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tv   Senator Rand Paul Presidential Campaign Announcement  CSPAN  April 7, 2015 8:00pm-8:46pm EDT

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benefactors, and mike livermore of the university of virginia law school discussing the cost and benefits of regulations. washington journal is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. you can join the conversation with phone calls and comments on facebook and twitter. >> coming up tonight on c-span senator rand paul announces his candidacy for president. and president obama speaks at the easter prayer breakfast. that is followed by our profile of ruben gallego. during senator paul speech, he was raising $24 per second. the post writes that in the upper right corner, one of the leading forums monday was a message that may have seen cryptic to an outsider. stand with rand, it read. the idea of the money bomb in
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politics is generally associated with the elder paul. supporters decided to make a splash of support for the former texas representative by encouraging donations to his presidential campaign within a 24-hour period. so senator paul's fundraiser continues. you can see the total above $450,000 on his website. next up, the senators announcement from louisville. this is 35 minutes. [applause] kelly: thank you so much. it's great to be here in louisville today surrounded by people who are passionate about making our country stronger, freer, and more prosperous. together, we share a vision for america, a vision of a country unshackled by crushing debt, recommitted to our founding principles, and fueled by freedom and prosperity. to create endless opportunities
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for americans from every single walk of life. many of you here today have been helping us give voice to these ideas from the very beginning. so first, i just want to express that rand and i are deeply grateful for your support, prayers, friendship and encouragement. it is hard to believe it has been six years since april of 2009, when coach rand paul left our youngest son's little league game to go give what he said was going to be a short message to a small group of people and downtown bowling green. [laughter] when he arrived, there were 700 sign waving tea partiers filling the park in bowling green. [applause] rand told me there was such energy and electricity in the
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air that night that he sensed a real change in the mood of the country and a desire for real reform. like the majority of americans he was frustrated with washington and soon started talking to me about making a run for the u.s. senate. i will be honest, i was not exactly thrilled. [laughter] i think my first words were how can you do this to me? [laughter] but rand is very persuasive. he tried to convince me that his first line of attack was you know everyone says i have a less than 10% chance of winning the primary. [laughter] but i have heard him speak that night in fountain square park and i knew with a set and certainty and clarity that sometimes you have in life, i just knew. i looked him in the eye and said if you do this, you are going to win, i know it. [applause]
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rand's incredible work effort shows in how he sponsored hundreds of bills in the senate. i think there's no doubt he's making a difference. [applause] many of his bills are bipartisan, ranging from reforms in the criminal justice system to the creation of economic freedom zones for depressed areas of our state and across the country. rand is truly a different kind of legislator, with his urgent descriptions like a one-man think tank from "politico." his 13 hour stand for the bill of rights lit spark across this country, uniting people of all ages and across the entire political spectrum. over the course of a filibuster,
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the outpouring of support through social media was extraordinary. stand with rand was trending nationally and was reported that over one million tweets were sent out in support of rand. [applause] i told our kids this is what happens when one person is bold enough to take a stand. [applause] i remember how exciting it was for our family as we watched it all unfold on tv that night. our kids had our phones out reading tweets from people all over the country and even around the world. reactions that were so spontaneous and powerful that it was something we will truly never forget. i was incredibly proud of rand that night, but i always have been. this year, we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. [applause]
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rand has amazing energy and optimism and life with him is always filled with bold possibility. as i told him once, you are brave and you inspire that in others. [applause] so please join me in welcoming my husband and your awesome u.s. senator, rand paul. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting "president paul"] senator paul: i have a message. a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. we have come to take our country back. [cheers and applause] we have come to take our country back from the special interest that use washington as their
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personal piggy bank. the special interests that are more concerned with their personal welfare than the general welfare. the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every cranny of our lives must be stopped. [applause] less than five years ago, i stood just down the road in my hometown of bowling green and said those same words. i wasn't supposed to win. no one thought i would. some people asked me, then why are you running? the answer is the same now as it was then -- i have a vision for america. i want to be part of a return to prosperity, a true economic boon
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that lists all americans, a return to a government restrained by the constitution. [applause] a return to privacy, opportunity, liberty, too often, when republicans have one, we have squandered our victory by becoming part of the washington machine. that is not who i am. [applause] that is not why iran for office a few times is to years ago. the truth is, i love my life as a small-town doctor. every day i woke up and felt lucky to do the things i love. more importantly, i was blessed to be able to do things that made a difference in people's lives. i could not have done it without the help of my parents who are here today. [applause]
