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tv   Governor Rick Perry Remarks at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 17, 2014 5:45pm-6:01pm EDT

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. an affirmative agenda that talks about what it is but we want, that nearly all republicans can get behind, it is the only way we can get there and unite the party. have usat reagan would do, and it is what reagan did. [applause] thank you. the world health organization issued a warning about ebola saying that the reported number of cases -- headline in the hill newspaper says rick perry doubles down on defense. we were talking about the indictment he bases. faces. he's accused of abusing his power.
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he said he used the veto because he had lost confidence in the district attorney. governor perry is not running for reelection in november. fueling speculation he might make a presidential run in 2016. attended the iowa state fair for a soapbox event. this is 15 minutes.
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and him and hi >> good morning, i'm carol
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hunter and welcome to the political soap box. our next speaker is governor rick perry of texas. [cheers and applause] now, governor perry is a republican. he was a state representative in texas. he was the agricultural commissioner and lieutenant governor and then became the governor in 2000. that makes him the longest-serving governor in texas history. [cheers and applause] >> now let's remember a little bit about our soap box etiquette and exercise our iowa civility and let our speaker have his say. welcome back to iowa and to "the des moines register" soap box. >> it is an honor to be back here. and it's a relief to be out of the texas heat.
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[laughter] >> if you look on your little device, it's probably approaching 90-something degrees in most of the places in texas. it was nice to get up this morning in the beautiful iowa weather and been here since saturday and going up and down the byways and highways, good-looking corn crop. but it's not bringing in enough money in. those of us who grew up on the farm know that's the way that business grows, when the bumper crop is down, we can understand that in texas as we got a drought going on and cow prices are through the roof.
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any way i have spent the last three-plus days traveling across the state talking about why i think it's important for the people of iowa -- you have a very unique opportunity in time from the standpoint of where america is and how iowa can play a very important role in the trajectory that this country goes in. and i think we all agree that our economy could be better, that washington does a lot of things that they're not very good at and aren't even enumerated in the constitution. many of you know i'm a big fan of not only the constitution but over in the bill of rights, that 10th amendment that says the federal government, by that constitution is limited in the things that it should be engaged in.
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those powers are enumerated and everything else is reserved for the states and/or the individuals. and i'm a big believer in that. the competition that gets created between those now 50 laboratories of innovation make america really powerful, really strong. i can attest to the fact that getting kerry bransted as the governor of iowa will be more effective. what he and this incredibly energetic lieutenant governor you got, kim reynolds, are making states like texas have to look around and figure out how we are going to up our game. we are pretty good at this development business in texas and good about putting policies into place. but what i have shared with these men and women who are running for your senate -- i visited with brian schmidt and mike moore had an event that i was participating with, crystal
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bruntz and jeremy davis over by ames and i talked to each one of them about the concept of making your state even more competitive than it is today, to put tax policies into place that has the burden of those who work and risk your capital to create the jobs that in turn create the wealth, to have a regulatory climate that's fair and predictable. i'll assure you that nothing throws cold water on a project than if you put a substantial amount of capital into a project. you may be building a facility. and halfway through it, they change the rules or the regulations and that has a way to really dampen down the enthusiasm to go and invest.
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you have to have a legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing and fourth part of that foundation is to have public schools that are accountable, because what that says is, so you are building this big facebook project out here. they are building over one million square feet. they didn't come in here if they didn't feel that the work force was going to be available. that's telling you that your public schools are headed in the right direction. i think you have one of the highest graduation rates in america. and that's the kind of message that corporate america, if you will, or for that matter, a small mom and pop business, they want to see those, and if you want to put iowa on an even more steep trajectory up, in my opinion, you allow those men and women that believe in having those tax policies as wide as they can, the regulatory burden that is stable and predictable, a legal system that does president allow for oversuing
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and accountable public schools, put those into place, and what you will have is this state going up to some of the one of the most competitive states in the nation. it can happen in iowa. and when iowa becomes that competitive, what you see is the surrounding states feel to be more compelled. you will see illinois, you will see illinois start putting policies into place to make that state be more competitive. now my caveat on this is that i mentioned four individuals that are running for the senate. they all happen to be republicans. that's the team i play for. i'm for that team. but i think there's an important message here. you give terry bransted and the house that those principles and policies in it and make that
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senate a republican body, too, because that's what happened in my home state. in 2003, i want to share with you, in 2003, texas became this across-the-board republican governed state, the house, the senate, the governor and lieutenant governor. all of those individuals were republicans and for the first time since back in the 1870's, we passed the most passing tort reform in the nation and address the tax burden and regulatory climate and the result of that was, in a very short period of time, the people of the state of texas trusted those individuals in the legislature to do the right thing if they weren't going to raise taxes just because the economy turns down.
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they felt comfortable so they could risk their capital and have return on investment. we saw our economy take off to the point of over that period of time since i have been governor, almost 14 years now, 35% of all the private sector new jobs created in america have been created in texas. that can and will happen in iowa. i will tell you, it's going to happen. [applause] >> that's a powerful message. and i want to talk about washington. you have the opportunity to change the trajectory of washington, d.c. when you think about what's going on in our country and i don't think i'm the only one that thinks economically we are not where we need to be because of policies coming out of washington, d.c. you have harry reid and some republicans -- boy, that was a misstatement -- putting into place that make it hard for businessmen and women to make hard decisions.
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they are not comfortable that they can have a return on investment. when you think about the foreign policy debacles, whether in libya, egypt and israel, syria and ukraine and isis, america not leading from the front. in some of these places, america not leading at all. it's time to have some real change in washington, d.c. and one of the most powerful ways that you can do that, one of the most powerful ways you can do that is to send joany ernst to the united states senate, a powerful voice, a patriotic veteran who understands that we can no longer hollow out our military.
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if we are going to have a powerful influence around the world, we need to project that power with a military that is able to stand up. when a red line is drawn, that red line needs to mean something in the world. it needs to mean that america is going to stand with her allies and the enemies of america need to fear what we are about. joanie ernst understands that. iowa, over the next 84 days, you have the opportunity to change the trajectory, not just of this state but of this country. that's why i came to iowa. i came to iowa to help those men and women. when iowa is more competitive, texas is going to have to raise its game, too. so is oklahoma and the 47 other states out there in the
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contiguous united states and alaska and hawaii, too, they have to raise their games. that's what we are about as a people, to compete. i'm thinking when the hawkeyes play iowa state, there might be a little competition going on there. and that's what we're about. we should not be afraid of it in the private sector and shouldn't be afraid of it in the public sector. i believe in competition. i believe it's the powerful explosive, if you will, that can put this country on a trajectory like it's never been on before. i believe the greatest days are ahead of us as a country. the greatest days are ahead of this state. i believe this country is ready for that type of competition and iowa, i'm going to put it on you, iowa, i want iowa to lead this charge over the next 84 days. let's change not only america but the world by what happens here right here in the state of iowa. god bless you all and thanks for coming out here today. [applause] >>
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next,kers -- . [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captions performed by national captioning institute] >> this week on "newsmakers" the esident of emily's list, stephanie


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