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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 17, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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there was a series of there was a series of assassinations. you had one who asked him about the investigation of horsemen solve -- boris nemtsov. i said it was a disgrace to russia and the law enforcement is doing everything to find those who executed, and those who ordered it, and the ukraine wants to be a democratic state it has to do the same. but nothing like that is happening. where are the killers? europe and the u.s. turn a blind eye to it. reporter: of course, first and foremost, we would like to express condolences to the family and his colleagues.
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>> i also offer my condolences. regardless of political convictions, there is one subject upon which we agree, this is a victory. in every family, every family has its own hero. any attempt to rewrite history of the great patriotic war gets rejected in our country. now the red army is no longer regarded as liberators. it's on the same board as not to -- nazi germany. what do you think about that as the son of a person who was in the war? president putin: i have mixed feelings. it is a difficult issue. i will try to be brief. certainly you cannot compare nazism and stalinism. because nazis openly and publicly said that they are
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going to destroy jews, gypsies and slavs. of course stalin was not an angel. whole nations were exiled. there were purges. but stalin never wanted to destroy whole ethnicities. it does not make sense to compare these two figures. secondly, maybe not that pleasant for us, there were still some grounds for these allegations. after world war ii, we tried to make many eastern european countries live like we lived. it was done by force. we have to admit it.
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it is not good. the same with the u.s., they tried to impose their model of development around the world and they are doomed to fail. >> moscow state university. mr. president, i have a question on isis. we know that there are russians who fight alongside isis, and we have special camps where they dropped people in central asia and there are russian citizens. so how serious is this threat in your opinion, and is russia capable of withstanding this organization? are we taking preventive measures? president putin: first of all, i
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would like to say that isis first emerged in iraq and in syria. i like to point out that in iraq there was this undemocratic regime but there was no terrorism there at the time. then, they killed saddam hussein. he actually cooperated with the united states at a certain point and they actually supported saddam hussein in his war with iran. iran has not been at war for 30 years. they have not attacked anybody. anyway, after they destroyed the country and after some of the people there, a smaller part of the population feel part of the
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former elite was sidelined, lost their offices, lost their jobs, and had no way to survive, they joined extremist organizations and set up isis. a large number of military former officers joined them, this is what makes them effective, they are professionals. they have a lot of military professionals. they began to attract other radicals and extremists of all sorts to this region. of course there is no direct threat for us from isis. the thing you mentioned we are really concerned about that , there are people appearing as well. they get training and they can come back to russia.
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there are people from cis countries who get their military training and experience there and come back. we are aware of that. we are taking necessary steps. i cannot tell you we know all of their names. we know the approximate number and places where they get the training. and we actually do know certain names. our security agencies are working well in that area. they cooperate with colleagues from other cis countries on this issue. >> here is somebody from this radio station. he always has tough questions. >> i would like to go back to political assassinations. we just mentioned the killing in ukraine, the killing of boris nemtsov.
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i am surprised when sometimes investigators cannot question someone. someone might hide in one of the russian regions and they cannot get it. a person is killed 200 meters away from the kremlin, so he is first killed just walking with a girl. investigators know who killed but they cannot find the person who ordered the killing. also you have people who lay flowers. they put up russian flags and they want to have memorials. no, they are not allowed to do it. it is a waste.
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then they are placed in plastic bags and thrown away. maybe your opinion was not taken into account. i would like you to make a statement on that. you knew boris. my question number two, you are from st. petersburg and i am from moscow. we do not have streets named after us. but the president might make a proposal and then the government might rename streets. maybe we might have the bridge named after boris nemtsov. president putin: as for the assassination, i have already said what i think about it and i don't think there is a need for me to repeat myself. as regards flowers and the names
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of streets, you know it is up to local authorities and regional authorities and moscow authorities in this case to decide there is a law, according to which, flags can be -- set up at a place where someone was killed after 10 years since his death. but i repeat, moscow authorities can and should make an appropriate decision. as for flowers and other things of similar nature, i don't know why there is the need for such restrictions. and i don't welcome that. on the contrary, i think there is nothing wrong with people laying flowers if it does not interfere with other people's activities. i think there is no problem with that. i will definitely talk to the moscow mayor and make sure they
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don't interfere with that. you mentioned a certain street it is also strange, i never paid attention to that, but i definitely think he deserves considering all he did, he deserves to have a street named after him. i will also talk to the moscow mayor about that. >> i studied the laws and it said the russian president has the right to propose that and the decision will be taken very soon. please, introduce the proposal. president putin: well, i don't mind. and maybe i will use this right. but if i have a certain right
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he doesn't necessarily mean i should use it immediately. there are other ways to do this. i can talk to the mayor and we can sort this out, don't worry. >> another question from the audience. >> mr. president, i have a question on mistrials helicopter carriers. the second helicopter carrier was tested this week, so will we demand a handover? a compensation or what? what about military cooperation with europe and france, what is the future of such cooperation? president putin: well, the decision not to deliver under an existing contract is certainly a bad sign. to us, in terms of our defense
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capabilities, frankly, this is absolutely significant. we signed the contracts in the first place in order to support, support our partners. we make sure their shipyards are busy. we have plans to use those helicopter carriers so they are not critical to us, but still i believe the french will give our money back to us. we don't even plan to insist on them making extra payments, some fines, penalties. and so on and so forth. but just -- we just want all of our costs covered.
