join the conversation, like us on facebook, follow us on .witter
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quick this month there is an -- there is us -- >> this month there is a spotlight on student onn debt, new perspectives global warming, voting rights, fighting infectious disease and food safety, as well as a history to are showing sights and sounds. the tv schedule can be found one week in advance at let us know about what you think of the programs you're watching. join the conversation, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> washington -- "washington journal" continues. host: we are back with bob cusack, thank you for being here. guest: good morning. host: the front-page story on
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your website, "hillary shows her hawkish side." we were just talking about this with viewers. what do you think of her move in "the atlantic"? a bold she has been distancing herself from the president, whose approval ratings remain in the more but she has done it subtly until now. you get the sense that she is gearing up for a run. a couple of people said maybe but i think that those are head fakes. friction going on between obama and clinton, which is a big change. we have not really seen friction since they ran against each other. even at the state department things went well. but now it is a different story.
7:59 am
knows, however, that the president's approval ratings are low. president obama also knows that on the campaign trail with in red states, he knows he can't win with his numbers in the 40's. there is politics going on, but we will certainly be seeing more asked abouthe is president obama, his record, is he a great president. she will be asked those kinds of westerns and this will be a theme going forward. host: president obama dealing with iraq again, looking for statements on the call for the new prime minister there. politically, what kind of position is the president in? guest: this is a huge one, there is no easy solution. as far as what the president can do, he has some powers under the , he can continue
8:00 am
airstrikes but only for certain amount of time. certainly than many on the left who fret about what is going on, as well as those on the on, and someone the right, the war politics have changed over the last 10 years, they are going to say, to continue this, we are going to need congressional approval. this solution, and the president was saying this yesterday, it is not going to happen in days or weeks. it is not going to be solved. it will be a tough battle. this is your story. obama is walking a fine line on the strikes. he has the legal authority. at what point does it run out? guest: it is one of those questions with how much power the president has, which has been an issue throughout the presidency. republican saying he is using too much of his power in libya.
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got involved in toppling a dossey, that went on for more than six months. , that went kadaffi on for more than six months. a this goes on, there will be call for congress to approve this. the president wanted to go to congress to get approval for strikes in syria and congress said no way. that did not happen. could getou think he approval for continuous strikes in iraq if more help is necessary? going to be difficult, especially amid the war-weary public. it comes down to the question of -- he is going after i says to make the united states safer, then he can get the vote. they have to make that case. will it be a tough of though? absolutely. host: what about to the american people? tough sell. a
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a lot of these visuals are important. these visualst of of the people trapped on the mountain and they are being rescued, that can change the whole dynamic. you are going to need the visuals and need to make the therehat our involvement makes you safer here. isis has made a clear threat against the united date in recent weeks -- against the united states in recent weeks. we need to get involved. host: the editorial board endorsing the president to move on iraq, saying he had to make it, he had no choice. does that put republicans in a corner or is it easier for them to take a vote -- yes, let's give them the authority? been: he should have involved earlier. there is doubt of whether airstrikes are going to get this
8:03 am
done. whether it is al qaeda or isis, this is not going to go -- al qaeda has been around for more than a decade. isis is not going anywhere any times and. this is going to be a serious threat. from a republican standpoint, they will probably make the case that the president is at fault because he did not get involved earlier. host: congress comes back for how many days? guest: there is debate on how many days they will be here. they will be here for most of september after labor day. there are rumors they can cut that shorter because the campaign trail awaits. question is, will the senate flip to the republicans. democratic leaders may not want to give the republican challengers and adage. -- an edge. they have to have a government funding bill.
8:04 am
the house is looking to move john stills' energy bill, --sibly a health-care bill kevin mccarthy reminded the people about the president's promise, if you like your health plan you get to keep it. the house has -- it is not clear whether they will act on it. -- a lot ofwmakers them do not want to fix the law. they want to eradicated. it remains to be seen if mccarthy and boehner will get votes on them. host: a memo was sent out saying this is what we are going to be doing. obamacare on the agenda. past itemse must
8:05 am
they -- must mass items they must get to as well? guest: the tea party factions are opposed to this bill. paul ran has come out against it. -- has been a huge critic of it. the white house, in recent weeks has been talking about how important the export import bank is to the economy. what i think you will see is the white house will send a list of must provisions in the government spending bill. the white house is going to say unless you send me the reauthorization of the export import bank, i am not going to sign any kind of funding bill. he has not done that yet.
8:06 am
we have seen steps he might. that is where democrats think they have the upper hand. the bank does have bipartisan support. a couple of years ago it was supported by more than 300 votes in the house. can they pass a government funding bill and will the provision be in there? host: arnold, go ahead. hillary clinton is a politician trying to run for president. you see all of them thinking they are going to get into the race. paul when they got king up there in kansas and he jumped up from the table and ran. youe was a lady who called and said she was a -- and i
8:07 am
think that is immoral. i cannot believe she would call to say stuff like that over the phone. i am a 63-year-old black man. same age as robin williams. does -- ihysical act became physically active when i first became able to vote. it is imprinted behind my eyelids, but forever i vote for a republican. host: let's talk about 2014. republicans outreach to minorities. tried -- to they need to try? how are these districts drawn up? has beene outreach lacking. there are some republicans who represent large populations of
8:08 am
hispanics. you have to go into their communities. you may not get all of their votes, but you have to talk to them. some republicans have not done that. in 2014, as far as the hispanic vote, it is not a top polling issue. 2014, republicans feel -- the senate passed the immigration bill. if house republican leaders that we could lose a house and they try to pass it, and they have not. host: they passed a -- the senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill, the houston not. it was a bit of a
8:09 am
debacle. they could not get the votes for an initial version of the bill. the president requested 3.7 billion dollars. senate democrats tried to push their own version. that was blocked. they are nowhere. the lawmaker said let's see what happens in august and come back in september. both parties could get blamed. bill and he will not sign the bill. big issueing to be a when they come back in september. as far as getting a bill, it will be tough to get a bill signed into law. host: here is a headline. brothers are helping
8:10 am
fund a conservative outreach to hispanics. they are offering english classes and courses to help spanish speakers earn high school diplomas. picking up part of the tab, charles and david koch. guest: they are not public figures. they have been attacked for the money that they are putting into races. republican strategists, they know the demographics for this country are changing and changing rapidly. get 35republicans can percent to 45%, democrats are going to keep winning the white house. let's say republicans take back the senate. this party has to change and you have to support minorities.
