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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 24, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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a conversation with their congressman. she had a four-year-old daughter she was worried about. she has a great husband. that little girl has grown up to 15 years old. i have seen this family friend long time. i've seen this family for a long time. i've watched joni ernst as she came as a captain and up to lieutenant colonel and was elected as county auditor. it was obvious joni ernst needed to be a state senator. she became a state senator, took a floor, held her ground. i watched her mature as a candidate through the primary for united states senate, then to the general election she matured again. now not only is she getting ready for this job, she is doing this job. she is the joy of all of us in this state who care about our voice going to washington dc. she gave a speech on tuesday night to rebuff the president.
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[applause] >> this is my comment. i said you are only known throughout all the 50 states. i can make you an international name overnight. let me write your speech. in her good judgment, she delivered a good speech and did not take me up on it. she is a great friend. and a voice from iowa to the rest of the country, welcome united states senator joni ernst. [applause] >> god bless you.
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thank you. thank you, so much. god bless you. god bless iowa. what a great day. hey, it is wonderful to be serving as your united states senator. thank you. steve, i am still waiting for a draft of that speech. we had some good laughs over that. he said he would be happy to write my speech. i was waiting for the draft, but he did not get it to me in time. thank you, congressman, so very much. thanks you citizens united for this wonderful event. i told the congressman backstage that we have got to find a bigger venue. we do. that is a good thing. that is a good thing folks. thanks to all of the wonderful wonderful guest speakers we have
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joining us here today. it is an impressive, impressive lineup of speakers. we are glad they are taking the time to come to iowa. we have an important couple of years coming up. thanks to them, but especially thanks to all of you in attendance. you are the grassroots of iowa. you are the ones making the difference. thank you for all you are doing. the energy we have seen today and we can hear all of you in the back. you are plenty loud. this energy, this is a telltale sign of great things to come. this enthusiasm and energy, it led to a tremendous big tree in 2014. [applause] thank you. thank you.
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tremendous victory all across iowa. thank you, for doing that. we saw that in 2014, but we cannot stop there. we have to take this enthusiasm and continue pushing forward. we have the momentum. we need to use it as we are going forward into 2016. most definitely. [applause] i want to say thank you. i had an amazing 2014. i am proud to be serving as your united states senator. i could not have done this without you. we spoke loud and clear in iowa that we want to see a change. that change has been delivered. thank you. anyway as we are talking about a little speech i gave on tuesday evening, it was because of you --
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[applause] thank you. it was because of you. and this tremendous victory we saw with our grassroots efforts they gave me the opportunity to do the republican address on tuesday evening. i'm extremely grateful for that opportunity and i look forward to great things to come. if you did have been to watch the address on tuesday evening we talked about a number of things refuting the president. and what he has stated. those things we will work on, on your behalf. those things you sent us to washington dc to do. reforming our tax code, closing loopholes, not raising taxes --
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like what the president has proposed. we should not do that to our hard-working americans. we need to prioritize our spending. cut wasteful spending. we need to balance the budget. [applause] i have not figured it out. i know we have done that across iowa, we have done it in our state budget. for heavens sakes we need to do it in washington. another thing i spoke about was defending life. defending innocent life. [applause] we, as a society, will be judged by how we take care of our most vulnerable within our population. that goes from the beginning of life to our natural death.
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[applause] so we need to make sure that everyone understands that we are compassionate. we will defend this innocent life. another thing i spoke about was developing, and this is important to me, developing a comprehensive plan to address terrorism and threats to the united states. [applause] we must we must have a strong plan. a plan to uphold our national defense. and make sure that we are dressing the threats coming from isis, al qaeda and all of these groups being radicalized by extremists. as i've said, many times over
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in order to solve a problem you first have to identify that you have a problem. [applause] we have a problem. it is spreading worldwide. we do you have to do something about this. many of our allies have been terrorized in their homelands just as we saw on 9/11, and many times over since then. we have to have a comprehensive plan. i would be happy to work with the president on that comprehensive plan. we have a bill we have been working on in the united states senate. we were up until 12:30 friday morning voting on amendments for the keystone job bill. [applause]
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and, and with this bill, amazingly, with the number of amendments that we are working in the united states senate, in the first three weeks of being in the united states senate we have voting on more amendments than they voted on in harry reid's senate and all of 2014. [applause] ha "ha "ha. we are working for you. we are working for you. we are working on that keystone jobs bill. we will push that onto the president's desk. another thing i mentioned in my speech was executive overreach. what we had seen coming from the president. too much overreach. he is taking on the job that i
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was sent to washington dc to do. what congressman king does. we are legislators. the president is not. we need to stop the executive overreach, including executive amnesty. [applause] mm-hmm. thank you. the message that iowa voters and voters across the united states, the message they sent in november of 2014 was heard loud and clear. because of that message, we now have a majority in the united states senate. [applause] i love it. thank you. i love that. we have 54 wonderful republican senators. 54. but we are 6 seats shy of the
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magical 60 number. we need more senators. we need to keep the seats we have. as we approach 2016, understand we have another race in iowa we need to focus on. i have a phenomenal partner in the united states senator, and that partner's name is united states senator chuck grassley. [applause] he has been a tremendous advocate for iowa. all of iowa. whether it is our manufacturing industry our farmers, our seniors, our children. chuck grassley is iowa. he is iowa. we can not take his race for granted.
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i am asking all of you to continue with this wonderful effort we had in 2014, and focus your effort ahead to 2016 and make sure that we hold this seat in the united states senate. we want iowa to remain red. we have worked so hard to get here. we will not be a purple state. we will be a red state. [applause] ha-ha. let's work together for senator grassley. i know we can. i expect you to be knocking on doors and making phone calls. i am where i am today because of the work you did. i know we can pull together to keep senator grassley where he is. we can maintain a majority. let's go a step forward. what else is important in 2016?
