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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 26, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EST

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problems -- and you are trying to fight all these problems. the way they resonate because business between race and class and effective policing that we have in this country, and the movement in the big cities like l.a., new york, it etc., to the smaller towns like ferguson, and places like where i grew up, and places that have shifted in race like ferguson, that had been nominally white, now predominantly black, but the government is still part of really white, conservative, and they need to improve their black voting registration and turnout in the long run, but in the short run, they have got issues of justice and equity to deal with, and it resonates around the rest of the country because it is so common. we cannot just sweep it under the rug. is theculture worrier" name of clarence page's most recent book, reflections on race, politics, and social
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change was up as always, thanks for coming on to the "washington journal." guest: as always, thank you for having me. host: we are going to focus on this question. democrats only, who do you like for 2016? we did the republicans earlier, but democrats only for the next half hour. 748-8000 for those in the eastern and central time zones. for those in the pacific and mountain time zone. we will look attributes done for retiring members. here is senator grassley talking n tom his fellow iowa huntley. -- tom hartley. likes for some reason, elections actually con founded political observers. i could not seem to square the
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notion that i once would continue to elect two u.s. senators from opposite sides of for thetical spectrum last 33 decades. , to explain, int think i do not have to because it is widely understood that casual,re not clinical observers host of our electorate takes pride in retail politicking, and it is first in the nation and political caucuses. we certainly have given iowa voters a night and day choice between these two u.s. senators, so while we may not see eye to eye on politics and ideology, we do see i to i when it came to working for iowa's best interests, although our voting records may reflect night and
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day positions on some public policy, you would not see the light of day between us when we work together on matters that are most important to iowa ns. >> "washington journal" continues. host: new york times this sanders senator bernie -- vermont independent senator bernie sanders says he will decide by march whether to launch a 2060 presidential campaign and if so whether he will seek the democratic nomination. either way, sanders and says he would not run just to the left. "i do not want to do it in less i want to do it welcome go he told the associated press. "i do not want to do it unless we can win this thing." democrats, who do you like in 2016? we talked about the republicans earlier in the program. you want to talk about the
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democrats. next come here is the "national review" recent article, clinton won 2016. this is myra adams writing the story. host: here is why from a democratic point of view a clinton/warren take it might make good political sense. in the fight for the democratic party presidential nomination, the latest real clear politics show hillary clinton clobbering elizabeth worn by a margin of 61% to 12%, however, "big mo" asthering
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the scrappy underdog fighting for the people against income inequality and big corporate/banking interests. 69% of registered voters agree with warren's premise that the u.s. economic system really favors the wealthy. host: and again, myra adams writing in the "national review." democrats, who do you like 2016? georgia, democrat, hi. caller: hi, peter, how are you doing? it has been a long time. i really appreciate what you guys are doing on c-span.
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as far as the candidate for 2016, obviously, peter, nobody really tickles my fancy, but i just wanted to tell you guys happy holidays, happy new year, and thank you for the great work you guys do. host: tobias, what do you do in boulder, georgia? caller: i am a rotator. i watch you guys and listen to you guys when i am home. i am proud to be an american, and we can do better, man. we can do better. what really caught my attention this morning us when the e-mail came in for terry jeffrey and it asked -- in the spirit of charity, could you name three things that obama has done right, and the guy was stumped. he cannot say anything, and i can't dowow, man, he anything right. but keep up the great work, peter. talk to you next time. host: happy holidays. ted, as a democrat, who do you
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like in 2016? caller: i would vote for vice president joe biden because i think he is part of the obama administration, and the obama administration has broadened our economy from shambles since 2008 -- president obama and his being a lawyer background, he has shown everyone else how to be president in this day and age. it is just all about him, and not everybody wants to be president. like the guy from -- rubio and ted cruz, they all wanted to be president, because they are on the same load, just like president obama, so that shows you that the president would be a good president, but i think
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joe biden would be the best president for the democratic party. right, this is david in willow spring, north carolina. who is your choice? caller: i would love to see a hillary/bernie sanders ticket. hillary hands-down would probably be the democratic nominee. sanders and warren are a little bit too far to the left to appeal to moderate democrats, but i do think with a hillary and bernie sanders tickets that that would be a landslide victory for the democrats. thank you for all that c-span does. thank you very much. host: thank you for your call. from the huffington post, this is former labor terry secretary robert rice writing -- robert -- labor secretary robert reich wri ting --
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host: the new legislation incorporating language drafted by lobbyists for wall street's biggest bank, citigroup, pushes back, rolls back that part. mr.eopens at the casino, reich writes. taxpayersand other
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will be holding the bag full stop wall street is not the only big winner from the health insurance companies get to keep ,heir special tax breaks tourist destinations like las vegas get their travel promotion subsidies. in a victory for food companies, the legislation even makes federally subsidized school lunches less healthy by allowing companies that provide them to include fewer whole grains. this boosts the profits because junky food is less extensive to make. host: again, this is robert
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reich writing in huffington post. jake, thanks for holding, democrats only, who do you like in 2016? caller: i think elizabeth warren, aneurysm i like elizabeth warren is because we need some new blood in there, and i have nothing against hillary clinton or anything, but it would be nice to see someone new, especially if jeb bush actually decides to run. i think the democrats would be wise to get elizabeth warren up there on the ticket. that is what i think. look at this tweet or listen to this tweet, this is -- what aboutic jerry brown in 2016? he just got reelected in california. what do you think about that? like that as well
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actually. jerry brown also would be a good choice. again, i have nothing against hillary clinton or bill or anything, but i just think you know, jerry brown, elizabeth warren, i think those would be great to choices for stop think that is what the democrats need, and yeah -- host: jake, what to do you do in omaha? caller: i go to school. i am a student. host: what are you studying? caller: i am studying law at cretan university. host: thank you, sir. joy in louisiana. hi. caller: hi. let me tell you, i am a clinton fan and i always supported the clintons, however, i see them as politicians, and i think elizabeth warren can grow certain areas because warren is really good at helping the middle class or the lower class, and i think she would be good. i love bernie sanders, but i don't think he has a chance to win.
