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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 24, 2014 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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cooperation. one year ago, this week, as we know, we remember the attack on the westgate mall in nairobi that claimed dozens of lives. a resolution which we have just adopted is therefore an unfortunate necessity. and we will continue to do our part. that, whateverd atrocities are being committed only then can efforts address the root causes.
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people, especially young ones should feel that they have a stake in their country. thus we fully endorse the call for a broad-based approach. terrorism driven by the ideology of genocide. we have responded with force when necessary. but more importantly, we have remained committed to building inclusive and a, noble institutions. the integration problem, a partnership with the united
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nations and the world bank has provided tens of thousands with a way out of extremism. this resolution reflects the terrorism is a problem for the entire world. we stand ready to walk together to make sure that with others, we address this change. i thank you, mr. president. >> i give the floor to his majesty king abdulla. >> thank you, mr. president. thank president obama for his leadership on this issue. we can be counted on to play our part. we need to shut down the sources of extra mist support and push back and defeat these groups. of themands a coalition
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determined, one that can combat threats with consistency and resolve. allow me to salute the partnership that is gearing up. three principles are important as we proceed. the first is global reach and commitment. only in syrianot and iraq but also in sinai, nigeria, libya, yemen, all of africa. is not an arab or muslim fight anymore. it affects every delegate here and beyond. fight of our times. success requires a united struggle backed up by strong resources. success also requires a holistic approach. transnational terror groups on the back of crises. winning hearts and minds requires a strong stand against
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poverty and exclusion. securityel with measures, there must be diplomacy, development, job creation, and more. the second key principle is immediate action. is moving worldwide through social media. territoryesource rich they hold, the more self-perpetuating they become. time is of the essence. we have started taking action and the coalition must see this through. the third requirement is transparency. these groups rely on international transactions and support. to be a zero tolerance policy to any country, organization, or individual that facilitate, support, or finances terror groups or provides
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weapons or promotes propaganda whether through media outlets or misusing religious clerics that insight and helps recruit fighters to these terrorist groups. compliance must also be absolute. countries cannot comply and one theater while making mischief in another. in every religion and country, city figures must speak out against intolerance. isis and related ideologies are in no way related to islam. nor should we commit any form of islam a phobia. jordan has taken faith-based initiatives and we are working on a security council resolution that will address the systematic targeting of religious communities. the world must also act as one the solve global injustices. we cannot underestimate the a sense of power or
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exclusion from basic human rights. is a justforemost resolution to the palestinian israeli conflict. united global voices vital supporting an inclusive political solution in syria. and in iraq, we are encouraged to see a solid start for an inclusive new government that will fight terrorist efforts. finally, i hope there will be a call to action to support countries like my own on the forefront of the fight. jordan is a critical linchpin of stability. and just this week, we have foiled yet another terrorist operation. remain a major shock absorber for massive refugee flights from syria. but we are holding up these critical responsibilities under enormous economic pressure.
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a key support will play role keeping our country resilient and moving forward. jordan also seeks a push to get refugee assistance flowing for all host countries and communities and inside syria itself. >> i think his majesty for his statement. i next give the floor to her excellency, president of the republic of chile. >> esther president, i think the united states in their initiative to organize this security council debate on foreign terrorist fighters. this growing at alarming phenomenon is linked to one of the most serious threats of international peace and security, terrorism. it cannot be associated with any nationality or religion or civilization. because of the atrocities
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committed by boko haram and the islamic state of iraq, advising a large number of foreign terrorist fighters, we must take urgent and preventative measures to deal with this international threat. the participation of such fighters is aggravating the conflict, the humanitarian social and economic crises. response, members of this council must be timely and effective advising suitable strategies and mechanisms to prevent foreign terrorist fighters leaving their countries, crossing borders, and providing access to financial resources. of the resolution today response to this necessity. it is vital we act on many fronts at the same time international cooperation on all levels being decisive. any strictly national effort will be in vain.
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action is also required at the regional and global level as well as good practices in fighting terrorism. we also feel international cooperation is key to prevent impunity for those responsible for terrorist acts. statescall upon member to strengthen these mechanisms for cooperation. beingo support the work done by the security council sanctions committee and we urge these committees to continue working closely with all member states. the democratic development of our country's requires us to deal with terrorist threats decisively and be alert to new manifestations of this phenomenon. to have permanent and legitimate achievement, we must deal with it in all of its social complexity, taking into account peace and international security, sustainable
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development, and the strict respect for human rights. only in this way will we achieve lasting and legitimate result echo be fully supported by our societies. the counterterrorism measures adopted by states must respect rigorously the rule of law and comply with obligations from human rights law and international humanitarian law in the u.n. charter. we need to apply timely and effective coercive measures, but that is not enough. me, we have said before must tackle underlying causes and one of the most effective tools includes strengthening the democratic culture, education, and work with disadvantaged groups of society. words, greater social integration and inclusion is undoubtedly a long-term endeavor of prevention that we must embark upon today.
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chile has ratified the convention's that make up the framework to combat terrorism. and we have supported key resolutions in this council. we also have the united nations global strategy to prevent this scourge because we are convinced that can be no context excuse or justify acts of terrorism. it is essential that we deal with the situation without leading to propagation including ruleicts, absence of the of law, violations of human rights, discrimination because of religious or ethnic regions -- reasons. chile continues to be a safe and stable country but it has also faced isolated acts of terrorism that we are going to defeat because we acted
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decisively and our whole society can resist them. stronger progress is than those that do not understand the deepest sense of democracy or the value of human life. to express my country solidarity with the militants of terrorism and their andlies, especially women children. will support efforts to combat international terrorism and promote the human rights of all individuals, can't you getting to the peace, stability, and government of our peoples. >> i think her excellency for her statement and give the floor to her excellency, president of the republic of korea. >> mr. president, we are here today to tap into our collective wisdom as we take on an emerging
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challenge for peace and security in our world. isil and terrorist fighters from around the globe are endangering a rock. -- iraq. it's not just one country or one region. it affects us all. coming as it does after president obama's isis strategy and the latest action couldn't have come at a better time. againstught the fight terrorism to the top of the global agenda. a cause that this council has been key to advancing. koreans, isis rule slaughter of innocent people is an appalling reminder of a similar fate that befell our own citizens 10 years ago.
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there can never be any excuse for trampling the norms of humanity and the random killing of women and children. they go against what islam stands for, what civilization stands for, and what humanity stands for. fighters serve as their minions. they slip across borders to spread terror. mankind.a curse to today's milestone resolution highlights the need for greater cooperation to better combat this threat. this includes information sharing, order control, tackling , extremism, and law enforcement. korea will implement it
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thoroughly. those will be brought sternly to justice. nor can we neglect the more fundamental approach of dealing with conditions conducive to terrorism. anding rid of poverty making development sustainable. these are essential if we are to address the root cause of terrorism. korea is a partner in this campaign. to leastcreasing developed countries and we are giving humanitarian aid to andtries threatened by isil foreign fighters. we must go further and remain ever vigilant against cyber and nuclear terrorism.
