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tv   Florida Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 26, 2014 2:00pm-2:25pm EDT

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answered. welcome to you both. everyone is comfortable here? ok, good. let's start with you, governor scott, and an issue on the minds of every governor around the country and millions of americans -- ebola. if tomorrow, a patient were to test positive at memorial hospital in jacksonville, would you transfer that patient to one of the four hospitals outside the state that has biocontainment units, or are you completely confident that hospitals in this state could treat that patient without any florida health care workers getting sick? >> here is what we have done so far. i feel comfortable we are doing the right thing right here in florida. when this first came out, here is how i thought about it -- he have almost 20 million people in the state, about 100 million tourists who come to our state. we have health care workers and first responders. my goal was to make everybody feel comfortable that we were prepared. just like if there was going to be a hurricane, we would be prepared. the first thing i did was start
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asking for things from the cdc. we wanted more testing kits. we've asked for 30. we've gotten three so far. we have asked for more protective gear. we have not gotten that yet. we ask for them to do a conference call with all of our health care workers to explain what happened in atlanta compared to what happened in dallas because i used to be in the hospital business. you try to find best practices. they did that yesterday. we asked if we could use some of the federal funding in our own agency to buy some of the equipment. they allowed us to do that, so we are buying with their money and state money protective gear, so we are headed of 1 to 10, what marks which you give pres. obama in his handling of the crisis? give him an eight. i
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think the federal is doing ation excellent job working with governors throughout the are try to make sure they doing everything possible to be panicked for not this issue. i think working is important as well. anybody in a public on lth arena with experience situations like this need to be on for this issue. >> it is an honor to be a voice for florida voters tonight. we question from one voter. we trust charlie crist? he has flipped parties, views on abortion.
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>> what is important is that to your core beliefs. frankly that is why i not a republican anymore. the leadership has gone so far that it ight to just does not compromise. i think it is important for women to make about their oices somebody you am can trust. i call things the way i see them. women should the right to choose. we to raise the minimum wage. these are things i feel very strongly about.
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>> charlie takes positions out expediency, to be on cted. whether it is or education, or abortion, or positions is he taking just to get elected? >> it is interesting. the question was, how do you know is telling the truth?my question is how do you know is telling the truth?remember that his charged with medical fraud. i think you worked on this story, jake, and did a great job. when you bring that kind of to the governor's office it makes it hard to believe anything he says. >> right there is a big between charlie and a company from
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scratch. when something went wrong i took responsibility. has never taken responsibility. charlie was take a certain position. he raise money while committing fraud. >> thank you governor. >> may i respond to that? that a convicted false accusation about me is not being held accountable. you would not answer questions you 5 times under oath.
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paid no fines. you left with a couple hundred million dollars. i don't call that being responsible. me talk about leveled ges each of you against each other. and hen you have a company something goes wrong, i ask i have done could have ordered d i took ditors. responsibility for that. charlie raised tuition when he against it. we a ected him saying he was
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ronald reagan republican, and he was the opposite. he will not respond. charlie give any money back? >> he did. need to move on. it is obvious that he has his problems and i do not. >> there have been a number of have gone here who to prison. what does that say about your judgment? >> i do not have a crystal ball not possible to see what will happen in the future. jeb bush as d to
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well. he picked a secretary for the department of corrections is now in prison. you can't what will go wrong. i am no different from gov. jeb bush. >> reporters investigating your finances have found that you have much more money tied up in you have y trust that disclosed. why not file a full financial disclosure of your financial interests?what is your reason for reluctance? >> i believe in open what i have look at i ne. in 2010 when i ran
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disclosed my assets. on top of that, this year i disclosed everything in the bank trust and i did my files and also filed my tax return. mine and my wife's. i did all and charlie has not. he did not release his tax return like jeb bush did, like i did. and i will continue to disclose everything. all my tax isclosed returns. i have been that for the last 15 years. he talks about the fact that my wife has not released hers. that is true. we file separately. and i woman's right to choose. i did not think it is to involve my wife. she is not running for anything.
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>> that's moved to an issue that is foremost on the minds voters, which is jobs. more than 800,000 jobs while you were governor. you always have said that you were not responsible the global economic meltdown that occurred during your term. but florida did have jobs lost in ghest the nation. are you saying that you were not responsible for any jobs lost during your term as governor? so. when id not think i came into office we were experiencing a real estate -- and what ked the scott does not get is that i was not responsible, any more the he was responsible for
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national economic recovery. for somebody who flies rounded a private jet is hard to people are what suffering from. this is the i will say ant thing tonight. i understand what you talked to g. i working people, people who work two or three jobs. rick scott does not. >> i do not know my actual father. i lived in public know what suffering is. i saw my parents struggle when my brother could not get health care. you grew up with money. lost more jobs than any state but one. we had the second-highest increase unemployment in the country. 1 million homes were foreclosed.
