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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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it is the enemy of clear thinking, original thinking. the enemy of art, everything interesting and life-affirming. bring on intellectual adversity. thank you for having me this morning. host: tucker carlson. >> coming up tonight, joe biden on u.s. policy in iraq. then, rand paul giving a speech on foreign policy. later representative norma torres of california. joe spoke thursday about u.s. policy in iraq. efforts to combat the islamic state, and improvement in iraq's military capability. the vice president delivered those remarks at the national defense university in washington. he spoke for about 30 minutes.
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vice president biden: it is genuinely an honor to be a before such a distinguished audience. ambassador, thank you. she is a senior vice president. i am just a vice president. [laughter] vice president biden: these days, i don't like the word senior associated with my name. [laughter] vice president biden: i like to say to the ambassador, it is an honor to have you here today. military officers men and women and brian -- how are you doing
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brian? good to see you. next week, the prime minister will make his first visit to washington dc. this provides us with an opportunity to take stock of where things stand right now. that is going to be the focus of my remarks today. critics have made a number of claims regarding our policy in iraq and the state of affairs in iraq today. they say iraq's fight against i sil that i american international coalition has been stalemated. isil remains in a commanding position inside a rat, that ran -- isil is dominating iraq and
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iraq itself is likely to be a thing of the past doomed to split apart because of violence. there is just one problem with these critiques. the claims do not reflect the circumstances on the ground. the claims do not represent the circumstances on the ground. they don't reflect the progress against isil--incomplete but growing. many predicted it would split them apart or the resolve to uphold their sovereignty and independence even as they look to their neighbors in all directions for assistance. the jury is still out. that is the truth. it is not over yet. but the momentum is in the right direction. i will buy to speak about that for a few moments. it is true that one isil took
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mozul last summer, we saw the collapse of the iraqi army the horrific slaughter of civilians, and the enslavement of women. ethnic cleansing of people who had lived there for thousands of years. significant, sophisticated military equipment left behind by iraqi forces. manpower from brutal construction and foreign fighters. maybe most dangerously, a sensible man of -- sensible inevitability seem to attract more foreign fighters. that is why one the capital
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fell, the president responded. within hours he took steps with all of you, the military to make sure that all of our people in our embassy were secure. we put special forces in the field temporarily to better understand the battle space. we set up a joint operations center in baghdad. this was all to prepare to help the iraqis fight back. we knew the first order of business was to make sure that iraq had a functioning inclusive government. for all the years i spent in dealing with iraqi public officials and government, we knew for certain without a united iraqi government, there was no possibility -- and none -- of defeating isil. when mosul fell, iraq had just
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held a national election. roughly 14 million iraqis showed up at the polls. now, they had to form a government in the middle of this chaos. having been deeply, deeply involved as brian mcewan will tell you because he was with me trying to help form the first government, we knew this could be extremely difficult. it was likely to be difficult. during the term of the last government, this trust had deepened so profoundly between sunni, shia, kurds, creating serious obstacles to a unified effort against isil and the willingness of staying together. the irony of all ironies is that iraq was actually helped form
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its government because of isil. isil, the various outfit intended to tear iraq apart. it actually united iraqis. the sunnis realize they preferred a united, federal iraq under a new government to being at the mercy of isil or dependent upon the other sunni states. the kurds realized withdrawing from iraq was not a viable option and they did not want mosul the state on their doorstep. i don't know how many conversations i had relating to this. the shia realize they did not undertake on eiffel alone -- isil alone. consequently, each concluded they were better off if they are in this together.