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we are all aware we have to take back the white house -- [applause] if we expect to get through this gridlock and have signed into law the wonderful legislation we are working on between house and senate. we must have a republican president. that is why i've thrilled that all of you are here today to listen to a number of contenders for this phenomenal opportunity in 2016. i look forward to working with all of you as we go through the caucus season. i hope all of you will be involved in the iowa caucuses. you should be involved in the iowa caucuses, and make your choice of candidate known to the rest of iowa and the rest of the united states of america. very important process, here
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and i hope you will dissipate. i will leave you all now. we have a great lineup of speakers. i want to say thank you for the tremendous opportunity you have given me. i will be working hard on behalf of iowa. i will be making sure we keep republican a red state. i want to thank you for your grassroots efforts. we cannot do it without you. god bless all of you for your effort and god bless this amazing state of iowa, and god bless the united states of america. thank you, so much. thank you. thank you. [applause]
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>> well, well, well. is everyone having a good time? it has been amazing and we are just beginning. i cannot get my head around the fact that we are just beginning. our next speaker is someone relatively new on the conservative seen. his breakout moment came in 2013 at the national prayer breakfast. i think most of you remember it. [applause] a committed christian, he was supposed to be a safe choice to lead the event. he had other ideas. he is a world-famous neurosurgeon who knows health care inside and out. after a career spent breaking
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through medical challenges -- when president obama asked him to speak at the prayer breakfast, he got more than he bargained for. president obama is sitting 10 feet away and he got an earful. our next speaker spoke truth to power. lecturing president obama on the dangers of liberal political correctness. obamacare. and liberal politics on education and taxation. before that date most americans had not heard of dr. carson unless you are one of the lucky few who had him as your brain surgeon, or had seen the amazing pieces on 60 minutes. i was one of those who did know of him. my friend of 17 years, mario
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d'angelo, who works in the senate barbershop in washington dc found out his son had a serious brain problem and needed a procedure. dr. carson performed that surgery with his team on him over 12 years ago. his son was a young boy then and is now a grown man because of dr. carson's talent. i knew of dr. carson. then came my turn. my son griffin needed brain surgery. he had a brain aneurysm. dr. carson's name came up to us. my son had four brain surgeries all by doctors who worked in and around dr. carson. he is the leader, the innovator of brain surgeries and has been
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for his entire career. so, on behalf of all of the families across the country who needed your help, we ou a debt of gratitude. i want to say thank you. dr. carson changed how medicine was practiced. he worked his career at johns hopkins medical school, and eventually became the director of neurosurgery at only 33 years old. the youngest in history. he is speaking out in favor of conservative ideas in a way that infuriates the media. his defense of traditional marriage made bias anchors go nuts. he doesn't back down and tells them that a marriage is between a man and a woman. here he is.
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[applause] so, he also called obamacare the worst thing that is happened to this country since slavery. saying instead of a giant government run nightmare every person born in america it should be given a birth certificate, an electronic medical card, and a health savings account. ladies and gentlemen you don't need a brain surgeon to tell you conservative ideas are what are right for america. we decided to bring you one anyway. please welcome dr. ben carson. [applause] >> thank you, very much. thank you, so much. we are delighted to be here.
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candy is out there somewhere. i always feel so welcome when i come to iowa. they're so many people here who actually have common sense. that is not something that is ubiquitous throughout our land. a lot of things i could talk about in my 20 minutes. i will obviously not cover all of them and someone will say you didn't cover -- look, 20 minutes is a finite. -- is a finite time. i want to talk about education. it is the great divide in our country. anybody who gets a good education can write their own ticket. it doesn't matter what their ethnicity or background is. we have to start emphasizing that concept. the can-do attitude that helped
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america to propel its self to the pinnacle so fast. i was a terrible student. i was one of those people known as the safety net. no one had to worry about getting the lowest mark on a test as long as i was there. i took care of that. i tried to act like it didn't bother me when they laughed and called me dumb me, but it did. not enough to make me study, but it did bother me. i was still going home playing basketball, baseball, football. my mother, who is the hero in my life, she was one of two dozen children. she got married at age 13. she and my father moved from rual tennessee to detroit. she was a factory worker. she discovered he was a
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bigamist. she had a third grade education and tried to raise two young sons by yourself. the interesting thing about my mother, she never became a victim. she never felt cipher herself. that is a good thing. the problem is she never felt sorry for us either. there is never any excuse we could give that was good enough. she would always say, do you have a brain? if the answer was yes, you could have thought your way out of it. i asked that same question of us in america. we have a brain? do we have the ability to think logically to solve the multiple problems we have? my mother asks god to give her wisdom. what could she do? the wonderful thing about god is you don't have to have a phd to talk to him. you just need faith. [applause]
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he gave her the wisdom, at least to her opinion. my brother and i didn't think it was wise at all. turning off the tv and making us read the books. what kind of wisdom is that? as far as we were concerned it was child abuse. and then two written book reports and week. which she could read, but we didn't know that. i was not a happy camper. you had to do it. back in those days you did but your parents told you. there was no social psychologist saying to let the kid express themselves. [applause] don't you find it interesting today how the government tries to insert itself into everything
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. they want to tell you how to take care of your children, what you should feed them, how you should discipline them. everything about them. i would be happy to accept advice from the government if they were doing everything perfectly. it seems they cannot even run their own house, how are they going to run your house? this is a problem. [applause] at any rate, i was reading the books. interestingly i started reading about people of great accomplishment. i noticed something they had in common. that vision and willingness to work hard. i began to understand the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you. it is not someone else, not the environment. at that point i stopped listening to the naysayers.
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the people saying the system is stacked against you. i didn't have time for them. i was going to use that time to look at all of the incredible opportunities that existed for a young man in inner-city detroit. there a lot of things, but you had to do them. they did not fall into your lap. it made a big difference. i started reading. in a year and a half i went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class, much to the consternation of all those people who used to calmly dumb who were now coming to me asking how to work this problem. i said, youngster, sit right down -- i was perhaps a little obnoxious. you think about the human brain and what is capable of. we need to start putting more emphasis on that. we need to look at ways that we
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educate our populace. we look at all of the failed inner-city schools, and yet in the same inner cities you see private schools, charter schools, our schools where people are doing great, high graduation rates, college particular nation rates. -- college graduation rates. why are we trying to get rid of the things that don't work? [applause] that is the problem, a big problem. special interest groups. there should only be one special interest group. the people of the united states of america. once we understand that, once we understand that we can do so much better. it was interesting that when alexis to tocqueville came to
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the united states to study they were fascinated on why were doing so well. in the end he concluded that america is great because america is good. if america ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great . he was right on target. as we began to throw away all of our values and all of our principles, and we forget who we are, we will go from being great to being nothing. we have to to fight that. [applause] one of the other issues i want to touch on, immigration. you know, we have laws in place common sense works great. the arty have laws that dim -- we already have laws to
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menstruating howard person becomes an american system. -- we already have laws demonstrating how a person becomes an american citizen. do we have an illegal immigration problem? >> yes. >> can we fix it? >> yes. >> of course we can. you have to realize there wouldn't be people coming here if there was not a magnet drawing the men. you have to reverse the polarity of the magnet. get rid of the things drawing them in. including employment. if you employ someone who is illegal, instead of getting a pass from the government you should get a criminal activity on your record, because it is a crime. [applause]
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you have to seal the border. do we have the ability to seal the border? >> yes. >> of course we do. we just don't have the will. i think whoever wins in 2016 i'm pretty sure it will be a republican, i think they should make it their goal to seal the border within one year. [applause] these are common sense kinds of things. where is compassion, you say? there are millions of people here illegally. who have to hide in the shadows. i don't think they should have to hide in the shadows. we look to the north of us and we see canada.