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this certainly indicates the reliability of our partners who are part of nato and give up part of their sovereignty. this means the reliability is questionable. we will certainly take this into account in our future defense contracts with them. >> everyone would relax if you say no penalties are needed. >> we are live from nashua, new hampshire, this afternoon, where the state republican party is hosting a leadership summit today and tomorrow. our coverage will begin shortly with texas governor rick perry and later new jersey governor chris christie will address the crowd. we will also hear from
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former florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio who declared his campaign for the republican presidential nomination earlier this week. live coverage from nashua, new hampshire, on c-span. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to welcome me back into the ballroom please. we would like to get started. we really want to thank the staff here in nashua.
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they are doing yeoman's work, so thank you so much for what you do. thank you.
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ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting in two minutes, so please take your seats. our next speaker is commerce and steve young -- steve king, sorry. long day. and after him is governor rick perry. please climbed in and have a seat.
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>> once again, we are live from nashua, new hampshire, this afternoon. the state is hosting the republican party's "first in the nation" leadership summit this weekend. some of the speakers include texas governor rick perry, new jersey governor chris christie former florida governor jeb bush. tonight, florida senator marco rubio.
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we hear that congressman peter king will be the next speaker, and then texas governor rick perry. >> good afternoon, everybody. if you cannot find a seat for your meal, and i still see some open seats -- if you cannot find your seat, the folks out in the lobby where the monitor is listen closely. go down to the end of the hall. they are going to serve lunch there. the program is on the big screen. you have full volume. as soon as lunch is over come right back into the ballroom for us. if you can't find a seat, go down the hall, how the doors, to your right, very end of the building. they will serve lunch for anybody who goes down there to one of those seats. ok, i still see -- we have some empty seats up front here. feel free to fill them in. empty seats right here. oh, we have empty seats to my left, a couple tables. folks, come on in and sit down
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because we are going to get started right now. seats to my left at some of the tables to my left. look at all these folks raising their hands over here have extra seats at their table. come on in and sit down. come on in and join us. we are going to get started now for the afternoon. here is what i am going to ask of you. we are going to start the program. i will ask you now to settle down and shhh. stuff like that. i love that. we are going to get started now. we are having a great morning. everybody having fun so far? there more fun still to come. every minute gets better than the one before. we are so excited to have you here. i want to remind you as you are tweeting to use the hashtag # fitn, and those of you in a new hampshire, you know our other hashtag, #nhpolitics.
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how many of you know my friend ray buckley? chairman of the democratic committee, ray buckley. he is in a little bit of a tizzy this weekend. he is upset --all this energy come all these great republican leaders. take advantage come every chance you get, to get a tweet out there in the twitterverse, i guess, and say hi to rate for us. tell him about the great leadership at the summit this weekend, the great conservative ideas. here is another great hashtag if you want to add it in there -- #stophillary. that is what we are going to go in with into the afternoon. it is my great pleasure to welcome my next speaker. i know you are eating and our servers will continue to serve. i hope you settle down and save your fascinating conversation for a little bit later in the afternoon now. as we get started, if i have
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your full attention. thank you. i'm really pleased to introduce our next speaker. he has been a great friend of two have to republican party. he has been -- new hampshire republican party. he has been a great friend to me. a strong conservative. he has been serving in the u.s. house of representatives since 2003, representing iowa's fourth district, and he knows better than anybody else out there how important it is for us to preserve that first in the nation cut out process we have so the candidates can come into these smaller states and be heard and be seeing and have the chance to get their message out there regardless of what their bank account or a mighty might be -- name id might be. they do it in the caucus process in iowa and here for the primary. please give a warm granite state welcome to representative steve king. [applause] rep. king: terrific.
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well, thank you very much. i just really appreciate the chance to be here, first in the nation primary for the president of the united states, coming from the state where we have the first in the nation caucus, planning on being in south carolina next month where they are going to wrap up, maybe, the work we will do in iowa and in new hampshire. i want to let you know how important this is that we get this right. our values are right. when i come from iowa and go to new hampshire, i meet people that think like my neighbors did you love this country, you understand the principles of constitutional conservatism. the thing i forgot to tell you about me is this -- jennifer didn't put it into the introduction. i serve in the united states congress and i do my job as i see fit and the best i know how. when you see people who come into new hampshire and start rumors, and they go to south carolina and iowa and start rumors, i think i'm the only member of the united states congress that can go to iowa and
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new hampshire and south carolina all in the same week and not start any rumors. [laughter] and in the process of doing that -- my long island friends -- in the process of doing that, i also had the privilege of meeting people who are stepping forward. we need to respect them. we need to invite them in our homes and plan events and do these kinds of things, this kind of thing here, and the follow-up on sunday as well. the early states set the tone. in iowa, where we are all politics all the time, just like it is all politics all the time in new hampshire, we will punch one of two tickets for new hampshire. you will look at that recommendation for iowa and punch may be only one ticket for south carolina possibly two. if iowa and new hampshire concur on who we think that nominee ought to be a year from this coming january and early february, if we concur on that -- excuse me, just a year from now -- if we concur on that and
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south carolina punches that same ticket if iowa, new hampshire, south carolina agree, we are very likely to have ourselves a nominee. and one of the most important things we can do is get our values into the oval office. as i watch these presidential candidates, i can tell you that they can see themselves standing behind a podium with the great seal of the united states as president. they haven't selected a platform yet. they know what they believe, but they don't all know what you believe and what they will get behind. as they give speeches to groups like this and they see how it resonates, they start selecting things out of -- for their platform. we help select the planks for the platform for the next president of the united states. we shake them, we give the president -- the next president the tools to get elected. here is a couple suggestions for the full spectrum constitutional conservatism that i hope are in there. one is a plan to defeat the ideology of radical islam globally. [applause]