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to quote a famous american politician, we either hang together or hang separately. the iraqis themselves recognize how badly the trust had been broken. nothing less than a comprehensive change can make a government to take on eiffel. many iraqis later believed that the only way to do this was a wholesale change in leadership. that every interest and iraq had to find different leaders this time to occupy the seats of power. i remember speaking with a proud son of mosul and in deciding in
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order to make way for a new wave of leaders, it was important he would have to step down as speaker. there was a need from the speaker to the prime minister to be president to find new leaders. the result was another widely respected sunni. he became the new parliamentary speaker. iraq chose a well respected senior statement to be the new president. he stuck to his convictions under enormous pressure. you know how the process works. he, the president, has to turn to one of the sanctions to form a government. it was an enormous amount of pressure. he stuck to his guns and named the prime minister from a shia
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leader who had built majority supported the shia national alliance. there was a consensus among these leaders that iraq would need a much greater measure of functioning federalism, which is called for in the constitution. they all agreed to that. that common understanding that by genuine acts of statement chip has -- statement ship has led to significant progress and the chance of a long-term, unity government. in just eight months, the prime minister and other iraqi leaders have made an inclusive government. in record time, they arrived at a national budget with equitable revenue sharing, forged an oil deal between baghdad. i don't know, the times brian and i sat there after the 23 visits into a rock -- into a
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rack being -- iraq being told there was an oil deal on the horizon. they began to mobilize thousands of sunni fighters to fight against isil. this past week, the prime minister discussed cooperation with forces and a plan to coordinate a budget in part to help liberate mosul. yesterday, he was announcing the delivery of over 1000 weapons to sunni tribes for the liberation as part of his commitment he made to sunni leaders. more efforts to organize, arm integrate the sunnis willing to fight eiffel will be needed in the months ahead.
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-- fight eiffel -- isil will be needed in months ahead. he is visiting to wait -- kuwait. saudi arabia has agreed to open an embassy in baghdad. at the invitation of a shia iraqi president. these are only initialed but these are very promising promising steps. obviously, a great deal of work remains, including moving forward in the national guard legislation. legislation to design, advanced national reconciliation, including -- continuing to mobilize integrate, arm, take sunni forces, further integrate the
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national iraqi security force, bringing volunteer forces. empowering local governments and planning for reconstruction and liberated areas. all of which we will be discussing with the prime minister, not that we have not discussed it a lot. we have probably spent more time on the phone then we have -- i have with my wife. [laughter] vice president biden: the entire region is watching us closely. iraqi leaders cannot afford to lose that sense of political urgency that brought them to this point. much hinges on the prime minister but not him alone. this is about all iraqi leaders: together and they must continue
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to compromise. and it is hard. thousands of bodies have been lost. but they are doing it we knew that in addition to forming a united iraqi government, the next challenge would be to help them put that together and ability to be able to position itself to succeed on the battlefield. that started with helping iraqis reorganize their security forces. for years, and the phase of terrorism, many fought bravely and gave their lives. thousands gave their lives in the fight against isil. that would challenge any army. as we saw last summer, some units had been hollowed out with corruption and questionable leadership, lack of discipline
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and the collapse helped make the fall of mosul possible. would begin to help leaders rebuild their forces with hires based on confidence, not ethnicity. al-abadi relieved a number of former officers and appointed new one. he appointed a defense minister, replaced 36 commanders, and continues to reform iraqis military leadership. we spend -- send our special forces to assess which units can be salvaged. under the leadership, we began working with iraqi military to reconstitute their divisions. we are training and continued to train iraqi forces at four different sites across the country, 6000 of already graduated, thousands more in the pipeline.
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since the fall of 2014 the u.s. has delivered over 100 million rounds of ammunition, 62,000 small arms systems 1700 hellfire missiles. they are not protecting iraqi forces from mines and homemade bombs perfect 50 additional m-wraps. at the air force base many of you were part of securing come we are training, advising assistant iraqi army forces who are training sunni fighters. we are also bringing iraqi pilots to the united states who are in advanced stages of flight
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training in arizona to enhance the capacity to defend their country in the air. we are not doing it alone. we lead and mobilize a national coalition of over 60 partner -- nato partners to help take on eiffel. -- isil. it is a global effort to weaken isil across the board. in several nations, they are providing significant support in iraq. eight coalition partners have launched over 500 airstrikes in iraq. they have provided trainers inside iraq, others are working with us to train and resupply the kurdish, who have reclaimed a significant portion of the territory initially gained by isil. several countries including
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japan, saudi arabia, have made significant, nonmilitary contributions in areas such as development assistance to humanitarian aid. and majority within each of the constituencies supports these efforts. leaders from across the iraqi political spectrum have publicly asked for our help. we are providing that helped in a smarter way. a small number of advisers back by -- backed by a coalition. it is backed up by the most capable air force in the world. we are pounding isil from the sky. 100 300 -- 1300 air force attacks so far. we have not lost a single of those servicemen to enemy fire. but, this is a dangerous dangerous place.
