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tv   Bill Hillary Clinton at Iowa Sen. Harkins D 37th Final Steak Fry  CSPAN  September 15, 2014 12:30am-1:31am EDT

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will be exempt? >> the business innovation skills dealing with these held a briefing about such matters. i have no doubt we can furnish her with more details on the issues but it is very important to maintain a commitment to free trade that has been a characteristic of the united kingdom over many centuries. this is another major opportunity to boost free trade across the world. >> mr. speaker, next week in favor of an independent scotland, major damage in implications for whales. does my right hon. friend agree with me that my fellow welch citizens who care about the future of the welsh nation
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should be hoping and praying for this? >> yes. absolutely. i think they are. i regularly consult with one welch citizen and on the evidence of that they are very much hoping and praying that the u.k. will not be broken up as my xbon. friendspeaks very well for
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that is a trend that is continuing. of course, we're always trying to seek further improvements by three inducing the old bill targets of less government is not the way forward. >> when i travel abroad and i'm asked where i come from, i'm proud to say i am british. does my right honorable friend agree with me that you can be proud to be british but still have your own identity being english, scottish, welsh or from northern ireland and we should all relate together and continue as great britain?
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>> i don't anything good to put it better. my friend has his own identity and certainly a different way last night he has expressed that beautifully including his identity with united kingdom and that is how so many of us think in britain and let's hope it's possible to continue to do so. >> mr. speaker, can i support the business of the primer star, deputy prime minister and also leader of the opposition, speaking director to the people of scotland. my right honorable friend and myself and honorable members, speaking on behalf of the vast majority of people in northern ireland, want the united kingdom to stay together and it is my hope that some of those who are pulling today may be disappointed. >> that is certainly my hope as well. i'm very pleased the right honorable gentleman has been able to make this point because it means that in this short question time we have heard from members from england, wales and
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northern ireland with a very clear message to the people of scotland that we want them to stay. >> mr. speaker, my parents will soon celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. my mother was born in aberdeen, and my father in cambridge. is my right honorable friend reassured that there is no need for any senior politician to come to their anniversary event? because my parents know in their heads and in their hearts that in their union as any other union their happiest together and better together. >> well, extended the congratulations of her majesty's government to his parents last night and, indeed, of the whole of the house of commons, editing all the political parties and even of the scottish national
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party probably on this occasion. they are an example to us all, particularly after 60 years. and i hope that example will be one that will continue to be heated and respected all over the uk. >> mr. speaker, contrary to the previous question, from the member, this campaign has been fraught by fear and intimidati intimidation. somewhat ironic, mr. speaker, that the majority of the scottish separatists -- around today's debate, yet just last friday an important factor of welfare reform -- [inaudible] justifies their priorities to come here rather than to debate. >> i don't think i need to add to his description of the scottish national party.
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[laughter] >> by scottish pro-unionist friends have reminded me that the middle east piece envoy, g2 philanthropist year of award winner reportedly has said that he welcomes the publication of the choke off the report. so will my right honorable friend tell the house when we can expect the report to be published? >> well, i can tell him that his work continues that lord chilcot has said lord chilcot has said he intensively published reports as possible are both areas know i don't have any fixed date i can give to my honorable friend or i will only observe that had that inquiry being set up when i and others was called for it and voted for it back in 2006, it would have by now reported long ago. and so it was sat up late. it is therefore reported late, it would look forward to it. >> is it acceptable for young people to be having take away
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pizza lunchtime because the government has failed to prepare schools properly for the introduction of a free nutritious meal? >> well, i think to put that into perspective, i think the latest figures are that 98.5% of schools are now providing a hot meal as they were intended to do. that is going up all the time. there are government funds of course t two of those schools wo need new facilities to do so. and so i think it would be right to welcome the entirety of that picture rather than try to fi >> house of commons returns in october. you can watch past question on our website at
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withvid cameron met military and security chief after the announcement isis had executed british national david haines. cameron did not announce new military forces but those british forces will continue offering logistical help. the counterterrorism efforts will increase in britain. >> monday night, the ranking member on the house some midi -- house subcommittee talks about met neutrality and rules governing the internet. backspace the publicly what i thought they should do to be on firmer legal ground. discussions of the
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committee about it. this is about neutrality. people of our country feel very strongly about the internet, not only how they use it, but how they think about it and the access to it. open, and no one should the able to interfere with that. >> monday night at 8:00 eastern. >> next, former president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton the cap ae steak fry and iowa. conversation about the issues of the day with rob portman. after that the discussion on israel's missile defense system.
