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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 22, 2014 7:00am-7:46am EDT

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as always, we will take your calls, and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter.
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pictures are the usa today.
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the margin new york drew 310,000 people, according to estimates. the front page of "usa today." this is touted as the largest gathering ever on climate change. of the climate summit will be as much about business as politics. that is the lead in "usa today." , the estimatesrg of the crowds were 310 thousand people. the demonstration comes ahead of that united nations summit on climate change and coincides 100 2600 events planned in 50 countries. the new york march was the largest social demonstration in new york in the last decade.
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that is a bit from bloomberg. we're asking you this morning how big of a priority climate change is for you. our phone lines are open if you want to call in on this topic. you can send us tweets and e-mails. you can check out our facebook page as well. a few comments are already on our facebook page.
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we will look for your tweets and phone calls as well. the phone lines are open. more from the "washington post" story. there are some key absences who are showing up for this climate change summit. some of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases have led skeptics to belittle the new york gathering as meaningless.
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we want to get your thoughts this morning. we will start with angel calling in from washington on the line for democrats. caller: hi. did morning. you are so handsome. thented to say that i think carbon emissions and the idea of having to carbon tax people is only going to crush the middle class and the lower class people. it is not going to hurt or harm the people like al gore.
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he is a complete hypocrite. i find it completely ridiculous. i am very pissed off. i think it is ridiculous that these people are allowed to say we are going to carbon tax you. this is going to crush the middle class. our economic issues more of a priority to you? i don't believe in climate change. seen -- we have had this going on since the 60's. was global cooling and now there is climate change because they can't a cup their mind. this is basically like a menopausal woman.
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give me a break. host: we want to give your thoughts as we talk about find a change. there were demonstrations in new york and around the world yesterday. our phone lines are open. the question is how big of a priority is it for you? the latest cbs poll on top issues among voters ahead of the 2014 election notes that despite conflicts going on overseas, the economy continues to be the most important issue to both republicans and democratic voters in this election. most continue to say that the economy is in bad shape. terrorism comes in second followed by health care, immigration and the budget deficit. we are asking about climate
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change this morning. where does it rank on your priority list? there is a big push from the white house sending the white hat -- president to meetings on climate change issues. secretary kerry said he will focus on climate change throughout the week despite the pressure of other crises, including the insurgent terrorists in iraq and the ebola out rake in iraq. -- outbreak in iraq. state john kerry in "the new york times" being quoted. larry is in jacksonville, florida. good morning. the first democrat that
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called in made it quite clear that it is not a big of a deal and it will crush the middle class in the united states. onmate change has been going in this world for a long time. it will be long after we're gone. it's just the way to control people as far as i'm concerned. there is no scientific fact. there is a lot of him that say that there are. the lady that just called and said al gore puts out more co2 emissions than anything. they are trying to break the backs of coal companies to raise the price. it is just a way to oppress the middle class. that is all the democratic party
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has been trying to do for decades. they are trying to keep america down. that is all i have to say about it erie it host: alexa, good morning. am a member of the green party of new jersey and i was at the march estate. it was incredible. 310,000 people showed up. choose not to believe in climate change, you are putting -- you're not caring about the future. my are not caring about children's future. it is very ignorant. we are better than that. we really are. that is all i have to say. host: bill is in pennsylvania on
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our line for republicans. caller: you know what? it is a good thing that people are so concerned about the earth , to take care of the earth. it is good stewardship to take care of the earth. i don't believe in climate change. i believe this is the way the earth cycles itself. much itlike to know how costs to put all this smog control on a new car. what price of the new car is all of these add-ons that we have to emissions free of whatever it is or whatever that police -- pollutes the environment? host: it is not worth the benefit here?
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caller: i don't think it is. thank you. host: we will move on to bethesda maryland. good morning. weler: i can't believe that are still trying to decide whether or not there is climate change. we are still trying to tell people that evolution exists, the planet is heating up, i just cannot understand why people don't just read. if you look at what is going on in the southern states, they are the ones who are suffering from climate change. they are having all of these catastrophic climate events. it is the democratic states that are paying all the taxes to bail them out. become moreto educated. i have a relative who does not believe in evolution. she says she is never seen a
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fish walk. she does not even know what evolution is. this kind of ignorance has to stop. this is the united states of america. i can't believe this is still going on. "wall street journal" had a piece over the weekend.
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if you want to read that piece, it was in saturday's "wall street journal." we are talking about how big of a priority climate change is for you. mike is in north carolina on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. how important is climate change to me personally? little to none a. that reflects the national polling. it always comes up near the bottom in terms of our everyday lives. these are all immediate concerns. these are things that present an immediate ainge are to -- danger to our lives here in climate
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change exists. to what degree does man influence it, that has yet to be decided. it is not very important to me. i think this is a new religion of the left. at it is another way -- it is i buyr way for them -- into this very this is another way to control our lives and our jobs and our economy. be ans going to incredible burden for the third world countries of the world who are trying to pull themselves out of poverty. need low cost fossil fuels in order to create jobs and create energy to pull themselves out of poverty. oris not a priority
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immediate need for me or anyone that i know. we have been showing some of the front pages featuring some of the marchers at that new york rally. over 310,000 individuals showed up. this is the front page of one of the three daily newspapers in new york. we are asking how much of a priority climate change is for you. we have had some tweets come in. members of congress are sending as tweets over the weekend this march was happening in new york.
