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tv   Florida Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 19, 2014 11:58am-12:29pm EDT

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america, it started here and, it's always been about a pioneer spirit. so. before us, have made great contributions. that leaves us with an important responsibility. as leaders, in this industry, weed in to protect system, and move it forward. we need it think about the future, and how we'll modernize the system. if all we do, is protect our own positions, thinking, we can go it alone, we're wrong. we all need each other, and we need consensus, across this industry. thinking back to our experience, in chicago, in just two weeks, a team of dedicated people, turned a bad situation,
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completely around. they kept air traffic moving, doing whatever it took. they did it, because they're dedicated. and they're proud of our system, and they were able to set aside any differences, and they came together, and came up with a plan. our whole industry can do the same. now, coming to some kind of consensus is not easy. and it's very, very hard. aviation has pioneered innovation in this country, and let's create an alterna tough path, to the gridlock in washington. i look forward to fining the solution, with all of you, to ensure, that we, and you in the industry are in the position to continue to provide the safest
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and most efficient system that we need in the years ahead. none of us should settle for anything less than that. thank you very much. questions. [inaudible]
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the faa is part of that, and the c.d.c. is playing the lead role in determining the appropriate responses to that health hazard, and i think that i would lick to stress, we're all working together, on a day-by-day bases. c.d.c.'s determination, is the travel ban, does not address the challenges, that we have. but we monitor. [inaudible] the question is, what are we doing, as we talk about the
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needs to develop the next generation of people? we, like a lot, the economy is going through a change. and that's a challenge and opportunity. the challenge, a lot of experience goes out the door, and knowledge about how the system is developed and, why it is the way that it is. capturing that is important. but the other question, is how do you take advantage? because there are different skills and, mindsets, and the think that's probably the most important, is, you think we view this very differently. taking first, aviation safety, and traditionally, that has been a function of ensuring complies with rules. and that has evolved had to a lot of good workings to a system
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of how do we share data? how do we use that to promote highest levels of safety. the second, is, as we look to a next again environment, different views, and, they have a shared view of what is happening, we go from a traditional system, air traffic control, to a system of air traffic management.
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how do we share, and understand, the roles, because, collabraising yields a much better result. we saw it in chicago. and that's how this industry is going to accelerate and evolve. thank you. okay. michael thank you very much for taking the time. you know we give a token of appreciation. and, we replace the plaque with our new token of appreciation, and the mission of the club, when we were founded and a
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replica -- [laughter] so, thank you very much. thank you. hope you can join us next month, our luncheon is on november 18th. and we'll give out the trophy, and we'll be bringing in the new board of governors. i hope you can join us.
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we would like to thank our host, and he is joining us, in the audience. tonight's debate, is set to be interactive. manny garcia, executive editor and, patricia, is a reporter, for the miami her rald and, also, bob, the executive editor of the tallahassee
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democrat, and jeremy wallace. and right now, we want to take a shot of the stage, here, in broward county, and as you can see, the two candidates, who were invited to take part, right now, are not stepping up, on the stage. ladies and gentlemen, we have aplar situation, right now. we have, governor charlie crist. [cheers] . governor, florida governor rick scott, the ro public can candidate is also, in the building. governor, rick scott, we have been told, that governor scott,
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will not be participating, in this debate. now, let me explain, what this is all about. good nor crist has asked to have a small fan, placed underneath his podium. the rules of the debate that i was shown by the scott campaign say, that there should be no fans, somehow, there is a fan there, and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, i am being told that governor scott will not join us for this debate. ladies and gentlemen, this is a debate, and rosemary, and what can we say? well -- i further --
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[cheers] . wow! that's it. we're not -- we're not -- get to hear. we're not asking you a question. i'm asking rosemary about the situation, that we find ourselves in. governor, do the rules of the debate say there should be no fan? not that i'm aware of. so, that the rules, that the scott campaign showed us, are we really going to debate about a fan and education, and the environment and the future of our state? [cheers] . there are serious issues, facing our state, and it's like funding education, and protecting our environment, and making sure we --
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governor. i mean, if he's going to give it to me. i'm going to take it. this is not -- this is not a platform for one candidate. we're hoping that governor scott will join us on the stage. i'm told that he will. in all fairness, i was shown a copy of the rules, that said there would be no fan.
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this is remarkable, over a trif viewal issue. [cheers] . thank you. ladies and gentlemen, that has to be the most unique beginning to any debate. i don't think we'll forget it. i think anywhere in the country. let's start, with first of all, the rules, the rules of this debate are, one minute, the question for the first candidate, and the second will have a minute and then the first candidate will have 30-seconds to respond.
