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tv   Illinois 13th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 22, 2014 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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you would rather forget about. what the reins act does is make federal regulators accountable. i know you support the president's agenda that raises our taxes and raises price. what it would do is simple common sense. it says if any federal regulator wants to impose a regulation that will cost more than $50 million they have to be accountable to the congress for an up or down vote. that makes sense. if that had passed, we would never have had to deal with this at all. congressman maloney voted no and that's why we are in the mess we are in. >> it's a terrible bill.
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it is a terrible bill. the league of conservation voters called it a radical attempt to destroy safety and environmental regulation. right now we are in need of putting whole new regulations in place to count ter ebola crisis. the bill she supports would sthaubt to a vote in congress. if you think congress is working, great, you should listen to her on this. it's a way to let the most radical people in congress veto l kind of progress on safety and health that keep your food safe and allow us to respond to crisis like the ebola epidemic. it's a radical attempt. i passed a bill with chris gibson to stop this energy price hike and we got it passed through the house that. is more than anyone has ever done on this. we started from behind because she left a mess and we are trying to clean it up and we are
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going to win this thing. >> let's move on to foreign policy specifically in the middle east. we are engaging in air strikes in iraq and syria to combat the islamic state and arming rebels in syria to engage directly the islamic state. president obama said he does not want to put boots on the ground but each day it seems we are hearing more negative news to advances that isis is making. do you think at some point the u.s. is going to have to put troops on the ground to directly combat the islamic state? >> like everybody here i'm deeply concerned, i'm alarmed by the turmoil we see in the middle east, by the violence by americans and citizens of other countries being beheaded by isis. this say terrible threat.
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we have a real problem in the united states because there has been a lack of leadership by the president. it is a problem not only for us but for the world. what we need the president to do is art late a clear strategic goal, a clear national interest certainly can do. when we say something, we will do it. we need an exit strategy. that is crucial. we need a plan for victory and an exit strategy and accountability to the public. until the president has led on these crucial issues, it's very hard to have confidence in what he is doing. >> and on the second point. >> congressman maloney failed to stand up to the president on issues like that th and that's a problem in addition. >> on the second part, do you think the military is going to have to put troops on the ground if we really want to combat
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isis? >> there are military experts who have said that. unless we have leadership and a clear vision that has goals and an exit strategy so we are protecting our troops, yes, i am concerned about it. but i don't want to commit troops unless we have that clear leadership from the president. we don't have that clear leadership and the congressman on not chaled the president issues like this. >> that is ridiculous. i voted against the president's request for authorization to do this action. i stood up to my own party and the leadership of my own party. that's why i'm in the top three members of congress for bipartisan. i'm working for you. i don't think we had a good plan on this and every day that goes by proves it. putting troops on the ground is a terrible idea.
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we need a real coalition and real partners and they don't exist. where is turkey? do not support putting american kids there. i stood up to the president on this and think it was the right thing to do. i want our kids here getting good jobs, going to school, starting a business. i want to take your tax dollars if you have to spend them on washington and pour them back into our communities. i don't want our taxes going to all the other countries in the world. i want to invest in the united states of america. we do not have a plan for success in this conflict. but we can kill the people who hurt our citizens. we have tools in our kit. i support going after the guys who hurt these americans and capture, killing them, bringing them to justice. no one has stood up to the president more than i have and
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that's facts. is the e hudson river indian point energy center. this question is for congressman maloney. should it be recertified and what should replace the power as a source of energy for the new york city area? >> what i have said is we need a responsible plan. this say big difference between us. congresswoman says let it go forever. might have to do with the fact she received more money from the nuclear industry than any other when she was in office. as a parent, as a member of the community, i think we have to ask tough questions about whether we can keep it going. we have all kind of new generation coming online, we have renewable projects like the one she's been criticizing that i support. there are all kind of ways we
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can replace that 2,000 mega watts. and we know where this has been done communities have created jobs by transitioning these plants and grown the economy in the surrounding area. i'm concerned about the workers and economy there. but no one would ever put a nuclear power plant in the middle of our region today. it's a ticking time bomb. the congresswoman says let it go forever. i believe we can transition it away from indian point and keep energy prices low and keep the economy going and get that thing offline. >> indian point energy center if closed would -- closing indian point as the congressman advocates and i'm not surprised because he wants to you pay more for your energy. you could imagine what it would be like if we shut down indian point which would result in a 30% strike in our energy prices.
