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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 27, 2014 3:00am-5:01am EDT

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picture of all that area, including the area that you talk about. so we are aware of what is going on. we are discussing how and what we can do with our coalition partners to help them deal with it. so it is not a matter of us not being aware of it, nor not actively looking at the options we have to deal with it. >> does that mean someone like turkey would be more likely to act in the u.s. -- than the u.s.? >> we are talking to turkey about this and all the different aspects of the isil threat. >> it has been little more than a week since you testified before congress, and you mentioned during that testimony that you believed it was the right step, you would recommend deploying u.s. ground forces in
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certain areas, if you believe that was the right and to recommend to the president. we have heard from many officials attempting to walk that back. you were a commander saying honestly and sincerely what you would do, you would recommend what was necessary if you thought it was necessary to accomplish the mission. i wonder if you stand by that, if you believe it is necessary you will go to the president say, mr. obama, i need ground troops in certain roles to succeed here? >> if you're asking me if i would provide my best military advice at all times, the answer is absolutely. if you're suggesting that i might at some point recommend that we need a large ground force to counter isil, the answer to that is also absolutely. it does not have to be americans. ideally, for the kinds of issues we are confronting there, the ideal for some of the only truly effective force that we would be able to reject isil from within its own
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population, is a force comprised of iraqis and kurds and moderate syrian opposition. at some point, if we have to advise them more closely than currently we are, of course, i would recommend it, but we have not reached that point. >> i'm not talking about a large presence, but talking about for instance helping in targeting airstrikes or forward deployed advisors. are those specific missions you might ask the president for? >> i just stand by the statement. i will make a recommendation -- the president gave me a mission, destroyed isil, and i will recommend to him what it takes to destroy isil. >> every meeting i have been in with the president of the united states and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff over the last year and a half, the president has made very clear as i have made it clear, as secretary of defense, he expects the president of the united states, the absolute most direct and honest military
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advice that general dempsey and other military uniform leaders can be given, and he wanted and he must rely on it. he says he relies on it. >> a couple questions. what are the resource implications along a persistent campaign? can you realistically conducted within the confines of your current budgeting plans, specifically, you have a $15 billion request for fiscal funny -- fiscal 2015. can you accommodate this contained within those levels of spending? >> as you know, we are generally spending roughly, since this effort started, $7 million to $10 million a day. that is being funded out of oco, overseas contingency operations, and we are going to require additional funding from congress
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as we go forward. as you know, the continuing resolution isn't due -- is due on december 11. we're working now with the appropriate committees on how we go forward with authorizations and funding. >> could i add? when we submitted the budget last year and it went to the white house for approval and it was approved and sent over to congress, the joint chiefs all said we could come push the nation's security needs with that budget with certain assumptions. one was the number of commitments ought to come down, and secondly that we would get some flexibility in the budget to change a, compensation, health care, determined, weapon systems, and infrastructure. committments have gone up. the things we were looking for in terms of flexibility have only very minimally been delivered. if you're asking me if i assess right now, as you go to the fall review, that we will have budget problems, yes.
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>> there's going to be traffic from 26,000 troops to 9800 yesterday. that is going to come down. cannot you just move the savings from that into the isil campaign? >> you're talking about oco. oco is gasoline. the baseline budget is what -- it separate that when we are talking about budget. >> and we will be. >> has the pentagon done and analysis on how long -- >> we are doing that right now. we would have to project out, as we are, what the chairman's point was about baseline budgets. that is the critical part of this. so, yes we are doing that now. >> i just got asked minutes ago, how long will it take to
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recapture mosul? i say great question. if you do not mind, i will answer it with a cushion. how long will it take the new government of iraq to convince the sunni, shia, and kurds that the future rests with them, not along sectarian lines? this is a campaign that strains the activity together, and one is the government of iraq that can draw the people back to them so that isil can no longer swim freely within their ranks. >> chairman dempsey, do you believe it will in fact take some ground troops inside syria to destroy isis? and if they are not americans, do you have enough faith in training 5000 free syrian army troops, the nonaggressive militants, to achieve that goal,
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to destroy isis? >> i never heard the phrase nonaggressive militants, but i suppose -- let me see if i can answer the question. air power alone -- there is no military solution to isil. military-only solution, ok? there is no air power alone solution to isil, either in iraq or syria. the answer is, yes, there has to be a ground component to the campaign against isil in syria, and we believe that the path to develop that is the syrian moderate opposition. 5000 has never been the end state. we have that estimate anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 is what we believe to recapture lost territory in eastern syria. i'm confident we can establish their training if we do it right we have to do it right, not fast. you have to have military
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leaders that bind them together. they have to be -- to have a political structure into which they can do, and that will take some time. >> mr. secretary, you said earlier this week that the u.s. would defend militarily the free syrian army. what does that mean? are you talking about possibly engaging syrian forces are -- forces militarily? >> the questions goes to those who we would be training. if they were attacked, if we would help them, i said yes. >> why was the decision made to send the headquarters element of the first infantry division to iraq? what will they be doing there? will they be leading joint operation centers? >> first of all, i can help you with that one. the general's son is with the first division.
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you recall the president, when he announced to the nation what his strategy was and what he was instructing the defense department to do, he mentioned that there would be an increase of 475 personnel. so the command and control function of that will come out of the first division. as other personnel will be assigned as well from other components. coherent,'sa banding organization that understands how to integrate these multiple activities and manage the activities of the coalition. the group that went in there and focused on making the initial security contacts.
