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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 10, 2015 5:00am-7:01am EST

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threat is now resolved. the french government continues to face the threat of terrorism and has to remain vigilant. the situation is fluent. caller: alongside you to uphold our values the values that we share, universal values that bind us together as friends and as alies. and in the streets of paris, the world has seen once again what
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terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering. we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings. that's what the city of paris represents to the world. and that spirit will endure is for ever after the scourge of terrorism is banished from this world. [applause.] i am at knoxville not only because i just like knoxville, but i am here today because one of my resolutions is to make sure that folks across this great country feel like they are
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coming back there is no doubt that the steps we took early on to rebuild this foundation and put it on a new foundation america is coming back. [applause.] president bush president bush president bush i am not running for office anymore. so let me just present the facts. i promised that 2014 would be a breakthrough year for america. this morning, we got more evidence to back that up. in december, our businesses created 240 new jobs, our unemployment rate fell to 5.6%, which is the lowest in six and a half years. what that means is 2014 was the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s [applause.] unemployment -- [applause.] unemployment fell in 2014 in any
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year since 1994, 30 years since unemployment fellows fast as it did last year. and most importantly, we are seeing faster job growth in industries that provide good paying jobs traditionally middle class jobs than anything else. since 2010, the united states of america has created more jobs than europe japan, and every other advanced economy combined [applause.] american manufacturing is in the best stretch of job growth since the 1990s. we are seeing companies insourcing instead of outsourcing. they are realizing, we want to be here with american workers making american products. america is now the world's number 1 producer in oil, gas.
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we have doubled the production of clean energy. and by the way you are saving about a buck 10, a gallon over this time last year [applause.] although i keep on reminding folks, gas prices they go up and they come down and then they go up. so, i just want everybody to know that you should enjoy this. take the money you are saving, you know pay off the credit card or go get a new appliance or buy a fuel-efficient car so that when prices go back up, you are still well positioned. thanks to the affordable care act, about 10 million have gained health insurance over the past year. [applause.]
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and by the way, we have done this while cutting our deficit by about 2 similar/3 residence. in every survey, they say is the deficit going up or down. 70% say the deficit is going up. the deficit has come down by 2/3rds since i took. [applause.] meanwhile, thanks to the hard work of students and educators, drop-out rates are down. graduation rates are up. and after 13 long years, our war in afghanistan has come to a responsible end and we have more troops that were home all this week. so, i say all of this because these six years demand a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice on everybody's part.
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as a country, we've got every right to be proud of what we've got to show for it: america's resurgence is real. and now that we have seen calmer waters economically, if we all do our part if we all pitch in then we can start making sure that all boats are actually lifted again and wages and incomes start rising again and we can make sure that the middle class is the engine that powers america's prosperity just as it always has. so that's going to be the focus of my state of the union address in a couple of weeks. i wanted to give you a little preview. don't tell anybody i said that. i am giving you the inside scoop. >> that's the -- that's going to be the essence of my message. how do we build on the progress that we have made. i figured, why wait for the state of the union. why stand on formalities.
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let's get the ball rolling right now. two days ago, visited michigan where workers have brought the auto industry roaring back. we talked about what else we can do around advanced manufacturing. yesterday, i was in arizona where i aannounced new actions to make the dream of homeownership a reality for more middle class families. later today, joe and i are going to head to a company in clinton to take action that will develop high-tech industry even further here in tennessee and right here right now at the school i am going to announce one of my most important state of the union proposals: helping every american afford a higher education [applause.] now, part of the reason i wanted to come here was because
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tennessee is at the forefront of doing some really smart stuff. we've got some proud tennesseeages who can take some great credit. first, your governor base has haslam. he's here. two fine senators, bob corker, and your senior senator, lamar alexander who is former secretary of education. so, he knows a little bit about this. we have congressman john duncan [applause.] your mayor, madeline regerra.
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[applause.] and we've got anthony wise. and we've got all of you. now, joe touched on these themes. let me just amplify them a little bit. here in america, we don't guarantee equal outcomes. some folks work harder. some folks don't. some folks take advantage of opportunities. some folks don't. some people have good luck. some people have bad luck and, you know things do always work out where everything is perfectly equal. but we do expect that everybody gets an equal shot. we do expect everybody can go as far as their dreams and hard work will take them.
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we don't expect anybody to be bound by the circumstances of their birth. if they were, i wouldn't be here, and neither would joe. jill, she's so accomplished she would have succeeded no matter what. but we expect everybody to get a fair shot. and in exchange we do our fair share. >> that's the basic bargain at the heart of this country. if you work hard, you can get ahead. it shouldn't matter what your last name is or what we look like or what family we are born in to or how we worship. what matters is effort and merit. >> that's the promise of america. and the way we deliver on that is making sure that our education system works on behalf of every person who lives here
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america thrived in the 20th century in large part because we made high school the norm. and then we sent a generation to college on the gi bill including my grandfather. and then we dedicated ourselves to cultivating the most educated workforce in the world and we invested in what's one of the crown jewels of this country, our higher education system and then dating back to abraham lincoln. we invested in land grant colleges. we understood that this was a hallmark of america. this investment in education. but eventually the world caught on and the world caught up. and that's why we have to lead the world in education again. >> that's why my administration is working to make high quality
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early childhood education available to all of our kids [applause.] >> we know if we invest in them early, it pays dividends on the back end. >> that's why we are work to go bring high speed broadband to 99% of america's students within the next four years. we want to make sure every child is plugged in. >> that's why we are recruiting more highly trained math and science teachers. >> that's why we are working to raise standards and invest more in our elementary and middle and high schools than every young person is compared for a -- prepared for a competitive word. this work is not easy. sometimes, it's controversial. it's not going to be the same in every state. but in places like tennessee we are seeing incraig i had
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strides. in the state of tennessee, students have improved their reading and math scores more than any other state in the country [applause.] that's a credit to their hard work, their teachers' hard work governor haslam's hard work. leaders from both parties. every tennesseean should be proud of that. in a 20th central economy where your most valuable asset is your knowledge, the single most important way to get ahead is not just to get at high school education. you've got to get some higher education. >> that's why all of you are here at value of an education is not purely instrumental.
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education helps us be better citizens. you came to college to edgengage with the world and discover new ideas and discover the things you are passionate about, and it may be have a little fund and to expand your horizons. >> that's ter inc. >> that's a huge part of what college has to offer. but you are also here now more than ever because a college degree is the surest ticket to the middle class. it will is the key to getting a good job that pays a good income and to provide you the security where even if you don't have the same job for 30 years, you are so adaptable and you have a skill set and the capacity to learn new skills it ensures you are always employable. that is the key not just for individuals but this whole country's ability to committee compete in the new economy. in the new economy, jobs will go
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where the best skilled and educated workforce resides because business business is mobile now. technology means they can locate anywhere and where they have the most educated most adaptable, most nimble workforce, that's where they are going to locate. and i want them to look no further than the united states of america. i want them coming right here. i want those businesses here, and i want the american people to be able to get those businesses, to get those jobs to those businesses created. >> that's why we have created grants and said let's cut out the middleman and go to students. instead, we can help more students. we have increased scholarships. we have cut tax for people paying tuition. we have let students cap their federal student loan payments at 10% of income so that they can borrow with confidence particularly if you are going in
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to a job like nursing or temporarying that may not pay a huge salary but that's where your passes are. we are creating a new college rating system that will give parents and students the kind of clear, concise information you need to shop around schools with the best value for you t lamar and i were talking about how we can do more to simplify the application process for federal student loans, which is still too complicated [applause.] we have done a little of good work for the last six years. we will keep at it. i want to focus on the community colleges like this one.
