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tv   Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 8, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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join the colorization. like us on c-span. follow us on twitter. pennsylvania as well as our audience. this is the final debate in the race for governor. welcome to our candidates. our panelists tonight include the president of the league of women voters of pennsylvania. each candidate will give a one minute closing statement. our order was predetermined and eight coin -- in a coin flip.
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is working with the league of voters to bring this debate. >> thank you and good evening. on behalf of the league of women voters i extend a sincere welcome. for participating in this exchange of positions and visions. forms and debates are great american traditions. governors matter, our states future matters. and voters matter. pennsylvanians need to know who and what. -- who and what they are voting for. pennsylvania has a pay equity law that has been on the books for approximately 55 years. that law is not working. earnsn in pennsylvania $.77 for every one dollar a man
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earns and every -- earlier this year more comprehensive legislation addressing the gap failed to pass. umber ofgnificant n women continue to be shortchanged. lex i will do my best to make sure does like that pass. equity law and we need to do a much better job ensuring that women are paid at the same level as men for the same work. in my company i worked hard to make sure that was the case and i think we need to do that and the state. we need to make sure pennsylvania has a level playing field so that women feel they have -- my two daughters feel they can invest their talents and skills in a place like pennsylvania and be amply rewarded. >> we have found something we agree upon. we do need to have that. we have seen the workforce grow
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with women across the spectrum. there needs to be pay equity and i supported that bill. we need to work the legislature to get that done but i have already begun that within my administration within the senior staff. i have more women on the senior staff than any governor in the history of pennsylvania. my senior staff is led by the chief of staff. eight members of my cabinet are women so i believe in women being involved in the workforce and i am reminding my daughter who is a deputy attorney general, i hope she's being paid appropriately and i know she is because of the pay grades at the ag's office. >> there is a $1 billion difference between the two of the cut or increased funding for education. it appears to depend on how you count or if you count federal stimulus money and spending on pensions. math right and your
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opponents is wrong, and what do the differences at up to for the parents and kids of pennsylvania? >> they have said we cut. at that pointlace in time. overve grown the budget $10 billion and we put more money into education at any time in the history of education in pennsylvania. it is important to understand. we had limited revenue in which to do that and when you took stimulus money, put it into the budget, and that was going away, by donnatermed cooper, the policy director, as a risk area that was
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irresponsible to take place. , $1hile we do disagree billion was cut from education in governor corbett's first term and that is the truth. we went from 6.4 billion dollars spent on basic education the year before he took office to $5.3 billion in his first budget. that is a cut of $1 billion. we still -- that was basically in basic education in the accountability [indiscernible] an charter school reimbursement. 580 billion dollars today. we have laid off 27,000 educators over the last four years and we have class sizes have gone up. probably taxes have gone through the roof. we are not spending what we did spend on public education in the classroom and i could be seen by everybody. we need to invest in education. >> if i may could each of you explain what is wrong with what your opponent said, why his
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accounting or wrong accounting of what has happened -- >> he wants to ignore that money has been taken out of the budget before became governor. federal money was put in and replaced. remember that risk that was taken by the prior administration, he will not acknowledge that and when he off 7000 teachers were laid , 14,000 occurred in the prior administration. if you look at state spending, money from the taxpayers of pennsylvania, we are at the highest level ever in the history of pennsylvania but you have treat knowledge something that is causing all property taxes to go up and it is something he wants to choose to ignore. it is a little bit of a problem and that is the pension crisis which i am sure there are questions about. think itfference i governor does not want to take and responsibility.