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this is an organization that actually has the bandwidth and the skill sets to manage a campaign. >> i wanted to follow up with a question. can you give us an update on the training of iraqi forces? and what are the risks to u.s. forces doing the training? update, as i mentioned previously, of the 20 or so the brigades, we are beginning to do two things good working with the iraqi military leaders to ensure that what occurs on the ground is their campaign, not our campaign. we wanted to be there campaign. our campaign where we dragged them along for legitimacy. i can assure you that some of the activities -- all of the
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activities -- in and around baghdad have been iraq military leaders establishing priorities and objectives enabled by us. we are making progress. we have to have a larger, longer campaign that actually recaptures lost territory. what risks? by the women, the men and women in uniform understand how to manage risks. they have been trained and equipped for the last 12 years. zero, never have risks at but i can assure you that these young men and women will mitigate and reduce it to the greatest extent possible. believelieve -- do you you have avoided civilian or casualties? do you have any reason to believe the reports that senior leaders of isis have been
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killed? received no reports of collateral damage up to this point in the campaign. some latency in reporting on the ground and eric campaign. we are marked for. -- on the ground or in an air campaign. we are alert for it. monitor various intelligence, scan social media, normally the first place you would find out, but it is too soon to tell. who is the head of the free syrian opposition, the moderate rebels your training? , do you needsey spotters on the ground to be more precise? is that what is stopping you
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from helping along the turkish border now? are in the all, we process of setting up the venting system for those that we will begin training, moderate opposition syrian fighters. we are vetting and continue to partners,are regional state department, intelligence departments, as they will build their coalitions with our help. we will not instruct them as to who their leaders are. they will make their own decisions on who their leaders are. -- theifer, the weather question about whether we need spotters to help in syria and whether that is a limiting factor in what is going on with , the answer iss no. the issue of the requirement for forward controllers on the ground really manifests itself
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when forces join. that is when it becomes berry complicated and difficult to full motion video feed from a predator. these forces are separate. that is not a limiting factor. i would also like to remind you that you cannot see everything. i know somebody has an iphone out there taking a picture of that weit does not mean are nearby. not be looking at the syrian border right now. >> thank you. >> next, some of the speeches from friday's session of the
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values voter summit being held in washington d.c. then a debate between the candidates running for oregon governor. and live at 7:00 a.m. your calls and comments on "washington journal." next "washington journal," louisiana congressman john fleming, a member of the services committee, will discuss the air strike campaign against isis in iraq and syria. plus issues related to campaign 2014. stevenrepresentative horsford will talk about issues related to campaign 2014 and the president's management of efforts in the middle east, and as always we'll take your calls you can join the conversation at facebook and twitter. "washington journal" live at c-span.. eastern, on >> this weekend on the c-span at 8:00 atonight
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like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> the family research council valuesing its 9th annual voter summit in washington d.c. this session includes several militarymbers of the who were critical of president obama's foreign policy. senator ted cruz and senator rand paul of kentucky also spoke. on kive values and the constitution. this is just over two hours. [applause] >> good morning to great to be here with you. it will be a great day. i am excited to be here with you all. council, thank the , allperkins, frc action great, wonderful lawyers for the conservative cause. i appreciate all they do for
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here in washington and getting the word out across the land and some a different ways to make a difference. upas looking at the line this morning. it is a little intimidating. ted cruz. [applause] rand paul. michele bachmann. [applause] oliver north. i kind of feel like on the warm-up act at a tim hawkins show. that are yet, i know what it feels like to be a chaperone. what a great family. josh is such a good friend. their family. what a great testimony they have in the work they are doing. we are here to gather because we want to provide an important voice in washington for american values. i am from the great state of indiana. christian.l, i am a
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[applause] i am a husband. father. i'm a conservative and republican. before i entered in two politics, i was a farmer. i grew up on a farm in north indiana. i learned many lessons in life from my grandfather and my father. working on a family farm is artwork. i enjoyed it. -- working on a family farm is hard work. god knew that i would need those lessons when he sent me to congress. [applause] [laughter] i have to brag about indiana. good things are happening there. our economy is growing. we were listed by george mason
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the freest state in the nation. it does not heard that we live next to illinois. in illinois the politicians philosophy is by different. just like obama, they love the government. theirrrange with executors to varied than in chicago because they still want to be politically active after they die. [laughter] our values are under threat today. recently, it is only becoming much worse. big government progresses are ingerested and marginaliz critics. they believe the solutions are in the federal government. we believe that the american people have the answers. there are three institutions i believe in. church, thethe government.
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each one of these institutions play a bury significant role. if they are out of balance, things can go wrong. the family has to be strong. we have to have fathers in the home. divorce rates need to be lowered. support.he love and the church as a critical role in our communities. they need to have community awareness and involvement. supporting the family, building character in young people. two are fulfilling their appropriate roles, the government will then fulfill its appropriate role. national defense, have a structure. when i think about what makes america great, we can think of a lot of things, our history, culture, hard work, entrepreneurship, all these qualities make us unique to the rest of the world.
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sadly, there is a new formula in washington, d.c. about how to start a small business. and you heard about this? will take your hard-earned money, start a large business, and then wait one year. [laughter] after one year, you will have a small business. america has never been a mindless mastery we have always celebrateduntry that and encouraged the power of each individual to dream, work, live his life and these. when it makes it easier for them to lose their individual dignity to convince them to train -- traded dignity for independence, it is the height of disrespect. many forget quickly that the united states government would not exist without the people. it is quickly becoming a government above the people, without the people, and against the people. the proof of that, look no nsa, epa, and irs.
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the nsa, about the vehicle. epa, without the people. irs, against the people. we would be better off if they were all mia. [laughter] it is time we cut the federal government back down to size. in spite of everything, i still believe in america. about american greatness, i don't think about inside the beltway. i think about the american people. since our founding, we have grown from 13 colonies to a country that now stands as the world's number one superpower. we are that superpower because our government and people have had the freedom to create, explore, innovate, and invent.
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we must protect this individual freedom and make sure that the government does not squeeze anyone's ability to grow, 60, or live the american dream. important that the first three words of the constitution are a reminder to every politician. it is not we the government, but it is we the people. we all come from different places and have different stories. i believe in the american dream is what unites everyone of us. this is my vision for a strong america. i believe that a strong america is a place where religious and no is embraced longer threatened by overreaching federal health care mandates. --ee a strong america [applause] america as a land where families decide where their children attend school. whether it is a choice between public schools, private schools, or the protection of homeschool. education is vertical to a free society.
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the federal government that overtakes families and individual states responsibility is out of line. a strong america is a place where people don't need to depend on the federal government, because opportunities exist for all who work and embrace personal responsibility. i believe in america that stand shoulder to shoulder against tyranny with our friends and allies around the world, and never abandons god's people in israel. [applause] i also firmly believe that a strong america is one that protects the lives of the born and the unborn. [applause] i want to share with you a story. there was a young lady who was 17 years old she all of a sudden
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found herself in an unexpected pregnancy. she was actually the daughter of a pastor, large family, variable , and foundmmunity her self in a difficult situation. she did not know what to do. she did not know who to talk to. she did not know where to go. family andhat, her home, where she and 10 children lived, birds of the ground. she lost everything. burnt to the ground. getknew that if she could the kalamazoo, michigan, there was an abortion clinic there. if she could just find a ride, get to theto abortion clinic she could take of this problem. sobbing, crying.
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people heard her crying. she knew that the secret was no longer -- he would not given a hide the secret much longer. century could not get to kalamazoo, she decided she would have to tell somebody. she told her mother. she did not what to tell her .oyfriend, her father he would be embarrassed. her mother. she was a lady that she finally decided to trust. momrandmother grabbed my and told her it was good to be ok. [applause] we are all going to mess up, but
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we have to reach out with a helping hand. we have to be willing to say, i am going to stand beside you and help you get through this. , government will try to. we have to be the one to reach out and help, just like my mother, just like my grandmother , just like my father and grandfather, they fully embodied what it means to believe in each other and that all life has value. it is because of that belief , doctors, teachers, athletes, scientists, and even small-town farmers lose their opportunity live their own story . let this generation be the one to stop abortion in america. [applause]
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we need each and everyone who. thank you for being you today. it is critical. if our voices aren't heard, many of us across the country will not be heard in washington. we need to build relationships. it never hurts to smile when you're talking with your liberal friends. just keep smiling. it makes them nervous. [applause] [laughter] warriors, be happy willing to go out, and show up in places where they do not expect us to show up. build relationships with our officials in office. you know what? if you have the opportunity, take the opportunity to run for office if you feel that is what you love.