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for millions of americans, community colleges are essential pathways tots middle class because they are local they are flexible they work for people who work full-time. they work for parents who have to raise kids full-time. they work for folks who have gone as far as their skills will take them and want to earn new ones but don't have the capacity to just suddenly gol study for four years and not work community colleges work for veterans in civilian life. if you are first for college or coming back after many years ago, community colleges find a place for you, and you can get a great education. jill has been teaching english at community colleges for 20s years. she started when she was like, like 15. and she is still full-time
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today. i talked to her. she talks about her students and she can see the excitement and the promise and sometimes the fear of being a 32-year-old mom who is going back to school and never finished the degree that she had started and life got in the way, and now she's coming back and suddenly getting a whole new skill set and seeing a whole range of career options opening up to her. it's exciting. and that's what community colleges are all about. the idea that no 1 with drive and discipline should be left out, should be locked out of opportunity. certainly that nobody with that drive and discipline should be denied a college education just because they don't have the money. every american whether they are young or just young at heart,
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should be able to earn the skills necessarily to win in the 20th century economy. sod sod, today -- i am announcing a new plan to bring down the cost of community college in america. i want to bring it down to zero [applause.] i want to -- [applause.] i want to make it free. community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it because in america, quality education cannot be a privilege that is reserved for a few.
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i think it's a right for everybody who is willing to work for it. now the good news is you already do something like this in tennessee. you call it tennessee promise [applause.] we thought why not build on what works? so we are going to call it "america's college promise." [applause.] the concept is simple. america's college promise will make two years of community college free to responsible students who are willing to work for it. i want to underscore that last clause. everybody who is working hard for it. there are no free rides in america. you would have to earn it. students would have to do their part by keeping their grades up.
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colleges would have to do their part by offering high-quality academics and helping students actually graduate. states would have to do their part, too. this isn't a blank check. it's not a free lunch. but for those willing to do the work and for states and local communities that wants to be a part of this, it can be a game-changer. think about it. students who started at community colleges during those two years and then go onto a four-institution, they essentially get the first half of their bachelor's degree for free. people who enroll for skills training will graduate already ready to work and they won't have a pile of student debt. two years of college will become as free and universal as high school is today. now, we are also taking another page out of tennessee's playbook
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and expanding technical training through community colleges as you do through your college of applied technology [applause.] joe did a wonderful job looking at technical training systems all around the country. at a time when jobs are changing and higher wages call for higher skills, we've got to make sure workers have a chance to get those skills. we want young people to graduate with real-world training that leads directly to good jobs and we want older workers to get retrained so they can compete and we want more women and minorities to get jobs in fields that traditionly they have been left out of likely science and technology and engineering and math, and we want to connect community colleges with employers because when that's done right, these partnerships pay off for everybody. students learn on the job.
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employers get access to talent. colleges get help designing courses that actually prepare people for the workplace. all of which creates better pathways to today's middle class. so we are going to find the programs that work. we are going to help them grow. now, in a few weeks, i am going to send to congress my plan for free community college. i hope that congress will come together to support it because opening the doors of higher education shouldn't be a democratic issue or a republican issue. this is an american issue. governor haslam is a republican [applause.] governor haslam is a republican and thanks to his leadership he and helped tennesseans to have
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free education. in my hometown of chicago, the governor a democrat is offering tuition and students graduate with good jobs. if a state with republican leaderhip is doing this and a city withdrantic leadership is doing this then how about we all do it? [applause.] let's do it for our future [applause.] a i said before, there are a bunch of good bi-partisan ideas out there. the legislation was introduced that would make financial aid forms simpler. i notice a lot of people applauded because it's been a while since i filled it out, but i understand there is more than
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100 questions on it. it just shouldn't be that hard to apply for aid for college. and so, i have committed to working with senator alexander. let's shrink it down. let's make life a little easier for millions of families. the point is, we are not going to agree on everything. but simplifying that form, that's something we should be able to agree on. let's get that done this year [applause.] because in the end, nothing is more important to our country than you our people. that's our asset. we've got very nice real estate here we've got in the incredible bounty, the god-given resources that we enjoy in this country. our greatest resources are
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people. i want to say to the students here, how proud of what you are doing. a lot of students i know you had to overcome some obstacles to come here. many of you are the first in your families to go to college. some of you are working full-time while you are going to school. but you are making this investment in you and by doing that, you are making an investment in this country's future and i just want to use one person's story as an example. mckatelyn mclaughlin. is she here? i thought she was hear second ago. but i am going to tell her story anyway. she was raised by a single mom. she helped make ends meet getting her first job almost the minute she could, two days after her 16th birthday. when it came time for college, the money wasn't there.
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mckatelyn lives in tennessee so she knew she had a great free option. she completed two years at this institution. now, she's a senior at maryville college. she is working full-time just like she has been since her first day of college. and katelyn says a lot of people like me got discouraged. i get discouraged. but i can look back and say you've made it so far. i have learned that things aren't what you want you but can make them what you want. >> that's wisdom. things aren't always what you want. but you can make them what you want. >> that's what america's is about. we can make of our lives what we will. there are going to be bumps and challenges. we have come through some very hard times.
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things aren't always what we wanted. but we have overcome discouragement, and we have overcome division and sometimes some discord and we don't give up. with get up. we fight back. we come back stronger than before. thanks for the hard work of the american people the united states of america is coming back. i have never been as confident as -- in my entire life that we are going to make of our future what we want of it. thanks to you. appreciate it, tennessee. god bless you. god bless america. ♪ ♪♪ ♪
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♪ >> here are some of our feature programs. on c-span 2 tonight at 10:00 on book t.v.'s afterwards on the pitfalls of group decision making and what to do to avoid them. sunday afternoon at 1:00? >> part of book t.v.'s college series. we talked with recently published professors at johns
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hopkins on the impact of hip-hop and the u.s. government's efforts to cure malaria in world war two and tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures in history, anderson university professor brian durham uses abraham lincolnts life to understand the views of white americans on race and slavery, both before and during the civil war and sunday afternoon at 4:30, a discussion on birth control advocate marge ret sanger and her impact race social class had on the birth control movement. find our complete television schedule at and lit us know what you think about the programs you are watching. call us. e-mail is at or a tweet at c-span hashtag comments. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. >> before the house ended it's session this week members past a bill that would authorize
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construction of the keenstone xl pipeline. 28 democrats voted with republicans to pass the measure. they included representatives brad ashford, sanford bishop robert brady, sherry bus object to forms, criminal costa, henry quear, al green, sheila jackson-lee, dan lapinski dave lobesac patrick murphy rick noland donald norcross collin peterson cedrick richmond kirt sl ader david scott, terri sewell sewell, mark vesie and tim walls. the white house has already said that president obama will veto the bill. for congress to override that threat 290 members of the full house will need to vote in favor of the measure. here are members debating the
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bill from the house floor. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> house resolution 19, i call the bill hr-3 to approve the keystone xl pipeline. >> the title of the bill? >> hr 3, a bill to improve the keystone xl pipeline. >> pursuant to house resolution 19, the bill is considered read. the bill shall be debatable for one hour equally did i havevide i bite the commit on transportation and the chair and ranging minority member of the committee on energy and commerce. the gentleman from pennsylvania mr. schuster, the gentleman from oregon, mr. defazio from kentucky mr. whitfield and the gentleman from new jersey each will control 15 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. schuster? >> thank you. i yield myself such time as i may consume. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized? >> i entuesday craftcally rise to support hr 3, the keystone xl pipeline act. for those who have not heard
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according to the administration the final hurdle has been removed. and that is that nebraska's supreme court this morning has approved the pathway for the pipe lionel, the keystone xl pipeline. the administration said that was the major hurdle. it has fallen. so, i hope the president is not going to establish another hurdle that being himself. america is undergoing a energy resistance -- renaissance an the prospects of securing energy index is in sight. to achieve our goal of energy security we need to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to keep pace with the changing energy landscape. it will be a critical addition to the nation's pipeline network increasing our supply of oil and helping reduce its cost. the state department completed it's even environ mental analysis a year ago. there has still been no action by the administration on the pipeline. there is simply no reason to delay this important project. as i mentioned, as the
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president's main argument in this premature veto threat is that the bill would authorize the pipeline despite uncertainty due togoing litigation in nebraska. >> uncertainty ended and the supreme court of nebraska has allowed the planned route to go. there is no reason to delay. in fact, the southern leg of the pipeline has been built. in march 2012, in oklahoma, the president expressed support for expediting construction. i agree with the president when he stated at that ceremony he was directing his administration to cut through red tape, break through hurdles and make this project a priority to get it done. it was the right thing to do then. it's the right thing to do now. >> that's exactly what this bill does. we should move forward because this pipeline will be a boon to the economic development and one that doesn't require a single federal dollar. the very nature of infrastructure improvement creates jobs. keystone is no exception.