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and the chaos and destruction they could unleash. all too often, cyberspace is used to finance, recruit for, and insight radical violence. cyberspace from becoming not only the target of terror, but also a tool of terror. nuclear terrorism, however unthinkable, is also a possibility. the post-9/11 world has already seen terrorist groups seeking nuclear materials. this is why international efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism must be stepped up. president obama's leadership in promoting -- proposing a summit on nuclear security five years chamber, todayy
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the global regime for security is getting stronger. in the same vein, meeting today to rally the collective results. may it kickstart concrete international actions against the new scourge of foreign fighters. to fight against faceless and nameless terrorists without borders won't be easy. we also know that terrorizing human dignity and humanity is a strategy that is doomed to fail. seven decades ago, the founder of the u.n. defeated the totalitarian threat and envisioned a world of peace. humanityhat puts
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first. this council is a guardian of rights and dignity to humans. it must meet the challenge of violent extremism and foreign fighters spread it. and the effort to stem this threat, you will always find in korea a committed partner. >> i think her excellency for her statement and i give the floor to his excellency mr. david cameron, prime minister of the united kingdom, great britain, and northern ireland. iraq andnflict in syria is shocking the world with its barbarity. , beheadings, eyes being cashed out, rate, it is horrific. it is literally medieval in its character. the appalling murder of the french citizen is the latest horror and the french president
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and french people have all our sympathies. one of the most disturbing aspect is how this conflict is sucking in our own young people from modern prosperous societies. is far greater today than it has ever been in previous conflicts. for his personal leadership on this critical issue. it is an issue that affects us all. let me say that from my own country, 500 of these fanatics have gone the syria and iraq. the shocking murders of james foley, stephen sotloff and david haig underlies the sinister and direct nature of this threat. british people are sick and that a british citizen could be involved in murdering people, including a fellow british
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citizen who had gone to syria to help people in this way. it is the opposite of what our peaceful and tolerant country stands for. we need a response that involves every part of government and society and every country involved in the widest international coalition. there are no easy answers or quick fixes. i believe we will be dealing with the effects of this threat for years because this is not just about isil. --s about book look around but boko haram and al qaeda. anywhere there is the poisonous narrative of extremism. i believe there are three things we can do. reinforce our counterterrorist efforts to prevent attacks and hunt down those planning them. for our part, we are introducing new powers to strengthen our ability to seize passports and
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stop suspects from traveling and allow us to temporarily prevent british nationals from getting back in the country and ensure that airlines comply with the no fly list and security screening arrangements. and allow security services to apply for stronger constraints for those remaining in the u.k. but propose a risk. crucial, we must defeat the poisonous ideology of extremism that is the root cause of this terrorist threat. there are the website and preachers of violence, and those must he taken down. but as evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted, it is clear many of them were initially influenced by preachers that claimed not to encourage violence but whose worldview can be used as a justification for it. we know with this worldview is.
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the peddling of lives. plot or1 was a jewish the london attacks was staged. a deliberate act of western policy. the inevitable clash of civilization. to defeat the ideology of extremism, we need to deal with all forms of extremism. not just violent extremism. that means banning preachers of hate, proscribing organizations that incite terrorism at home and abroad and stopping extremist with -- whether violent or nonviolent from inciting hatred or intolerance. in other words, firm and decisive action to protect and uphold the values of our free and democratic society. we need to provide an alternative narrative, particularly for these young people. that missiles can
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kill terrorists the government can kill terrorism. as has nothing to do with the religion of islam, a religion of peace. we need muslim country after muslim country and leader after leader to speak out as a king of jordan did so clearly today, kenny -- condemning those people. third and finally, as well as the action we each take individually, and must do more working together to defeat this threat. will only of isil come if we use all weapons at our disposal. must feed and help the effect did -- the afflicted. and we need governments that represent all of their people and deal with their grievances. the united kingdom is committed to meeting this challenge.
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only a coherent and correlated response can tackle this threat. it must be part of a conference a strategy to dismantle and destroy isil. arabst work in tandem with states, always in support of local people, in line with legal obligations and as part of a plan that involves our aid and diplomacy and our military. we need to act and we need to act now. >> i think his excellency for his statement and give the floor to his excellency to the prime minister of the commonwealth of australia. >> i am happy to be here at your urging, mr. president. it is the widest of matters that are in this together today. thousands of misguided people from around the world are joining terrorist groups in syria and a rack because they claim islam is under threat and
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because they are excited by the prospect of battle. but whatever they think or say, these terrorist are not fighting for god or for religious fights. at the heart of every fanatic group is an infatuation with death. what else can explain the beheadings, crucifixions, mass executions, sexual slavery, the terrorist movement now entrenched in syria and northern rack. the terrorist movement calling itself the islamic state mocks the duties of a legitimate state towards it citizens. and to use this term is to dignify a death cult. war on declaring itself the world. countries need to work together to defeat it. we have citizens fighting with
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isil and every country is a potential target. lastly, a trillion operative instructed his local network to conduct demonstration killings. this week, australian terror suspect savagely attacked two policemen. it's hard to imagine that citizens of a pluralist democracy could have succumbed to such delusions, but clearly they have. destroying government will be utterly unflinching towards anything that threatens our future as a free, fair, and multicultural society. a beacon of hope and example of unity and diversity. more than 60 is trillions are fighting. more than 60 have had their passports suspended to prevent them from joining terrorist
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groups in the middle east. our laws are changing to ensure foreign fighters returning home can be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for a very long time. we are not just dealing with potential terrorists at home. we are tackling their inspiration abroad. combat aircraft and special forces now in the middle east preparing to join the international coalition to isil at thedegrade request of the iraqi government. i congratulate you, mr. president in the leadership you have shown a sibling or broad coalition. the participation of middle eastern countries in this week's strike is the clearest possible demonstration that words can't solve this problem alone. our goal is not to change people but to protect them. it's not to change government
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but to combat terrorism. governments that don't commit genocide against their own people nor permit terrorism against hours, that's all we see. what seems to be darkening times, there are grounds for hope. all butor has generated universal revulsion. they have declared that the movement is against god, against islam, and against common humanity. realization is now dawning for all people, all cultures, and all faith that it can never be right to kill in the name of god and it would be a moral victory far surpassing any military success.
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>> i think his excellency prime minister abbott for his statement. i give the floor to his excellency, the prime minister of the granted she of luxembourg. >> thank you, mr. president. our friend the french president, let me express our deep condolences today to france and all the families and victims whose nationalities we don't know who are attacked by terrorists that use religion to commit barbaric acts. anduld second what the u.k. australian just said just now and also the king of jordan, that to use religion to commit barbaric acts is really the worst thing a person can do. think you for convening this security council summit.
