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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 15, 2014 11:00pm-1:01am EDT

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-- pakistani isis is going in afghanistan. >> there was a question in the back. yes, ma'am? >> thank you. i have a question about counterterrorism efforts in iraq right now. there have been some u.s.adictory reports about and russian counterterrorism collaboration, so i'd like for to clarify what that collaboration looks like. then also, in terms of financing, what is the arabia?status of saudi are they moving towards financing thet way they've promised? don't know any more about the u.s.-russian collaboration, you do, because i
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the first time -- we're not in session now so we don't do,the briefings we usually but i only know what i've read about it. we'll know a lot more when we it, if it's real, in the intelligence area. way.e it is, by the there ought to be common ground some things. and it ought to be -- isis ought to unite the world, including people who now have kind of an unhappy chile relationship, which is the case of us and russia in the west, because of their activities in ukraine and other places. there's still areas where there should be a working if isis can't unite the world, nothing can. if isis can't unite the arab and muslim world, then i don't know what would.
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isis is an opportunity. it's hard to use that word with isis. unify people. it has unified the world. countries now, 60, 70 up?tries are signed to support in some way the effort against isis. coalition that involves now arab and muslim countries, openly, not quietly, openly participating in the campaign against isis. that could have a major impact their populations, a recognition that a tiny iscentage of islam conducting, in the name of islam, horrific acts. 98% of islam, i think, is seeing that that is what islam -- they already
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know that's not what islam is don't want islam to be perceived in that way. and so you're going to find a time, andether over the president has pointed out this is going to be a long battle. but i think now there could be a turning point in the world, in islamic world, and in the non-islamic world, against the threat. and so i hope the stories are true but i don't know anything what i've it than read in terms of sharing of intelligence between russia and the united states. but if it's true, it would be, i power a good sign of the of horror and terror to unite against it. your second question had to do with iraq. i'm sorry. financing? i know the issue has been raised constantly. and we think, we think that been progress in that
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area. we hope, because it's been a it'sproblem, even though not the government. it's what the governments -- the look the other way when it happens. it's not just saudis either. other countries in the gulf that have looked the other way their wealthy people thought they were buying peace or supporting some cause in. believed i'm not sure which is more prevalent, by providing funds for terror. andir in the back there, then here. >> mark snyder, international crisis group. i suspect for most of the people sorely yourhow voice is going to be missed in the u.s. senate. you inife would not join that. [laughter] going to have a report coming up today or tomorrow on the afghan political transition. mentioned things you
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was the importance of sustaining the coalition government by in support theing to strengthening of the ansf. we have inquestions the recommendation, in the report and previous reports, is that to do that we need to provide what they're calling the combat enablers, air support horizon, intelligence, and thus far, it's not clear how that's going to be provided, after 2014. so i'm wondering whether or not you could speak to that issue. second, you spoke about the importance of supporting the forces in syria. they're getting clobbered at the moment. your suggestion for action along the border would relieve what may be a massacre in kobani, the question is, how more support for those moderate rebels now? >> well, a keyword in that sentence is "now," because there going to be support, and the
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able tothat it will be be provided earlier than later. mean, but it's going to take some time. comment on the support. there have been reports that there's been covert support. and so i can't confirm that, though they're on the press. but you have to -- if that's coverts, there's been that in toto factor some extent. you don't know to what extent. say.know but i can't but that is, if it's true, is a factor. isthe overt support, which the department of defense support, the president has laid of action.e i just hope it can be speeded up. thatrms of the enablers you made reference to, those are not, except in general terms, i think that precise nature
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enabling hasof been worked out. maybe it has, and maybe i don't know it. but that's going to be determined by the circumstances capabilities on the ground. and i don't know that in any area, that they've been fully worked out. if they have been, particularly intelligence, if i did know, i wouldn't be able to say. but i doubt those have been out yet.eshed if they have been -- if it's i can publicly talk about, then i have to apologize for not being able to fill you in. is that that's being worked on as we speak, all of them. row.r, here in the front >> i'm from the american enterprise institute. rightly pointed out before, about pakistan being frustrated pakistan tong for
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change its policy. do you think that one way to change pakistan policy would be long-term,ate a strong commitment to afghanistan's future, to pakistani military officials that the taliban will of be -- are not the future afghanistan, that the current establishment will be in place? own experience, my own discussion with pakistani military, they are not convinced about that. before 2014, they were saying raisingthey were sometimes some exaggerated concerns. they were saying, very frankly, that they're not sure that this will be in place. -- leaving but we are in this region. whether it's now about post-2014 approach, they have this time frame. 2016.
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do you think changing that will change pakistan's policy? if did mention before that the situation is bad, perhaps we might reconsider keeping it the isces, even post-2016, but that possible, given that it's so difficult to do that in iraq? thank you. >> well, there's a totally different situation in iraq than is here. here, the afghan government wants us there. putting aside karzai, the people of afghanistan want us there. and their candidates wanted us there, both of them. iraq where their prime wayster said there's no that your troops can stay here iter that deadline -- i mean, know there's a big debate as to whether or not the president could have tried harder.
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but if you read gates' book, the primeid is minister of iraq was not going to allow any american troops to beyond the deadline, which president bush had negotiated. and i believe that's true, that politically, he was not going to do it, period. wished now that he had agreed to american troops staying well, het that's -- may wish now. but that's very different from afghanistan, where the wants us to continue. to answer your question, i if they -- ifyes, constancy, aes the part commitment on of the united states, not just militarily, but economically, that we're there for the long-term, and we are and i hope we are, that that will affect calculus.
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i think that's true. and if they think that, yes, 2016 is now what is the goal -- is set, but as dempsey said and as campbell that if circumstances are end of 2016, that they would reconsider, that they would recommend -- because it's only a recommendation, whoever the president is at the end of 2016 -- would make the decision a to whether or not to follow recommendation by our commander or by a chairman of the joint somes of staff to continue military presence beyond the end of 2016. of given the fact that both those leaders, military leaders, would of course make a recommendation to continue some military presence, circumstances are such, that aat leads them to make
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recommendation, that they're going to do that, because that's their duty. so that possibility is real, as far as i'm concerned. real, even though it's not now the plan. or the hope. >> we have time, unfortunately, questions.o more ma'am, here. and then the last question. >> thank you very much for your service. started your talk with "we need need doves, we don't hawks, what we need our owls." can you speak to the characteristic of the owls that you envision? thank you. >> eyes open, mouth shut. ha ha! [laughter] notknow, thoughtful, wise, jumping to conclusions, understanding history, learning history.