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my colleagues have made the argument it's temporary. but every intrastructure job is istemp. those construction workers move on to hopeful other construction jobs. and indeed five unions representing over 3 million workers -- i repeat that to my democratic colleagues five unions representing 3 million hard working americans support this project. i would like to submit their letters in the record for support of this project. >> without objection. >> i want to name them off. the team steers, the international of brotherhood electric workers, the operating engineers, the pipe fitters in the united states and canada all supporting this project. again, they see it as positive economic impact. when these jobs are completed, they will move on to other, hopefully, construction jobs. but what's left behind will have a positive impact to our economy, to job creation for a
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generation. our energy renaissance is helping make north america more security in energy index. in fact, the president -- i want to quote the president. in this time of significant political uncertainty in key oil producing countries and regions and in the context of a difficult economic situation, non-opec canada crude oil supplies advance the energy execute of the united states. now, i wish he would have said that about this pipeline. he didn't. he said it in 2009 about the e mvr idge pipeline that started transferring oil sands last month. the president five years ago supported this type of thing. he shutted support it now. so other than politics, i don't understand why he hasn't approved this project as he did with e mvr idge. it's time to build. ladies and gentlemen, i look to my democratic colleagues. let's put down gloves do something positive for america, for 3 million jobs, workers who are supporting this. let's do what's good for the environment, with energy index
5:44 am
and finally, let's be fair to our greatest friends in the world, our canadian neighbors. they allowed us to build a pipeline cloos their land. we should allow them to do the same in ours. they are a great neighbor. so let us today pass this bill and build the keystone pipeline. west that, i seereserve the balance of our time. >> the gentleman from oregon is recognized? >> i-year-old yield my time to such time i will consume. it's groundhog day come early to the floor of the house cold enough, i guess, for groundhog day but this will be the 10th time in the last year that the house of representatives has moved this bill with the assertion that somehow it leads us to energy index, energy security, lower prices at the pump. well, the reality is a canadian corporation is going to build a pipeline from canada to texas.
5:45 am
they are going to be exempt from paying in to the oil spill liability trust fund unlike most other projects in this country because after stupid ruling by the irs but that's nothing knew regarding tar sands. so they will be exempt from paying in to that. so, if this thing bursts there is an accident. the taxpayers of the united states get the bill. not the taxpayers of canada. they don't get the bill. taxpayers of the united states get the bill. now, that's one of a number of problems regarding this project. it's somewhat unprecedented. this may have happened at some other time in american history but i find it ironic today when we had the reading of the constitution that the effect of passing this bill, if it would to become law and the president has said he will veto it. but if this were to become law would be to give a foreign
5:46 am
corporation the right to take private property from the american citizens. i am not aware of any other time in the history of the union where we have given a foreign corporation the right to take americans private property. yeah, some people were happy to sell the rights but many others weren't including some in nebraska and some in texas. it's been quite contentious among landowners having this corporation come. i would like to put in the record a letter from trans canada. we have blacked out the name of the recipient of the letter but it is a true copy of a letter to a person who will have their property taken by imminent domain by a foreign corporation an the foreign corporation says they will begin taking actioning this no. >> without objection. >> thank you. that's a bit ironic again on
5:47 am
the day we read the constitution and also of the party of individual rights for property owners. so that is also of concern. yes. there will be construction jobs. i am the first to admit we need more jobs in america. i voted against the president's so-called stimulus bill because it didn't invest enough in building infrastructure in this country. it did a bunch of stupid tax cuts because of larry sommers, a highly acclaimed economist. 42% went to tax cuts didn't create jobs. >> that's another agenda the republicans are pursuing is tax cuts to create jobs. but we won't get into that here today. so, yes, that will had a but there are a lot of other investments we should, could and i believe the chairman sports making that will create significant construction and infrastructure jobs. now, were this just an isolation
5:48 am
and it didn't involve the total destruction of the royal force ofcapped canada and perhaps the dirtiest most environmentally problematic way of extracting fossil fuels from the ground to get these oil sands, the construction jobs might have, you know, might carry the day. but sometimes you have to draw a line and in this case, you know we also here it's going to lead somehow to energy security. that's interesting because the crude is going to come down without paying any crude tar sand oil or whatever you want to call it. it's going to come down to texas without paying in to the oil spill liability trust fund creating a potential problem for the future taxpayers of the united states, go to a refinery in an export zone in texas and yeah, it will be refined and then it will be exported. we are exporting millions of gallons of fuel every day to
5:49 am
somehow say this is going to lead to lower prices at the pump in america, maybe it's lower prices in the pump in china or i don't know where else japan or someplace but it isn't going to be here. the product is ultimately going to be exported. so, it's also not going to do anything for our energy security and at the moment we have kind of a surfeit because of fracking and other things of fuels and prices are down considerably. so, you know, those are just a few of the problems and we are by passing this bill, the house of representatives will attempt to pre-empt the executive authority of the president in this matter because this type line crosses an international border. the president has authority, and the state department has been considering it and even with the supreme court in nebraska refusing to make a judgment -- they didn't uphold the law of
5:50 am
the nebraska legislature. four out of 7 judges normally a manhattan in most places said it was unconstitutional. nebraska has a peck you'llerity if the other three judges take a walk, even though a majority found it unconstitutional, it's not found unconstitutional and that's the end of the proceeding. that's the big news out of nebraska. they need a little work on their con constitution, i think. it hasn't received a stamp of approval there. there are still aggrieved landowners who objects to the route and will have their private property taken by a foreign corporation. other than that, it's a great idea. with that, i would reserve the balance of my time. >> gentlemen reserves. gentleman from pennsylvania? >> thank you, mr. speaker before i yield to the gentleman from new york, i want to remind my democratic colleagues, i am from pennsylvania. paxataunee so i am somewhat knowledgeable on groundhog day. i want to point out in the movie
5:51 am
"groundhog day," bill murray learned from his mistakes the day before and improved his situation each day. hopefully today your reference is to your learning from yesterday and how we can move forward. i think the nebraska situation improves the whole situation for all of us. i certainly don't question his wisdom of the supreme court of the nebraska supreme court. i yield to mr. hanna. >> mr. speaker, i rise today in support of this bill. pipelines, as vice chair of the pipeline subcommittee pipelines are the safest single way to transport liquids, safer than rail safer than trucks. the state department says keystone would have a minimal impact on the environment. president obama and his administration have confirmed that keystone will create thousands of construction jobs. these are men and women's livelihood. respectfully, i would remind the administration but by theirnate, all construction jobs are
5:52 am
temporary. and it is insulting to marginalize the value of these jobs or the people who might hold them. keystone is supported by many unions including mine, 545, the operating engineers where i have been for almost 35 years. prime minister stephen harper of canada -- and i agree -- said that the keystone is in both our nations' interest and that quote, the logic here is overwhelming overwhelming. keystone will help stop sending billions of dollars overseas to our enemies, many of whom would harm us. mr. speaker, it's time to start building this keystone pipeline. >> time expired. gentleman from oregon. >> yep. i reserve for the moment. i am just straightening -- could you tell me how much time remains of the 15 i had? >> each side has nine minutes remaining. >> okay. all right. >> with that i would yield four minutes to the gentleman from arizona, mr. gr i have a la, the
5:53 am
ranking member of the natural resources committee. >> gentleman from arizona is recognized for four minutes thank you mr. de-fazio and speaker. i rise to what can be an earmark for a canadian corporation. it speaks volumes as this new congress convenes that the first order of business in the house and senate is to rubber stamp the keystone xl pipeline. we have not dealt with unemployment benefits that the american people need that's lapsed more than a year. millions of americans are suffering from a low minimum wage and income disparity. we are not helping them. women in this country earn $0.77 for every dollar to their male counter parts. we are not dealing with that trying to end that disparity. instead, we are forcing keystone through without the proper approval process. building a pipeline clear across the united states so that trans canada can sell dirty tar sands oil to the highest bidder
