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tv   Illinois 17th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 9, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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which congresswoman bustos narrowly 19,000 votes. coming up, live coverage, right here on c-span. rematch!he big midwest >> it will be a very, very fiery campaign. >> i'll make a promise that we'll continue to fight for jobs. >> congresswoman cheri bustos the man she beat in 2012, former congressman, bobby schilling. >> it did allow for me to -- to step back. i call it my two-year break. >> we're ready to get going. i want to make things happen now. >> tonight they return to the same studio they were in two only debateor the in the 2014 election.
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>> your voice. vote. the illinois 17th congressional district debate, brought to you by wqad-tv and the dispatch. >> and good evening. tonight'soderator for 30-minute discussion of issues concerning the 17th congressional district in illinois. welcome the two candidates running for this western illinois district. bustos.mbent is cheri she was elected in november of 2012. prior to her term in congress, worked as a newspaper reporter, in the health care industry and served on the city council. cheri bustos is married and the mother of three sons. and the challenger is bobby schilling. from 2011in congress to january 2013. schilling is best known as the quad city pizza business. he had worked in the insurance fields and in a container company before that. he is married and the father of children. tonight's debate can be seen on it's also being run on public
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and on public radio. expect full coverage in the dispatch. now, you can follow along #17debate at hashtag and be part of the conversation. each candidate agreed to ground rules. topic of our questions and most of the questions themselves news 8 viewers, the readers of the dispatch. a minuteidate will get to answer the question, with the opponent then getting one minute to give their views. that, i can ask a follow-up question to help clarify an issue. candidate will also get a 90-second opportunity for a ofsing statement at the end tonight's program. moments before we had a coin toss. the coin toss is bobby schilling. mr. schilling, pick to have the last closing statement. that means cheri bustos has the first question tonight. the issue of jobs. we got this question from donna,
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in hanoverbert shaw just announced they are moving their jobs to mexico. the townevastating for and also for the county. what will you do to keep jobs in the u.s., and more specifically, in northwest illinois? >> from day 1, since the began to since i serve, jobs and the economy have been my number 1 priority. fact'm very proud of the that we've had success in actually bringing jobs to this area. decade of than a waiting, we've been able to open the thompson prison. we have 300 jobs on the way, next year. this is after a decade of waiting, when previous folks role couldn'ts get that done. what you're talking about as far as these jobs being shipped over has been devastating. it's a reflection of bad policy. tax breaks supports for corporations that actually send jobs overseas. been devastating not only to hanover but to knox county,
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when the maytag jobs were sent over to mexico. i will work every day to make sure i'm looking after the class families of this district. >> bobby schilling, your response? >> i think the key thing here to at truly,ake a look what is the cause as to why people want to leave the united states of america? because of the overtaxation, the overregulation epa, osha, so on and so forth. the thing i find interesting, given an opportunity when i was in congress, to rein in the epa, regulationsonsible to good american companies so we didn't ship them overseas, i did exactly that. my opponent, on the other hand, when she had an opportunity to epa, was unwilling rein them in. to be very clear, it is not true. they have determined that the
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tax breaks for american overseas to ship jobs is up on their website, saying that is not true. that is no loophole incentivizes american companies to do that. i think the key is to make sure good representation that is going to actually try to draw jobs into the united states and not scare them out through taxes and regulations. >> do you have a 30-second response? >> there are indeed tax breaks my opponent supported that actually give companies ship those jobs overseas. they get a tax benefit for doing that. people.ese i met people who had worked there for 30, 40 years. had tothe woman who scrape the tape off the floor after she trained the chinese who were taking her job, to get that plant ready for closure. know these people who have been impacted by bad policy. thoseonent has supported very policies i'm referring to. >> our second question gets to matter.t of the like it or not, your candidacies