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the former secretary of state hillary clinton and former president will clinton headlined the steak fry in iowa. this is the last year senator tom harkin will host the fundraiser. he is retiring in january after serving 40 years in the and it. .- the senate here are their remarks. ♪
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♪ [country music] ♪ ♪
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>> welcome, everyone. [applause] [applause] 37th steak fry. imagine, 37 steak fries and we haven't tried the steak yet. the grillers always wanted to talk about that. know that iou to have a better winning streak than 40 years. in the congress. i have love -- of love and partnership with a wonderful woman by the name of
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ruth harkin. [applause] go on, get up, ruth. of course, all of you know the story, but what the hack, i will say it again. better me saying it than someone else. we both ran for office together in 1972. i ran for congress. ruth ran for county attorney. the best politician one. [laughter] i'll give you a hint, it wasn't me. countys the only woman attorney in iowa and the only democrat in the story county courthouse. [applause]
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she actually did so well at that job that when i ran two years later, a lot of people were saying -- well, you know, if she's that good, he can't be all that bad. [laughter] that's how i got elected. after serving as county attorney, she left a great legacy. here it is. before she was county attorney there had never, never been the democratic county attorney in the county. she left there has never been a republican county attorney. [applause] ruth went on to have a distinguished career to head the overseas private investment corporation. [applause] through it all, a great mother to our two daughters, now a
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wonderful grandmother to our three grandchildren. thishat a hell of a crowd is. this is great. my gosh. sarah palin said it is so good that she can see you all in alaska today. [laughter] [applause] to think, you all came here just to see me. [cheers and applause] [laughter] no, wait a minute. who am i kidding? isn't it wonderful, a joy and an honor, to have president clinton and hillary clinton here for this steak fry. [applause] we have always thought of these steak fries as a sort of
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gathering of the democratic plans around the state of iowa. energizing as for the election. it is kind of like a big family. over the years, both bill and hillary have become a part of our iowa democratic family. [applause] they have been in our homes, broken bread with us, they have .een our inspiration when bill clinton ran for president, one of you remember he was dubbed the it. i have a new phrase. they are now the comeback couple in america. [applause] before i go any further, i got some thank you's to say. first of all, last night we had a reunion of over 250 staffers.
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people who work for me from 1972 through -- through this time. just it was wonderful to see so many people who had worked so hard to advance our progressive causes and take good care of the people of iowa. so often i get thanks, i get awards and that kind of stuff or the good things we have done for iowa. but it is the staff who have done the hard work and got the job done. so, today i want to give credit where it is due. all of my staffers across all of these years. thank you. [applause] i know they are all here. i don't know exactly where they all are, but they are all here. thank you very much. i want to thank scott brennan
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for being a great state chair of the democratic party. [applause] wife, were both staffers of mine. it, half the of democrats in iowa have been on my staff one time or another, now that i think about it. but he is doing a great job for our stake artie. -- state party. he did so great as senator and governor, but for 40 years i have been on the agriculture committee on house and the senate. i have seen a lot of secretaries and go,ulture come they've all been good. that's all right. but i have to tell you that the one we have now has taken the department of agriculture and notched it up higher than any for ours ever done, farmers, consumers, and the kids
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in school who are eating better meals because of tom vill sack. [applause] i want to thank joy for being my -- i want to thank joy, my interpreter for over 20 years. thank you, joy. [applause] she used to do a lot of interpreting for my brother, frank, for so many years. i want to thank the ground crews, who spent yesterday and so many others setting up. they have done it every year for years. don ruby, john kaiser, and don rice whack. thank you, thank you, thank you.
