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tv   Ed Miliband at British Labour Party Conference  CSPAN  September 28, 2014 8:59pm-10:10pm EDT

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thank you very much. >> for free transcripts or to give us your comments, visit us at "q&a" programs are also available as c-span podcasts. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> british labour party leader and a miliband speaks at the annual conference. congression on what might do about domestic violence charges against nfl players. a withr chance to see q& sally quinn.
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>> c-span's 2015 student cam underway.n is go to for more information. a camera and get started today. his annual labour party conference, leader ed miliband partyhis remarks to members commenting on the overnight air strikes in syria. he supported president obama's decision. mr. miliband praised the outcome the scottish referendum. this is about an hour and 10 minutes.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the leader of the labour party, ed miliband. ♪ ♪ by]ase stand
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[applause] >> thank you so much for that incredibly kind welcome. start by talking about somebody who's from just down the road from here and that's hostagening, a british taken by isil. his wife, barbara henning, made incredibly moving appeal for his release just over the weekend. henning is simply an aid worker trying to make life for victims of conflict. all we he should tell us need to know about isil and their murderous ways, that they decent british man like alan henning hostage. not just british people that they're targeting. nationalities all
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and all religions. aat's why we've supported coalition, not simply based on military action, but a coalition based on humanitarian, political, and diplomatic action, to counter the threat of isil. this week, the president of the united states and the british thee minister are both at united nations. actionort the overnight against isil. what needs to happen now is that to play its part, a u.n. security council to win the international support to counter of [applause]
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friends, this country will never turn our back on the world and will never turn our back on the principles of internationalism. [applause] and those values are reflected country, but in this party, in this hall, and in in this great city of manchester. friends, it is great to be with you in manchester. a fantastic city, a city with a leading the council way and a city that after this year's local elections is not just a tory free zone but a liberal democrat-free zone, as well.
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now, manchester has special memories for me because it was four years ago that i was here inyour leader manchester. feel wiser.n, i i feel older. older, actually. hang on a minute. look quite a lot older, as well. at least i've got an excuse. but i'm prouder than ever to be ie leader of your party and thank you for your support. [applause] now, we meet here in serious times not just for our worlds but for our country, too. nearly broke up, a aparty that nearly splits is not a country in good health. by thanking all
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of labour team scotland for the played in keeping our country together. thank them all. garwin,rown, alistair carron, douglas alexander. all, ladies them and gentlemen, because they helped save our country! and i want to say to the people of scotland directly, this you overrty will show the coming years, you made the right choice, because we are together.
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[applause] now, here's the thing. of us, all political leaders, all of us in this hall a responsibility to try and votedn why 45% of people yes, 45% of people wanted to break up our country. and we've got to explain why the feeling we saw in scotland is is just in scotland but reflected across the country. my story saw six days from the end of the referendum campaign. a publicmy way to meeting. i was late, as politicians tend to be. the meeting.ide i met a woman and i was supposed the meeting but i wanted to stop and ask her how she was voting. i did that to everybody on the street. one vote at a time. are youid to her, how
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voting? she said i haven't decided yet. wased out her name josephine. she worked as a cleaner in the building. i asked what the company was like that she worked for. she said the company was decent but the wages were rubbish. she hasn't decided because life was so incredibly tough for her. leave but shet to thought it might be the best thing to do. how josephinenow voted in the referendum but i do know the question she was asking -- is anyone going to make life better for me and my family? and here's the thing. isn't just josephine's question. it's the question people are asking right across britain. is anyone going to build a better life for the working country? our that wasn't just the referendum question. is the general election question.
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[applause] not talking about the powerful and the privileged, those who do well whatever the weather. about families like yours who are treading water, justng harder and harder to stay afloat. for labour, this election is about you. sacrifices.the you've taken home lower wages year after year. taxes.paid higher you've seen your energy bills rise and your n.h.s. decline. you know this country doesn't work. can build a that we better future for you and your family and this speech is about labour's plan to do it. labour's plan for britain's future. [applause]
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so what do we need to have that future? the we got to understand what people are saying to us right across the united kingdom. our country there is a silent majority who wanted endure but are telling us that things must change and they come from every walk of life. there's a young woman who works -- where iar why live. she lives at the opposite end of from josephine. she's separated by at least a generation but they share a common experience. go touldn't afford to college so she got a job in the nearby washing dishes. she's worked incredibly hard and worked her way up to be one of chefs but like josephine, ziamara is incredibly tough. by the way, she thinks politics is rubbish.