5:54 am
namely china is not in the american people's best interests. we take risk to our land. the american people face threats to their health and trans canada gets to reap the rewards. >> that's not a winning formula for for our country or the economy. in fact, it's a sham. the keystone xl pipeline continues to be sold to the american people on blatantly false pretenses. we are told by proponents this is the panacea for job creation. not a single independent analysis supports these claims. the burden of proof is on the g.o.p. thoech throw fantastic claims out of thin air and refuse to back them up. instead, we are told to take those assertions at face value. here is what we actually know: these are the facts that can actually be substantiated. the state department found in a supplemental environmental impact study of keystone pipeline, it will generate less than 2000 jobs a year for two years and only during the period
5:55 am
of construction. once the pipeline is built, these jobs will disappear, leaving a mere 35 permanent jobs that will result from this project. 35. to put that in context under president obama 353,000 jobs were generated in november and a total of 2.9 million until 2014. there is the claim that will it's going to lower gas prices for american people. please. gas prices have been dropping for more than 100 straight days and are at the lowest level in 5 and a half years. they won't go any lower by allowing oil to be piped across our country just to be sold abroad. in contrast to these panacean facts on gas prices the potential impacts on our environment are very real. not only will burning these tar sands lead to global climate change and god forbid explosion will have disastrous impacts on our environment. >> that's because cancers can --
5:56 am
tar sands importanters are exempt from paying into the oil spill liability tax fund. american taxpayers will have to bear the cost of any clean-up of any spills. the public needs to know these facts, and that is why allowing one hour and not a single solitaire amendment today robs the american people of a full debate and discussion. on top of all that this bill is being pushed through despite the fact that it violates not one but two treaties for the american independent nations. what is to say about the respect for the rule of law? ifvans truly want to yen rate jobs for the american people they should fully fund the highway trust fund and support the grow america act to invest in the crumbling inflorida structure all across this country, not helping canadians building a superhighway for their dirty tar sands oil. not just supporting two,000 jobs for two years but millions of jobs for american families
5:57 am
across every congressional district. my colleagues, we have a chance to take an important stand today in this congress on behalf of taxpayers, the environment, native american communities, and the rule of law by supporting president obama's veto and rejecting this toxic give away to a corporate -- foreign corporate oil interest. with that, i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from pennsylvania. >> thank you, mr. speaker. before i yield, 30 seconds to the gentleman frommins. >> i just want to say there have been 15 hearings on the keystone pipeline. this is the 10th time we have debated it on the floor. this quite possibly could be the most debated piece of legislation in the history of congress. i don't know that for sure but i know it's been out there for 2303 days. i think the american people are fully aware of what's going on here. they understand it, and they do support it. with that i yield 30 seconds to the gentleman from minnesota.
5:58 am
>> gentleman from minnesota is recognized for 30 seconds? >> thank you, chair. schuster, mr. speaker, i rise today in support of the keystone pipeline which will safely move 300 million barelies annually, strengthen our economy and continue to decrease our independent on mid east oil and support thousands of jobs. this body has shown tremendous leadership on this issue and last year passed bi-partisan legislation to approve keystone for the 9th time. today, with strong support from unions businesses and the american people we must pass it again. i am grateful for representative kramer chairman schuster chairman unto and leadership for their work on this vital legislation. time is expired? >> i yield back. >> time yields back. gentleman from oregon. >> i give yield myself such time as i may consume. >> recognized? >> to safely transport -- that's a hypothetical and let me give a real example.
5:59 am
in 2010, a canadian company, e mvr idge had a pipeline burst in marshalll, michigan 1 million gallons of tar sands oil. here is the thing. all sorts of oil has viscosity and other characteristics. the thing about tar stands oil is it doesn't flow. it goes right to the bottom. they are still dredging canadian tar sands oil out of the bottom of the kalamazoo river four years later and so far claims of $53 million have been made which will have to be paid by american taxpayers and not by e mvr idge and even greater trans shipment by a foreign corporation exempt from paying into the oil spill liability trust fund creating even bigger
6:00 am
potential for spills with this oil which has unique characteristics which are much more difficult to clean up if it comes in contact with water and, god forbid, it get into the aquifer in one of the states that are being trans trans second. we have a difference in counting but i would say 14 hearings, three in the rules committee. those aren't hearings. that's sort of, you know a little star chamber where you take things before you bring them to the floor of the house. you don't discuss substance there. one was in the senate and that would leave 10 in the house but not a single hearing was in the principal committee of jurisdiction which would be the transportation committee. and, of course, the bill that was marked up by the transportation committee in the first session of the last congress has -- was very different than the bill that is being advocated for today which has not been marked up. we heard a lot about regular order, read the bill, all of that stuff. it's fine to say we voted on
6:01 am
this a lot of times before. 61 new members of the house, gas prices are down by almost 50%, a lot of things have changed. i would wonder about the vooibltty of this project. i did just recently learn the koch brothers have a significant investment in tar sands in canada. >> probably has nothing to do with an attempt to expedite this project. with that i would reserve the balance of my time. >> gentleman reserves. gentleman from pennsylvania? >> before i yield a minute to gentleman from north dakota i would like to remind the distinguished ranking member on transportation, arguably, the most knowledgeable man in congress when it comes to transportation issues, many years of service, an intellect that's very sharp. i would never presume to tell him. i want to remind him the safest way to move product, to move oil is by pipeline. i think the gentleman knows that. i wanted to remind him of that. with that i yield one minute to mr. kramer. >> gentleman is recognized one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
6:02 am
i sdmruft heard a word that is almost hard to believe. we have been accused of expediting this process. ladies and gentlemen this is day 2003 of this process. it's time because it's good for jobs creation, good for the environment. it is the safest not just the safest way but most environmentally sound way to move oil sands is in a pipeline. it is good for national security. it is good for comic execute. it is good because 62.8% labor force participation is the lowest since 1978. it creates jobs far these reasons, nots only does the majority of the united states house and senate support it. it's for these reasons that the vast majority of the people of the united states support it including the people of nebraska and for those reasons, i urge a yes, vote on hr-3. thank you. >> time has expired. gentleman from oregon.
6:03 am
>> at this moment i reserve. >> gentleman reserves. gentleman from pennsylvania. >> i recognize gentleman from texas, mr. po. >> recognized for 45 seconds? >> mr. speaker, the permitting for the keystone pipeline has taken longer than it took for the united states to win world war ii. isn't that lovely? the pipeline will bring oil to my home state of texas and pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. the keystone will deliver as much oil as we get from saudi arabia. the united states should work more with our neighbors, our normal neighbors, canada and mexico to develop our national resources and compete with opec. this is a national security and an energy securities issue. we can make the middle east, its politics politics, it's oil and turmoil irrelevant. it's time to pick a horse and
6:04 am
ride it. and that's just the way it is. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. >> gentleman from oregon? >> i inquire again as time remain okay both sides. >> gentleman has two and a half minutes remaining. >> okay. i yield myself 30 seconds. >> gentleman is recognized? >> in reform to the transport, yes, pipelines are generally safer but the consequences, look at the case in michigan when a pipeline goes are generally much greater, much greater volumes. even in the horrific train accidents we have had, the volumes were relatively small that were spilled even though the con sequences particularly in the one in canada were very very damaging? >> so, you know for a company to be exempt from -- i mean minimally you should have added to the bill requiring them to pay into the oil spill liability trust fund. >> would make this slightly less objectionable. >> time has expired. gentleman reserves. gentleman from pennsylvania.