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by yourg defined opponents. mr. schilling, you're being back onof turning your union workers losing their jobs. we start with you, mr. schilling. chance to give you a address these allegations. >> first and foremost, when i when i ran in 2010, i kept every single one of was toises, whether it reject the congressional pension, whether it was to congressional health care. you know, we were the first that since the korean war actually spent less money than the previous congress before us. 11.4% out of our budgets, do.h was the right thing to the fact of the matter is that voted for actually $6 billion cut to veterans. that's a fact. or no.a yes did you vote to cut those? our ads are all factual and they're based on facts, where more of the straw man, where you can pick whoever you
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want throughout the say, xstates san -- and candidate decided they were going to ship jobs overseas, is completely false. >> it really is a shame how thesecampaigns are run days. i feel for the people who have to watch these commercials time after time. refuses to in fact, watch the lower channels anymore -- no offense -- and hes up to the channels where can watch gilligan's island, avoid these ads. there's an outside party called they check the truthfulness of ads all over the country. my opponent'sed ads, against me, shamefully misleading. they have nothing to do with a democrat or republican but they do have to do with fair messaging to voters. they've called it shamefully misleading. i'm proud of the fact that we've had a lot that we've accomplished. we're trying to spread the word
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about that. that will continue to be our campaign, our accomplishments, jobs, the economy, seniors and veterans. you haven't exactly answered the questions. i'm going to give you 30 seconds with you, mr. schilling. you're being accused of turning the union workers. what do you say specifically to that? a farm bureau meeting where i was receiving an award. some folksed was that weren't even from the represented came in and took over a meeting. but at no point did i ever turn my back. what happened is ms. bustos's friends took a video and cut it. we actually have the full video out there. i tried to have several meetings with these people. i actually even wrote a letter the president of the company. this was all made -- this 2010,on was made back in before i was even elected to office. >> and mrs. bustos, the 10% of giving back of your wages, how do you respond to that?
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misspoke.y you >> i made a mistake when i appeared before the chicago tribune editorial board and i've acknowledged that. what i do support is the same -- it's the exact policy my opponent also supports. pay cutollective 10% for congress. in addition to that, i support something called no budget, no pay. congress's number 1 job is the to make sure we pass a budget. the no budget, no pay act hanging over us, saying angress, if you don't pass budget, you don't get paid, we passed a bipartisan budget for time in many >> can i get a 30-second rebuttal? >> you both have had it. right there. i do want to move on. we're going to start with mrs. bustos. healthto do with a concern that a lot of americans are having worldwide. ebola. the centers for disease control -- has repeatedly
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warned us. they've toldime, us not to panic. now homeland security will start arypts.g at are you -- at airports. are you confident the government spread of thee virus in the united states and are you worried they might civil liberties in the process? >> it's a health threat that's very frightening to a lot of people. a lot of time talking to a lot of people. i would ask people, just in worriedtion, are you about this? we have moms of little kids who worry about the ebola threat. we have to respond to this with a sense of urgency. we are part of the the ice is part of the -- is part of the world health organization. i worked in health care. the previous ten years of my career were in health care, for congress. when we talk about isolation the centersw how for disease control and prevention alert hobts about -- that.als about we have to take the proper
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measures to make sure this is isolated and doesn't spread any further. >> mr. schilling, are you confident the cdc is doing what are you worried about civil liberties of americans that can be affected? whatthink they are doing they can. i find it interesting that just three weeks ago the administration came out and it, this is never going to make it to the united states of america. this is a major threat to this country, where we can't afford to minimize it. we've got folks traveling, you across the country, across the world. we've got to make darn sure we to makething possible sure this does not become a major epidemic across the united states of america. one thing, we've got to proceed with caution to make screening people. i think they're taking the right steps at the airports. the othert all countries do. i don't believe they're going to violate our rights whatsoever. i think that it's a good thing that they are screening and doing everything they can to protect. that's the number 1 job of the government, is to protect its people.