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we can't be thinking that this is going to be a perpetual police action and law enforcement. they hate us, they are at work with us. -- war with us. we have defeated ideologies before. in the previous century, we defeated nazism, japanese imperialism, and the communism of the soviet union. we can do this again. i asked our presidential candidate, shape that out. second thing transformative tax reform, the kind of thing that stimulates our economy and reaches those 93 billion americans of working age who are not in the workforce because we have 80 different means-tested welfare systems out there, essentially bribing them not to work. third thing, the will to balance the budget in the united states government doesn't exist in the congress today, and i don't know how we get that will to do so as entitlements grow and discretionary spending shrinks and the will to balance the budget also shrinks. we need a balanced budget amended to the united states constitution. if we send that out of congress
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to the states, you will ratify that in new hampshire and we will do so in iowa and they will do so in south carolina, 38 states, and then we will be back to fiscal response ability again. here is where this presidential race really is about. it is about the soul of america. it is about who we are as a people. it is about what we believe in. do we believe in these constitutional principles? are we the unchallenged greatest nation in the world? can our children identified what has brought that about? can they visited the pillars of american exceptionalism? can they get up every day and do their part to restore those pillars of exceptionalism? who will speak to our soul, who will live in our high here in new hampshire and iowa and around this country? who can look in the eye of the camera as president of the united states in the oval office, as ronald reagan did come and speak to our soul? who will come out of this lineup
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of excellent candidates we have that will be used to be the individual that restores the soul of america? that is our challenge that is in front of us. this is about the constitution the rule of law. but it is more so about restoring the soul of america, who we are as a people. and i hope that between iowa, new venture, south carolina, and beyond, as they go through this gauntlet of the nomination process, we are able to identify that individual and help with the strength of our own convictions into him so that he arrives at the oval office ready to do those things that take america to the next level of our destiny. god bless you here in new hampshire. appreciate hospitality. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, congressman. that was a rousing speech. our next guest -- i had the opportunity about a year ago to go with a group of republicans
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down to austin and to meet with our next speaker in the governor's mansion. what i found out about rick perry is that he has a passion for history. he took us on a tour -- rene, danny, you remember this -- took us on a tour of the mansion, and every painting he had a story. every individual who was detected their, he told us -- who was detected -- dpepicted there, he told us the background of the individual. rick perry was the 47th governor of the state of texas. he served four consecutive terms, from 2000 to 2015. he is the longest-serving governor in texas history. he presided over some of the longest periods of economic growth and job creation in the country.
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they say that things are bigger in texas. well, let's show the governor that in new hampshire, we can give at texas-sized welcome. please join me in welcoming governor rick perry. [applause] gov. rick perry: thank you all. we were here last night with the u.s. army association. you guys out cheered them. we had a fabulous event in year. -- in here. you think back about this country, you think about the people who truly were some
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extraordinary individuals in america. president lincoln obviously comes to mind. yet a quote, well the people retain their -- obviously, he did not know about the obama administration. another one of his illinois natives. the fact is in 2014, the american people did exercise a little vigilance, if you will. it was the first time that we had the opportunity for the american people to make an informed judgment on the obama years. it was then that they began to understand what ending the war in iraq really meant.
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what the impact of that was for our country, for the world. it was then that they saw the consequences of the empty words towards a dictator in syria the red line that was drawn. it was then that we witnessed the russian president annex crimea. the orchestrator of these policies that we've seen, that i just mentioned, will most likely be the democrat nominee for president. she is the one who literally brought the recessed button to the kremlin to reestablish the new relationships with russia. they did reset us for sure, they reset us to pre-1989 from my perspective to. the american people saw this.
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if allies about a mama -- they saw the lies about obama care, the irs looking into your records, and we saw a crazy man walk into the front of the white house and nobody seemed to know where he came from. i am talking about the crazy man who walked through who wasn't supposed to be there. [laughter] somebody will take that wrong. the american people saw that and said last november, that is enough. but just because they rejected the obama administration does not mean that they are embracing republicans. in november they said they are going to give you another chance , to the republican party. i'm here to say that a congressional majority is a
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terrible thing to waste. [applause] two things are abundantly clear to me, america is at a time of testing and our leaders are failing the test. number two, in response to the many crises that we are seeing around the world and are experiencing those at home and abroad, the conservative movement must be the agent of reform. there is something wrong when the dow jones is at a record high that businesses on main street are struggling to get along. since when did capitalism involve the elimination -- well regulations are strangling community banks? there's a community called paint
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creek. before i was governor, it was not on the map. one of my first acts was said that i want a little dot. communities relied on the small banks. there's something wrong where we are told that the economy is growing but americans are out of work, underemployed or are giving up looking for a job. washington's answer to the middle class has often been let's spend money. liberals in washington have spent 30 years criticizing reaganomics ball delivering trickle down liberalism. give more money to the federal government let the liberals,
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the leads, take care of their pet causes, leaving an ever shrinking middle class. their answer to jobs was spending close to a chilean dollars on stimulus -- trillion dollars on stimulus. it is no wonder that washington is now the richest metropolitan area in america. not because they create wealth but they redistribute it. large corporations don't pay taxes, and single moms working two jobs have to. we're not going to fix washington. by electing a president who is from washington, of washington, or for washington.