8:11 am
host: our guest for newsmakers last week, a few mystic, go to and you can watch it there. i wanted to comment on something president obama said at martha's vineyard press conference. yesterday. , if you statements listen carefully, he will say the military cannot do and then fill in the blanks. he is the commander in chief. i find that disturbing. a lot of your liberal audience will think that is just an asshole republican. if you take someone like angelo dundee, the trainer for mohammed ali. if he were to tell the sports
8:12 am
world that his fighter cannot win this upcoming fight because of a fill in the blank, that is kind of what he is doing. we have a fighting force and he is making these statements to the world of what our military cannot do. i do not think our commander-in-chief should ever do that. as far as the gentleman who called in, an african-american, always voted democratic -- i would like to ask him how did that work out in detroit for the population. look at that city. it is in shambles. has this hill headline. john kerry says there are no plans for more u.s. troops in iraq. he is in australia with the defense secretary holding a news conference in australia. that is what some
8:13 am
republicans have said. you are only going to use airstrikes and in the debate is can airstrikes get this done? can they really we can isis. ary have the war we public to does not want this. this president was elected because of his opposition to the war in iraq. far as the narrative, it is getting messy for the white house. terrorism is messy. there are no easy solutions. democratssignal from to their fellow democrats to say don't worry, we are not going to go further into it. a month ago, there were not airstrikes. democrats on capitol hill were very concerned about airstrikes in iraq and they did not get a
8:14 am
lot of attention, but there was legislation that passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority that sought to restrict the money the administration could use in iraq. using for are you these contingent airstrikes? host: u.s. airstrikes will not we can isis. there is a limit to this approach. experts are saying do not underestimate isis. take this administration by surprise? >> it seems that way. it caught the intelligence community by surprise. they were deemed too radical for al qaeda. we are seeing al qaeda recruits are leaving their affiliates to join isis. isis is interested in governing. we have not seen that in a while.
8:15 am
a strongerning foothold. overall, yes, i do not think three months ago american policy makers could foresee this. host: vic are, independent caller. independent caller. caller: american journalism is the freest and most protected in the world. defend it at any time. american journalism -- this program, you are sitting there like -- that is silly. does hillary clinton have a thing against obama? who cares? the election is 18 months away. somebody who has never been heard of qualified to run. i could run for president in
8:16 am
four months. host: we will take your point. guest: whether it is rand paul or hillary clinton, they are gearing up. after this election, they are candidates running for president. hillary will probably wait until early next year. hillaryr question with clinton, democrats are wondering when is she going to be on the campaign trail. you see mitt romney on the campaign trail a lot. warren,seen elizabeth who says she will not run against hillary clinton. i think hillary clinton will be on the campaign trail, but some democrats wish it would already happened. obama hurting midterm democrat chances. guest: hillary's numbers are better now.
8:17 am
when you're president, your numbers will always take a hit. overall, hillary clinton is viewed as an asset. and there was indication that -- was going to help grimes. she is going to be on the campaign trail. post-labor day is when the campaign season heats up. the other thing is that elizabeth warren, viewed by many as liberal in the senate, she went into kentucky, a red state, to help out and also went into west virginia to help natalie cummins against her republican opponent. that was interesting. that was surprising that those candidates said yes, elizabeth warren invited her in. she is a magnet of the left. she is great at fundraising.
8:18 am
even though she is a liberal, she wants to strike deals and she has been willing to work with republicans on legislation. jason, henderson, nevada. they are basically called down to the jewish lobby in the country. none of them can make a decision without the consent of the jewish lobby. do you make that claim? what evidence do you have of that? caller: the iraq war. i was there. have rocks, did not let alone anything else to throw at us. permission in the advice of richard perle. that is your link, making
8:19 am
that claim. we will go to raymond, duluth, georgia. the war in iraq, when we talk of the bush family, to not get in there. bush and reagan told them not to go in there. now we are debating this problem, we bring it back. they destroyed this country. 99% of all of the time, the bush to war inwhy we went iraq. the second question is, we blame obama for everything that has happened, but we have the most -- in the entire world. the resident do his job. they are greedy about money. they only care about money.
8:20 am
host: eugene robinson has in his column -- we are still paying for bush's mistake. guest: george w. bush made the call to go to war with iraq and a lot of democrats voted for it. its voted no, but 40% voted yes. democrats in the senate or more in favor of it. said my legacy cannot be defined now. it can be defined decades down the road. the legacy of iraq is not looking good now. we sit back and we listen to how the clintons, we blame everything on bush, but we blame nothing on clinton. the war in iraq is bush's fall. we do not blame the housing th
8:21 am
market on the clintons. the media never says anything about this. we only talk about bush and what bush did. say sheary clinton to had no responsibility for any of the foreign policy put into place today is ridiculous. sittinge remember her in the housing committee when four guys at benghazi died? media allows this to be put out there, they only attack republicans. the housing market was destroyed by the clintons. if you want to do that again, vote her back in. the housing and financial implosion happened in 2008. there have been questions about the oversight from democrats at the time.
8:22 am
there was a housing boom and we have seen tech booms and eventually they fail. -- ones an enormous thing you will see from president obama is he has said i 2008 mass. they have had missteps along the way. gettingomy has been better in the last few months, but it has been inconsistent under obama's watch. is when is obama going to take responsibility for this economy that is certainly not where anybody wants it, though you have seen the unemployment rate go down in the last couple of years. host: heading into november, is the new con amis -- is the economy the number one issue for voters?
8:23 am
think it is the issue. health, obamacare, that it paid over that. you have not heard the white house talking a lot about it. there is contention from the democrats -- as long as the affordable care act is not in the high lines, -- in the headlines, it gets a little more popular. when it is in the headlines, it is less popular. up, butseen premiums go overall, the economy, jobs, whether you have a relative who does not have a job, you look at the big picture. 2008, we will -- we had an election. republicans came back and won the house. 2012 was not a wave election, but it was a good election for democrats. 2012 was a mixed.
8:24 am
historically speaking, this is where republicans are going to pick up seats in the senate and the house. host: need to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running. possibly they could attach other provisions to the fight over the export-import bank. how much does the average voter really know about the workings of the xm banks so as to make it a consideration in their votes. is if there is another government shutdown, addressed that. who gets the blame in time for november? very few people will go thinking about the xm banks in november.