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that does not cause the leader from taking responsibility. the responsibility for sitting priorities was his and the fact that we are down in the classroom and classroom spending , $580 million happened on his watch. pennsylvania is public pension system debt outweighs their assets by more than a combined $47 billion. that number is expected to reach nearly 65 billion dollars within the next five years. what pension reforms would you support and where would you get the money, the funds to increase payments into the states financially ailing pension fund? >> there are two issues here. one is the plan design and so much of the conversation has been focused on plan design. we actually i think made good
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plan design changes. it is a bipartisan effort, employers and employees got together and came up with a plan is i and change that i think was fairly draconian and will lead to some real savings. we have a pension liability that you talked about. that $47 billion is pension liability looking out over the next 30 years. we have done something in plan design. what we have not done is paid adequately into the fund over the last 10 plus years and governors have not adequately paid into that fund. we need to figure out a way to do that, pay that debt because that balance keeps coming up. i plan to do something about that. i will not keep delaying payment. i will actually do something. >> thank you. governor. >> it is interesting to say that mr. wolf keep saying that governors have not paid and fully. he has not looked at the budgets
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where we have paid in fully. the number is over $610 million new each year. $610 million last year and this year. that budget will be $3.3 billion of the budget for the pension. they reduce their contributions to that. we do need to go to a new system. we have recommended and came up with a plan that nobody in the legislature wants to go with that. we have a plan that if we get to another round of questions i support and we will move to that. >> a follow-up question. can you envision a time that it is so dire that you have to stop pensions for these people, these workers? >> no. pension retirement security is part of a compensation package and part of what we offer teachers. in the staterk
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police. we have to make sure that they have a pension retirement security as part of their congress -- compensation package. >> we have an obligation to the people who have been working to put their money in and i understand teachers put their money and and police officers put their money and. legislaturesas in and governors for changing the system and changing the multipliers. we do have to bite the bullet we pays -- reforming how that system. act 120 did not solve the problem. there is no sober bullet. what we have to do is take it and look at it for the future. particularly for new employees that are coming in. >> can you say where the
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additional money that you want to put into the fund, where that money would come from? budgetn the $29 billion general fund budget, we can rearrange priorities. tax onalso called for 5% marcellus shale that will add $1 billion of revenue to the general fund. what we have to do is figure out how we are going to pay that $10 billion debt and there are people working on both sides of the aisle. this is what we have to contribute to pay the unpaid debt that we have not paid in the past. this governor and you have been governor for four years now. it is coming kind of late in the process. i agree, we need to fix the pension plan, we need to address the unpaid balance quickly soon. we cannot keep delaying because that will make it much more expensive. we have not done it yet. if i am governor, we will.
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>> governor corbett. >> he does not answer many questions during the debate. he said where are you going to get the money, that was your question. you get the money through taxes, to the revenue that comes in and that is what becomes a difficult because revenues are coming from the taxpayers of pennsylvania. developoing to have to a plan that the taxpayers can afford at the same time not harm the workers who have invested in the program. going to assume he agrees that we have contributed so i am not coming late. we contributed the entire time. i was digging our way out of a $4.2 billion deficit that i inherited from my predecessor and from his revenue secretary in the first two years. we have been talking about the -- the pension and it is something the legislature working with the governor are going to have to address because
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the taxpayers cannot afford not addressing it. >> thank you. we have a viewer question that might have something to do with revenue coming from twitter. how do you see the process of legalization of marijuana going in pennsylvania? governor? >> obviously the viewers here in western pennsylvania know my background as an attorney general and as the u.s. attorney for the western district of pennsylvania. i do not support the legalization of where one of for recreational purposes. i have supported a study with different children's hospitals across pennsylvania into the and when it comes to forms that have not been discussed in the legislature and i understand the bill might not be going too far that is there. i do not agree with those and do not agree with the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes because i know for all the work i have had to do over
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the many years that it is a gateway drug that creates all the drug problems we're seeing in pennsylvania and the united states. legalize medical marijuana immediately. we need to make sure that we decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. we put too many people in prison and destroyed too many lives and weaken our economy by taking too many people out of the workforce by having criminal felony charges and mandatory minimum sentences for possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana. we ought to let -- see what happens in places like colorado and washington before we decide to go further with the legalization of recreational marijuana, however. >> thank you. pennsylvania is one of the nation's largest and fastest-growing natural yes producers. while other states have adopted measures to reduce methane and other air pollution from oil and
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gas development, pennsylvania has not. place big to your position on the importance of reducing methane emissions given the increasing role that natural gas plays as a fuel source in the electric power sector. wewe need to make sure that take full advantage of this national resource but we have to make sure we are taking advantage of it environmentally responsibility -- responsibly. i want to put on the -- the tax on the extraction of natural gas many therapy. raise $1 billion. some of that should go to the department of environmental protection to make sure we have the right regulations and make sure we have the right number of people who will oversee the regulation of this industry so we do have a clean environment. it is not just methane leakage, also clean water. we have to protect our environment. i think that is a contrast
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between the approach this governor has taken to this issue. >> i disagree on the approach we have taken. forcefulaken a very approach to the protection of the environment. you may have seen different plans we have imposed for making spills and making mistakes out there. when we passed the marcellus we created the toughest environmental laws in the nation when it comes to the development of natural gas in the united states. we have other states and other countries come and see what we did. haveen and women who work been out there on a regular basis conducting the inspections. following up on those inspections. we have been imposing fines when necessary to get compliance. there are next steps and i will finish up when we get to it.
