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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 5, 2014 2:00am-4:01am EST

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saw potential because ed gillespie is such a great candidate. >> the other piece is from the house's perspective. we stayed in. working. in that helped them out among republicans. >> jennifer kearns "washington times"." they're saying it's all about 2016. what are the things that come out of the gate preparing for 2016 top priorities. >> for one thing we have to make sure that we take care of business in alaska and we're going to have a run-off in indiana. and we have a whole bunch of
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staffers going down there. over 300 folks will be moved to louisiana. we've got the hotel booked and signed. we're going to have to think about what we're going to do with the workers paid in louisiana. what we're trying to do is put together a confident national party when it comes to our digital and data. it's all the boring stuff that no one wants to talk about. but mechanics is what wins races but that's what we're committed at the r.n.c. >> if i could add to that as well, one of the things that eds to happen if the republicans need to govern well. we need to pass debate. we pass appropriation bills. so in preparation for 2016 and i'm reluctant to talk about the future when today is the election day for 2014. but a message and something that's important to us as
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senators is that we get rid of the dysfunction that has lasted so long on the senate floor. it will be beneficial not just for republicans. it will be beneficial to the country but it also demonstrates that republicans can be trusted to the presidency in 2015. >> chairman walden, the congressman said he wouldn't be surprise if they challenge you. will your republican leaders stand behind you? >> i'm pretty confident my republicans leaders have standing behind me. i think it's all about focusing on the job at hand. the job at hand was to use the resources we have to win as many races as we demowled very dark blue territory. and i think the results are playing out on the screens and newspaper pages and radio across america tonight. so i'm in this to elect
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republicans. i did what my conference asked. i think we've done it well. we've had a great team. our conference really stepped up in terms of contributing their own money, their own time all over the country. and so i'm pretty excited about the outcome tonight and i'm sure my colleagues will support me as well. >> i look forward to working with him and other house leaders in a new senate. but i also would say that no one's going be challenging me for the n.r.c. job in 2015 and beyond. they are welcome to it. >> thank you, everybody. god bless. >> thank you. >> the amount of money they need to raise the republican leaders a few hours ago. we want to take you live to anchorage, alaska where dan race to s ahead in
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unseat mark begich. sullivan is currently ahead. sullivan with about 25,000 votes compared to senator mark begich at 47,000 votes. you heard from senator moran saying that one of the races that could not be decided tonight maybe tomorrow or the next day or two, of course, the other race is in louisiana where the run-off will take place on november the 6th. the r.n.c. will be sending staff down there. e heard from mary landrieu challenging bill cassidy to six debates. the g.o.p. takes control of the u.s. senate with still two races to be decided. but you can see what it looks like right now with the -- 44 seats and
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52 seats for the republicans. d john boehner will come back. we'll have three hours of results and highlights of the speeches and your calls an comments on the returns from this midterm election. earlier in the evening, a enator from kebling, mitch mcconnell his race was declared shortly after 4:00 eastern time. here's what senator mcconnell team earlier in the evening. cheers and applause]
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i'm grateful for what they do elieve. on a night like tonight we're grateful above all else and for me that gratitude starts with the people of kentucky. they've put their trust and confidence in me for a long time and i want to thank them tonight. i work hard to bring your concerns to washington and i will not let up. you know, every election is a job interview in this case a very long one. i shared my vision with you.
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you shared your stories and your concerns with me. and yet one complaint has stood out above all the rest especially in recent weeks. so i'd like to make an announcement that i think will be very welcome news to many of you, no more campaign commercials. [applause] the tv executives may not like it but enough is enough, right? a little while ago i spoke with my opponent, secretary grimes ran a spirited campaign. she earned a lot of votes and she earned my respect. it took a lot of guts to take on a race like this because of the business we're in it also meant she'd take some heat. i admire her to step in the arena and fight as hard as she did. we need more people to do that
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not fewer. she deserves a lot of credit for it. this was certainly a hard-fought contest. and i've been so proud, so proud to have my wife beside me every step of the way. cheers and applause] you know, elaine told me early on she wasn't ready for me sitting around the houseworking on my resume. and she's gone above and beyond to prevent that. she's been the most valuable player on our team and i'm so blessed to have her in my life and by my side. [cheers and applause]
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and to my campaign manager josh holmes -- [cheers and applause] >> my friend, he pitched a perfect game. thank you, josh. of course, there are so many others i could thank. they know who they are. thank you everyone of you for giving so much of yourselves to his race. nobody's been blessed with a better team than i have had over the years. and i want to thank them ll. my thoughts also turn back tonight to two other people who
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aren't here but to whom i owe a great deal, my parents. i learned a lot from them both. from my dad a combat veteran of world war ii. i learned an abiding love of this country and all that it represents not only those who were fortunate to be born here but to so many others around the world. for my mom, i learned the value of perseverance and got an enduring lesson as she helped me overcome a frightening bout with polio as a child. in many ways my folks were just like any other parents of their generation. they were optimisms. they believed in america. without a trace of cynicism, they transmitted the central promise of this country on to me, the promise that every generation will lead the next one a little better off than the one before.
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this is the compact that every generation of americans has made with the one that followed it. and through civil war an depressions and world wars and strife we've always made good on it. but as i traveled through kentucky over the past years, i past new doubts. suddenly folks aren't so sure that that compact will survive if we continue down the road that we've been on. they're hungry for new leadership. they want a reason to be hopeful. above all, they want some reassurance that people who run the government are actually on their side. so tonight i pledge you this -- whether you're a coal miner in eastern kentucky or a mom in pa ducka who the government just took away their health insurance, i've heard your concerns i've made them my own. you will be heard in
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washington. cheers and applause] and look, when you get right down to it, that's what this campaign was really all about. it wasn't about me or my opponent. it was about a government that people no longer trust to carry out its most basic duties to keep them safe, to protect the border, to provide dignified and quality care for our eterans, a government that can't be trusted to do the basic things because it's too busy focusing on it shouldn't be focused on at all. a government that's too busy imposing its view of the world on people who don't share that view.
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oo many in washington have forgotten that their job is to serve. so tomorrow, the papers will say i won this race. but the truth is -- the truth is tonight we begin another one. one that's far more important han mine. and that's a race to turn this country around. to restore hope and confidence and optimism to this commonwealth and across the ames of our ours. i don't expect the president to wake-up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he did than he woke up this orning.