8:25 am
if it causes a government shutdown, i do not think you will. republicans know they will get the blame. they followed an ill-fated strategy trying to kill obamacare. they did not have the votes to do it. overall, republicans know that. they know they are looking at a good election. good going to be a election for republicans. it is my question of whether the house is going to flip. it will not flip. that is the big picture. the government shutdown could change the whole situation. democrats are going to push their leverage. if you want to shut down the government, go right ahead.
8:26 am
host nine james, republican caller. you are on the air. i got three comments i've like to say. via non-veteran. i was in vietnam in 1960 six and 1967 when it was real bad. into a place and we got got hurt a lot of us and killed going down to do this job. there were bags and bags of rice and all of the bags had dallas, texas on them. that shocked us all. they are dropping this food and water up to these people who need it bad. i live this side of the
8:27 am
mountains. if i had to go up on top of the mountain to get water and food, i would get it, no matter what. host: we will move on to john. : view, illinois. caller: i agree with the folks on the elizabeth warren run for president. i wanted to respond to a couple of comments about hillary clinton. what experience did she have? besides being a senator for a while, secretary of state other than governor is the number one position as far as getting into the presidency. itt: i am going to leave there because our connection
8:28 am
with you is lousy. guest: that is something she was stressing in 2008. she said she has 35 years of experience. voters were not looking for experience. they were tied to the bush administration. iraq was a problem. hurricane katrina. this time around, i think she will be stressing experience because she has been a secretary of state. she has been a first lady. overall, she needs to come up my three biggest achievements. that will be challenging because we had a couple callers mentioned benghazi attacks and the house is putting together a special committee on that. the challenge is not to make the case that she has the experience. track record?
8:29 am
what does she do at the state department. -winding answers on them. she has to have two or three major accomplishments and that is going to be -- she is going to be asked about that. she is also going to be asked about how she would lead. different would be than obama. historically speaking, it is hard to win three presidential elections in a row. her tof democrats want not play it safe. they felt like she played it safe in 2008. you do not play it safe and when the white house. you have to let it slide. host: the benghazi special committee investigating this, what is the timeline for that? >> that is a very good question. they areeard that roughly 90% plus staff.
8:30 am
do they do investigations, do they start doing beast -- behind the scenes investigations or do they have hearings in the fall? i would bet that they do not have hearings. they feel like there has not been an investigation. it remains to be seen what the committee's plans are. the relationship between congressman gaudi is a good one. it is very different. betweentionship cummings and gallery is much better than the relationship on the government reform committee. host: let's talk about primaries and go to hawaii. that area.orms in this is the headline in the hell.
8:31 am
guest: we have had -- he was put into office by the governor of hawaii. abercrombie just lost his primary. that senatorings dan in a way -- his dying wish was that colleen hanabusa would replace -- but he said am not going to do that and appointed schatz. this has been a huge split in the democratic party because schatz is an incumbent. most senators are supporting him. we have this storm situation. the storm was preventing people from voting. these voting will be continuing in our story says on hannah
8:32 am
, and looks like schatz will survive and now will stay. look at the advertiser out of hawaii. a legal battle could loan. the decision to hold a one-day vote on friday with this one area that could not vote does colleenwell with the hanabusa campaign. there's always can be some type of legal challenge. politically, if you lose the race, unless it is close, the voters get tired of legal challenges. we have seen that in prior races, including when al franken narrowly won. storyline. to be a host: what about upcoming
8:33 am
primaries? begich is the democratic incumbent, the favorite in alaska is sean sullivan. by thebasic supported establishment, but a couple of other candidates, including joe miller, who ran and won the republican primary a few years back. lisa murkowski had a right in campaign. she was able to defeat joe miller. all the primaries for the most part are over. stretch of the real who is going to win the senate. wild ride. to be a n --erion caller robert, high.
8:34 am
-- hi. we get too carried away candidates who stand out, it is almost a popularity contest. hillary clinton clinton will have to come up with specifics. i think she spent an awful lot of her time representing corporations and her husband. i have some ideas about candidates that have not been considered. out of the st. louis, missouri, and bernie sanders. patriots.le are they can reach across the aisle. they can reach across racial divides. they are patriots. joe biden is another one that is a bad deal.
8:35 am
claire mccaskill, bernie -- joe biden,ive any of those would make wonderful vice president. elizabeth warren, i like her. to get she is not going along with republicans. i do not think she has the experience yet. she is a reasonable vice president candidate. guest: there will be a challenge to hillary clinton. how formidable the challenges remains to be seen. bernie sanders has said unless someone steps up from the left, i am going to run. he knows he will not win the nomination, but some on the left do not want hillary clinton moving to the middle. they want her moving to the left. this can be argued there is a perfect storm against hillary clinton. iraqi is back in the headlines
8:36 am
and that reminds everyone of her vote. another issue is financial services. people are upset that hillary clinton has been giving paid speeches. that is where she needs to put some distance between her and obama and her and wall street. that is the concern from some democrats and they want her to our the nomination. contenders, ir think joe biden is going to be ready to run. she is up 50 points. there is a long way to go. there were some missteps, but nothing that has hurt her in the polls for democratic nomination. the key question is, will she
8:37 am
get an easy ride for the nomination? in some ways, it would help because she would not have to spend a lot of money. can look at it two ways. one of the few things the obama people say is that winning the primary made him a better canada and can sell it clinton. host: back to 2014, this headline. five things to know. the main event is a way to determine which republicans 'sands in the way of mark second form. the second thing is, the senate shakeout. mike mcfadden was trying to start his political career at the top.
8:38 am
state rep jim adler decide -- declined to step aside. that race is interesting. going back to whether this is a republican ripple election or is it a tsunami? if al franken loses, it is a tsunami. that is one of the races republicans have been talking up, but it is not a top-tier candidate. al franken has been raising owners and celebrity friends. inthat race is close october, it is going to be a big night for the gop, even if
8:39 am
mcfadden does not win. overall, republicans are looking at other races in red states. arkansas. alaska, those are their main targets. host: keith, you are on the air, go ahead. let me move on to leicester in las vegas. leicester -- l ester in las vegas. he delivered. we do not want to be and more. he is doing everything he can to keep us out of war. we give them all of this aetoric about how bad president, but he is delivering what we want. is he correct?
8:40 am
the american public tend to swing away from war? that is one of the things president obama has been saying for months. tworomised and it did end wars. we are back in two iraq and it is a messy situation. one of the things troubling democrats as he has not gotten the balance. after the 2012 election, he thought the gop fever would break and he would be able to get stuff done. the problem is, he did not get -- he did notol get gun control done, immigration. the leaders do not get along on capitol hill. the relationship between mitch mcconnell and president obama is nonexistent. mitch mcconnell could be majority leader in a few months.
