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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 21, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EST

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fourth. we had some. >> i think it's a great starting point for our conversation. perhaps more than anyone else, you know, in our ranks, you straddle national politics, but you don't have your dnc hat on anymore. you are a governor does it look different to you? as governor so we have 34i89 assets, the largest naval base in the world. the pentagon it impacts us greatly. virg lost $98,000,000,000. sequestration is a real calamity for our economy. i hope it doesn't happen. i just left the pentagon i was at the council of governments,
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the president's council, advises them on national security five democrats and jeh johnson came in and gave us a presentation it woke every governor in the room. everyone understands if the dhs shuts down even if the dhs has a continuing resolution with continue resolutions, you cannot fund the states as they do presently today. all of our funding at our -- for us at the department of management sheriffs localities, all of our first responders that we deal with training all gets shut off. even with the continuing resolution, and i don't think many folks realize the i canplications for every state because every state is impacted. i think secretary johnson said $2,000,000,000 went to the states in grants and emergency management. >> gets stopped. so, the dysfunction here in the dhs makes this whole issue that for partisan political reasons, you are going to shut down a vital government entity which
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has an important purpose and innocent people -- as governor of virginia many employees who will be furloughed live in the commonwealth of virginia. it has a dramatic impac. we don't have time for partisan politics. i have to create economic activity. the disif you knew today, they are doing a real disservice to constituents? >> it's striking we are talking about government should down again only in december of course the new republican congress came in and showed we are going to show we can govern, we are back to brinksmanship politics so quickly. were they not serious? >> i don't think probably leader mccowan, speaker obtain maybe they hoped she could get members in line but they haven't been able to. tying this immigration to the dhs funding is nothing but a partisan, political manoeuvring.
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we shouldn't do it. it's too vital for power nation's security interests. as i say as a governor it will have a tremendous impact. people are not going to be paid. the secretary made it clear to the governors, understand next friday every check will stop to your states? >> what's your sense that that happens next week? i asked the secretary that. i read the papers today. doesn't seem -- they have all gone home. i just find this -- every time these shutdowns happen of course, it adversely affects the republican party. the elements of the house of representatives that loves to do these types of things, they pay a huge price for it. i am sure the speaker boehner is trying to get it worked out. you have to control your caucus.
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>> the question of how the presidency work together or don't work together any more you have a perspective of that. talk tous about the dhs -- he talked to the republicans about the dhs and said this is somebody more on the deal making side. they sometimes don't understand the extent to which obama with his immigration order is like waving a red flag in our rank and file's faces that this really is actually very much about president obama, a personal issue at this points. >> i wouldn't disagree with that a personal issue against politico but this is something that president obama ran on. he is doing what he said he would do. you know i have the same issue in virginia i ran in a lot of issues. i ran a unique campaign for the governor of virginia. i talked about women's rights. that would be a brick wall and about protecting members of the lgbt community. i talked about responsible, safe gun laws that we have and rolled back and put restrictions on
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folks who should own guns. i talked about a lot of that in the campaign. that's not normally what you talk about when you run for the govern of a common wealth of virginia. i tied it into the context we have to grow and deversefy our economy, exactly what we are talking about. we have to be less reliant on the federal government. i can't grow and bring new businesses to village if we don't match what 90% of fortune 500 companies do with their non-discrimination clause. so, i am trying to put virginia in line. you know what? i won. i broke a 38-year trend. whoever wins the white house. the other party wings the govern ors mention. i broke a 38 year trend. i brought in my attorney general rag. first time the democrats flipped all three statewide offices in virginia. i am doing exactly what i said i would do. we are focused on jobs. >> we have had a great year on job creation. $56,000,000,000 of direct investment in my first year, which is double what any governor in the history of virginia has done. i announced our wellness unemployment rates in 2008.