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america is founded on freedom and liberty, and we are the guardians of that legacy. let stand together and fight to keep our nation strong. let stand together and fight for a brighter future for generations to come. thank you for being here. thank you for supporting family .esearch council action thank you for making a difference in people's lives regardless each one of you. god bless america. [applause] [inaudible] ♪ >> thank you. senator cruz is in the house. [applause] coming to introduce him is one of our great sponsors, the media research center. they report on the overwhelming
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liberal bias in today's media. i'm something over this organization because they we do hours and hours of liberal media covered so we don't have to. they just report to us. we appreciate that so much. our nextt to introduce beaker, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome and thank the president of the media research center. [applause] ♪ >> thank you. and you are much. -- thank you very much. how are you all doing today? senator cruz's backstage. i thought i would talk for 45 minutes first. they quickly. i want to introduce you to my grandson. [applause] maximilian -- i just met him
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yesterday. his father is stationed in the --ine corps in oak in our okinawa. his lovely bride bought us the -- brought us the baby. the second reason why i brought him is to ask you all as you listen to people like senator cruz to focus on children like this. focus on the future. this is not about you. this is about this generation. i asked you to get all the events, have our movement get off defense. it is time to go on offense. [applause] lines, maximilian wanted to say something. he was asking me if this was a .01(c) four
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i said it was great he said he wanted to express his own come up personal opinion. i said, ok. run, ted, run. thank you very much. ♪ [applause] >> thank you so varied much. i want to thank maximilian. that is the youngest introducer i ever had. values voters summit.
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week i stoodthis on the senate floor and said i intend to stand until i can stand a longer. [applause] 21 hours later, together a great many men and women across this country had elevated the debate about the disaster that is obamacare. anniversary of that , sit back, relax. we will be here a while. [laughter] [applause] don't worry you know we will nearly in if and when i bring out and bring out "the cat in the hat."
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y'all have gotten to know our daughters. caroline, the six-year-old, is a cynic. absolutely nothing i've done in the u.s. senate has impressed her at all. [laughter] "green eggseading and ham." when i came home, she looked at me and said, ok, dad. that was kind of cool. usn your kindergartner gives that kind of reassurance, it is pretty good. we also all the news. how many of you also the news that a man was stopped after he climbed the fence at the white house? the secret service stopped them , i'm sorry, mr. president, you have two more years left on your term. [laughter]
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that one came from jimmy fallon. we should actually hold the media to account. --ill say they are reporting they have not use the politically correct term about this person who broke into the white house today should revert to the visitor according to the term that is politically correct, an undocumented white house visitor. [laughter] [applause] that you allful are here today standing up for our country. the word tells us, weeping may endure for a night, but joy, in the morning. as every manoday and woman in this room knows and understands morning is coming.
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morning is coming. [applause] we have seen that abroad. we have seen that in our lives food we have seen that at home. abroad, this conference is particularly blessed to welcome in our midst and ask for new hero. i just had the opportunity to visits with her and her sun and baby girl, and husband backstage. joy an incredible piece and radiates from miriam. a young wife, mother in prison, thrown into a pit, giving birth to her daughter with her legs in
3:38 am
leg irons. sentenced by a cruel and oppressive government to receive 100 lashes and then to hang by the neck until dead. all for the crime of being a christian. sudan toldent of miriam that if you will renounce , we will spare you this terrible fate. miriam looked at her captors and said that i cannot and will not renounce christ. [applause] how many of us have had our faith tested like that?
3:39 am
how many of us have faced a question like that? if you start to feel hope and despair for what is happening in this country, remember that prison cell in the sudan. i asked mary in just a few , how did you not lose faith? how did you not give up hope? she responded simply, she said god was with me. anyone who forgets the promise, eth in remember joy com the morning. many believers lifted her up in prayer, spoke out in support of the attention, he, and light was too much on the government of sudan and they were forced to release her.
3:40 am
free, free at last. [applause] i am reminded of the book of acts, where paul and silas were torn in the prison, just like miriam. god brought an earthquake that broke the prison open, and their for theafraid consequences, began to take his own life. paul stopped him. the jailer asked of the apostle paul, what must i do to be saved? day paulsing modern and silas across the world. night is therrow
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, you willrs summit hear from his wife. a woman of incredible faith. .he is an american her husband is an american. their two little kids are living inhildren idaho plate she recorded a simple video their children saying, please, send our daddy home. today is the two-year anniversary of the republican guards showing up and throwing hisin prison for professing christian faith. two years. you know one of the incredible her, ishat happened to hearing the story about how the pastor, while in an iranian prison, has led dozens of fellow
3:42 am
prisoners and their jailers to christ. [applause] just as with paul and silas, the jailers are turning to pastor's pastor and saying, what must i do to be saved? god is in the darkest corners. we are standing on the promise of the word. right now, this week, the government of iran is sitting down with the united states government, swelling chardonnay whatw york city to discuss prime minister netanyahu describes as a historic mistake that is tragically setting the
3:43 am
stage for iran to acquire nuclear weapon capabilities. we so desperately need a president who will stand up and not these discussions do even begin and tell you you release this pastor and send him home. [applause] the vacuum of american leadership we see in the world did we need a president who will speak out at for people of faith, prisoners of conscience, who will stand up and say to the over 200 nigerian schoolgirls -- captivehe bible by boko haram ro.
3:44 am
like alan gross in cuba. like the sergeant in mexico. [applause] abroad, we see a lot of weeping that may endure for the night, but we stand on the promise that joy is coming in the morning. part of the reason that we can stand with such confidence, with such optimism, and with such hope is that we understand it with our own lives for this is not something abstract and theoretical. this is something each of us has lived. many of you all have gotten to know my sun. he is varied shy, soft-spoken.
3:45 am
he is beloved by the media. even the folks in the press are cracking up at that one. [laughter] , as a teenager, .xperienced that same captivity he was 14 when he began in the student council. the revolution in cuba came from student councils, from high school kids, and from college kids. when my father turned 17, my grandparents bought him a brand-new white suit. he went out partying, enjoying the town, because he was 17. disappear to my grandfather went searching for him. he knew the sun was in the underground pretty certain jail to jail to jail. my father had been thrown in a
3:46 am
cuban prison and tortured. eaten hour after hour. he had his head question by an army boot. me, whenother told she's all my father again, that not seeit -- you could a white anywhere on the stupid it was covered in mud and blood and his teeth were dangling from his mouth. yet, even when he was in that cuban jail, god was with him. rights, my father should have perished. but god's hand brought him from captivity to freedom. him to thes brought united states of america. [applause]
3:47 am
when i was at young child my parents were living in the oil business and neither of my were people of faith at the time. had ar of them relationship with christ. both of my parents drank far too much. both of them had serious problems with velcro. when i was three years old, my father decided that he did not want to be married anymore. he did not want a three . -- he did not want a three year old sun. when he was in use and gas business invited him to the
3:48 am
baptist church. my father accepted that invitation. he gave his life to jesus. [applause] he went and bought an airplane ticket and flew back to calvary and toin my mother rejoin his sun. if it were not for my father giving his life to christ i would have been raised by a single mother without having my dad in the home. everyone one of us, we have seen darkness that in a to -- utter darkness, hope remains.