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changes only going to come from the outside in my perspective and show so should the next president. there's nothing wrong with america that cannot be fixed with new leadership. i believe that with all my heart. [applause] we are a few good decisions away from leadership -- from the best days the country has ever seen reviving our economy, building our military, and restoring our place in the world. we should begin with taxes. corporate tax reform, we know it happens. the economists tell us, if you lower the corporate tax rate 10%, and jobs go up 5-10%. every blue-collar worker should stand with the republicans
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because they are going to lower the tax rate and my wages will go up. we need to repeal every one of those perverse incentives to keep people from working. i happen to think one of the many flaws of obamacare is that it causes employers to move people from full-time jobs two part-time jobs to avoid a max of tax insurance cost. repeal it. it is easy enough to figure this one out. eric, we are going to put it back in your hands. i trust governors and legislatures whole lot more than i do a bureaucrat in washington dc. [applause] come to think of it, i trust governors and legislatures all across this country more than i do bureaucrats. how in the world are we going to really make progress in this country when we allow federal
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bureaucrats to decide what the curriculum is going to be in the states? the whole concept of common cap ore is just like obamacare. a bureaucrat in washington dc sat down and decided what the right curriculum is going to be. you're either for the 10th amendment or not. you're either for the governors are sitting in the white house. i believe that in 2014, bobby jindal asked the president, or do you think about how we can get flexibility to allow from the states to be able to have those dollars and come up with ways to deliver health care and the president looked at him and said, i don't trust governors and legislators to deliver health care. that is the mentality that we are up against that is the reason we have to share with the american people that there is hope for the future.
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the best days are ahead of us in this country absolutely the best days in america. connecting it to energy policy must country, i was incredibly frustrated, i was upset when the president vetoed the xl pipeline. because he said that america is not going to be energy secure. he left a small sliver of his political base to make a decision that is terrible for the rest of the country. i believe in a north america strategy canada, the united states, and mexico working together. we can be a secure section of the world. there are more reserves in that area of the world then russia and saudi arabia. we need to be opening up all of the energy resources. have this country, this region,
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relying upon north american energy. you couple that with corporate tax policy that lowers the corporate rate and here's the result. you will drive down energy costs. you will see electricity become incredibly. viable as a power source couple that with it - you will see electricity become incredibly viable as a power source. that is the future of this country. the type of policy that gives incentives that in vigor invigorates the middle class. i see the pessimism. the best days can be ahead of us in this country. i see that same pessimism around the world, as we sree our
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allies question whether america was going to be there. you open the newspaper, flip on the radio, grab your device. [laughter] you see individuals being led to a beach in libya and be beheaded. you see a young jordanian pilot and alive in front of us. you see young christian college kids murdered. and there is pessimism in the world. we see what happened to libya. we see egypt. we think about our best friend and most reliable partner, the most vibrant mocker see in the middle east, treated -- democracy in the middle east, treated as israel is.
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we could've gotten rid of a ssad, but our president stood back. i was just to you had the americans delivered lethal weapons to the peshmerga fighters in northern kurdish stand -- kurdistan, they would have stopped isis. today, isis controls a greater part of that region of the world than the entirety of the size of the united kingdom. there is somebody watching. vladimir putin was watching. and he realized that he could venture into the ukraine. there is pessimism in the world.
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people look at the united states and wonder, what are we doing? there is pessimism in the world. as we look at iran. and to look at this negotiation that is supposedly going on, with the country responsible for marines killed in beirut. for weapons that went into iraq and killed our young men and women. a country that still exports terrorism, like hezbollah and hamas. there is pessimism in the world. but it does not have to be that way. just as i think the best days are ahead of us in this country with the right policies put in place, they are quickly can we see the same type of change in the world. i remind people, look back to 1979. there was pessimism in this country. there was pessimism in the world.
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think of what you saw in 1979. not only where we embargoed, our kids not get to compete at the moscow olympics. we saw a debacle in the sands of iran. the world was really pessimistic at that point a time. america, 20% interest rates, a brutal. period of time. i was just getting started farming. that is what we were facing. fast forward 10 years to 1989. saw the end of soviet communism we rebuild our military, and the president had the vision to rebuild the country. we could do that again. [applause]
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this is an incredibly resilient country. we lived through a civil war two world wars, a depression, carter obama. [applause] i promise we will do this. i am optimistic about the future of this country. i am. i know it is possible. i know it is possible partly because i've had the great privilege over the last 14 years to govern a state that has been able to do some extraordinary things during that period of time. from december of 2007 22014 over a million jobs were created in my state. we saw 5.6 million people added to the population. we were 27th in the nation in high school graduation rates in
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2002, 2003. in 2013, we had the second highest graduation rates in america. that is what you can do would be safe people from over litigation overregulation, over taxation. americans respond and they respond in a powerful way. the opportunity is in front of us. we are just a few good decisions and a leadership change from the best age this country has seen. ronald reagan understood this. one america is stronger, the world a safer. that is what we are facing today. leadership that understands the faith they have in the american people israel and the sacrifices made for us are powerful. when i walk off the stage i'm going to go to the airport and fly home to celebrate my father's 90th birthday. [applause]
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and i want to share a fyou. in 2000, i took them back to his old airbase in east anglia. he was a 19-year-old crewman and flew 35 missions over not see germany -- not see nazi germany. he said this is my 71st trip over the english channel. we went to normandy. we visited the cemetery above the english channel. and we stood above that extraordinary site.