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people can't afford that congressman. and 2,000 people would lose their jobs. not only, that but indian point only emits steam into the air, just water vapor. no carbon. if you want to talk about a low carbon footprint. talk a zero carbon footprint from this energy center. would we put it there today? no. but do we operate it safely? absolutely. they are doing their best to make sure it's safe and reliable. it's a great clean source of energy for us. it would be a terrible burden on the people of the hudson valley and our environment if it were shut. >> if you could be more specific about what transition opportunities are available right now. >> the congresswoman received more money from the owners of
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the indian point than any other member of congress. she visited. she was probably there to pick up a check. even the people who support indian point will tell you in 20 years it's going away. we have to plan for a new source of energy that the location. if you look at natural gas coming online. if you look at the transition nish they've the governor put on the table to bring more power into the region. if you look at the opportunities through conservation. i have a bill called the pace bill that would allow home owners to make energy efficient improvements. the best generation is conser is vation. we can do better on that. if you look at the renewable technologies that have come and gone. and things like wind and solar. there is every reason to believe we can over time responsibly move away from indian point and remove forever the threat of a nuclear accident in the middle of the hudson valley.
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>> i do want to give her a quick chance to respond and i believe we are going to closing statements. >> i support an all of the above energy plan that will lower our energy prices, not raise them the way the congressman l. when he takes credit for the pace protection act that is classic congressman maloney. because i was the original sponsor of that bill in the house of representatives. i put it together. nice to fail to credit the folks ho came up with the pace plan. great democratic councilman with whom i worked in a bipartisan way to make sure we got that bill on the floor. we need to have energy prices we can afford, not $200 million poured into a project that makes no sense and will only pollute. up. have to ask you to wrap have you one minutes for closing
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both of you. >> i want to thank the college, time warner cable news and ourst host and congressman maloney for joining us tonight. there is a very clear contrast here in where the candidates here stand. i stand with you. i stand with the hudson valley. i stand for jobs here in the hudson valley. real jobs that mean we can put people to work because our mom and pop businesses that have endorsed me will have fewer burdens, lower energy prices, lower taxes and less regulation. congressman maloney wants washington to make decisions. he want towline his pocket with campaign dollars so he can direct money to you, including $200 million worth of hard earned money from folks here to go forward not an energy generator.
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it's just a shame that the folks in the hudson valley have someone standing with washington right now instead of with them but i will stand with you. >> thank you all for a lively debate. listen folks, you gave me a chance to represent you in washington. i want to say thank you for that. it's been the honor of my life to do . so i'm proud we listened to you and the solutions we worked on came from you. we listened to our vets so we lowered wait times. we passed the farm bill and reformed the crop bill. we listened to folks that said fix the dams and local infrastructure. that's what i'm doing. we have so much work to do together. i promised i wouldn't forget i'm a product of the middle class. i am proud i built one of the most bipartisan records in congress. top 3%. here we are again with a choice to make. are we going forward together. keep this progress up, keep
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someone in washington who is fighting for you, listening to you or go with a radical agenda of congresswoman? we rejected that two years ago and it was a good choice. we need to create jobs and build a hudson valley where our kids will want to stay here and where they can be free and have an equal opportunity. i'm asking for another two year term to fight for you in washington. thank you very much. >> that does conclude our 18th congressional district debate. want to thank the congressman and dr. hayworth for participating. please remember that the election is on november 4. we encourage tonche get out and vote. we'd like to remind you to stay with time warner cable news for all your 2014 coverage. thank you for joining us this
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evening. good night. >> our 2014 campaign coverage of new york politics continues tomorrow with the 23rd congressional district. we'll bring it to you live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. one of the more than 100 debates we're bringing to you this campaign season. >> c-span's 2015 student cam competition is under way. this nationwide competition for middle and high school students ll award 150 prizes toting $150,000. videos need to include c-span programming, show varying points of view and must be submitted by january 20, 2015. go to for more information. grab a camera and get started today. faces a davis