3:49 am
house with the sound. -- sound the sold it that saved my soul to redye was see. but now i an incredible story that everyone of us knows and understands. we see it at home. we see in our nation. today in america and urgency. one that we have not seen before in politics. polling today shows that 76% of americans don't believe that our children will have a better life. unprecedented. it is fundamentally un-american. that thisan idea country was built on, every
3:50 am
generation for centuries has believed with freedom, standing for our values, that our kids will have a better life than we did and that their kids will have a better life than they did. crisis,a time of great but it is no greater than the crisis that she faced in that cell in sudan. it is no greater than the crisis that so many of us have faced in our own lives. ant night, i had dinner with israeli friend of mine. he made a remarkable observation. begins with the fundamental premise of religious liberty. it is the verio first thing in the bill of rights. it is the variant first freedom upon which all our other
3:51 am
liberties are built. this country was built on a revolutionary idea that our rights don't come from government, they come from almighty god. [applause] as the declaration said, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by -- not by a king, queen, or an even all powerful president -- endowed by their creator with certain in alienable rights and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. we are seeing fundamental challenges, and yet we are seeing victories such as the phenomenal victory for religious liberty that led to the hobby lobby case. [applause]
3:52 am
now, by a vote of 5-4, the spring court said the federal government cannot force people of faith to abandon their faith. a second,t it for 5-4. one vote different and the outcome is different. there are people in washington haveay republicans, to win to abandon values. >> no way. >> you are exactly right. our values are who we are, why we're here. >> yes. [applause] values are fundamentally
3:53 am
american. this country remains a center-right country. this country remains a country built on judeo-christian values. this country remains a country that values and cherishes our constitutional liberties. [applause] anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. american should know about the little sisters of the poor. [applause] you want to talk about values. right now, the federal government is suing the little sisters of the poor to try and force catholic nuns to pay for abortion inducing drugs. you know what? as modern democratic party
3:54 am
dcom and extreme, radical party. we ought to invite hillary clinton to spend the day debating the little sisters of the poor. [applause] brace -- embrace that the government should be forcing catholic nuns to pay for an abortion inducing drugs. as for me, i will stay with the nuns. [applause] --retty good roll of from rule of from, if you're suing nuns, you have done something wrong. [laughter] . democrats introduce
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legislation in the senate to repeal the protections in the freedom restoration act. that act fast just two decades ago with almost unanimous law by and signed into bill clinton. the use of a bipartisan agreement, regardless of our differences. we used to come together and say that we respect the religious liberty of everybody. when the vote came to strip of the lobby and christian companies of their religious liberty rights, when the vote came strip the little sisters of the poor and cap charities, and their religious lights -- rights , do you know how many senate democrats stood with religious liberty, stood with the catholic church? zero. >> shame on them. >> it is heartbreaking. two weeks ago democrats in the
3:56 am
senate injured is a constitutional amendment to repeal the free speech protections of the first amendment. on them. >> to take away the rights of the people in this room to speak out, to give congress the authority to determine whether your speech, my speech is "reasonable" or not. do not only democrats did against that? zero. m. shame on the in 1997, the democrats tried something similar. that same right-wing action of .ed kennedy spoke against it not amended the bill of rights, now is the time to start.
3:57 am
gave a floor speech on the senate floor with a giant puzzle ted kennedy saying that quote next to it. [laughter] [applause] scared my father to death. [laughter] he turn on c-span and said, good god, my sun has gone native. how do we turn this country around? we offer a choice, not an arrow. -- not an echo. we do not painted in pastels. we painted in bold colors. we are 39 days away from a pivotal election. if you want to defend the first amendment, free speech, our liberties, donald harry reid out. dump harry reid out.
3:58 am
[applause] [applause] if you want to defend our second amendment, our right to keep and bear arms, vote kerry reid out. out.rry reid [applause] if you want to defend the fourth and this amendment, if you want to defend the 10th amendment, then vote harry reid out. [applause] how do we win? we defend that i use that our american values. we stand for rights. we stand for life. we stand for marriage. we stand for israel.
3:59 am
[applause] bring back jobs and opportunities and unleashed small businesses to make it easier for people to achieve the american dream. [applause] irs.l abolish the [applause] we repeal common core. [applause] in 39 days i believe we will retake the united states senate and we are going to retire harry reid as majority leader. [applause]
4:00 am
in 2017, with a republican president in the white house -- [applause] to sign legislation repealing every word of obamacare. [applause] each and everyone of you is here because you believe in our nation, you believe in our values. i will tell you why i'm optimistic. ,rom the founding of our nation america has enjoyed god's providential blessings. at every stage in the revolutionary war, a ragtag bunch of colonists had no fear
4:01 am
of defeating the mightiest army on her the with god's blessings, we get sorted in the civil war, brother against brother, blood upon our soil, to expunge the original sin of this nation of ranged, that should have this country apart forever. yet, with god's blessing, this nation came back together after the bloody conflict in in world war ii, standing against the grotesque evil that was the not nazis, the american people say the world. in the cold war, with leadership from america, the american people rose up and won the cold war without firing a shot and tore the berlin wall to the ground. [applause] i am optimistic because of you.
4:02 am
i'm a miss it because i believe in the american people. i the domestic because -- i am a miss it because i am convinced -- [applause] we stand on the promise of the word. weeping may enter for the night, but joy cometh in the morning. thank you and god bless you. ♪ [applause] ♪
4:03 am
>> thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. it always does wonders for my ego when this because all these cameras, and when i walk up, they go away. my goodness, i cannot get through my announcements without reading my notes for their you heard a 40 minute speech from the heart. powerful.
4:04 am
give us a few moments as we set up something for our next bigger. i would say, what difference does it make, but that line has a ready been taken in this town. imagine that. someone running for president, , whatst memorable line is difference does it make. an amazingshow you video. for all of us who are pro-life, we often seem to relegate that to the abortion issue, but it is so much wider and broader and deeper than that. the family research council was right on the cutting edge of the -- stem cell research movement did we would like to see some progress that has been made that will encourage you and bless your heart. lets look at the screens together. it is a true story about stem cell research. jackie is berry caring. she loves helping people.