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with our systems iraqis admit significant progress on the battlefield. eight months ago, eiffel was on the defensive everywhere -- isil was on the defensive everywhere in iraq. today in iraq, isil has lost large areas they used to dominate. isil has been defeated at moseley dan -- mosul dam. houses of isil fighters have been removed from the battlefield. their ability to maneuver has been greatly degraded. leaders have been eliminated, supply lines have been severed weapons, check went, fighting positions, safe houses have been destroyed. reports of demoralization within
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the ranks are rising. some fighters refusing to fight. foreign fighters being killed by isil because they want to return home. there is still a long fight ahead. i don't want to paint an overly rosy picture. but, they have been pierced and that is important. let me give you an example where the capability was tested as well as it's political leadership. three weeks ago in every newspaper in the west, the speculation was the u.s. coalition to rockies elected leaders had been sidelined on the fight against isil, particularly in tikrit. military forces back iran were running the show. you saw pictures.
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they made it clear that everyone saw we were there, the implication being we now own iraq. then, something changed. the attacks stalled. prime minister abadi stepped up. he stepped in, making it clear that the iraqi government -- him as commander in chief -- was in charge of this operation. when i spoke with him, he made it clear to me that he wanted the united states and the coalition to engage all over iraq. explicitly, he wanted us to engage and requested support in tikrit. his call was joined by sunni leaders and the most senior
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leaders in the country who declared the iraqi government had to be in the lead, the units had to be directly under the command -- all units -- of the iraqi government. sunnis had to be included in the liberation of their on communities. we made clear that we are prepared to help in the battle with volunteers both shia and sunni fighting alongside iraqi fighters but only if all elements in the fight operated strictly under the chain of command of the iraqi military. that is the only way we can ensure the safety of those on the ground and minimize the risk of friendly fire. today, iraq's national flag, not isil's, hangs over the crit --
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the city up to crit -- tahkrit. governing authority that two local officials -- back to local officials, restoring vital public services. and in the face of reports that there is mass looting and burning of homes, the prime minister stepped up and took swift action for study condemned the abuses, ordered the militia out, ensuring regular forces are patrolling and frankly acknowledged the degree of loss that had occurred. hiding nothing.
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once inside to crit -- the city, i still -- isil murdered 7000 young men. mass graves are still being found, a stock reminder of the brutality of isil and the need for defeat. we are also taking the fight to isil in syria. international coalition has now launched over airstrikes. bombed refineries have been taken over. the oil being used to fund their operations eliminating it as a source of revenue. we embarked on a training program to take on isil and protect syrian communities.
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in co.the regional challenge for iraq extends beyond syria. for years now, iraq has risked being pulled apart to a wide range of competition internally and externally. the reality is that iraqis don't want to be drawn into regional conflict. they don't want to be owned by anybody. everybody forgets there is a war a decade before where 100,000 were killed. a war with iran, their neighbor. they don't want to be puppets dangling on a string of anyone's
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puppeteering in the region. don't underestimate our iraqi national pride, independence sovereignty. it is only natural iraq will have relations with all of its neighbors, including iran. the history is too long, the border is too long come and it is a difficult neighborhood. iraq must be free to make it on sovereign choice is the authority of elected representatives. we want what iraqis want -- a united, federal, and democratic iraq as defined by its unconstitutional where power is shared among all iraqi communities, where a sovereign government exercises command and control of the forces in the field. that is overwhelmingly what the iraqis want. i go back to the focus on the iraqi government.
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one of the three major constituencies -- sunni, shia, kurd -- are united in wanting a whole and prosperous iraq, the likelihood of being pulled into the orbit of any single nation of region is diminished exponentially because this would represent the only government in the region that actually is not based on dominance. this is going to be a long haul. dealing with success or failure is in the hands of the iraqis will start as they stand up and together -- iraqis. as they stand up and together, we are committed to standing with them. i need not tell this audience
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since 2003, more than 1.5 million american women and men including my son, have spent significant amounts of time on iraqi soil. every single morning since i have been vice president, we contacted the defense department and i ask the same question. give me the exact number of americans who have given their lives on iraqi soil and afghan soil -- the exact number, not a generalization. the exact number of those who have been wounded and or lost in afghanistan. no one knows more than this -- every one of those lives, brave women and men represent a community, represent a family
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and a larger family. only 1% of all americans have waged these fights for us but 99% of all americans owes them support and recognition. 4000 481 -- 4004 at 81 americans have given their lives on iraqi soil including many who served alongside the people in this room. i bet everyone of you in uniform know somebody who has been lost orr wounded. you may ask why am i focusing on this. although our mission is significantly different today then it was during then, there are still men and women in
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uniform in iraq making sacrifices as i speak, protecting our embassy training iraqis. every other family neighbor thinks everything is fine. dad or mom is not home for the earth day. they are missing that graduation. they're not there for christmas. we have an obligation. we have an obligation. just because we no longer have 160,000 troops there. it is as intense and real as it was when we had an hundred 60,000 troops there.