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he knows i won't either. but look, we do have an obligation to work on issues where we an agree. i think we have a duty to do that. just because we have a two-party system doesn't mean we have to mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. i think i've shown that to be true at critical times in the past. i hope the president gives me the chance to show it again. there's so much that we can and should do for the good of all mericans. kentuckians are tired of a government that only seems to work when it's working against them. and they're also tired of hearing that those of us who fight for them in washington are somehow the problem. i'm so honored to have dr. noel hunter with me tonight.
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[applause] we've all gotten an opportunity to get to know her. what an extraordinary woman. dr. hunter was determined to get her daughter back against all odds, she did it. she did it. and when all was said and done she achieved something else that a lot of people said was even more remarkable, she made me seem all warm and cuddly. cheers and applause] you know over the past year, a lot of people from outside the state have tried to tell kentuckians what motivates me to do what i do. i let them have their say. but here's the truth. to any who says nothing ever gets done in washington, here's my five-word answer, tell that to oelle hunter. [applause]
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this woman is the reason i run. she's the reason i do what i do in washington. we can make a difference and we do every single day . [applause] we're proud of that in my office and yet as i have traveled across state, i've becomed acutely reminded of something else the government can do. it can do terrible damage to families and communities. i've seen the hurt in people's eyes in the mountains. it breaks your heart to see the pain the distant planners in federal agencies are causing to so many in our state. and if you're an elected official like me it hardens your resolve to do something about it. for too long -- for too long
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this administration has tried to tell the american people what's good for them. and then blame somebody else when their policies didn't work out. tonight, kentuckians said we can do better as a nation. cheers and applause] tonight, they said we can have real change in washington. real change. and that's just what i intend to deliver. so friends, tonight, turns a corner and the future i see is a bright one. americans are seeing that what
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the current deal that washington is offering us is making us weaker at home and abroad. they have had enough. you know, there's an old saying that's often attributed to winston churchhill that i'm reminded of. here's what he said about us, about americans. he said you know the americans, they always do the right thing after they've tried everything else first. friends, this experiment in big government has lasted long enough. [cheers and applause] it's time to go in a new irection. cheers and applause]
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it's time to turn this country around! cheers and applause] and i will not let you down. thank you so much . cheers and applause] ♪ cheers and applause]
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>> senator harry reid sent a tweet as the republicans won control of the senate tonight. senator reid saying, i congratulate senator mcconnell who will become majority leader. voters made clear they want us to work together. i stand ready to do that. the g.o.p. needed to gain six seats to win the majority in the senate. we're waiting for results from virginia and alaska and there's a run-off schedule for december
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in louisiana. "u.s. news & world report" says the 72-year-old mcconnell secured a sixth point by tethering from grimse, president obama and his policies which are wildly unpopular. she spoke to supporters in lexington, kentucky. cheers and applause] >> thank you all very, very much. well, good evening. good evening. 16 months ago, we began a journey, a journey to send a message that washington just isn't working for kentucky,
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that we want to actually put the people of this state first. instead of partisan politics. along that journey we showed this nation what the common wealth is truly capable of. breaking records here in this state with our fundraising, leading the nation's with our work -- leading the nation with ur work to build a grass roots organization unlike any the common wealth has ever seen with over 50 offices, 6,000 volunteers and momentum from pipe stroilpe ducka to northern entucky -- pipeville, to paduck to northern kentucky. this was made possible because of an amazing husband, an amazing family, my fellow constitutional officers, governor bashir.
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governor collins, governor jones, governor patton and importantly a dedicated staff and each and every one of you. [applause] well, tonight didn't bring us the results that we had hoped for. this journey, the fight for you, it was worth it. i will continue to fight for the common wealth of kentucky each and every day. [cheers and applause] my hope is the message has been sent to congress that we need to work to increase the minimum wage to close the gender pay gap and to bring good paying jobs back to the common wealth of kentucky. [applause] this journey, this fight was for each and every one of you. and i will work my hardest to
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keep this amazing organize that we have built together intact to fight for a brighter and better future. we deserve that. [applause] i want to thank the hundreds of thousands of kentuckians that made it out to vote today. you had your voice heard. that is what democracy is all about, to each and every one of you that cast a ballot in this election, i will continue to work for you and together we will rebuild a brighter future for the common wealth of kentucky. thank you all. very, very much. [applause]
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>> in west virginia, republican shelley moore capito defeated natalie tennant. she's retiring jay rockefeller who is retiring after 30 years in the senate. she's the first republican senator since 1959. and in kansas, incumbent spoke to roberts supporters in onerland park, kansas.
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cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. i just spoke with my opponent greg orman. i told him he ran a good campaign. i told him he ran an honorable campaign. he should be proud. i wish him and his wife the very best. now, having said that -- [laughter] >> we love you! cheers and applause] it was a good conversation, folks. i didn't mean it that way. well, we did it, kansas. cheers and applause] you did it. we said for months it's the road to a republican majority
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and the united states led through kansas and we did it! [cheers and applause] i done think there's any question that the eyes of if nation -- the nation are on kansas. the country was counting on us to help deliver a republican majority to the senate and we delivered. [cheers and applause] i thank you for your vote. i thank you for your work. i thank you for your support and your friendship and your kindness. you're all family. and i would like to now -- i would like to now introduce my very special family. this is about family, really. yours and mine. this is, of course, my wife frankie who was on the campaign trail. cheers and applause]
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my son david and my daughter ashley. where did you go, ash? my other daughter anne west and grandchildren, lorena, patrick, lilian and charlie bear. where are you charlie bear? charlie bear. and my youngest miles. who, yes, does look like me. about some years ago. so. at any rate, ladies and gentlemen, thank you, kansas. it has been a privilege and an honor to serve our great state. and i am deeply humbled to continue that service. tonight, kansas stood up and said enough. enough of the gridlock. intrusive e failed
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federal government. [cheers and applause] tonight, we stood together -- we stood together. we made a stand for kansas. we made a stand for america, our values our children and heir future. and we made a stand for the republican values of limbed value. you made a stand. i knew with you and this marine . ready to lead that charge cheers and applause] this was a tough election. it was a hard-fought election. and i've hear my marching orders, loud and clear. i will be bold. i will be conservative and i will be constructive. and i promise you this, we will
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get things done. [cheers and applause] we will do great things for our nation. we will do great things for kansas. we begin by unleashing the power of an american policy. we will free or job creators. we will reform the tax code and we will level the playing field so that businesses all up and down of main street can grow and hire and thrive again. now, i'm next in line -- in line to be the next chairman of the agriculture committee. [cheers and applause] and once again -- once again, i will have the opportunity to be a champion for our farmers and ranchers. nobody -- nobody has felt the burden of the obama agenda quite like our farmers and our
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ranchers. they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. you can trust -- [cheers and applause] you can thraust i will bring common sense and respect back to farm country. [cheers and applause] our men and women in uniform risk their lives to secure and protect our freedoms. they deserve nothing less than our full faith and backingle we will renew the bond between those elected and those who are served. i will never stop fighting for our military and the military families. >> in the name of our performance and performance at the individual bases. i will fight to keep them at the ready. mcconnell. eleven, forbes. and i've got your back. cheers and applause]
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finally our families deserve better. our senior citizens deserve better. our moms deserve better. our children and our unborn deserve better. cheers and applause] you know, the greatest nation on earth can provide for those in need. we can provide the safety net. and we should. but we must reject an ever growing system of entitlements, greatness is born from freedom, an opportunity not from dependency and entitlement. if we are -- if we are to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave we must not fall to the temptation of more regulations, more benefits an more government. we can't afford it. and our children should not ave to pay for it.