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>> thank you gov. >> four years ago running for in the gubernatorial debate, you promise that you would create 700,000 new jobs normal growth would be. economists expected hat to be 1 million jobs. at these numbers today, short of r is well your mark. the question is why you are not meeting your own benchmark. >> we have 261,000 job openings right now. let us look at what growth is right now. at the time was from 3.5 to going
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11.1%. normal growth would be go back and ou is $27 he average income hour.the state is now on a roll. would you like to respond? >> 7000 are still not on the have oles because they basically given up. about 1.3 are ion people in florida not working today. i think it is important to understand the at who ges. let us look we defend and why we're defend . i am looking to the middle class. i've always as your attorney
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general. rick scott is fighting for the big utility companies in the private insurance companies. look at our is, charlie grew up with money. he never has had to in his entire ney life. charlie never had parents food orried about putting on the table or paying for health care. what i think about i ran for is that governor because i want the place where the every family, whatever the can live r zip code, the dream. your children should be able to get a good educations they can live the dream. if that is so, why does he not fight for the middle class consumers i meet with every pay higher utility
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bills and higher insurance and s. they go up higher higher every time i talk to them. i wanted to get property taxes reduced, and got it done. he is of the big companies. utility rates l, charlie and went down when i was governor. these things are simply not true. charlie, the only thing that you were home prices. you put the state at significant risk. >> thank you governor.
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>> we have not had a hurricane for eight years and your property insurance rates have roof. why is the that? rick scott is not letting insurance to of regulate insurance. does that make sense to anybody?it does not make sense to me. >> i would like to move on. both of you disagree on raising minimum wage which is currently $7.93 an hour in florida. governor scott, you have said you oppose raise the minimum wage because you think it would be a job killer. to support the of a minimum wage? private sector
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decides wages. with us look at what is actually happening. charlie lost 832,000 jobs. how jobs can we lose? charlie can do whatever he wage but h the minimum making people went from money to zero. you should be known as a zero wage governor. the average income is $27 an is how you get people better wages. you need to get companies like hertz and lockheed martin to move here. >> you said you support the of a minimum wage, but
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then said the government sets it. sure, but the bottom line is that just because you have a you mum wage does not mean have a job.with charlie the minimum wage was zero. people lost their jobs. facts are clear here. he is against raising the minimum to $10.10 per hour. he idea of it makes him cringe. the statistics are not what he said. is crystal clear that in seattle and san the minimum ere more jobs were , produced so you could go to the pop down the street and spend more.
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>> some economists have said wage raising the minimum spoke with jobs.we one business owner, who did the math and set that she would off one of her 17 employees. think people deserve it. is a small businesswoman and pays her employees at least $10 an hour. right thing to do. how seven ople get by on need to an hour?people just to get e jobs by. if you live in oceanfront mansion or fly around a private plane you are out of touch. i people are hurting and
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somebody on their side. i will fight for people. in 14 days you have the opportunity to make that change. charlie just said it. 15,000 individuals, he does not care. reason he does not care, is has never experienced to t. charlie has never had worry about money. he has never had to worry about being laid off. what i'm going to fight every day is what the last nine years and tonight months i have done. >
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> when i grew up i lived in a and my father to make d newspapers know today you are worth $100-$200 million today. the fact you do not relate to real people in florida today and the struggles they have, and will not lower utility rates or property insurance, is wrong. >> you raised utility rates. you bankrupted our state. you borrowed $9 million that have to pay off. when you took office the was $40 for university per month. now it is $258 per cannot afford your costs. take a quick
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is on medical marijuana the ballot. we will get their take on that next. back to debate here in e are as i onville, florida. marijuana is dical on the ballot. mild brand a very of marijuana. we spoke to
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somebody who's eight-year-old daughter has seizures that permit her to breathe. >> first of all, i want to make health erybody gets the care they need. i have been in the health care business and i want to make sure you get that. year with that this web, which i signed. the right thing to do is to continue to go back legislative process to find treatments that work and let's make sure we get those through to individuals all around our state. is make sure there are things that are safe for your family. i want to make sure that what we give people a safe. the medical marijuana amendment because it compassionate thing to do. my law partner has worked hard to get on the ballot and i commend him for that. i think
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to put mportant compassion first. happen to diagnosed ter who was with brain cancer. if people have pain and need something more powerful than oxycontin is a good alternative. >> there have been a lot of questions raised about the florida state football team, get away s that people a proud fsu you are alumni. to think this is a or is this just the media taking cheap shots? have an on as you allegation like this, you


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