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>> we have learned that dozens of people who are working in the state attorney general's office on your watch received were forwarded hundreds of sexually explicit e-mails. how do you account for that climate existing on a law enforcement agency despite your suchcit policy against things and do you believe the information on some of those e-mails that have been released have been politicized to affect this race? >> that is a double question. do we get two minutes? i have said it from day one. this is unacceptable. i do not condone the behavior and was not made aware. if i had been made aware i would have stopped it right there and i am disappointed that behavior has taken place. we have taken steps with the people who forwarded that on the work for me today. we're waiting for the attorney general to forward information on all the involved because all exposed ifd to be
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you want to use that word because this was not political. this was something that she took action against these individuals and what kind of action took place. the chief justice of the supreme court has called on her to do that and i would hope that my opponent would also call on her to open up the e-mails and let the public see. >> this kind of behavior is acceptable and as i said before, this is something that comes from the top. a culture has existed in this administration that somehow allows people to believe they can do this sort of thing. that should not exist. my experience is you make it clear that these things are not appropriate when and if they happen, you take fast action to hold people accountable. >> you wanted to minutes. was it the culture of these people under your watch? >> obviously, those who view that were making a mistake.
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i cannot account for their judgment in that regard. troubles me greatly they would even do that. obviously, they did not show it to me so they knew what my reaction would be. if you are talking about a culture from the top committed not come from me. this is a political shot. i would not what up with that. i have been going after pornography cases and child abuse cases my entire career. this is totally an acceptable and i was disappointed that the were viewed and the limited e-mails we have received with rejection demonstrates they made serious mistakes in judgment. there aret is that software programs out there, the state has had a long time. and useddy looked at state property for looking at something like that, they were dismissed. that was something that happened
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five or six years ago when you were attorney general. fore is ample opportunity -- without you seeing the evidence to make sure the stuff does not happen. the culture does start from the top and we need to make sure this kind of thing is deemed unacceptable and everybody knows it. we have the means at hand to make sure it does not happen. >> you have been very clear about implementing a 5% severance tax on natural gas drilling and you have said you would overhaul the state's personal income tax. what youryou explain specific plans are for overhauling the personal income tax, who will pay less, who pay more, by how much. >> i think i have been as specific as i can be. i want to make sure we have a fair tax system. that applies to property taxes which are too high and too personal income tax which i think is unfair and it applies
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to corporate income tax and the marsalis shale tax. i want to put a 5% tax at the well head. all those things are my attempt to make the system fairer. i want to make sure that taxpayers get the first break they have had in 20 years. athink i can make it progressive tax in terms of the income tax and we can reduce property taxes. that is what we have to do is a state and that would be and start contrast to what we have done in this administration. >> i have told people what we will you and we did it. when i was running for office i laid out what we will do in a cap those promises. mr. wolf would suspend -- wants to spend more money. the question is how much. he needs to tax more to get that money but he will not tell the people how much nor will he tell weeks fromhere a few the election how he is going to