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i believe the greatest thing -- i believe the greatest thing that we have to fear is the inability to see the growth of government. americans are feeling powerless to change anything. confirms their worst fierce that even their elected leaders are powerless. >> you know what, i reject that notion. we will restore our favorite in our government by restoring the government's faith in you. and that begins by returning to the founding principles of our constitution. now this election was so important because so much was at take. our values. our prosperity. thanks to you, your vote, your hard work are conservative
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republican solution. well, now, see the late of day. and we will do great things! cheers and applause] so tonight as is always with a night there will be the start of a new day. the tide has turned and the era of the obama-reid gridlock is over. cheers and applause] with your help each and every one of you, with your help and with god's good grace, no, we weren't dragged across the finish line. we crossed the finish line. we took the hill. [cheers and applause] my heartfelt thanks -- my heartfelt thanks for your vote and support. now -- now, ladies and gentlemen, let's get to work. let's get our country back!
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[cheers and applause] thank you. [cheers and applause] > thank you very much. cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. thank you all very much. i couldn't have expected a warmer welcome and sibil and i are so grateful that you're all here today. cheers and applause] 10 minutes ago, i called
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senator roberts and congratulated him on his victory. we had a very cordial conversation and the senator knows very, very clearly that -- that kansas is deeply a part of my future and his future and asked to be able to work together. and i told him i would enjoy that opportunity. e couldn't been more gracious. [applause] >> i have to say when sibil and i started this process, we knew that it was going to be difficult. we knew that we were going to ace tough competition. what has been for us the greatest of surprises is how wonderful our friends and people we never met before and
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volunteers they've been -- they've given of themselves. they say we realize you have crawled out on a limb, we want to be out on a limb with you. i'm internally grateful. there are too many people to be named individually but i couldn't be more grateful than i am right now for all the effort. just the sharing care, love and passion, that sibil and i were shown. so thank you all so very much for that. [applause] >> it has -- [laughter] it has been the gratest
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privilege of my life to be able to travel the state of kansas, and to have nsases sthome gracious and warm and welcoming as we travel the states. and i can't say enough about the voters of kansas and the people of kansas and how genuinely privileged to be able this be a part of process. [applause] i have to also say, while senator roberts won tonight, we didn't lose. cheers and applause] >> we not only ran against nator roberts, we ran across
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the whole washington accomplishment. and kansases all all of you on this road sent, a very strong message. and that message couldn't have been clearer. you can't go to washington and hide behind your party label. you have to go there and get stuff done. cheers and applause] that's the message that you help me send today. that's the message that voters of kansas sent. if you think about where we came from and where we are today, it's absolutely amazing that with everything aligned against us, until 30 minutes ago, we believe that there was a chance that we would fundamentally change washington. i believe we did.
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[applause] my firm hope and belief is also that we sent a message from other aspiring independents out there that this can be done that voters are with you. while we didn't get it done today, i believe that what we did would spark a fuse. that would allow other independents in other states to step forward and said enough with the partisan. enough with the fighting. enough with the gridlock. we need to go there and represent americans, not one party or the other. [applause] s i look around this room, i
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realize how blessed we are. not only do we have many wonderful lifelong friends here, but i see so many faces of people that we've met over the past several months who i know going to be lifelong friends. i couldn't be more grateful for hat. >> if someone asked me if you could do it all over again, would you decide not to? i would say absolutely not. this has been the greatest thrill of my life. i'm so excited to be standing here today and again, this is not the end of anything. this is the beginning. cheers and applause]
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>> so thank you all for being here today. thank you all for being with us over the past months as we venture on this journey together. i can't thank you will all for everything that you've done to help us send a mess sang to washington. and i -- i'm firmly convinced that what we have done here in kansas, what we are doing is the start of something great for this country. it's the start of the renull of america and i thank you for hat. [applause]
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>> taking a look at some of the governor's races, businessman tom wolf was elected senator of pennsylvania. making tom corbett the first incumbent in the decade to lose. mr. hogan telling supporters this is the first time we've changed in 63 years. charlie crist was most and helping to post. she sat right in the race. but the focus remains on the senate tonight where the hill writes that bluns don't have. crushed by the growing unfoplarity of drama.
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kay the g.o.p. security, ha began and republicans joanie erns wanted for you to open it tonight or what? >> in. he did not get 50% of the vote. so they're headeded for a run off. e'll hear from from mary landrieu and then bill cassidy. >> ladies and gentlemen, she's been helping l.a. win for the last 18 years. put your hands together and help me bring to the stage, a fighter for louisiana. mary landrieu.
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crowd chants "mary". >> well, thank you, everyone. thank you so much. thank you for your support, your edge couragement and your love fighting for the future of louisiana.
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you know one of my favorite scriptures is isaiah 30-41 but they that wait upon to lord should rise up. they shall mount up with wings like eagles. they shall run and not be weary. they shall walk and not faint. bill cassidy, you cannot run. you cannot hide anymore. this race is starting tonight. cheers and applause] >> this race is not about who the president was or who the president will be.