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they warrant our support. their families warned -- war it -- vice president biden: their blood and oil helped give iraq another chance. i'm mission is to help the iraqis themselves to make the most of this. thank you all for listening, but most of all, thank you for your service. may god bless the united states of america and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause]
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announcer: on the next washington journal, we discussed the recent south carolina shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. after that, 2016 and beyond republicans can elect a president and the new america. we will be taking your phone calls, facebook contents, and tweets, all on washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. announcer: here are some of our featured programs for this weekend. on c-span2, book tv, saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on after words, grover norquist says americans are tired of the irs and arotech system. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. susan
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butler on president franklin roosevelt and soviet leader joseph stalin, allies during world war ii and their unexpected partnership beyond the war. saturday night at :00 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3, lectures in history university of virginia jennifer murray on how civil war veterans and their reunions have changed from the reconstruction era to present. sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., american history tv is live from appomattox courthouse national memorial park, considering -- commemorating the 100 and 50th anniversary of the confederate surrender and the end of the civil war. announcer: as candidates start announcing runs for the presidency in 2016 some are announcing of predicting an announcement by hillary clinton. a source with knowledge of hillary clinton has confirmed that she was officially announcer 2016 presidential head on saturday or sunday. that is followed by campaign
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travel. a spokesperson for her campaign team did not immediately respond to requests for comment. polls show are well ahead of her likely rivals. she has leased office space for headquarters in brooklyn and hired key staffers. any plans hillary clinton hands to kick off her campaign could complicate another campaign. marco rubio, jeff bush -- the new york times with the story. 2016 ambitions turned marco rubio jeb bush protégé into rival. he made a pledge do not challenge his political mentor if you wanted the job himself good this time around, as marco rubio gets ready to announce his entry, he's not asking for permission. senator rubio is scheduled to make the announcement in florida, upstaging former
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governor bush in his own backyard. you can reader more about their relationship over the years on new york times to a comparable take you like to miami for the official announcement of his presidential run monday, 5:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span copart on a road to the white house coverage. the second republican was rand paul. he outlined his foreign-policy position today in south carolina in front of an aircraft carrier the uss yorktown, which is docked in mount pleasant. he spoke for about 20 minutes. rand paul: it is great to be in south carolina. you know what i like most about south carolina? you feel free enough and confident enough to cheer. that doesn't happen everywhere in the country could -- country.
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it still happens in south carolina, kentucky, and a lot of this country. i think there is no greater responsibility for any legislature -- latest the -- legislature or later than when we go to war. the consequences are ominous. that responsibility should never be given to any individual who previously or cavalierly calls for war. war brings with it great obligations. these obligations do not in when our brave young men and women come home. it's just the beginning. one thing i know is true, we go a debt of gratitude to our men and women who have taught and continued to fight for our bill of rights. we of the next generation the
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wisdom to know when war is necessary and when war is not necessary. i promise you this i will never forget our veterans. i will never forget our soldiers in the field. and i've got to judge questions of war with a solemn and profound deliberation. i will never take the country to war without just cause and without constitutional approval of congress. [applause] as commander in chief, the world will know our objective is peace. the world will not mistake our desire for peace for passivity. the world should not mistake our reluctance for war for inaction. if war should prevent avoidable america will fight with overwhelming force and we will
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not relent until victory is ours. [applause] behind me is the uss yorktown the shipment on the original yorktown -- that ship men on the original yorktown were silent as they watched it seemed to the depths of the pacific during the battle of midway. there was no conversation, no hysteria. these men were brave and proud lawyers. over 100 sailors died that day. is it any wonder that the people who have served in combat are usually more circumspect than those who have never fought? the men of the uss yorktown were on the front lines. they knew better than anyone in washington the sacrifice