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we affirm the full commitment of luxembourg. it is a threat that is considerably increased in recent months and i think that previous speakers have very well describe the problem for europe and for my own country. the threat emanating from foreign terrorist fighters is a matter of growing concern. it is estimated thousands of foreign fighters have joined terrorist groups such as the islamic state in iraq or al qaeda and its affiliates. they return to their countries of origin, these terrorist fighters continue to present a danger. atrocities committed in lebanon and the terrorist attack perpetrated against the jewish museum in brussels last
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may are examples that attest to the fact that the threat is real. there is no magic formula. it is obvious we must all act together. the response of the international community and the security council needs to be up to the challenge. resolution 2178 that we have just unanimously adopted at the initiative of the unite is a and which luxembourg has been honored to cosponsor. i see three priorities going forward. intensify efforts to prevent radicalization which could lead to terrorism and counter violent extremism. how does a young person who's record was flawless yesterday become a terrorist tomorrow? a radicalization awareness network has been put in place by the european commission following an approach based on support of local communities. this network connects those who
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are in direct contact with targeted individuals or vulnerable groups to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices. part of the is prevention strand of the european union counterterrorism strategy and should be strengthened. effort thatng-term we intend to pursue including when luxembourg assumes the presidency of the council of the european union during the second half of 2015. we must make every effort to try to prevent those that want to leave to fight to traveling to conflict zones. strengthen cooperation among member states. the european union is working on this. we need to put in place robust legislation to ensure fighters can be effectively prosecuted and brought to justice on their return. of a terrorist group as well as training constitutes many offenses.
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the government is working on updating the criminal code to fully take into account the threat of foreign terrorist fighters. efforts ofouble our foreign terrorist fighters. luxembourg is conscious of its special responsibilities in this regard. my country has adopted a full and consistent arsenal of legislative and regulatory measures in the fight against any laundering and terrorist financing. particularng attention to their effective implementation. these measures fully take into account the recommendations of the financial action task force of atf. i would like to conclude by stressing an essential point. the fundamental freedoms and rule of law need to be an integral part of the counterterrorism strategy.
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international human rights law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law, otherwise we would only heighten the sense of injustice and impunity which fuels radicalization and the threat of terrorism. >> you asked the world to join in the fight against the islamic state. -- wee no regard for our huma .ust be steadfast take you for your attention. you, his excellency, for your excellent statement.
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i give the floor to his excellency, foreign affairs of the russian federation. >> dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, terrorism -- [indiscernible] it is fueled by drug trafficking and seized oil fields and extremist ideas including an ethnic basis. another terrorist units have come of age in the middle east and have acquired capacities for , not criminal activities without assistance from outside is a weakening of state regainedons and having in strength, extra scripts jeopardize the future of the entire state as is clearly seen syria, libya,
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lebanon, and molly. -- mali. building up terrorism in any form and abandoning double standards. we need all states to complement the resolutions and call for ending incitement to terrorism and all channels of illegal trafficking and sanctions against the telegram, al qaeda, and prohibit the dissemination of weapons from libya. we supported 2170 that is ratcheting up sanctions on those operating in syria and iraq. have them agree on fundamentally important issues and make great decisions relying on the u.n. charter. after the intervention in iraq thethe bombing of libya,
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problem of foreign terrorist fighters has seriously worsened. those in the middle east and africa and the afghan pakistan boundary, we need a comprehensive approach that encompasses social and ideological components of this issue. and also respect the sovereignty of all states. councilrt the security adopting a resolution aimed at choking off any activities for terrorist fighters. and who like to caution against the temptation to narrow down the problem because it's inhuman ideology and revolting executions is not the only threat to the region and considering all of its amensions, we propose representative forum involving countries of the region, the
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african union, the league of arab states, the permanent members of the security council and other stakeholders. it also should address long-standing conflicts, the primary being the arab-israeli conflict. is one of the primary reasons enabling terrorist to receive more support and recruit ever new members into their ranks. we call for looking at the deeper cause of the problems and avoid responding solely to symptoms. , joint analysis of the situation as a how this problem came up and work our way out of this chaos. >> i think his excellency for his statement. hisw give the floor to excellency, minister of foreign affairs of the people's republic of china.
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president, china initiative of the un security council summit on terrorism as well as the resolution adopted by the security council today. bes resolution should implemented effectively and in a comprehensive and balanced manner. decide the fundamental human rights and challenge the bottom line of human civilization. it is a common enemy of all mankind. al qaeda launched the 9/11 attacks in this very city, an incident that shocked the entire world and took away 3000 innocent lives. , theyhe end of last year have orchestrated and carried attacks and violent
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caused heavy casualties. today, a new terrorist incident took place. we wish to give our condolences to france and express our solidarity with france. it deserves serious national attention and vigilance. easticts in the middle draw terrorists and extra miss into the region from all over the world. serious threat to the security and stability of many countries and the world as a whole. in this era of rising interconnectivity, financing has become easier. international portals have taken shape.
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social media has become a battlefield to spread their ideology and a platform to recruit terrorism. are young people susceptible to ideas. they must stay alert. competing with us for our future generations. this is a battle bearing on the future of our world. rising once again, we must here to the practices and of by by international law and norms. the united nations and the security council have to take a leading role. this is the only way to maintain and take concerted actions. we must adopt a multi-firm
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approach. it should be fought with an integrated approach that includes measures in the international intelligence and ideological views, especially removing the breeding ground. military actions must comply with the u.n. charter. we must follow a consistent standard. any act of terrorism whenever and wherever it is committed must be fought. no double standards should be adopted and terrorism should be identified not within a group of religions. we must come up with new thinking and new steps. china wishes to propose the following. we should step up information gathering and sharing. givenn. should be
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information on such matters, establishing a counterterrorism database. second, we should strengthen counterterrorism on the internet. measures should be taken to stop the spread of ideas, especially the releasing of audio and video materials. internet companies should exercise self-discipline. should create a code of conduct for the cyber industry. framework of the global counterterrorism for him later this year. we must block the terrorist movement and financing of terrorism. it ought to fulfill international obligations or accept border control. they must see financial
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regulation and crack down on underground i. actions to crack engaging inonnel advocating extremism, we should protect normal religious activity and promote public awareness. thus injecting more positive energy in society. mr. president, the middle eastern countries are on the frontline and it is extremely important for these countries to work in unity and coronation and put aside their differences. support the town to terrorism capacity building. provide 60 million for emergency humanitarian assistance. terrorism, all
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countries have destinies bound together. china will continue to participate. terrorism has no place to hide and will be thoroughly defeated. cracks i think his excellency for his statement. to matters i want to mention before we go to our next speaker. that we had 101 cosponsors for this resolution. i just received an update that we now have 104. i think it is worth noting the overwhelming interest and support in this issue. and consistent with our earlier agreement and past president, we toe opened this forum
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leaders of countries that are not currently on the council but have an extraordinary deep interest not only in the problem we have discussed today, the issue of foreign fighters but also critical in us solving this problem. i want to now welcome and give the floor to his excellency, prime minister of the republic of iraq. cracks in the name of god the compassionate. of thesident and members council, i thank you for holding the meeting which reflects intention on the question of terrorism and i thank you for your invitation to attend this high-level meeting.