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challenge from ann callis. they met last week in illinois. t's an hour. >> welcome to the 13th congressional district candidates debate. we wanted to make this debate different from others you've seen. we are going in depth on a few topics to get to the heart of what these candidates believe. there are no podiums, just two people who want to represent you in congress. let me introduce them now. republican rodney davis and democrat ann callis. asking the questions tom case sis. my role is asking for clarification when need, making sure things keep moving for you and our studio audience. we're going to take questions for the candidates from our viewers and listeners on twitter
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and fsh. -- facebook. let's get to it. it's been about a year since the launch of insurance exchanges under the affordable care act. we drew straws and quongman davis gets the first question. >> congressman davis you pivotted from wanting to repeal and replace the affordable care act. what has changed? >> nothing has changed. i don't believe i've pivotted at all. i've been clear since i was a candidate for this office and since i've been serving. i would be for repealing and replacing and i've led the charge to make fixing to the affordable care act and i'm going to continue do do that. my latest fix was a hire more heroes act. came from my advisory board to ensure veterans who are
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receiving their healthcare wouldn't count toward the affordable care act 50 employee limit and that would incentivize small businesses to hire more heroes that. went to legislation. it passed the house of representatives with only one no vote. you can't get much more bipartisan than that. it's waiting in the senate to be heard. it passed the house again as part of a larger package and it sits in the senate with over 380 good pieces of legislation, many common sense fixes to the affordable care act. >> spevingically what would you change or repeal? >> that's one change i led the charge on. i'm proud to be talking about that change. i want to make sure we put together a plan that's not going to cost consumers more. when you look at the affordable care act, there were many in illinois that signed up for private policies.
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185,000 individuals were estimated to have lost their coverage before the affordable care act. the coverage they were promised they could keep. those are the types of changes why we need a system that's going to cover preexisting conditions. to make sure we have no lifetime caps. make sure that youngsters who can't find a job are able to stay on their parent's insurance plans until they are 26. we can't continue to see families have to pay more. and in the first year, besides the fact that $2 billion was spent on a website, many families, especially women over the age of 55 are paying an average of $2100 to $2800 more per year for coverage tifpblet crease on families has to stop and i want to make the fixes that are necessary and many of those is it stalled in the united states senate and they need to move to the president's
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desk. >> same question to you. are there parts of the law you'd like to see changed? >> i think mr. davis has developed political amnesia because he voted 50 times to repeal at this time a.c.a. and shut down our government to the tune of $24 billion because he didn't like the law. but traveling around our district people do like parts of it and people i've heard as it unfolds having become a candidate when it first came out and now traveling around that people like they can stay on their parent's insurance policy until they are 26 since we have nine colleges and universities in this district. seniors like the prescription drug savings close to $2,000 a year and no discrimination against preexisting conditions. they do like that. and i hear more and more stories, for instance a woman came to my office about a month ago and five or six years ago
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her son had developed non-hodge kins limp foam massachusetts he as aged out of her insurance and she shopped around to get him treatment. it was expensive and her son finally passed away. and she believes if the a.c.a. were in place at the her son would be alive. i hear stories like that. we have to keep in place what works. 14,000 people in our district in the 13th congressional district have insurance now that didn't before the a.c.a. was passed. so to take congressman davis and his party's position to rip that away from 14,000 people isn't what we should do. we should see what works and what i would do is travel around the district and listen. have office hours. listen to what people are saying so anecdotele evidence would turn into impeer cal evidence and we can fix what doesn't work. >> are there any things you