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they have a well formulated guest worker program. people get registered appropriately. they come, work, pay taxes low back home as they please. no one has to hide in the shadows. we can do something like that with stipulations. we should not offer jobs unless americans will not take them. number one. number two in order to get a guest worker permit you have to apply outside of america. [applause] the case you should not get an advantage for breaking the law. [applause] it still allows people -- they can easily go and do that.
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they probably have an advantage because they know people who want to employ them. that person can offer them a job and they can come in, take it, and pay taxes like everyone else. until we can learn to think that way we will not win this argument. when we do it by the law, we integrate compassion, but we use our common sense. that is what will make america work. what about the waste and fraud? there is a lot of waste and fraud. i will give you an example. medicaid. we spent $400 billion a year on medicaid. a quarter of americans benefit from medicaid. a quarter of a million of
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americans are 80 million americans. do the math. $5,000 per medicaid recipient. you have heard of concierge practices. the boutique practices for people who are well off. they average 2000 to $3000 year. we could have boutique practices for these people if we didn't waste so much money. think about what i'm talking about. i am talking about a revamping of the system. it is imperative that republicans embrace a simple, effective system that puts people and their health care providers in charge of the health care bringing the health care system into the free market system. that is what controls price and quality. we do not need the government controlling health care. [applause]
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that is why i have been such an opposer of obamacare. even if it worked i would oppose it. it doesn't. why would i oppose it? because i do not believe in taking the most important thing a person has and their health and health care, and putting it in the hands of the government. if they have control of the most important thing you have it is not long before they control your whole life, and that fundamentally changes america. [applause] i'm a big believer in waste not want not. i remember my mother working two or three jobs at a time. she did not want to be on
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welfare. she only had a third grade education, but she noticed most people who went on welfare never came off so she did not want to go on in the first place. she struggled, worked hard, and occasionally accepted assistance. she was creative. she would go to goodwell and buy a pair of pants with a big hole. this is back when that wasn't fashionable. buy a couple of patches. people would say, where did you get those jeans. she would ask farmers if they could pick bru pick bushels of apples and corn. if my mother was in the secretary treasury we would
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not be in a deficit. a big part of our problem is that the government is too big. they're wasteful. they don't care what they do with our money. i remember once i was doing a consulting job for the government. in terms of my fee, they said charge anything you want. anything you want, it doesn't matter. i imagine this goes on all the time, and it is problematic. in 2010 if you take the income of everyone who makes middle-class and above, it is a lot of money. the federal budget that year was $3.5 trillion. 60% of everything the middle class and above makes, just to run the federal government. who thinks that is fair?
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i don't see a single hand. that is absurd. that means the government is too big. there is one well-known politician who says you cannot cut one penny or it will be a disaster. anyone know who that was? nancy pelosi. that is crazy. my suggestion, is that we cut down the size of the government by attrition. thousands of government employees retire every year. don't replace them. do that for four or five years and you have the government down to a reasonable size and people have real jobs and are not stumbling over each other doing the same thing. then they do not have time to stick their noses in everyone's business. [applause] then this national debt, $18
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trillion and rising at a rate of $500 million a day, think about that. that is ridiculous. it is compromising the quality of life for everyone who comes after us. that is what i'm concerned about . my whole career has been spent trying to preserve life syria to enhance the lives of children. -- to preserve life, to enhance the lives of children. i look out and i see this monster called the national debt threatening the life and quality of those coming behind us. i hope none of us is able to sit down and watch that happen. we will have to deal with it through economic development. we will never cut our way out of it, but that means we do have to cut down on the size of the government, and the federal
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government use our natural resources. god bless this country with an enormous natural resources. we are the number one producer of oil. the federal government has no business owning all of this land. it is crazy. [applause] all of the natural gas we have. we have the ability to liquefy natural gas meaning we can export it. we had these archaic energy exportation rules that date back to the 1970's. we need to update those and use those energy resources to enhance our economic position and to pay down our debt and also to put putin back in his little box. [applause] what my life has been surrounded
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-- taking care of children. that drives a lot of what i do. no one should ever be surprised to know that i am pro life. if i spent so many hours trying to say people's lives, why would i be in favor of people of liberating people's lives? [applause] -- in favor of people obliterating people's lives? in closing, we today enjoy our freedom because there were those who perceive it us -- who proceeded us who are brave. they were not afraid. we have to have courage in this country. we cannot allow the progressives to shut us up through political correctness and through all the things they do. [applause]
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if they want to act like third graders and call us names, the fact of the matter is we have a job to do. we need to realize that freedom is not free. you have to fight for freedom every single day. the next time you saying our national anthem and you are looking at the flag and you get to the end of the first stanza and it says the land of the free and the home of the brave please remember that it is impossible to be free if you are not brave. thank you. god bless. [applause]
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>> wow. i am pleased everyone has pulled together for this event. i have a picture of ronald reagan and i'm studying that. it was ronald reagan and the late 1970's with donald trump. he has flown here and to standing in the wings. i appreciate all donald trump has done. he is a regular spokesman on fox news. he is a businessman billionaire, tv personality, activist, celebrity. after tell you a little something that makes this -- he
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was born in queens, new york. they decided that donald had extra energy and it was better for him to go to the new york military academy. with some of my sons that went through my mind. when donald went to the military academy everything he touched he excelled at. athletically and academically. he took the family business to a new level. there is always good advice that comes from him. he is an astute study. if you explain something to donald trump he is listening carefully and you need to get it right. he makes a good, quick business decisions and i wish you been able to say to the president "you're fired." please welcome donald trump.
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[applause] >> thank you, so much. isn't he a great guy. he doesn't get a fair press. i am here and strongly year, because i have great respect for steve king. [applause] likewise to citizens united, david, and everyone. and tremendous respect for the tea party. also the people of iowa. they have something in common. hard-working people. they want to make the country great.