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those thousands of graves. the crosses and stars of david. interestingly, they all look west. everyone of them. west, to america. west, to america that they had left, west to america that a were willing to defend, to their deaths. to in america they would never return to. i happen to think that they look upon us in silent judgment. today we have to ask ourselves do we remain a nation where the of their sacrifice -- worthy of their sacrifice? if we learned the lessons of their generation, that courage is the greatest weapon in the arsenal of free men and women
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that america must always lead, if we are to always be free. i know the answer to that. the answer to that is an overwhelming yes. we will deliver this country to the track and the people who gave us this opportunity. the best days of this country are ahead of us because we are going to make the right decisions and elect the right leaders to lead this country as we go forward. god bless you and thank you. [applause] thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause]
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now the fun part. >> right here, governor. raise your hand. hold on. we have two microphones. right there. if he could ask it again. >> give him a mic. peter: i believe i have come up with a solution to the immigration problem. gov. rick perry: tell me what
12:52 pm
you think. gov. rick perry: ifpeter: it will resolve itself there he easily. gov. rick perry: let's talk about this issue for just a second if you will. not on the magnet side of it. what i see as a -- >> will you go to the podium? gov. rick perry: that may help a bit, right there. the point with this is to have - - this country has got to be secure. when you look to the constitution, it tells us a few things the federal government is supposed to do. a strong military and secure our borders.
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steve king probably touched on this, about the rule of law and doing what the constitution tells us. do we want the federal government telling us how to educate our children? the state can do that. protecting and defending our border is a federal responsibilty. that is the reason why last summer when the president of the united states was on an important mission and could not come look at the border with me, i asked him to, i thought it would be incredibly instructive for him does to come and see the challenge we have in texas especially the point where the -- i told the president, if you
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will not secure this order texas well. that is what we did. we deployed our national guard. i do not buy into those who say you cannot secure the border. yes you can. you must first have the will and it must be exhibited from the highest office in this country. a president that gives clear and unequivocal direction on how to do it. you do it with personnel. you do it with having the strategic -- in place. and the third thing, the aviation assets. flying the 1800 border and analyzing what is happening. having teens respond quickly when you have a legal activity.
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-- having teams respond quickly when you have an illegal activity. audience member: welcome back. it is great to see you feeling better again. gov. rick perry: you better spend a long time in new hampshire and be healthy and spend years here. audience member: tell us about how your campaign is going to be different from last time around. ? what are your new thoughts? gov. rick perry: a good segue,
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being healthy is important. i broke my arm when i was a kid in high school, but coming tougher than that, right? you have to be healthy and on your game, but more importantly, the preparation side. whether it is a sick policy, foreign policy, it takes years of intense study -- domestic policy, foreign policy, it takes years of intense study. from the hoover institute to the brookings institute and everything in between all of those individuals richard fisher and talking monetary
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policy. i would say just to you that the next president of the united states really needs to be someone who has deep experience as an executive. i am talking about things that you cannot just learned with the book, just sitting down. they did not hand me a manual to say here is how you deal with the space shuttle disintegrating. it did not hand me a manual when katrina came in to louisiana and to there are hundreds of thousands of people displaced. they did not hand me an annual when all of -- manual when ebola ended up on the shores of america in dallas, texas. that executive experience you get from those years of work
12:58 pm
were invaluable. i think that is what -- if i decide to run -- the valley that i would be able to lay in front of the american people. i happen to think from the job creation standpoint, from creating an environment that is the best this country has at this point in time, if that is what americans would like to see for the rest of this country that is where we need to have this conversation and talk about it in a civil and thoughtful way. that executive experience is incredibly important to the next leader of this country. we spent eight years with the young, inexperienced united states senator. economically militarily, foreign policy wise, be paid
12:59 pm
a tremendous price. how are we on time? i will be quicker. audience member: i yell pretty loud. >> she isa couple of things. common court worries the hell out of me. we need to keep in mind the insurance companies are pushed against the fence, you can't come back. we need to talk about that. and thank you for being here. gov. rick perry: common core and obamacare, i dressed those earlier -- addressed those earlier. brandeis liberal but he
1:00 pm
respected the constitution. he said that states should be able to experiment. i group that -- i agree with he said, at least they do not wr destroyed the repub. i fear grateeatly that obamacare has the potential to destroy our country. i know how to expand health care. a decade after it was passed , there were more than 3500 practicing physicians practicing health care. it is about putting thoughtful
1:01 pm
practices into place. i will suggest to you, that will happen in the states, it will not happen in washington dc. common core is every amount just as bad as obamacare. god bless you. [applause]
1:02 pm