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with my parents help, i was able to make it through long years of medical training to become a n eye surgeon. last summer, i was privileged to travel to guatemala on a medical mission trip. we operated on more than 200 people who were blind or nearly blind from cataracts. i was grateful to be able to put my scrubs back on and. peer into the ocular's and focus on the task at hand to take a surgical approach to fix the problem. one day, a man arrived until told me i had operated on his wife before. she could see clearly for the first time in years, and she begged him to get on the bus travel the winding roads and come back to our surgery center. he too was nearly blind from
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cataracts. the next day, his wife sat next to me. as i unveiled the patch from his eye, it was a powerful moment to see them looking at each other clearly for the first time in years. to see the face they loved again. as i saw the joy in their eyes i thought this is why i became a doctor. i also remembered my grandmother who inspired me to become a doctor. we would scan her collection looking for wheat pennies, but as her vision failed, i became her eyes to inspect the mint marks on the weather worn coins. i went with my grandmother to the ophthalmologist as she received a cornea transplant and receive the news that macular degeneration had done harm to her eyes. my hope that my grandmother could see again made me want to
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become an eye surgeon. i have been fortunate. i have been able to enjoy the american dream. i worry that opportunity is slipping away for our sons and daughters. i think what kind of america will our grandchildren see? it seems to me both parties and the entire political system are to blame. [applause] big government and death -- debt doubled under a republican administration. it is now tripling under barack obama's watch. president obama is on course to add more debt than all the previous presidents combined. we borrow a million dollars a minute. this vast accumulation of debt
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threatens not just our economy but our security. we can wake up now and do the right thing. quit spending money we don't have. [applause] this message of liberty is for all americans. americans from all walks of life. the message of liberty opportunity, and justice is for all americans. whether you wear a suit, uniform or overalls. whether you are white, black rich or poor. in order to restore america, one thing is for certain, we cannot and must not dilute our message or give up on our principles. [applause] if we nominate a candidate who
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is simply democrat like, what is the point? why bother? we need to boldly proclaim our vision for america. we need to go boldly forth under the banner of liberty that clutches constitution in one hand and the bill of rights in the other. [applause] washington is horribly broken. i fear it cannot be fixed from within. we the people must rise up and demand action. [applause] congress will never balance the budget unless you force them to do so. congress has an abysmal record
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with balancing anything. our only recourse is to force congress to balance the budget with a constitutional amendment. [applause] i have been to washington, and let me tell you, there is no monopoly on knowledge there. [laughter] i ran for office because we have too many career politicians. i believe it now more than ever. we limit the president to two terms. it's about time we limit terms of congress. [applause] i want to reform washington. i want common sense rules that will break the logjam.
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that is why i introduced a read the bill act. the bills are 1000 pages long, and no one reads them. they are often put on our desk with only a few hours before a vote, so i propose something truly extraordinary. let's read the bills. [applause] from the time i was a very young boy, i was taught to love and appreciate america. love of liberty pulses in my veins. not because we have beautiful mountains or white sand beaches, although we do, and not because of our abundance of resources but our great nation was founded on the extraordinary notion that
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government should be restrained and freedom should be maximized. [applause] america, to me, is that beacon. we are unique among nations that our country stands for freedom. freedom nurtured our country from a rebellious group of colonies into the world's greatest nation. when tyranny threatened the world america led the nation to read the world of not these and fascist regimes. the engine of capitalism finally winning out against this sputtering incompetent engine of socialism. [applause] america and freedom are so intertwined that people are dying to come here.
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the freedom we fostered in america has unleashed genius and advancement like never before. yet, our great nation still needs new ideas and new answers to old problems. from an early age i worked. i taught swimming lessons, i mowed lawns, i put roofs on houses, i painted houses. i never saw work as punishment. it always gave me a sense of who i am. [applause] self-esteem cannot be given, it must be earned. [applause] work is not punishment, work is the reward. [applause] two of my sons work minimum wage jobs while they go to college.
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i am proud of them is a see them realize the value of hard work. i can see their self-esteem grow as they cash their paychecks. i have a vision for america where everyone who wants to work will have a job. [applause] many americans are being left behind. the reward of work seems beyond their grasp. under the watch of both parties, the poor seem to get poorer and the rich get richer. trillion dollar government stimulus package has only widened the income gap. politically connected cronies get taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions and poor families across america continue to suffer. i have a different vision, an ambitious vision, a vision that will offer opportunity to all americans, especially those who have been left behind.