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i don't know if that's what the question is seeking. but, you know, we have got to the history a lot better. we've got to understand iranian history, iran-u.s. history, what happened in the 50's in iran that still drives iranians or at least their old leaders, not the whog people of iran, apparently want a major change in iran, by the way, but the leaders who were alive in the 50's when the cia deposed a freely elected president in iran. we have got to understand that a whole as part of picture. we've got to understand the asia.y in i don't want to go beyond that. but -- so i think an owl, the characteristics would be that really understand openry, keep their eyes and not, you know, not reach any understand our
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limitations, by the way, as well as our power, understand the limits of power, understand the capabilities of power. use you decide to use it, it wisely and effectively. the power of coalitions. think a wise owl understands that it is critical, particularly in that part of the world, unless there's some our owne threat to interest, like an embassy, that you act with countries in the region, far more powerful than to just have a western effort militarily, which plays into the hands of the terrorists. propaganda fuel for them, that it's a western occupation. hey, this is not a western -- this is not a western effort going on right now in iraq and syria. a worldwide effort against these guys, and that takes away a propaganda club that wants to talk
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about another crusade. so i don't know if i'm question --our >> you are. and thank you very much, because and on is on track target, because that is really basis of much of the region. in the assumed assumptions, the out, havingng sent a good understanding of the they areith whom negotiating. >> i like the language, the importance of language, is what about, speaking the language. i think it was when president began. he talked about humility. i think that was a word, whether or not he lived up to his own or not. that's a different issue. it when president bush, i think, started his office, talking about we need some humility. question, quickly.
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>> you just mentioned about progress in afghanistan. you are right, because in 2001 and 2014, huge differences. that the people of afghanistan rejected the quo.s they worked for improving governments. rejected they taliban. the ideas or their influence, which was -- you know, the people were facing threats. out.hey came so they don't want to go back. so we want to leave the election behind. there, a new government the ideas, how to mend thetionships with international community, especially the u.s. it's a good sign for that. my suggestion, my question is, what more steps are needed to strengthen this relationship between afghanistan and the and the continuation of
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support? because we need support, because one extreme, you were giving a lot of money to afghanistan or spending a lot of money without -- but now you would like less money. how to balance this kind of relationship? >> i'm not sure this is directly question, butyour in terms of american support, is important,e otherd and important, and countries, i think the same thing is true, that have been supportive, either with troops money, that what our publics believe in a democracy such as ours is important. and that's why i spoke about that issue. of this wholert picture that i could change -- if there's one part i could it would be that there be more balanced coverage in of afghanistan.
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just itss, not minuses, not just the bombs going off or where the taliban making progress in some parts but the amazing progress under these circumstances in afghanistan, including the elections. affect ourg to congressional response to what in afghanistan in order to strengthen the relationship. it's not really responsive to your question but it's what i so important. not just today. importance about the in terms of what the impact of typicalrting is on americans' view of afghanistan. become moren't balanced, if somehow or other, the glasscan't see not only half full in afghanistan but getting fuller, they can't visit the
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university or a school in a village where girls are going to school, or a health clinic which is now providing health is, ifs, or whatever it they can't cover that and say, helpedat we have produce, obviously the afghan have produced it. we keep saying we want to open a we can'tpeople, but walk through that door. the afghan people are walking through that door now. they've risked their lives. i mean, i don't know how many afghan soldiers have lost their lives. huge numbers have lost their lives in this fight. and if the american people can i think it would really, on our side of the relationship, be the most that couldhing happen, because then there would be a much greater willingness to true partner with afghanistan, which is so important. seen today anve example of this sound, steady
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leadership that the senator has shown in his years in the senate particularly in the senate armed services committee. one example.s only he has, if you will, been foreignan owl on policy. thoughtful, wise, steady. been a supporter of the usip. yourhen you step down from responsibilities in january, you will be sorely missed. >> thank you. all -- on a whole range of issues. i think if you could join me in appreciation for the senator being here, and his wonderful service. [applause] >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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[indiscernible conversations] >> coming up on c-span, more campaign 2014 coverage. in florida, republican governor scott debated former governor charlie crist this evening. debate was delayed because of a dispute between the candidates. next. then pat roberts debates challenger greg orman. democratorgia, michelle nunn is running against republican david perdue for an open u.s. senate seat.
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next washington journal, we'll talk about the federal ebolament's response to infections in dallas. the ebolaa preview of hearing scheduled for noon eastern. congressmanatic join us. greene will also jien plus, we'll look at the day's news and hear facebook comments and tweets. everygton journal is live morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> here are just a few of the comments we recently received viewers. >> i thought c-span was a worthy television channel to call in and leave a comment and never do something like this. watchingt done benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of the israeli state. thank c-span for
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displaying such important world events like that. wondering why you're covering the value voters thing constantly. 90 times.on like it's even on c-span 1, 2, 3. much they very intelligent discussions on c-span, and i love the fact that commercials! >> c-span is my favorite station! >> and continue to let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. 202-626-3400. e-mail us at a tweet.n send us us on facebook, follow us on twitter. a florida governor's debate between incumbent scott and former governor chea charlie crist, who office, served as a republican, but is now running as a democrat. this is the second debate
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and by the claude-pepper foundation, dedicated to enhancing the well being of florida's seniors. from the beautiful campus college, decision 2014 presents the candidates for of office of governor florida. and now, your host, from wfor-tv, elliott rodriguez. everyone!d evening, we are live from broward college florida, broadcasting to 11 markets,elevision where we are prepared to have the two major party candidates for florida governor square off for the next hour., i'm elliott rodriguez, anchor at miami. joining us on the panel tonight editoremary goodrow, the
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of the south florida sun denton, thed frank editor of the florida ines-union newspaper jacksonville. we would like to thank and welcome all of you watching us, to thank our host tonight, broward college and its president, jay david armstrong jr., joining us here in the with a group of students. tonight's debate is set to be interactive. hear from you! we have a panel of journalists who will be monitoring all of questions and comments on at hashtagd twitter lgovdebate. reporter for the miami herald. executiveng us is the editor of the tallahassee wallace, and jeremy
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the political editor of the herald-tribune. and right now we want to take a the stage here, and as you can see, the two candidates, who were invited to take part in this debate, right now are not stepping up on the stage. [laughter] ladies and gentlemen, we have an extremely peculiar situation right now. governor charlie crist -- [applause] florida governor rick scott, our and thet governor, candidate for governor is also in the building. havenor rick scott, we been told that governor scott will not be participating in debate.
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explain what this is all about. asked to have has a fan, a small fan, placed underneath his podium. the rules of the debate that i shown by the scott campaign no fan. there should be somehow there is a fan there. reason, ladies and gentlemen, i am being told that scott -- >> really? this will not join us for debate. [booing] ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, this is a debate. rosemary, i don't know. what can we say? >> well -- >> well -- >> that is the --
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[inaudible] >> wow. >> it is. i'm sad the people of florida to -- going >> no, no, no. >> don't get to hear about the hope for the future. >> we're not asking a question of governor crist. i'm asking rosemary about the situation that we find ourselves in. >> governor crist, due to rules of the -- do the rules of the debate say there should be no fan? of.ot that i'm aware >> so the rules that the scott campaign just showed us that no electronics can be used -- >> are we really going to debate about a fan? we going to talk about education and the environment and the future of our state? i mean, really. [applause] facingre serious issues our state. and it's like funding education ouropriately, protecting environment, making sure we have ethical, honest leadership. [applause]
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mean, if he's going to give it to me, i'm gonna take it. not -- this is >> this is not a platform for one candidate. we are hoping governor scott will join us on the stage but i am told he will. in all fairness, i was shown a copy of the rules that said there would be no fans on the podium. >> very strange.