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i love the people of iowa. very simple. with that said, our country is headed in the wrong direction with the president who is doing an absolutely terrible job. the world is collapsing around us. many of the problems we have caused. the president is either grossly incompetent, a word more people are using, and i think i was the first to use it, or he has a different agenda than you want to know about -- which could be possible. in any event, washington is broken. our country is in serious trouble and total disarray. very simple. politicians are all talk and no action. they are all talk and no action. it is constant. it never ends. ima conservatives, very conservative, and i am a
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republican. i'm disappointed by our republican politicians. [applause] they let the president get away with absolute murder. they would say they were going to do this, but nothing happens. look at obamacare, a total catastrophe. it kicks in in 2016 and it will be a disaster. people are closing shops. doctors are quitting the business. i have a friend who was a doctor and he says he has more accountants than patients. he needs that because it is complicated and terrible. he will close his business. he was very successful. it is happening more and more. obamacare has a $5 million website. i have many websites. they are all over the place. but, for $10.
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ok? [applause] now, everything about obamacare was a lie. it was a filthy lie. [applause] when you think about it, are they prosecuted. does anyone do anything? what are the republican politicians doing about it? he lied about every aspect. you can keep your plan. i don't even say it anymore. everyone goes location, location. you have heard this about obamacare. it is disgraceful. a big fat horrible lie. deductibles are going through the roof. unless you are hit by an army tank you will not get coverage. people had plans of they loved and now they don't have them
12:47 pm
anymore. it is a real, real disaster. someone has to repeal and replace obamacare. they have to do it fast and not just talk about it. now we half to build a fence. it has to be a beauty. i build nice fences. fences are easy. i saw the other day on television people walking across the border. walking. the military is holding guns and people are walking right in front. it is so terrible. cell one fair. so incompetent. -- so unfair. so in competent. we have people who are crooks. you could have terrorists. you can have islamic terrorists.
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you can have anything coming across the border. we don't do anything about it. if i run and when i would start by building a powerful border. [applause] >>again, politicians talk about it without doing anything. benghazi. everything is benghazi. what happens? nothing. irs, e-mails, i get sued all the time. it is hard for person who is successful. i have done many deals. most of them have been successful. you will see that when i file my statements. you will be very proud. i said strongly it is hard for someone who has done tremendous numbers of deals to run for the lyrical office. any office, not just president.
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you have beaten so many people and created -- obama, what did he do? no deal. he did one deal. a house. if you did that house you would be in jail. he got away with murder. thousands of irs e-mails were lost. if you are in my world you would know that e-mails cannot be lost. why are our politicians not finding out where the e-mails are? they talk about executive orders and immigration. they talk about stopping it at the border. if i did something you would have a border. then you have a president who does an executive order.
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no one even heard of an executive order. he does it to let people come in and no one does anything about executive orders. why didn't they go to court and ask for claire terry judgment. -- and as for judgment. he's been saying, i will approve this and that. why didn't our republicans get a declared terri -- get a declaratory judgment? instead they have a week lawsuit -- a weak lawsuit by the time it is finished in eight years everyone will forget and we will be in a different mode. and our country will be further destroyed. jobs china i have made so much money fighting against the chinese. one of my best deals was against the chinese and they respect me for it. i know that.
12:51 pm
they say i cannot believe what we are getting away with. we can't believe how stupid your leaders are. they told me that. they don't know i will make a speech, but why not. they tell me that. i don't know if you know what is happening with the devaluation of so many countries. china is going crazy with devaluation. they are devaluing down to nothing. that will make it impossible for you to sell your product. it will make it impossible for you to compete. they would not have done it two years ago, but now they feel we are so weak as so many different problems they can do it. you watch this devaluation of all of it. the euro. china, mexico, everyone is
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devaluing. when you hear the dollar is getting stronger it sounds good. be very careful. the very careful. we will lose more and more business to foreign countries who know what they are doing. they have it set. don't forget china became the number one economic power a year ago. that was unthinkable. to think that would happen. it was unthinkable. it happened and it is very sad. we spent $2 trillion in your rack. -- in iraq. we got nothing. they don't even care until they started getting their ask kicked -- their ass kicked and then they asked. and then they got isis. isis took over the oil.
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have i been saying for years keep the oil. now isis has the oil. what isis doesn't have you -- what isis doesn't have iran will take. i walked on the streets of new york and i see so many wounded warriors. we have to help those people. our veterans. our military. we have to build our military. we have to do it fast. we have incompetent people. they put people in charge that have no clue what they are doing. we have to make our country rich so we can save social security. i will probably be the only republican that does not want to cut social security. i want to make the country rich so social security can be afforded. get wit of the waste and fraud
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but you deserve your social security. i like congressman ryan and the people talking about cutting social security. the democrats are eating your lunch on this issue. you have to make the country rich and strong so you can afford it, and so you can afford military, and all of the other things. we have a game changer, nuclear weapons. we have to get strong fast. we cannot let iran get a nuclear weapon. we can't do it. [applause] we cannot let that happen. in the old days i would have said, 100, 50, 30 years ago pull out and let them fight each other. we are in syria. we are fighting isis, but isis wants to overturn the government
12:55 pm
. let them fight and take out the one that remains. think of it. think of it. isis is fighting them and we are bombing, but we want syria to fall. there are so many things. the one game changer we have to be careful with, that we never had to think about too much before other than a certain number of years ago is the nuclear. it is not just soldiers in uniforms shooting rifles. you can take out the east coast of this country, large sections of the midwest things that were unthinkable. the power. we have to be in a position where that never, ever, ever, ever happens. we have never had this before.
12:56 pm
we are spending a tremendous amount of money in afghanistan trying to do the right thing. no leadership respects us. leadership of other places never respect stupid people. the same thing is happening there. i never knew that afghanistan has tremendous wealth and minerals. not oil, but minerals. we are fighting here. on the other side of the mountain china is taking out all of the minerals. trillions of dollars and billions of dollars of minerals. we are fighting here and they are taking it out, looking at us and saying thank you very much soccer. -- thank you very much sucker. it is very crazy. we have to quickly rebuild our infrastructure.
12:57 pm
if we do not, the other day in ohio a bridge collapsed. bridges are collapsing all over the country. what is happening with our infrastructure. i go to saudi arabia dubai i am doing big jobs in dubai. i'm going to various places. i go to china. they are building bridges on every corner. they are building the most incredible things you have ever seen. they are building airports in qatar. they are building an airport the likes of which you have never seen. in dubai, an airport the likes of which you have never seen. then i come back to laguardia where the runways have potholes. in the main terminal to have a floor so old it is falling apart.