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>> any response? >> just a short one. the level of threat from ebola calls out for us to take a flight these restrictions. i'm in favor of that, if this is something that will keep this it out ofted, keep our country. i also think this is one of those areas where we absolutely need any finger pointing. we don't need any politics attached to it. wejust need to make sure come together, that those who are leaders in the health field come together and try to tide the spread of this disease. >> we have young people that are onching this as well or twitter, all the other social media. mr. schilling, we're going to start with you. a question from john. according to the latest numbers, the average illinois college owes more than $28,000 in student loan debt. what do you think needs to be a college education more affordable and do you think this is a major threat for the next generation, the amount of college debt they're facing? of ten children, this is a huge threat. the bigger threat is also that
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kids are coming out of college can't find a job. what we have to do is we've got and focus ink hard on creating more competition for the colleges. inre seeing right here illinois, millions of dollars being completely wasted that should have been spent a little appropriately. what i believe we have to do is we've got to focus a little more in college orkids in high school to where they can actually look and try to find a they might want to go into. not all children are going to go to college. peoples okay to have that might be plumbers and pipe fitters and things like that. you've gotow, when kids and they're going to 60,000 and it's $50,000, per year, i think it's ridiculous. i think the competition, whether it's online or through the the country, will definitely help to draw down those prices. >> the student loan debt is a crisis. and it exceeds more than $1 debt.on in it exceeded what people have on their credit cards.
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so it absolutely needs to be dealt with. i have threed sons. all three, very different circumstances. oldest son is a graduate of a four-year public university. to a four-year liberal arts school. youngest son, a community graduate and gainfully employed as a welder. so we've got all the way up from a engineering major to welder. then my middle son is getting his mba. to mentionwant me the amount of his debt but it is see -- high-- let's five figures. it is a large debt. can understand it firsthand. i have supported legislation that allows students to refinance their student loans at a lower level. sponsor of a lead legislation that expands pell whots so those students can't go to school so they can't afford it, it gives them an opportunity to do that. >> mr. schilling? >> i think the key thing is a lot of this all focuses in on
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the economy. go to college, you know, they're not -- they're very concerned about, you know, payments are going to be when they get out. but the bigger threat they have a downturn economy and no jobs out there for them to pay those payments. turn to the world scening right now. yesterday a pentagon spokesperson said air strikes won't be enough to stop isis from moving in. think sending american ground troops is inevitable to stop isis? the last votes i cast before we came home to illinois foractually to allow funding for the syrian rebels to be trained and ready to fight ground.the on top of that, simultaneously we've been doing these air strikes. my hope and the way i look at any kind of foreign issue, is thatpolicy issue, number 1, we start with diplomacy. if we can't be successful with that, that we look for sanctions.
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if we can't be successful on take a look ats what we might have to do militarily. i just brought in the secretary thehe army, right here in quad cities, and sat down with him in an intimate setting so i could be briefed on what's going on with isis. i sat down in classified briefings, so i know what's going on in isis. before i would approve anything, i will turn to those generals who are on the ground for their advice. >> we're talking about the possibility of ground troops to fight isis, american ground troops. mr. schilling, what do you think? >> i think that what's happened last fewcourse of the months is that there have been thatals that have talked, have said that we need to go after isis. monthsrecall, just a few back, we were told that isis was -- that they were nothing to worry about. now what we're doing is lobbing bombs every once in a while and on a video showing an empty building getting blown up, but the fact of the matter still moving forward. they are still capturing
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different towns in iraq. as the father of a young man that served -- that serves in the united states army, i believe you have to expire every possible to make sure we don't put boots on the ground, try to do whatever we can to that. but the experts are all saying inevitably we will have to have boots on the ground. is the fact that when i go and look at something like that, and having skin in thatame, having a son could be boots on the ground, we're going to really take a beforeard look at that we send our son or other sons and daughters into war. country.a war-weary we've been in afghanistan, iraq for more than ten years. fact thatroud of the on our staff, our chief of staff ground combatthe veteran. she served two tours in iraq. ourave a wounded warrior on staff who handles our veterans issues, legislatively. overseesthe person who all of our illinois offices
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served 14 years in the national guard. these questions very seriously. again, i would turn to those who know this best before i would kind of decision on what we're talking about here. >> interesting question. it only because it is kind of an area of terrorism that isn't given much thought. mr. schilling, this is coming from steven, who says an electromagnetic pulse, an emp our entireld destroy national electric grid, banking,tion, internet all depend on electricity. congress acted to combat this? >> this is one of the major threats that we had on committee, this is a major ofeat to the united states america. you know, what happens is, when you go in and you start talking all overferent threats the board, you know, you have too many people that don't that this is factual. this is factual.