6:05 am
>> i recognize the gentleman from california for one minute. >> gentleman from california is recognized one minute. chairman on rallies and pipelines? >> thank you, mr. chairman. this bill is based upon the cassidy keystone bill which passed on a bi-partisan vote of 252 to 161. as chairman schuster noted this pipeline will create jobs enhance our energy index and strengthen our national security. this will is a bill that makes numerous project benefits a reality. according to the department of energy, the pipeline will transport over 800,000 barrels per day of oil from canada to the gulf coast which will help reduce lee compliance on more hostile nations. some ofhave argued the oil will just be exported. but the administration's own environmental denies that that will ever occur it will also
6:06 am
create good-paying jobs now while promoting the growth of our energy economy for the future. this is the most studied pipeline in our history, in the history of our nation. we have never studied a pipeline like this. there is no need to continue to stall its approval. this project will be safe. >> gentlemen recognized for another 15 seconds? >> america currently has 2.6 million miles of pipeline providing extremely safe way to transport energy products. the keystone pipeline will be the safest ever built with 95 special mitigation measures including nearly 60 recommended by the department of transportation. it's time to approve this project. we can't afford any more delays. the american public deserves these jobs and wideserve to be energy independent. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from oregon? >> i would dealed the to the gentleman a minute and a half. >> gentleman from new jersey is
6:07 am
recognized as a minute and a half. >> thank you. we know the building of the keystone pipeline will create some jobs. it can even help lower consumers' prices but many of these jobs are temporary, which is true in most capital cases anyway. the price of oil has already fallen below $50 a barely since 2009 but we got some good news about jobs today again. we added 252,000 jobs. the unemployment rate is the lowest since 2008 i think may or june of that month, of that year. while we are going in the right direction, we need serious creation of jobs and at least a handout to the administration. not a handout but a reachout to the administration hey you are doing a pretty good job on this on oil prices on gasoline prices just a little bit of encouragement. we are all on the same ship. you boost our energy security
6:08 am
and having consumers money at the pump but the debate has become a symbol issue issue. let's admit it. it is clear this fight is vastly greater than the comic environmental or energy impact. it's the end of the world if you listen to the extremes of both sides. i could support the construction of this pipeline but do not believe congress should circumvent the administrative review. mr. speaker, let me recommend something through you to the chair, i believe the reason why we have this problem at the federal energy regulartory commission has nothing to say about oil lines. they do on gas lines. not oil lines. i think we would have saved a lot of time if we used the same situation. i am going to vote no on this but i think there are some good things that need to be done and could be worked out. >> time is expired. gentleman from pennsylvania? >> it's my privilege to yield to the -- to a nebraskaan to the
6:09 am
gentleman from nebraska, mr. smith, one minute. >> gentleman is recognized one minute. >> thank you, chairman and thank you for the time. as you know, a major portion of the keystone xl pipeline will run through nebraska's third district. nabns overwhelmingly support this project to improve access to north american energy and decrease the strain on our overwhelmed infrastructure system and, as we all now know the nebraska supreme court has upheld the process as established by the elected nebraska officials. i urge my colleagues to support approval of this project and i urge the president to sign off on the pipeline as a needed step to earn courage private investment and infrastructure. i yield back the balance of my time. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from oregon. >> 30 seconds. >> reserve. >> i will indistinguish how much time i have. >> gentleman from pennsylvania has four minutes remaining. >> it's now my privilege to yield to the gentle lady from
6:10 am
virginia ms. constopper. >> gentle lady is recognized for one minute? >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in strong support of hr 3, the keystone xl pipeline. this bill is about good-paying jobs and energy security. republicans and many democrats agree on this as well as the next coalition of the tea party as well as the chamber of commerce. listen to what the president of layuna said to the tens of thousands of men and women in the construction industry this isn't just a pipe leip. it's their mortgages, college tuitions, car payments and food on the table. for our country, this isn't just a pipeline. it's a life line to family security, energy security and national security. mr. speaker, i encourage my colleagues to vote for the massage of this critical bi-partisan bill.
6:11 am
>> gentleman from pennsylvania? gentlemen from new york, mr. reid? >> gentleman from new york is recognized for one minute? >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in strong support of this legislation to authorize the building of the keystone pipeline it's time. enough is enough. we agree thousands of jobs will be calculated by this pipeline. this will improve consumer prices. this will bring stability to oil markets around the world. this will contribute to protecting us here on american soil rather than relying on energy sources from hostile nations of the world. it doesn't cure all of the problems, but it's a step in the right direction. our constituents sent us here, mr. speaker, to solve problems. this is part of the solution. i rise in support of the keystone pipeline and ask all of my cliques on both sides of the aisle to reample the bi-partisan
6:12 am
smejs and i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from oregon reserves. gentleman from pennsylvania. >> i now yield one minute to the gentleman from indiana, mr. bu shown. >> recognized one minute? >> i rides in strong support of the keystone xl pipeline the most stud ilked pipeline in american history. after six years and 22,000 pages of review, the president's own state department tells us that construction of this pipeline will support over 42,000 good paying jobs and do nothing to harm the environment and pipelines have shown to be the safest way to transport oil. keystone is bi-partisan, wide widespread support. democrats, republicans, industry leaders and labor. unfortunately, the president issued a veto threats, putting wishes of environmental activists ahead of the american people. let's say yes to much needed jobs and approve the keystone pipeline without further delays.
6:13 am
i yield back. >> yields back. >> may i inqui as to how much time i have left? >> the gentleman from pennsylvania has one minute. one and a quarter minutes. the gentleman from oregon has 30 seconds? >> i am ready to close. >> gentleman from oregon is recognize. we are exporting more than 60% of the oil that we produce every day either as refined or even as crude product. in this case canadian oil exempt from a tax will flow through the united states to a refinery cha will be processed and exported overseas and somehow, that's going to lower prices first at the pump? somehow that's going to lead to american injury? you have to blow the dust off of those. they are dated. ref raised concerns here today. minimally, the republicans should require this canadian corporation to pay the same tax that most u.s. corporations pay when they transport products
6:14 am
through pipelines and not put american taxpayers at risk. >> gentleman's time is expired. gentleman from pennsylvania? >> thank you, mr. speaker, the final hurdle has been removed. nebraska's supreme court has said the keystone pipeline can move forward. >> should be enough for my democrats colleagues but there is more. it's safe. it's the safest way to transport this oil, this natural resource. it's studied, the most studied pipeline. it's go to be safe environmentally sound. it will protect the environment. it creates jobs. >> don't listen to me. listen to the five unions that represent 3 million workers, 3 million union workers say the keystone pipeline should be built. it provides energy security for us. it is good for our economy. it helps our allies. it strengthens our allies and weak edges our enemies. the last point is, it's fair to our best friends in the world, the canadians who have allowed us to build from alaska to the lower 48. we ought to return the favor to our best friend, best ally and
6:15 am
say, yes you can build a safe pipeline, you can build a pipeline that will help all of north american all of our allies around the world and weaken our enemies. with that i urge a yes vote on hr-3. with that i yield back the balance of my time. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from kentucky is
6:16 am
recognized. >> mr. speaker, the energy and commerce committee has shared jurisdiction over this issue with t & i and we have a number of members that would like to speak on the issue as well. at this time i would like to recognize for two minutes the chairman of the energy and commerce committee, gentleman from michigan mr. unto. >> gentleman from michigan is recognized for two minutes? >> thank you, mr. speaker. do you like choop oil? most americans would say yes. a number of us have strongly pursued a north american independent energy plan for years and our friend canada is a big part of that. in august of '09, pompom signed off a new pipe leip called the alberta clipper. guess what. it brings 400,000 barrels of oil a day from western canada to the united states. wifb waiting for the approval of the keystone xl pipeline for years. over six, in fact. i remember well when president
6:17 am
obama promised to do whatever it takes to create american jobs. that was followed by a so-called year of action. yet here we are six years later nothing has happened. but the admin -- by the administration's estimates tens of thousands of jobs will be supported by this landmark project. bringing oil from canada to the united states sdmrasz i ampots from venzuela and the middle east. isn't that a good thing? also note former sec tear of state hillary clinton indicated she was inclined to support the project. that was way back in 2010. in fact, in the summer of 2011, the white house issued its first veto threat against congressional action on the keystone xl claiming that legislation was unnecessary because their process was working. a decision would be reached by the end of that year. since then we have upgraded new oil and gas pipeline standards and keystone will exceed those as, mr. president, as it should. we used to be a nation of big
6:18 am
ideas. we built the hoover dam and the golden gate bridge and in much less time than it has taken the president to say "yes" or "no." we can do better. the election, mr. president, is over. there has been broad bi-partisan support from this project from the very first day. the president has been hiding behind the nebraska court case to block keystone xl. when that cleared, the white house is out of excuses. vote yes. >> gentlemen's time is expired. why from new jersey. >> thank you mr. speaker. i would like to yield to mr. green frommun an muss consent request. >> speaker has nam us consent to place a statement in the record in support of hr-3. >> without objection. gentleman from new jersey. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself five minutes at this time. >> gentleman is recognized.