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we want to get your thoughts for the next half hour or so on "washington journal there go --." climate change isn't a
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necessary evil. if it rains, it rains. if it snows, it snows. parties are so that the mayans used to sacrifice people to the sun god for better crops and rain or whatever. is that what we are going to go to next? the climate changes. trying to squeeze money out of us and killed jobs just so you have something to complain about is it going to do any good. you can't stop the weather from changing. ask a farmer. they are going to tell you. when it's a bad season it, it's
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a bad season. it get over it. these highly intellectual types are overthinking the issue. the heirs to an oil fortune talk about climate change. several stories are noting that there join the call for action as the climate summit opens. we want to get your thoughts and comments this morning.
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adam is in pennsylvania on the rock -- line for republicans. caller: hi there. where do i start? this is been happening forever. we don't worry about the chinese. it happens every day. we have to go back to the stone age to compensate for what they are doing. nobody talks about them. let's say we lived about 10,000 years ago. started melting. the end of the world is coming. it is never going to come. i am not art of that religion about global warming. the sun does most of the changes to the earth.
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thanks. host: some of the other countries mentioned in several stories are the effects of carbon emissions of other countries, specifically asian countries. it this is a chart from "usa today" that goes with their story. the asian-pacific region carbon emissions are up. you can see north america is at .8%
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the editorial board of the "wall street journal" notes that present obama will achieve more when he speaks tuesday on his that stuff on the global warming grand prix.
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the lead editorial in today's "wall street journal there go --." good morning. my comment is i relate to people who eat organic food. carelize we have to take of the environment. we can't just trash it. sometimes laws get extreme. they don't think. they are bike -- like people who buy organic food. they say that it is better for you. they don't even have the thought press to know i am drinking the water. the water has every chemical from these farms. guy who is same worried about climate change. they are not thinking. you can't stop climate change. if they think a little bit they would see we are just giving
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somebody that wants to make money and convert all this hurried these people will line up for all of this money to switch over to solar. we don't need to switch over. i would rate it at about a zero for me. we're are asking our viewers where you would rank it. jeff is on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. i just had a comment about how people are talking about whether or not there is climate change. i wanted to echo a caller. the real debate should not be on whether or not humans are causing climate change. effects going to be the and policies the democrats will take us back to the 1800s?
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we aren't even the big producer of all of the world's lima change -- climate change and co2 emissions. i heard something about how one of these climate panels said even if we were to take drastic actions to change the climate anuation, that would have effect of less than 1% of reduction in the global carbon output. it is a matter of a lot of things. people have to ask them selves what are some of the other incentives for democrats to do this? what are some of the root causes? what do you think the other incentives are question? caller: i think there are need somey democrats
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of these poor families to get some of the services that they need. that is what causes a lot of our issues. who has ae, a family kid is going to vote for president who is going to try and pass some kind of socialized health care program whether or losshey think it has a nap on the economy or not. i think it is a sad fact. is the bestcracy form of government. enoughle are responsible and have the moral values to promote good laws, that will to factve mentality is a sad
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that is slipping toward a more socialist style country. het: one of the questions asked what the solutions are that are being proposed. times," thererk is an article. in illinois on our line for independents. caller: hi.
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i just want to say that there are problems bigger than environmentalism. there is war and education and crime and economics. to say to the nonbelievers to ask themselves what if we're wrong? we should take care of the earth. matter ifis going to we screw up our food supply or all kinds of things could happen? andink people want to think believe what they already believe. that's all. host: one programming note. treasury secretary jack lew will about the economic
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effects of climate change. 4:00 p.m.ppening at today or did you can watch it live on c-span. -- timo to tamara on the on the republican line. the atomic bombs we exploded and the bombs to the chinese exploded, nobody is blaming that for climate change. i would think that would change the climate more than my exact pipe. there should be a lot of japanese that were crated in 1945. host: we will go to scott in new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i belong to the human party.
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i am 52 years old. , there was a one car family back then. now you have two or three cars. everyone says climate change, we have no answers. us a plant that we can grow and we can harvest the seeds and make fuel from the seed. motor wasirst diesel made by john diesel who made hemp fuel. we could do a multi-trillion dollar economy that could go to hemp fuel. the farmers could make money. we could refine it and ship it.
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everybody needs a diesel motor so we will have to open factories and start making diesel motors. big of aare asking how priority climate change is for you. we will keep taking your calls. we want to let you know some of the other news going on around the world. later in today's show, we will have a former chairman of the on thisiefs of staff program to talk about the threat of isis and the strategy to combat isis. that issue of the topic of many of the sunday shows yesterday. bob gates was on "this week." he was asked about the use of ground troops. he said the u.s. will have to use some type of ground troop to defeat isis. it this is what he had to say. the strategy can't succeed
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without boots on the ground. do you think the president's strategy is doomed or is he not being straight with the american people? was absolute right to wait until we had a new government and iraq before taking any steps. , the primary right ground action has to be by the iraqis and the kurds and the sunnis in north and western iraq. what i believe and what i suspect most military people believe is given the mission the president has assigned, degrade and destroy, some small number advisers or trainers are going torces have to be in harms way. i think that number will be very small.