4:05 am
i think i got the better end of the deal. >> jackie is a happy person no matter what happens in her life. she is always outgoing. she is a local person. 21i got to college and i was , and i started to get red bumps on my fingers. i could barely walk. balloons.were just i cannot bend my ankles to walk. rash.the face not only was it red, it was scaly and pelee and black. i could feel off a huge layer of skin, so i went to the doctor and told him those two things, and he had a hunch. he said you have lupus. ♪ is my body attacking my
4:06 am
body. if you have a cold, your body attacks the cold. my body attacks my kidneys. it does not know the difference between a cold or my kidneys or my skin or my blood. it is attacking it. and itve me a pill failed. they give me a pill and it felt and they give me another pill and i did not tolerate a great well. i went through every single medication they have and nothing was working. >> it is frustrating, especially with lupus, because nobody has answers for the doctors don't have answers. i did not have answers. you are almost helpless. >> it was hard for me because i did not know why she had to go through this. --
4:07 am
>> they did not know what to do. they did not know how to treat me. ♪ >> she had gone through all the drugs. mentioned an adult stem cell transplant, it was a last resort regrets it happened really quickly. >> they take out your stem cells. you get admitted to the hospital , where they give you five days of treatment. it was intense chemo. after they wiped my body clean of the sick cells, the lupus cells, and they gave me my stem cells back. immune system.ew months for to seven
4:08 am
me to feel better. >> ready, set, go. it is definitely funded we are out of people. we go hiking. but because of adult stem cells, i can walk long distances. i can walk on the trails but i can go hiking with my husband. we love nature. >> it was pretty rough for a while there. we were told that we may not be able to have a child. >> i want the children so bad my whole life. i red online that i might not be able to have it. said, jackie, you have a new immune system. it does not know you have lupus. and so we will try. adult stem cells give me a
4:09 am
better life and a chance to be a mom. ♪ >> isn't that a great story? you are a part of that. with all of the news dominating the headlines, we hardly hear anything more about the crisis on her own border. yet, that crisis continues. we need to hear more about that. coming next, is the lieutenant governor of texas who will be addressing this issue, among others. worked hard to make text the national leader in job creation and the best place in america to do business. lets take a look at the monitors for a little bit more about her next bigger. ♪ >> remember last summer when
4:10 am
many of you rose up and drove your cars up to washington. because we had a group of people who literally took over the senate chambers and kept our enate from doing business. so we decided we'd all show up so we could save some lives. >> the governor was the visionary for hb 2 and pro-lifers and women and children owe him a debt of gratitude that is simply difficult to really explain to people. >> i want to tell you why i asked him to come. this little baby right here. this little baby right here came up for adoption. the little girl who was pregnant who didn't know who the dad was went down to get an abortion and she couldn't get an abortion because this little baby had
4:11 am
ust turned 20 weeks old. so the next time somebody says to you that this is about politics, i want you to remember . i want this to be etched in your mind. this is what it's about, right here. [ applause] >> this is a massive bill. this bill brought lucille richards to texas to try to stop it. it brought people from all over the country. they paid people to come from all over the country. that's how big and massive this bill was. that's what david duhurst dreamed up for us, put together, and helped shepherd through. no one else offered to do that for us or was able to do that. not dan patrick. not anyone else. that's what makes david irreplaceable to the pro life movement. >> the sacrifice that you and
4:12 am
your staff and your other our lators made, we have son today. [ applause] >> when there is a time when you have stood courageously as lieutenant governor duhurst has done and here we stand today with the fruit of that, this little baby, the lieutenant governor ought to get the credit for his leadership. as the people of grace, i want you to thank him today. >> amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, from the great state of texas, would you please welcome lieutenant governor david duhurst. ♪ ♪ long necks and western slang ♪ >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, it's a great pleasure for me to be here this morning. i get to be in a room full of fellow conservatives, fellow
4:13 am
christians, people that are dedicated to supporting life. i get to talk about texas. it doesn't get any better. i've been a conservative all my life. i remember as a youngster i read barry goldwater's book "the conscience of a conservative" and when i got through reading i said, that's me. north star is nt my christian faith. my belief in christ. with my family a very close second, meaning they're really great. growing up, my dad was killed when i was 3 years old in a car wreck. mom was our rock. she taught us her christian values. we had her unconditional love just like we have cleist's unconditional love. i've come to realize that the core essence of conservativism
4:14 am
is the unshakeable respect for the dignity and the liberty of every person. seeing just a second ago that baby continues to be very emotional for me. you and i know that life is a gift from god. i'm proud to defend it any time i can from anyone who would treat preborn babies as a mere inconvenience or try and harm you or your family. applause] thinking about that baby, you know, before i was elected lieutenant governor, only one pro life bill in the history of the state of texas had ever passed out of the texas senate. since then i've led in passing parental consent, a woman's right to know, a 24-hour cooling off period, making it a crime for the first time in the history of the state of texas to
4:15 am
harm an unborn baby, defunding planned parenthood. applause] the sonogram bill and a lot more including as you just saw the 2013 blockbuster bill where we had protesters chanting, hail satan. that bill has saved a little over 10,000 lives in one year. applause] today i don't know a state more socially conservative than texas. i want everybody to be socially conservative. i don't know a state more fiscally conservative than texas. i want everybody to be fiscally conservative. now, i'm pretty independent. i'm a proud republican. i'm pretty independent.
4:16 am
i do what's right. and a poor boy, i started my business from scratch. i knew then as i know now that government takes too much of our money. government has no money. it's your money. that's why over the years i'm building consensus in the legislature, a consensus in which we cut taxes, 54 times for $16 billion. we have eliminated 57 state agencies because i hate to waste your money. [ applause] >> i've made job creation a priority, because i think that's part of the american dream. i remember trying to start my usiness and how hard it was. but a key on that is if you're willing to work hard. you know, if america were not a great country, border security
4:17 am
would not be a problem. tony asked me to come up from texas and to talk about a subject that i'm involved with every day. that's border security. and it's a situation that i regret that we're in the middle of in texas but we are. i'm proud of what we're doing. i want to make a statement today about how proud i am to the men and women in texas who are standing up and standing on that line because, ladies and gentlemen, i'll probably say it again. if we don't stop the bad guys at the border today, they'll be in our neighborhood tomorrow. [ applause] now most of us if not all of us in this room are fed up with washington and fed up with the federal government. >> amen. >> but i may be a little madder
4:18 am
than a lot of you, because i know what could be done if the federal government would just listen. i feel very strongly about this. border security is a huge issue in texas. and around the country. the democrats have tried not to talk about border security. they tried to talk about immigration. they've tried to talk about the humanitarian. they've tried to pull at your heart strings. i understand. but i think over the last year the tsunami of upaccompanied children and what that means and literally the president opening up the red carpet for them to come here and then talking about has y by executive order made millions of us all around the country really mad. bottom line if we don't stop the bad guys at the border they're going to be in your hometown tomorrow. i believe we've got to do five things. we've got to secure our border against illegal immigration. two, we've got to stop drugs
4:19 am
coming into texas and the rest of the country because they're illing our fellow americans. three, we got to do something about our trans national gangs that are operating in every texas city. dangerous. working for the cartels. four, human trafficing. we've got to stop human trafficing, trafficing of young children turning into sex slaves here in the united states. five, we've got to secure the border against potential national security threats that are crossing the border. today a lot of our border patrol signs in the texas brush are in english, spanish, and chinese. there's an unconfirmed judicial watch story about isis activity in juarez, a city south of el paso. a very liberal democrat congressman, but of course that's redundant, debated me
4:20 am
last saturday, and he made light of the border threat, saying the fbi and the cia had told him there are no known confirmed terrorist threats along our southern border at the present time. at the present time. that's not the question, congressman. the question is, is there isis activity targeted against the united states? and the answer is clearly yes. every message that we've seen coming out of isis focuses on mobilizing terrorist islam against the united states. the leader of isis has said, i'll see you in new york. prayer rugs have recently been found on the texas side of the border in the brush. again, we're facing another tsunami and that's these trans national gangs working for the cartels in every city. if you don't remember anything i said today, please bear with me and remember this one thing.