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don't think work? >> if people want to stay on their own insurance policy they should be able to. i hear that a lot. i hear about some small businesses would like to increase the size instead of 50 to receive the subsidy. so i do hear that. those are two specific things i would try to start working on and of course lowering the cost for middle class and our working families. that's how i would listen and see how it unfolds and get right to work. >> we want to get to cost. >> if one of the goals of the affordable care act is to make healthcare more affordable to cover more people, we have people who are signing up for medicaid and subsidies but for those that don't qualify but see their premiums rising, what can congress do to make it more afford snble >> one woman came up to me and she's never had insurance. she's self-employed and she's
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terrified that's going to be ripped away if the republicans have their way and repeal the a.c.a. again, it's listening. listening to the people and how we contain cost. that was the goal of the a.c.a. is lowering the cost. what can we do to lower the cost and listen and get to work. >> you have no specifics in mind right now? >> yes, i think we should, as i mentioned before, that we should be able to with companies that are r50 plus companies should be able to possibly receive some of those subsidies and people should be able to stay on their own insurance and that would lower cost. >> same question, if the goal of the a.c.a. is to lower cost for people, do you see that happening? >> if we're success informal changing the affordable care act with a market based approach it's going to cover preexisting conditions and continue to make
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sure there are no lifetime caps and make common sense changes like the hire more heroes act. i appreciate my opponent reminding the viewers i voted 50 times to repeal or replace or change the affordable care act. it's actually 54. i would ask which of those 54 otes would she not have taken? what would she support or not support? these are common sense changes we've tried to implement. that's why i'm going to continue to fight to lower premiums. i'm on obama care by law members of congress have to sign up for their healthcare benefits on the a.c.a. exchange. my premiums went up. my deductibles went up. and in my families case i've reached the out of pocket maximum due to an illness because my wife is a 15 year
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colon cancer survivor. we've seen how families strug toll meet that out of pocket maximum. those are real cost to real families and we need to make real changes to this law. >> before we get to the next topic we have a question from twitter. about half of this district will vote for the other candidate. how will you represent the other half if you win? >> the exact same way i've been representing the entire district for the last almost two years. i believe i've gone to washington making the promise that i wanted to pass a farm bill. not only i did help pass a farm bill. i helped write it into it's final completion a's member of the conference committee. a committee where both members of congress come together where w members from the senate and work out our differences and put together a good common sense piece of legislation. and that's what we did to make sure agriculture remains a
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pillar of a growing economy and saved taxpayers $23 billion. it's the common sense fixes i'm going to continue to do on a district wide basis regardless of whether or not one votes for me. >> i'm glad congressman davis did help pass the farm bill. but this is the most non-productive congress since we've measured congress. it's a do nothing congress and we need to start getting things done. when i was chief judge, in a bipartisan way instituted significant court reforms. started the first veterans court in the state of illinois and i'm glad to see that congressman davis showed an interest in our veterans. t we started that rude meant you willryly. when i put a committee together to start reform, i never cared if that person were republican or democrat, we put the best
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people on that committee to get the job done. we were able to create the first veterans court in the state of linois, no taxpayer dollars, recruiting the best people to be a part of that program. it's grown to be a model for our nation. hundreds and hundreds of veterans have gone through that program and graduated. they don't reoffend. it was nominated for a national awarpped and won. a few months ago i had two veterans come up to me separately and they told me the veterans court saved their lives. it was the first time they felt like someone cared about what they were going through. i think i have a record of reaching across the aisle and getting things done and that's what i would do. i always had an open door policy as chief judge, listening and then acting. >> next topic. jobs and economy.
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the first question for judge. >> there is increasing the minimum wage but the congressional budget office said it could lift 900,000 people out of poverty but a half million could lose their jobs. business owners say they can't afford it and they'd have to lay off people or push the price on. do you support that? >> absolutely. i have traveled around this district and gone to many community centers. people are choosing between food and diapers. people are going to school full time and trying to better themselves and they are falling further beneath the poverty line. it's time we raise minimum wage in this nation. 6-10 minimum wage earners are women. many of them heads of households.