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necessary to protect liberty. they did not talk about strength and courage. they lived in. they did not seek or -- seek war , but with a were there when called fight. i believe that the men and women protecting our liberty deserve leaders who are accountable to the american people. the crew of the uss yorktown understood that our freedom and prosperity must be defended against those who would attack us. they learned the terrible lesson that war is not a game and should not be used for political advantage. too many lawmakers in washington have not learned that lesson. in 1964, ronald reagan warned of the dangers, the dangers of seating our freedom to a little intellectual elite and a far distant capital who think they can plan our lives for us better than we can for ourselves. freedom nurtured our country
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from a rebellious group of colonies into the world's greatest nation. when tierney threaten the world america led the way to rid the world of nazis. we stood decade after decade against communism. the engine of capitalism finally winning out against the sputtering, incompetent engine of socialism. we won the cold war. american and freedom are so intertwined that people are literally dying to come to our country. the freedom we have fostered in america has unleashed genius and advancement like never before in the history of man. our great nation still needs new ideas, new answers to old problems. if america is to lead again. today, we set atop a powder cake , a troubling $18 trillion deficit. our debt threatens our national security. our debt equals our entire
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economy. and special interests continue to hold the government hostage. together we will take our country back from the special interests that use washington as their personal piggy bank. the special interests -- 2[applause] -- these special interests seem to be more concerned with their own welfare than with the general welfare. the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every note and cranny of our lives must be stopped. [applause] when i first ran for office, nobody thought i could win including my wife. [laughter] nobody thought i could win. they said why are you running. i said the same answer now as then. i have a vision for america.
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i want to be a part of a return to prosperity and an economic boom that lists all americans return to government restrained by the constitution, return to privacy, opportunity liberty -- [applause] -- too often when republicans have won, we have squandered our victory by becoming part of the machine. the republicans win and then we become part of the washington machine. that is not who i am. that is not why iran for office. the truth is i love my life as a small-town doctor. i have been fortunate enough to enjoy the american dream. i worry though that that opportunity and hope is slipping away from our sons and daughters. as i watched -- watched our once great economy collapse under debt and spending, i think what
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kind of america will our grandchildren see? it seems to me that both parties and the entire political system have let us down. big government and that doubled under republicans, and now it is tripling under democrats. president obama will add more debt than all of the previous presidents combined. [boos] we borrow a million dollars every minute. this fasting stimulation of debt threatens not just our economy but our security. we need to wake up now and do the right thing. we need to >> spending money that we don't have. -- we need to quit spending money that we don't have. [applause] liberty is for all walks of life. the message of liberty, opportunity, and justice should
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not let the liberals take the word justice to it we need to be the party of justice. we need to be for all americans whether you wear a suit, overalls, uniform, white, or black gate we need to be the party of all americans. -- white or black. we need to be the party of all americans. [applause] we need to go boldly forth under a banner of liberty that clutches the constitution in one hand and the bill of rights and the other. [applause] we need to be boldly for what we are for. washington is horribly broken. i fear it can't be fixed from within. we need your help and we the people must rise up and demand action. congress will never balance the budget. i have been there. i have met these folks. they will never ever balance the budget.
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not unless you force them to do it. [applause] congress has an abysmal record at balancing anything. our only recourse is to force them to balance the budget with the constitutional amendment. [applause] i have been to washington. let me tell you, there is no monopoly of knowledge in washington. i ran for office because i thought we had too many career politicians. i believe that now more than after we need -- limit the president to two terms, why don't we limit all of congress? [applause]
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and while we are at that, we need more commonsense rules in washington, the place is crazy topsy-turvy, upside down, common sense is a rarity. that is why i have introduced something truly extraordinary a, the bills act. [applause] the bills are thousands of pages long often put on her desk with a couple of hours to reach. we actually have rules that they can give them to us without 48 hours to reach them. i got one bill last year, on my desk for four hours, 1000 pages long, you what they did? they voted to override their own rules for there is a disrespect in washington for the role of laws. the freedom we have fostered in america is something extraordinary. it has on leash genius and advancement like never before.