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[applause] i was down there yesterday and they were hammering, drilling, getting all of this stuff done and jerry said to me, sweat dripping down his face -- drilling, putting names and -- putting males and things, he doing this again. i told him neither am i. [laughter] men are grillers, the ones that --lled steaks, not try them not try them. thank you. at the risk of sending just one person out, at the risk i will do it. on my staff for 20 years the one person who has been in charge of the steak fries, making sure that they get stat up and that all of this stuff is done is
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pam. i don't know where she is right now. where are you? she has worked so hard on this for over 20 years. she has just worked her heart out on these. for the most important thank you of all, as we all know i'm in the home stretch of my final term for the united states senate. i have beenecades able to do some good things. like authoring and passing the americans with disabilities act. [applause]
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mr. president, there is an old saying that i bet is true in oo, if you are driving down a country road and you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be sure of one thing, it didn't get there by itself. clear, i didn't do it by myself. every single one of you empowered me. that you knocked on, every dollar you raise in my campaigns, empowered me to do those things. again, i stand on the shoulders
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of giants. you. my fellow democrats. my fellow iowans. you put your trust in me. you work your hearts out for me. you stood by me when things got tough. sometimes things got pretty tough. imagined thathave this would be my life. think about it. as a young boy growing up in warren county, just a few miles from here, a town of 150 people, my father had a sixth-grade education. my mother was an immigrant. they raised six kids in a small, two-bedroom house. we didn't know politicians. we didn't talk politics. -- when my this family hit rock-bottom during the depression -- just a few months before i was born, my dad
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was out of work, he had been mining coal for most of his life . there was no work, there were no jobs. he had five kids with another on the way -- me. life looked pretty dim. life looked pretty hopeless. but then one day he got a card in the mail. he always later said that he got a card from franklin delano or roosevelt himself. he got a card in the mail for him to report to work at once for $40.30 per month on the works project administration. [laughter] [applause] [applause] the project was over here not 10 miles from where we are today.
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people are still using that lake as a recreation area. wall't have and i love me in my office, but i do have my wpa card ondads that wall to remind me of where i came from and who i should be fighting for in this country. [applause] so, that job gave him dignity. gave money to put food on the table. most importantly of all, it gave him hope. hope. it gave him hope. after a few years of that, he was able to then work her in the war years, paid enough for social security. later on before he passed away he got medicare. from all ofearn that? growing up, never talking
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politics or anything like that? what did i learn? with the right people in office, with the right words and the willingness to work, our government can do good things for people in this country. [applause] it can help to give hope to people. old george w. bush, president bush, he went around campaigning saying the government cannot give hope to people. one time one of his people was in my office and said -- harken, you've got to admit, government can do these kinds of things. can't give hope to people. i said -- you are talking to the wrong person. hope, gave myher family hope. since i have gotten into politics i have always believed
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that a cardinal obligation of our government is to make sure that we leave the latter down for others to climb, do. you know? [applause] there is nothing wrong with making money, having a better home and a nicer car, all the good things that money provides. that's a big part of the american dream. but here's what distinguishes us from our republican cousins. we believe, you tonight, president clinton, hillary, bruce, jack, dave, we all believe that when you climb that ladder of success, when you get to the top, when we get to the top, one of the primary functions of government is to make sure that believe the latter down for others to climb, two.
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--too. [applause] you see, the rungs have to be there. the rungs have to be there. things like maternal and child health care programs. good education, great teachers, good public schools, pell grants, good things for students. sometimes people fall off the latter. they get sick, they have an illness, they get injured. that's why we have disability insurance. have joby we retraining programs to get you back up and going again, a safety net to catch you when you fall. [applause] ago this summer, 24 years ago there were about 20 million americans that no matter how hard they tried, could never
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climb the ladder. americans with disabilities. what did we do? we built a ramp. we taught -- we call it the americans with disabilities act. [applause] not one, there is nickel or dime in that bill given to a person with a disability. down theid was -- tear barriers and the people with disabilities can do it on their own. but break down the barriers. [applause] it has changed the face of america. . want to thank you you gave me the opportunity to play that role. you empowered me to make a difference. i can never properly thank you. i just want you to know how
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grateful i am. i have done my best to carry forward the populace, progressive manner of fighting for working people in this country. and fighting for people who didn't get a fair shake. the least, the lost, and the left behind. you empowered me to do. to fight for them. say that i know that over the last 40 years you probably don't agree with every vote i have cast. i don't think that i agree with every vote i cast, looking back. [laughter] i just hope and trust that in my 40 years, 10 in the house, 30 in the senate, that i have been able to represent you in the way that you wanted to be represented, with the highest ideals of our democratic party
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and the highest aspirations of the people of iowa. if i have done that, i leave as a very satisfied man. applause]d thank you. now, i may be retiring from the senate, but i'm not retiring from the fight, i will tell you that. [cheers and applause] this week i will be leading the charge once again to increase the minimum wage in america. we've got to get it done. [applause] the republicans are probably going to filibuster it again. well, if they won't let us pass it in the congress, we will take them on in the polls and we will show them what the people of america want in november when we
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give them a good whipping. [applause] i want to say this -- if you want to thank me for my service, there is really only one way i want you to do that. seatsure that this senate remains in good, fighting, progressive fans with congressman bruce braley being the next senator from the state of iowa. [applause] so, we have to have a government that works for the middle class, that leaves the latter down and gives hope and opportunity to people. president clinton knew this in 1992. he said he would build a bridge to the 21st century. guess what? he did.