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or which party controls congress. this race is about the feature of louisiana, the bright and strong future that louisiana deserves, our children, our families and our parents. the question facing us tonight, the voters of louisiana will be a very simple one. which candidate has the proven record of standing up, fighting and delivering for our ache. and which candidate has a robert of running scared from the voters? i want -- [cheers and applause] i want to thank my family
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-- i want to thank my family -- my extraordinary husband, my wonderful son, daughter and daughter-in-law and the newest member of our family maddox parker snelling. and to my extraordinary mother and father, a plethora of brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. to my extraordinary staff who has put in 24/7 and to all of you who have been with me for 18 years as we have done some extraordinary things for louisiana and our country. let me say a word of thanks to olonel bob manus. his wife candy and his five children for pit putting themselves out there for them for showing up for the voters. he drove his pickup truck more than 85,000 miles and especially for his 32 years of service in the air force. thank you, colonel manus. and i know that you and i don't agree on every issue but at least we have one value in common, at least one. we know how to show up and
2:50 am
fight and we know that louisiana is worth fighting for. so tonight, i issue a challenge to cram -- congressman cassidy, six debates, six hours. six debates, six hours, one hour for each year of a senate term. i don't think that is too much to ask a guy that wants to represent 4.5 million people in the united states senate. and i suggest -- i suggest that some of these issues be education, number one. jobs and growing our economy, social security and medicare, health care, energy and the nvironment.
2:51 am
and yes, international affairs and trade. these are critical issues for our state and you're going to have to say, mr. cassidy, more than president obama's name in these debates. president obama is already the president. this race is about who is going to represent louisiana in he united states senate for the next six years. n the next four weeks, the landrieu campaign for louisiana's future will ask some important questions. when louisiana needed someone to stand up and fight both the democrats at times and the republicans to get our fair share of off-shore oil and gas revenues to restore or coasts we stood billed billions.
2:52 am
but let me ask all of you, where was bill? when we fought for troops for our -- when our troops came home after fighting for our freedom and they needed quality health care and a living wage, we stood up and delivered two new veterans clinics, one in lake charles an one in lafayette and we're building a state of the art veterans hospital not too far from this hotel. when louisiana needed leadership to save thousands of jobs, together we stood up and delivered. we know where we were. but where was bill? in 2012 when hurricane isaac destroyed 59,000 louisiana homes and the people in the river parrishes looking if their wn congressman couldn't find him but we delivered. so let me ask you, where was bill?
2:53 am
when louisiana women needed a fighter for equal pay and against domestic violence, where was bill? when louisiana needed students to help student loans face a 50% tuition hike because governor jindal slashed higher education by $700 million in this state, the largest cut in the ation, we went looking for our congressman to join our efforts to make college more affordable. and here we go again. where was bill? the crawfish farmers came to me in 2000 and said, mary, the chinese are dumping an inferior product in our market. it's costing our jobs and our livelihood. we took on the chinese and the president of both political parties and just last week, mark henson we delivered $20 million to our crawfish producers. where was bill?
2:54 am
so louisiana voters know they can count on me when our seniors deserve respect for a life of hard work and needed someone to protect the best parts of medicare and social security. we stood up for our seniors and said no, we will not raise retirement age to 70. but where was bill? whether it's for louisiana veterans or women workers, our middle-class families or our students, to be a senator you need to know how to put coalitions together, be willing to stand up even to your own leadership at times and to your own party to get the job done. for instance, when president obama shut down, i put a hold on one of his top opponents. and that moratorium has been lift and now we have more than 50
2:55 am
wells drilling in the deep gulf of mexico. and as a chair of the energy committee or perhaps as ranking member, we don't yet know, i promise youly continue to fight for drilling and for oil and gas jobs and for the energy we need to move this country forward. and then when president bush said no to the gulf, you know that, you live there. many of you know are the homa area one of the fastest growing cities in america and president bush vetoed that, i stood up and led our coalition to override the veto because we need levees from rising tides. when we were fighting for these things, where was bill? thank you. david. we need seniority in the senate. we need muscle. we need experience to deliver and continue to deliver for
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people of our state. it has been a joy and a privilege to represent you. i've now worked with three presidents, four majority leaders an six governors from both political parties and i've proven that we can work together to get the job done. i'm not afraid to oppose them when i think they're wrong and i'm not afraid to stand with them when i think they're right. louisiana -- [applause] louisiana does not need a senator that just mails it in. we need somebody who will stand up. we need a fighter. we know that voters want and know what we can do. so i asked the voters, look at what we have done. the record is clear. one candidate has a strong record of fighting and delivering for our state and the other where was bill? so congressman cassidy, i look forward to this race.
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i've wanted to run it my whole life. so let's get on with it. one hour for every year that you are asking to serve in the united states senate, i really don't think that is too much to ask. thank you. louisiana voters all across the state deserve to hear directly from both of us on the issues that matter most. they should have their questions and concerns answered. this campaign for louisiana's future begins tonight from ow sher to east carroll to kameron to plackman to grand isle, louisiana's worth fighting for. oin me. let's get some rest tonight and hit the campaign trail in the morning. god bless you all! thank you! cheers and applause]
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snsm cheers] -- [cheers]
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>> let me thank joe my campaign manager. we're not done yet but i'm going to thank right now. our staff, our volunteers, my girl, my wife, my son. and lastly, i thank you. you the people of louisiana tonight have sent a signal that you want a senator who represents louisiana, not a senator who represents barack obama.
3:00 am
[cheers and applause] oh, the issues between senator landrieu and i are clear. she has said that she would vote for obamacare again tomorrow. i look forward as your next senator voting to repeal and replace it. on the economy, as she has supported every one of president obama's appointees who seek to choke off our oil and gas jobs with taxes and regulations, that's right, we will reign in those regulations, we will lower those taxes, we will use america's natural resources to create better jobs with better benefits for all people in our country, and particularly for those in louisiana.