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i really appreciate what he does and what he says, but i think the clinton-warren would be a good ticket. i do not think anybody could beat them. joyce, thankht, you. smiley tweets -- i like hillary clinton, but i want her to have a competitive primary. bill is calling from baraboo, wisconsin. hi, bill. caller: hello. yes, i called to endorse elizabeth warren, but when you mentioned robert reich, i thought that was interesting, too. what a combination. we need our economy completely rebuilt for the common person. thank you. host: thank you. jane in california. you are on c-span. caller: hi, i am for bernie sanders. i know having any independent is theh, especially given finance rules and things, however, i think the majority of
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people in this country do not want to business as usual, and i am afraid both of the clintons or the bushes on the republican side -- it is just going to create more voter apathy and keep us from getting things done post up ps, i like jerry brown, and i like elizabeth warren. i do not think either of them could win, but maybe it is a long shot, bernie sanders could. times"the washington this morning -- warren is hailed as an eager fighter for liberals. she is one of the most part since and her's, which is what -- ishe is one of the most partisan senators in the chamber
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host: that is a little tough to say together. that follows up with the "washington post" left-hand column this morning. activist liberals post up hillary rodham clinton, the democratic front runner for president, is working hard to shore up support among liberals in hopes of tamping down a serious challenge from the left in the battle for the 2016 nomination. so competing columns in the competing washington papers this morning. dorian in illinois, who is on your list for 2016? caller: hi. i like hillary clinton.
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i think she is tough enough to break through this, and i just have a lot of respect for her. host: thank you, ma'am. boris in tennessee, go ahead. caller: i like hillary clinton. i think her track record as secretary of state in being the first lady, and she is able to talk with people across the party lines and get things done. i think that is the thing that will make her successful. host: thank you, sir. a couple tweets. this is penelope -- my dream ticket is america's senator bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. then perhaps we can get back to we the people. ist says no more ivy league elitists please full stop and karen resigned to the national review column, "all "?ick tick
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putting aside the snarky statement, i think it will be a strong ticket, though not sure a winning one. jeff, in washington, where is that? jeff? caller: yes, hi. how are you doing today? c-span! host: go ahead. jeff, you know what, we are going to put you on hold. we will get back on the phone and remind you to turn down your volume. when you hear us speaking through the phone, go ahead and start speaking, otherwise we have a bad delay. hang on for just a second if you would for stop i think i messed up the phone system up here somehow. i have got everybody online and cannot punch up the line. that is just modern technology, and i apologize for that. modern me working the technology. somebody is going to fix that in a second. this is from "the hill" signed $7.8 feds
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million lisa to house new immigration workers -- host: marian danville, virginia.