8:41 am
that has been part of the problem. if you are not signing high-profile bills and foreign notcy is troubling, that is the president's fall, but you have got to respond and respond forcefully. that is why i think his numbers have gone down. the nsa scandal hurts his numbers on the left. his numbers are always going to be down with republicans. they have taken a little bit of a head on the left. robert, independent color. i'm glad you talked about that. nextresident coming in the future, i do not understand how we are going to be productive in a situation where the two
8:42 am
branches continue to go at each other. the gerrymandering and everything, what do you see is going to be the outlook in the next 10 or 15 years? guest: it is going to require some candidate to take a lead against gerrymandering. that helps both parties. maybe they have to worry about it in a primary, that is both on the left and the white. hill, we write about relationships, whether it is between leaders or blank and file members. that is important. inthere is a lack of trust
8:43 am
relationships, that is why deals are not getting done. changing that, it is probably going to require a changing of leaders. we could have a whole slew of new leaders. right now, if you do not have trust come he cannot get anything done. host:baying our last -- our last caller. mr. cusack represents the press and that is what is wrong with america. why we don't trust you. ever printede you anything about ambassadors seized -- ambassador stephens denying -- when he was killed in
8:44 am
libya. there was testimony made before in theate committee second thing, that individual that called in earlier and blame the clintons for the housing crash, he forgot to mention that the hud report in 2004, bush moved people off of rental assistance into housing ownership. is working exactly the reaganomics wanted to. it is to triple down economy. all of the money is going to the top. a lot there. you will find a lot of articles we have written about benghazi. take a look. we are a nonpartisan publication. is
8:45 am
free, so take a look at it. host: what is happening with your website? guest: it is growing. take heat from the democrats and the republicans. we are basically the political referees. it will be continuing, whether -- we want to become better. if you're not improving, why are you doing it? host: bob to set, the editor-in-chief -- bob to sack -- bob cusack, the
8:46 am
editor-in-chief of the hill. more on hillary this exclusive story from politico's playbook. be awkward. hillary clinton, after taking a tough shot at president obama in last week's interview is scheduled to party with him tomorrow night on martha's vineyard. the occasion, the 80th birthday party for and jordan, thrown by her husband. he is the former president and ceo of the national urban league. mrs. jordan is a cousin of valerie jarrett. aftermath of a police shooting over the weekend. eric holder says the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in a st. louis suburb
8:47 am
deserves a full summer of you. general holder's statement comes as the justice department dispatched its immunity relation service to the scene to help calm the racial tension in the area. thesesively pursuing types of investigations is critical for preserving trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. the fbi is looking into possible civil rights violations in the shooting of michael brown. onnd was shot multiple times saturday after an altercation with an officer. those are some of the latest headlines. >> here are some of the highlights for this weekend. friday, a history toward looking at the civil war. communicators. visit the technology fair on capitol hill. sunday, political commentator, author and former presidential candidate, pat buchanan.
8:48 am
books on hillary clinton, barack obama and edwards snowden. sunday morning, we toward the casper, sites of wyoming. the depiction of slavery in movies. sunday, on real america, an interview with president herbert hoover. let us know what you think about the programs you are watching. call us or e-mail us. join the conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. host bhang we are back with carl schmid. he is the deputy director of the aids institute.
8:49 am
still fighting hiv, aids in this country? there are 50,000 new infections. it is an infectious disease. people are living longer than ever before because of the drugs that are out there that keep people alive. still an infectious disease. we have too many new infections and we have to get people tested and into care and on treatment. host: where does research spam today? domestically, about 24.2 billion. a 2.3 increase over 2014 levels. because there are 35 million people living with hiv around the world and we need a
8:50 am
cure, we need a vaccine, we need to get treatment or people here -- itroughout the world is amazing what we can do with medications. people can live longer and that is great. also, when you are on medications, your viral load is suppressed. if you are on treatment, you're to transmit the virus to others. we need to make sure people getting care -- people get in care. host: how much money has been spent over the years? why isn't it illuminated? guest: we need to find a cure. i cannot say i am the biggest, most knowledgeable. i am not a scientist.
8:51 am
nihear from the scientists that the virus is difficult. you think you suppress it and it ounces back up. cure, we vaccine and a do have medications that can keep people alive. at the federal .unding between 2009 and 2015 you can see how it has grown over the years. what --what needs -- how does this money need to be spent? guest: around 1/10 of a goes for research. people here ints the united states, but people throughout the world. a goes for prevention. it goes for housing, care and treatment. one thing we are focused on is
8:52 am
an hiv/aids program. medications for , around 500,000 people are in the ryan white program. mostly very low income. they need the medications, the doctors, they need to get their alld work and they need the other services. people are primarily very poor. they need assistance. yes to take the drugs every day for the rest of your life. things like case management, transportation, substance abuse and mental health support. there are a lot of things that are needed to keep people in care and on treatment. host: who was ryan white?
8:53 am
a hemophiliac. he contracted the virus and lived with his family in india na. was a teenager. a very young teenager. he contracted the virus through a blood transfusion. wanted to go to school. he was only given a couple of months to live. he and his family fought for him to go to school. there was so much stigma and discrimination against people with hiv. there still is today. he fought in the courts. he and his mother, to gain access to -- he wanted to be a teenager. unfortunately, he died. within five years. he attracted the world's attention. host: we were showing a picture
8:54 am
of him without john. john.h elton everyone came to his side. the ryan white program was named after him. host: the ryan white care act enacted in 1990, with a push from his mother. authorized four times. it is for individuals living s, who does not have health the care -- it does not have health care, public or private. what is going on with the reauthorization? the debate is to maintain the program. we need to have it funded. maintain that funding. what wepeople forget
8:55 am
have been through with hiv that they are still one point one million people living with hiv. they need to care. we have a long ways to go and we need to get people tested and on drugs to keep them healthy and alive. goal is to make sure the funding continues for that. most care reform is out there. things are going to change -- health care reform is out there. things are going to change. we need states to expand medicaid. most of these people are very poor and would qualify. others can go into the marketplace and buy health insurance. that costs money. program can help with co-pays for medications, premium assistance. it does not cover everything.