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i thank you personally for the iraqort you provide to confronting terrorism. we stand in the first line of confrontation of terrorism and against the islamic state organization which has attacked iraq and displeased thousands of its citizens in the north and the occupied areas and has killed hundreds of our citizens and others and had targeted religious minorities. these areas have suffered sectarian and religious lensing and changed demographics restored cultural legacies. targeting and killing them in variousets, and other
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citizens. extremistsixture of which claim allegiance to islam and they are actually causing more damage and have adopted alsorian rhetoric and creates problems with all groups. this is not an internal organization. it is a transnational organization that derive strength from the ideological cover consisting of the theory of religious opinions that andide hatred for the other finding pleasure in shedding blood and the heading others.
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network andg president of several states that provide liquidity to this organization in addition to all andgling networks in iraq the territories under the control of isis. third, the support that this from recruitment networks throughout the world that recruit members and facilitate it and keys into a rack. and again, networks that spread news about this organization and help recruit members. supporters, therefore this threat is not limited to a rack and requires international support to confront it. we will not allow regional disagreements or international disagreements to affect the
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priority of this threat or to disburse this international alliance. are onlym that allegiance is to a rack and its people. distinguished members of the council, we express our gratitude to all the states that have stood beside us. is theernationally, it cornerstone for its defeat. we call upon the security council and all people of countries, first providing all forms of support and assistance to the government of a rack to defeat terrorism and protect the unity and independence and .overeignty of a rack
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the blocking of all sources of financing and financing networks including areas under control of isis. blocking the entrance and stopping all forms of support including dismantling and criminalization of a recruitment network. use ofing isis from the technology for its ideology including the use of the and the spread of the horrifying news throughout the media. worldt from the entire for construction whether it is thepying these states or cars that explode in these areas.
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withk has been successful the use of our heroic security forces and the courageous people that have responded to the call of the spiritual leaders. rack is also succeeded in a peaceful transition of power and increasing an international alliance and this is a necessity, a priority for the confrontation of terrorism. and it was an urgent effort to terrorism.end the in the region of a rack and the neighborhood states , standing together with us in this confrontation and this andd be based on political
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military operations and common interests. >> i think his excellency for his statement. we recognize that iraq is on the front lines. the fight against eckstrom is him and terrorism and we are heartened by the numerous countries that have pledged iraq in support of this fight. i like to give the floor to his excellency, president of the republic of turkey. turkey has obvious lead-in deeply affected by both the flow of foreign fighters and the displacement that has resulted in the conflict of neighboring states. we the president for being here today.
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>> president obama and secretary-general, distinguished guests. i would like to start by thanking my friend for enabling such an important discussion at the highest level. the foreign terrorist fighters are no doubt the very important issue, one that has presented itself as a reflection and symptom of a bigger problem in the collapse of the southern neighborhood and resulting chaos and instability. unfortunately, the region has become a magnet for terrorist fighters. turkey with the emergence of instability of syria has repeatedly made all the necessary warnings to the international community about this threat.
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the inertia of the international community despite the policies of violence has prepared the ground for al qaeda to reemerge and grow stronger under the name of isil with support of the regime. is apread of the threat result of conditions on the ground and has been nurtured by the earlier sectarian policies. under the circumstances, the international community has to work together. all problems can be overcome if the international community arks together to have long-term approach of comprehensive and realistic approach. in turkey has been taking a leading role in this direction and has been working to present -- flow of foreign fighters prevent the flow of foreign
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fighters. the threat of foreign terrorist riders start the moment these individuals report from the source country. individualsst these should start in the source countries and our initial targets for us is to present -- prevent their entry into turkey. upon theeen calling countries concerned to cooperate with us on this topic. it timely reaction has not been shown. we finally witnessed recently an increased share of information from the source countries. strugglee scope of our , around 6300 individuals has been included and close to a thousand foreigners have been deported and we have established
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risk analysis groups at the airport. i would like to once again emphasize that we can stop this flow of foreign fighters only if our friends and partners show themselves the spirit of cooperation as well. is the important issue exposition of these measures, the damaged our common civilized values. turkey has suffered for years from the malaise of terrorism that has lame the lives of thousands of its children. we are among the best to know the pain that terror in tales. and we would be among the first to try to make sure that we can prevent youngsters from all around the world the fallen to the hands of terrorism. and together with the united states, launched the global counterterrorism forum.
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turkey takes all national, regional, and international steps to counter this threat and is taking enhanced measures in this regard. is a terrorist organization with blood on its hands. and our government has taken all necessary legal measures in this respect. taken withs will be new regard to regional stability and humanitarian ideas. there is a huge pressure and since the beginning of the conflict in syria, we have received 1,300,000 syrian refugees from every ethnic and sectarian group. refugees 140,000
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fleeing have found shelter in our country and we are also temporarily housing several thousand from iraq. despite the expectation of solidarity, we have not received the kind of support we have been looking for from the international community. us.s very sad for it turkey's determination cannot be questioned. if we go deep to the roots of the conflict and ensure the desire of solidarity, we can get results. it should be to create an atmosphere of peace and stability where millions of our brothers can safely return home and others can feel themselves part of iraq. this continues to be our goal and turkey will continue to
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carry out efforts in this regard. >> i think his excellency for his statement. i now give the floor to his qatar.s of the state of >> members of the council and president, i think president obama for convening this important meeting and i hope will drink than our collective efforts to do with the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters. the international community agrees with respect to the on terrorism.