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we are creating the jobs. i am also doing things i said i would do. no health clinics closed down. i put out but what i thought were responsible restrictions people who want to purchase guns. if you are convicted, if you are a stalker or domestic abouts you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i think that's common sense. i am the first southern governor to perform a gay marriage to allow loving gay couples to adopt children. i am doing exactly what i said i would do. president obama is doll what he said he would do, you know. it's people we've got to get together. we have to work together. you've got to compromise. unfortunately, somewhere up here the word compromise is gone. you don't get everybody you want in life. nobody does. you have to come in the middle and give and tank, that's what's missing here. >> this is another thing that connects to president obama as well on has agenda but also to your agenda, the medicaid
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extension and connect that with obamacare. you have not been able to get that done. of course, across the broad swath of the south. it has undermined the basic premise in many ways of the affordable care act. what do you do? >> bill haslam was here earlier. i was in the last meeting with him he tried his legislature. he is a republican governor and a republican legislature. 27 states closed the gap. i worked my heart and soul went to clinics, met with folks. i have to tell you as governor when you go into a clinic and some woman comes up and grabs your coat and says if you don't fix this i am going to die. in people's lives, they need healthcare. we have the ability to close the coverage gap and provide healthcare for 400,000
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villageans. what i try to say is you can dislike the president, dislike the healthcare law. but it's the law of the land. i can't change it. the supreme court decided that. 13 taxes you pay, you ship $200,000,000,000 a year. that's done. i can't stop that. we have a right to bring 100 of that back three years and it goes ultimately down to 90. this is our money it will help our hospitals. it will save our clinics. it will provide healthcare all my neighbors, maryland, kentucky, arkansas they all closed the coverage gap. almost every single chamber of commerce most very republican. all endorse my effort to close the coverage gap. it was unfortunate partisan politics overtook common sense and i think for many folks in electoral politics they are worried about a primary challenge, a tea party
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challenge. if they vote for obamacare. i am going to continue to work for it. it's the law. i went to the rand clinic last year. this is thousands of people who come for a saturday sunday doctors, dentists volunteer. free healthcare for one weekend. thousands of people show up. >> we ran a photo essay from that. >> breaks your heart. these folks. one day a year this it t i walked through. bed sheets in between separating, you know, out in the field. we met a gentleman who had all of his teeth pulled outed and i asked him why and he said we equate teeth with pain.
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they get healthcare because they closed the coverage gap. ed with an event with kathleen sebelius. she said one of our biggest mistakes was that it shouldn't be called obamacare. if they changed the name could we pass it in village? >> we did. we changed it a bunch of times. it still didn't work. i want to keep the dialogue going. i know i could structure a deal where all of the money we could bring to virginia not a cent would have to come from virginia state government because when it comes off of the 100%, the private providers, the hospitals, would cover that difference. so, the state would have no obligation. it would not cost us one single penny.
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as governor i would bring 2 and a half billion dollars back to my economy run through the economy, the job saved. there are hospitals throughout the common wealth of village that are cutting services because, as you know part of the law is you've got disproportionate payments, if you took care of individuals, federal government would give you 100%. all of those reimburse] are endings, billions of dollars. in consideration for doing this they are giving you this pot of money. we are taking the worst part and losing for our hospitals the dsh payments. the two big hospital providers are loses hundreds and millions. >> at that classic unintended consequences. >> right. the allowed states to opt out. the supreme court validated the healthcare nca bill. they gave the states the option to opt out. that was unfortunate because then it became got into the politics. i mean governor
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haslam tried to do it in tennessee. other states will lining up. a perfect example. i bring everybody bag to jobs. lee county southwest virginia, rural, rural community, parts of virginia and south side southwest, coal textile, furniture manufacturing, so many jobs have been lost. they need help. i am trying to focus on bring manufacturing there. lee county just lost their hospital. i am pretty good at sales and i love to try to convince businesses to move to the commonwealth. i have no chance of bringing a business to lee county. a manufacturer is not going to move his business or her business to a county that doesn't have a hospital. in the manufacturing plant, what if one has a heart attack? take an ambulance for 110 miles? going to have to pay for a helicopter? >> just common sense. unfortunately, most rural parts of virginia are the most add varietiesly impacted by us not covering the coverage gap. >> we have questions. they are going to get mad if i
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don't ask about the real fant in the room. >> donkey. >> speaking of a particularly donkey that you know, everybody here wants to know about -- >> never refer to hillary as a donkey. >> a proud one. she is riding one, pick your metaphor. >> i broke seven ribs and punctured a lung so i am sensitive to animals. >> we will end the metaphors and go right to the directs question. when is she announcing? what's her role, and how is she going to do in virginia? >> if she chooses to run she's going to win virginia. listen, she is going to do this on her timetable. i mean she is in a very good position today? >> no rush for her to get in. the other side are all in. republicans, they have a tough primary going on. no need to get in the middle of that. there is no pressure for her. i certainly hope she runs.