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do it. whose taxes are going to go up and go down question mark he has to take aonths, years look. he has been the secretary of revenue. the documents are available and we sent him documents to times to take a look at what is the plan, just to say that we will do something fair is trying to be all things to all people. dept now i see pensions and and education paid out of one alien dollars. -- $1 billion. >> we do want details and you talk about fairness in the system, i think fairness would mean what you are going to do. even if it means telling us at what level do you see middle income or upper income so we have some more meat when the voters going to the polls and have to make this decision. >> yes, i can go as far as i can go and still be honest. if you're in the $70,000 or
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$90,000 range and you can double that if you're married, you should not pay any more in taxes and people below that will get a break. that is my goal. i cannot be any more specific because as we know in the last budget even with the information this administration came in $700 million before -- below revenue projections. i do not know what the level of the fiscal mess we have had. we have had five down greetings of bond ratings. until i get there and find out what we're facing i am not going to me more specific than i have said. 90,000 a making 70 to year you will not pay anymore. >> that is another dodge of answering the question. how much are you going to spend, what do you project as revenue and how will you get the taxes to do that, who will be taxed
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and by what levels? progressive tax within four years. the fastest you could get is maybe four or five years so where are you going to get the money for vp and pensions without increasing taxes on pennsylvanians. downgrading, we know the reason. i warned the people of pennsylvania and the legislature about where downgrading was being cut. the $65 billion that is coming. that is why -- why downgrading is going on. dealer question. what is your position on the pending divorce between upmc and can forcehich
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thousands of people to switch insurance companies or doctors? >> we have been working closely with the attorney general's office. my secretary of health on the insurance commissioner and we were able to get two parties to an agreement to it consent decree. one of the things we know here as we do need competition in health care. especially in light of obamacare and how difficult it is going to be to pay health care insurance in the future. we need to have a competition between all parties and we have seen more competition come forward. as you know, we continue to see the two sides fighting with each other and we are trying to bring them together and get them to a resolution that the people of pennsylvania particularly our seniors are not put into the anxiety they have been going through for the last number of years. >> this is another example of leadership.
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people need to have access to good health care. this is what we have been looking for. there is a problem between hi upmc.- highmark and they need to recognize what they are trying to do to solve this problem affects the health and welfare of the people of this region. if they can, the governor has to step in and take action. if they cannot figure out how to serve the needs of these people adequately than the governor is going to -- that is leadership and that is what we have not gotten. >> you mentioned the word competition. characterize this as unfair competition? rex i would not characterize the existence that occurred before the divorce was unfair competition. you did not see other outside insurance companies come into pennsylvania. you do see them now.
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comes to mindthat quickly and both parties hearing this may not be happy to hear this but there were long investigations as to whether there was an antitrust violation which the department of justice decided there was not. a pushing out of competition, and elimination of competition from outside. that is coming in now but when it comes to leadership, you have to use the tools that you have. you do not make up new tools. the legislature has not created any. the attorney with general to get these parties to come to the table and work together. not the easiest thing to do. >> this is about people's lives. not about competition. kitchen cabinets. this is about people's lives. the state has an obligation, an obligation to make sure this works.