8:56 am
that is what we are here for. host: when does it expire? guest: authorization has lapsed already. the way washington works, you can continue to fund programs through appropriation. that has to be done on a yearly basis. we need to change the program. when the program was started, it situationrgency responding to the crisis of hiv. people were dying. they needed help. the program has changed over the years and we have to take a look at it again. programld we change the ? how is health care working? what are the needs of the people living with hiv? host: who is for it and against it? guest: i don't know anyone
8:57 am
against the ryan white program. it is very bipartisan. senator kenny and hatch, early house.he former representative coburn and has always been bipartisan. we have had great support. we have to -- we are losing a lot of champions. kennedy.enator we are losing coburn. we are losing waxman. thated to remind members there are so many new members of congress and new staff that they may not be familiar with the ryan white program. with carlre talking schmid. derek, stillwater, minnesota. this is a sensitive
8:58 am
issue. i don't know what is going on with this. isfirst question would be -- there a potential for a cure. that is one question. my second question -- host: is there a potential for a cure? guest: i am not a scientist either. what i hear is there is a potential for a cure. it is a long ways off. scientists are working on a vaccine. it is going to take decades. in the meantime, we have the ability to -- treatment, and to get people on treatment. all lowers the virus for and then you cannot spread it to -- lowers the virus for people
8:59 am
and then you cannot spread it to others. we will have a cure someday. host: chris, buffalo, new york, democratic caller, living with hiv/aids. caller: i would like to thank the person for doing his job. and i needs patient him to do his job for me to survive. i just want to say that. the second thing is the question i seewant to know why commercials on tv where it says it cost $.20 to take care of an aids patient in africa. but yet, in the state of new the state has to pay up to $2500 a month for my medication
9:00 am
governments like our resources tos other areas. that would be it. thank you. host: how many different medications do you take and what is your out-of-pocket expense? caller: caller: when i got out of the hospital, i was taking eight med s a day. right now, i'm healthy enough where i'm only taking one pill a day. once a day, for a month, costs $2500. i am on medicaid in new york. i may medicaid-medicare subscriber.
9:01 am
my lifeked 35 years of and i've paid into the system and i've never collected a check for unemployment, ever. in the state of new york, under our medicaid plan, it is not costing me anything out-of-pocket. guest: thank you for the question. i'm not sure about the $2500 a month for the drug for someone on medicaid and medicare. i would guess that could be the wholesale price. i would guess medicaid is paying a lot less for that. you're right, the drugs are extremely cheap in africa. reasonsough a number of -- the companies through the u.s. government program give a way the drugs -- giveaway the
9:02 am
drugs. that's why it's very different -- the cost of living is a lot less in africa. it's not a good comparison. you're right, we do give a lot of foreign aid to other countries. it is a lot cheaper there. lot more expensive here. everything is more expensive in the united states. talking about hiv funding and advocacy. the ryan white care act which has expired. looking for the reauthorization of it. it has been reauthorized four times. now joining us on the phone this morning from florida is the mother of ryan white.
9:03 am
you've been back up here to washington to lobby again for this reauthorization. talk about your efforts. caller: we got to see a lot of people. secretary,et the hhs barbara lee, fred upton, henry waxman, tom harkin -- i met a .enator on the tram the house labor appropriations committee chair. it was a lot of neat representation in getting to meet the people and talk about the needs of people living with aids now. host: what sort of response did you get?
9:04 am
caller: a lot. i was shocked this time. with was that we met definitely aware of the issue surrounding ryan white care act, like waxman. the new people coming up may not be as informed about ryan white and have not been through the journey of the aids epidemic. host: you came to washington back in 1990 after the passing of your son to lobby for this the first time. how has it changed? caller: that was really, really hard. they had just named it after ryan white before he passed away. it was just a few weeks after ryan passed away that senator andedy had called me up asked me to come to bc and i said no -- come to d.c. and i said no, i'm an emotional wreck.
9:05 am
they convinced me to come. felt like ic. and had a story to tell, too. the story of a mom living with seeing her son died of aids. get hope and promise on some drugs and people start taking the meds. now, to see people taking 2-3 meds today, it's been a journey, but a rewarding journey. host: when you first came to capitol hill when your son was first diagnosed, you lived through that, the stigma, the negative stigma was so much worse today. do you think the ryan white care act needs to change along with that? caller: i think we have.
9:06 am
every reauthorization we have awarenessincrease of as more people become infected groupstain racial being affected. we have a big concern about the hispanic community growing in numbers. it always has to be adjusted. don'tmportant that we lose track and treat it like one person is infected because it is so many people. especially with our education of our young people, they are not getting the information. aids still has a bit of a stigma to it. not as bad as when ryan was diagnosed when everybody thought kissing would spread its.
9:07 am
-- spread aids. people still think if i get it i will have the meds. we need to try to eliminate the disease. we have not done a great job in america of trying to eliminate the disease. host: will you continue the fight? caller: yes. i have made so many promises to summon the people who are no longer here. not just my son, but all the -- i will be there until the end and i hope i live to see the day of the end of aids. host: thank you very much for your time. onk to your phone calls hiv-aids funding and advocacy. we go to sue in oklahoma.
9:08 am
independent caller. caller: thank you, c-span. i'm curious about clarity. your guest said there was 1.1 million people living with aids. aids is a tragic disease. ryan white's death was particularly tragic. all diseases that kill our terrible. removed $300ma million from national health to switch to africa. i would like to know how many people are living with alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer. is their parity in the funding across the board? guest: that's a good question. thenot familiar with administration decreasing funding for the nih this year.
