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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 10, 2014 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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higher education with dr. james linder. potter the c-span bus college tour big ten schools.
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host: what are your thoughts? we have divided the lines by country. eastern central -- not the pacific.
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president obama issued a proclamation celebrating the passage of the vawa and the strides the country has made. they have provided hope and a new chance for life for women and children across the nation. our country has changed its culture. the proclamation acknowledges the problem of domestic problems is far from solved. there was a video leaked monday
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showing rice knocking his then fiancée unconscious.
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guest: do not tolerate it. do not excuse it. don't say, these things happen.
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stuff andis other that excuses the thing. don't hurt people. host: what about the role of the police? have: the notion of why we built up the society if we have these things in place and to stand up for us? slide or dohings whatever. you have to defend the people who need to be defended. usete to say it but to social >> one arm and one leg.
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i have virtually no use of one and a product the -- prostheses inside. i don't know why i let it happen, what it happened. i got to the point where i said you are messing me up more than i am. i called the police. because i am a woman of color, i don't mean to bring this up but, the darker you are, the greater your intensity for violence. and he happens to be a white male. we are all gods's children at the end of the day. but it is not all across the board. where is she coming from. that is not fair, it is not all
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across the board. i done everything i could possibly do to stop this. you have this narcissist out here that takes no responsibility for their actions or the hitting on you. ptsd.ady suffer from and it's because i did not acquiesce, because he called me to smart. -- too smart. no he is too stupid. >> and i ask you what it was like to go to the police area what was it like? >> when i reached out, i was laughed at. i was laughed by the police department here in the state of illinois. >> you got zero help from the police?
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>> i got zero help. >> how did you get out of the situation? >> i had to contact an agency in illinois, i forget the name, but he represented me in court to get an order of protection. i am disabled. first, joining us on the phone is alex bolton, a staff writer. we will have coverage for the details of that, go to the president is going to lay .ut his coverage he met with congressional leaders at the white house, did he give them any details.
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those congressional leaders are laying it out for us. they don't want to preempt the president, that one of the key things they told congressional leaders is that he is not going .o be asking congress to vote after what they said after the meeting is saying what the authorities means. and that is something that nancy pelosi confirmed, she said that the leaders feel pretty comfortable that obama has the authority. -- to cash a potentially damaging vote before the midterm election. do people on both sides of the aisle feel about not taking a vote. -- vote? republicans inny the senate who want the president to lay out a plan.
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the people who are most damage by voting by airstrikes in iraq are the democrats, especially those facing reelection. he democratic base is where of getting reengaged militarily in iraq. even though public support has increased and the last few days. haveoughest job democrats is getting their base to turnout for the election. the republicans i spoke to earlier in the week said they want to have this vote. >> the republican said meeting with dick cheney yesterday behind closed doors, some reports said some of the newer republicans, tea party republicans, came out of that and said why should we listen to
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former vice president dick cheney anymore. republicans -- republicanssenate and mitch mcconnell have said we need to approve this. that a vote should happen in the house. because he wants to take over the senate, he is in the pursuers position and boehner has the majority. . populists and a house who might be concerned leerythis vote and may be about spending a bunch of money on a protracted military campaign. that is one of the things that senators and the matter -- members of the house are looking
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forward to in speeches. about how long the speech could last. it might be quite protracted because isis is not easily destroyed. not vote forthey something that could last beyond this administration? gives the war powers act the president a 60-90 day window. they could weigh in on a later date, earring a lame-duck or more likely, at the beginning of next year. one of the things democratic and isublican leaders are saying we need to know whether it will be voted on or not. things ise of the that the nature of the engagement is kind of fuzzy at this point. because we don't know how long
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it will last it is premature to call for a vote. the u.s. will be involved for more than a couple of months. of course it is much easier to having -- have the vote just a few weeks before midterm election. host: president obama will be speaking at 9:00 p.m. eastern ahead of that, the former vice president dick cheney will be at the american enterprise institute at 10:00 a.m. he has been talking a lot about how the republican party cannot be a party of isolation. thank you very much. caller: thanks for having me. host: back here calls this morning about domestic violence, we will go to jeff in hawaii. caller: good morning, thank you.
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i think the call on the football player was premature. they didn't have enough information. how long have they been married? host: are you talking about ray rice and his wife? caller: i don't know, -- good morning, first of all, it is important to understand that domestic file and unethical and that weinst anything want. it is wrong. that, lookinging in regardsll player to what happened between he and elevator,n an obviously they had some kind of confrontation therein and what
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happens with the commissioner. the famous baseball manager that beat up his wife no one called for the resignation of the baseball commissioner. you sent a football player to prison for fighting a dog. , butis illegal as well there was not a lot of interest in that. many individuals committing all kinds of egregious crimes against humanity. the poor people whose decisions are made and they suffer and nobody raises that to the highest level of being all over television for two or three days. the consciousness of our country
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is not very good. host: dave from maryland. upset: i was a little bit about this predicament just because of the fact that after the penalty was handed out, everybody said ok, whatever. two game suspension, we are not happy, then as soon as the video comes out, everybody is freaking out again. i think that domestic violence is reprehensible, it is illegal, he should serve time for this. it just are -- disturbs me beyond belief. we had already accepted the punishment through the court he was a model citizen tired of this ordeal happening. then, through the nfl, because they didn't want to lose their star running back, they decided to hand out a punishment that
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they thought would not be chastised. when the video came out and public perception turned, they changed their mind. it is disturbing. the: you're seeing editorial of usa today, their handle domestic violence, prosecute the abusers. a more important question, where were the prosecutors? length of his suspension would have been a non-issue. domestic violence cases can of course be challenging for prosecutors. some victims recant. some, like rice's wife, stand by their man. the situation is often "he said she said. said.: if he stays clean for a year, the charge could be dismissed as if the beating never happened. five american women
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report being victimized by an intimate partner. of 12,700 65 murders in 2012, nearly 1000 work of a wife or girlfriend. we need a combination of better laws, better training and a willingness to work with domestic violence groups. in massachusetts, judges pose hearings to determine how much danger a defendant poses. that can help curb homicide. that is where the nfl can play a role. carolina panther, great hardy was found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend in the san francisco 49ers ray mcdonald to be facing a domestic violence
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charge. ruleuck confuse the nfl with those of police, prosecutors and judges. they are on the flight line -- front lines to reduce violence. you, there are always three sides to every story, not three site. his side, her side, and the truth. i hear about domestic violence on women, or is also domestic violence on men. so that has to be taken into account as well. i see the nfl doing their thing and to protect their brand corporate profits and all of that. well,s immoral as building stadiums for billionaires. story,ee sides to every and all of that -- law
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enforcement loves this because, it is now their opportunity in the municipality to get revenue. my son was convicted -- there was no offer of dropping charges after a year of probation, none of that. -- as a public defender true public defender that we paid $1100 for. i believe in training for law enforcement people, he'd the folks away from each other for 24, 72 hours. let the situation subside and there are three sides to every story. host: eric in california, good morning. you're on the air. caller: hello. i


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