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then when we raise the minimum wage, these people then are moving into commerce and spending money and reinvigorating our community. >> is there anything you would want to imp meant to off set the cost to businesses who might struggle to raise that wage for their workers? >> i just think it's time we raise the minimum wage. again, as chief judge i listened and had an open door policy. if i would of course listen and see what was going on and see if actually businesses were cost were raised. but fundamentally it's time we raise the minute wage. i hear frit so many people in the community centers traveling around our district and it's just time. >> congressman, do you support raising the federal minute numb stpwhage >> i would support an increase as long as it was paired with off set,, tax credits, similar
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to a bill i introduced to allow for tax drotes allow businesses to hire young apprentices in the trades and labor. we need to grow infrastructure jobs. we need to off set cost. at's not the most partisan organization thattest mates without any off sets 500,000 families would lose their job. i don't want any family to lose their job. we need to find solutions to grow our economy. illinois is lagging behind the rest of the nation. as a matter of fact, illinois over the first seven months of this year has been last in job creation because we have a dysfunctional government in springfield. we need to work toward creating real jobs. i'm happy to be joined by my dad tonight. my dad walked into a brand new
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restaurant called mcdonalds and he started working a minimum wage job. starting flipping hamburgers and had no intention of staying there. my dad worked his way up and because he did that, he allowed my family to that, he allowed my family to achieve the american dream and no young person should ever listen to a policymaker who says you should turn your minimum-wage job into your career now. because your career should be the american dream, not keeping a job that is paying you minimum wagering out. and talk toeges many students and asked them if they are on minimal wage. many do. i ask him any of you want to stay in that career and none of them are raised. if we raise the minimum wage, it will cost our universities and to lament anyons minimum wage at a time when the state is not fully funding
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higher education. it is a time when students will have to be laid off on the job when they are working so hard to help pay for their ever-increasing costs of college education. >> the congressional budget that the lowest earners in the middle class of lost ground in the past three decades while the income of the highest earners have grown sometimes by three digits. is it the government's role to address income inequality and, if so, how would you do that? >> one way to address income inequality is by minute -- by raising the minimum wage. i don't know what student to have a that would minimum-wage job that would keep them from falling further into the poverty line. point his finger at
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the dysfunctional government in springfield, but what about the dysfunctional government in washington, d.c. today? that is one way we can address income inequality. also, it's time that we passed the paycheck fairness act. i talked to many women around this district and the fact that in illinois 70 plus cents on the dollar that women make not commensurate with men. it is time we do that. -- even could even warren buffett has said it is s a lessert he pay tax rate than even his secretary pays. we need to reform the tax code, loop holeslosing the for corporations.
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>> i will tell you, when we look at the minimum wage, and the students i talked to, let me make myself perfectly clear, many of them work at the universities to pay their way through college. when the university tells us they will have to lay off students, that is not a net positive if they can't have an offset to that minimum-wage increase. we want the students to continue to work through their education. we need to also look at equal pay. i will tell you the best thing you can do to find out on a politician how they view equal pay is look at what they can control. if you look at my office, i pay the women in my office $4000 more per year. my opponent, when she was in charge of the county court system there was unable pay from anywhere to 8% to 15% per year. >> what about income inequality? should the tax could be changed?
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absolutely. >> we need to grow our economy to grow jobs. we need to do everything we can to create good paying careers and that is exactly what i have tried to do throughout my short time in washington. that is why i helped write and processough ethe entire for the water infrastructure bill. water infrastructure is enormously important to our entire district's economy. upt of the products or go and down the mississippi river screams the old district of illinois. we need to put folks back to work and that is the first step. >> you have been talking about university students. we got tweets from two of them. i am a student and an undocumented immigrant.