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not pretend we don't hear that a lot on the door step. see in politics? she sees grift. she doesn't think we can solve her problems and we've got to prove her wrong and it's not just that people like her and struggling with the troubles of today. importantmething more about our country. people have lost faith in the future. the other day was in the park, i was trying to work on my speech, wasn't it or not and i getting anywhere so i went to the park and there were two young women who were in the park they seemed excited to see me and they came over. don't laugh at me. [laughter] and one of them actually said, so it is true, you do meet famous people in this park. the other one said, yeah, it is, and then first one said, no fornse, we were hoping
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benedict cumberbatch. but anyway, anyway, one of them said something which really stuck with me. said, mythis, she generation is falling into a hole and she said about her parents' generation, they've now there'sod and nothing left for us. she wasn't just speaking for herself. of was speaking for millions people across our country, millions of people who've lost like in the country, gareth high up in a software company. daughter, 5-year-old he's earning a decent wage. homen't afford to buy a for himself and his family. he's priced out by the richest. he thinks unless you're one of the privileged view in britain, for youtry won't work and your kids will have a worse life than you and so many people, friends, across our country, feel this way. they feel the country doesn't work for them. lost that faith in
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the future. to restoresk is people's faith in the future. not by breaking up our country, but by breaking with the old way of doing things, by breaking the past. i'm not talking about a a differentlicy or program. i'm talking about something much bigger. i'm talking about a different a different ethic for the way our country succeeds. the sound andll fury in england, scotland, wales, across the united kingdom, what people are actually saying to us is this country doesn't care about me. our politics doesn't listen. our economy doesn't work. and they're not wrong. they're right. and this labour party is going put it right! [applause] that, we've, to do
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got to go back to the very foundation of who we are and how run things. we just can't carry on with the belief, but we can succeed as a country with a tiny minority at the top doing well. prosperity in one part of britain amongst a small elite, a most, blind too the concerns of people, sending the message to everyone but a on your own. think about it for a minute. workingconomy, it's people who are made to bear the anxiety, precariousness and insecurity. told, you're on your own. so many young people who don't have the privileges think their theirill be worse than parents. they've been told, you're on your own. so many small businesses are struggling against forces more powerful than themselves. they've been told, you're on your own.
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and the most vulnerable are being thrown on the scrap heap, cast aside, not listened to, even when they have a case. they've been told, you're on your own. and to cap it all in our haveics, it's a few who the access when everyone else is told, out, they've been you're on your own. no wonder people have lost faith in the future. people voted many to break up our country. any wonder? the deck is stacked. of game is rigged in favor those who have all the power. friends, in eight months' time, going to call time on this way of running the country, your own --re on
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because you're on your own it doesn'tk for you, work for your family, it doesn't for britain. [applause] we build a different future for our country? of course we can. idea fora different how we succeed. an idea that, in the end, won referendum, an idea i love, because it says so much about who we have it in ourselves to become, an idea party's character an in our country's history, idea that built our greatest institutions and got us through darkest moments, an idea simple word --e together. together, we can restore faith in the future. together, we can build a better
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future for the working people of britain. rebuild, we can britain. friends, together, we can! [applause] together says it's not just a powerful few at the top whose but thehould be heard voices of everyone. together says it's not just a few wealthy people that create our country, it's every working person. together says we just can't a country with the talents of a few. we've got to use the talents of all. together says that we can't have some people breaking the rules, everybody's got to play under the same rule. ad together says that we have duty to look after each other when times are hard. together, the way we restore faith in the future. forther, a different idea britain. [applause]
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now, you might be thinking, this sounds like a pretty big changing the way our country's run, a totally idea.ent that's quite a big task. is it really going to be possible? can we do it? i mean, in the 21st century, is going backwards? well, it isn't. and the reason it isn't is idea is everywhere around us to see in every walk of life. the inspiration is everywhere, way of doingt things. early on i mentioned gareth who software company who's worried about his daughter and worried about the future. meet him.ust i met his colleagues, as well. company isftware full of bright, savvy young enthusiasml of great