6:19 am
>> today, mr. speecher voting once again to grant special treatment to trans canada's keystone xl tar stands pipeline. it's the 10th time since republicans took control of the house. americans families face many pressing problems. they want us to use this new congress to work together to solve them. unfortunately, we will begin this new clear with a bill crafted soilly to help the canadian tar sands industry. the administration issued a statement in opposition to this legislation and indicated that the president will veto the bill. i heard my republican colleagues talk about the action or inaction, whatever it was by the nebraska support today but i would stress that the white house press office still says in a statement that regardless of the nebraska ruling today, the how bill still conflicts with longstanding executive branch procedures regarding the authority of the president and presents a thorough consideration of complex issues that could bear on u.s. national interests and if presented to the president he will veto the
6:20 am
bill. so, the bill will still be vetoed by the president which is another indication why we are wasting our time today. mr. speaker, oil prices are at their lowest level in more than five years. gas prices are now below $2 a gallon. domestic u.s. oil production is kye skyrologisting. tar sands are among the dirtiest and most carbon intensive of all fossil fuels. approving the keystone xl pipeline will create a dependence on tar sands crude reducing reduction in emissions. according to some building the keystone will triple production of the tar stands. >> that's totally inconsistent with any future scenario for avoiding catastrophic climate change. we don't need this oil, mr. speaker. approving and constructing this pipeline won't lower gas prices for americans. in some areas it may rise prices. this pipeline is a terrible deal for the united states. we get all of the risks while the oil companies will reap all of the rewards.
6:21 am
i was at the rules committee the other night. all i kept hearing was how wonderful canada is, how we have to help canadian companies how, you know, this is all about canada. well frankly, i don't know why we are so worried about a canadian corporation. it wasn't clear during the rules committee based upon the conversations and debate we had with the republican side that this pipeline would ever even be built. here we are you rushing, rushing to basically say to the president, we don't care what you are or the state department or the department of interior say about what's in the national interest. we are just going to go ahead and do this because of some canadian interests. mr. speaker, this is a new year and a new congress the we have new members who will vote on this without the benefit of hearings or mark-ups or floor amendments without the benefit of learning how our changing energy pictures changes need for this pipeline and without considering whether our time might be better spent on efforts to promote other cleaner energy sources. we need sound energy policy in these challenging times.
6:22 am
as the ranking member of the committee on energy and commerce i am anxious to work with my colleagues on pragmatic energy policies. we need a balanced energy policy that takes into account current circumstances, one that takes into account our need to combat climate change and one that works with the president rather than against the president to deliver legislation that the president can sign rather than veto. this legislation doesn't meet any of these criteria. so, i urge my colleagues to vote no on this bill. i reserve the balance of my time. >> gentleman reserves. gentleman from kentucky. >> at this time, i would like to yield two minutes to the distinguished gentleman from texas, mr. olson, a member of the energy and commerce committee. >> gentleman from texas is recognized for two minutes. >> i think my chairman and friend. madam speaker, mr. speaker, i speak today as a former naval
6:23 am
aviator who flew alongside canadian armed forces as we won the cold war. we have no greater ally than our neighbor to the north, canada. we were attacked on september 11th and went to war in afghanistan. they went with us. to date, nearly 200 of their precious sons have come home in coffins. >> that's a true ally. katrina and new orleans in august of 2005, within three days, our neighbors to the north authorized three military vessels, coast guard vessel numerous planes 25 military divers and tons of tents,
6:24 am
blankets, beds water, medical supplies. >> that's a true ally. yet in the strong alliance is being weakened dramatically because president obama has chosen to listen to a small group of wealthy radicals who want no drop of oil coming from our neighbor to the north canada. in november, i met with officials from canada, officials from all over, from againville, from nova scotia. they were dismayed because we are telling them we don't want your oil. don't help us. send that to china. >> yield to the gentleman 30 more seconds?
6:25 am
>> thank you. i appreciate that. >> gentlemen is recognized for 30 seconds. >> it's a bad world, mr. president. terrorists in paris, isis terrorists hitting our country from north korea. we need strong allies. pick up two things, mr. president. today, the phone dial for mr. harper and say i am going to approve this pipeline. the senate pick up the pen sign this bill into law. let's have a strong alliance with canada forever. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. chair would like to remind all members to direct their comments to the chair. gentleman from new jersey is recognized? >> mr. speaker, i yield now three minutes to the ranking member of the energy and power sub knit. >> the gentleman from illinois is recognized for three minutes? >> i want to thank the ranking member. mr. speaker, i strongly oppose this bill, and i strongly
6:26 am
disagree with this will ab horrent process that the majority side has undertaken in order to hastily bring hr-3 to the floor after only one hour debate and denying the minority the ability to offer not one single solitary amendment. truth be told mr. speaker, it is unclear how this legislation or actually be of benefit to the american people. a 2014 report by the state department concluded that the keystone pipeline will create 35
6:27 am
permanent full-time domestic jobs which is roughly the same amount of jobs that would have been created by opening a new corner fast food burger joint, although with more risks to the american environment. and furthermore, mr. speaker, this bill is unnecessary because there is already an independent process that is taking place at this very moment. and hr 3 should service this full process. and furthermore mr. speaker, let it be fully understood by all members of this house that the president has indicated had a he would veto this bill.
6:28 am
this bill is dead on arrival if it reaches the president's desk. the state department has already released its final supplemental environmental impact statement and has begun the review period to determine whether the pipeline is in our national interest. mr. speaker more than 2.5 million americans have contributed comments on how this fool hardy process will impact the national interests and their voices the voices of 2.5 million americans deserve to be heard. i have said it before mr. speaker, and i will say it again. in the bill is about seizing
6:29 am
power away from the american people. can i have 30 seconds? >> i yield the gentleman another 30 seconds. >> yesgentlemen is recognize. >> seeding power away from the american people, by seizing power away from its dully elected president. it will prevent the thorough consideration of the complex issue that will have serious security safety environmental and other ramifications. mr. speaker, i urge the members of this body to vote no. mr. speaker, the keystone pipeline is a republican pipe dream. >> gentleman's time is expired. >> gentleman from kentucky. >> i yield two minutes to the distinguished majority leader, the gentleman from california mr. mccarthy. 1 minute. >> gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> i think the gentleman -- i
6:30 am
thank the gentleman for yielding. mr. speak her as we stand on the floor debating a bill to approve the keystone pipeline, we all need to admit, we shouldn't be doing this. we should not have to be here today. 2,303 days after the application for keystone first submitted to the state department. we shouldn't be debating it. we should be building. for years, approval has been stuck in the senate. well now the senate is open. the senate is changed. it moved through committee. mr. speaker, for the longest time the president hid behind the lengthy and delayed review process saying he wanted to wait to make a decision. he said he was waiting because environmental and legal considerations. but keystone won't harm the
6:31 am
environment. it will help product it. people know that. mr. speaker, the president knows that. mr. speaker, the president before we en started the debate today has submitted a threat of a veto. i take this serious as a majority leader. so i wanted to read it. mr. speaker, it says one of the rationals why the president wants to veto it is because this august rises a project despite uncertainty due to ongoing litigation in nebraska. hallelujah. we have good news for the president, mr. speaker. the nebraska supreme court solved that problem for him today. would we should move forward just as we have done before in a bi-partisan basis. why? because 42,000 jobs.
6:32 am
those are american jobs. created here an economy continuing to move forward. rest assured the oil in canada will be produced. the question before us today: will that oil move down through america, refined in american refineries, built by american women and men? or will it go to a whole another continent? we take up many issues here on this floor. we have to look to the future and we have to build for a future and a strong future. i want north america to be energy independent. we all know the strength of that. i want toi want an environmentally sound way to do it. today does it. i listened to the president's concerns, mr. speaker. we have had 2,3003 days.