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>> my understanding is that governor scott will be coming out. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> i haven't. it seems remarkable over a trivial issue. no matter which side you are on. [applause] >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, that has to be the most unique beginning to any debate, not only in florida but anywhere in the country. let us start. please, let's start with the rules. the rules of this debate are one minute for the question for the first candidate, the second candidate will have a minute and the first candidate will have 30 seconds to respond. we want a lightning round in here with 20 seconds. let's ask the first question
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determined by a coin toss. you have spent millions of dollars in this campaign defining your opponent through negative advertising. the public is frustrated by the tone and rancor of this debate. tonight, without attacking your opponent, define yourself and tell them why you deserve to be governor. >> i grew up in florida. i have been here 55 years growing up in st. petersburg. we need to invest in education because we need to. it's important we do it right for higher education. i'm a graduate of florida state
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university and i know our institutions need to have appropriate investment. i know it is important for the getre of florida that we focused on the middle class and job creation. not just minimum wage, although i think we need to raise the minimum wage, but we need to give an opportunity for people in the middle-class to do better for themselves and it starts with a great education. >> governor scott, same question to you. >> thank you for the opportunity to be here. i want to thank my wife who has been with me since i was 19. we have been married 42 years. we are blessed with two beautiful daughters and three grandsons. why should they elect me as governor? you saw the ad in 2010.
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she was a wonderful mom and she was willing to divorce a husband that was abusive which gave me a shot. if she had not divorced that man, i don't know what that life would be like. she remarried, five kids and struggled to put food on the table. we lived in public housing and she said if you go to church a lot, study hard, be an eagle scout, you have a shot at the american dream. i ran in 2010 because i believe in the dream. >> your rebuttal? >> it's important we reinvest in education. we talked about that earlier. rick scott cut education by $1.3 billion. you can't do that. you can't cut education to the
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bone that way and expect our children to get a good education. we have to have a laser focus on that and we also have to focus on our universities. again, rick scott took $300 million away from our universities. >> governor scott, you claim florida lost 825,000 jobs because of charlie crist. can you tell us what he specifically did to cause those job losses? >> it was 832,000 jobs lost now. between 2006 and jeb bush left him with a great economy, unemployment went from 3.5% to 11.1%. he raised taxes by $2.2 billion. he shouldn't raise taxes after he said he wouldn't but in a recession when people can't afford it?
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if you have a child that is going to go to university, it would cost you more money. he wasn't willing to call on companies. i talk to companies all a time. if you think about building a business, i want them to be in florida. lower taxes, less regulation. streamline the permitting process. that is why we lost 832,000 jobs when charlie was governor. >> the people of florida know that i didn't cause the global economic meltdown anymore -- thank you. anymore than rick scott caused the national economic recovery. people are smarter than that. they understand and they understood we were serving in a difficult time and we had to make tough choices. it wasn't easy, but we got florida through. one of the ways we got through was to work in a bipartisan way, working with people across the aisle to take the recovery money
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to make sure we didn't have the fire 20,000 school teachers. that is something rick scott said was an absolute mistake. what would he do if something goes wrong with the economy again? not seekf politics, help? >> the campaign slogan should be powerless for the jobless. you just heard he couldn't do anything. he didn't want to do the tough things and cut regulation. job.dn't want to do the he spent all of his time trying to be vice president and running for the senate. 3000 teachers lost their jobs when charlie was governor. 832,000 people lost their job. >> you support raising the minimum wage and you said you would raise it to $10.10. the other side points out many
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small businesses are struggling to keep the doors open. why should government tell them what they should pay their employees? >> it's important to raise the minimum wage because it's very hard for people to get by on what the minimum wage is today in florida. $7.93 is not enough to make ends meet. $10.10 would be an increase in income for hundreds of thousands of floridians. what a difference it would make. more money to be able to go to mom-and-pop small businesses around the state. have the opportunity to help those businesses do better and pay their employees more. things aren't great in florida right now. i have been on a kitchen table tour talking to real people and some of them have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet.
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florida can do better than that. we deserve to have a governor fight for you, fight for equal pay for women. rick scott is against both. it's unfortunate. we can fix it and i look forward to it. >> so charlie is a lot of talk, but he's not a lot of action. he had the opportunity and voted against minimum wage when he was in the senate. he didn't think it was the right thing to do. here is the problem. i want jobs. he lost 832,000 jobs and wants to lose more. says 5000 jobs will be lost with a minimum wage increase. i had parents that didn't have a job and had their home almost be repossessed. their car being taken. charlie doesn't worry about
11:40 pm
those people and doesn't know what it's like. 832,000 people went from wages to zero wages when he was governor. >> there you go again trying to blame the global economic meltdown on me. it's unbelievable he would continue to say that. he says he created all these new jobs all by himself. you can't trust rick. it's sad. it's unfortunate. he spent so much money on television advertisements. the media says they are the most negative ads and most dishonest. when he tells you i lost a bunch of jobs that he brought back -- >> right now, we want to hear from the voters. this debate is connected through social media and find out what the voters are saying through social media.
11:41 pm
let's go to the "naples daily news." what is trending on social media right now? >> well, the fan. elliott, you started it off, but one of the things that comes up is that between you and special interest groups, tens of millions of dollars have been spent that amounts to a scorched-earth campaign between you two. why should you be reelected when the campaign is so dirty? >> voters tell me they care about three things. step one, they want a job. they want a job. they want a job. they want a governor that says i will get up everyday and i will not be running for vice
11:42 pm
president or a u.s. senator. how can i get more jobs? how can i get lockheed martin to move more jobs here? how can i get northrop grumman to move more jobs here? who will travel to make sure i get more jobs? my mom said, rick, get a good education. when he left, per student and overall education was less when he started. third, they want to live in a safe environment. so what i work at every day, jobs. better education system. make sure you're living in a safe neighborhood. >> do you want to address the negative ads? >> of course they are, so i might. i've had $50 million of negative ads thrown on me. you think i'm not tired of it?
11:43 pm
this is a race about the future of our state. you have to make a decision about who you want to be your next governor. rick scott has talked about the fact that he's called companies around the country and 'offereoffered $266 million to e here. and they've only come through with 4% of the jobs that they promised. a 96% failure of jobs on that program. what would i do with $266 million? what i think is the right thing for florida. i would invest in small businesses, make sure they have a fighting chance. we need to protect florida first g companies from outside the state to cannibalize our own businesses. it's important to be focused on the sunshine state. >> this is talk versus action. charlie has a job. he didn't want to do the job and call on companies.
11:44 pm
why didn't he want hertz to move the corporate office here? we have 261,000 job openings in the state right now. $27 an hour. that's not what charlie wants? >> the next question will be to governor crist. [applause] governor crist, we are on a college campus right now and we have college students that worry about tuition and debt. you signed a bill allowing universities to raise tuition 15% a year and governor scott has prohibited further increases. >> let's look at all the facts. what governor scott did in addition to what you said, the first year he allowed tuition to
11:45 pm
go up 15%. the premise of the question is not correct. it's important to point out to college students that if you had the hope of going to college on a bright future scholarship, 50,000 of you are not able to do so today because of rick scott. i don't know why they reduce them that much. if you want to have the opportunity to go to college and do so in a way that you can afford it, i will seek your vote because i will restore those cuts because you need them and you deserve them. there is a young lady here tonight named marcella. i went to her house in miami just over a week ago. she was upset and had a 4.7 grade point average. that's unbelievable to me but it's because of the cuts rick scott has brought to education. [applause]
11:46 pm
>> charlie is not concerned about the facts. he'll say anything. go to truth. follow the first off, bright futures. the legislature both under charlie and me raised eligibility. when you think you would get a free ride with bright futures, you don't because of charlie's increase. think about a brand-new parent. i'm going to save my money and make sure my child can go to university. it was $102, and now is $253. we have the highest footing for state colleges and universities in the history of the state. tuitiontopped charlie's increase.
