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tv   Florida Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 26, 2014 2:24pm-2:40pm EDT

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it is important to put compassion first. happen to have a sister who was diagnosed with brain cancer. if people have pain and need something more powerful than oxycontin is a good alternative. >> there have been a lot of questions raised about the florida state football team, which says that people get away with crime. you are a proud fsu alumni. to think this is a serious problem or is this just the media taking cheap shots? >> as soon as you have an allegation like this, you have
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to approach things in a fair way. this is not just an issue at florida state university but across our country. we have seen a lot of focus on it which is a good thing. we have seen stories about the nfl. this is a national problem that we need to address seriously. weed law enforcement act seriously and state attorneys for whatever might bring those charges that have thorough investigations and move forward appropriately. >> does fsu have a serious problem? >> i think every student needs to be held to high standards. if there are allegations that he to be reviewed. there should not be different standards for everybody. everyone involved whether schools or the state attorney needs to be held accountable to the highest standard. what is going on is the state attorney reviewed it and
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decided not to proceed. the process fsu will be reviewed through normal channels. my goal is that every athlete and student be held to the highest standards, and the same standards. >> during your term florida became second only to texas about the number of executions. governor chris has seem to suggest that he did not take the death penalty seriously. >> the death penalty is a solemn duty. is something very difficult to do but these individuals have done heinous crimes. i think about the families and victims. i am very cautious in cases but they have done heinous crimes. i've met
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with the victims families and a __ it gives those families closure as to what is going on. what i think about all the time is the victims. >> this __ let us look at the facts. i have signed death penalties as well. it is one of the most powerful abilities as governor. your name on paper permits the death of another human being. but just this year an execution was delayed so the atty. gen. could have a political fundraiser. from you is not sound like a solemn duty
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is being taken as seriously as it should be. not know all the facts. what i do know is that an execution was delayed because the atty. gen. of florida want to hold a political fundraiser. and that cannot be delayed without the governor's consent. >> charlie said it. he does not the facts. he does not know what i go through or how i think. it is a solemn duty. what i think about is the victims. if you read about what these individuals have done to their victims, you do not feel good but you feel duty. >> i asked him a simple question. did the atty. gen. ask you to delay the execution said she could go ahead with
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her political fundraiser? >> she asked me to delay it because it not work because it was on a date she cannot be there. she apologized. >> earlier this year while discussing why you left the republican party, you said you could not be comfortable with a party that behaved in this way toward african americans? >> that element exists. my mother and father were republicans, i love them to death and they do not have a
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racist bone in their body. if you remember, some emails were distributed by republicans, and they were not right. the reaction i got from some republicans was not tolerable. not just because i was willing to work across party lines. also because there was an african american president. those were the facts. >> charlie, you are a mudslinger and a divider. you have spent millions and millions to divide. we live in
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a wonderful state, the best melting pot in the world. and you want to try to divide people. i want everyone to live the same shot i did to live the american dream. >> nothing could be farther from the truth. this governor will not even work across party lines to get high speed rail. he will not lift a finger for medicaid expansion. >> first up, you left me with a
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3.6 billion dollar budget deficit. you left a project on the table that would cost billions of dollars. and with medicaid, why did you not expand it as governor? i have worked with the federal government, which you did not do. >> governor scott does not work with the administration, that is pretty clear. when we are offered 60,000 jobs with high speed rail, governor rick scott just says no. he is all talk and no action, and as a result tens of thousands of floridians are not getting the employment
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they need. you are not on their jobs, i am. >> you are the last person who should be talking about jobs. you did not take action. the government does not create jobs, private companies do. we have worked with herz and lockheed martin to move or expand here. you would not even make any of those phone calls. >> what governor scott did was pay for big companies to move here. the miami herald did a great piece and saw that there
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was a 96 percent failure on his job program. i would take that money and invest in small businesses here in florida. >> i would like to move on if i could. he does not actually know how economic development works. we do not pay until they are here, jobs are not created in one day. you are pure talk and take no action. >> i served during the global economic meltdown. we did the best we could to get florida
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through it. the economy was starting to come back when you took office. i am action and got things done, and i will work with any party to get jobs here, and you will not. >> the recent shooting put a spotlight on questions of race. i have a very simple question. do you think young african american men get a fair shake in the criminal justice system?
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>> here are the things we have done. in the trevor martin case i sat down with the family and introduced them to florida law enforcement. i told them in person i would bring in a special prosecutor to ensure justice was served. we have completely changed how we do juvenile justice. we have the lowest rates of recidivism in our prisons. you can get a job afterward. are we making progress? yes. is there more
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work to do? absolutely. >> when we come back, the number one issue the florida governor needs to deal with. >> welcome back to debate night, in jacksonville, florida. this is being broadcast on cnn and cnn español as well. >> i do not think young african americans get a fair shake. that is sad. everyone deserves a fair shot at justice.
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there was one place called the southern inn where there was discrimination against the young african american men swimming in the pool. but i am really concerned about rights. >> here is charlie's plan. commit a heinous crime, and the minute you walk out you have the right to vote. that is wrong. >> that is fair. i said non_violent criminals. >> i completely disagree with that. >> go to
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and you will learn the truth. >> do you support lifting the embargo against cuba? would you be willing to meet with raúl castro? >> the intent of the embargo was to get rid of the castro brothers. it did not work. the people of the island are suffering. i have compassion and do not want to see people suffer. if we were able to open up relations and get better insight into the dissidents, as well as


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