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it is real. we need to make darn sure we do everything. some people worry about spending money on things like this, but this is the right make darn sure that we're defending and protecting our areas. stuff thats is major could cause people to not have water or not be able to get the grocery store. this could be very detrimental to the united states of america and we have to make sure we have people in congress that are moving forward to make sure these are very, very well protected. >> mrs. bustos? >> we do have experts looking at this. i would approach this no than what we've been talking about, whether it be a ebola,ealth threat, with or the threat that isis presents, what you do is you talk to the people who are best this. it is indeed -- it possibly could be a threat. rely on those who are best at this to make sure they handle it. profession, you mentioned a little bit in the opener here, but i was an reporter --sive investigator reporter.
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reporter for a number of years. i approached my job is very similar to how i approach my job now. i do the best i can to learn the most i can from the best experts. and i have a full understanding that there's not one side of a story or two sides of a story but multiple sides of the story. and in a case like this, i'm certainly no expert at the grid. certainly go to the right people before i would cast a vote on deciding what we need to do. want toing else you add? >> this is just something where we can talk and look and think we've want. but the fact of the matter is , just likeo move on u the veterans bill. instead of just talking about it talking to experts, i actually put a bill together that would allow veterans to go to any doctor across america. enough of the talk. got to defend freedom, united states of america. we can talk to all the experts got to getbut we've something done about this.
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>> let's talk to congress. we're starting with you, cheri bustos. congress is to face more fiscal cliffs. increase inrt an the debt limit and should permanent?on cuts be >> my very first act in congress, very first bill i introduced, it attacked and abuse.waste and not in a small way. $200 billion in wasteful government spending. i think that's the place we need before we do anything. my opponent voted not once but twice to end the medicare guarantee. so that's looking at balancing the budget on the box of seniors, in -- on the backs of itiors, in my opinion, where would cost seniors $6,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. voted fort sequestration. here's why. that impacted this economy, $100 here in this area, by million. we had workers who had to take
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were lesshome that than they're used to taking their take-home pay was worse. they had to take forced time out. vote he cast for our number 1 employer in this area. >> mr. schilling? find this very interesting, because the congresswoman went to washington, d.c., said she end the gridlock, the dysfunction. and the very first opportunity on all, she voted no fixed budgets. when you go to congress, you've able to compromise. our congress never had a government shutdown. thing is there's a big difference between the two of us. when i made promises to the i keptof the district, every single one of them. the incumbent congresswoman had forego her pay during the government shutdown. we did some research and found that.e didn't do the key thing, what we have to costs, is to try to
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avoid sequestration. there is so much waste out there go and capture. we don't need to go in and start cutting our military back so far that we can't defend our freedom in the united states of america. misleading but let me address the budget. first of all, i voted in favor first bipartisan budget agreement in many years. it was democrats, it was paul patty murray, democrat and republican coming together with this budget. that's the budget i voted for. it's the one that looked after a much better way than any of the budgets i voted no on. something likert sequestration where it impacted our community right here, and people who work right over at that island, to the tune of $100 million, that's an vote, in my opinion. >> that is the end of our questions and believe it or not, of our time that we're able to talk to you. but we do have 90 seconds for closingyou to make a statement. we start with you, mrs. bustos.