4:21 am
n texas, in texas, since 2008, over 640,000 crimes have been charged against people illegally in texas, including over 3,000 murders. when your friends say a porous border doesn't hurt, it kills texans. it hurts texans. it kills americans and it hurts americans. applause] i respect mexico. i certainly respect the efforts of the previous president in his fight against the drug cartels. was exican president nieto wrong on 9/11 when he issued a press release saying texas was putting the texas national guard on the border for politics. governor perry and i are both
4:22 am
conservative republicans, but we run and serve completely independent of each other. i just didn't wake up yesterday and dawn on me that we need to do something about securing the border. i started eight years ago. eight years ago i said i'm fed up with the federal government. they are not going to do their constitutional responsibility to defend our sovereign border and when that happens i believe the states have not just a right but an obligation to step in and act independent of the federal government. applause] >> thank you. did you know, there are almost twice as many cops in new york city with guns as we have in the whole border patrol, southern border, northern border, our border between alaska and canada? there is no way they can do this. they need more people. as a conservative and a firm believer in the tenth amendment
4:23 am
i believe states must act independent of the federal government when the federal government fails to do their constitutional duties. [ applause] that's why in 2007 eight years ago i started propose rating texas tax dollars, not federal dollars, to help secure our southern border with our state police. we've got high spotter aircraft, helicopters, armor plated gun boats. the cartels don't shoot at us. each one of the boats can fire a housand rounds a minute. we put texas rangers in the dps in the brush. we now have spent over $800 million of texas tax dollars not a penny of federal tax dollars trying to secure our border. and this increase, this recent increase is because obama put out the red carpet to people to come to texas with the help of
4:24 am
the drug cartels. these cartels are horrible. some of the people that the cartels smuggle or left to die. others are put into service as sex slaves. i cannot sit idly by and not do everything in my ability to stop that. these are humans. these are people made by god like us. we need to stop this horrible, horrible practice. let me be quick and end. i notice my time is almost up. last fall we ran a trial surge. it was successful. we kicked off a big surge. a thousand of our state police and we activated a thousand of our national guard. now we haven't militarized the border. the border patrol are eyes and
4:25 am
ears. yeah they're armed. but when they spot illegal activity they immediately call the border patrol and our state police and we round them up. it's working. we target it on the worst zone, the worst zone. 120 -mile-per-hour zone where most of the cartels are. and we reduced the illegal immigration some 65%. we're working to get it down to ero. i want to be careful what i say. our intercepts tell us, the cartels are talking back and forth with each other saying, one when are these guys going to stop? you know what my answer is? never until we finish the job. [ applause cost. not without a it's costing us in texas in texas tax dollars $18 million a month. that's a lot of money. but i ask myself, how do you put
4:26 am
a price on saving the life of a texan or an american? you can't. there is no price. my goal is to be able to show washington how to do it. get them to increase the size of the border patrol and let us go home. we've got problems we need to ace right now. washington needs immediately to change the 2008 law that allows apprehended aliens up to two years to have a final hearing on their being in the united states. that's nuts. that hearing ought to happen in wo days not two years. if you're from mexico or canada your hearing happens in 24 hours. we also need for the nation of mexico to tighten their own border security. and eliminate free train rides across mexico.
4:27 am
what can you do? support, support, pray. changing the 2008 law. pray for us as we stand up for the life of every texan and every american. pray for our law enforcement. they're in a dangerous position. pray for our law enforcement and the national guard as we try and do our part to protect america's border. and pray we elect a good, onservative president in 2016. who is a leader and will do the right thing for america. you know, i've told tourists many times that texas doesn't really exist. it's more of a way of thinking. now, if you saw the movie "america" which i recommend --. [ applause]
4:28 am
nd i normally don't quote rock or lead singers but if you saw bono in the movie you know what he said? he said, it's always been a right/wrong issue and america's always been on the side of right. amen. he said give us liberty and justice and we'll handle it from here. just get government out of the way. i like that. let me end by saying i love america and i know you love america. it's offered this poor boy from texas opportunity. it's offered me the opportunity of a lifetime. that is the biggest opportunity of my life, second only to my wife tricia saying yes. and that's to serve as lieutenant governor of texas, the great state, for 12 years and try and honor the lord in my acts and my words and to help protect life and to protect our
4:29 am
liberties and try and make this a little better place to live. america has fallen some. our leaders have failed us. but as christians we know america's in god's hands. and with our strong prayers, every day several times a day i know in my heart as a hero of yours and mine once said, america's best days are in front of us. god bless you. nice to be with you. [ applause] ♪ >> thank you, lieutenant governor. now to set up our next speaker we have a video we'd like to show you. let's all look at the monitors together in preparation for our
4:30 am
ext speaker. >> i have a question. can a nation conceived in liberty carry its head high if it denies protection to the youngest and most vulnerable of its citizens? can a country founded on god given rights continue to thrive without understanding that life is a precious gift from our creator? i believe that great nations and great civilizations spring from a people who have a moral compass. i don't think a civilization can long endure that does not have respect for all human life born and not yet born. >> as a physician i have looked into the eyes of one-pound babies. i have cradled their small bodies in the palm of one hand. i defy those who are careless
4:31 am
who would disregard life to look at these tiny little miracles and say we're not going to protect that. but i believe there will come a time when we are all judged on whether or not we took a stand in defense of all life from the moment of conception until our last natural breath. as a teenager i gave my first public speech in my church. my hands shook. my heart pounded. i thought to myself, i can't do this. but somehow i did and because i wanted to talk about things that were important, i persisted. i chided my church as a senior in high school for not seeming to care about the not yet born, for looking the other way, and for not taking a stand on life. i will be in earnest. i will not equivocate. i will not excuse. i will not retreat an inch. i will be heard. one thing i promise you.
4:32 am
i will always take a stand for ife. >> amen. ladies and gentlemen, the values voter summit is honored to welcome as a new cosponsor this year the national religious broadcasters. coming now to introduce our next speaker would you please welcome the president of nrb, dr. jerry johnson? applause] >> he is courageous. he is not afraid to stand up. he is not afraid to speak out. he is not afraid to vote no. and he's not afraid to mount a filibuster when necessary. senator rand paul was elected in 2010 to represent kentucky in the united states senate. he is a champion for constitutional liberty, fiscal
4:33 am
responsibility, and for the sanctity of innocent human life. and he is a warrior against government over reach. in particular, he's been a vocal advocate for term limits, a balanced budget amendment, a that is bills act, and on it of theand an federal reserve. he serves on the senate foreign relations committee as well as the health, education, labor, and pensions security. the homeland security and government affairs committee, and the small business committee. senator paul is also a practicing opthalmologist. even now as a u.s. senator he continues to provide pro bono eye surgery to kentuckyians and most recently in guatemala and others in need of care.
4:34 am
senator, i want to particularly thank you for your national leadership in defense of the constitution especially the very first freedom in the bill of rights, religious liberty. last fall you voted agens enda in committee and on the senate floor and this summer you helped thwart senator harry reid's brazen attempt to gut the 20-year-old religious freedom restoration act. he is on the edge. he has an edge. it gives him the edge. it is an honor to welcome you to this assembly, senator rand paul. ♪
4:35 am
>> thank you. what a glorious morning it is outside. it's a beautiful day. thank you for coming. america is not just experiencing growing pains, though. america, i believe, is in a full blown crisis, a spiritual crisis. soothing voices seek to reassure us to say everything is okay. everything is just fine. all is well. until one day all is not well. the problem as oz guinness puts it is not wolves at the door. it's termites in the floor. our foundation is cracking. it's not that we've chosen the wrong politicians although there is some truth to that. [ laughter] it's more fundamental. we've arrived at a crossroads. we've arrived at a day of reckoning. will we falter? will we thrive and rediscover our mojo?