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if the parties can work it out themselves that is preferable but if they cannot we have to recognize this as something separate and apart from consumers. this is about people's lives and that is why the administration has to lead on this issue if the parties cannot figure this out for themselves. >> the pennsylvania general assembly is the second largest state legislature in the nation behind new hampshire. and the largest full-time legislature. and has been said that the size of legislature contributes to and efficiency when considering and passing laws. would you support an amendment to bring a reduction in the size of the state and the house and why? >> we have a democracy and i think in a democracy the last place you would want to cut is the number of people who are accountable to the public through the vote. so i am against reducing the size. if you want to make them work
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more efficiently there other things we can do to strengthen our democracy and i would be for those things. cutting the size of the legislature, i do not see how that improves our democracy. >> i am for it. with theen dealing legislature for many years. people have been dealing with the legislature. mr. wolf has not been hearing this from the same people i have that the size and cost of our legislature is being borne by the taxpayers. many years ago we went from a part-time legislature to a full-time legislature. from a biennial budget to an annual budget. four years ago when i was toning i said let's go back a biennial budget, let's go to a part-time legislature. it is not in their interest to go there because many of the they are have that as a full-time job. i believe citizenship should the
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a part-time job. , hardround at the states time legislatures. they represent the people. pittsburgh and other communities are struggling with how to see revenue from tax-exempt institutions are major employers and major property owners. should there be changes in state laws governing the obligations of these big entities to the communities in which they are or should the communities give up on trying to seek more money from them, are they wrong to seek more money from these tax-exempt institutions? >> i do not think they are wrong. where do they need the money? they need the money to pay for their pensions. that is their biggest cost driver. we understand that. since my parents in front of the philadelphia inquirer that when i become governor again we call a special
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session. it is a problem across the state. you have to do with that but should we visit whether there should be a different view of some of the institutions that nonprofits -- and look at a different classification somewhere in between? i think that is worth exploring. >> this is a broader issue than just tax-exempt property. cities are struggling throughout pennsylvania. whoeed a governor understands that cities are struggling and tries to focus the appropriate attention on the root causes of those struggles. looking at the tax-exempt robberies by themselves, that is not the end of it. there are lots of other things we get back to all the problems that pennsylvania has. it is like you're running for
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your first term. we have cities who have been struggling. we need leadership. we need to to come up with plans not to what you are going to do but we need to look at what you have done in cities are still struggling. >> question for mr. wolf. the strictest id voter law was adopted in the country which was struck down in court. if lawmakers adopted another voter id law, would you sign it? >> no. these elections are about getting things done, about making promises, about looking at preferred public policies but it is about democracy. stewards of the democratic tradition and we should be doing everything in ourpower to making democracy stronger and better. way ofd, one more limiting the franchise, one more way of keeping people from voting is wrong.
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it is anti-democratic. >> i disagree. it make sure that one person has one vote. is accuracy in that boat. when the legislature passed that i signed that bill and we fought to defend it in the court. the courts overturned it based on the procedures that were put into place. if that bill were to come back before we -- before me and you see it in other states, i would say we need to sign it. i want to make sure particularly in areas where there is primaries where the winner is going to be the winner. that is what we need to make sure that one person is voting only one time. >> i have a follow-up question. there are some states that feel that we're past the point historically where certain groups are in danger of losing their voting rights. do you feel this country is in that position? >> i'm not sure which group you're talking about.
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>> any groups that have been disenfranchised. >> we have a long way to go before -- lots of people feel that they are this and franchised. all you have to do is look at , far lower than it was in india which voted at the same time we voted. we need to work on ways of making our democracy more relative. -- relevant. disenfranchising people does not work. the reason the republican party was trying to push this is it would disenfranchised immigrant's, the mechanic -- it would disenfranchise democrats. we should not be engaging in that kind of hitter. >> you can try and determine the intention of the -- republican party. my intention is to make sure that individuals in pittsburgh or in theory, and sylvania in the suburbs are -- have one
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vote, one person. differenthising is a question. what we did see is a lack of interest. electorate was not too interested in the four candidates. we need to educate more and do better education and participation particularly in grade school and high school and in the work lace. encouraging people to vote. whether people are discouraging them i do not think that is taking place as it did 30, 40, 50 years ago. >> there is not one person one vote, people are voting twice or three times, where's the evidence, where's the fraud that is occurring in pennsylvania? weight,recall correct you have had participation rates of over 100% in some district so
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obviously something happened there. to that, looking and the federal government has to come in and look at that. this is like insurance. let's make sure it cannot happen. everyone carries or just about everyone carries a photo id. you carry it on your credit card. we tried to make photos available to everybody. we probably did not do it the best way. if referring one has a photo when you come in and show that photo, this is someone who is eligible to vote. no evidence that there was voter fraud. i do not know how many cases, a handful of cases that have come up in the last 10 years in pennsylvania. this was about enfranchisement. that was made clear by some of the sponsors of the bill. it is a cynical lay and it should not be allowed to work. one of the things we need to ourre out to do is make
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government more relevant -- relevant. >> this is from twitter. thanre gas prices higher virginia and how is it that we as pennsylvanians pay the most for roads and still have some of the worst roads in the nation? how can you fix these issues and convince people like me to stay in pennsylvania? >> that is a five-minute answer. each region of the country depending on where the refineries are my has a different price. this is $.10 a gallon more expensive because of the transmission costs. since we passed the transportation bill in november, prices are $.50 less. it moves on the oil coming in and the price of oil. we are improving the roads. our -- our roads were bad.
