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tv   Florida Gubernatorial Inauguration  CSPAN  January 10, 2015 10:40am-11:06am EST

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>> now the inaugural address from florida governor rick scott, who this week was sworn into a second term. he spoke from the old capitol building in tallahassee. this is just under half an hour. [applause] >> and now, the swearing in of the 45th governor of florida, rick scott. place your left hand on the bible and repeat after me. i rick scott >> i rick scott >> do solemnly swear >> do solemnly swear >> that i will support protect, and defend >> that i will support protect, and defend
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>> the constitution and government >> the constitution and government >> of the united states and of the state of florida >> of the united states and the state of florida >> that i am duly qualified >> that i am duly qualified >> to hold office >> to hold office >> under the constitution of the state >> under the constitution of the state >> that i will well and faithfully >> that i will well and faithfully >> perform the duties of governor >> perform the duties of governor >> on which i am now about to enter >> of which i am now about to enter >> so help me god >> so help me god. >> congratulations, governor. [applause]
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>> thank you. please have a seat. >> we have been very fortunate. this is the second time in a row we had just perfect weather on inauguration day.
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first and foremost, thank you to the people of florida. without your confidence and support, we never would be here today. i certainly wouldn't have made it or survived all the victories in my life without my beautiful wife ann. who would have thought 42 years ago when we got married that we'd ever be standing here today? i have been blessed with a wonderful wife. i love you. you are absolutely the best. [applause] like all of us i've been
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blessed in my life, and we have two wonderful daughters allison and jordan. they're clearly the sweetest blessings we could ever imagine. we love you very much. we are very proud of you and we're especially proud of what great mothers you've become. [applause] i also want to thank my son-in-laws for being here today and for giving ann and me three wonderful grandsons, august whitman, and sebastian. there's probably no job better. i love being governor, but there's probably no job better than being grandpa to these three wonderful --. [applause] i want to thank governor rick perry for being here. and governor chris christie. [applause] and let's again recognize
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lieutenant governor carlos lopez gutierrez. i've been blessed to work with three other cabinet members -- attorney general pam bondi c.f.o. jeff atwater and the commissioner. i have a great legislature i get to work with led my the first senate president andy gardner, speaker of the house steve christofoli, and we've
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got a great florida senate and florida house. especially right now let's recognize honorable law enforcement. our military members and our supreme court justices. so looking out at the audience, there are so many of you that i have gotten to know the last four years, and i want to thank so many of you for all your counsel, your support, and your confidence. thank you very much. let's start out by saying something i said on election night. the campaign is over. of course, all of you know that
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already. but my point is this. now we need to turn to governing. we need to turn to doing exactly the right thing for all the families of florida. that's all the families -- republicans, democrats independents and the nearly 20 million people that live in our great state. sure there's going to be differences of opinion. there will be robust debates on the best direction of florida. that's not a weakness in our system. that's a strength. but there are many things we can come together on. we should not let partisan politics or any politics for that matter get in our way. today we embark on an incredible journey over the next four years for the benefit for each and every floridian. four years ago i had the opportunity to stand here and we set an ambitious goal of 700,000 jobs over seven years. today i'm proud to announce that florida businesses have,
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in fact, created more than 700,000 jobs in less than four years. [cheering and applause] when we set this goal in 2010, people were losing jobs, housing prices were dropping, many predicted it would take way more than seven years to get out of the downward spiral of job loss and increased debt. but we proved them wrong. when i say "we" it was all the hard working people of florida that proved them wrong. florida, in less than four years, the businesses and the hard-working people of florida clearly generated way more than 700,000 jobs.
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this will simply seem to be a number to a lot of people but every job, every one of the 700,000 jobs represents a family. families like danny rehma, paul beemiller, tony delgado. one job doesn't just help a person. it transforms a family. a lot of people ask me, why did i run for governor? my friends in business think i should have been in retirement and off fishing somewhere. they don't get it. i ran for governor to change lives, to make it better for other people. i can tell you from watching my parents struggle to make ends meet that if you want to change a life, the most important thing you can do is get somebody a job. [applause]
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if we can make florida the worldwide leader for families who struggle like mine did to get a job, then i've fulfilled my job as your governor. a job is the most important thing we can do to change somebody's life. a job helps families put food on the table pay the rent, buy a car. it gives the family hope for a better future. the importance of continual job creation is something that we can all agree on. jobs and opportunity are clearly good for each and every one of us. you have heard me constantly talk about jobs since 2010 when i got into the race. i can promise you i'm not going to stop. i'll be working to make sure florida's the place where you can get a job and you can have a great opportunity until the last day i serve as your governor. jobs have been my focus the
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last four years. jobs will be my mission for the next four years. we -- while we are focused on growing jobs in florida, we must realize that positions our state as a fighter in a great movement against the silent growth of government. many states like florida are fighting to limit the growth of government and grow opportunity instead. if you don't believe florida is right in the middle of this national battle, let me give you some facts. over the last 20 years millions of people have escaped from states with climbing tax rates to move to states with lower taxes. for starters, estimates say individuals who escape these high tax states have taken with them around $2 trillion of adjusted gross income. they're voting with their feet. they're leaving states like new york which lost $71 billion in adjusted gross income from 1992
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to 2011 and illinois which lost $31 billion in adjusted gross income in the same time frame. the people who left new york and illinois had one thing in common -- their number one destination was florida. [cheering] florida has inherited over $26 billion in adjusted gross income from new york and illinois during that time. in total, florida's inherited over $100 billion in adjusted gross income. now, to put that in perspective that's more than one-eighth of our entire entire g.d.p. last year. we are first for families deciding where they believe they can live the american dream.