3:01 am
[cheers and applause] >> and can you believe it? louisiana has a senator who has an f from the n. r.a. we're the state that has given the world duck dynasty. i am proud of my a plus endorsement from the n. r.a. [applause] and instead of a senator who supports barack obama 97% of the time, you're going to have a senator who supports you 100% of the time. [cheers and applause] it's going to come down to one
3:02 am
fundamental issue. do you want a senator who represents barack obama? >> no! >> or a senator that represents you. [cheers and applause] >> i tell you, i am with you. now, for all those others who voted for change but did not vote for cassidy tonight, if you want a senator who again will vote to repeal and replace obamacare, who will work to get our economy going again by using america's natural resources, who will respect and protect your second amendment rights and also appreciate the culture of life, if you want a senator that represents you, not barack obama, i look forward to getting your vote on december the 5th. [cheers and applause] we have 32 more days. this is not over yet. if you have stock in a tv
3:03 am
station you're going to make a lot of money over the next month. we need you. we win if we win. now, as we leave tonight we will celebrate. but this is just the beginning of the next month. so for the next month, and i'm just looking around seeing friend after friend after friend. so many folks from my childhood to folks who have joined this campaign, oh, yes. i am moved. and i am moved because each of you cares about our country. you care about our country so much that you are willing to step forward, take on the most powerful man in the world, and the senator that supports him 97% of time, and you do that not for yourself, you do it for those who have suffered under this economy, who are poor because of this job, who have lost their insurance, who have lost their doctors, who are tired of being told things that
3:04 am
are not true by both the president and our senator. this is how democracy is supposed to work. if we're upset, we vote for change. i will finish where i started. tonight 60% of people in louisiana are going to vote for change. we have got 32 more days to make sure that change is completed. thank you for being here. i look forward to being your next senator. [cheers and applause] >> some updates from governors races. in texas, republican greg abbott, the state's attorney general, defeated his democratic opponent, senator wendy davis. in california, incumbent
3:05 am
democrat jerry brown was elected to a fourth term. he beat republican cash car. and in colorado incumbent democratic governor hickenlooper lost to bob beaupre. in the senate race in colorado, g.o.p. congressman cory gardner took incumbent democratic senator mark udall's seat, a key win that helped republicans take control of the senate. representative gardner talked to supporters in denver. >> good evening again, colorado republicans, it is a privilege to be able to introduce to you the next united states senator for the state of colorado, cory gardner.
3:06 am
[cheers and applause] >> i have a quick question for you. is there anybody here from yuma? tonight we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. your message was heard from nevada to pennsylvania avenue. as republicans in colorado,
3:07 am
we've gotten used to the saying, wait until the next election. well, i've got news for you. that next election, it finally happened. [cheers and applause] a few minutes ago i spoke with senator udall and i thanked him for his incredible commitment to public service and the sacrifices that he and his family have made. in the name of making colorado a better place. and our commitment together to work for a smooth transition. [applause] nine months ago in boulder i stood before you to accept the nomination for united states senate. it was there that we realized together the great challenge that we would face to get to this day. saying then, we have signed up to be the tip of the spear, the van guard of the moament that is sweeping our nation, to pick the shackle of guyed lock and fundamentally change the
3:08 am
dysfunction of washington d.c. [cheers and applause] and we have indeed reached that historic day, we have realized the success of that movement. the people of colorado, voters around this state, had their voices heard. they are not red, they are not blue. but they are crystal clear. crystal clear in their message to washington d.c., get your job done and get the heck out of the way. [cheers and applause] tomorrow we go to work to fix a washington that is out of step, out of touch, and out of time. tonight colorado indeed became the full crumb of the balance of power. tonight we commit ourselves to building the government we can be proud of again, a government that solves big problems because leaders have the courage to lead, to unite those voices who, while they may not have voted
3:09 am
with the victor tonight, recognize the need to find common solutions. and altogether uncommon notion in washington. i will work each and every day for every person in colorado to find those solutions not for party or politics, but for you, the people of colorado. [cheers and applause] i am convinced that we won this election because we, we asked coloradoans to lift their eyes to that great rocky mountain horizon, to look ahead to a future that is brighter than our present. ours is a forever young state. with an ever hopeful attitude. all of us are here tonight because we believe there is something exceptional about our state and our nation. we believe in courageous ideas and bold beliefs. we believe in the power of
3:10 am
optimism are of the american story, a belief that isn't election earring but enduring, a generating a commitment to be better tomorrow than we are today. the moral compulsion to give our children and grandchildren a better starting point than the one we inherited from our parents and our grandparents. and i say we can fix this nation's problems together, we can build a stronger economy together. we can achieve energy independence together. we can improve education together. and we can protect our incredible environment together, because tonight the people of colorado sent a message, a message that is what is happening in washington isn't working and it has to stop, that our country expects and deserves better than what it is getting, that leaders shouldn't stop at the status quote and think they deserve a pat on the back. it was not a message for republicans tonight. or against democrats.
3:11 am
but a warning, a warning to all who fail to courageously act on our nation's greatest challenges. over 200 years ago, people came to this great nation, wondering how we became who we are. how did this rag tag nation of farmers, planters, mercantilists, defeat the greatest nation on the face of this earth. and it was because each and every one of us has a passion in our hearts to rise, a passion to rise and be better, to imagine a great nation, imagine a great economy, to imagine together. a nation that rises. thanks to all of you who made this night possible. and thank you to my family. [cheers and applause] it it's time for a new direction, it is time for a new way forward, and we did the job tonight. let's make sure that we lead
3:12 am
this country forward. god bless you, god bless this country, and god bless the great state of colorado. [cheers and applause]
3:13 am
♪ >> up next we have senator mark udall's concession speech in colorado. the "washington post" writing about the loss, with colorado senator mark udall's defeat the senate will lose one of its most vocal, most active, and most powerfully positioned advocates for dialing back the intelligence community's surveillance powers. the democrat has pushed to restrict the government's bulk collection of phone and digital data. here's senator udall.