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but it doesn't about getting to the top. individualout each on their own. every person at that company said the same thing, you need to the talents of every single person, not just the software engineers but the customer service. not just the developers, but those who manage the accounts. great businesses across our country and they'll say the same thing to you. ethic of the 21st century in business. entrepreneurs. britain needs great greatesteurs but the entrepreneurs recognize that they're only as strong as their team. and it's not just true in business. work are people here who in our brilliant national health our brilliant national health service, friends. [applause]
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earlier this year, i spent a lot hospital inn n.h.s. watford. i wanted to go there to see how things looked from the front line. mainly i got in the way, really, but that's what politicians tend to do. remember one evening at 9:00 from i was watching nurses different backgrounds, different walks of life, all coming together. incredibly moved. i was incredibly inspired by the team work. proud of our national health service. [applause] go toany great hospital, any great school, it's the team that makes it strong, and then about our brilliant armed forces and let us pay tribute to them today, friends. [applause]
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heroic troops serving our country in the most dangerous places. talk to any of them and they'll team and the team that makes it strong. so it's true of business. of public service. it's true of our armed forces. ofs true in so many walks life. you see, it's the ethic of the hierarchy,y with order, planning, control, the few.ts of a the ethic of the 21st century is cooperation. part,ody playing their sharing the rewards, the talent together. friends, it is time we ran the bentry like we know it can run. [applause] now here's a question for you. challenge is to run the
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country on this principle of thether, can the tories be answer? answer?tories be the [crowd says "no"] >> that's better. bestse if you want the example of you're on your own, rig the system for the powerful throwback dog inma, look at this if you're a low paid worker struggling to make ends meet, for longering harder for less and you're on your own. if you're a family in the middle, you feel like you're just treading water, and you're on your own. if you're on a zero hour getting up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to find out whether you've got work, they'll how an economys succeeds, and you're on your own. the peoplene of
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who's worried about the railway company, the payday lender, they're not going to do anything own.lp you, you're on your if you're one of the nine million people who rent your sector,the private they're certainly not going to do anything for you, they're going to tell you you're on your own. and why? because they say intervening would be like venezuela. they say.t you see, they say they don't believe in government intervention. really? of course they do. you're a millionaire who wants a tax cut, they're certainly going to intervene to you.rt you're not going to be on your own. if you're a banker who's worried well it's goods, news for you because george osborne is going to go all the
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europe to fight tooth and nail to try and protect it. you certainly won't be on your own. an energy company whose prices and profits are soaring, good news again. you've got a prime minister who will be your own p.r. man. your on [applause] way, if you're a conservative supporting, gold owning,luxury hotel olig award winning russian ark and you've got 160,000 pounds to spare to bid at an auction, you won't be on your the tennis be on court playing doubles with david cameron. that tells you all you need to know about this government.
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[applause] electionhe kind of campaign they're going to fight. the next nine months, david cameron is going to want to talk he's about the past and not going to want to talk much about the present and the future. why? the britisho tell public that none of the problems in our country are anything to do with him. he's done a really outstanding, tremendous job and he really deserves a lot of and thanks for it. you've done a great job. have nothing to do with him. and if you just hang on until election,general things are about to turn the family.or your now, the british people will have to be the judge of this but tohink there are some things
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bear in mind. the record of this government,'t just it is one of the worst ever. [applause] the longest fall in living standard since 1870. slower than prices of 51 months. for your family, five years of five years oft, sacrifice, zero years of success. now, you might think that david right and things are about to turn around for you and your family. as i say, the british people will have to be the judge of this. but isn't there a second, more plausible explanation for their record. a tory economy is always an
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economy for the few because that's who they care about, that's the basis on which they a country succeeds, and so government isthis a good guide to the future. family worse off. you can't afford to take that risk. british people can't afford another five years of david cameron. [applause] an idea for our prime minister. he likes the surfing. he likes playing that game, angry birds. thehe likes tennis with oligarch. i've got a great idea. why don't we give him all the
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in the world to do all may. things come next [applause] to us. we have to build a future for you and your family. for's what labour's plan britain's future is all about. and today i want to lay out six national goals, not just for one office or even for one plan for the next 10 years. one of me as day prime minister, this is the plan and these are the goals i want us to pursue. ask, why 10 years? i'll tell you one of the reasons. people are fed up with politicians who come along and me, on day one, everything will be transformed. friends, the british people won't believe it.