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yet our great nation still needs new ideas, and new answers. i have a vision for america where everyone who wants to work will have a job. many americans though are left behind. the report of work seems to be beyond their grasp. under the watch of both parties the poor seem to get poor, and the rich seem to get richer. trillion dollar government stimulus packages have only widened the income gap. politically connected cronies get hundreds of millions of dollars -- think solyndra. one of the richest guys and our country got a 105 million dollar loan. what is up with that? i have a different vision. i have an ambitious vision that will offer opportunity to all americans. my plan includes economic freedom zones to allow impoverished areas like detroit columbia, eastern kentucky -- allow them to prosper by leaving
8:48 pm
more money in their hands and sending less money to washington. [applause] in my vision for america, we will bring back manufacturing jobs that pay well. how will we do this? we will dramatically lower the tax on american profit overseas and encourage it to come home. [applause] more than $2 trillion of american profit is overseas and we can bring it home and create jobs here at home. in my vision for america, new highways and bridges will be built across the country, not by raising your taxes, but by lowering the taxes and encouraging this american profit to come home. [applause]
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liberal policies have failed our inter-cities. our schools are not equal and the poverty get continues to widen. martin luther king spoke of two americas. he described them as two starkly different experiences that exist side-by-side. in one america people experience the opportunity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but in the other america, people experience the daily ugliness, dashing hopes, leaving only the fatigue and despair. although i was born into the america that experiences and believes in opportunities, my trips to detroit chicago have revealed what i consider to be an undercurrent of unease. it is time for a new way, always predicated on justice, opportunity, and freedom. [applause]
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i want all our children to have the same opportunities that i had. we need to stop limiting kids in poor neighborhoods to failing public schools and offer school choice, not just for the privilege, but for everyone. [applause] currently some $3 trillion comes in in taxes. couldn't the country just survive in $3 trillion? i propose we do something extraordinary. why don't we only spend what comes in? [applause] in my vision for america freedom and prosperity at home can only be achieved if we defend against enemies who are dead set on attacking america.
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without question, we must defend ourselves. we must defend american interests from our enemies. until we name the enemy though we cannot win the war. the enemy is a barbarous aberration, radical islam. [applause] and not only will i name the enemy, i would do everything in my power, everything it takes, to defend america from these haters of mankind. [applause] we need a national defense robust a not to defend against all attacks, moderate enough to deter all enemies, and nimble enough to defend our vital interests, but we also need a foreign policy that protects american interests and encourages stability, not chaos. [applause]
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at home, conservatives understand that the government is the problem, not the solution. conservatives though should not succumb to the notion that a government in a fit home will somehow succeed in building nations abroad. [applause] i envision an america with a national defense unparalleled, undefeatable, and unencumbered by overseas nations building. [applause] i envision a national defense that promotes as reagan put it, he's through strength. -- peace through strength. [applause] we must realize that we cannot project strength by barring
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money from china to send it to pakistan. [applause] -- by borrowing money from china to send it to pakistan. >> president paul. president paul. president paul. rand paul: let's >> building bridges in foreign countries and use that money at home. [applause] it angers me to see mobs burning our flag and chanting death to america in countries that received millions of dollars of our aid. i say -- [applause] -- i say it must in. i say not one penny more. [applause]
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-- i say it must end. i say not one penny more. >> president paul. president paul. president paul. rand paul: to defend our country, we knew need to gather intelligence on the enemy, but when the intelligence director is not punished for lying under oath how are we to trust our government agencies? warrantless searches of americans phone records and computer records are un-american and a threat to our civil liberties. [applause] i say to your phone records are yours. the phone records of law-abiding citizens are none of their dam business. [applause]
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the president created this vast dragnet by executive order. as president on day one, i will immediately end this unconstitutional surveillance. [applause] i believe we can have liberty and security. i will not compromise your liberty for a false sense of security, not now, not ever. [applause] we must defend ourselves but we must never give up on who we are as a people in the process. we must never diminish the bill of rights as we fight this long war against evil. we must believe in our founding documents. we must protect economic and personal liberties.
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america has much greatness left in her. we are still exceptional. we are still a beacon for the world. we will thrive when we believe in ourselves again. i see in america, strong enough to deter foreign aggression, yet wise enough to avoid unnecessary intervention. [applause] i see an america where criminal justice is applied equally. i see in america -- [applause] -- i see an america with a restrained irs that cannot target or harass american citizens for the political or religious beliefs. [applause] i see our big cities once again shining and beckoning with creativity and ingenuity, with
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american companies offering american jobs. i have a vision for an america beyond partisan squabbling, beyond petty divisions. with your help, we will ring this message from coast-to-coast, a message of liberty, justice, personal responsibility. today begins the journey to take america back, to rescue a great country now adrift. join me as together we seek a new vision for america. i am in south carolina today to announce, with god self, with the help of liberty lovers everywhere, that i am putting myself board as a candidate for the presidency of the united states. [applause] ♪ [applause]
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