11:47 pm
18,000 families this month got back $200 million back in their pocket. >> your rebuttal? >> rick talks about telling the truth. that's an interesting thing to assert from a guy ran a company that had to pay the largest fine for fraud in the history of the united states of america. the truth hurts sometimes. and rick, this is also a fact. he pled the fifth 75 times so you wouldn't have to answer questions involved in it. that is not the kind of leadership florida deserves. >> please hold your applause so we can get as many questions as possible. >> environmentalists are unhappy that you cut the budget for management board, eliminated the department that regulated
11:48 pm
housing developments and in a record high budget, you give $17 million to the public land buying program florida forever. a budget says a lot about a where doesiorities, the environment rank in years? >> when i took office, it was a big surprise to me. charlie sat on his hands with a decade-long lawsuit. the epa and the corps of engineers tried to settle that lawsuit. i got the environmentalists on board and we had a record settlement. i went back to the legislature and they invested $880 million to restore the everglades. on top of that, something charlie did not put a time into. restore the everglades, stop project that would've helped us.
11:49 pm
we started investing. we spent less money every year. >> florida is a special place. thateed to have someone cares about the state to protect about our water and everglades. there was a wonderful book, and before the thought that we have to buy it. we got a lot of it done. 26,000 acres that we can restore the flow of natural water. what happened after rick scott. a dental? he stopped the discharge is coming out of lake okeechobee and promoting the colusa hachette river.
11:50 pm
he wouldn't show up to talk to them or answer their questions. he would not get out and talk to the people. .00 of them showed up he would not answer their questions. it is a pattern. [applause] >> go to and you will get the truth. $270 million of your tax money spent. charlie stopped it. if we had finished that reservoir, none of that water would have had to be discharged out of lake okeechobee. he was some time trying to restore the everglades but did nothing on the environment. [applause]
11:51 pm
>> florida has refused to accept $51 billion over 10 years to expand medicaid. hospitals want it, doctors want it, a lot of other people are asking for it since states found a way to accept it. florida had not. he did not push for it with the legislature. should we accept that medicaid money? do away with what some of the states have done. >> medicaid expansion means an awful lot to about one million of our fellow for radians that currently do not get the health care they deserve. more importantly, that they need. rick scott won't lift a finger to get it done and i don't know why. when i do know is that they deserve to have those funds. we deserve to have a governor to make sure we get the expansion money that you have already sent to washington and you deserve to get back. people are hurting and
11:52 pm
suffering. in addition to the $51 billion it would bring to the state over the next 10 years, some experts believe it would create 120,000 jobs. that is the right thing to do. talk about all talk and no action. he said he supported it, he did not and we do not have it. >> let's go back to the facts. he was sitting in the governor's office and there was a legislative session going on. let's pass this because it is such a great idea? people are losing their doctors and losing their plan. obamacare is a bad law. people are losing their doctors and losing their plan.
11:53 pm
, as long as the federal government wants to pay 100%, i would not stand in the way. i am not willing to do what charlie did. >> he has been governor for four years i think you would understand you don't bankrupt the state, you balance the budget. it is in the constitution. we did it every year on my four years as governor. >> this concludes the first half of our debate. remember, our debate is interactive. our social media panels will track comments. the candidates will answer your questions when we will be back after a two-minute break.
11:54 pm
>> welcome back to our debate. ask our audience to hold their applause so we can get in as many questions as possible. i want to hand it over to my colleague who is with our social media panel. >> hundreds of you are interacting with us on facebook and twitter. the top topics are economy, the cost of higher education, and climate change. now, we want to turn back to the social media panel and i will turn it over to patricia with
11:55 pm
the "miami herald." with all of this on facebook and twitter, what question do you have for governor crist? >> a lot of viewers want to know how you think you can solve problems. both you and governor scott. when science is at odds with religion and you are faced with a question where science is not consistent with faith, how do you deal with that problem? if someone asked you what the earth's age is, what you say? >> my religion is important. i have a deep faith in god and i read the bible. it is important to keep centered and focused on that. i take it very seriously and i try to use science and learn as much as i can. on the issue of climate change, it is pretty clear that man is contributing to the problem.
11:56 pm
we are in south florida tonight and it seems to me that, in south florida and the rest of the state, we are ground zero for the issue. my opponent says he is not a scientist and does not believe in it will stop i believe it is happening. we have an obligation to stop it. i have held summits in the past & executive orders to reduce emissions. if you are on miami beach, you will find that, many days, it is actually flooding when it is not raining. that tells you all you need to know. [applause] >> well, i grew up in a methodist church and my mom made sure i went to church a lot. my mom and grandma were devout christians. jesus christ is my savior.
11:57 pm
i read the bible. i go to sermons. my faith is important to me and my family. when i think about problems, i think about solutions. take global warming. what we have done is focus on the solution. we have spent $350 million to deal with sea level rise and $100 million to protect coral reefs. we have increased funding for beach re-nourishment. on top of all that, moving water south. $80 million for the everglades. my faith is important to me and i believe in it. i am going to try to solve any problems i think need to be solved. >> i do not have a rebuttal to that. we all have the right to feel how we feel about our creator and i respect that different people have a different point of view. for me, i'm happy to be a methodist, as well. maybe it is the only thing we
11:58 pm
agree on tonight. faith is important. science is important, too. my father is a medical doctor. so is one of my three sisters. the combination of science is important and the core beliefs of religion are more significant. >> thank you. >> governor, you say that you are against discrimination. the court says that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional because it is discriminatory. do you think it is do you think it is discriminatory? >> none of us believe in discrimination. i do not believe in any discrimination. in 2008, part of the democratic process led by charlie was a constitutional amendment that said that marriage is between a man and a woman. we have to understand that people have different views. it is going through the court system and whatever the supreme
11:59 pm
court decides, they will decide and i will abide by the law. what is important to me is that we need to understand that people have different views. we should not have ill will because people have different views. all this started with charlie as governor. >> i am not sure i got an answer to the question. i am not sure i got an answer to the question. do you believe it is discriminatory? >> i do not believe in discrimination. [gasps] i believe in traditional marriage. the court is going to decide and they will make the decision. >> governor crist, i do not believe in discrimination, either. i don't believe in it so much that i believe that gay couples should have the right to marry.
12:00 am
[applause] i think the best way to capture this is -- you tried to get an answer and it is difficult. who is it, for us, to tell other people who love? what right do we have to tell other people who to marry. we have come to a place in society. decisions have been made. this is the right thing to do. we need to move forward. >> remember, he gave an interview before and he said that he took prior positions for political expediency to win office. we do not know what charlie believes. he has taken every side on this issue. [applause]
12:01 am
>> thank you. the next question is from frank denton. >> the education research shows that, of all the factors that affect academic success, two thirds of them are outside of the school and in the family. in poor communities, success in school is undercut by poor parenting or some other part of unhealthy home life. should the state have a role in educating children? what should it be? >> the state should and always has. i went to high school and i played football. it was a program, if you will. we had band, music, art, sports. one of the things that really saddened me was governor scott cutting education. some schools had to be shut down.