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this is in imminent danger. hence, we need to deal with it as a priority. the peoples of the region unfortunately have paid a heavy price with respect to this phenomenon. [indiscernible] for logical and reasons. i said this morning to the general assembly that in the modern era there is no civilization that has not had to deal with [indiscernible] fatal mistake to attach this violence to one culture or religion or nationality, whatever they be. it goes without saying that the international nature of terrorism and the use of met -- modern technologies contribute to spread this courage -- scourge. this is impossible without
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international solidarity. are parte in qatar we of the international solidarity to do was terrorism and we will deal with this nationally and internationally. choice but ather security response, urgent response given the imminent threat posed i terrorist groups -- terroristnd combatants across borders. the current state of alert should not make us forget the origins or motivations for this phenomenon. in fact, terrorism should be a very rare and exceptional phenomenon. however, when we see terrorist entirehave under them top relations and countries, --
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territories and countries, when orre is a political vacuum -- anecome instrument instrument of murder and repression, the that leavesfor --logue or political forces rhat leaves no space fo dialogue or political forces to act. there are regimes of terror killing their own people and if the efforts aimed at eradicating terrorism need to bear fruit, you would have to come back to the state. same framework -- [indiscernible] wait until more people are killed and we cannot overcome terrorism unless
5:04 pm
andety is affected by this we respond to the bloody repressions such as that we see we area or the kind that witnessing in iraq. rejection ofto the other people, that is different. we need to refer to the following items. we have heard military action is not the sole solution. this is within the framework of political solutions that open the door to a better future. necessaryit is [indiscernible] aspect to beical credible and we should avoid double standards when civilians are aimed, the response should be the same regardless of the origins of this violence against civilians. stand by while
5:05 pm
thousands are killed. there is always the explanation for this but i fear that this gives a sense that there is a double standard. -- we need to ensure the rule of law and civilians should not be the victims once again. [indiscernible] all efforts that are based on international consensus to put an end to this scourge regardless of its motivations or the excuses given for it. imus --t to thank his his highness for his statement. unfortunately, i am being called to deliver another address and participate in another u.n. forum. , johne secretary of state kerry, will be taking the chair.
5:06 pm
i want to say to my friends, the leaders of kenya, bulgaria, and moldova as well as my good friend stephen harford -- stephen harper from canada. we very much welcome your commitment and your participation in this forum and i want to thank the entire security council for the seriousness with which we have tackled this problem. i will note that it is very rare where the united nations achieves the kind of consensus that we see represented in this resolution. and i think if you look at all the statements that have been made today, several things stand out. violentne, the brand of extreme terrorism that is is somethingy isil that should be rejected by all of us in the civilized world.
5:07 pm
number two, in addition to militarily dealing with the also going to are have to change hearts and minds and that requires a wide range of strategies, and this toolution commits each of us find tools to counter their radicalization that can lead to the recruitment of young people are not taking a better path in life. i want to reaffirm that the united states will be recommitted not simply to a military approach, but we also are deeply committed to working with every single country that is prepared to cooperate in making sure that the scourge of terrorism and the use of foreign ambitionsor perverted is sorted and that we are going to make sure that we reach out to each of you individually to find out how we can be helpful
5:08 pm
and cooperative with you. i will repeat what i said at the outset of this security council meeting, though. resolutions along will not be enough. lofty rhetoric, good intentions are not enough. we are going to have to translate words into deeds but with whicheriousness all of us have made our presentations here today i am confident that in fact we can succeed. drain the sources of the kind of extreme radicalization that we have been clients and as a to with the help of political resolutions of conflict in the middle east, and north africa, we can arrive at a situation in which all of our young people, rather than resorting to violence and suicide bombings, can be confident about getting a
5:09 pm
good education and seeking opportunity and raising families and living in peace. i want to say enqueue to all of you for your outstanding contributions to this very important and historic effort. >> let me ask press my appreciation to the heads of ,tate, the heads of government and ministers who have waited very patiently to take part in this, and we want to emphasize that to everybody the importance of all of these statements being part of the record. this is an important record to alld and we look forward to of the speakers yet to come. i will be here for a portion of that at which time i have to go
5:10 pm
to a london 11 meeting on syria and are able ambassador, samantha power, will continue to chair. as i say, we are very intent on receiving all of these is aments because this very important recording of the seriousness with which each country takes these responsibilities. i give the floor now to his , president of the republic of fog area. -- bulgaria. kerry, first of all, please extend our warm regards and special thanks to president obama for his extraordinary leadership by achieving and organizing and
5:11 pm
sharing this historic event today. we extend our condolences to her france and the people of for the victim of brutal terrorism, murder. thisesolution adopted by body represents the international communities decisive stance on the foreign terrorist fighter phenomenon. this rent -- resolution [indiscernible] and highlights the need for strengthened measures at a national and international level. foreign fighters pose a serious threat not only to their countries and regions but also regionally and globally. determined action is required. other country no
5:12 pm
is immune and international corporation and exchange of information as described by this resolution [indiscernible] terrorist attacks happen everywhere. my country is not immune and we have seen in july 2012 at the airport [indiscernible] another [indiscernible] for committing acts of murder and rule violence. -- brutal violence. we have seen the ugly face of terrorism in my country. the foreignterrorist terrorist r phenomenon cannot be attributed to any region ethnically or religion. in this regard, the agaric -- ligurian community has taken a firm and united position on illustrating and with a cleared declaration and decision, that
5:13 pm
bulgariand by the mufti and condemned the activity in the strongest terms of mufti and iso- -- isil. combating extremism requires urgent preventive measures such as supporting institution building, promoting respect for human rights, social inclusion and cohesion and cooperation with regional and global partners. by this resolution, the international community provides for a longer-term and strategic international response to this phenomenon. therefore, all states must ensure that an adequate counterterrorism legal and ontitutional architecture
5:14 pm
national and global levels systematically strengthen and him prove. will provide measures to this end. thank you. >> i think his -- thank his excellency, the president of bulgaria. to histhe floor excellency, president of the republic of kenya. weekend can you call -- kenya commemorated the attack that left 67 people from different nationalities did. who executedoristskenya commeme
5:15 pm
that westgate attacked were foreigners who had come to fight alongside al shebab. the pull of foreign fighters, those who have been drawn by -- from our own children in kenya and the region, the alarming also driven who executed byt the phenomenon of foreign fighters and it awakens us to the speed at which terrorist organizations are evolving. no doubt a greater risk lies in the fighters returning to their homelands or finding new operating spaces to carry out their terrorist attacks. such as the threat that we face from foreign fighters and operatives who in the past have killed hundreds of our citizens. butconviction is strong enforceable action must be taken
5:16 pm
to tackle terror groups and the phenomenon of foreign fighters. our experienceby that terrorist groups are ever evolving into new forms and response to opportunity. for instance, the collaboration hasl-shabaab with al qaeda strengthened links with other al qaeda affiliates, allowing for increased movement of foreign fighters and weapons. it is also renewed the strategic and to medication capabilities. the risk is growing and we are all in its path. toare geographically close al-shabaab somali camps. our status as a democracy which terrorist associate with the west is making us a target. democracy and growing prosperity are anathema
5:17 pm
to terrorists. the fragile security environment in somalia continues to afford al-shabaab a safe haven to operate. kenya has, in cooperation with other countries and the somali national army, continue to undertake campaigns that are degrading its capabilities. we wish to underscore the support of the ongoing operations and establish -- establish [indiscernible] thering somalia and denying fighters operational space. strong support particularly in enabling ready access to false multipliers in the form of air and maritime support. ton as we take the battle tosting terrorists, we need
5:18 pm
focus on radicalization of youth. especially financing at the grassroots level where radicalization is taking place. this must take place within a wider strategy that brings in all states. the eighth african countries are deepening security corporation in concrete ways alongside our economic integration agenda. east africa and have taken up hours possibilities in this global war against terrorists and stand ready to partner with anyone and parties willing to eradicate this menace from us. i thank you. >> i think his excellency -- thank his excellency resident kenyatta. and i give the floor to
5:19 pm
[inaudible] >> european countries are facing a serious threat. [indiscernible] so-called islamic caliphate. i have to say with concerned that the balkans have become a base for recruitment and radicalization for global jihad. are linked into [indiscernible] homeists in their countries. one can tell with certainty the exact number of foreign
5:20 pm
fighters in the military operations. the number is constantly increasing. [indiscernible] their interaction with foreign fighters builds a multinational structure that poses risk in danger. have the capability of coordinating and planning attacks against the west or other areas of interest. for yearsbeen there and others are joining them now. some are likely to return to the balkans and when they come back, they will bring along their hatred and -- for diversity and there'd devastating ideology which will affect our vulnerable societies and states.