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>> thank you very much, jim. this very -- handled this very honorably, and i appreciate that. to our viewers at home not only for tuning in but being engaged. question ofn is a priorities. i want to continue to fight for the middle class families that so deserve someone there to fight for them. my opponent, on the other hand, allies support tax breaks that ship our jobs when we need time to be fighting for middle class families. they're mixed-up priorities. make surecontinue to i fight for those on medicare and social security, including my mom. fight for the right priorities, for this district. and i will continue to do that. sure, we have to make sure that we address the budget deficit. very first act in congress that i've talked about before was to attack government waste and abuse. i also know that the right priorities include what i've fight for, for this district, and have been able to
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deliver for this district. i think this is a matter of solutions, finding commonsense solutions and getting results. why i worked with democrats and republicans to make sure that we passed a to give ourrm bill family farmers certainty. it's why i worked as hard as i off veryfight blatantly partisan attempts to opening of the thompson prison. whereoud of our office we've worked with countless veterans to work through the red tape. and i'm askings you to stand with me and to vote for me, because illinois is worth fighting for. >> thank you, mrs. bustos. mr. schilling? >> first, i just want to thank viewers out there tonight. a question i have for each of you, how many of you out there watching tonight believe that had it better than your parents? this.arier question is how many of you believe your kids or grandkids are going to have it better than you? born and raised in rock
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island. my dad worked two jobs. he was a bartender. but he told us, if we worked hard, played by the rules, we america.ceed here in christie and i run a pizza store. single penny we spend. and we're raising our ten children in the middle class. american dream. and what i want to be able to do is pass that on to future generations. on right nowssing is not working. i want to give hope to the that aren'there looking for career politicians or somebody that's been appointed or anointed in. want people that are going to be statesmen, not career politicians. the one thing that dad taught us as kids is work hard, play by gonna getand you're ahead. if you look rat -- at our went to, when i congress, i cut my own budget. -- $110,000 to the tax pair.
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pair -- taxpayer. i believe our greatest days are ahead. we all work together. not having democrat, republican fighting but coming together as do the right things so future generations can also live the american dream us. was handed on to thank you. >> we'd like to thank cheri bustos and her campaign and campaignilling and his for helping us out and agreeing to tonight's debate. all voters in the 17th congressional district to cast their ballots. behalf of wqad-tv, thank you us for tonight's discussion, and have a great night! >> we'll have more campaign 2014 coverage coming up in just a moment. minnesota senator al franken faces republican challenger mike mcfadden, next. and in an hour, we'll be back in illinois for a debate between and bruce rauner, here on c-span. here's more on our upcoming
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debate coverage. 2014 coveragen continues with a week full of debates. live at 8 eastern, the wisconsin governors debate between scott walker and democrat mary burke. saturday night on c-span at 8:00 eastern, live coverage of the iowa senate debate with bruce braley and jonie ernst. michigan governors debate between rick schneider and democrat mark shower. c-span campaign 2014, more than 100 debates for the control of congress. >> and one more debate to tell you about. on monday, republican senate leader mitch mcconnell, who is up for reelection in kentucky, allisonmocrat opponent grimes. we'll have that live, 8:00 p.m.
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eastern, here on c-span. >> next, minnesota senator al franken is facing his republican opponent mike fadden. the 2014 election in full swing. >> up next is the u.s. senate debate between al franken and republican challenger mike mcfadden. we will begin with opening remarks to set the tone. each candidate will get two minutes. we start with senator franken. >> i would like to thank the tribune and the chamber for hosting this debate.
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northeast minnesota took it on the chin in the great recession, but you are fighters, and duluth is coming back strong. i have done everything i can to be a partner with you in that process. because we have got to make sure recovery reaches everyone. because mining is so important to this region, i have worked across party lines to pass a bill to make sure american steel is used in federal water project. and which secured the funding used in the dredging of lake superior. i successfully fought to get millions for harbor improve. i fought to make sure that the award-winning 148th fighter wing became an active, associate unit. so it could continue to be at the center of duluth's burgeoning aviation sector. some of the 148th work with the aar. i have seen aar partner with


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