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will be talking about the same issues later on. be talking about the threat of homegrown terrorism here in the united states. also, in foreign policy news, the city front page of "the washington journal." to rival presidential candidates agreed yesterday to share power and attack a three-month crisis over a disputed election results.
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some of the world headlines going on. we have about 15 minutes left it your thoughts on the question of crime change. let's go to baltimore, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. as a veteran of like to up apologize to the japanese people for that ridiculous comment we just heard. change,ence to climate i believe it is natural. we are part of the earth. the earth will adjust. the earth adjusted. to tax ourts want
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pattern of life. they try to scare us. is going toearth kill us and we are killing the earth. it is going to hurt the middle class along with everything else that they do. onould like to see a study the people in new york, what kind of climate change that created. i do think anybody will put on a study for that. we have to focus on the big things. you just talked about homeland security. we were supposed to be there as trainers for the iraqis. they pulled us out of the camp we were in. now look at the result.
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we need to get our priorities straight. we to make sure that we are focused on the right things. is tacoma,ew washington. caller: that guy's training did a lot of good with those iraqis. more to the point, i think fossil fuels are important for humankind moving forward and regressing. i think to completely ignore the side effects of it is off a little bit. leland is waiting in new jersey on the republican line. it good morning. one of the previous collars said he was talking about climate. this change in carbon concentration is the greatest ever seen in the history of the
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united states. no other time in the history of the earth have the parts per million gone out so quickly. the closest time we have to that is a time when 95% of earth's life when extinct. it is sad to see somebody people talking about not been able to tell the between climate and environment and weather. there are simple solutions to this. all they have to do is traded derivative for the climate. wall street does that for farmers. climate do that for the and let these deniers and vest in the other side of the question and have them lose their money. the chart we showed you from usa today also tracks carbon emissions and billions of tons.
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let's go to larry in tennessee on the democrat line. caller: good morning. think climate needs to be addressed. i have several points. costswant to focus on the of the climate change, all we have to look at is the cost of repairing new jersey, new with the more prevalent superstorm's that are common around. all the damage they have done to our coastal waters and the
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repairs that have to be done it, that is a tremendous drain of and loss ofurces lives. for people that don't believe in climate change, all you have to do is look at the temperature changes in our daily temper changes -- temperature changes over the last 200 years. in the lastramp-up 50 years. all you have to do is look at the ocean temperatures and how they have ramped up. they are continuing to rise. if you want to look at it on a firsthand basis, go to alaska. there is a bay up in alaska. . there was a cruise ship that goes up in their.
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glaciers that were emptying into this bay. now there are seven. leave thereat don't is climate change, do you think somebody is heating up those glaciers that are formed from ?rozen who host: and a time we have left, we have some domestic headlines as well. the domestic abuse scandal hitting the national foot tall leg continues to make headlines. numbers of congress are weighing in on that. senators was on face the nation yesterday. this is what she had to say but the issue. >> i think i can speak for all
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the women in the senate i saying we are surprised and amazed and resolute to do something about it. i am an oldthat, 49er fan. i was the mayor of five super bowl's. a hermetic growth in violence. if you combine violence with alcohol in a social setting, you get a very unpredictable result. i think there is no place for this. a player is arrested they should be suspended. if they are convicted, that ends it. i know there are contracts. this is gone on a too long. it is getting too bad. have to set an example for the rest of society.
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foot all is a major sport. it is a great lead. i have known the roger goodell and pete roselle. there has to be a strength in the league and a half to project the values of what is right and wrong. to let players continue to play after they have been convicted of what would be a felony, i think is a huge mistake. that was senator dianne feinstein yesterday. d.c., fallout continues from the security breach at the white house on friday. this is the front page story from the "washington post. "
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we have that time for just a few of your calls. big of ahange, how priority is it for you? philip has been waiting. like -- it seems like a lot of your callers are confusing politics with climate change. all of the arguments are based on their politics. if you look at what is happening , they are having deaths because of poison air. at the united states before we had the epa, i used to
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fly into cities and there would just be a brown cloud over the entire city. those clouds have gone away because of the epa. were poisoned by unrelated -- unregulated industry. we now have 7 billion people on the earth. this is never happened before. we need to control our use of energy. we need to find alternatives. we miss a great economic opportunity that this affords whatever country provides the leadership in finding the replace method to fossil fuels. they are poisoning our atmosphere. one more call from virginia on the line for independents.
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climate change i do believe is real. i believe it is done by god and not by man on earth. money look at all of the most of the scientists who believe in global warming is done by man, they are all getting money from governments. as long as you give the government the information they want, you're going to keep getting money. you've got a bunch of scientists that say it is not done by man. these people that are pushing this are a bunch of hypocrites. they are preaching about how doesn't stop that them from flying all over the country.


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