4:36 am
america has much greatness left in her. i'm convinced of it. if we believe in ourselves. if we believe in our founding documents. if we believe in the system that made us the richest, freest, and most humanitarian nation ever. but cracks are evident. the sand is shifting. our moral compass is wavering. oz guinness makes this point when he states that the only proper restraint for fleedom is self-restraint. what does that mean? it means those of us who love freedom must realize that freedom is not a license to do as you please. freedom can only be realized when citizens know self-restraint. or, put another way, virtue. this parallels with george washington's belief that democracy requires a virtuous people. think american revolution vs. the french revolution. laws, though, don't ultimately
4:37 am
restrain people. 98% of the people will follow a virtuous course with or without laws. this isn't to say we shouldn't have laws or that we don't need laws. but what we need is something more than laws. we need something that civilizes a nation. that is virtue. what america needs is not just another politician or more promss. what america really needs is a revival. applause] 200 years ago thomas payne wrote, these are the times that try men's souls. the question is now as important as it was then. will you be sunshine patriots, shrinking and gone when the going gets tough, or will you stand shoulder to shoulder to defend the republic? as your representative, i swore an oath to defend the republic
4:38 am
against enemies foreign and domestic. now that i've been to washington and i've seen the belly of the beast, i can tell you that i've met the enemy and the enemy is too often right here in this own. in congress and, frankly, many times in both parties. in bipartisan fashion congress defies its own rules. they're supposed to publish the bills in advance so we can read the bills. reading the bills shouldn't be too difficult, should it? the president acts like he's a king. he ignores the constitution. he arrogantly says, if congress will not act, then i must. these are not the words of a great leader. these are words that sound more like the exclamations of an autocrat. in the face of war the president
4:39 am
is just as arrogant. instead of coming to congress, he illegally acts on his own. we are faced with a crisis in the middle east that does require action. while i am one who is hesitant to be involved in the civil wars of the middle east, isis is now a threat to our consulate. they are a threat to our embassy in baghdad. we should act but we should act within the rule of law. the constitution says that only congress may declare war. yet this president has in libya and then this week in syria committed our sons and daughters to a war that is not authorized by congress. had i been president i would have called for a joint session of congress. i would have laid out the threat. and i would have requested congressional authority to respond as the constitution dictates. by failing to follow the constitution, this president missed a chance to unite the nation.
4:40 am
he missed a chance to galvanize the country. he missed a chance to become a great american leader. how did we stray so far from the constitution? and how do we find our way back to the traditions of our founders? don devont is a friend of mine who worked in the reagan administration. he wrote in a book recently about how freedom and tradition are intertwined. he wrote, freedom needs tradition for law, order, and inspiration. but tradition needs freedom to escape stagnation, coercion, and decline. the great achievement of the constitution's framers was in roviding a means for sin theythesizing freedom and tradition. america needs to revive virtue. america needs to revive the hope that springs eternal from the transcended teachings of a humble carpenter who died upon a
4:41 am
cross. government can supply bread but it can't mend a broken spirit. mother teresa was once praised for her social work in india and she replied, we are not social workers. we do this for jesus. ossek laher -- no secular government, no social worker can claim the same motivation. no government, no law can force a people to be virtuous. our churches, our schools, our parents must fill that void. this isn't the norm now. speaking of a revival, speaking of our values is sadly considered nonconformity in this day and age. in other words, i think we must do something our world often ells us not to do -- seek god. walter percy laments in the movie goer that we left no room for the seeker. maybe our country's revival depends on seeking and rediscovering the synthesis of
4:42 am
freedom and tradition. some believe you must choose either liberty or virtue. to be virtuous you can't have too much freedom. this is wrong. liberty is absolutely estonings virtue. it is our freedom to make individual choices that allows us to be virtuous. government can't impose virtue. we must impose it upon ourselves. this doesn't mean the government shouldn't or can't reflect our values. it must. the first amendment is not about keeping religious people out of government. it's about keeping government out of religion. some seek to separate theish the issues of our day. separate our values from our government. this doesn't work. obama care tries to force us to separate our faith from our business. fortunately, the supreme court thought otherwise.
4:43 am
reagan understood this unity of message when he wrote, we do not have a separate social agenda, a separate economic agenda, and a separate foreign agenda. we have one agenda. just as surely as we seek to put our financial house in order, and rebuild our nation's defenses, so, too, we seek to protect the unborn, to end the manipulation of school children by utopian planners and permit the acknowledgment of our supreme being in our classrooms. as christians we should always stand with the most defenseless. i believe that no civilization can long endure that does not respect life from the not yet orn to life's last breath. the debate isn't really about whether government has a role in
4:44 am
protecting life. the debate really hinges on when life begins. i've held 1 1/2-pound babies in my hand. i've seen them sucking their thumb on an ultra sound. i've seen surgeons operate on babies still in the womb. so don't tell me that five and six-pound babies have no rights simply because they're not yet born. [ applause] i'm one who will march for life and will continue to stand up in defense of life as long as i'm privileged to be in office. another way we as christians should stand up to the current status quo is in foreign policy. reagan in his first speech to the u.n. said the record of history is clear. citizens of the u.s. resort to force reluctantly and only when we must. reagan believed in strength but he also believed in peace. he said, as for the enemies of
4:45 am
freedom, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the american people. our foreign policy, though, has too often accepted war instead of peace and intervention instead of strength leading to a host of unintended consequences. toppling secular dicts in the middle east led time and time again to chaos and ultimately that chaos enabled and abetted the rise of radical islam. as secular dictators fell in libya, in egypt, in iraq, and ow syria, radical jihaddists exploited the vacuum and christians have been forced to flee. where will the syrian christians go when the civil war breaks down their door? across the middle east the story is the same. christians are either persecuted or on the run. in sudan, merriam ibrahim is on the run. i understand she may be here today. is that right? [ applause] for her beliefs she was
4:46 am
sentenced to death by the muslim courts of sudan. merriam was raised by a christian mother and married a christian man. at the time of her arrest she had a young son and was pregnant with another. because merriam's father was muslim, though, islamic law considers merriam and her son to be muslim. so when she was arrested merriam and her young son were taken to prison. merriam was forced to give birth in prison shackled to the floor. when merriam's muslim brother was asked about her sentence he replied, if she repents, and returns to our islamic faith, then we are a family. but if she refuses, she should be executed. after her conviction, merriam was given a chance to recant her christianity and save her life. she refused, declaring, i am a christian. and i will remain a christian. that's true bravery. applause] luckily, merriam was granted
4:47 am
asylum and she is now here in the united states. but there are many more like her across the globe christians are under attack as if we lived in the middle ages or as if we lived under early pagan roman rule. in libya once the secular dictator gadhafi fell radical jihaddists raided christian churches rounding up hundreds of christians accusing them of being missionaries because they possessed bibles and crosses. many were tortured and one christian died while being tortured. in pakistan, asia bibi, a christian sits on death row for blasphemy. she says it all began when she drew water from a muslim villager's well. as she was filling her bowl of water the crowd formed chanting, "death, death to the christian." she pleaded for her life. she was pelted with stones, punched in the face, drug through the streets. the local imam finally intervened only to say if you don't want to die you must convert to islam. the crowd descended on her,