12:58 pm
they have a hole in it, and they replace it with asphalt. you have a white for with asphalt inside. i just left dubai where they have the most incredible thing. my pilot said this is an honor. i said it is not an honor, they are smart. you look at lax, kennedy airport, and our airports generally. you look at our crumbling roadways. i will give you an example. this is not part of what i was going to say, but i ride down the highways and someone makes the guard rails. the ones that go like this. they are bent, rested, and horrible. have you ever seen more than 20 feet that is not corroded event, or crushes in the heat. they of the doing this for 25 years. why doesn't someone stop them
12:59 pm
and get something that works. someone made a lot of money on that. they don't know what is happening. we have to make our country great. we have to rebuild our country. we have a long way to go. we are in such serious trouble because we know so much money. we know it to the chinese. we know it -- we owe it to the chinese. we owe it to other countries. no american company comes to bid. north korea. when they have a problem we go and protect them. why aren't they paying us. in this case, television and
1:00 pm
south korea. why aren't they doing something to justify what is going on? we have a very important election coming up. we have a presidential election. we have good people. coming up. we have some good people. they cannot be mitt __ he ran and failed. he failed. look __ like him or dislike him __ the 47% statement he made, that is not going away. the romney care __ that is not going away. more importantly, he choked. something happened to him. he had the election wants. let me tell you something __ it's like the dealmaker that
1:01 pm
can't make the deal __ i know a lot of those guys. they cannot think the three footer. there are many of them. most people are like that. you cannot give someone another chance. i think this election is tougher than waiting to a failed president. you cannot have grown the. he choked. you cannot have bush. the last thing we need is another bush. i made that statement very strongly. i will be accused __ i said it first. i mean it. the last thing we need is another bush.
1:02 pm
he is totally in favor of common core. he is very weak on immigration. don't forget __ remember his statement __ they come to love. i said, what? half of these people are criminals __ tthey are coming for love? they're coming for a lot of other reasons and is not love. when he runs, you have to remember, his brother gave us obama. abraham lincoln coming home __ back from the dead could not have given us a different election. then, he appointed justice roberts. jeb wanted justice roberts. justice roberts basically
1:03 pm
approved obamacare. you cannot have jed bush. besides that, he will not win. mitt __ you just cannot have those two. that's all. [applause] just in summing up. i wrote a few points down. i watch these teleprompters. by the way, i think any presidential candidate that runs should not be allowed to use the teleprompter. [applause] we got one that uses teleprompters. people say, he is so quick on his feet. he is reading it. you do not test the mettle of a man or woman unless they can get up on stage and talk. that is what we end up getting __ the king of teleprompters.
1:04 pm
when i look at these things here i said, it would be so nice __ being __ bing, bing, bing. we have to do something about the teleprompters. in looking at these situations __ i built an incredible company __ you will see that. i employ thousands of people and i love doing what i'm doing. in a certain way, i hope i'm not doing this, but our country is in such trouble, we have so much potential. if i run for present and if i win, i would succeed in creating jobs, defeating isis, and stopping the islamic terrorists __ aand you have to do that. [applause]
1:05 pm
reducing the budget deficit __ someone has to do it. securing our southern border, and i mean, seriously securing it. stopping nuclear weapons in iran and elsewhere. [applause] saving social security, medicare, and medicaid, without cutting it down to the bones because it is not fair to people who have been paying all their lives. and it is not fair to future people coming up, and we can do it. repealing obamacare and replacing it with something far better __ for the people __ and far less expensive __ both for the people and for the country. and believe me, there are plans are so much better for everybody. and everybody can be covered.
1:06 pm
i'm not saying leave 50% of the people out. this plan is a disaster. as bad as the website was, this is how bad the plan is. [applause] fixing a country's infrastructure __ our bridges, our schools, our airports. that i can tell you, no one is close to trump. i just got the best hotel in north america. i'm building one of the greatest hotels in the world on pennsylvania avenue __ opposite the white house. i got it from obama. can you believe that? everybody wanted it. i can't believe it myself but it will be fantastic. so many other things.
1:07 pm
i know what needs to be done to make america great again. we can make this country great against. the potential is enormous. i'm seriously thinking of running for president because i can do the job. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [applause] beautiful. thank you. >> all right. i'm going to go quickly here. we have waiting in the wings,
1:08 pm
marsha blackburn. she is out of mississippi state and then tennessee. she is a wife and mother, a small business owner. she has been the leader in tennessee fighting to block the income tax in tennessee, and was able a constitutional amendment in to ban the income tax in tennessee. can you imagine saying no to marsha blackburn. this conservative leader and my classmate, marsha blackburn from tennessee. [applause] >> hi! thank you.
1:09 pm
so is having a __ who is having a good time? are you having fun? do you think you're getting your conservative credit up to speed? let me tell you something __ y'all. i am from nashville. y'all is singular. all y'all is plural. all y'alls is plural possessive. so all y'all, steve king is doing a phenomenal job. and how about joni ernst? isn't she fabulous? joni did a great job to help us start off the new year right in washington.
1:10 pm
let me ask a question. how many of you may new year's resolutions for the new year? oonly 40% of the american adult population makes new year's resolutions. only two thirds keeps them. why read is the third week of january is called failure week. excuse me but listing to the state of the union last week, i think we got a failure. i think we should resolve stop obama. we have to take our country back. let's talk about a couple of things that we need to do. issue one __ energy security for this nation. let's build a pipeline. let's get more gas to the pop to get the cost down even further.
1:11 pm
while the cost of gas is down, hey, washington, don't tax it. we don't want to see that gas tax. at __ economic security. what this administration does not understand is the best economic stimulus is jobs. you cannot talk about economic security without segment that. we we have $18 trillion of debt. barack obama and his team have put $18 trillion of debt on the book. we need to get beyond that debt. there are a few ways we can do that. number one is what i call the 1% cut __ take one penny off of every dollar on everything we spend. you will start to get somewhere.
1:12 pm
the other thing is congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment with no new taxes. while we're at it, the third thing we can do is zero_based budgeting. i don't know about you but i get tired of these agencies coming in and saying you cut me. they have to do what you and i do, go back to zero. *over and build that budget out every year. that is how we get this budget under control and stop this out_of_control spending. we have to look at that dent and talk about what happens with it. when i was a kid, i loved going to work with my dad. we would hop in the pickup truck and go into town. we would pass this old used car
1:13 pm
truck lot on the side of the driveway. they had a sign that said __ wwe told the note. i said, what does that mean? and he said, baby, don't ever let anyone told your note. we have some of that going on. you know who is toting our note? china. japan. germany. opec, the cartels. we know who those guys are. that is too old 5% of __ who owns 5% of our debt. we cannot afford this. we need to get our debt under control and balance our budget. that plays into our national
1:14 pm
security. greatest threat to our nation security is our nation's debt. first of all, we have a president who cannot admit that we have a national security problem. it is no wonder that only 15% of our military approves of our national security. people are looking at us and saying you do not have national security. and if you look at china, what we pay in interest to china, they can buy a strike fighter every week and at the end of the year, and aircraft carrier. we are paying the people who are toting our note. it is time to admit that
1:15 pm
radical islam is our enemy. support our military. the president needs to pay them and promote them and respect them. johnny cash had a great song and a couple lines i love, he would say, steal this drum. that is america, the more you test us, we get stronger. we need a strong military in order to do that. another thing we can do __ repeal obamacare. let's get it off the books. like i said today, it is
1:16 pm
america, some people like to drink out of a crystal stem. and some of us like to drink out of a red solo cup. i am from nashville, we write songs about red solo cups. more people watched the season opener of downtown abbey then signed up for obamacare. there you go. this is the first thing we should do __ resolve every day to defend freedom. right now, the federal agencies are out of control. we need to make certain that the va takes care of that, that the irs stops snooping and auditing conservative businesses.