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got as why we transportation bill passed but you have to go back, if you're talking about virginia. they taxed your car is personal property every year. you pay $36 a year for license plates. there you can pay a hundred -- couple hundred dollars a year. you have to compare apples to apples. >> the viewer is right. prices are higher here because our taxes are higher. i applaud the transportation bill. we can go further and have an infrastructure that would the fed for a 21st-century economy but you took a pledge not to raise taxes. in the bill you did that. reason whyof the this viewer says that our prices are higher than other states. no question to mr. wolf.
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of sixnnsylvania is one states that elect our judges in partisan elections. millions of dollars flow into our state judicial races. replacingsupport elections for the three statewide courts with a merit selection system? >> yes, i would. move away need to from partisan politics and look at them as we do at the federal level, as positions where we try to find the best and the brightest people and appoint them. this seems to have worked well at the federal level and it would work well here. we have elected judges at the local and county levels and that is appropriate. >> politics will always still play into it and you know that because you have to have a confirmation process that would go through. who those individuals are would come from a different series of polls and maybe there would be
7:41 pm
review commission such as they have for the federal government for federal judges and circuit court judges and supreme court judges emma but i do think it is good if we go to that system. you see a lot of money spent and judges traveling or candidates traveling that maybe a judge and they are telling what they might be doing. judges should be appointed. >> thank you. are in essence of he -- in favor, what quality forhe judges would you look in the merit selection system? >> i would look for people who are -- have a strong background in the law, who have thought deeply about subjects they are going to reflect upon.
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and have a judicial temperament. right and understand wrong are important values that we want to do the right thing. that fairness actually matters. i would want to look for people who have a history of having shown that in their lives and decisions and behaviors. quick same thing. ethical, the to be vast majority are ethical. we have had some mistakes out there. i want them to be experienced. i do not think you could put a limit to say you could not be appointed if you were in the lower court. i would be up to see where they are in opinions. lawnt them to look at the and interpret the law on behalf of the people of pennsylvania as fairly as they can. pennsylvania has executed
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three convicts who have been on death row since 1976. sometimes the victims of homicides, their families go through reliving the events as after appeal comes should pennsylvania continue to have a death penalty and wire why not? i i do continue to support -- death warrants. it is unfortunate that the process takes so long and it is difficult, on the backs of the families of the victims in that case. toecent case was continuing rip this car off the family by broadcasting a debate or a commencement speech to gothard college in vermont and there is new legislation in regard to that. from my experiences as a
7:44 pm
prosecutor, there is a deterrent value. many people would disagree that i do believe in it. think of a case where we are searching for an individual. that is one of the reasons that i know i believe in that. >> i think we ought to have a war torreon on capital punishment because i am not dispensinghat we are justice fairly. there are some people who are targeted more than others when we accuse them of capital crimes and convict them and i think sometimes we send the wrong people to their deaths. we need to make sure we're doing the right thing. our governor has the ability to grant reprieves. specific times and i would use those reprieves to create, tore him to make sure that what we're are doing is working and is working fairly.
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senate has passed a bill that would overhaul minister pahlavi's, giving them the ability to raise their local services tax. that is all with the exception of bits per. wyche and pittsburgh be given the same right to raise its $52 local services tax as other municipalities enact 47 in the state? >> it gets back to bob's question, there are things that people look at as silver bullets, ways we can save cities. in of the ways is enshrined act 47, giving more cities more power to tax their citizens more heavily. i do not think that is right. it makes cities less competitive. i think we need to get to root what actually is ailing
7:46 pm
our cities and why are cities struggling. are it goes beyond nonprofit organizations, it goes beyond the powers that might be granted and put extra taxes on citizens. we need to make sure we look at why it is the cities cannot compete with the suburbs and pennsylvania. >> one of the reasons they have not been able to compete is something a mentioned before. you have to go back to the pensions. they have to pay into those pensions on a regular basis. they are in a war situation than the state is because they do not have the tax base in order to pay into that system as pennsylvania would have and we would under a governor wills continue to raise taxes to pay into the pension system. to look at the legislature made a decision i believe that the request of authorities here.