9:09 am
they proposed an increase in the senate has put forth an increase for funding at the nah. -- the nih. there are a lot of other diseases in this country and around the world and they all need to be funded. we need to find cures for lots of diseases. that is different about hiv is it's an infectious disease. we really have to address it because look at what has happened to africa. it really destabilized the continent. thanks to the u.s. leadership and medications, it has changed the future of many countries there. diseases should have the funding as well. one of the benefits of that
9:10 am
research with hiv is there are so many benefits in other diseases as well. hepatitis and many of the same drugs -- they learn a lot working on hiv for other diseases as well. viewers thatd the there are 35 million people living with an infectious disease in this world. we have to address it. research for hiv and other diseases is critical. host: michael on twitter wants to know how large are the private donations to its research -- aids research? guest: this is always been a private-public fight. -- has always been a private-public fight. there is still private funding here in the united states. macn john aids foundation,
9:11 am
and through estee lauder the largest private funder globally is the bill and melinda gates foundation which contributes billions every year to the fight against hiv. raymond from florida. democratic caller. caller: good morning. have beent to say, i involved with this issue since 95 -- 1995. it's been very helpful to me. unfortunately, when i got infected, the situation was -- thebad for people company i work for shoved me out the door. down to one
9:12 am
i am monitored every quarter and my health is really good. ryan white and elton john and everybody else, including president obama, has been awesome on this. they hardly give him any credit. they've been awesome and i can't thank them enough. it works for me and my situation is under control. the only thing i have a problem to be anthere has easier way for people to communicate that they have this situation. guest: i was going to thank you and the other callers who are hiv positive to speak up. there is a lot of stigma. a lot of stigma and discrimination against ryan
9:13 am
white. there is still stigma, especially in the south. , certainay people races of people. people are afraid, still, to come out. people will talk about, they may have asthma. it's really difficult for people living with hiv to come out. i am really thankful to the callers this morning who are in speaking up. we need other people. there are over one million people. maybe if we did not stigmatize hiv so much, it would help decrease the number of infections. host: bill in ohio. democratic caller. this is coming from my
9:14 am
tax dollars, there are other diseases out there killing a lot more people than aids. we have diabetes, lung cancer and breast cancer. , yous you are hemophilia went and got this disease on your own. guest: as i said earlier, these other diseases deserve research. because of the affordable care people will get coverage no matter what their disease is. the ban on pre-existing conditions is over. havees not matter if you hiv, diabetes, lung cancer, you have to be covered under insurance. if your state has the medicare
9:15 am
havension, you access to medicaid. that is the good news. no matter what your condition is. living with who are hiv come if they get their insurance through the exchange or medicaid, is it going to cover them entirely? the one person from new york said it does. guest: it depends on the state. new york might be in a better situation than other states. not every drug is on every insurance plan. stone always get covered. -- new drugs don't always get covered. some plans have large out-of-pocket expenses. some might charge 50% of the cost of the drug. whereas others might charge $20 for the same drug. that is why we need the ryan white program to help with the cost as well. host: on average, how much does someone receive from the program?white
9:16 am
guest: it differs. there is a negotiation between the federal government and the manufacturers. for about $10,000 per year the cost of the drug and you have to add doctors visits and other services as well. i'm not sure what the average cost is. serves 550,000 people in some way. is federal government cost $2.3 billion. host: we go to oklahoma where mike is living with hiv. caller: i received assistance from ryan white currently. i want to stipulate how important this is. i did make mistakes when i was younger. 12 years ago, i was in and my load was
9:17 am
at 1 million and it killed my immune system and i came to oklahoma to die because i had family here. right now, i'm not detectable. what's important about this people think it's just gay people or drug users who get hiv. that is far from true. i was a drug user and i made mistakes, but i've been clean since i moved to oklahoma. this is what's important. i'm a heterosexual. aids or hivr spread to any woman. but when you're viral load is as high as mine was, at one million, it would be so easy for to spread it to 10 women.
9:18 am
by reducing my -- host: you said you do get money from the ryan white care program. how much do you get to cover your expenses and is it enough? my caseworker knows more about that. brian white supports -- ryan white supports -- guest: individuals don't get the money themselves. costs but -- it covers the costs of their health care. the people themselves don't get the money. host: this is a good opportunity to explain how the process works. guest: the federal government divides the money and it goes to the large cities. clinics directly funded as
9:19 am
well. every state test their eligibility based on the degree of poverty for a person. -- sets their eligibility. then the people go to these clinics and are helped. mike, again, thank you for speaking up. i think, also, you talked about the need for people to be on medications to get your viral load down and not transmit the virus. the other interesting thing is the importance of testing. if people don't know they have the virus, they can be unwillingly transmitting the virus to other people. around half of all new infections occur from people who don't know it. people in the united states don't know they
9:20 am
have hiv. there are 50,000 new infections every year. that is why when you go to the doctor, no matter who you are or how old you are, you should get an hiv test. host: we were just speaking with ryan white's mother who was living in florida. she has this piece in roll call. protecting the ryan white program. her piece advocating for reauthorization of the ryan white program. it has expired, but president obama has continued to allocate the money. grace in florida. independent caller. the virus is arbitrarily -- they blameup the death attributed to aids which is caused by the toxic
9:21 am
drug. "investing the aids virus." guest: this sounds like ancient lore that is not true. host: connie from north carolina. democratic caller living with hiv. explaining, ias am under the program. without this program, my future is -- i don't know. i have been a victim for 10 years. my viral load is undetectable. my one medicine is $2500 a month. that is just one. i'm taking two. i'm almost 50 and i want a
9:22 am
future. without this program, i am afraid that i won't have a future. you again for speaking up and calling in. you are right. this program is so critical. where do you live? host: are you still there? brown summit, north carolina. guest: north carolina is not expanding medicaid at this time. probably you could benefit from that. fortunately, there is the ryan white program. when private insurance does not , the ryan white program is there helping people like connie.
9:23 am
not in any is danger. it does not need to be reauthorized today or tomorrow. it could be a couple of years from now. we need analysis to see how health care is working. in the meantime, we needed to make sure that the funding continues for the program. connie, thank you. host: roland in new hampshire. independent caller. caller: i'm calling in regards to -- i mid-atlantic -- i am a diabetic. the tells me i can have insulin for the first six months $120 per quarter. at next two quarters, i will be paying $2500. why is this insulin so expensive? money for little vials were have to take a shot every day -- 24
9:24 am
little vials. yes, medications cost money. going to the hospital's cost costs money. hopefully there is a new system in place that we can see decreases in spending. it sounds like you're on medicare, so that would be medicare issue. host: his scenario, will that happen with hiv aids? definitely. because of the affordable care act, the doughnut hole is getting smaller. it used to be a lot bigger. it will close up in the next couple of years. it is getting smaller and smaller. whopeople living with hiv are on medicare, the ryan white program helps with the doughnut hole. host: april in ohio.