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doing an it--all dick clade. dick clade broke that promise on tuition fees, he didn't just destroy trust in the liberal democrat. he did something else. trust in politics. every time a promise is broken, a promise is made, every time we say vote for us and tomorrow everything will be totally different, people get and more cynical, people get more and more turned off, people think politics is more a game and all we're in ourselves. that's why i planned for the that10 years, not a plan says nothing changes but a route country, a route map for people like gareth i talked about earlier, for the young who wanted to see benedict
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cumberbatch and ended up with me my generation is falling into a black hole, i want to know there's a future for me. that's what this plan is about. our plan starts with rewarding hard work once again because that's what we've got to do as a country. in five of the men and women who go out to work in our country do their bit, make their put in the hours, and find themselves in low pay. britain's tradition, with labour's tradition, that should all, friends. thatirst national goal is people inhe number of low pay by 2025, transforming the lives of two million people in our country. of together says we don't just use the talents of all, we reward the talents of
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the minimum wage has to a route to bringing up your family with dignity so we will wage by onenimum pound 50 an hour by 2025, to over eight pounds an hour, a wage of more than 3,000 pounds a year. the tories are the party of and privilege. labour is the party of hard work, fairly paid. payit's not just the low but it's all working people who should have their talent rewarded. so our second national goal is that all working people should fairly in the growing wealth of the country. that means as the economy grows, everyday working people grow at the same rate. you know what's amazing, friends, is that that statement, that goal, is even controversial.
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it used to be taken for granted in our country that's that what would happen. that's why the cost of living crisis, which the tories don't understand, is all about. counter it, you need a government with a singular focus tackling it and key to this is transforming our economy so jobs at decent wages and that requires a massive national effort. together,ple of everybody playing their part. means nonment, it vested interest, no old mindsety, no stale should stand in the way of this basic bargain of britain. it means reforming our bank, breaking up the big bank. so that we have the competition need in our banking system. ofmeans getting power out
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white hall. we are a far too centralized country. it's time we did something about it. it's time we transferred power out of white hall to our soinesses, towns and cities, that they can create the jobs, the wealth that they need. [applause] it's about businesses and trade unions engaging in cooperation, confrontation, and it's also about something else, friends, for this party. historic value to fight for those on the front line of the modern work force. talking about a group of people that we in the labour party haven't talked about that aboutnd we need to talk them a lot more. the growing army of our self-employed. five million people in our country, often the most entrepreneurial, go-getting have ain britain, who
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hard, insecure life very often. see, because of the jobs they do, two out of three don't have a pension. one in five can't get a mortgage. they don't want special treatment. fair shot.ant a so the task of this labour party this 21st century modern discrimination and it is deliver equal rights for the self-employed in britain. [applause] i said earlier that we need to wages good jobs at decent to transform our economy, those jobs of the future. so our third national goal is that by 2025 britain becomes world leader in the green economy creating one million new jobs as we do.
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under this government, we're falling behind germany, japan, states, even india to china, when it comes green technology and services and there are so many brilliant are desperate to do their bit but government's not playing its part. we will.plan, and this is what we're going to do. we're going to commit to taking carbon out of electricity by 2030. we're going to have a green with power tok borrow and attract new as carolyn flint will announce tomorrow, we will and resources to community so we can insulate homes over the next 10 years. [applause] thatnvironment isn't
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fashionable anymore in politics withu may have noticed david cameron, but it matters. it's incredibly important for our economy. and there is no more important issue for me when i think about children's generation and what i can do in politics than global climate change. [applause] a plan for job, we wages.plan for we need a plan that is actually going to help the working families of our country. at the heart of our plan for our country and for your family is of ourfuture for all young people. i met somebody called elizabeth the other day. where is she? she's here. standeth, why don't you
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up for one second. elizabeth is an apprentice. [applause] elizabeth is an apprentice. electrician. i think it's fair to say that what up toaking into now has been pretty much a man's world. >> yes. another round of applause for her and the great job she's doing. [applause] she's one of the lucky few, friends, she's one of the lucky few. elizabeth's school -- i met her yesterday -- elizabeth's school her to get an apprenticeship. lots of young people say my school said apprenticeships are they wouldn't help me but i'm doing it and it's great for me but frankly there
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of them so our fourth national goal is that by 2025 as many young people will leaving school or college to go on to an apprenticeship as university. to [applause] now, i've got to tell you, this is an absolutely huge undertaking. we are such a long way away from this as a country. going to require a massive national effort. it's going to require young the ambition to do well and to get on. it's going to require schools to change inmatic education with new gold standard technical qualifications and going to need business and government to lead a resolution in apprenticeships. government is very good about preaching to business about what it should be doing. let me just tell you, government is absolutely useless when it apprenticeships and