3:14 am
[cheers and applause] >> hey everybody. hey everybody. [cheers and applause] thank you all. thank you all. thank you all. thank you all. thank you all. i think i speak for everybody on the stage when we say we love you, you're phenomenal. i just called congressman gardner to congratulate him. he was gracious. i told him that it might take a day or two, but i would struck my team to work with him to make
3:15 am
a smooth transition. i told him the job of united states senator from colorado is the best job in the world. [applause] i thought about abe lincoln, his famous story about the boy that stubbed his toe. and he said it hurts too much to laugh, but he was too big to cry. i do respect the will of the verse here in the state of colorado, but i also thought about my dad. you may remember some of you that he lost an election and he said the voters have spoken, the blankety blanks. ( laughter ) [cheers and applause] in that spirit i do want to say that i really want to thank the people of colorado for the great privilege of loaning me their power to serve as a senator from
3:16 am
colorado for the last six years. and it's, as i've said, with that same spirit that i do wish congressman gardner the best as he prepares to represent our state in the u.s. senate. we live in the greatest state in the nation. we do. and it means so much to me. to have been able to represent that optimism and determination in the united states senate. like all of you, the goiding light in my life has always been my family, my wife and constant companion, maggie. [cheers and applause] our wonderful children, tess and jed. [cheers and applause] they're the reason that i chose to enter public service, and their love and their inspiration has always supported me during the good times and the bad
3:17 am
times. my sister and my brother are here. many of you know that we lost our brother randy last year. and i'm so happy that his wonderful children are here with us tonight. [applause] randy was always the conscience of our family, and i used to say he would say what i was thinking. but he used to think what we all ought to be thinking and he was the smartest and most principled person i've ever known. and in many ways this campaign has been dedicated to his memory. [applause] i also want to thank my incredible staff. for the tireless work they do
3:18 am
for colorado. [cheers and applause] i've had the great fortune to work with the most talented and passionate people that you'll ever meet. and in particular i want to single out my chief of staff, mike sosan. [applause] and my state director, jennifer. [cheers and applause] i also want to pay special thanks to my campaign manager, adam dunston, and jennifer ritter. they built this campaign from the ground up. i couldn't have run this race without their counsel and patience. they knew and they came on bore they were signing up for an enormous undertaking and their great and determination is why we ran a campaign that we're all proud of.
3:19 am
i want to turn, all of you have worked so hard, it was my name printed on the ballot. but we built this campaign only because of all the friends and supporters that i've been so honored to have. as you know, we had 100 field organizers, we have 25 offices. seven and a half thousand volunteers were part of this campaign. [applause] in short, as maggie put it, we did democracy. we did democracy. [applause] you all know i'm a mountain climber. yeah. and you all know that i've said over and over again as i approach this campaign, i thought of it as the biggest, baddest mountain that i'd ever faced. and in that spirit i want to share a story. a few decembers ago i skied to the summit of pike's peak, that's in the winter, december
3:20 am
is in the winter. and i happened to be there all alone. atop the mountain where catherine lee bates wrote "america the beautiful." while i was there i looked down on come springs and i could see pueblo in the distance and i could feel boulder and denver further away. but instead of seeing that scene as a division between the red and blue communities in our state, i saw the red, white and blue whole that makes our country the greatest nation on earth and the envy of the world. [cheers and applause] the great western writer ste im ner challenged us to bill communities to match our scenery. that day i knew what he meant. many of you knew my dad, mo. he helped raise six kids. he played to the denver nuggets and served in the congress for
3:21 am
nearly three decades. he admired a man by the name of will rogers. will rogers was a jon stewart of his time. and he was particularly fond of roners' admonition to all of us that we're all here just for a short time before we pass on. so get a few laughs, do the best you can, live your life so that when ever you lose, you're ahead. as long as i've had the privilege to serve the people of colorado, i've always felt that i've come out ahead, and tonight is no exception. [cheers and applause] so i was going to say tomorrow, but maybe thursday. maybe friday. we're all going to go back to work, to make sure our communities match our scenery.
3:22 am
thank you for your love, your passion, your support. i'll never forget it. [cheers and applause] it's been the greatest privilege of my life to be the united states senator from colorado. thank you all. [cheers and applause] >> we'll have more about the election results tomorrow morning on "washington journal," when we'll take your calls, facebook comments and tweets about the house senate and governors races. that starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span.
3:23 am
then the republican national committee will give the analysis of the mid terms, including committee chair pribus. we'll have that live at noon eastern. and later in the afternoon, conservatives review the election results, that's at 2:30 eastern, also on c-span. now a look at new hampshire. democratic senator jeanne shaheen defeated scott brown. [cheers and applause]
3:24 am
>> thank you, new hampshire! [cheers and applause] tonight the people of new hampshire chose to put new hampshire first. [cheers and applause] a few minutes ago, scott brown called to concede and wish me well. [cheers and applause] scott brown ran a vigorous race, and i wish him and gail and their family all the best.
3:25 am
[applause] i am so proud to once again be able to represent the people of new hampshire in the united states senate. [cheers and applause] thank you. i promise you, i will work with anyone in the senate, democrat, republican, independent, to get things done, to help new hampshire's working families and our small businesses. [cheers and applause]
3:26 am
with the new term you've given me, i will fight to make sure that students can refinance their student loans. [cheers and applause] i will fight for a smart energy policy that focuses on efficiency and new energy technologies. [cheers and applause] to end our reliance on oil and coal, and fossil fuel. [cheers and applause] i will fight for a minimum wage. [cheers and applause]
3:27 am
that ensures that no one working 40 hours a week is stuck living in poverty. [cheers and applause] and i will fight for equal pay for equal work for women. [cheers and applause] i will fight for smart, serious national security policies that keep us safe. [cheers and applause] and i will always fight for a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [cheers and applause]
3:28 am
and as i have said many times in the last weeks and months, i will never stop fighting to make sure that everyone in new hampshire has access to quality affordable health care. [cheers and applause] now, i have a lot of thank yous tonight. and i want to start with thanking my family. my husband billy. [cheers and applause]
3:29 am
my daughters, stephanie, her husband greg. stacy, her husband ryan. molly and hugh. [cheers and applause] and all my seven grandchildren, but only three of them are here. so -- [cheers and applause] elly, anna and a.j. [cheers and applause] as i know everyone here knows, because you've seen them all out on the campaign trail, this campaign truly was a family
3:30 am
affair. [cheers and applause] when the going got tough, they kept my spirits up. and you know there's sorts of a competitive bunch. ( laughter ) so they competed for who did the best tweets, who had the best face become postings. and who got the most votes at the end of the day. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you to all of you, i love you all. now, i also have to thank my spectacular campaign manager, mike. [cheers and applause]
3:31 am
boy, did he run a great operation or what. [cheers and applause] and thank you for leading such a great campaign staff. and thank you to my senate chief of staff. [cheers and applause]
3:32 am
to all my senate staff, to all the coordinated campaign, to all of you who worked so hard, thank you. thank you. and to all of you volunteers here and watching at home tonight, thank you for sacrificing your time for all of the hours and days and weeks and for many of you months that you worked sacrificing your time to help keep new hampshire moving forward. [cheers and applause]
3:33 am
that you stood by me through thick and thin means more than you will ever know. i am so grateful. [cheers and applause] and congratulations to our wonderful governor, maggie hassan. [cheers and applause] and thank you to all of the candidates up and down the ticket, to the winners and losers tonight, for everything you have done to make our
3:34 am
democracy stronger. [cheers and applause] tomorrow, tomorrow we get back to work, back to our regular lives. but tonight, tonight let's celebrate. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you all. thank you to the wonderful people of new hampshire. thank you. [cheers and applause]
3:35 am
[cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you very, very much. thank you very much. it is great to see everybody here, i want to congratulate obviously frank and marilyn da and walt for their wonderful efforts. [cheers and applause] and thank you very much. you and i have waged a great campaign and i couldn't have asked for better allies. and friends to see it through. we stood strong, we fault. even in defeat. you've got no business in politics unless you respect the judgment of the people. if you run for office you've got to be able to take it either way. i accept the decision of the voters, and i have already offered my sincerest congratulations and good wishes to senator shaheen.