12:02 am
afterschool programs had to be mothballed. ap classes had to grow their class size by 30%. that is not the right thing to do. as i said, we have to invest in education. there are dramatic cuts and they are stubborn things. >> governor crist, that is investing in schools. the question was, does the state have responsibility for family life and teaching people to be better parents. >> the best way to do that is to lead by example. any of us do that in our communities. whether working with the boy scouts or whatever the organization, it is important that all of us play a role in that. >> thank you.
12:03 am
>> i believe in parental rights. i have a mother who went through a painful divorce while pregnant with me because she was married to an abusive man. we need to give parents the opportunity to raise their children. everybody has goals for the children. i have goals for my daughters and i know that their husbands have goals for our grandchildren. at school, the job is to educate them so that they are solid citizens and have great careers. i believe in rights. >> we will move on. watching everything around trayvon martin and the trial of george zimmerman, was justice served in the case? >> well, the --
12:04 am
i will tell you what -- here's what i did -- i sat down with the parents, sabrina and tracy. i wanted to make sure that they were comfortable that law enforcement was going to do the proper investigation. then i sat down with the prosecutor to make sure that they were comfortable that justice would be served. it went through the system and i respect the system. i want to thank trayvon martin's parents. some of the issues they had in missouri we did not have because of the parents. my heart goes out to them and i cannot imagine losing a child. i want to thank the parents because they did a great job making sure we did not have the problems that they had in missouri. >> governor crist? >> it is hard to say. none of us were on the jury.
12:05 am
we do not knowhe the facts. i used to be the attorney general and i know that judging from afar is not good. stand your ground needs to be fixed. [applause] i know that we have the right to defend ourselves. everybody believes in the premise. it is the right thing to be able to defend yourself and your property. when you have a statute that allows the initiator of an instigation to end up killing another human being after they started the incident, there is something fundamentally flawed with the law. we can protect the right to defend yourself and make sure that we do not have laws on the books that end up with the tragic death of trayvon martin. >> would you change stand your ground? >> i would not.
12:06 am
after the tragic death, i still believe in the right to defend yourself. i cannot imagine losing a child like that. you know, i have talked to sheriffs. the police association endorsed me and i stand with them that we need the law in place. [applause] >> governor, florida is the sunshine state and we are not in the top 10 for solar power development. georgia has more solar power than florida in the last three years. why isn't florida aspiring to be a leader in solar energy? >> florida should be. we are the sunshine state. it does not make sense not to do so. why are we not doing that? we started doing that are in my administration. unfortunately, with the scott
12:07 am
administration, they are the friends of the utility industry and are funding his campaign. they have laws on the books that make it difficult for companies that want to develop solar energy in the sunshine state to do so. how do you fix it? you elect a different governor who believes in solar energy and wind. he believes in cleaner energy sources and is not beholden to the utility companies. it is just wrong. you need to have a governor who is on your side and has a bright idea about solar energy in the sunshine state because it is the right thing to do. >> governor scott? >> charlie does not worry about the facts. while he was governor, the utility costs went up 30% and went from below the national average to above the national average. since i was elected, utility
12:08 am
rates have come down and now we are below the average. with regards to solar, we need the attitude that we want everything. it has to be reliable and cost-effective. if charlie had his way, we would go the path of california. what is the path of california? a 40% increase in electricity. the average person pays $208 a month. it would be $80 more. he can talk, but it is going to come out of your pocket. a 40% increase. when he was there, a 30% increase in utility costs. [applause] >> let's get back to the truth. the increase in your utility bills happened over the last four years. you know if your bills are going up under rick scott. mine is. yours probably is. your property insurance bills are going up. you may not know that he signed
12:09 am
into law a law that says that the office of insurance regulation cannot regulate insurance. does that make sense to anybody? it does to the insurance companies. >> can i respond to that? that is not true. >> it is true. >> charlie's obamacare law has the federal government deciding all of the rates for the plans. why would the state do the same thing? they have no power. hhs is deciding the rates. charlie signed legislation that allowed duke to pass on costs. >> that was jeb bush. [applause] >> you can go to the website and they will explain. >> the next question is for
12:10 am
governor scott. >> florida is seeing a revolt over high-stakes testing in schools. the federal government has played a role. florida lawmakers have added more tests and tied them to teacher pay. are all these tests needed to prepare our kids for the future? >> we all know that measurement works. it works. people are concerned. the latest concern is about how much the federal government is involved. in a lot of areas, including education. the federal government said they would not use the federal assessment standards. we worked on legislation and got it passed, they said that
12:11 am
they are not going to data mine our students. then we moved to florida standards. this next year, what i am going to do is go around and look at all the standards we have. some of the standards are at the state and district. to make sure everybody knows the standards and who is doing the standards. >> there is too much testing in schools today. [applause] there is. the reason is because rick scott signed a bill that i vetoed. the learning centers have become testing centers. it is not right or fair to our children. we need to have somebody like me. we have had four education or commissioners in four years. we have to get the system back on track and we need somebody who understands it.
12:12 am
i will do that. i will make sure it is funded properly. we have to get it right. >> let's look at the results. our fourth graders are number two in the world. we have seen the highest gains of any large state in the country. hispanic students have some of the highest graduation rates. the overall rates are up 4%, 5% since i was elected. we have seen some of the highest gains of any state. the national council says that florida has the highest scores in the country. teachers got laid off under charlie, including eda silver,
12:13 am
teacher of the year, got laid off in 2008. she called his office and he would not return the phone call. >> i have a question for governor crist. under your administration and under governor scott's administration, scores of children have died under the supervision. >> you're talking to the challenges of the department of children and families. if a child dies, it is a tragedy and it is awful. this is an area where i decided to reach across the aisle. i reached out to bob butterworth. one of the smartest things you can do is surround yourself with the best and the brightest. bob butterworth was great. shedlon, who is running for attorney general, was great. what is important is to be transparent. there is a story in this paper today about the lack of trance parents he -- transparency. i cannot understand that. maybe rick scott will talk about
12:14 am
that in the rebuttal. you have to be clear. you have to be open. or you cannot fix the problems. the question i got from bob butterworth was, what do you want me to do? i said, call a press conference. >> it is true. it is tragic. after the bell shootings, i went and met with the survivors and my heart goes out to them. we have grandkids and we do not want anything to happen. when i came in, we increased pay for child protective investigators. charlie had cut the funding for the child protective investigators. then we brought in a foundation to review what we were doing and they made recommendations. i went to the legislature and asked for more investigators. now we have 270 more and they
12:15 am
are going to be able to spend more time to help stop this. here is the positive - the number of deaths has come down. it is not zero. every child death is a tragedy. >> thank you. [applause] now we are going to have a lightning round with shorter questions. i will ask you and governor scott a different question. the first question i want to ask you is why you insisted on bringing a fan here when you knew it would be a contentious issue? >> why not? is there anything wrong with being comfortable? i don't think there is. thank you. >> why the delay coming out? >> we had to find out if he was
12:16 am
would you show up. he said he was going to come to the debate. >> governor scott, why do you keep your assets in a blind trust? >> so i don't have a conflict. charlie crist said do what jeb bush did. charlie did not do it. put your assets in a blind trust so you do not have a conflict. the third-party runs the assets and that is what i have done. >> say something nice about governor scott. [laughter] >> happy to. i commend him on how he has handled ebola. i commend him. it is better to be prepared than panic. >> say something nice about governor crist.