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he build the bridge. 22 million new jobs. 8 million lifted out of poverty. shared prosperity around the country. he knew that everyone should take part in economic gains. [applause] my friend paul used to say that we all do better when we all do better. since president clinton left the office in 2001, republicans have been determined to tear the bridge down. they have replaced it with a bridge to nowhere. i call it the bridge backwards to inequality in this country not seen since the 1920's. let's be clear, the people of violent don't want to go backward. we don't want a tea party senator. [boos] who says she wants to repeal the
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clean air act, privatize social security, and the vouchers for medicare. [boos] friends, she is known for what she does the hogs. [laughter] -- does to hogs. [laughter] but i've got to tell you that what scares me is what she wants to do to people. [applause] especially working people, students and seniors. she says she is going to go to washington to make them squeal. but the last thing that we need in the u.s. senate is another tea parties, who mocks people, refuses to compromise, and gets nothing done for iowa. [applause] we don't need another bridge burner in the senate. we need a bridge builder.
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well grounded in their philosophy, a good progressive philosophy, who understands you have got to get things done. who respects the views of those with whom we may disagree. we need a senator from iowa with a proven record of reaching across the aisle to get things done. no one has done a better job of building bridges and getting things done than congressman bruce braley. [applause] a lot of folks, a lot of folks ask me if i am going to miss the senate. yes, i am. i love my work. i love my job. i even love the senate, even with all its dysfunctions. but 40 years is long enough for anyone to serve in the congress. there comes a time to gracefully bow out and make room for a new generation of leaders.
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i am thrilled to think that this next january 3 at noon, i will be able to walk down the center aisle of the senate and passed the torch to senator bruce braley. [applause] since we are going to be here in iowa, i would like to have a governor that represents me in the same progressive way as governor phil sack. that's why we have to elect jack hatch is our next governor. [applause] folks, since ruth and i live in wharton county, in the third district, in this district i want to be represented on the
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first iowa woman to ever serve the u.s. congress, staci appel. stacy, right here. we are in her district. [applause] jim, for his past service to our nation in a rack, thank you for your future service in getting steve king out of congress and getting you in there. where is he? right there. [applause] i can't speak too highly of our candidate in the first district. pat murphy was an outstanding speaker of the house and with our help you will replace bruce braley. right here, from dubuque. [applause] , i haveecond district never seen anyone work as hard as dave. he is out there constantly, all the time.
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i know he is going to get reelected. join me in thanking dave for his great service and for winning this next election and continuing his service in the congress. [applause] well, this can all happen, but we need your help. we need you to volunteer. when you leave here today, help us to get the absentee ballots in. if democrats who voted in the last election vote this time, we win. we just got to get the votes in. join me in showing the koch brothers and the tea party the democratic people power in iowa will whip them every time. [applause] so, friends. i know you are eager to hear from our special guests.
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i mentioned bill clinton's abridged to the 21st century and how it is being replaced with a bridge that goes backwards. well, i have to close my remarks with my signature closing. at the 2000d by me national convention in los angeles. what is atsks you stake in this election, or what the election is all about, the only thing you need to tell them is this -- everything that you needed to know about the selection, you learned in drivers education. we learn in drivers education? we learned that if you want to r. backwards, you put it in o [applause] folks., come on. if you want to go forward, put it in d.
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[applause] alright, on with the show. you had the steak, now it's time for some sizzle. i can't think of two people better equipped to do that than bill and hillary clinton. [applause] i have been struck this weekend by the fact that most of the hubbub and spotlight has been focused on hillary rather than build. [applause] i am reminded, back when president kennedy was president, and he went to france and jacqueline accompanied him and she got all the press and everything. when he was introduced he said
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he wanted to introduce himself, the person that accompanied jacqueline kennedy to friends -- france. [applause] feel a bitt bill may like that now. i know he loves the sizzle. [applause] let me say this about our former first lady, form a set that former senator, and secretary of state, hillary clinton. when she was in the white house and the senate, no one thought -- fought morely passionately for health reform. hillary came to the senate as a rock star. after 9/11 she was a rock of gibraltar for all of those people and their families in new york city who suffered after 9/11.