6:33 am
we have studied it mr. speaker. our departments studied it. they came back and said environmentally, we are safe. there was a legal concern. the supreme court dealt with that. so today, we can join together just as we have done before in a bi-partisan way, pass this bill a new change in the senate with an open process pass it there and go to the desk to be signed so 42,000 americans could get back to work. i yield back. >> john yields back. >> the gentleman from new jersey. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i yield to the gentleman from vermont. >> the gentleman from vermont is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. at the heart of this issue are two questions. first, is climate change real? is it a threat to our economy to jobs, to our environment and to our security? speaking for vermont, climate change is real and the past five
6:34 am
years, vermont has had 10 federal disaster declarations from severe weather including tropical storm irene that did nearly a billion dollars worth of damage. our farmer sugar producers are trying to contend with the changing climate. we know not all is the same. this is not sweet texas crude. tar sands produce about 20 to 40% more carbon emissions than the texas sass oil. extracting is going to produce about 27 million metric tongs of carbon emissions. the second question is this: should congress now or should congress ever pass a major piece of ledge slice without any committee hearings when that legislation is only about oil going through our country, not to our country. this legislation includes a special provision that exempts a foreign corporation from contributing to the environmental clean-up fund all
6:35 am
are required to pay in to. on the issue of jobs these are good jobs. about 2000 jobs. but if this congress would do its job, we would pass a surface transportation bill that would create 200,000 jobs and put those 3 million men and women in our labor unions to work on good things that are going to rebuild this country. mr. speaker, this is the wrong bill. it's passed in the wrong way and at exactly the wrong time. i urge a no vote and yield back. >> gentleman yields back. the gentleman from kentucky. >> at this time, i would like to-year-old two minutes to the vice chairman of the energy and commerce committees. >> gentleman lady from tennessee, ms. blackburn recognized for two minutes? >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to thank the chairman from kentucky for his tenacious work on this issue. this is the 10th time this has come to the floor, and he has been diligent and has continued to push it, and we thank him for
6:36 am
those efforts. i have to tell you listening to this debate it just goes to show you why the american people are so tired of what they consider to be the political games that are played here in washington. they said they wanted us to come and get some things done. this is getting some things done. and it's appropriate that we take up this bill today. here is why. do you realize 88% of all americans support energy independence? 88%. 65% of all americans thing that building the keystone pipeline is what this country should do. now, i have to tell you i listened to the president and to the excuses that come out of the administration. and i think with the supreme court decision in nebraska today, the president is out of
6:37 am
excuses. he is out of excuses. he has run the gamut on it. no more excuses. at a time is the time that we pass it the senate pass it and that this legislation go to the president's desk. one of my colleagues said that being here on the floor today is a waste of time. i really disagreed with that mr. chairman. the president vetoing this legislation is a waste not only of the american people's time but of the resources. and the taxpayer money that come in to the coffers for this government to function. create 20,000 new jobs. increase our energy supply. move us to energy independence. pass the bill. yield back. >> gentlemen ladies yields back. gentleman from new jersey? >> mr. speaker, may i inquire
6:38 am
how much time is available on both sides? >> gentleman from new jersey has six minutes. the gentleman from kentucky has 7 and a half minutes. >> i yield now two minutes to the gentleman from georgia. >> gentleman from georgia is recognized for two minutes. thank you very much, mr. mr. speaker. this bill is a labor economics jobs bill. the american people need jobs. the labor unions who founded and built the middle class of this nation need jobs. but ladies and gentlemen, nobody needs jobs like young black men. i see this as an opportunity here today. >> the highest unemployment rate is with black young men. black young men between the ages of 19 and 35, the unemployment rate is 38%. 3 yaw %. at some communities, it's 50%. >> that's why i come before you
6:39 am
today. i support the bill. but i want you all to help me an amendment. you all know the amendment process is going on over in the senate. and over in the senate senator mcconnell said he is open to amendments. here is the amendment. the amendment would just put language in this bill that would put the apprenticeship programs what they affection atly call earn as you learn on-the-job training. no federal money. and target those and 2k3w50id and direct and encourage in this language that our labor union partners bring in these young african-american to learn these trade building skills. each of the labor unions already, they have the apprenticeship programs. they have been there.
6:40 am
we need this desperately, ladies and gentlemen. do you know that sitting in the prisons right now are 1 million black men? every week, thousands of our black men are going in to prison. the number 1 reason? they don't have jobs. this is a jobs bill. yeah it's got maybe some people say 4,000, some people say 2. but there will be other jobs that they can learn these skills from. when we rebuild our infrastructure. you all have seen the signs. >> gentleman's time is expired? >> black lives matter. but black lives with jobs. help me get this amendment in on the senate side. let's pass this bill. thank you. >> chair lady before the house.
6:41 am
hr-26, an act to extend the termination date of the terrorism insurance program established under the terrorism risk insurance act of 2002 and for other purposes. >> gentleman from kentucky? >> i would like to yield one minute from the gentleman from illinois, mr. boss for one minute. >> gentleman from illinois is recognized for one minute. 0 thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise in strong support of house resolution 26 and the construction of keystone xl pipeline. part of the existing pipeline system actually surprised the wood river refinery in the 12th congressional district in illinois. in anticipation of the construction of this pipeline the owners have spent $4,000,000,000 upgrading the facility and created about 24100 jobs over a four-year period.
6:42 am
construction of the keystone xl and the extension would deliver similar benefits to other regions from the country creating over 42,000 jobs in construction, manufacturing, transportation services and service struz. it is for this reason that diverse coalitions of business and labor unions in the construction and building trades industries have come out in support of house resolution 26. and i encourage all of my colleagues to do the same. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from new jersey. >> mr. speaker, i yield one minute to gentleman woman from california. >> gentle lady is recognize for one minute? >> thank you, mr. speaker. how does this one project, the keystone xl pipeline get so much outside attention? we currently have aspraling a
6:43 am
185,000 mile network of oil pipelines in the united states and a regulatory process to ensure that they are operating safely. so why are we spending so much time trying to exempt a cavern aidian company from the environmental reviews that every other company in america has to abide by? the big question, mr. speaker, who will pay for any future oil spills? not keystone. this bill exempts keystone from contributing the same $0.08 per barely that every other oil company is required to pay in to the oil spill trust fund. tell me, mr. speaker, why is this if the authors are so certain that this pipeline does not carry any environmental risk? won't they allow the review processes to run its course? i stand with my colleagues. i want those jobs. i want them around the country. we can do this. we can do better. i urge a no vote on this
6:44 am
dangerous precedent, mr. mr. speaker. >> gentle lady's time is expired. za from kentucky. >> at this time, i would like to recognize the distinguished gentleman from illinois a member of the energy and commerce committee mr. shifkus for one and a half minutes. >> gentleman from illinois is recognized for 1 and a half minutes without objection? >> thank you, mr. speaker. also, i want to say congratulations to my friend congressman paloon for assuming the rafrminging position. we look forward to working with you. today is a great day. this pipeline should have been approved six years ago. like so many other trans trans-inational pipelines in our history, a pipeline is the safest way to move bulk liquid product than any other means it is -- will be from an ally a trusted ally more crude oil on the world market lowers prices. it's more money in the individual citizens' pockets. it actually is a very great day. let's just deburning this myth.
6:45 am
this oil is going to go to refineries in my district my boss district ohio indiana, and in the gulf coast. so we are going to get the double effort because we are going to be able to refine this put it on the u.s. market lower energy prices for all of our citizens. it's a great day. thank you, chairman for bringing it to the floor. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman yields back. gentleman from new jersey? >> i want to make sure we still have three minutes on our side. >> correct. >> i yield two minutes, then to the gentle woman from new york, ms. maloney. >> gentle woman recognized? >> i thank you for yielding. i rise in opposition. we have been promised thousands of jobs. the u.s. state department says this will create only 35 permanent jobs. yes, there will be construction jobs. they are not permanent, they are for a year maybe two years. but let's be clear about what we are getting with keystone: a
6:46 am
dirty and dangerous pipeline running through the heart of our country, which will help canadiens, canadian oil companies export -- export their oil to the -- it hams to be the filthiest possible energy form if we put the same energy into a transportation bill as we have to this canadian pet project, we could upgrade our crumbling roads and bridges, expand our mass transit system provide a huge boost to the american economy and create jobs in almost every single congressional district in this country. thousands of jobs in our good country. >> we don't need another pipeline dividing our country, polluting our water, pushing us closer and closer to the climate tipping point. a transportation overhaul will
6:47 am
create jobs that american can live off of. keystone will not. unless what they are kn considering are the 35 permanent jobs. main they are considering that there will be jobs to create the leaks and the pollution and treat the pollution associated and i willnetses that may be associated with the pollution i urge a no vote. we should invest in american companies. we should invest in american pipelines. we should invest in american jobs here in america for americans that are permanent. the state department estimates that there will be only 35 permanent jobs. so what are we getting? no jobs and pollution from the dirtiest oil source and energy source that is on the earth at this point. i reserve the balance of my time. >> gentle lady's time is expired. gentleman from kentucky? >> would you explain the amount of time on each side?