>> good afternoon. after lunch is governor time and i have the opportunity to introduce another governor to you and just a moment. before i do, how was lunch? good? may be a round of applause for the waitstaff and all their work. [applause] if you want dessert we need to allow them to clear the table little bit. in the next couple of sessions they might be moving around the room son. if you can keep the doors and i'll way is clear, that will facilitate the process. thank you for that. it is my pleasure to introduce another governor this afternoon. this is governor gilmore from virginia. he was the 68 governor of
1:03 pm
virginia. he is currently president and ceo of free congress foundation, a conservative think tank. i had the opportunity to meet the governor couple of years ago to learn about this think tank. he is a true southern gentleman. i think you will enjoy hearing from him. he is -- i think i have this right -- on the board of directors of the nra. he is indeed. welcome me -- join me in welcoming governor jim gilmore. [applause] gov. jim gilmore: good afternoon, everybody. it is wonderful to see everybody here. i'm glad i'm on time. i was worried i might be late because i is presently upstairs going to my e-mails, seeing which ones i wanted to delete and get rid of. [laughter] i got it all done. here i am. i am delighted to be here and i
1:04 pm
want to thank the new hampshire party for putting this on and make it available -- making it available for all of us. i'm here to talk about the challenges that face the united states and what we need to do about it. i will tell you what the two challenges are. number one, i do not agree that it is in good shape in this country. i believe what has i mission to restore the economy, get people working again, and get jobs going again in this country. that is the main thing we have to do right now. second i want to address the challenge that we are seeing with international relations. the president says that the economy is just fine, everything is ok. unemployment is down, and so on. it is not true that the economy is going very well. the labor participation rate in
1:05 pm
this country is the lowest paid has been maybe in history. we have 27 million people, almost 28 million people in this country working part-time who want to work full-time. we have six and a half million people in this country that want a job and cannot get a job. 48%, a recent study shows, of recent graduates finding a job find jobs they do not require a bachelor's degree. we all agree that wages are stagnant in this country. we are not seeing be quality of life growth that america deserves. this is the fundamental problem that we have to face in america today. we have to address it and it must be our mission to restore the economy and come back out of this recession. that means that we have to have a return, ladies and gentlemen to the tried and true enterprise
1:06 pm
system in america. that is what we have to have. that means we have to have investment in this country. we have to begin to grow this country and create more growth and revenue create more excitement and opportunities. ladies and gentlemen, we will have a tough time doing it and here's why. president obama does not believe in america. [applause] he doesn't. he doesn't believe in the america that i believe it and you believe in. he doesn't believe in america of opportunity, growth, excitement, opportunities to have new careers and more money. what we are seeing right now is that laws have in passed that raise taxes on capital gains. it has been raised 75%.
1:07 pm
why do we care? it's because the higher you increase those kinds of taxes, the left investment you get. we are running a deliberate policy right now to not have investment in this country. dividends are the same thing. increases in taxes on dividends make sure that people will not invest their money because they did not get as much on dividends. we see right now the is this is -- businesses want to hire people. you don't hire people to stand around. right now, recapturing that money has been extended and made longer. finally, obamacare. obamacare is a problem because it forces people to buy something that they don't want and put a government owned and operated system in place, that is truth. it is anti-growth. there is a penalty on people
1:08 pm
today to buy health care. they charge a penalty on it. do you know that right now obamacare doesn't apply to company in less -- unless you go over a 49 employees. that means that growth is being stifled with obamacare. obamacare must be ended. we have to replace it with a real good health care system in this country. [applause] i've got a plan. i thought it through very carefully working with the nonprofit that i work with. every candidate comes in here and says we have to grow the economy. everyone wants to be a candidate. we have to grow the economy. i know how to do it. the plan i have is this. we will change the tax code and create a three level system of 10%, 15%, and 20%. that will mean a tax cut across
1:09 pm
the board for all working americans. that is the first thing we will do. i have done this in virginia. when i ran a virginia, iran on cutting the car tax in virginia. when i was governor, we did. that brought more money in the pockets of men and women. i know what we need to do here. secondly, we need to get rid of all the crony capitalism deductions and credits that we see and the tax code today and get the rate down for charging on corporate activity to 15%. that is what we need to do. you hear people tell you that we are in a global economy. i can assure you it is true. the only difference is that people in the united states are paying 35 30% tax rate, the highest in the world. we have to compete with people
1:10 pm
across the world where they are paying lower tax rates and are not competitive. that has to change. finally, in order to preserve the ability for people with small businesses and small farms to pass the labor of their work down to their children, we need to eliminate the death tax today, once and for all. [applause] this isn't just slogans, this is a comprehensive plan that if it is put together, economists tell us it will grow the economy. we will have hundreds of thousands of new jobs for people to have an opportunity to really move their way forward. why is it that no one is really talking about tax cuts across the board? i don't understand it. this is what works. in 1951, john f. kennedy reduce taxes across the board and the economy grew. in 1981, ronald reagan reduce taxes across the board and the economy grew.