12:17 am
>> that was pretty nice of him. [laughter] [applause] >> on that note, the lightning round is over. we started late. that concludes question and answers. the candidates have 20 seconds for -- i am sorry -- one minute for closing arguments. governor crist will go first. that was determined by a coin toss. >> i want to thank people watching at home. you have seen the differences between rick scott and myself. i want to do everything i can to make sure the middle class has the opportunity to do better. i want to make sure that we invest in florida businesses. not bringing in big corporations. i want to protect the environment. i love water. i love being out on water.
12:18 am
i want to make sure that, for future generations, they have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this great state. i'm asking you your vote. i would appreciate it. god bless you and god bless florida. [applause] >> governor scott. >> i thank my wife for standing by me. i want to thank my mom for divorcing an abusive husband. i thank my daughters for being a great members of the family. four years ago my mom called me a good boy. i ran a campaign of getting the state back to work. it is an honor being your governor. it is a great honor.
12:19 am
i would love to get your vote. i will do everything i can to make sure that this is the state where you can live your version of the american dream. [speaking spanish] great to be here. >> governor scott. thank you very much. governor crist. thank you very much. that concludes our debate. don't forget to vote on tuesday, november 4. governor scott, thank you. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] 2014 isn's campaign bringing you more than 100 debates for the control of congress.
12:20 am
by joiningch with us the conversation at debate have live coverage from iowa for the open u.s. senate seat. candidates will hold their third and final debate at 8 p.m. eastern. that is for senator tom harkin's' seat, who is retiring. race being called a tossup. here are some of the ads being run in the race. and im brucebraley approve this message. st in the state senate, ern sponsored an amendment to outlaw abortion, including in the cases of rape and. >> i think providers should be
12:21 am
punished. rnst, radical ideas, wrong for iowa. ernst promises to shut down the department of education, giving polluters ipass. that is why extremists are bailing. joni ernst, promises for them to extreme for us. ♪ >> i get very upset. >> are you ready to apologize? >> the individual had no college education. i find it ironic there is a big push to shut down the house. >> do you have advanced degrees in economics? i get very upset.
12:22 am
a farmer from iowa who never went to law school. i get very upset. phddon't have a masters or in health care policy. one of the most important places i go is to the house gym. have you published anything in a peer-reviewed journal? i get very upset. are you ready to apologize? i get very upset. democratic congressman bruce braley is running against joni ernst for an open seat in iowa. watch live debate coverage at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. in kansas, incumbent senator pat roberts is facing challenger independent greg orman in a
12:23 am
close race. senator roberts was elected to the senate in 1996. this debate was hosted by ksn news. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] evening, and welcome to the studios here in kansas for the senate debate. i will be your moderator tonight for the debate between senator pat roberts and independent challenger greg orman. here are the rules -- each candidate will have 1.5 minutes for opening remarks. each person will have one minute to answer questions from the 32nd as well as a rebuttal. and there will be closing remarks from the candidates.
12:24 am
we have brian from the wichita tim carpenter from the journal and greg. the candidates were not given the topics before the debate. please send us questions. we are going to be picking some of the questions tonight to ask the candidates. let's get started with the opening remarks. mr. orman will go first and get the first question from the panel. >> thank you, and thank you to everyone at home. washington is broken. we all know it and we are sending the worst of the parties. they care more about parties than problems. they draw lines in the sand and refuse to cooperate. inaction has replaced leadership. we have serious issues to solve,
12:25 am
from health-care affordability stagnant wages to living within our means. i am concerned that if we do not solve our problems, our standard of living and the existence of the middle class is at risk. like a lot of kansans, i have been disappointed. senator roberts will tell you that obama and harry reid are the reason washington is a mess. he is half right. the other problem is mitch mcconnell and pat roberts. both parties are failing kansas and that is why i am running as an independent. i am a responsible businessman who wants to go and focus on solutions. i will embrace the best ideas wherever they come from. we will start solving albums again for the american people.
12:26 am
-- we will start solving problems again for the american people. >> america is at a crossroads. we are at the tipping point. people know that have a choice to make. they can make the choice between a conservative republican or a liberal democrat who is not shooting straight with kansas voters. what this boils down to is that a vote for pat roberts is a vote for a republican majority in the senate. end the harry reid agenda. end the obama-reid agenda. replace with a stand for with real jobs and growth. my opponent will not stand up to that agenda. he is a democrat. he ran against me as a democrat in 2008.
12:27 am
he gave contributions, $174,000 to barack obama and hillary clinton. he cannot stand up to the reid-obama agenda. it is so much more about this election than me. that is why we have had all members of the republican party come and endorsement. they know that the number one thing is to get a republican majority to end the gridlock. >> thank you. the first question is from brian with the wichita eagle. >> more than 66,000 children have been apprehended unaccompanied by adults at the southern border.
12:28 am
what should the u.s. do with the children? >> before i answer the question, i have to address a couple of things that the senator said in the opening remarks. we have gotten to the point where we are making up facts. traditional republicans for common sense have endorsed me. numerous republicans have endorsed me. we need to pay attention to the truth. in terms of young adults and children at the southern border, we need to address that at the source and go to these countries, talk to the parents there, and let them know not to send their children through the trip through mexico to the united states. when you get there, we are going to process them and send them home. that is the best way to ensure safety. that is what we need to do, in terms of addressing that issue. >> senator roberts? >> the first thing we have to do is secure the border.
12:29 am
the second thing we have to do is -- there was a bill that the house passed that changes the law and says that all other countries would be similar to mexico. if you come across illegally, you have to go back. humanitarian repatriation. the president said that people 16 and under can stay and it led to this tragedy. let's go back to the border. there should not be amnesty. we have 167,000 felons in the united states. we have isis. we have ebola. we have to secure the border. >> we asked about the children. what do we do about them? we can shut down the border.