5:21 pm
esteemed excellencies, the region [indiscernible] international terrorist networks. we should be aware that this is not a temporary but a permanent threat we must be prepared for. we must not rule out the impossible. for the creation of a so-called balkan caliphate. our regions and countries not are not prepared for this thread. -- this threat. first, the [indiscernible] weree beginning we [indiscernible]
5:22 pm
not just because of the name but a cousin of the identity and language of the citizens. the blockade is the result of [indiscernible] of 1993, adopted the united nations security council. the violation of the 1993 [indiscernible] violation of the judgment of december 5, 2011. cannotre the reasons we find mutually acceptable solutions in these 21 years, but at the same time, these are the reasons why there is [indiscernible] and instability in our region. therefore, this counsel can and must contribute to peace and security in the balkans. i urge and expect the security council to be persistent in the
5:23 pm
unconditional respect for solutions. i expect that the sick -- i expect the security council to be involved in justice in the case of macedonia. [indiscernible] oftponing the enlargement the union is creating a vacuum in the historically most porous to -- geopolitical state. we all know that there is no vacuum in geopolitical states. sooner or later, the vacuum tends to be filled. the eu must not forget that the falcons part of europe -- the of europeart [indiscernible] tobelieve it is necessary establish a center in the countries of the western bloc
5:24 pm
that will work on a thread and assessment of the terrorism threat. would operationally monitor terrorism threats to target on a geographical principle. we would prefer more corporation --intelligence and cooperation of intelligence groups. this coordination of activities between law enforcement and intelligence services. ladies and gentlemen, there is no longer time and excuses for blocking the european [indiscernible] the region is vulnerable and so is europe. it is necessary to strengthen balkan countries. in order to ensure early [indiscernible]
5:25 pm
financialmited capacity. therefore, we need partners to build capacity and counter violent extremism. groupsdeprive terrorism of one more resource precious to them, new recruits. i reducing sympathy and support for extremism. we must be responsible and we must help each other. the stability and security of each state is important. -- a link in the whole region. thank you. >> thank you very much for your statement. it is now my pleasure to give the floor to his excellency, mr. stephen harper, the prime minister of canada. >> thank you. i am pleased for the leadership that is demonstrated by the security council and you, secretary kerry and of course,
5:26 pm
president obama. by convening this meeting and giving invitation to other countries, the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters is us -- fighters is a source of great concern. [indiscernible] there is a large number of foreign fighters in syria and iraq. not only is it aggravating and dangerous an already security situation but for us, involves the risk that individuals may return home with knowledge and experience gained in terrorist activities to motivate and recruit others and potentially to conduct attacks. canada is taking action on this. in 2013, we brought for the combating terrorism act which created new criminal offenses of
5:27 pm
leaving or attempting to leave canada for terrorist purposes. we sent amendments to the citizens should act which will enable us to revoke citizenship from dual citizens and deny it to permanent residents who are convicted of terrorism offenses. we are also using existing tools to take appropriate action to counter foreign fighters threats including passport revocation, the list being of terrorist entities under the criminal code and the supporting and supporting capacity opening initiatives abroad. as we go forward we are examining how to strengthen all and other tools. of course terrorism and crime for terrorist purposes cannot, has -- as has been recognized here, be prevented by law enforcement alone. it is also essential to support the effort to fight violent certainm before
5:28 pm
individuals become foreign fighters. i should mention that in canada our security and intelligence agencies work well and work most particularly with our muslim communities in identifying such threats. it is also important of course that we track and squeeze off terrorist financing wherever possible. pleasedetary, canada is to cosponsor the resolution today and to support efforts to improve the international response to the foreign fighter phenomenon. we will also continue to work with the government of the united states, the government of iraq and other friends and arranging a humanitarian and political and military assistance to those fighting this phenomenon in the region. thank you. >> thank you. andk you for your statement your support.