1:11 pm
this has got to be the mission that we've got to do. secondly, the world crisis. -- oil crisis. ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem today and that is that we are being challenged by russians. you may or may not know, i am a u.s. army veteran. i was in the intelligence community and in europe in the cold war. iranians. determined to get a nuclear weapon. if they get the nuclear weapon, it will upset all of the balances and everything going on in the middle east. i don't know whether this agreement will do the job. i sure would not like to see us in a war with iran. this is a serious challenge that we are seeing. and, the challenge of the new terrorism. i chaired the department of
1:12 pm
homeland security for five years. i was the governor of virginia during the 9/11 attack. ike actually became a war governor at that point. we need a new foreign policy. not a policy that says we will invade first, use american power and tried to remake countries around the world without being able to foresee the consequences. also not a policy like what we are seeing with barack obama today that says, pullback, pullback and sending that kind of message of uncertainty and disengagement to the world today. it is a neo-isolationist policy and that is not the policy that protects the united states of america. [applause] ladies and gentlemen president obama doesn't believe in
1:13 pm
america. he doesn't believe in america that i believe in and i don't think he believes in america that you believe in, a country that is a fourth for good in the world. a country that can really make a difference in a positive way in the world. he doesn't believe that we can be a force for good. the president made a speech in cairo. do you remember that speech? he went and apologize. he went to west point and spoke to those wonderful graduates getting ready to take their degrees and commissions and go out and stand up for us as necessary around the world, and told them they will not have any troubles by american policy. as an army veteran, i was embarrassed by that speech. and finally, he went to the prayer practice -- prayer breakfast saying that during the
1:14 pm
crusades, christians were bad people too. ladies and gentlemen, when he gave those remarks i went to the press and said, that was the worst statement i've ever heard of president make in my lifetime. [applause] here is why. it is not just any up for faith it is a matter of sending a message into the world with the bad people using the so-called false crusader types of statements to recruit their people, and our president comes into the public and says, the crusades were bad and we americans are sorry for these things. ladies and gentlemen, this is very bad. it is time for a new foreign policy for this country. we have a president that will not do that because he does not believe in america. i believe in america and i believe we need a foreign policy
1:15 pm
that engages in the world, shakes the world, to make sure the american people are safe, and make sure all elements of power -- diplomatic, cultural the ability to strengthen the american people, our economy. the first thing i told you about his economy. a economy and national security are the same thing. american power in the 20th century made a difference and it will again. i believe our policy must be based on peace through strength in the united's of america. [applause] finally, we have to have an international policy in place in the world that understands what we are trying to do. what we are trying to do, in my view is in addition to the safety and security of the american people, we have to be willing to say that we will project our values into the 21st century. we will not let other cultures
1:16 pm
and countries dominate the 20's 21 century with their thinking . the values that american stand for our vital. what are the values? democracy and freedom. the rule of law. free enterprise system. the value of family. the freedom and tolerance of religion. the advanced of women. these are the values that american stand for. this is why. this gives us the mission for the 21st century. we are going to do some q&a and a few minutes, i'm looking forward to that, but before i stop, i want to say one more thing to you. as governor of virginia, you stand in some great shoes. it is a great responsibility.
1:17 pm
as governor of virginia, i think of some of my predecessors like governor jefferson. before he became governor of virginia, he wrote the declaration of independence and grow in there, we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal with certain and alienable rights which are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. when he wrote that statement he wrote for all of humanity. by the way, thomas jefferson became governor, and the british actor tried to arrest and hang him. he was a war governor too patrick henry was another governor of virginia. in 1775, the war was already going on in virginia. the virginians met in st. john's church in richmond. there were some voices that said, we need to combine, and
1:18 pm
reconcile with king george the third. dr. henry said no. as for me, give me liberty or give me death. that ought to resonate real well emergen -- in new hampshire. [applause] friends the story of patrick henry means this, he believed in america. he believes in america before there was america. i believe in america. you believe in america. now it's time that we have a president that believes in america. thank you very much. [applause] >> [indiscernible]
1:19 pm
>> thank you very much. how, as president, would you incentivize the congress to have the courage and fortitude to actually lower the business taxes which we all know when increase our opportunities and stimulate our economy? how do you do that? gov. jim gilmore: i think we have to talk to the people of the united states about what is real here. we are getting this information that everything is fine. you know, and i do to that there are people who do not have the opportunities that they need to have. we know people are working part-time. people who want full-time jobs and are working full- part-time. what do you do with congress,
1:20 pm
let them know that the american people want better. congressional people really love to spend money. i don't know if you noticed that or not. i stood up in front of a group of republicans and democrats recently. i said, many of you would like to spend every dime, wouldn't you? they nodded. i said fine, let's get more dimes. we will argue on whether we use them on the debt, or give them to the american people, or spend it, you don't want a stagnant economy. you need someone who will stand up on a national basis and explain the truth to the people. explain that the american people are deliberately being kept in the slow growth economy that is depriving them of opportunities. i know well i am talking about. when you're increased taxes on investment, you get back investment. people know that. people congress know that too.
1:21 pm
it is time to get someone who can talk to the people about the opportunity they are missing. i think it is a tragedy what is going on with young people. 48% are working in jobs where they don't even require a college degree. you know what a tragedy that is? every year, america renews itself when people come out of college. we can't continue to stunt people. this is the kind of discussion we need to have with the, and they will take it to the congresspeople, but you have to hold their feet to the fire that growth must be essential to the night states. to our national security too. [applause] yes, ma'am. go ahead. >> is is on?