4:48 am
beating her with sticks. finally the police stopped her attackers only to arrest her. for several years now asia bibi has been on death row for the alleged crime of blasphemy. until asia bibi is freed, pakistan should not receive a penny of u.s. aid. applause] not a penny should go to any nation that persecutes or kills christians. i can't imagine why we would do this. you would think, i believe the american public believes this, that there is no way we should do this. and you'd think your representatives up here would get it. but they don't. this summer i introduced legislation to stop foreign aid to any country that has the death penalty or life in prison
4:49 am
fortunes or other religions for making religious freedom choices. both republican and democrats voted against this amendment overwhelmingly. the committee voted 16-2 to continue this indiscriminate aid to these countries regardless of whether they persecute christians. i don't think anybody out in america really agrees with that. that's why you really have to stand up and send a message up here because they're not listening. our foreign policy also must let us stand with israel. that's why this year i introduced a bill to cut off all aid to the palestinian authority and hamas until they lay down their arms, stop firing their rockets, and publicly recognize israel's right to exist. the irony is impossible to
4:50 am
escape. our tax dollars, your tax dollars may well end up funding hamas. allowing them to buy more missiles with your money. my bill was opposed by republican and democrat leaders. instead this week congress voted to arm the islamic rebels in syria. one group of the so-called moderate rebels has stated publicly that when they're done with assad next they're coming for israel. they'll take back the golan heights. that's next on their list. i asked on the senate floor last week, i said to those of you who wish to arm thesis lambic rebels, tell me who among them will recognize israel's right to exist. silence. no one answered because not one of thesis lambic rebels will ever think -- of these islamic rebels will ever think of recognizing israel. in country after country mobs burn the american flag and chant, "death to america." congress's response? congress responds by sending
4:51 am
more of your money to these haters of christianity. i say, not one penny more to any nation that is burning our flag. applause] it's time to put a stop to this madness. re-examine our foreign policy. halt all aid to islamic radicals in syria, egypt, and elsewhere, and take a good, hard look at what our foreign policy has done. you and i must and should stand with our fellow christians in the middle east around the world but that does not necessarily mean war and it certainly does not mean arming both sides in every conflict. christians, you have to lay it out simple to people in washington. they'll never get it. as christians, we understand at the right to life and
4:52 am
freedom of religion preexists all government. these rights are not granted to man by other men. these rights are granted to us by our creator. god help us in these troubling times to make wise decisions. to make moral decisions, and to listen to the voice of god that lives and breathes and resides in us all. i try to remember each day corinthians 3:17. where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. i hope christians everywhere will remember that the reverse is true. where there is liberty, there is always plenty of space for god. thank you very much for having me. [ applause] ♪ >> thank you so much, senator.
4:53 am
i love the fact that he had the courage to look hillary clinton in the eye and say, if i had been president you would have been relieved of your duties from benghazi. later when asked about that he said even bill clinton would have fired hillary clinton. well, folks, in 2006 our next speaker would become the first republican woman to be elected to represent minnesota in the u.s. house of representatives. you know where i'm going. 2010 she founded the house tea party caucus that helped fire nancy pelosi and gave barack bama his biggest defeat. 2012 she ran for president of the united states of america. and in between these milestones she has become a tireless worker for issues that we all hold sacred in america.
4:54 am
after eight courageous years of service, she is stepping down from the house of representatives. so, folks, this is your chance to not only welcome our next speaker but to say thank you to a true warrior for your values. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome michele bachmann? [ applause] ♪ >> hi, everyone. thank you. thank you so much. god bless you. thank you. thank you so o: much for that warm introduction and as you know i'm not running again for my seat in the united states congress. so the first question everyone asks me is this. michele, what is it you're going to do when you leave office? well, i have to tell you the most important thing i need to do is take a vacation.
4:55 am
and so i am planning to find the most secluded spot i possibly can to rest and that's why i've decided i'm going to msnbc primetime. laughter] it has been an absolute incredible privilege for me to serve in the united states congress. it really has been the thrill of a lifetime. that's why i am so grateful for that opportunity. when i came to congress, i took the dice and i rolled them for everything that there was because i was a normal, real person when i came to congress. i am still a normal, real person today. [ applause] because you see, when i came here, in 2007 was sworn in, i decided i was going to give it absolutely everything i had. that's what i did. because i think, why else come?
4:56 am
why come here? why else serve the public in office if you're not going to put absolutely everything on the line? because i absolutely believe as everyone in this room does in the greatness of the united states of america. what do i mean by that greatness? you see, it is an idea. it's the idea that the nation was founded upon. i talked about it before from this podium and i'm in love with this idea. the fact that there was a creator god who thought so much of the individual he created us in his image and likeness and he created us equal. that's what the declaration of independence says. and so it isn't the government ne'er-do-well politician who gives us our rights. it's the creator who gives us our rights. so basic, so foundational. never, ever forget it.
4:57 am
since it's the creator who gave us our inalienable rights the good news is no man can touch them. they can never take them away! [ applause] it is a phenomenal philosophy upon which the nation was founded. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. those aren't just nice sounding words. it is the ultimate social contract. the government, instituted among men why? to secure life, to secure liberty, and to secure your right to the fruits of your own labor. not a bad deal. what a concept. [ applause] that's why i decided whatever issue came my way i was going to stand for those founding principles. and i did. i kept the faith during these last eight years. and so that's why i don't know
4:58 am
whether nancy pelosi is going to miss me more or john boehner. one of the two. i don't know. but along the way came the wall street bail out. i helped put together a no to the wall street bail out. we brought down that very first vote. it passed but we brought it down the first time. then the automobile bail out. i gave a speech. it was viewed 2 million times. i called it gangster government. because it's gangster government when your government issues 3400 pink slips to privately owned automobile dealerships. then there was the trillion dollar stimulus. i guess that didn't work so well. nd of course obama care. i i introduced the very first repeal bill the next morning. the bill passes at midnight and at 9:00 in the morning i'm in there introducing the repeal
4:59 am
bill. and then four years into my term i was privileged to be appointed to serve on the select house committee on intelligence. we deal with the classified secrets of the nation and we also deal with terrorism. and during the course of these last four years, i did a deep dive into the leading foreign policy and national security issues of our day. during my time on the intelligence committee i had a front row seat to a world set on fire from islamic jihad and what we've seen is one disaster after another from the obama/clinton foreign policy team. in their fantasy world, a smaller, diminished, less colorful united states is somehow supposed to bring about global tranquility. well, mr. obama, mrs. clinton, -- -- our 1980
5:00 am
foreign policy back. we don't want your failed russian reset. we don't want four americans dead in benghazi. it was a tragedy to release the five top taliban leaders from guantanamo bay. perhaps nothing will change the world more than your foolish lifting of sanctions on iran as they are racing toward completing nuclear weapons. and they will if we stay the course as president obama and hillary clinton have laid forward. unthinkabley, we have the first anti-israel president in american history. that's the obama/clinton legacy. it's no wonder hillary clinton couldn't think of an answer when asked on her book tour to name her accomplishments as secretary


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