3:36 am
from the very outset of this campaign i decided to run a race that we all could be proud of, that's always been my standard. i want to walk away with no regrets, and that's what i'm doing. and that's how it is this time, i've kept my word, i fought clean and i wouldn't trade that for anything. [cheers and applause] i can't pretend that feelings of gratitude don't come easy at a moment like this, but i know how much i have to be grateful for. i was born here, and as a new candidate for office here i'm so very, very thankful for the people who are willing to come out and help give me a shot, and give us an opportunity to try to make a better state. that's the spirit of new hampshire. and it's lucky, and i feel lucky, i feel like a lucky man,
3:37 am
to live the this great state and call it home. [cheers and applause] and of course, of course i'm especially indebted to many people that are here, i'm looking at each and every one of you. and as soon as the count is final, we'll know the exact number. one the reasons we were delaying, it was up, it was down, it was all around, and there's still about 45,000 votes to come in. but it's clear that the area itself, that are coming in are probably not going to make up the votes that we need. and it is always an honor when people choose to check your name at the ballot box. it's an honor to try to serve. each and every one of you have may such great efforts to move our state forward, and try to make it a better state to live in, that live free or die
3:38 am
experience. i'm also asking a lot of folks to work for months and months in an uphill campaign whether it's on the staff or volunteering, in the field. how could i not give my best in this campaign after everything that each and every one of you have done. [applause] we had an outstanding team and i'm proud of each and every one of them. so i want to just give you a round of applause everybody, thank you. [applause] i'll be looking for you this summer. and the one thing i'm so grateful for, above everything else, the most important thing for me is my family. i want to thank each and every one of my family members that are standing here. [cheers and applause] i want to give a shout out to ariana who is studying for
3:39 am
finals at school, i want to tell her that we love her and miss her. but let me just say that every journey wherever it leads is better, it's better because i can share those wonderful experiences with the peel behind me. so my friends, it looks like it is a good night for america, looks like the senate has changed over to republican hands. [cheers and applause] and regardless of what happens here tonight, i have one thing that has come true, harry reid is the minority leader. [cheers and applause]
3:40 am
so let me just say, listen, i just want to say thank you very, very much. it was an honor to carry the flag, and i thank you for the privilege of being the nominee, and i'll just say that we have better days, because the senate has turned republican, the house is republican. i'm hopeful that the president will come back and try to put our country's interests first and be a uniter instead of a divider. so i want to say thank you, and i want to come down and say i had to everybody, so god bless and have a wonderful fall, winter, summer, christmas, you get it. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> republicans added at least
3:41 am
six seats to their ranks in the u.s. senate tonight, which is what they needed to get a majority in the chamber. the six democratic seat they pick up was in north carolina, where thom tillis defeated the incumbent, senator okay hagan. u.s.a. today write mass. the speaker of the g.o.p. controlled state house gives hagan, a report of backing president obama and his health care law. here are the victory and concession speeches from the race.
3:42 am
>> thank you all. i know it's late, but i don't know about you all, but i got a little bit of energy i'm running off. [cheers and applause] you did it. well, i get to maybe take a
3:43 am
break, but on the campaign trail you have to introduce yourself and ask for the vote. and i got to change it a little bit because my name is thom tillis and i'm the united states senator. [cheers and applause] but, but i want to make absolutely certain that every single one of you still just calls me thom, because you are friends. this victory is not my victory, this victory is our victory. our victory. if you take a look at all the negative ads against me and against any candidate, more than any senate candidate in the country, s $11 million, we didn't bend, we won
3:44 am
[cheers and applause] i tell you what, though, i'm sure you've been watching the ads, but there was something very important that also had to happen tonight and we have swept this nation with a compelling -- [cheers and applause] so somehow i think senator reid is going to have a different office assignment come january. i think at the end of the day the reason they spent all that money is they looked at north carolina, they knew what we had here. we had hundreds and hundreds of volunteers, absolutely committed, calling, knocking on doors, doing what we had to do to win. y'all refused to lose and that's why i'm standing here before you.