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mary, who do you like in 2016? caller: good morning and happy holidays. anybody but heller clinton, although i will vote for her if she becomes the nominee because i agree wholeheartedly with an -- and she is a straight politician full stop she was a great position she needs to to get elected. she wants to be president more than she wants to achieve a particular agenda. i like president obama and joe biden, but i can remember my household watching the debates on c-span. 2007, we loved joe biden. i mean, we are obama people. we voted for him. i would like to see him get a shot, the other fellow, i think it is awful, i cannot think of his name and i do not have my computer right now, but the fellow who is very young, he is mayor of new jersey, i think he has just become a center --
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host: senator cory booker? caller: yes! oh, i want to see him, if not this election, the next one. i think he is our next president obama. but i would love to see a biden-cory booker ticket. host: all right. what do you do in danville, mary? caller: nothing. i am home on social security with a book that may come out from a small publisher. i have been a reporter in my life. living on social security. host: all right. happy holidays to you. caller: you, too. be blessed. just int's go back to washington. you are on the air, and we are all listening. caller: good day. how are you doing? love that c-span. host: we are all listening. caller: i think what we need is
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a realist. we do not need all of these say let's with increasing polarity trying to be a politician but not trying to solve anything. we need somebody that is actually going to be out there with tenacity, someone like elizabeth warren. we need some new blood, some young blood, we need summary to really go down and get dirty, make it happen. all right, jeff, thanks for calling in. this is gail in bethlehem, pa. 2016? caller: i like bernie sanders, although i do not think he has much of a chance, but he is the only one that makes the comparisons that needs to be made when he gets his talks will stop he talks about the 21 industrial nations and the american working class is the lowest paid out of the 21. no exceptions. it is terrible. think the public realize these facts, and i think they have to call back to the day when they treated their workers like human beings and gave them annual little, tiny raises just to give them some
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hope and give them a chance to get educated. thank you very much. host: thank you, sir. from the "new york times" this morning, volunteers get license to drive in president's motorcade. that is a picture of a young woman, and we are going to read about her here. shortly after president obama landed here one fall day in san francisco for fundraisers, his motorcade pulled out of the airport and raced 80 miles an hour down an empty freeway to his hotel in the city. at the front of the procession were bulletproof black sport-utility vehicles
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host: who surround them on the road, and their cargo of lowly staff members and reporters is apparently less precious. host: a spokesman for the agency
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said, but miss tyson said in a telephone interview of several weeks after she drove in the motorcade host: i did not even know the president was going to be in town. ms. tyson said her driving record was 15 and she had driven a pickup truck, but not a van. sorry for all of that reading, just thought you would be
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interested in hearing that story. who do you like 2016? caller: i would like to recapture some of the southern texas, and i would think hillary clinton would be iny -- would be very good selecting julian castro, who is now the secretary of hud. pick?as a veep caller: as a feat pick. -- as a veep pick. host: and you like killer clinton? -- and you like hillary clinton? caller: yes. i am more liberal than she is. think about ayou hillary clinton-elizabeth warren ticket as proposed by "the national review." caller: i think "the national review" is generally
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conservative and would like to have a ticket that would have less of a chance to lose -- or a greater chance to lose. jay here inat is d.c., and this is mark in california. hey, mark. mark in san jose. caller: can you hear me? host: we are listening. caller: i would like to see a war in-clinton ticket is that of a clinton-warren ticket. i think clinton is an asset, but i think warren's backbone and holding wall street accountable is very important. host: mark, what do you do in san jose? caller: i am an intern for a senator. a state senator or a national senator? caller: a national senator. host: either barbara boxer or dianne feinstein. caller: yes, i cannot tell you
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which. host: what are you studying? caller: public policy at berkeley. host: what to do you want to do with a degree? caller: maybe u.s. legislative advising full stop i do not know. tot: all right, good luck you. finally we will hear from leon in wilmington, north carolina. hi, leon. caller: how are you doing? and joe biden ticket. host: why? theer: because with momentum of the obama administration and the ties that we have renewed back in the middle east, and the image we have projected to reach across differentto reach nations, hillary, i've been at the board, she is very influenced, and i think we should keep the momentum of what
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is going on in the administration instead of changing it. host: all right, thank you, sir. very quickly, big movie weekend full stop are three articles, just going to sho you the "eadlines, here is "the hill newspaper -- critic hate "the interview." "exodus" banned in morocco. in the style section of the art and lifeost," in selma with congressman john lewis heavily featured in the movie, "selma." speaking of john lewis, if you go to, you will be able to watch our three-our in-depth interview with him that we conducted, and he takes calls from the audience as well. that was yes year i believe it was he recounted a lot of his life and the incidence in soma as well if you would like to watch that. interview withan
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bernice king, daughter of chris got king, who was also heavily featured in "selma." booktv, 48 hours every weekend on c-span2. american history to become 48 hours of american history begins tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. thanks for being with us and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] ♪ years old and to mark a decade of compelling conversations, we are featuring
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interviews. writing and her career as a television pundit. trends in, the latest energy technology in the problems created by climate change. we heard from michael phillips of the endangered species foundation who says that using more renewable energy resources can address the rabbit sanction -- the rapid extinction of species around the world. here is more. >> what, then, are we to make of the crisis before us? it is not a speeding asteroid. rather, it is us marching inexorably in this direction in a most powerful way to do one thing, domesticate the plan. planet. that is what is driving this crisis as we speak today. what does thav


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