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not know exactly for sure but i think if you do it for one city you need to do it for all cities. >> thank you, governor. we have another viewer question. this is from christa. governor? came into office one of the things i realized, that special needs funding had people on waiting lists. we had people with physical and intellectual disabilities that were on waiting lists to get care particularly after their parents, after they had a chat of the system and their parents were getting older. we have increased funding since i have been in office and that is one of the areas we have increased funding in order to get those individuals off the waiting list. it is extremely important.
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we do need to put more money in their. we are working together at that point. at the same time, we need to be able to get some of that money from, let's say the pension system if we could reduce spending without affecting the employees across the state. we need to move some of it into their. >> we do need to support families who have members of the families -- family with autism doing a better job of diagnosing autism and there are more cases than ever before. the question is are we keeping up with the need for treatment and support for families and the answer is we are not. that is not so much a matter of raised revenues as it is shifting priorities. we need to make sure that what we are doing in our state government is addressing the issues that exist in families today and this is an example of one case where we are not and if i were governor, i would look at
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what we were doing and rearrange priorities to make sure we are addressing the needs of children and families with members of -- who have autism. >> another question. >> mr. wolf, could you explain any gun safety measures that you might support in order to provide more awareness, education, and protection for pennsylvania's children? >> yes. backgroundsonable checks. we need to do things to make sure that we have safety training courses for people who own guns so that families do not put children in harms way. from your county where the first day of deer season is a holiday. also i have neighbors who when i asked them, the kids next door, what do you want the governor to do and she said i would like to
7:50 pm
walk out on my porch and not get shot. this is an eight-year-old. we need to have a conversation between the people who understandably and legitimately want to protect their second amendment rights with people like that little girl who want to make sure they have a safe neighborhood. a fundamental civil right. someone can begin to conversation, a rational conversation. >> we need to have responsible gun owners. we do have responsible gun owners and that comes with education. there is a great deal of education that goes on out there. , ato have a ground tax stores and gun shows. i do not know whether he understands that. we do have stock purchasers and when i was attorney general i created a task force to go after
7:51 pm
straw purchasers especially in philadelphia. in the first year and a half, we reduced homicides working bysely with philadelphia pd 25%, a lot of it going after the stroke purchasers create we do need to educate every gun owner on safety. >> pennsylvanians love it when they see their communities showcased. production is costing our state jobs and costing business. can the state list that cap and why would that not be a good tax policy? >> i have had a discussion with some members of the legislature who are not ready to move to that area. some states have and the question becomes where do we get the revenue, who gets the
7:52 pm
revenue? localthe state or the community because you have a lot of members of the film crews here in pennsylvania who live here and we have a film producer batman" andd " everything. we will have a conversation to say that we're going to lift the cap and open it up but there are others who say you should not do that. we should be taxing everybody. that will be a debate that will to havewe will have between the legislature and house and senate. wethe question is how do consent this industry and showcase pennsylvania. the tax credit has been a good way to do that. this requires leadership. we are going to have to sit down and look at the budget and say what are we doing that we should not be doing, that does not have the highest priority and shifted it to things that could create jobs for you we look at how we have gone from ninth to 47th in
7:53 pm
terms of job creation. this is part of an overall strategy to make pennsylvania, people who will create good jobs here, this is one part of that overall strategy. question ande more you have 30 seconds to answer this. start with mr. wolf. >> should the minimum wage be inty -- increased pennsylvania? >> it should. it should be increased and indexed to inflation. >> governor. >> it should stay along with the federal wage. we should not be looking at minimum wage as a lifetime family sustaining wage. most people on minimum wage are young people. 75% are between 16 and 24. we should be encouraging them to use that as a means to find a 200and by the way we have 50,000 job openings in