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when people move here, they spend their money here, they bring their businesses here, they support our charities and they create jobs and opportunities for other floridians. in fact, the national battle against growing governments so intensely affects florida that we recently surpassed new york as the third largest state. in florida, we are moving the government can do better without getting bigger. we have two choices. we can pretend the migration would have happened regardless of our tax policies, or regardless of what government policies we put in place. or we can acknowledge florida's very serious advantage over other state is not just this last decade but in the decade to come. now, if there's one thing i hope you'll remember from my message today it's this. florida must remain committed
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to smaller government and lower taxes if our goal is to be the worldwide destination for jobs. there is a great temptation in government to think you can spend other people's money better than they can. but if that were true, more than 1 million people would not have left new york and illinois over the past 20 years for lower tax states like florida. in the next four years, we're going to build on our legacy of cutting taxes more than 40 times. we'll cut another $1 billion in taxes. we'll continue to phase out the business tax and permanently eliminate the tax on manufacturing equipment.
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as businesses are able to compete globally, we're going to get more and more jobs and more and more opportunities for our families. why are we going to do this? for one reason and one reason only. to provide an opportunity for every single person in florida especially families like mine growing up that struggled to make ends meet. i have a message today, people of new york, illinois, pennsylvania, and others. move to florida. [applause] we want you to keep more of your money because we understand it's your money. it's not ours. we want your businesses to grow and succeed. we want to compete globally and we want to win. over the next four years i will be traveling to your state and i will recruit you personally to move your businesses to florida.
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in florida, we are the business of opportunity not the business of bigger government. in addition to cutting taxes, we have an ambitious agenda to keep florida working, and we will become the global leader for job growth by 2020. we know the workers of tomorrow are in our classrooms today and that is why this year we'll have the highest per pupil funding for k-12 education in the history of the state of florida. as we do, we'll be ever mindful of the fact that money alone does not guarantee success in education. florida has led the nation in education reforms, providing equal opportunity in education for all and we're going to
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continue to do that. we will compete globally for jobs by investing in a work force training program in science, technology, engineering, and math. keeping our costs low doesn't end up -- doesn't end just with tax cuts. it also, you know, includes lowering the cost of higher education opportunities as well. this last year, we already worked with the legislature to stop tuition increases for under graduate programs. and to make higher education even more affordable we're going to have more $10,000 degree programs in our state colleges. and we're going to hold the line on graduates' college tuition. today texas is our number one competitor for jobs.
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but we will unseat texas. now, to become the global leader in job creation we have to continue to invest in our ports. $1 billion over my eight years in office. we also have to make it a priority to invest $25 billion in our roadways over the next five years to further our economic growth. investments in our infrastructure must be partnered with environmental improvements to ensure we keep florida beautiful. over the next 10 years, we'll work to invest $1 billion to restore springs and help develop water supplies. i realize that all candidates
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for public office talk about how important the environment is to the health of our people and our state. but talk is cheap. we have to make the investments necessary to turn we have made great environmental strides, and will continue to do so. now, i began the speech with a confession. that a goal of 700,000 jobs over seven years was ambitious. in closing, i will ability you that there are goals of unseating texas, and becoming a global leader for job creation __ iis equally ambitious. but if we accomplish our priorities __ invest in
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education, cut taxes __ the number one threat to our success is complacency. don't let anyone tell you that government policies don't matter, or that jobs are just created all by themselves. florida get stronger issue because we are fighting against a bloated federal government. and the increased regulations and the increased taxes. florida is getting stronger every year because we are dreaming about more rules for our families, not about government red tape. florida, we cannot give up our fight. we cannot give up our dream to becoming the number one place in the world to get a job.
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we have more work to do, but we can do it together. let's commit today that we will continue to cut taxes to see more growth and opportunity. let's commit today to higher education affordable. let's invest in our infrastructure, and let's commit today to work together to keep florida working. thank you. god bless america. and god bless the great state of florida. [applause] ♪
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♪ >> here are some of our featured programs for this weekend. on c_span2, tonight at 10:00
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pm, cass sunstein on the pitfalls of group decision_making and how to avoid them. and part of book tvs college series, we talk with recently retired professors on the influence of hip_hop on politics. and the u.s. government efforts to cure malaria during world war ii. and on "american history tv", tonight at 8:00 pm eastern, anderson university professor, brian durr, uses abraham lincoln's life to understand the views of what americans on slavery. and sunday __ a discussion on birth control advocacy. find our complete television schedule at let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. call us, email us, or send us a tweet.
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like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. >> the senate is expected to vote monday on whether to limit debate and advanced a bill that would authorize the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. senators began debating the measure earlier this week, after it was introduced as one of the first items in the agenda. north dakota senator john hoeven is a sponsor of the bill. he spoke on the floor, along with supporters and those who opposed the legislation. this is a little less than two hours. senator joe manchin and actually a total of 60 sponsors, i have filed s. 1, which is the keystone approval bill. it's a very simple, straightforward bill. this is legislation that we've seen before in this body. what it does is under the commerce clause of the constitution it authorizes congress to approve the keystone x.l. pipeline project. i have got this chart here to


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