1:17 pm
we want the nsa to stop reading the emails. we don't want the fcc to take over the internet. and the epa needs to get off our factories and out of our farms. i think one of the reasons that people are so upset with the government __ because they see it. 56% of all republicans say the government is the biggest problem we space. in tennessee we have a problem with this. music is the heart and soul of tennessee. we love it. and we love playing on gibson guitars. don't you love gibson? our government decide that they don't love them that much.
1:18 pm
arms federal marshals raided gives them like they were selling crack. they did not like the war that gives it was using to make their guitar next. they find them and tied them up for a few years, and finally gave them the wood back. my friends a gibson, they are funny, they are creating a new series of guitars. it is called the government series. it is time for the american government to get its talons off of the american tax __ taxpayer. how do you like my resolutions? i have one more for you. i want you to resolve to help
1:19 pm
fight to protect the american dream. when you talk about the gop __ don't call us the grand old party. there's nothing old and grant that is cool. i am from nashville. only the grand old opry. it is the great opportunity party. people are ready for opportunity. most people fear that this nation boasts ceased to be what this nation has been. it worries them. they're listening to everything that they hear on the news, and it scares them to death. they think the future for the children will not be what they have enjoyed. the good news is that most people do not believe what they are hearing on the news. that works in our favor. i've got names for those news networks. you want to hear them?
1:20 pm
it's a secret __ just us. here is the way i termed those news networks every week. got your pencils out? abc __ all about clinton news network. nbc __ nothing but clinton. cnn __ clinton news network. cbs __ clinton bullshit. there you go. you know, the most powerful network. the you __ you are the most
1:21 pm
effective news network. the once a new job? looking for new job? i want every one of you to commit to beating the democrats. the democrats are into being community organizers. i want to challenge you __ each and every one of you become a conservative community organizer. let's take the fight to them where they are. it does work. steve mentioned to you that when i was in the state senate in tennessee __ i let a four year fight. for four years fighting imposition of a state income tax. we had been the test case for hillary clinton's health care. the governor said we need tax to pay for. i said, oh no you don't.
1:22 pm
over four years, tennessee showed up and helped me. we defeated it. that was in 2002. this year we finish it off. we passed an amendment to its state constitution that the citizens of tennessee will forever be protected against the state income tax. [applause] that's what the __ y o u __ can do. our citizens fought to protect the american dream and freedom. and make tennessee the best place for doing business. you can do that too. one of my favorite freedom fighters __ doctor joseph
1:23 pm
warren __ the head of the massachusetts militia. he gave a great speech. he said __ our nation is in danger but not in danger of being despaired of. on you depend the fortune of million uunborn. that is our charge. act worthy of your self. defending freedom has always been our challenge. are you with me? are you ready to go fight? thanks so much. [applause] >> well, well, well. are we still having fun? good.
1:24 pm
one of the things i like most about this next speaker is how completely crazy she drives the liberal left. they have tried and tried to destroy him. in time and time again, he showed them that he is here to stay. he is a true american success story. as a state legislator, he championed conservative causes sponsoring a bill to protect pharmacists to not sell an abortion bill. while leading milwaukee county, he never raised property taxes and cut the county taxes by 10%. he took on the unions. as part of an effort to cut spending by $300 million, he
1:25 pm
proposed a simple idea __ public employees should pay a small portion of their own money for healthcare. for this, he was labeled a monster. next, he performed a system of collective bargaining they even ultra liberal president franklin delano roosevelt that was too much. the ability for public_sector unions to enrich themselves on the taxpayer dime. liberals fought back. at first, running away from the wisconsin statehouse and a ridiculous effort to stop his reforms. they even enlisted and activist job to stop them. they felt. liberal activists from across the country fought to wisconsin desperate to be his new conservative principles. and they failed. then they tried to recall him at the ballot box, and dumping
1:26 pm
millions of dollars of liberal dues in an effort to kick them out of office. they failed once again. he is putting conservative principles into action in the state, and they are working. in every fight for conservative principles, governor scott walker has stood firm and strong, and emerged victorious. i'm incredibly honored to introduce governor scott walker as the next speaker. a man of courage and conviction, and unwavering conservative principles. this country is a better place because scott walker answered the call to lead. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome scott walker. [applause]
1:27 pm
♪ >> thank you. it is an honor to be here. thank you for that introduction. thank you for having us back here in iowa. it is an honor to be here. it is exciting to see you all here. i got a chance to speak to new senator. i've talked to a few times before but i do have to say __ i appreciate that you have a midwesterner like me and a highly fanlike i am. hope we can see her see fit to cut some more pork out of washington. i think that's exactly what she will do. we are honored to be here with her. first off, thank you. i want to thank you all. i know so many of you are great
1:28 pm
heroes. so many of you helped us out last fall when we are __ were facing a tough election. people were making phone calls in my state. you knocked on doors. you came over to mississippi and help us knock on doors and help the campaign along the way. i want to tell you how much we appreciate that. i thought of you here like other people in the state and around the country, helped us out financially as well. that made a world of difference. we had to take on the big government union bosses in washington. i want to thank you because the return we have people now in iowa, and in all 50 states, who helped us out. a woman in waterloo helped us out three times.
1:29 pm
we are people here in des moines and all across the state that said we will put up a __ some of our money. i want to say thank you. most of all, thank you because so many of you here and across the state in this country prayed for us. i have to tell you, on behalf of my wife and i, and my sons, we could feel those prayers. in the darkest of days, i can't tell you what a difference it made. [applause] don't stop praying. we appreciate the prayers along the way. it makes a powerful, noticeable difference. you all know that the protests. at one point there were 100,000 people or more in and around our state capital. they were banging on the drums, blowing horns, they had signs and banners.