3:45 am
i want to thank senator hagan for her service. i also want to thank her for her gracious offer to make sure we do what america does best and that is to ensure a smooth transition of power. [applause] you know, i tell you, taking that phone call, it's very difficult, you know, the challengings of campaigning are very difficult. and i really appreciate senator hagan's statesmanship, manner in which she proceeded with doing what we have to do, recognize this isn't about me, it's not about senator hagan, we just occupy these seats, but this is your seat, and i'm going to take to it washington and make sure i never forget where i came from. [cheers and applause]
3:46 am
i had some family members ask me how on earth was i so calm, you know, with all these attacks and things, they said you seem to get more annoyed when the panthers lose than all these attacks. and i've been annoyed a lot, but it's been mainly the panthers. because i knew, because i knew that we were right. i knew that you all and north carolinians elected officials that will get something done, fulfill their promises, and you all know that we're going to continue the tradition here in north carolina, we're going to go there and expect more out of our leaders and we're going to make this c country great again. [cheers and applause] so --
3:47 am
>> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> i see a few people around the room, but when i think about transitions and elections, i see one gentleman here in the center, reverend mark harris who was in the primary with us. [applause] i'm not really sure, i also want to thank heather grant, she traveled all over the state, her and her husband michael. [applause] but you know, we overcame a lot of adversity and here we are. and with the opportunity to just make america great again, and the reason i believe we can do it is because well have leaders in washington now that believe that america is made great when we let americans make america great, not government. when we stop accepting this idea
3:48 am
that people want to be provided for by government, the problem with that is the only way government can provide you can something is to take it away from someone else. there's only one thing government can give you, that doesn't come at the expense of anyone else, and that's freedom. [cheers and applause] we need to free the american people up to make america great again, we need to free the american people up to make it an economic superpower, a military superpower and an energy superpower. these are the things that we're going to go to washington and do. [cheers and applause] now, i know my communications people are going thom tillis is completely off script, because i'm not reading the teleprompter, i'll leave that up to president obama. [cheers and applause]
3:49 am
what i'm going to do, what i'm going to do is listen to you. and i'm going to go to washington and next year i'm going to come back and go across this states to the towns and counties that i've been to, i'm going to thank all those who voted for me and i'm going to go to those who didn't vote with us and i'm going to convince them that maybe they should give us a chance to make this nation great again and get back on track. ladies and gentlemen, i can't thank you enough. there are a lot of people in in room that if i made eye contact with you right now i'd probably get teary eyed, so i'm not looking this way. [applause] but i do have to thank my wife susan. [cheers and applause] >> susan! susan! susan! >> i've also got to thank my son and my daughter. i mean, they are two people that
3:50 am
i could always rely onto take a look at some of those negative attack ads and we just laugh at them. ( laughter ) we did. lindsey and ryan. [cheers and applause] now, i also have to tell you i've got two brothers and two of my sisters here. i have one sister wasn't able to make it, and it was wonderful having them volunteer this week. but i also have the most special mother who is here, my mom. [cheers and applause] that's typical mom. but if you're on facebook, go out and do a friend request for marriagey tillis.
3:51 am
you will not be disappointed. because my mama's been taking care of this family forever and she's been taking care of her son during this senate race. but ladies and gentlemen, i want to tell you all you're an extension of our family. there's a lot of people in here that have been part of this campaign, they've been part of my campaign since i ran for town commissioner. there are people that worked hard and the difficulty of a primary, and we came back together, and there were people today i went around the polls and you could just see they were so emotionally invested in it wondering whether we were going to pull this off. well, we pulled it off, because of you. [cheers and applause] so, from the bottom of my heart, wayne to tell you how much susan and i and my entire family appreciate what you've done, because i really do believe that
3:52 am
through your efforts, through your prayers, through your financial support, through the ground games, the door knocking, that you all are literally a part of a historic moment in this nation's history. and i want to thank you. so i'm not going to speak much longer, i'm going to get around and try and shake a few hands. but i don't know if kid do selfies with everybody today. but we will be back, and again thank you all. god bless you, god bless this great nation. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody. it is so good to see you. thank you so much for being
3:53 am
here. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you so much for your friendship, thank you for being here tonight. i just called speaker tillis to congratulate and to tell him we will work with him during this transition period. and i really first want to thank my fabulous husband, jim. [cheers and applause] it's been one of the greatest blessings in my life to have chip with me by my side, standing with me, as we really work for the values we hold dear in north carolina. chip, thanks for your unending support. [cheers and applause] i also want to thank my kids. you know, the best, absolutely
3:54 am
the best, and my baby grandson, harrison. and another one that's on the way. you know, these kids are going to hear some great stories. fun, fun stories. and i want to thank each and every one much you, all of you here tonight, so many people all across north carolina are supporters, are volunteers, and are incredible staff. [cheers and applause] please know i consider each of you a friend. thank you for standing with me during this campaign. it's been a long couple of years. but none of it would have been possible without the long hours, so many of you logged. knocking on doors, making all of those phone calls, making sur that people all across our state could have their voice heard.
3:55 am
you weren't just standing with me, though, you were standing with working feation all across north carolina. those are the families that i have worked to represent, my six years in the u.s. senate. and those are the families that still need a voice. [cheers and applause] this campaign has ended, but our work to improve the lives of north carolinians and to build an economy that works for everyone isn't over. in north carolina, i know everybody in this room knows we have a state toast, the land of the long leaf pine. and in that state toast we say, if you know it can you say it with me. here's to the land of the long leaf pine, the summer land, where the sun doth shine, where the wheat grows strong and the
3:56 am
strong grow great. here's to downdown home, the old north state. you know, i have done my very best to give north carolina the opportunity for every north carolinian to grow strong and great. because that's what our state -- [cheers and applause] that's what our state is really all about. it has been such an honor to hear your stories, your dreams, and your hopes. i will always be grateful for the trust that you placed in me and for the chance to serve our great state. y'all, it has been fabulous and what an incredible family, state, staff, supporters, we have, all across this great, great state. and all of our volunteers, oh my goodness, i see so many of you
3:57 am
out there, and every one of you should be right up here on stage with me tonight. so god bless you, we're going to continue to make north carolina have everybody have an opportunity to grow both strong and great. gotta bless and you god bless the state of north carolina. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> tomorrow we'll have the results of an election eve poll of 5,000 latino voters. live coverage from the national press club is hosted by the latino victory project, and the national council, on c-span 2 at 12:30p.m. representative tom cotton defeated senator mark pryor in arkansas, moving another democratic seat into republican hands. he will become the youngest member of the senate at the age
3:58 am
of 37. we'll hear first from mark pryor, then tom cotton.
3:59 am
in everything that happens and this election is no different. the people of arkansas gave me the greatest privilege of my life, to represent them in the united states senate. those years were filled with some hardships and difficult worstons, two of the severe economic downturns in my lifetime and exploding national debt. also, those years included a lot of good things. bringing our men and women home from distant lands, and even though it has been slower than i would have wished and a lot of us would have liked, anti-american economy -- an american economy poised to grow stronger than ever. the biggest and most serious problem we are facing in our nation today is the dysfunction of our political system in washington. [applause] potential butible
4:00 am
we won't reach it unless washington starts to work again for all of us. [applause] if we are going to continue to be the greatest nation on earth, we must work together. a future united is much brighter than a future divided. tonight, the people have spoken. toave just called tom cotton congratulate him on his victory. i wish him the best as he takes his seat on the senate floor. i want you to know that he will be in my prayers. that is part of taking off the red jersey and the blue jersey. [applause] we all need to help him do his job. >> we love you, mark. [applause] >> thank you.


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