7:54 pm
pennsylvania. >> thank you very much and that concludes the question and answer portion of tonight's debate. each candidate will have one minute to make a closing statement beginning with mr. wolf. >> thank you. i want to thank wtae and sally and the panelists and governor for sharing the podium once again. this is a great democratic exercise. i am running for governor as an unconventional candidate. i am not the kind of candidate that you have seen before. this is the first to my of done this but i am running for two reasons create pennsylvania can be better. pennsylvania should be a state with the future. to invest in education, not by this investing. we need to invest in transportation and make sure we responsibility of our natural resources. we need to do right things for anybody. we can have a great future. unlike the situation we have now straits.we are in dire
7:55 pm
our education system is awful. we have followed out our schools. our economy is not functional. we have gone from top of the charts to third from the bottom in terms of job creation. the bond rating agencies have gone -- downgraded us. i want to run for governor because we can do things better and i want to run because we need a bright future in pennsylvania and we can achieve it. >> governor. >> thank you and thank you to the league of women voters and panelists for having us here. i am not finished yet. when i ran four years ago, i inherited a $4.2 billion deficit. we have seen -- unemployment was 8.1 when i entered office. today it is 5.8. we have had no increases during that time. we have eliminated taxes like the death tax and inheritance -- we are the number
7:56 pm
one state in the northeast and number four in the country for new businesses coming and expanding production facilities. i am a leader and we have been people of the pennsylvania want. creating jobs in pennsylvania. the choice is clear. do you want someone who has yet to answer how much you will tax you and how much you will going -- he will spend or someone who has made the promise to what he was going to do and i have kept my promises and will move pennsylvania forward as we are moving forward today. thatank you, gentlemen, concludes our debate. thank you to the panelists from the league of women voters and news radio and thank you to the pennsylvania association of broadcasters for making a live feed available across the commonwealth. please remember to go out and
7:57 pm
vote on november 6. this is the privilege of a democracy. your vote does count. good night. >> our campaign 2014 coverage continues with a week full of debates. thursday at 7:30 p.m. eastern, live coverage of the illinois u.s. house debate for the 17th district between democratic republicanos and bobby schilling. and the illinois governors debate. eight a.m.t, live at eastern, the wisconsin governors debate between scott walker and the cut mary burke. let's coverage of the iowa senate debate with bruce braley and joni ernst. and the mission -- michigan
7:58 pm
governors debate. more than 100 debates for the control of congress. tonight, an update on ebola from the cdc. a look at how to implement internet voting. and a debate between minnesota senate candidates. health officials announced today that the first u.s. ebola patient, thomas duncan, has died. texas tv station reported that a share of stupid he is being monitored for ebola in a texas hospital after experiencing nausea. he had been in thomas eric duncan's the part -- apartment but the monitoring is a precaution and they do not believe he contracted ebola. the cdc director had a news briefing to get the latest on the efforts to prevent the spread of ebola. thank you very much and good
7:59 pm
afternoon. today, we are deeply saddened by the death of the patient in dallas, despite maximal interventions, we learned today that he passed away. our thoughts go out to his he is a faceds, that we associate since the start of the epidemic, 3742 patients have been documented to have died. we don't have their faces in front of us. we know even more people have been affected. we think about this and we remember what a deadly enemy ebola is great how important it is that we take every step possible to protect americans and stop the outbreak at its source. one of the things that we do to protect americans here in the united states is to improve our
8:00 pm
preparedness and our health care system. the three key steps are first, thinking of the possibility of ebola, and identifying who may have the disease so they can be rapidly tested, and third, effectively isolated. that is crucial for a response. the identification, and diagnosis, and safe care of anyone who may have ebola needs to be top of mind right now for health care providers throughout the country. at cdc be did quite a bit to support health care workers in addressing and assessing patients. we have provided detailed information that should be available to every front-line worker about how to address a patient who may have ebola. anyone with fever should be asked if they have been in west africa, specifically sierra


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