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it's true of governments of both parties. look at other countries like do a fantastic job of giving apprenticeships to the next generation. country do that in this so first we're going to tackle the failure by government. to businessto say that you've got to play your part. if you want to bring in a worker outside the european union, that's ok, but you must provide the nexteships to generation. [applause] you see, we can't have what's happening at the moment in i.t. where you have more and more numbercoming in but the of apprenticeships falling in i.t. we are also going to tell businesses we're going to give you control of the money for apprenticeships for the first time but in exchange if you want a major government contract, you must provide apprenticeships to our young people. [applause]
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wages, forjobs, for education, but what is it, what things that give us confidence and security in life? it's the love of people we care decent workit's properly rewarded, but it's also the confidence and security of your own and so many people don't have that today, that very british dream ownership is fading for so many people. we'rethis government, building fewer homes than at any 1920's.ce the so our fifth national goal is that by 2025 for the first time years this country will be as weng as many homes need, doubling the number of first-time buyers in our country. [applause]
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require agoing to massive national effort, a massive national effort. developerst large sit on land. we'll say to small developers and construction companies that homeshelp them to build again in our country. we'll build a new generation of ands, garden cities, suburbs creating over half a million new homes. we'll also make housing the top priority for additional capital investment in the next parliament. this party will get britain again.g [applause] your family, also needs public services you can education, policing, transport. and nowhere is that more true than our national health
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service. i mentioned earlier on that i spent a couple of days at a hospital in watford earlier on year. while i was there, i met an colin in hisalled 80's who sadly died a few weeks later, but i will always withber my conversations him. you see, he remembered the n.h.s.ion of the he remembered what life was like the national health service. me,i remember him saying to ed, the problem then was you were on your own, on your own pay for medical treatment. friends, we are so proud of our health service. and i know my duty to colin and british people. it is to make sure our n.h.s. is it.e when we need [applause]
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so our sixth national goal is truly worldte a class 21st century health and care service because a hospital only as good as the services in the community. you see, that's the biggest i learned in watford. theirple can't get to see g.p., if elderly people can't thenhe visits they need, they end up in hospital when it could have been avoided. them, and bad for it's bad for the taxpayer. it costs billions of pounds. it, friends,e those services are creaking. are creaking just now. one in four people can't get to week.eir g.p. within a we had the scandal of home care elderlyor the restricted to just 15 minutes. day and age, the n.h.s. face huge challenges over
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the coming years. we will transform our n.h.s. it's time to care about our n.h.s. nurses,doctors, midwives, care workers, who are able to spend proper time with us, not rushed off their feet. so we will set aside resources in our we can have wives,,000 more mide 5,000 more care workers, and more workers. n.h.s., it's time to care! [applause]
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and in order to pay for it, we won't borrow an extra penny or raise taxes on ordinary working families. we'll clamp down on tax avoidance, including tax loopholes by the hedge funds, to a billion [applause] we will use the proceeds of a tax on homes above two pounds. [applause] we will raise extra resources from the tobacco companies who make soaring profits on the back of ill health. [applause]
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because, friends, because, friends, the principle of building it together means everyone's playing their part in our n.h.s. what it needs to be. 2.5otal, we'll set aside billion pounds in an n.h.s. fund, and tomorrow, andy burnham will set out our integrated plan for physical health, mental the elderly,re for truly a 21st century national service. [applause] are incredibly high in this election and nowhere more so than on the national we knowervice because the n.h.s. is sliding backwards under this government. know they're privatizing and
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fragmenting it. just imagine what another five wouldof david cameron mean for our national health service, friends. we are not going to let it happen. our n.h.s. is too precious, too important, and we will not let happen! [applause] n.h.s., we built the we saved the n.h.s. we're going to repeal the health care bill and we're going to transform our n.h.s. future! that is what the next labour government will do! and friends, we will do it together! [applause]
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national goals, friends, six ouronals goals to transform country, not a false promise on skyone, not some pie in the idea that can't be delivered. that cancrete ideas transform our country, that can future, aith in the plan for britain's future, for britain's future. but to make that happen, we also have to do something else. and transform who has power in our country. so that those who feel locked out, feel let back in. thinkow, people westminster politics is out of often irrelevant, and disconnected from their lives. somebody who stands at
9:49 pm
prime minister's questions each wednesday, i also know what they mean. we might as well say it, it's what people think about politics. they think it's not about them and we've got to change it. we don't just need to restore the futureith in with this economic and social plan, we need to change the way in this what does that mean? first of all, it's time to hear voice of young people in our politics so we will give the year olds ond 17 general election. [applause] the time to complete unfinished business of reform of the house of lords so we truly nation andte of the region.