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first question, which was determined, to governor crist. you have spent millions of dollars, defining your opponent through negative advertise, and the voters are unhappy. based on social media posts, the public is frustrated by the tone, of this campaign. tonight, without attacking your opponent, defind yourself for the voters, and tell them why you deserve to be governor. thank you for sponsoring this debate, and it's good to have have have. have you now. i love this state. i've been here, for 55 years, and i care about public education and, i'm a public school kid myself. i think it's important that we reinvest in education. and i think it's temperature
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that we do what's right for higher education. i know that our institutions, need to have investment. and finally, i know that it's important for the future of florida, that we get focused on the middle class, and job creation. governor scott, same question to you. first, i want to thank everybody for the opportunity to be here. and i want to thank my wife, who has been with me since i'm 19. we're blessed with two wonderful daughters and, 3 grandsons, almost 3 year-old, is able to see. but, why should they elect me as governor again? i grew up in a family that
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struggled, and my mom called me a good boy. and she was wonderful. and she was willing to divorce the husband that was abusive. and if she had not divorced that man, i don't know what my life would be like. and she remarkried, and five kids and, we listed in public housing. if you go to church, if you study hard, and be an eagle scout, then you have a shot. i ran, in 2010 because i believe in a dream. governor crist. well, you know i think it's important that we reinvest in education, and rick scott cut it by $1.3 billion. and you can do that. so i think we have to focus os
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that, in my view and, also, have to focus os our universities. again, rick scott took 300 million. thank you. next question. governor scott, you claimed florida lost 825,000 jobs because of charlie crist. can you tell us what he did, to cause those job losses? it was 832,000 jobs that were lost between 2006, and jeb bush left him with a great economy and, by the time he left office, 3.5 to 11.1%. here's what he didn't do, and step one, he raised taxes on our citizens, 2.2 billion. you should never raise taxes, but in a recession, where peopling afford it. if have you a child that's
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going to the university, it will cost you more money. he was willing to call on companies, and charlie would not talk to them. he raised regulation, if you think about building a business, lower taxes, and less regulations, that's why we lost 832,000 jobs. the people of florida know that i did not cause the global economic meltdown, any more than cheer chore. thank you. any more than rick scott caused the recovery. people are smarter than that. they understand, and they understood, that we were serving in a difficult time. and we had to make tough choices. but we got florida through. and one of the way, was to work at a bi-partisan way. and to take the recovery money,
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and help us make sure we didn't have to fire 20,000 schoolteachers. and rick scott said it was as mistake. what you heard, he could not do anything. he wanted the job, and he didn't want to call on companies, and do the tough things and, cut regulations, and he didn't want to do the job. trying to be vice-president, and then run against ruby oh, he lost 3,000 teachers lost their job. and 832,000 people lost their job. [applause] governor crist, you support raising the minimum wage, and
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the other side is, that there are. small businesses that are struggling to keep the doors open. why should government tell them what they should pay? i think it's important to raise the minimum wage because it is very hard for people to get by. $7.93 is not enough. and raising it to 10.10, would be a 27% increase in income for hundreds of thousands. what a difference that would make. more money, they would have in their pocket. to be able to go to small businesses, around the state. and help those businesses do better. and.
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rick scott against it, and it is unfortunate. but we can fix it. governor scott. so, charlie is a lot of talk, but, not a lot of action. he the opportunity, he voted against minimum wage, when he was in the senate. he didn't think it was the right thing to do. here's the problem, i want jobs. he lost 832,000 jobs, and he wants to lose more. 500,000 jobs would be lost. i don't want any of them to lose a job. i had parents who didn't have a job, and watch their home and, car being taken. he doesn't worry about those people.
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839,000 people went from wages to, zero weanls. there you go again, trying to blame the global economic meltdown on me. it is unbelievable, that he would continue to say that. he also says, that he created all these new jobs. you just can't trust rick and it is sad. you know, he has spent so much money on television advertise men, the media have said, they're the most negative ads and, most dishonest. we want to hear from the voters, and this is connected. and let's find out what they are saying through social media.
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manny, what's trending right now? we need to you and a question. well, the fan -- [laughter] no, one of the things that's trending, is started it off, and i don't think the candidates answered it. so, for governor scott, between you and special interest groups, and also governor crist, tens of millions of dollars have been spend. and so the question is, why should folks, why should you be re-elected when the campaign is so dirty? when i talk to voters, they hear about 3 things,. my family, and they want a job. and they want a job, ask they want a job. they want a governor that section i'm not going to be running for vice-president, and i'm going to get up and say, how
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can i get more jobs? who is going to travel to make sure, that i get more jobs? number two, it's like my mom, get a good education. education, was cut when charlie was governor, when he left, it was less than when he started. so, they want to live in a safe environment. what i work at is, jobs. better education, and make sure you live in a safe neighborhood. do you want to address the negative ads. well, of course they are. i've had about $50 million thrown on me. i think it's important, that we be able to talk about the few you are. this is a race about the future of our state. you have to make a decision,
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about who you want to be your next governor. rick scott has called companies around the country, to try to bring them to our state. and he's offered them 269 million to come here, and they have only, come through, with 4% of the jobs. it's important to be focused on the sunshine state, doing what's right and make sure that they have a fighting chance. sure, this is all talk versus action, charlie the job, and he didn't to call on companies and, why wouldn't he
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want them to move their corporate office, and add jobs, and 85,000. and we have 961,000 job openings, and average income, 27 dollars an hour. and that's not what he wants. the next question will be to governor crist. we're on a college campus and, we have college students, who worry about tuition and, debt, you signed add bill, and governor scott has prohibited further increases, and has pushed them to offer four year degrees, and what do you say to kids? well, let's look at all of the facts. what he did, in addition to what you said, the first year, he
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allowed it to go up 15%. number two, i think it's also important to point out, that if you have the hope of going to college, on a scholarship, 0,000 are not able to do so because of rick scott. now, i don't know why they reduced it. and facts are stubborn things. if you want to go to college, and do so, i would seek your vote. because i'll restore those cuts, because you need them. there's a young lady, and i went to her house in, miami, just over a week ago and, she was upset because she could not get a scholarship, and she add 4.7 grade-point average. unbelievable. it's because of the cuts, that he has brought to education


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