12:30 am
what do we do moving forward? >> obviously, they are working through the system and, obviously, you are not depporting 66,000 children. we have to secure the border. we can work with the countries to make sure that they understand that they are like mexico and canada. they cannot do this thing again. there are drug cartels involved, as well. >> well, you know, i am not sure in his first statement to humanitarian deportation and then we shouldn't to deport them. i am not sure what the answer was. we need to secure the border but i also believe we can secure the border and have a humane immigration policy and i hope we get an opportunity throughout this debate to talk more about
12:31 am
immigration because i think it is an important issue for kansas , particularly for western kansas. >> senator roberts, rebuttal? it anyll not get into immigration party as long as harry reid is the majority leader. he uses immigration as a political tool. until he put harry reid out to pasture and get a republican will not consider immigration. all of this stops when you consider that we have to secure the border. that is the first thing. isis,ition, with ebola, it ever comes across the border -- whatever comes across the you that we shows have to secure the border and we cannot support amnesty. >> thank you. our next question is from ksnt. >> let's talk specifics about possible immigration reform. create as. were to
12:32 am
the to citizenship to enter country legally, what criteria should those immigrants meet to qualify for potential citizenship? obviously we don't have that theand we have to start -- department of homeland security just announced that a hundred 67,000 convicted felons have and areoss the border somewhere in the united states. we have no idea where. if you are going to deal with the immigration problem, you have to secure the border first. send the bill over to the isate, which by the way, where good bills go to die because harry reid will not allow it. it gave money to secure the
12:33 am
border and it changes the law. knows thatry country it is the same law that applies to canada and mexico. that illegals, when you come across the border, you go back. then we can get to immigration and all the complexities. but first you have to secure the border. at length from the beginning of this campaign about my policy on immigration. i believe our policy needs to be fair but fair -- tough but fair. we have increased the number of border security agents over the 21,000 and i to think we need to maintain that commitment but it needs to be practical. i don't think we are going to people -- norion would it be economically advisable. there are whole industries in -- they would be
12:34 am
absolutely decimated by such a policy. so how do we make it fair to taxpayers? if you were here on an undocumented basis, you have to register by a certain date and pay a fine or perform community service as an it knowledge meant that you have broken the law then you should be able to stay here and work. this is the same plan that republican senators signed onto, including many who came to support roberts. >> again, you are not going to make any progress as long as harry reid is in power. obama has threatened -- it has been reported in the press that he could, by executive order, get another executive order to declare amnesty for illegals.
12:35 am
this total immigration policy, that is something that is wrong. it involves securing the border and amnesty. no amnesty before anything else. my opponent would vote for that. >> let's get a rebuttal. >> i do not support amnesty. you have heard my immigration policy. it ends with people who are working to work with rules. roberts wants to talk about the senate as the place where good bills go to die. the senate is the only body that has acted on immigration reform. republican senators approved the bill and it is not happening. i would also stand up to say that obama should not act by executive action. that is what is wrong with washington today.
12:36 am
nothing gets done. >> securing the border, if these people are in the country now, do we need to change the policy? they are going to be working in the system. what would you do with these people who are ready to deport thousands? >> i never thought we should deport 11,000 people -- that is impossible. i think we ought to obey the law. we should say no to amnesty. my opponent says he is against amnesty. he will say that he did not say that. >> thank you. regarding foreign policy, the u.s. invasion of afghanistan and iraq, was it justified? yes or no. your preferred response to the new threat? >> in terms of afghanistan, yes.
12:37 am
we needed to do something to get the muslim extremists there and make sure they did not have the safe havens to attack again. in terms of iraq, it is now being suggested that we were not as thoughtful as we should have been going in there. we have lost thousands of lives and have had tens of thousands of people critically injured. we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars honoring the commitment to our veterans to prevent muslim extremists from having a strong world and the middle east. a vacuum in iraq and a civil war in syria is allowing that. i believe that we need to follow the campaign we are doing and protect the poetic assets on the ground. we need to train the iraqis to solve that problem with our support.
12:38 am
>> thank you. >> afghanistan, yes. i worry about afghanistan. if the president repeats what he did, the real mistake is not having a status of forces agreement with iraq. when we left, it left a vacuum. maliki was not the best in terms of leading the country. now, we have a caliphate. this goes to a larger problem. the president has tried to lead by following with national security and foreign affairs. when you lead by following, there is a vacuum and bad people fill it. if you cannot deal with the bad people, it gets worse. much worse. that is where we are today. have a situation where, just today, the president says we are winning with isis. we are not. they are within 20 miles of the
12:39 am
airport. we have the big red flag in baghdad. we have 450 members there. before we go any further -- >> ok. >> i'm sorry. >> you have reached your time. let us hear a rebuttal. >> i did not hear an answer about whether or not we should have gone into iraq. we were optimistic to think that we would take able to have been fighting for 15 centuries and form a properly functioning democracy. the war has to change. it can no longer be considered a u.s. war against muslims. it has to be considered a middle eastern war against extremism.
12:40 am
we need to back up allies in the region to address the issue. >> thank you. >> i was going to point out that the president is conducting a war right now. congress ought to weigh in. the president ought to come to congress and explain to the american people. if we are sending more troops into iraq to contain or destroy isis, and there is a bitter debate about what we should do, the president has an obligation to come to the american people and explain. he has not done that. he continues to stay put. we are losing with iraq and isis. intelligence shows that is dangerous for national security. >> let's go on. it is a social media question from keith. we are starting with senator
12:41 am
roberts. how do you think the united states should deal with ebola? senator roberts? >> the ebola epidemic shows you how we should secure the border and not grant amnesty. i issued a statement a couple of days ago. why can we not do now what we know we are going to have to do down the road? we are going to need a team in africa stopping air traffic from west africa to the united states. we should get the best and brightest over to the country as fast as we can. the world health organization said that if we do not take action within the next 60 days, we could lose 10,000 people a week. a humanitarian disaster. this goes back to isis, ebola, and other problems on the border. we must secure the border and secure the national security of our fellow americans.
12:42 am
>> ebola is serious. we need to have a serious response to it. it does include sending the best and the brightest to africa. i also believe we should suspend air travel with west africa for the time being and until the crisis is contained. this was back to a crisis in leadership. roberts has come back and made strong statements about ebola in kansas and a came out the other day that, when he was in washington last month, he skipped the hearing on the ebola virus. it is easy to talk tough year and, when you have an opportunity to do something about it, you choose to skip a hearing. that is a real problem. a rebuttal? >> nothing of substance came of
12:43 am
it. there is a crisis in leadership. the president has been behind and a sleep at the wheel. he just said he will have a more pressing program -- aggressive program. it is the president that i think we have to look to for this leadership and we are looking for the plan and the strategy. we have to do that now. >> lacking leadership in washington is on both sides of the aisle. while you did not attend the hearing, it has come out that you did not attend two out of three hearings in the agricultural committee, a committee you want to lead someday. there is a crisis of leadership. >> the next question is from ksn
12:44 am
news. >> you own homes in other states. please explain your sense of connection with kansas. >> i grew up in minnesota and my father owned a furniture store in kansas. i spent time in kansas working in a store and learning the value of a dollar and kansas values. i got the opportunity to move back to kansas in 1996 and i took it. ultimately, my friends and family are here. i choose to be a chance in -- kansan. if you wonder where i'm would you change -- spent -- if you wonder where i am going to spend my time, it is chances. -- kansas. >> i love kansas. i have been border to border and corner to corner in kansas.
12:45 am
there is no public official that has been in more communities and talking to more people about the issues they are worried about than i have. bob dole jokes that he is trying to catch up with a. -- me. i know kansas. kansas is conservative. kansas wants answers. my opponent is a liberal democrat. >> we do not live in the information age anymore. we live in the misinformation age.