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and it's time to devolve power in england. and i'm incredibly proud of our proposal, our ambitious proposal to reverse a century of centralization, and there can be no better place to be talking about this than here in manchester, devolving power to local government, bringing power right acrossple england. [applause] and we need reform of our here's then but thing, friends. given everything we know about what people think of westminster politics, it's got to be led by the people. it can't be some westminster stitch-up. why we need a proper constitutional convention harnessing the civic energy and spirit of people right across england, scotland and
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wales, every part of the united kingdom. you know, i've realized something else. is alsoeople voice about recognizing who we are as a country. are, more than ever, four countries and one -- wales,, scotland, northern ireland, and britain, too. making its contribution. we're not just better together, together.ater and that's not something to fear. be proud to i learned something really important, as i'm sure we all did, in this referendum campaign. people who are proud to be scottish and proud british, just like there are so many people who are proud bebe welsh and proud to british, no one more so than our brilliant first minister of carwin joes.
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let's hear it from him today, gentlemen. too, we can be proud to be english and proud to be british. and i say to this party, we must for these traditions and not cede them to others. englishness, a history of solidarity from the battle of cable street against oswald moseley and the black shirts, to spirit of the blitz. traditions of fairness from the ford workers dagganham who fought for pay to today's campaign wage.e living
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englishness, a spirit of whose whonalism from fought in the spanish civil war to our generosity to those overseas. friends, there will be some people who tell you that being english, welsh, or scottish, means dividing or setting each other.ainst rubbish! why? , these here's what we labour party, know. the injustices facing working them right across the united kingdom. and we can only tackle them together. that is, after all, what we last two years fighting for, and i am not going to let anyone, after the last two years, drive us apart.
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if david cameron cares so much about the union, why is he seeked to divide us? he's learning the wrong lessons scotland. he's learning the wrong lessons what hetland because doesn't understand is that the lessons are of course about the constitution but they are not about playing political tactics england. and here's why he's doing it. cameron doesn't lie awake at night thinking about the united kingdom. he lies awake at night thinking the united kingdom independent party. that is why he is doing it, friends.
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and i say, pandering to them is just one more reason why he is not fit to be the prime minister country!reat better together, across the kingdom, but also better together, true to our tradition of internationalism. and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to europe and union.opean friends, let me say it plainly. let me say it plainly. our future lies inside, not union., the european
9:56 pm
to reform europe. we need to reform europe on the immigration, on benefits, on all of these big issues. but we're is the question for britain. how do we reform europe? do we reform europe by building by burningr alliances? what's really good is that we've had a recent experience, a test case, by david cameron, of his strategy. i don't know whether you missed about somebody inled jean-claude umker and case you missed the score, it's not so good from his point of view, that david cameron, lost by 26-2. and why did he lose? why did he lose? the start, people thought he might win that vote. i'll tell you why. you see the problem for our country is that when david calling, people don't think he's calling about problems of britain or the
9:57 pm
problems of europe, they think he's calling about the problems of the conservative party. here's the funny thing, friends, and here's the funny thing, if you're elected the germany or the prime minister of italy, or the president of france, you don't really think you're elected to solve the problems of the conservative party. that's why he can't succeed for our country. and what we had over jean-claude umker is just a preview of what could befall this country if david cameron was back in power after 2015, because he lost 26-2 over that. he has to win 28-nil to get europe, unanimity. no chance for david cameron. he's got no chance of fighting for this country because people think he's got one hand on the
9:58 pm
door and his strategy has failed. if you want to reform europe, if change the way europe works, if you want to britain in the european union, and if you realize that threat to our prosperity is now the rightvative party, the answer is a labour government! as primemined that minister i'd promote our values all all around the world and one of the things that means, friends, is seeking a solution to a isblem we know in our hearts one of the biggest problems our world faces and that is issues in the middle east in israel and palestine. i'll tell you, i will fight with every fiber of my being to get the two-state solution, two-state for two people.