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you know, in 2008, i was the chairman of her campaign. now i am the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. i think the most i can do to help her is the model we have in virginia that's working, job creation off of the charts economic development that you have a pro-business governor socially progressive that brings the sides together, worked in a bi-partisan way to get results. today, it's working in virginia. >> model and i think if i can be a successful governor in virginia, it's probably the best think i can do for hillary. >> does that mean you won't be helping on the fundraising front? >> i have known the collintons since 1980. i am personal friends with them. ism going to do everything i personally can. but my job is governor of the commonwealth of virginia. it's different. i am governor. it's my top priority. of course, i am going to help her but i believe virginia, any electoral map you cut up village will be a key swing
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state. no e look toral college numbers that get you to 270 without virginia in it. i don't know what's going to happen on the other side. jeb, the nominee, florida. you have you are looking. every time you have to come back to you have to win virginia. we have bi-partisan agreement on the budget. the washington post just wrote a huge story how the reporters are mad because nobody is fighting and we are all getting along and acting like adults and coming together and i am meeting with the budget committee chairs. we privately work together to do what's in the best interest of village. that's a great message. that's a message hillary should run after. >> a lot of people said when you look at what her comic message is going to be, it's going to be framed around president clinton's. do you think that works in this context, this context of 2015 and 2016? >> well clearly, times are
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different than we had back in the 90s but 21 million new jobs booming economy, it's a different time. i mean our economy today is in very good shape. we've come back. we've come out of the great recession that we just had. so, it's a different economy than what then president clinton inherited. when he was in office, we were in a recessionary mode. the economy is coming back. jobs are being created. on average, you saw 230,000 jobs last month. it's all good news. she will focus just as her husband did about bringing -- if she runs. i want to qualify. she gets it on the economy and she gets it that job creation is critical. she will work in a bi-partisan way to move the economy forward. i think the big issue, susan, this election is going to be where the economy is coming back, but the middle class today feels squeezed. for people their take-home pay,
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they are not feeling it today. there is a lot of angst with the economy, even with the numbers going up. so, i think this whole issue of some income inequality, disparity, whatever you may want to call it is really making sure in this middle class here that you are focused on quality jobs. when i talk about jobs, it's a quality job that pays well about benefits. a job that doesn't pay well and you have to work two or three and you have no time to see your children is not a job. we should do more. i think she will focus on that. >> economic inequality issue, there are some that will they are seen as wall street democrats full. they have obviously become multi-millionaires, themselves raising money including from foreign governments. do you think that's a problem for the collintons? >> if you look at the upbringing of hillae and bill clinton, neither one have ever forgotten their roots. you read all of the biographies on hillary and her family.
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they scrimped and saved her entire upbringing. so neither one will forget their roots. that's what they are going to focus on. look at the two of them and what they have done in public service through their careers. they clearly could have done different things with their lives. they chose to stay involved in public service even after president clinton has gotten out of office the work he has done -- i used to be on the board of the clinton foundation. what he has done in africa and all over the globe in helping people, that's who they are. they like to help people making sure people have opportunities of success. that's what our focus will be. >> let's get the awedients. i am sure they have lots of questions. in the back there, sir. identify yourself for us. thank you. ? >> larry goldman. nice to see you again sir. >> hello, larry. how are you? >> great. >> a good virgan too? >> everybody. >> how many live in virginia? >> oh, my. >> way to go.
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>> home court advantage. >> an pneumoniaed earlier in the post about the gerryman derring, what can you do so we in village have a good chance at competitive elections to find the best people? >> that's a great question. i have said i am going to veto this particular bill. you had a particular member of our state senate who drafted the bill that took one republican precinct from a democratic senator and put one democrat the democrats saying we are not paying this game. i would veto that. you raise an interesting point. i talk about this a lot. i go back and the issues we have in what's going on here i have put everything back at partisan gerrymandering. the house of representatives, 80 first of the members of congress have no chance of losing the general election. they don't have an election. >> over 90% really, the last few years. >> ridiculous. >> in business you have
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competition, keeps you moving, thinking thinking, working hard. i am for non-partisan. when i was chairman of the national party, i advocated for it. i am for non-partisan redistrict redistricting. we want lines as close as you can to 50/50. what happens today is the only way you can lose an election is to get a primary challenge within your own party. it pushes you to the extreme. the middle has somewhat evaporated. nobody should be guaranteed of anything in life. should have to work hard for it. that's the problem. they don't worry and what happens is you worry about winning re-elections, worry about a primary opponent and sometimes you are not always working the best interest of your constituents. >> i think we have to end this partisan. i would love it if we had non-partisan redistricting in village. i have advocated for. i am going to continue to push for it. there are certain things we can do. we are now under a court mandates to rye draw our congressional lines. by april 1st, we have to have a map approved. if we don't, it is not a bill
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that you sign it will go to the court. so right now, we are under a court order to rye do our congressional lines. it's a great point. we've got to get these districts back to where they are competitive. competition is good. it makes you smarter. it keeps you working harder. i think that's what's happened. this partedsan ranker at the end of the day, you are supposed to be up there doing the constituent constituents' work instead of fighting political issues. it's unfortunate. >> i wish we could flashback to your dnc chairman self. >>ists the national -- >> i know. you were the head of the party. it's a different job now. >> yeah. >> it's great. thank you so much. back there sir. governor micallef since you were associated very close to hillary clinton and i am sure if she decides to run you will be summoned to join her trusted
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advisor group. given that my suggestion is one of the reasons she lost against obama in the first -- during the first term was her hawkish position on international sphere and in the wars and so on and that's the reasonable i didn't vote for her. i have always voted democratic and so my suggestion would be she should focus on jobs as the lady earlier, the woman governor emphasized you should do that. you should suggest that. and play an even-handed role that america is the victim the war has been imposed on america and not america is doing a unilateral war, which is the impression most people get from the current administration. >> thank you. no question, i guess. we will move right on here. ma'am?