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my plan includes economic freedom zones. to allow impoverished zones like detroit and west louisville, eastern kentucky to prosper by leaving more money in the pockets of people who live there. [applause] can you imagine what a billion dollar stimulus could do for detroit or appalachia? i am convinced most americans want to work. i want to free up the great engine of american prosperity. i want to see millions of americans back at work. in my vision of america, we will bring back manufacturing jobs that pay well. how? we will dramatically lower the taxes on american companies that wish to bring their profits home. [applause]
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more than $2 trillion in american profit currently sits overseas. in my vision for america, new highways and bridges will be built across the country, not by raising your taxes that by lowering the tax to bring the american profits home. [applause] even in this polarized congress, we have a chance of passing this. i say let's bring 2 trillion dollars home to america, let's bring it home now. [applause] liberal policies have failed our inner cities. let's just get the facts straight. they have failed our inner cities.
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our schools are not equal, and the poverty gap continues to widen. martin luther king spoke of two americas. he spoke of them is to americas that existed side-by-side. in one in america, people experience the opportunity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. in the other america, people experienced a daily ugliness. that leaves only the fatigue of despair. although i was born into the america that experiences and believes an opportunity, my trips to new york, chicago have revealed what i call an undercurrent of unease. it is time for a new way, a way predicated on justice, opportunity and freedom. [applause]
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those of us who have enjoyed the american dream, must break down the wall that separates us from the other america. i want all of our children to have the same opportunity that i had. we need to stop limiting kids in poor neighborhoods to failing public schools and offer them school choice. [applause] it will not happen unless we realize we cannot borrow our way to prosperity. currently some $3 trillion comes into the u.s. treasury. couldn't the country just survive on $3 trillion? [laughter] i propose we do something extraordinary. let's just spend a what comes in. [applause]
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in my vision for america freedom and prosperity at home can only be achieved if we defend against enemies dead set on attacking us. [applause] without question we must defend ourselves and american interests from our enemies. until we name the enemy, we cannot win the war. [applause] the enemy is radical islam. you cannot get around it. [applause] not only will i name the enemy i will do whatever it takes to defend america from the haters of mankind. [applause]
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we need a national defense robust enough to defend against all attacks, modern enough to deter all enemies and nimble enough to defend our vital interests. but we also need foreign policy that protect american interests and encourages stability, not chaos. [applause] at home, conservatives understand government is the problem, not the solution. conservatives should not succumb to the notion that a government inept at home will somehow succeed in building nations abroad. [applause]
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i envision an america with the national defense unparalleled, undefeatable, and unencumbered with overseas nationbuilding. [applause] i envision a national defense that promotes as reagan put it peace through strength. i believe in applying reagan's approach to foreign policy to the iran issue, successful negotiations and untrustworthy adversary only achieved through a position of strength. we brought iran to the table through sanctions i voted for. now we must stay strong. that is why i have cosponsored legislation that ensures any deal between the u.s. and iran must be approved by congress. [applause]
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not only is that good policy, it is the law. it concerns me the iranians have a different interpretation of the agreement. they are putting out statements that say the complete opposite of what we are saying. it concerns me we may attempt or the president may attempt to unilaterally or prematurely halt sanctions. i will oppose any deal that does not end iran's nuclear ambitions and have strong unification measures. -- verification measures. [applause] i will insist the final version be brought before congress. the difference between president obama and myself, he seems to
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think you can negotiate from a position of weakness, yet everyone needs to realize negotiations are not inherently bad. the trust but verify is required in any negotiation, but the goal always should be and always is peace, not war. [applause] we must realize we do not project strength by borrowing money from china to send to pakistan. [applause] let's quit building bridges in foreign countries and use the money to build bridges here at home. [applause]
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it angers me to see mobs burning our flags and chanting death to america in countries that receive millions of dollars in our foreign aid. [applause] i say not one penny more to these haters of america. [applause] to defend our country, we do need to gather intelligence on the enemy. but when the intelligence director is not punished for lying under oath, how are we to trust our government agencies? [applause] more endless searches of american phones and computer
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searches are un-american and a threat to your civil liberties. [applause] i say your phone records are yours. i say the phone records of law-abiding distance are none of their damn business. [applause] is this where we light up the phones? [laughter] the president great his vast dragnet by executive order. as president on day one, i will immediately end this unconstitutional surveillance. [applause] i believe we can have liberty
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and security, and i will not compromise your liberty for a false sense of security. not now, not ever. [applause] we must defend ourselves, but we must never give up who we are as a people. we must never diminish the bill of rights as we fight the long war against evil. we must believe in the founding documents. we must protect economic and personal liberty again. america has much greatness left in her. we are still exceptional and a beacon for the world. we will thrive when we believe in ourselves again. i see an america strong enough to serve foreign aggression, yet wise enough to avoid unnecessary intervention. [applause]
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i see an america where criminal justice is applied equally, and any law that disproportionally incarcerates people of color is repealed. [applause] i see an america with a restrained irs that cannot target, cannot harass american citizens for their political or religious beliefs. [applause] i see our big cities once again shining with creativity and ingenuity, with american companies offering american jobs. with your help, this message will ring from coast to coast. a message of liberty, justice, and personal responsibility.