6:48 am
>> the gentleman from kentucky has 5 and a half minutes. the gentleman from new jersey has one minute. >> at this time, i would like to recognize the gentleman from mississippi, mr. harper a member of the energy and commerce committee for one minute? >> the gentleman from mitch is recognized for one minute? >> that you knew mr. chairman. here we are again, working to pass a bill to approve construction of the northern portion of the keystone xl pipeline. again with the facts on our side, again with bi-partisan support in both houses of congress. again under threat of a veto. with a new republican majority in the senate the president might get to make good on his veto threat this time. we should force him to make that decision. i urge my colleagues to support this job-creating north american energy producing, bi-partisan, labor union and chamber of commerce supported shovel-ready project. the american people ask for
6:49 am
hr-3. we wade long enough. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from new jersey. >> mr. siegel i would reserve until my clearlying colleague from kentucky is ready to close. >> gentleman reserves. >> at this time, i would like to recognize the gentleman from north carolina mr. rouser for one minutes. >> gentleman from north carolina is recognized for one minute? >> mr. speaker, i have heard more than one person say common sense isn't so common anymore. boy, isn't that right? today, we have a unique opportunity to pass common sense legislation that will truly help the american people and strengthen america. i am proud to co-sponsor hr 3, the keystone xl pipeline act. it's projected this pipeline will create more than 40,000 good paying jobs. it will create far more jobs indirectly by increasing our energy supply at a time when our families are struggling to make ends meet, it's irresponsible for the president to walk away from doing what's right for america, building the pipeline
6:50 am
will help us achieve injury energy independence. this is an opportunity to strengthen our position in the world, eliminate a key revenue source for our enemies and strengthen our economy by lowering fuel prices even more. i urge my colleagues in both chambers and the president to support the keystone pipeline act. this is an opportunity to show the american people there is still a glimmer of hope for good ol' common sense. mr. speaker, i yield back my time. >> gentleman yields back. the gentleman from new jersey reserves. >> gentleman from kentucky. >> at this time, i would like to recognize the distinguished gentleman from oklahoma mr. russell, for one minute. >> gentleman from oklahoma is recognized for one minute? >> thank you, mr. chairman and mr. speaker or mr. speaker and mr. chairman. as a combat veteran we should never have to fight for something we can so readily produce here why should we put competitors in leverage over our economy and give them dollars to
6:51 am
use against us? we hear a lot of talk from progressives on the environment mr. speaker. imagine a life without petroleum, no cell phones no asphalt for roads, no synthetic clothing, no plastics. on what do progressives suppose we run our magnificent nation and lifestyle? perhaps their answer is sweet bubble love and rainbo stew. i yield back. >> gentleman yields back. gentleman from kentucky? >> i think we have the right to close. so, the gentleman would like to proceed. >> gentleman from new jersey? >> i yield myself the time that remains, mr. speaker. >> gentleman is recognized? >> mr. speaker, the keystone xl pipeline moves us in exactly the wrong direction, enabling production of the dirtiest crude oil on the planet to expand in increasing our carbon pollution for decades to come. we still have a lot of work to do to cut our carbon pollution and avoid catastrophic climate change.
6:52 am
the concentration of carbon die dioxide hit 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. although this administration is mark making progress we are far from achieving goals and the need to act is more i know event than ever. i would urge colleagues to vote no. the president will veto this legislation. it's a political exercise at this point. again, it bothers me that i hear so much from the other side about trying to help this canadian company. we should be concerned about the united states. we should be concerned about and the environment that results from climate change and the continued production of greenhouse gases. my concern and the concern of the president is that this is simply not legislation that has been profrn to be so far in the national interest. the president is just asking for more time to make that determination. vote no. >> gentleman's time is expired. gentleman from kentucky? >> how much time is remaininging? >> gentleman from kentucky has two and a half minutes remaining? >> two and a half minutes?
6:53 am
well i want to recognize mr. kramer from north dakota for 30 seconds. is that okay? okay. if you want to go ahead. >> gentleman is recognized for 30 seconds. >> thank you mr. speaker. thank the chairman for yielding. i want to address a couple of things. faulsdz i would like to place in the record if possible, mr. speaker, a letter i received from small business and entrepreneurial counsel and cater pillar. >> without objection. >> with that i want to address the climate change issue because i think it's important to a lot of people. the argument that the other side makes is based upon the false idea that somehow oil sands haven't going to be developed without the united states. it is. moving anything by rail is 1.9 times more the emissions for c 02 than moving it by pipeline. moving it by truck creates 2.8 times the c 02 emissions as moving it by pipeline. moving it by barge to china is priceless. with that, i yield back. >> time expired. gentleman from kentucky? >> i yield myself as much time
6:54 am
as i may consume. >> the gentleman is recognized? >> >>? >> in conclusion, i would like to point out a couple of things. first of all, this was a significant issue in the last election just a couple of months ago. this is a piece of legislation about the american people, not at that canadian oil company, 72% of the american people in poll say they support this legislation. this is about jobs for people in america who need jobs this is about increasing the energy infrastructure of our country this also is a project that would not include one dime from the federal government. it's going to be a cost of approximately $7,000,000,000 of private funds that will create a lot of jobs make us less dependent on foreign oil. is the application for a keystone pipeline was filed in september of 2008.
6:55 am
there are 2.6 million miles of pipelines in america. most of those pipelines do not have to be approved by the president of the united states. in this particular pipeline since it crosses from canada to the u.s. the president must approve it he said one reason he is not is because of litigation in nebraska which ended today in favor of the governor of nebraska who supports this pipeline. the second ostensible reason for the president to oppose it is c 02 emissions. yet the secretary of state's office under hillary clinton and mr. kerry in their final supplemental environmental impact statement has said on three occasions, it will have minimum impact on the environment. sol today, we want to pass this
6:56 am
legislation for the american people. the u.s. senate said they would pass it. we would ask the president to join us and sign this legislation. i would urge the package of hr-3. >> here are a few of the comments we have recently received on the 114th congress. >> my comment is nothing is going to change in washington d.c. there is too much corruption. some senators have been there too long. it's time for them to go. give the younger ones a chance. new ideas we are not going to get anywhere as long as these senators stay in that same position. john mccain, they have been down there, lindsey graham. it's the same ol' thing, time for changes. people are working too hard in this country, have to work two
6:57 am
and three jobs to take care of their family and still not getting anywhere. something has to give. >> i am looking at the over all conversations you guys have been having for the last three or four months. the congress, the government is so huge what can they do when they go in there today? i tell you they could be like the leaders they should have been, the leaders i was raised around, the men that looked over in the communities they lived in and said these are our children. they are these are our young men and these are our daughters. what can we do in a realistic way to make this a better place to live. you know i would say anyone who is going to carry the power and yield the idea of wisdom to the faces of us who are having to work and pay for it: guys, you know we live a pretty good life here let's take what you got the opportunity to do and do something right and quit playing games with, you know what you
6:58 am
think you are going to value and you are going to have to give away one day. >> my question to the 114th congress that it's going to do nothing for the american people i can't understand how is it that congressmen become good until they get elected. when they go to washington the lies the propaganda and it just seems disturbing to me it seems like everything president obama does is wrong and it's sad saddened to me because i am a positive pastor. i here people come on, your colleague said he was a christian. jesus said that if you do this to the least of them, you have also done it to me. >> continues to let us know what you think about the programs you are watching. call us:
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>> join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. >> up next washington journal is live with your phone calls. later, the inauguration ceremonies for california governor jerry brown and florida governor rick scott...
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