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i was privileged to serve her of her on the health and education committee for eight years. we worked together on a lot of things. one of the things she always worked on was advancing this concept, this idea that health care should be a right and not a privilege in this country. [applause] so, hillary was not there when the affordable care act was signed into law, she was of course secretary of state, but you should all know that her fingerprints were all over that legislation. it would not have happened but for her strenuous advocacy in that committee all those years she was there to get a health care bill passed in congress. [cheers and applause] course, you know, in history
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she is the first first lady ever elected to the united states senate. as secretary of state -- my goodness, what a great job. played a central role in restoring america's image and power around the world. she stressed the smart power of american diplomacy. she put human rights back on the a baric and foreign-policy agenda. -- american foreign-policy agenda. and as much as i have traveled around the world, i can tell you that historic speech that she gave in beijing in 1995 at the women's international summit telling you that it reverberates around the globe today because she said it so poignantly. women's rights are human rights around the world.
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[applause] well, i will bring her up by saying this -- a great friend, a wonderful public servant -- dedicated. this is what i said to my her book, iowa -- hard choices, i see a lot of you got it, it's a great look. read it. there are 25 chapters in that book. i am here to tell you that there are many more chapters to be written in the amazing life of hillary clinton. [applause] >> thank you so much. >> avail they are. my gosh.
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hillary'] ' >> well, hello, iowa. i'm back. applause]d we are all here to thank tom and ruth for their decades of service to our nation. for their generosity, their optimism, their unflagging energy, and their passion. i want to thank emmy -- amy,
1:16 am
jenny, and the entire family for sharing, and ruth with all of us for all of those years. [applause] is also great to be with a lot of friends. i see some special friends, tom and christie, and i heartily echo what tom harkin said about tom's service as secretary of agriculture. he and i worked together. he really likes my book because he is in it. but i also want to thank christie for her service. she is carrying that forward, continuing to work on feed the future and a lot of the programs that tom and i thought -- pioneered together. it does really feel just like yesterday when i was last here at the harkin steak fry. our as my husband prefers to call it now, the stirfried. [laughter]
1:17 am
as i recall, there was a young senator from illinois here at the same time. i wonder whatever happened to him. it has been 70 years and a lot has changed. senator obama became president obama. and to my great surprise, he asked me to join his team as a member of his cabinet. rivals the partners to friends. sometimes we would even reminisce a little bit about old days. let me tell you, he sure loves iowa. [applause] now, when tom harkin called and asked me to come, i have to admit that i wasn't sure what to
1:18 am
say. i've got a few things on my mind the days. [massive cheering and applause] first and most importantly, bill and i are on constant grandchild watch. [applause] i am calling chelsea every five minutes to make sure that things are going alright. in the big moment comes, you can bet that i will drop everything to be there in a flash, so i'm telling you now, if ucs sprinting off the stage, that's why. of course, there's another thing. [applause] [cheering] well, it is true, i am thinking about it.