9:25 am
independent caller. caller: i was just wondering, with all of your federal and private funding, how much of your donations go back to serve the public and not just salaries and marketing within your company? guest: we don't receive ryan white funding. we are a nonprofit. foundations.t from and other entities. we don't get the funding. the ryan white funding goes to states. it goes to state and city governments and clinics. under the ryan white law, there is a cap on administrative expenses. to make sure the funding goes to the patient's. athin that, there is percentage that has to go to court medical services -- core
9:26 am
medical services. so, there are things in the law to guard against that. host: lori in michigan. democratic caller. the reason the medicaid costs so much is we subsidize the other countries. host: is that true? guest: in effect, yes. the color is correct. -- the caller is correct. the research is done in the united states and we are paying for that. i agree with the caller. host: a tweet from jim. "we should not count on a cure in the near future." i do hope the drugs will work tomorrow. there is always research on new
9:27 am
medications that will be easier to tolerate on the body. as i said, we have to do research for a cure. nih and other scientists are doing that. your have to o eradicate this disease. host: christina in texas. caller: i am living with the virus. the young lady that said she is a victim, no, you are a survivor. there was a man who was cured. leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant and when they
9:28 am
put the story in the magazine, he said he had a viral load of zero after three years of no medication. guest: that is promising. harder to replicate. you have to have certain indicators in your body. he did go through a bone marrow transplant. it's a difficult procedure. not everybody is going to do this. scientists can learn from this person. baby thata case of a , but the virus has unfortunately returned. if scientists can learn from these examples, they can replicate this and learn from it. host: evelyn from baltimore, maryland. because iwas calling
9:29 am
had hepatitis c. .hey started me on medication at the time, i had medicare and medicaid. they dropped my medicaid, so i called the patient advocate network and they picked up the payment for the medication. after medicaid dropped, i would have to pay $500 a month co-pay. i was on the medication for a year. 23rd, theember the hepatitis c is gone. they don't say it's undetectable. it is gone. is the exciting thing. with hiv, people have to take meds every single day for the rest of their lives. with hepatitis c, there is some new treatments out there that are very exciting that can
9:30 am
actually cure you. why you lostnow your medicaid. that is really unfortunate. we are seeing some restrictions on this drug which is really serious some states. -- in some states. to say people like evelyn should not have this drug. this is a cure. it will save money in the long run. there are some outfits out there that will help with co-pays. that is excellent. there is no reason medicare or medicaid should not cover this drug. host: if people have questions about how to navigate this whole system, they can go to your website? the executive director of the aids institute. thank you for your time. up next, we returned to where we
9:31 am
began this morning and get your thoughts on the former secretary of state's recent criticism of president obama over his approach to foreign policy. right after this news update from c-span radio. health news this hour. the world health organization reports this morning that the ebola virus has now claimed the lives of 1013 people. this as a spanish missionary priest being treated for the disease has died. the spokeswoman for a madrid hospital says the priest was evacuated from liberia last week after testing positive for ebola. spain's health ministry says it has obtained the expendable drug. -- experimental drug. amid a worldwide ethical debate about who should get extreme and -- experimental treatments, the world health
9:32 am
organization declared its ethical to use unproven ebola drugs in the current outbreak provided the right conditions are met. they sidestepped the key questions of who should get the limited drug and how that should be decided. israel-hamas truce is still holding for a second day today as negotiations on a lasting peace solution resumes in cairo. there could be further discussions today. yesterday, a senior officials suggested the first day of talks had not gone well. the gaps between the sides are big and there is no progress in negotiations. we keep you posted on that new story. >> this month, c-span presents debates on what makes america great. evolution and genetically modified foods. issues spotlight with in-depth
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looks at student loan debt and campus sexual assault. new perspectives on issues including global warming, fighting infectious disease and food safety. and our history toward showing sights and sounds from america's historic places. .- history tour let us know what you think about the programs you are watching. us or call us. join the conversation. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. "washington journal" continues. host: for the next 30 minutes, we get your thoughts on hillary clinton's recent interview with the atlantic where she was critical of president obama's approach to syria, iraq, iran and israel. here is the headline.
9:34 am
that is what the former secretary of state had to say. when she outlines her .oreign-policy doctrine president obama sat down with thomas friedman of the new york times on friday and he responded .o this criticism here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> it has always been a fantasy. this idea that we could provide some light arms or even more sophisticated arms to what was essentially an opposition made up of former doctors and farmers and so forth. and they would be able to battle not only a well armed state, but also a well armed state backed by russia and iran.
9:35 am
. battle hardened hezbollah that was never in the cards. that was president obama when he sat down with the new york times on friday. here is what hillary clinton had to say in her interview. also in this article, she talked about president obama's doctrine, if you will. countries,tervene in she was quoted in saying that great nations need organizing principles. don't do stupid stuff is not an
9:36 am
organizing principle. we want to get your thoughts on this. what do you make of the criticism? bronx, new york. democratic caller. i want to talk about the evil issue going on in nigeria -- ebola issue. host: we want to get everybody's thoughts on what hillary clinton had to say. there is a lot in the newspapers this morning. weighing in on what hillary clinton had to say. why she is saying what she is saying. the piece in the wall street journal this morning. the hillary metamorphosis.
9:37 am
9:38 am
didn't she once described hosni mubarak is a family friend? what do you think of her criticism of president obama's foreign-policy? republican caller. virginia. say, it wasve to 1973 that bashir assad told me that he wished he had more of a childhood. that is irrelevant now. the man is an animal. obama is right and hillary is wrong. that obamaple reason has been on this thing a lot
9:39 am
more than hillary has. the other thing about benghazi -- petraeus was out getting his monkey spanked. host: fred a new york pr republican caller. -- fred in new york. republican caller. caller: we're giving hillary clinton a free advertisement and free campaign. we don't need another clinton in the white house. her stance is just to make it look good for her now. it's part of a plan the democrats have to get the first woman in power in united states. she has no program to make this country come out of the mess it's in. we are a mess financially and morally and she is not the person to bring the country together and get us out of this mess. god knows what it's going to take.
9:40 am
on the republican side, who do you think could get us out of this mess? caller: the person that comes up is going to have to be somebody that is more trustworthy than what we have seen. i don't know if mitt romney is the man for sure or not. i have my doubts about him. it has to be somebody like the governor of wisconsin. i see that could get us going in the right direction. blaming all of the situation on bush, there is enough mistakes to go around for everybody. host: on the politics of this, back to bret stephens's article in the wall street journal, he says
9:41 am
john in new york. democratic caller. c-span.thanks for with respect to mrs. clinton's comment about obama saying -- referencing the phrase "doing she has been akin to doing stupid stuff by sanctioning this war on iraq.