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how do you support students like me? how about comprehensive immigration reform. >> massac county was unionized and i am honored to have the support. negotiations. i don't know where he is coming from with that at all. it is time we pass comprehensive immigration reform. i have traveled around this district. students have addressed that. but also looking through and touring research park and talking to the executives at their number one issue is comprehensive immigration reform. daviss time that mr. asked speaker boehner who came
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down to raise money for him, hey, let's pass comprehensive immigration reform. it is a difficult process. 10 to 13 years and people have to pay fines and have extensive background checks. liberated -- it is a deliberative difficult process. if we pass competence of -- if we pass comprehensive immigration will have $1.4 trillion into our nations economy in the next nine years. gdp after that would go up 5%. it is really time. i think it would be about $1.4 trillion added into our economy. i am open to discussing comprehensive immigration reform package. but the one that passed in that my opponent
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supports will not pass in the house. we have good ideas to move in a step-by-step approach to address many of the issues at the students at the universities and colleges i am blessed enough to represent. i find it completely wrong for es to attract -- for universities to attract students for degrees. we need scientists and cyber security. i find it wrong that we don't have a system in place that will then allow them to be employed here in america. we tell them to come get educated here and then tell them to go back and compete against us. these are some of the types of provisions that we can't come together on. the far right in the far left don't want to solve this problem. sa system.broken vi most of the illegal immigration in our system does not come from
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our southern border. they comes from our airports. we have to develop a system that will be a true solution without playing politics. i want to make sure that when my children as may 27 years from thishich was the last time issue is supposedly fixed, i want to make sure that we put a solution on the table that is actually going to work to fix that broken visa system. >> last month, president obama and a handful of u.s. allies launched airstrikes against isis. obama recently described it as a "long-term campaign." to ask suffers question. criticizedyou have the military action against the islamic state. what would success look like to you and how long are you willing to continue with just primarily airstrikes in that region? >> is a great question but i don't profess to be a military
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strategist and i don't have access to the intelligence that the president does. it is why i have supported him. he says he has listen to the generals under his command as commander-in-chief and he has told us this is a plan and the strategy that will succeed. if he and the generals and their military leaders offer up a different strategy, i am willing to take a good look at that and consider it. i want to make sure that victory is wiping out isis. this is the most inhumane radical organization that we have seen in my lifetime. an organization that glorifies the heading individuals, an organization that is estimated at 31,000 soldiers, these are people who are waging a war against humanity. not a war against restraint hattie -- not a war against christianity and not a war against the west, most of those who have fallen our fellow muslims who were not pure enough. this is the type of battle that
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we have to rewrite it in this group. i believe we missed a golden opportunity to do so when isis was marching across the open desert of iraq. i wish he would have acted sooner. i was proud to support his plan before we left washington just a few weeks ago. i stand ready to go back tomorrow if there is a better plan. >> how do you know if you have eradicated it? is there any way of telling? couldn't this go on forever? >> when isis does not control any towns or cities in iraq or syria, believe that is as close as we can get to eradicate. -- to eradication. that doesn't mean we stop. that doesn't mean we stop asking our allies to take the lead on the ground. that does not mean that we stop making sure that isis doesn't have the ability to regroup and make more tax on innocent americans and innocent syrians and iraqis. pbs poll show that
10:41 pm
the majority of americans believe u.s. ground troops will be necessary. do you agree? i do have to separate my pressure all from my personal in this. my son is an army ranger, and infantry ranger. he was sent to kuwait. he is blessedly home now and i was able to welcome him home. but the airstrikes i did support. i am not privy to the security briefings. my son did not tell me much. one thing he did tell me was sheer and utter brutality that is going on there. so i think we will need to join with non-jihadist sunnis in iraq, a multilateral approach, not a new unilateral approach, and listen to our military leaders. i know we have the best military in the world but we should not
10:42 pm
go in there unilaterally and yet on down. it would have to be a weight-nine-see. wait-and-see situation. >> would you support groups on the ground? >> if our military leaders say so and if it is a multilateral approach, i would. i haven't seen firsthand. i know we have the best fighting force in the nation. my son is now in a different he is calledow, if over there, he and his brothers and sisters in arms will do the best of their ability to defend our nation. >> do you think more terror attacks against the u.s. are inevitable? if so, should we be prepared to give up even more civil liberties than we have already? >> it's a balance. and i hope it is not inevitable. i hope not. having been a judge, i think any --these types of process is
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processes that would continue to gather information, whatever that means, that it should go through judicial process. but security has to be balanced with our freedoms and our individual rights. the way it has played out the last several years? >> having played a judge, yes. a little concerned. i think it should go through a worn system and go through a judicial process and have judicial oversight, absolutely. >> next, entitlements. like socialrams security, medicare and medicaid, food stamps among others. social security is one of the largest domestic expenses of the federal government. boomer generation retiring, cbo expects the cost to keep rising without the revenue to fully supported. -- support it.
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you say you want to preserve the system. how would you do that? would you be for changing benefits? >> social security is so important. traveling on the district, it is so important. a lot of people in this district, i was at a pig roast and an over -- an older woman grabbed my arm and said please do everything you can to protect social security. so i would be against any change cpi, raising the retirement age. but in a bipartisan manner, we could create a commission and see how we could keep social security solvent for not only now but for future and future generations. who was anandma irish immigrant who came over and she was a nurse at saint elizabeth hospital. i saw her when she retired rely on her social security firsthand. so what should we keep on the table and possibly raising the payroll tax cap and where that is, i don't know. i would have to listen.