12:46 am
you heard misinformation from roberts. i will address that one at a time, if we have the opportunity, during the debate. senator roberts, you talk about supporting farmers and you vote against the farm bill. you talk about supporting veterans and you did not have the courage to go to washington to vote on the be a reform bill. -- va reform bill. >> we achieved the number one priority, crop insurance. i voted against the bill because, once again, we see farmers farming for the government and not the market. i received the endorsement from
12:47 am
the farm bureau and major organizations. they endorsed me and not my opponent. in every case, i am the champion for farmers and ranchers in kansas. >> thank you for your answer. a reminder to voters at home to send us the questions online. we may read the question on air tonight. it is back to our panel now. the next question is from brian lowry. >> the aviation industry has seen a decline in unemployment since october of 2000 date. can the industry be saved in wichita? what role should washington playa? >> senator? >> i sorry. >> stop the aviation taxes. jobs are involved with aviation.
12:48 am
the industry can get along fine. this administration, again and again, puts aviation taxes on the industry. it is not what washington can do for you. it is what they can do against you. i am the champion of aviation. every time there are corporate jets, i was on the floor and said, sorry, that is not right. we had a personal discussion about it. >> i and the only person on the stage who has created private sector jobs. i am qualified to talk about what private sector businesses need. i have put forward a small business plan.
12:49 am
i talk about rolling back dodd frank regulations on community and regional banks. they want people -- they were not the people involved in bringing us to the brink of disaster. we should not punish them and industries that serve the aviation industry. we talk about rolling back regulation and having a review of regulation every 10 years. it makes sure that the kind of regulations that were imposed on businesses are doing what they were intended to do and not stifling innovation. those are the things we need to do for businesses. >> job creation. job creation indeed. my opponent was the recipient of
12:50 am
taxpayer money to start the shrimp farm in the middle of the desert. the supposition was that people eat so many shrimp contrails -- cocktails in vegas. that is a grant of $3 million. explain that. i have the endorsement of the federation of business. >> here is the chance to endorsed this. >> i am proud of my private sector record. i have been involved in investing in over 40 businesses. he doesn't realize that not every business succeeds. not every business is a success. if they were, everybody would run a big business and we would
12:51 am
all be successful. i am proud of my private sector track record and i will compare it to the senator's any time. >> we asked roberts about his residency and his personal wealth. how can regular people relate to him? you can find website -- the answers on our website. >> i have a glass-have-full question. the economy added jobs and it is the lowest since 2008. what has been u.s. done right recession andt
12:52 am
what should it continue to do going forward? challenge we have had is that while we are creating jobs we are not necessarily creating middle-class jobs and i have talked a lot about how we get it started again. first and foremost, we have to get washington back into the business of solving problems. i can't tell you how many business owners who have said we need to deal with health care affordability. if we could have an honest discussion about how to address health care affordability in this country and change the incentives that drive costs out of the system we would be and a better position to create jobs and see wages grow. people tell me we need to deal with immigration reform. businesses have suggested they would add jobs if we simply got congress and the president to get their act together and pass some sort of immigration reform. when he regulations out of the system and help businesses grow
12:53 am
again. >> i was going to grant some time back, i have the endorsement of the national federation of veterans. they represent small businesses up and down the street. the chamber of congress looks at your record. we meet with the chambers in kansas. they give those issues to the national chamber. a story on real job growth, less regulation, less spending, binding certainty to the best that we can to the obama reid agenda. they endorse me. not only did they endorse me reflecting the chambers in kansas and small businesses in kansas, they took the extra step of the finding -- defining my opponent and his record of job creation as a liberal democrat.
12:54 am
that is what they did. >> would you like to respond to that? >> i've never heard of anyone defining someone record of conservative or liberal terms. it feels desperate. it feels like something that has been the need you to stand up here and represent the facts. i've met with chambers throughout the state. i can tell you from those first 10 meetings that there are a number of chambers in the state that would love to see me get elected to the united states senate. >> name them if you can. the national chamber in their endorsement of me took the extra step again of defining my own as a liberal democrat. it is on the issues with regarding to certainty for business and the obama reid
12:55 am
agenda. all of the regulations that come out of the administration. we are drowning and regulations. we have to have so many regulations you can keep up. one former -- one former told them we are not being governed, we are being ruled. your doc radiation, and only the shrimp farm but -- >> is go back to our panel. the next question is for the capital journal. >> both of you have mentioned the affordable care act this evening. i believe you have indicated it is flawed in some manner. how should the federal government intervene in the health insurance market to control costs without restricting access? >> senator? >> number one you are not going to have any repeal or placement of the affordable health care act with harry reid as majority
12:56 am
leader. i believe that we should repeal and replace the affordable health care act. my opponent will not do that. he is for amnesty. he is against the keystone pipeline. i am not. the list goes on. he is pro-abortion. i am not. these are the kinds of issues that i think the chamber of commerce took a look at and said he is a liberal democrat. by deed, by word, by campaign contributions. on the affordable health care act i think we have the repeal and replace it. more market oriented solutions. we have to in this assault with higher premiums, lost relationships, many doctors quitting. the list goes on. not to mention rationing boards in washington. the first step come repeal and replace. you will get that with a majority republican -- you will
12:57 am
get that with a republican majority. >> i've said this a lot in this campaign. i believe that president obama and his harry reid are part of the problem. i believe senator, you're part of the problem. you have been in washington for 47 years. during that time the undocumented people in this country has grown from one million to over 11.5 million. that has grown from under $1 trillion to $18 trillion. in the last decade you voted to support funding for the bridge to nowhere in alaska. i have been clear from this on the beginning. i did support the affordable care act when it was passed. in 2010 i gave a campaign contribution to scott brown who was supposed to be the deciding vote against the affordable care act. the reason i did not like it was because i thought it was expanding a broken system. we pay for quantity in this
12:58 am
country and not for quality. we need to fundamentally change the incentives to we can deliver better quality care at a lower price. >> senator roberts. >> my opponent -- [inaudible] and president obama, who we voted for and contributed money to, describe the aca as the first step to national health insurance. that is the wrong way to go. you must repeal it first, replace it with more market oriented solutions. you will not get there from here unless you elect a republican majority in the united states senate working with e-house. we can do that. the senate has passed bill after bill that would be helpful with regard to replacing obamacare. >> again, as i said from the beginning, i wasn't an initial soap order of the affordable care act.
12:59 am
i don't believe it was the right decision. right now what we have is a health care affordability issue. we had it before the affordable care act. we had it today. this is what you see in washington. incident talk about how to address the affordability we have taken an issue like the aca and made a political football. ultimately it prevents them from having to make the hard decisions that we need to make to secure american's future financially. >> my apologies, i'm not sure where that came from. craig anderson, our next question. >> and abortion question. a woman must have an ultrasound with the option of viewing the image, get counseling and wait 24 hours. you agree with these regulations and should ultrasounds before abortions be mandated nationwide? >> i've addressed this issue
1:00 am
many times before. what i've said on this issue is that as a man i am not going to have to face the hard decision that women have to face. i trust women of kansas are smart and they can make decisions on their own about their own reproductive health. with that said i think we spend a lot of time in this country talking about this issue and we have spent a lot of time over the last couple of decades talking about it. it prevents us from talking about other important issues. what i would like to see us do is start focusing on some of the big problems that we absolutely need to get our arms around if we are going to preserve the american dream and our financial futures. >> are you pro-life or pro-choice? >> i am pro-choice. >> ok. >> he is obviously pro-choice. i am pro-life. i think it is that we have to get past this issue.


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