9:42 am
politicaltary is some gain. obama has been rather pragmatic in light of all the chaotic situations going on today. host: if she runs for president, will you vote for her? caller: i would rather vote for rand paul than her. she is nothing but a neocon anyway. host: you would switch from a democrat to rand paul. caller: if she is running for president, yes. kevin in pennsylvania. republican caller. caller: this is not about this is abouts --
9:43 am
contributions from the israeli lobby. , assad protected the minorities. they protected the christians and the jews and all the other .inorities --s not for terri and regime regime.oritar authoritarian million, one$100 giving toor politicians who support their number one state, the protection
9:44 am
of israel. host: bill. democratic caller. caller: i want to remind the theycan people and hope pray they don't forget how we got into this in the first place. it wasn't hillary or obama. they inherited this. host: that is what eugene robinson says in his column this morning. in the washington post, the "still paying for bush's mistakes." your thoughts and hillary clinton's criticism of president obama's foreign-policy. she sat down with the atlantic in a lengthy piece. go to the you can read the write up by jeffrey goldberg. he has the question and answer transcript.
9:45 am
on friday, president obama sat .own with the new york times they videotaped that interview. it's almost 60 minutes. if you missed that, you can go to new york they had the entire video there. --s is from sarah from ft. lauderdale, ft. appeared republican caller.
9:46 am
-- from ft. lauderdale, florida. wingsys whatever gets her going at the moment. i don't think she is genuine. is iraq war she voted for probably the reason we are in the huge mess we're in today. these don't make me have to look at hillary clinton during the election cycle. i think i will throw up. host: who do you want to run on the republican side? caller: rand paul, i guess. we need somebody who is really need noand not -- we more election politics by corporations. we need the people to be and all thec-span pbs stations. they don't need to do those silly as they do against each other. let them debate until their tongues swell up.
9:47 am
the media doesn't want that to happen because they get a windfall of money. backingican people are the elections and it's foolish. hillary would be a joke if she got in the white house. host: denise in connecticut. democratic caller. agree with the last thing the floridian said before me. but nothing else. they q4 c-span. betterdled the caller than anyone else. hillary should be criticizing the foreign-policy. c-span. you for i don't want him to attack anybody. mrs. clinton will be the next president of the united states. i don't think anybody can oppose her.
9:48 am
glad that she is being critical of the president at this point. host: how old are you? what do you do for a living? yellow i am a retired dog democrat. i'm a part-time teacher and writer and singer. host: what is appealing about having hillary clinton in the oval office? caller: she is a respected world leader already in the smartest person in the room. -- i was very hopeful that obama would be a peacemaker and not a war maker. war. stop making -- please stop making war. you're a nobel peace prize winner. you are going to go down in
9:49 am
history as just another war maker unless you withdraw our troops and stop these bombings. we can't fix the arab world. host: you think hillary clinton sounds hawkish? i'm sorry to say, i did not read it, so my comments are probably premature. athink we should have defensive stance and not an offense of stance. if i misspoke, i think he should be taken to task on his foreign-policy. host: margaret in west virginia. independent caller. say -- i would like to i'm sorry. i would just like to say that i don't think hillary clinton would get elected. certainly would not get elected in west virginia.
9:50 am
ben carson should be on the ,allot for the next election even if we have to do a write-in. today thatnly person has a clear mind and can see what's down the road. host: vincent in washington feared republican. -- vincent in washington. republican caller. caller: you listen to most of the women who call in, they are totally anti-clinton. i don't have any -- my comment is totally different. there was some concern about obama and clinton at a fundraiser or something in
9:51 am
martha's vineyard on vacation. someone said that they were concerned that this may be an awkward moment for the two of them. they have been in politics all their lives. they can hate each other across the room and smile. i don't think there will be anything awkward about their meeting. host: back to the atlantic interview with jeffrey goldberg. this is from the piece online. he writes --
9:52 am
what do you make of hillary clinton's criticism of president obama's foreign-policy? tony from south carolina. democratic all. caller: i am shocked. for her to criticize the president -- she is joining the republican chorus of treason. i'm really shocked. but, between her and any republican, any of the people they have brought forth, i will vote for her and support her 100% rather than any of the people they have brought forth. host: you think she has the base
9:53 am
no matter what? caller: she does. she has the young people. people really look up to her and admire her. she is why i'm shocked that is joining the treasonous chorus. host: she has not gone through a democratic primary yet. do you think she can survive by -- caller: she will win it. i wish bernie sanders woodwind. -- would win. my second choice would be joe biden. host: how old are you? caller: 62. host: what do you do for a living? caller: i do surveys. larry from north carolina. independent caller. caller: i just have one thing to say about hillary.
9:54 am
i would support her and everything but she is just like any other -- they are all lawyers. look at your courthouse, it's the worst run place around. weon't understand why and they get back out of office and what about the american people. host: this cnn cohost of headline --th the terry from indiana. democratic caller. caller: good morning. i have two things to say. president obama is the chief. they need to give him the respect of him being president.
9:55 am
the other thing is, i would like to see a cartoon with the ceos of the big companies as puppet masters and the republican party as the puppets. columnrom tom friedman's , his interview with president he talks about iraq, putin and israel. --writes having a chance to tour the horizon with him last friday afternoon, it is clear that the president has a take on the and he has feisty answers for all of the foreign-policy critics.
9:56 am
raymond in new york. independent caller. what do you make of hillary clinton's critique of president obama's policy? as leadership fails -- as far as hillary, we still have benghazi.
9:57 am
there could be a loss because of that. i wouldn't like myself and vote for them. i will consider it. host: used point michigan. -- eastpointe, michigan. democratic caller. 74 and i remember when women were only good for secretarial jobs or a nurse or a school teacher. hillary is to be admired. say, i really don't want to see her run because there is a possibility she will be defeated and that would tarnish her reputation. as far as agreeing or disagreeing with the president, i don't see where he would benefit from a yes-man. we wouldn't benefit from somebody who did not point out other evidence to be taken.
9:58 am
gates agreed with him sometimes and sometimes did not. that he respected him and the president asked for every point of view and if you did not give it, he would andifically ask you for it take everybody's advice into consideration before he made his decision. i respect hillary. ing tot want anyth tarnish the reputation she has for bringing the women of this country into a light where they're better than just objects. , the from the daily beast story that was posted yesterday. beforeold the lawmakers this interview that hillary clinton gave --
9:59 am
mark in chesterfield, virginia. republican caller. caller: good morning. it sounds to me like a little bit of political posturing. i pulled the article up online. it either seems like she's posture up into to not or she is trying take too heart a stance on ather one side -- too hard stance on either one side or present herself anything different from what obama is .urrently
10:00 am
even when she criticizes him, she doesn't seem to go so far as to really slam him. in part of the article, it even says that she expresses some sympathy as far as how complex the issues are that obama has had to face. it seems like a little bit of political posturing. host: i will leave it there because we are out of time this morning. thank you for watching. we are back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. we take you to the national press club. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]


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