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but it would be a great priority for me to keep social security solvent. and how we do that and how we could work together and get it done. >> if the payroll tax cap, if viable atn was not the time, do you have any other area -- other ideas? >> i don't know why that would not be politically viable at the time. that should be on the table. but absolutely, i would be against any type of change cpi or raising the retirement age. >> same question. >> i want to say, first of all, thank you for correcting my error in grammar. inhumane and humane. i apologize to the viewers. i do agree with my opponent that we do need to create a bipartisan commission to do with social security. as we have seen actuaries say, social security will not be sustainable as is. i hope we can have an adult obsession, a bipartisan
10:46 pm
conversation in washington to do so. that is exactly what was part of the ryan budget proposal to do, which was to create a bipartisan opportunity to discuss possible andtions to social security its insolvency that is coming up -2033.ut 2032 we both agree. we don't want to see benefits cut at all for anyone who is on social security and i want to continue to fight to make sure our social security recipients get everything they were promised. weneed to make sure that have social security notches for this generation but for future generations. i notice i did not get asked your question. i think by voting record clearly shows that i want that balanced approach between privacy and protecting americans. i want to make sure our intelligence officials don't acquire so much data and they tell us they need to find a needle in the haystack that they haystack hack -- the
10:47 pm
so large that they will never find a needle. thatt to rein in issues are a threat to our individual liberties. >> would you be for raising payroll taxes? a i want to make sure we have bipartisan commission that will discuss a portfolio solutions. i talked about discussing means testing. i don't think it is appropriate that bill gates can receive social security benefits when others who are living on social security have to do so. i think bill gates would gladly give up his social security benefits to save the system for those who need it the most. that needs to be part of the discussion. we need to make sure we have that adult conversation and i hope there are some new ideas that come out. the president stood in the room speaking to a republican conference in washington and professed his support for changed cpi. many in the room were surprised by that.
10:48 pm
so i think the president will want to discuss change cbi and i don't know if that is a proposal that will become reality or not. >> both of you brought up bipartisanship. what would be your nonnegotiable? what is your top priority? 55, 50 six ande above and a receiving benefits right now see no benefit cuts whatsoever. >> is for social security? >> right. >> changed cpi, absolutely against that and raising the eligibility age for retirement. >> you mentioned the paul ryan budget which you voted for. you said it was an imperfect plan. are there a lot of parts that you would like to revise or undo or eliminate? >> there is no perfect bill that comes out of washington. what we need to do is make sure
10:49 pm
that we judge the quality pieces of that legislation versus those that you may not be as favorable on. case, we have to, as americans, we have to look at balancing our budget. this is the only budget that was ever offered that balances in 10 years. i think that is a very great goal. >> you said it was a perfect so aboutst have a few ideas it that need to be eliminated. >> i do. when it comes to addressing telegrams, dressing other programs that are related -- andessing pell grants, addressing other programs that are related, we need to prioritize how we spend money. that is exactly what you need a vision. that is exactly what this rhyme budget did. it gave america a vision that we will have a balanced budget in 10 years. it also gave us the opportunity
10:50 pm
to make the senate actually have to fulfill their constitutional duty and pass their own budget. i proudly supported one of the first of those i made in washington, no vote/no pay. but you know what, typically, their budget never balances. it increases spending at a time when we have been working at a dutch in a bipartisan fashion to reduce our deficit for the first time since world war ii. it is a travesty we cannot continue to work together to cut spending in areas that need to be cut and increase it in areas that need to be increased and do it through the constitutional preparations process, which is the way washington used to spend money. the washington want. >> -- that washington won't. welfare,tamps, according to the center of budget and policy priorities, the average recipient received 133 dollars a month last year,
10:51 pm
which is about $1.48 a meal. food stamps is one example. it is meant for people who are certainly to make ends meet. the poverty line for a family of four is to refer thousand dollars a year based on measures from the 1950's. risk orho is most at falling through the cracks? >> thank you very much for your question. i actually make sure i was part of that debate in the farm bill. together somet very commonsense provisions that ensured that we saved taxpayers $8 billion. there is a loophole that some states where using that gave food stamp benefits to anyone who qualified for one dollar a feeding assistance. we did not take away that program. we raised the barometer to $20. it saved taxpayers $8 billion in the program. that is a billion dollars we can put to make sure those who need