1:30 pm
i guess in some way, i almost have to apologize. the occupy movement started in madison four years ago. my apologies for that. more than just the protests, i think the bigger challenge for us were all the death threats. you heard about those protest but you may not know that one point in all this, there were literally thousands of protesters out in front of our family home, where my two sons were still going to high school, and when my parents were living at the time. my kids were targeted on facebook. at one point, i remember my mom and my youngest son were literally at the grocery store where protesters followed them down the aisle to yell at them. even more so than the visits in front of her home, it was the fact that one point the threats were overwhelming. most of the death threats were directed at me.
1:31 pm
but some of the worst were directed my family. i am ever one of the ones that bothered me the most was someone literally sent me is that saying they would got my wife like a deer. another time, protesters set a threat directly to my wife that said if she did not do something to stop me, i would be the first wisconsin governor ever assassinated. the writer went on to point out exactly what my children were going to school, where my wife worked, when my father_in_law lived at the time. you can see what they're doing. i tell you today, thanks to all of you __ not just for the grassroot support and donations, thanks for the prayers. time and again, the protesters were trying to intimidate us. you know what, all they did was remind me how important it was
1:32 pm
to stand up with the people of my state. they reminded me to focus on the reason why i ran for governor in the first place. [applause] you see, years before all that, my wife and i had sat down and talked about, most importantly prayed about, getting in the race for governor. even though we knew it would be difficult, we did so. we were worried back then that our sons were going to grow up in a state that was not as great as the state we grew up in. i have to tell you, as a parent, that was unacceptable. we got in that race. it was important because at that time my state faced a $3.6 billion budget deficit. we saw a record job loss.
1:33 pm
we saw state and local governments were controlled by local interest. so many hard_working families were enduring double_digit tax increases. i'm proud to tell you that because of our reforms, my sons are growing up in a state that is even better than the state that we grew up in. [applause] because we were not afraid to go big and to go bold. not only for my sons but for their generation and countless generations yet to be born. they are growing up in a state with a better path. maybe that is why i won the race for governor three times in the last several years. three times.
1:34 pm
mind you, in a state that has not gone republican for a presidents as i was in high school. i think that sends a powerful message to republicans in washington and around the country. if you're not afraid to go big and bold, you can get results. you can cut for that __ that's all right. [applause] if you get the job done, the voters will stand up with you. the voters watching stand up with you. one of the things i love best when i used to commute from the state capital to where my sons were __ in the midst of all the protests, wwe would see signs pop up.
1:35 pm
they were handmade signs that would say, we stand with walker. increasingly they would show up in other places. in cities where we never saw signs before. why? because people knew that we stood up against the powerful special interests. and they felt that if they had an elected official that was standing up with them, they would stand up with him as well. that's what we need in america. [applause] we knew that if you're willing to go big and bold, the voters would stand up with you. we have learned it before. before was governor, i was elected as the milwaukee county executive. the only republican to hold that position. in 2008, when i stood for reelection, we got nearly 60% of the votes in a county that vvoted two thirds for barack obama. you know why?
1:36 pm
because we did what we said we would do. we reform the scandal ridden government and got the job done. [applause] now, we talk about the results, i have to tell you the wisconsin way is working. since i was elected governor, we cut taxes, we balance the budget, we took the power away from the big government special interest and put it firmly in the hands of the hard_working taxpayers. that is what we need more of in this great country. [applause] the liberals don't like that. they don't much like that. in fact, msnbc called out in throughout the protest.
1:37 pm
just hoping. you say for me, a packers fan, it has been tough for me. i wanted to listen to the radio in chicago __ i love listening to bear's radio after they beat us. after election night, i wanted to listen to msnbc because it is kind of like listening to bear's radio after they beat the packers. msnbc did not like our victory election. you know what, it was not just about victory, it was about showing the common sense can actually work, and work in a blue state like wisconsin. if they can work in wisconsin, they can work anywhere in the country. right? [applause] our state is only state in the country that has a fully
1:38 pm
funded retirement system. our state has a positive bond rating. one of the things i'm most proud of is that our state can now hire the best teachers to teach our students in classrooms. that was not always the case. in 2010, there was a young woman who was honored as the outstanding teacher of the year in my state. not long after she got that distinction, she was laid off by the school district. how could that be? one of the best and the brightest and she was laid off. years before our performance in her school district, her union contract said that the last hired was the first fired. the llast in was the first out. because of our reforms, we now say in our schools there is no more seniority. you can hire and fire whoever you want. you can based on performance.
1:39 pm
[applause] that's right. in my state, we can hire based on merit and pay based on performance. that means we can put the best and brightest in a class __ classrooms and we can pay them to say that. we do not take a backseat when it comes to education. sometimes, the media does not get that. in fact, in some ways it is why a lot of people know about the protest to the recall. but they do not know about the comprehensive, conservative agenda that we enacted in our
1:40 pm
state. let me tell you a couple of examples. since i've been governor, we pass pro_life education and defunding planned parenthood. [applause] since i've been governor, we pulled back excessive government regulation on small businesses and family farmers. i like to say that renowned for his common sense and __ instead of bureaucratic red tape. we passed some of the most aggressive longer form so that small farmers and small businesses do not have to deal with lawsuits. we have enacted legislation that allows for __ so __
1:41 pm
concealed handguns so that people can defend their properties. we believe that it is important to protect the integrity of each and every vote cast. we require in our state of photo id to vote. [applause] on top of all that, we said no to obamacare. we fought in court. just like we are fighting in court president obama's excessive overreach when it comes to executive authorities. we will continue to fight for freedom and liberty going forward. [applause] i have to tell you, we had taken on an aggressive agenda.
1:42 pm
not only that, we cut taxes. we reduce taxes by $2 billion. in fact, we lowered taxes on employers, individuals, and property. our property taxes are lower today than they were four years ago. how many governors can say that? we're going to keep lowering taxes because we understand that it is the people's money, not the government's money. that's the difference between the wisconsin way and the washington way. in washington, the keep trying to find ways to take more of your money. in wisconsin, we want to get more of the money back to the people who earned it. sometimes people ask, why gives us so much with taxes? i have to tell you a simple story why. next month, my wife and i will
1:43 pm
celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. as newlyweds, i made a critical mistake. i went to department store and bought something at the price it was marked that. my wife said to me, you can never go back there again until you learn to shop there. now, if i'm going to go pick up a shirt, i go to the rack and look for sure and see it is marked at $25 and that is marked down to $19, then i pull out my coupon, and then i look at that mailer that says i will get 15% off, then if i'm really lucky, i have another coupon that will get me more of a discount.