1:19 am
[cheers and applause] but for today that is not why i am here. ['awws'] i am here for the steak. [laughter] was moreyears, i likely to be eating yak meat in mongolia, having a great time doing it, but thinking a lot about being back home. i am here first and foremost for tom, for ruth, and for the great candidates that you had the chance to elect. for bruce braley, jack hatch, and monica, his running mate, for staci appel, jim, pat murphy, all of the great candidates that are bearing the democratic party standard. [applause]
1:20 am
think about it. in just 50 days, iowans have a choice to make. and a chance. a choice between the guardians of gridlock and the champions of shared opportunity and shared prosperity. a chance to elect leaders who will carry on the heart -- the legacy of tom harkin, of fighting for hard-working families. a chance to elect a governor who the economy should work for everyone. a chance to elect a senator who knows that women should be able to make our own health care decisions. [cheers and applause] and that -- [cheers and applause]
1:21 am
and that, believe it or not, equal pay should mean that you get equal pay for equal work. [cheers and applause] so, although it's wonderful we're all here to salute tom, ruth, and for bill and me to come back to be with you, i know there are a lot of other things you could be doing on this beautiful afternoon. there are errands to run, kids to watch, television to catch up on. but you're here to. you are here because something or someone inspired you to get off the sidelines. to do your part to strengthen the basic bargain
1:22 am
of america. you know what it is. you are or where you come from, if you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve the opportunity, the same opportunity as anyone else, to build a good life for yourself and your family. harkin, that spark was >> for tom, that spark was lit just 20 miles from here in that small town in iowa. for ruth, it was a small farming town in minnesota. the coal miners son and the school temper's daughter learned that the only direction that matters in life is forward. and they also learned to never quit, never lose faith, never stop fighting for others and when you get knocked down, get
1:23 am
right back up. so that's why they are champions for families fighting to get into the middle class and those fighting to stay there, for children, for veterans, for farmers, for people with disabilities, in fact, for all of us. and by the way, if you need any further evidence for how important control of the senate tually is, look no further than tom's efforts to help us pass the global treaty on the rights of people with disabilities. as secretary of state, working with the president, we made the case that this was a tribute to the united states because it was
1:24 am
based on the land marc legislation, the americans with disabilities act. it was one of tom's finest accomplishments. but unfortunately, a handful of republican senators stood in the way despite empassioned please from people with disabilities from across our country, including their own former leader, war hero bob dole. so don't let anyone tell you that it really doesn't matter. throughout his career, tom has gotten results by finding common ground where he could and standing his ground when he should. good jobs, higher wages, better schools, a cleaner environment, civil right rs, quality affordable healthcare, tom has fought for them all. now i served in the senate with
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him for eight years. as he said, we were on the same committee. i know how hard he worked and i know how effective he was getting things done for iowa and for america. how did he do it? well, there is a story told about tom that i think is pretty telling. one of his neighbors from coming said when he was young, tom was pitching hay on a nearby farm to make a little extra money for his family. he was up on a truck catching the bails and suddenly he lost his balance and fell. everyone froze. when tom got up, everybody there said he should just call it a day. but not tom. instead, he dusted himself off, climbed right back up on that
1:26 am
truck and got back to work. now i grew up in a middle class family outside of chicago. very different from where tom was raised. but when i got to know tom and ruth, i recognized in them the same values that i learned from my own parents. my mother had a childhood that none of us would want, abandonned and mistreated first by her parents and then by her grandparents. so she had to start working when she was 14. but she overcame all that she faced. and became a wonderful mother to me and my brothers and she channeled her own struggles into a deep conviction that there is worth and dignity in every human being, that everyone matters. that everyone deserves not just a chance, but a second chance
1:27 am
and even a third chance to keep going and to make something of hemselves. that was one of the most important lessons of my life and i know it was for tom and ruth as well. they've never forgotten where they came from, who they are and what they want to do, to open doors and put that ladder up fur others. they've actually lived that lesson. tom keeps score in politics the same way that bill and i do. we ask ourselves, are people better because of your efforts? do children have brighter futures? do we find ways to work together instead of being apart and divided? one of the reasons this election is so important is because in
1:28 am
washington there is too little cooperation and too much conflict. and when it comes to moving america forward, we know what it takes. we've seen it. we've seen it in tom, we've seen it in bill clinton and we've .een it in barack obama under president obama's leadership our country is on the road to recovery. now here in iowa, for example, exports are up, for farmers they are way up, unemployment is down, down more than 25% since 2009 to just 4.5% this summer. enewable energy production has quadrupled in iowa which means
1:29 am
more jobs and a cleaner environment. and thanks to the r to the affordable care act, insurance companies have been forced to refund more than $1.7 million to iowa families. but for all the progress we've made, president obama and the rest of us will be quick to say we still have a lot of work to do. because it used to be that when productivity went up, wages went up. people could actually see all of that in their paychecks and feel it in their wallets. today you know so well american families are working harder than ever but maintaining a middle class life feels like pushing a boulder up hill every single day. that is not how it's supposed to be in america. this is the country remember where if you work hard, you can
1:30 am
make it. and each generation has done a little better than the one before. that's who we've always been and that is what our country must be again. so that's what this election is really about because in 50 days, every iowa voter needs to know that from the president on down to local officials, we democrats are for raising the minimum wage, for equal pay for equal work, for making college and technical training affordable, for growing the economy to benefit everyone and our opponents are not. [applause] for jack hatch fixing down run down homes led to a business building affordable housing. and then to the state e


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