10:52 pm
the benefits the most are going to get them. i also believe that we ought to implement some type of work requirement that was commonplace under the clinton era welfare to work program that has been changed during this administration. for the life of me, i cannot understand why america should be satisfied with a program that doesn't require an able-bodied adult who has no dependent children, who is not enrolled in training or education program, who doesn't take care of an adult dependent, who doesn't have a plethora of other exemptions, i don't know why we can't pair them with a job. if a job is not available, why can't we fed them with community service or volunteer opportunities that will give them skills that will give them the best benefit their families can have. talking to people in these i think it isers, not the right approach to demand someone that they have to have a job when you don't know what
10:53 pm
that person is going through in ,heir own lives with whatever domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse. i think it is a presumptuous way to govern. if you listen to mr. davis, they were burning the midnight oil passing bill after bill after bill. this is the most nonproductive congress we have had since the history of congress. so i think it is a holistic approach. we need to -- first of all, we should not let, as congressman did, extendress long-term benefits. a dyed in the house because everyone went on vacation. were left outns in the cold because they did not have the long-term unemployment benefit. so what can we do? pell grantsngthen
10:54 pm
for incense, so these people can go to school. people on minimum wage can go to school and be able to better themselves, get a better job. it would not be the rhyme budget way where the needs analysis testing was restricted. a philosophyis that i would have as a congressperson. and you'rethe ground listening. what can you do at these community centers? when i have gone there, there are things that are going on with these urban league, like man can come up where people come out from prison or probation and to sam to get into the employment universe. i have been a statewide leader on justice and mental health and restorative justice issues. not only veterans corps but a true believer in drug core and mental health corps where people can become productive citizens by going through these programs. i can see how i can travel
10:55 pm
throughout our district to meet county and see what they have going on what they don't and really be our bridge to the justice system which i think would still a true groep to the people in this district. >> what will you do to help improve new fuel energies in illinois and the u.s.? >> i was pleased to see that illinois is number one a renewable energy sources. we have great opportunities here with our nine colleges and universities, especially here at the university of illinois with the wonderful innovators here. so what can we do to expand on this and grow great jobs right here? draw out our innovators. join them with our local businesses. so our students graduate from this wonderful university and want to raise their children in these wonderful world-class communities. so how we can advance them forward. decatur had a chance to get the juno type lab.
10:56 pm
-- the genome lab. i would continue to work, build coalitions, get things done. i appreciate those comments and that is exactly what i have been trying to do, build coalitions to make sure we actually make our next mission to the moon, to make america energy independent. when you look at energy independence, we have the ability to grow our economy by doing something as simple as building the keystone pipeline. the president, his administration has ever studied this permit more so than any other project in our nations history and even members of organized labor say it will create 45,000 new jobs. canadal is coming from via train and be a truck now. let's put in a pipeline. us make sure we can create american jobs. that is the first step to becoming energy independent.
10:57 pm
energy homegrown sources, especially here in -- in north dakota, the minimum wage is not set by government. it is done by the market. it is $18 an hour. they decided to make north dakota energy independent. they are reaping the benefits of february low unemployment rate. they are be -- they are reaping the benefits of a growing economy. we are sitting in allawi -- in illinois with the worst job growth numbers in 18 months. >> moving to education. recent estimates show the tuition continues to get more expensive while total stallone that has grown to more than a billion dollars for the first time.
10:58 pm
education is next. years ago in a debate in the studio, you said that you would increase access to pell and you would not have supported the rhyme budget that would funding to pell gran yet you did. what changed? >> nothing changed. a -- thathat it was was a ryan budget that was done before i was elected. that was a much different budget from the one that i supported the balances in 10 years. look at the rhine-murray bipartisan appropriations package that i supported with increased pell grants. it's not just about putting a vision in place. -- only ington, d.c. washington dc can


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