5:29 pm
as i give the floor to his excellency the prime minister of the kingdom of the netherlands i want to express my apologies to the other prime ministers and to that i have in called to this meeting. sits on thiswer cabinet. i am turning this over to her. with pleasure i give the floor to the prime minister, the king of the netherlands. >> mr. president, the dire threat posed a foreign terrorist -- by foreign terrorists fighters concerns us all. as a country of origin for such fighters the netherlands raised
5:30 pm
its terrorist level to the second-highest level 18 months ago. our national security is directly affected. most alarming is the situation zones itself.t they are victims of merciless islands. response.or a serious this is a duty that rest on us, the international community. that is also the reason why today this government decided to increase its support for the international effort to stop i sil by providing military means. we will provide f-16s to join the fight against usisil and we deploy fewer than 80 men and women. madam president, last year in
5:31 pm
the work of the counterterrorism forum the netherlands and morocco launched a joint initiative to formulate good practices in tackling the problem of foreign terrorist fighters. yesterday at the ministerial meeting, we presented the outcome. a comprehensive set of guidelines focused on every aspect of the foreign fighters threat. these recommendations cover not only counterterrorism responses efforts -- we presented efforts. as part of the group, the netherlands will promote the adoption of these good practices and we are open to working actively with all you and number states and u.n. partners of this important issue. is u.n. sanctions regime essential to addressing the problem of foreign terrorist
5:32 pm
fighters. sanctions are an important -- sanctions could be tightened further. inutions must be implanted monitored properly or they will not be effective in practice. we should examine at the u.n. level rather than monitoring [indiscernible] can be enhanced. madam president, it is vital that the international community act jointly on this issue. the resolution adopted today and co-sponsored by the netherlands sends a signal that we stand shoulder to shoulder against a foreign terrorist fighters. madam president, thank you. his excellency, the prime minister of the
5:33 pm
netherlands for his statement. the prime minister of the kingdom of morocco. in the name of god the , theful, madam president phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters is not new and regions like afghanistan and north africa have been witness to this. this phenomenon has recently taken on new dimension in the context of the syrian [indiscernible] hasphenomenon of which as today.ocal threat [indiscernible]
5:34 pm
the destination countries and the return countries. as a result is high-level meeting of the security council a point [indiscernible] aimed at adapting practical measures to deal with this phenomenon. that is this fight against terrorism. hasinternational community to provide a unified, decisive response to deal with the repercussions of this threat. of the dangers and risks of this development, this is clear [indiscernible]
5:35 pm
resolution [indiscernible] doing this with phenomenon security limited to a approach. this is a much more complex issue. managing this requires establishing a strategy that takes into account the varying phases of extremism and polarization and recruitment. as well as the reintegration of these people. this phenomenon is developed and regions who did not notice at all the phenomenon that one cannot attribute to just religion or nationality. torefore, we need disseminate the principles of tolerance and openness. his majesty is
5:36 pm
working with his brothers of the arab states and african states. to -- moroccored is prepared to share this practices and experiences developed within the framework of its national [indiscernible] strategy to counterterrorism. we have seen tangible results in terms of cooperation with the states with whom we are working. -- codentinues to be a continues to be a victim of foreign terrorist groups. its national strategy like the dismantling of recruitment cells and to deal with the transfer of fighters from conflict regions is the
5:37 pm
f -- afterome of the -- efforts of the moroccan authorities. we adopted a new build to ratchet up our [indiscernible] to deal with the threat posed i these fighters and this is within the framework of a holistic approach in debt strengthening these legal and institutional frameworks. of and of implementation ongoing effort to support international efforts to do with terrorism [indiscernible] we have undertaken major efforts to take art in bilateral, regional, and interregional cooperation. this is company very to the efforts that have been taken to do with this phenomenon. the kingdom of morocco and the
5:38 pm
netherlands are aware of the dangers and threats and have launched an initiative within the framework of the global counterterrorism forum. this is an initiative that has had a lot of meetings in the united arab emirates and the outcomes of this were seen out aday and we worked memorandumarrakesh on more effective practices. particularly this has to do with security and the -- today's ofolution notes this effort morocco and the netherlands within the framework of the global terrorism for him and continue our cooperation,
5:39 pm
particularly by bringing and marrakesh.n we will have the first meeting as part of this forum and this will be for followed by many meetings. we hope we will able to benefit from the support of all thank you. >> i think his excellency, the prime minister of morocco for his statement. herw give the floor to excellency, prime minister of norway. >> thank you, madam president. the unprecedented brutality of its ambitions pose a threat to all at this table. we must eradicate the roots that allow such groups to exist. it is crucial to mobilize governments and communities in the fight against terrorism. i see three main tasks ahead. for the first, [indiscernible] and in the wider region.
5:40 pm
secondly we need closer international cooperation in the terror andht against thirdly, radicalization must be fought at home in our own countries. i think president obama for his leadership and initiative. the domestic events unfolded in the middle east and north africa show the dangers of not giving people a stake in the governing of their country. when conflicts are left unchecked, civil war may spill across borders. the influx of foreign fighters is worsening and already -- and already tragic situation. we strongly condemn the criminal terrorist acts committed by [indiscernible] and other countries. we will take strong measures to prevent them from traveling to put zones. the norwegian government has drawn up the strategy for de-radicalization, rehabilitation, and
5:41 pm
reintegration of foreign fighters returning home. we have an all government approach and a national action plan involving all members of society. act aret and related already criminalized under norwegian laws. we submitted a bill on measures [indiscernible] two areas in the conflict. we must stop the financial flows to these groups. radicalization needs to be addressed and information must be shared efficiently. thomas also address the underlying problems that breed extremism and terrorism. we must work to understand andeased -- understanding tolerance. i was very encouraged to see large [indiscernible] the call tollowing march against extremism.
5:42 pm
the message was formulated by one of the young muslim organizers, saying isil is not my islam. [indiscernible] the counterterrorist strategy and the counterterrorism forum. grave violations of human rights can foster terrorism. measures against terrorism and the protection and promotion of human rights and rule of law are mutually reinforcing. norway has cosponsored the resolution adopted yesterday. the is a manifestation of .nity and the urgency we are sending a clear signal from this room as we all have to do our part. thank you, madam president. >> thank you, her mad -- her
5:43 pm
excellency for her statement. , prime her excellency minister of the republic of trinidad and tobago. >> thank you very much, madam chair. distinguished heads of government mind distinguished heads of state. we have been here for the past two hours and 45 minutes and we been committing to the fight against terrorism, but we might want [indiscernible] we moment of silence as condolences to all to theselost family terrorists. please stand for one moment.
5:44 pm
i thank you very much. cosponsored tobago the resolution, based on our commitment to assist the international community. murder ofo have seen their families, rape of women, and the creation of thousands of orphans. no state, whether large or small, is immune from the scourage of terrorism. we were able to successfully combat the terms of a terrorist group to overthrow the democratically elected government of the day. risen to newhas
5:45 pm
levels of barbarism which have shocked members of the international, -- community. i -- violates other right as well as our various human rights, nationally and internationally. as a firm believer in the ability of the united nations to contribute to the resolution of international problems such as terrorism, trinidad and tobago has studied the text of the resolution and we find that despite some imperfection, this resolution provides a useful platform for the launch of greater international cooperation in the battle against terrorism which is universally accepted as a crime against humanity.