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yeah. >> hi. >> it's sort of a follow-up question to the gridlock and the compromise being a 4 letter word. how do you feel about term limits? >> i have been an add row cat for term limits. it's just my personal belief as i am for non-partisan redistricting, i think people spend too long in politics. i don't know what the number is 10 years or whatever. if you look at my career 30 different things in my whole career. i think it's imports always to try to recruit, get new blood, commit with new ideas. you can stay doing something too long. if you do, you don't have the same vigor you had when you started. i have always been an advocate. people need to move on and go do something else. ab perfect servant which is i guess, great. there are other things too. i think it's time to bring in fresh ideas. anything you do in life you are not going to be as excited about ten or twenty years after than
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when you started. so, i support term limits. >> i think we have time for one or two i am the only governor who has won four-year term limits. i am fine. i can get a lot done in four years. i like it. you are focused. four years, boom, get it done. >> all right. get it done. two more questions and then this will. thank you very much. >> thank you governor mcauliffe. when you are talking about having the insurance coverage i always get more in to does insurance coverage electrical late into better health better outcomes for citizens? i know in california, for instance, i don't know what is numbers would be exactly for virginia but they have had a large increase in their expansion and participants people enrolled but they haven't seen a translation and increase in doctors. there is a gap there. do you have any sort of assessment of what that means for us? since you mentioned the rural
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healthcare area i believe village has stringent certificate of need if you want to do additional -- are you interested in doing reforms on that front to improve maybe on the supply side making it easier for hospitals to expand? >> they will take this as a planted question. i have a bill on the certificate of date. we are reforming the certificate of need which needed to be done a long time that's a good thing. let's be clear here business folks understand this. 400,000 virginians today, they get sick where are they going? they are going to an emergency room. that's happening as we speak the play to make to the business community: who do you think is paying for that? you are. you have now paid twice you have
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paid for the taxes that's done. you are paying twice these folks are not not getting square. they are going to emergency rooms and tying up the whole healthcare delivery system. they have no other option but if you are a more with a sick child, you are going to do everything you humanly possibly can do to make sure your chide gets healthcare. the 40 ol',000, these are working folks. of the you are already on the mid kade. they make too much to get medicaid here but they don't make enough to have a high deductible or high premium. they are in the gap. they're working. when i talked about the folks having two or three jobs doing home healthcare. home healthcare providers, that's tough work driving and taking care of an invalid or and
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driving, driving drive, working two or three jobs, they don't get to see their kids at all. this is the community i am talking about. to provide them with the healthcare it would be life changing for them. it would be better for their health better for their whole outlook. it's important. we should be doing this. as i said it doesn't make sense. >> you want a healthy workforce. jobs is my issue. jobs, jobs? we talk about this everybody. we are doing it. it's working. part of my pitch is you have to have a healthy workforce. this is part of that. in addition to the economic driver of 2 and a half$2 and a half billion dollars coming back to my economy, it's having a healthy workforce i can vince as ceo i went to china twice.
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griejfield, the history of china. $2 billion, twrou brand-new jobs. i opened up a factory factory had bun shut for years and years in appomattox a hard-hit area of west village. closed for years. we are reopening that plant with chinese investors. re-opened this plant, first deal in 44 years. reopen it we are going to manufacture pollution control devices devices. guess what: after we manufacture, we are shipping them back to china and selling them to them. let me tell you that is a new virginia economy. a healthy workforce prior to that. i am just getting warmed up. that was an appetizer last year. >> i think we are out of time. but on a perfect note. governor, i want to thank you and thank all of you for coming to this. it has been a terrific conversation today. >> thank you susan [applause.] >> thanks.
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♪ host: house and senate negotiators say they are close to a deal that would give the president fast-track authority on a trade deal. that would ease the process and finalizing the deal. 80,000 people who received insurance under the affordable care act could have problems based on the information they receive. and, the obama administration says they will file a deal on monday. good morning. it is the "washington journal" for february 21st, 2015. it was the white house


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