1:44 pm
next thing you know, they are paying me to buy that shirt. right? not exactly, but kind of. so how does a company like coals __ like kohl's make money? they make it on volume. that's what i think about the taxpayers money. we could lower the cost of taxes and empower more people to work hard and make a living for themselves. that's for me it's a way of living. it's something i learned a long time ago from ipads and people around me. like many be here, i grew up in a small town. my dad was a preacher at a local church.
1:45 pm
my mom was a part_time secretary and raise my brother and i. my first job was working at the countryside restaurant. later, i flip burgers at mcdonald's to pay my way through college. i look back now, and my brother and i laugh, we were kind of poor. we had to work hard to make a living. we wouldn't have had other way. as republicans, we need to make the case that we will promote policies that promote and support and defend hard work in this country. [applause] we need to promote policies that open the door of opportunity for people to live their piece of the american dream. some of you do not know this but i went to school in plainfield, iowa until the third grade.
1:46 pm
then, my father got called to a church in wisconsin and not for my family moved us. all the years i was in school, it does not matter if it was in iowa wisconsin, there was never a time when i heard one of my classmates say to me, scott, when i grow up, i want to become dependent on government. that is not the american dream. [applause] that is not the american dream. i want to end by telling you this __ in america, it is one of the few places left in the world where does not matter what class you were born into. it does not matter what your parents did for a living. in america, opportunities equal for each and every one of us. in america, the ultimate outcome is up to in each of us
1:47 pm
individually. you see, there is a reason why in america we take a day off to celebrate the fourth of july and not 15 april because in america we value our independence from the government, not our dependence on it. [applause] to keep that going forward, we need a president who understands it is important not to build the economy in washington. we want to build the economy in cities and towns all across this country. [applause] we need a president who does not fit in washington, d.c. wwhen world leaders are
1:48 pm
standing together against terrorism in paris. [applause] we need leaders who understand that when freedom loving people in __ aanywhere in the world, they are under attack. we need leaders who will stand with our allies against radical islamic terrorists. [applause] we need leaders in america who understand the measure of success of government is not how many people are dependent on the government. the measure of success of the government is how many people are no longer dependent on the
1:49 pm
government. [applause] wwe need that kind of leadership going forward. i'm pleased to be here in iowa today. i will come back many more times in the future. i'm hopeful to work with you and to provide that leadership is new and fresh, big and bold. common sense can work with your help. i have no doubt that we can move this country forward. we can have our own american revival. god bless you. [applause]
1:50 pm
>> okay. boy. there is more to come. however, somebody may have trouble leaving. if you're missing a texas drivers license, please go to the lobby to retrieve it. here in a moment, we will start serving meals. they will be handing them down the aisle. it will be like a big white airplane. everybody gets that __ said __ fed at once. i want to say thank you to our tea party patriots, and all of our sponsors that make this all possible today. i also want to say that many of you know or know of jenny beth
1:51 pm
martin who is head of the tea party patriots. she is a terrific person and friend. she is a driver and a doer. she wanted to be here today, to be able to launch this lunch and say thank you for all the things you do to defend liberty. unfortunately, she lost her grandmother and she is at the funeral today. she asked me to ask you this __ if you're interested in supporting the tea party patriots and defending liberty, take your cell phone and text the word liberty and type in the number __ 313131 and hit send. you will sign up and she will make sure to connect with you. again, liberty to 313131.
1:52 pm
jenny beth will get a message from you. thanks very much. the next speaker is kelly ann conaway. i'm looking forward to that.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
>> the iowa freedom summit is currently taking a short lunch break. we expect the event to start again in about 20 minutes. we're not really sure. they are running a bit behind schedule. some of the speakers coming up this afternoon include senators mike lee and ted cruz and former presidential candidate rick santorum. you can weigh in on this event on social media. you can comment on facebook or twitter. we are opening up our phone lines as well during the iowa freedom summit break. you will see the numbers on the screen.
1:55 pm
the "new york times" talking about today's event in des moines, iowa __ tthe largest gathering of potential republican presidential candidate so far will the senate iowa today, as the informal starting gun for the 2016 campaign. the event is being hosted by steve king. chris christie has __ will test his appeal among iowa conservatives. let's go ahead to calls. first up is tom from florida, republican. caller: thank you very much. it is a real pleasure to be on c_span.
1:56 pm
i have been an active republican since i was 16 years old. i ran for congress six times. i think the only qualified candidates for presidency is sarah palin. if anybody can look up her qualifications, no one up on the stage today can compare. host: we will hear from sarah palin later today. back to the calls. shane, tennessee, democrats. caller: i go by dallas, actually. i'm not really happy with any of the republicans. i feel that they want to downgrade the little guy. i tell you the truth __ donald trump made a lot of sense. he made a license because he
1:57 pm
did not really people that much. he said he would build things. and try to build this country up. i think that's a great thing. he's trying to work on social security. i think that would be a good thing. he's going to trying crush isis and al qaeda. i hate to say it, a lot of people make fun of donald trump i think he is in the right place. host: kevin, independent, you are on the air. caller: i think it is a great thing. i would hope and pray that they hate on the major underlying theme __ the elephant in the room.
1:58 pm
the unfunded liabilities and deficit. i think of all the subjects that they are hitting on, i would hope and pray that the republicans sit on that. i am fixed on paying all of my bills. with my neighbors, we've talked about it, this is the underlying theme that all americans should be interested. all the side issues, all the things that separate us __ i believe in this country, we should push them to the back burner and take care of the bills of this country. we are not going to even have a country to have the side issues. that is my opinion. host: this is a chance for you to give your opinion, not me. a couple of essential candidates are not at the campaign today are jeb bush and mitt romney.
1:59 pm
the too recently met earlier this week in salt lake city. at an event yesterday, jeb bush said that most of the conversation was about politics in general and foreign_policy issues. they also talked about deflategate. jeb bush was talking to the national automotive association san francisco. you can find that on our website at steve is a republican. caller: i want to make a comment about jeb bush. i always admired his brother, george. i voted for both his brother and father. people should realize that jeb bush has an agenda when it comes to the public school system. if you think way back to when he was running for governor, he
2:00 pm
believed in boundaries. this is one of the reason why he supported the no child left behind. and he is supporting this common core. it >> steve king is back on the state and introducing the next speaker, kellyanne conway. >> she is spot on. she will let you know how it is going to come out. it may not be what the polling numbers are. she will mail it. it will be within half of a decimal point. she has in the work of michele bachmann and marsha blackburn. when i say i listen to kellyanne conway


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