5:46 pm
madam chair, cooperation and a global level in the fight against terrorism is critical for small states such as my country. expendedment has tremendous natural resources and created law official -- law-enforcement officials to secure borders and our industrial installations against in -- terrorist acts. we need to strengthen capacity extremism.olent trinidad and tobago is taking advantage of capricious and gas cooperation with we do it bilaterally or unilaterally to improve matters. the president --
5:47 pm
of argentina. many of us may not have the kind of capacity that the larger states have. argentina mentioned lack of to buy and not having energy. we do not reduce the weapons and we are a very tiny nation of 1.3 million people. [indiscernible] we say that we support the resolution wholeheartedly and we pay attention to that aspect which says that states may be able to comply in different degrees depending on capacity. we commit to, as this resolution and implantation, we would seek partnership arrangements with the united nations for some of [indiscernible]
5:48 pm
criminalct investigations of proceedings related to financing or support of terrorist act. the obtaining of evidence and prosecution of terrorists, the exchange of information to monitor the transit of foreign terrorist fighters and other measures to bring to justice meetingtent on to terrorism whether they are foreign fighters or homegrown. as i close, i would like to indicate my country has already taken many legislative as well as administrative steps in the fight against terrorism. because we have been victims of terrorist act in 1990. in that regard we do have an antiterrorist law in place and --have order controls to order controls and areas dealing dealing regulations, with the whole issue of financing of terrorism and other
5:49 pm
mechanisms. we do say that we would need the support of our partners in this you and family for us to fully comply and to have their resolution implemented. it is our hope that in acting with one voice in this matter all members of the security council especially the permanent ones would show the same spirit of unity and six to tackle issues that confront the international community so the promise of the charter of the yuan will be fully realized as we approach the 70th anniversary of the establishment of this institution. i think you very much. >> we will leave this now and you will have a chance to see all of our u.n. coverage from today later in our schedule. on our facebook page, we are asking the question, what is the u.n. shouldat the address? hundreds have weighed in so far including dairy who says, the
5:50 pm
greatest threat the u.n. faces is the u.n. trying to impose its view on the world. and joshua posts, the greatest threat the world faces is the question of individual freedom by bullet and valid. you can log on and join the conversation and post your comments and opinions at here's a look at our time time p.m.ule starting at 8 eastern. president obama speaks to the u.n. general assembly. that happened earlier today on combining isis and racial tensions. -- anpan2, and that update on ebola and east africa. and jim webb speaks at the national press club about a range of political issues. campaign twice 14 coverage continues tomorrow with a debate between the candidates for
5:51 pm
nebraska's second congressional district. in omaha and what the rothenberg report is calling a tough race. here are some ads that have been released by the candidates. >> i am pastor terry waller. at one time we signed a contract with the u.s. government saying that we would go to battle and give our night -- our life if necessary. >> when you talk about the veterans cemetery, you hear terry's name. thank you for caring about our veterans and doing us an opportunity to serve them. my dad flew a b 26 bomber over france on d-day and he calmly early in life never to forget those who serve our nation. my disagreements with congressman terry are not personal but his votes against veterans sure are.
5:52 pm
they shut down the government and defended his pay while soldiers were on the battlefield and protected congressional perks by taxpayer paid health care for life while puttering -- cutting veterans care. my promises to veterans are personal and why i prove this message. >> lee terry is fighting to keep our new goods safe and strong. he secured grants to strengthen community policing and he has fought for the violence against women act. supported new laws to crack down on human trafficking, and the. passed a law empowering neighborhood activists to start a new radio station. lee terry, working hard to keep us safe. >> i'm not running to represent any political party. i'm running to make a difference for nebraska. reducing partisanship in washington is not one easy step, one single day or electing one
5:53 pm
new member. i will work from day one to create a coalition of 25 members of congress to set aside partisanship and focus on solving problems. just like i have done for 16 years. ashford, working together. changing congress. >> those were some recent ads released by the candidates for the second congressional district and you can see the debate tomorrow night here on c-span. coverage continues on friday. faces dennis richardson in a race that the rothenberg clinical report is calling safely democratic. you can see that live at 2:00 p.m. eastern. this weekend on the c-span networks, friday night in prime time on c-span. the value voters summit. featured speakers include texas
5:54 pm
andentered 10 -- ted cruz rand paul. a national town hall on the impact of voting. on sunday evening, sally quinn. friday night on c-span two just before 9:30 p.m., danielle green and william mullen, two operation iraqi freedom veterans talk about their experience in iraq and the use of american force sensor net -- and saturday night at 10, the distractions of technology and its impact on society. sunday at 1 p.m. eastern, the ninth annual oakland books festival. friday at eight on american history tv on c-span three, former chief of staff and advisors to recent presidents talk about the relationship with the commander-in-chief and how he makes important decisions. saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, author jonathan white on the role of the union are sunday- union army and
5:55 pm
at 8 p.m. eastern, annette dunlap explores the evolution of ladies' fashion. what you think. join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. held ahington journal" discussion on the role of the national institute of health and how they are involved in finding a cure for diseases including the recent outbreak of ebola. their facilities is dr. francis collins. i will begin with breaking news yesterday. thatweeted this out saying if there are no additional
5:56 pm
interventions, ebola death toll could rise, this according to the cdc. what is the role of nih infighting ebola? guest: good morning. it is great to have c-span at nih. we love having you come out here so we can talk about topics like this. nih is deeply engaged in the efforts to try to turn back what outbreak frightening of ebola in west africa. and yes, yesterday, the director of the cdc did make this projection that if nothing happens, we could be looking at more than one million cases of ebola over the next few months. that is a frighteningly large number. we want to make sure that everything is done to keep that from happening so what is our role? nih is the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world and that includes research on infectious diseases, led by the best-known disease expert in the
5:57 pm
world, tony fauci. ofare involved in developing vaccines and treatment. the vaccines are moving forward in an unprecedented rate and i might say this is an effort that we started 13 years ago, anticipating there might be a need for a vaccine because ebola has been around since 1976, albeit in small outbreaks. this is the fifth generation ebola vaccine. it looks very good in the animal models where it seems to be completely protective at of course, you do not know until you try this out in human patients whether it will be safe for it will work. we did start three weeks ago in what is called a phase one trial of this vaccine, 20 individuals have been injected with that and they are volunteers here at the nih clinical center. so far, all is going well. no red flags to indicate there is a problem with the vaccine, but it will take a couple of months to see whether those
5:58 pm
individuals mount an immune response that you would think would be protective against acquiring the disease. once we have data and they look promising that we need to look quickly -- move quickly to get this into what you would call a phase two trial. although that is very complicated and a circumstance wherein liberia and sierra leone and guinea, there's a great deal of stress on health care system and mounting clinical research studies will be challenging, but we are determined to find a way to do that. host: what is the timeline, what are you looking at western mark -- at? it looks good then shortly after that and meetings are going on today and almost every day exactly about how to do the design, how we would set up this more extensive trial in west africa that would determine if the vaccine is it. there is a second vaccine we
5:59 pm
played a role in the built in canada. that is getting tested in parallel. we have partners also in england who are testing one of our vaccines on a different population. all hands on deck here, everybody is trying to do everything possible to speed up a process that is desperately needed. is unprecedented. ascribe what it is like to ramp up this vaccine's research and exit -- and effort. guest: we have been working on this for 13 years. we did not know when this outbreak would happen but many were fearful it would. no one anticipated that it is as bad as it is where disease is spreading to the cities with -- which makes it difficult to follow. we have been in a better position as far as research support. we would be further along, this is one of the consequences of the stress we are under, that we are not in the position to be ready to distribute the vaccine.
6:00 pm
our colleagues have been helpful in speeding up the process of approval to put this into patients. i wish we were further along. dr. anthony fauci and others working with cdc and other partners in other parts of the world are trained to make this our highest priority. people's lives are at risk. host: there was extra money to fight ebola. extra money for an artist -- an organization that is trying to speed up the therapeutic development. vaccines are preventive but for people who are infected, vaccines are not going to help for their you needed treatment. people have heard about this cocktail of three monoclonal antibodies which were shown in an animal model to be protective


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