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today begins the journey to take america back. [applause] to rescue of the great country now adrift, join me as together we seek a new vision for america. today i announce with god's help, with the help of liberty lovers everywhere, that i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting "president paul"] [cheers and applause] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> coming up on the next "washington journal," the debate over u.s. immigration policy. our guest is mark rosenbaum.
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then, ross eisenberg of the national association of manufacturers and michael livermore, from the university of virginia law school. they discuss the cost and benefits of federal regulation. "washington journal" is live every morning. you can join the conversation with your phone calls and comment on facebook and twitter. >> this sunday on "q&a" andrew ferguson on his writing career, the gop presidential candidates, and what voters are looking for. >> they want somebody who looks like he has stood up for them. i'm amazed -- primary voters on both sides are motivated by resentment. this sense of being put upon. those people really don't
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understand us, and here is a guy who does understand us and he will stick it to them. that happens on both sides. hillary clinton will give her own version of that kind of thing. i don't think that was true 30 years ago. resentment has always been part of politics, but the degree to which it has almost exclusively been the motivating factor in truly committed republicans and democrats. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern. >> president obama spoke at the annual easter prayer breakfast. his remarks were followed by a performance from amy grant. from the east room, this is 15 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president and vice president of
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the united states. [applause] vice president biden: good morning, everyone, and welcome to the white house. it is an honor to join you in a
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morning of prayer, reflection. for me, reflection is what holy week is all about. i never fail to get a renewed sense of hope and possibility when i attend mass on easter sunday. i believe pope francis got it right in his easter vigil when he said, "we cannot live easter without entering into mystery." to enter into mystery means the ability to wonder, to contemplate, the ability to listen to the silence. here the tiny whisper amid the great silence by which god speaks to us. i think that is who we are as christians and quite frankly i think that is who we are as americans. we are constantly renewed as a people and as individuals by our
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ability to enter into the mystery. we live our faith the ability to wonder, to contemplate to listen to that tiny whisper amid the great silence. we live our faith when we nurture the hope and possibilities that have always defined us as a country. we live easter, and to live easter is to live with the constant notion that we can always do better. we can always do better. that is why i am so grateful for what everyone in this room does to transform hope into possibility, and possibility into opportunity. that is why i have been so honored to work every single day for the last six years with a man who encompasses that faith to his core.
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a man who knows what it is to inter-into the mystery with a deep and unyielding conviction that is within each of our reach to make real the promise of the ongoing america. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to introduce you to my friend, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [applause] president obama: thank you everybody. thank you so much. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. well begets thanks for this day the lord has made. good morning, everybody. welcome to the white house. is wonderful to see so many friends from all across the
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country. my first concern was if you got something to eat. [laughter] sometimes prayer breakfasts are advertised -- [laughter] -- and then you get there and there is a muffin. couple berries. and though your soul may be nourished, you leave hungry. i hope that is not happening. i want to thank everybody here for their prayers which means so much to me and michelle, particularly at a time when my daughters are starting to grow up starting to go on college visits. i need prayer. [laughter] i start tearing up in the middle of the day and i can't explain it. [laughter] why am i so sad? [laughter] they are leaving me. i want to thank everybody here
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for the wonderful work you do all across the country with your remarkable ministers. we hold this easter prayer every year to take a moment from our hectic lives for some fellowship friendship, prayer, and reflection. i know pastors here and had a very busy holy week, and so for you to travel here and take the time to spend with us is extraordinary after what i know is difficult. i can't say that our work during this season is comparable, but you should try dealing with thousands of people in your backyard on easter at hunts. [laughter] after that, you need quiet reflection. particularly because i had some of my nephews


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