9:59 pm
israel and palestinian state living side by side. that will be a very, very nexttant task of the .abour government, friends there's one other thing i want what we need to do abroad. you know, we've made extraordinary progress on gay rights over the last 20 years. i think about the transformation growing up into adulthood, it's the biggest transformation. we've made such progress on thelity but we have to face fact that internationally things are if anything going backwards. we can't just let that happen. we can't just say well that's ok. this labour government, the next government, will fight to make sure that we fight for our rights alluman around the world. so today i can announce, today i i'm appointingat
10:00 pm
mer as our envoy on lgbt rights all around the world. so it's about a plan, at home and abroad, but it's also about leadership. friends - you know, i know, that the next eight months represent my interview with the british people for one of the most important jobs in our country. let me tell you what i care about. i care about big ideas that can change our country. the principle of together. i care about hearing the voices of people right across our land and not shutting them out. and i care about something else. i care about using the power of government to stand up against powerful forces when we need to do so. it came home to me the other
10:01 pm
day, when i met rosie, a doctor from devon, and she said to me: what we need is someone who will stand up for working people, for everyday people, because you will have the power and we won't. that's why i stood up to rupert murdoch over phone hacking. that's why i stood up to the banks over bonuses. that's why i stood up to the payday lenders over their exploitation of the poorest people in our country. that's why i stood up to the energy companies over their profits and prices and, yes, it's why i stood up to the daily mail when they said my dad hated britain because i know my dad loved britain. [applause]
10:02 pm
ok, that's me, but what about the other guy. now this isn't a conventional job interview so i get to say something about him. he stands up for the principle of you're on your own. he stands up for the privileged few. and here's the thing that gets me the most about him perhaps. he really thinks that a good photo opportunity will fool people into thinking he doesn't just stand up for the rich and privileged, he stands up for you and your family. in this day and age, when people are so cynical about politics, i just think it adds to that cynicism. but here's the thing. he's been found out. he's been found out because he hugged a huskie before an election, and then said cut the green crap after an election. he's been found out because he stood outside an nhs hospital before an election with a placard saying no hospital closures, and he closed that very same a&e department after the election.
10:03 pm
he's been found out because he changed his logo to a tree before an election, and tried to sell off the forests after the election. [laughter] [applause] and he's been found out because he said he was a compassionate conservative before the election, and he imposed the cruel, the vindictive, the unfair bedroom tax after the election. [applause] and you know what gets me even more? you know what gets me even more? is that even now, with all the tales of misery, hardship, injustice, he thinks a bit of rebranding will get him off the hook. so he calls it the spare room subsidy as if that will make the problem go away. well, david cameron, you've been
10:04 pm
found out. [applause] so friends, there is a choice of leadership at this election. a real, stark choice of leadership. leadership that stands for the privileged few or leadership that fights for you and your family. and as i said earlier, this isn't just about leadership and government and labour's plan for britain's future. it's also about all of you. see, we can't build the country we need without you. without mobilising every part of britain. so i say to young people: we need your hope, your energy, your vitality. i say to every older person: we respect your service and we need
10:05 pm
your wisdom. i say to every business: you can be part of this and we can't do it without you. i say to every entrepreneur: we need your ideas, your enthusiasm. i say to every charity: we admire your spirit and we want to hear your voice. i say to every nurse, every teacher, every public service worker: we salute your dedication and we know why you do what you do. [applause] i say to every person in our country who believes that tomorrow can be better than today: we need you. together we bring up our families. together we look out for our neighbours. together we care for our communities.
10:06 pm
together we build great businesses, the best in the world. together we teach the young. together we heal the sick. together we care for the old. together we invent cures for the most terrible of diseases. so, of course, friends, together we can rebuild our country. together we can reward hard work. together we can ensure the next generation does better than the last. together we can make our nhs greater than it has ever been before. together we can make britain prouder, stronger in the world. together we can restore faith in the future. on our own, we can't but together we can. in the next eight months the british people face one of the biggest choices in generations. a choice between carrying on as we are, on your own, for the privileged few. or a different, better future for our country. we are ready. labour's plan for britain's future. let's make it happen. together.
10:07 pm
thank you very much. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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