1:22 pm
thank you. a question on homeland security. certainly, our infrastructure is becoming aging. especially the electrical grid. we have drones. some a good flyovers system and bring it down. what are your suggestions for improving infrastructure from a national security position? gov. jim gilmore: i was actually position -- approached by the clinton administration when i was governor, they knew i had a background in terrorism issues and asked me to chair. you put in gilmore commission on the rand webpage and reports will,. what we need to do is be willing to grant infrastructure and make
1:23 pm
sure it is safe and secure. that is what we have to do. all of those reports explain exactly what kind of process we need to go through to make our infrastructure safe and secure. i think the real issue here is a deep understanding of the essential attack on us. they can spend a couple thousand dollars and attack us, and because of the modern information systems that we have, we could spend a trillion dollars trying to respond to that thing. osama bin laden said the goal was the destruction of the american economy. that will certainly do it. we need to have an explanation with them american people, a frank discussion that we will not surrender our liberties because of these kinds of attacks. we will be steadfast and strong and stay america. you will find in one of the letters that i wrote that i basically said is the enemy can make us give up our civil
1:24 pm
freedoms, that is the entire game. i certainly will not be want to propose that. i might say, by the way -- article one, section eight of the constitution does talk about improvements of infrastructure and it is a legitimate thing for the united states to do. mr. ambassador. >> thank you very much. thank you for your service to the country. thank you for coming up. and you're very well spoken notes. i would ask you to short questions. everyone in this room, whom ever they decide to vote for they have one goal. that is to take back the white house. what is the most important thing that you believe that we need to do in order to take back the white house and to avoid losing the white house?
1:25 pm
gov. jim gilmore: we republicans are more diverse than the democratic party. the democratic party knows exactly what they're trying to do. they will argue about who is going to run to put the fight up, and be their leader, but there agenda is set. they do not argue with each other. we do. we republicans are so diverse. i believe, if you look a all the elements of the republican party, and we are reflective of the people of the united states, that we can bring people together behind a, and message. that will be grow the american economy and peace in strength. there's been a lot of discussion about how the essential candidate into the 16 will either be a governor or past
1:26 pm
governor because they want to see someone who has already run something. i believe, what i'm bringing to the table -- there's a lot of thinking in this country in foreign policy. degree from uva living amongst the german people, study international law i've been to afghanistan, pakistan, israel, croatia, chaired the national commission for five years on homeland security, i was governor during the 9/11 attacks. i had t -- our state to go blow when they closed the airport in virginia. we will not win the presidency because we look pretty or have
1:27 pm
some radical weird thing that one of our candidates the sites to stay -- decides to say. we will win if we are persuasive and care about people out there. people out there are recognizing the weakness of the message that the united states is sending. i told you, a master, about the president's weakness and the danger that is causing when russia is pushing against ukraine, flying planes against the baltic states. the tears people who continue to threaten our country. isis which represents a barbaric way of life and is completely out of sync of what we stand for in the 21st century. don't you remember the strength? the strength of purpose that
1:28 pm
ronald reagan said when he said, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. if we have the strength to back it up, if we rebuild our economy, which was the beacon of liberty in the 20th century, and can be again in the 21st. if we do these things, we can preserve the peace and more importantly, preserve our values in a 21st century. [applause] next question. >> governor, do you believe we can pass a constitutional balanced budget amendment, and what affect do you think passing the budget -- would we actually be able to shrink federal government? gov. jim gilmore: in virginia
1:29 pm
we have a balanced budget amendment. every governor has to every year submit a budget that is balance. you can balance a budget by bar there -- borrowing. or by bonding. you can do that, and we did do that. when you buy it a house, you balance the budget by borrowing from the bank. i'm skeptical of a balanced budget amendment. i think we need to be in a position where legislators can decide on what is lia viable and not viable. you know what i would rather do? i want to grow this economy. above all, we need to stop this notion that we are seeing in america today that the opportunity to rise and acquire wealth, and succeed, is bad. that is what the opposition party is saying. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, if you destroyed either the incentives opportunity, or will to become
1:30 pm
successful, you destroy this country. that is what the opposition party preaches every day. success is evil. we will tax it, penalize it. that is what they are saying every day. i say no. i say we have to give young people an opportunity to be educated, to succeed, have a chance to we should see our wages going up. that is the better way to do this instead of trying to constrain the government. let's grow the economy and create more wealth and demand the people we send to the house and senate do something meaningful about cutting the spending and controlling the spending in this country. i believe the country can work.
1:31 pm
with proper presidential leadership, i believe the country can work. we have a president who does not believe in america, and i mean it. the america he believes and is not the america i believe in. we can restore the country again , through leadership at the national level. we can do this. [applause] it might not be the answer you wanted but it is the answer you got. audience member: has the feel -- had you feel about -- congress has the power to levy taxes. how do you feel about unelected unnamed epa bureaucrats leveling
1:32 pm
taxes on the american public and businesses through fossil fuel regulatory taxes? >> that is a softball question. the epa is here to control. they have no idea about the extremism of the idea. the message that we have give ladies and gentlemen, from now on is that we are determined to grow the economy again. epa does not care about that. many people do not want to see a growing economy in the epa because it creates dirt. we must grow the economy and if the epa puts in unreasonable
1:33 pm
regulations -- i fault the congress very much. where are they? you have a president -- if you have a president that believes in america we can build to up support that says that we are not going to dirty the air ordered dirty the water but we are not going to allow bureaucrats to raise costs on american opportunities and businesses. that is the reality of what we must do. i would like to be here for another hour with you, i think it would be great fun. can we get one more? don't tell him i am doing this ok? [laughter] you said this is the last one, this is last. audience member: as a college student who is aware that
1:34 pm
college debt makes $1.2 trillion of the national debt, i would like to know, as president of the united states, what you would do to keep it low? >> i appreciate that. as governor of virginia, i appointed -- when i came in, i was alarmed by the amount of debt are young people, in and out of state were having to load on. i tried to understand what the problem was and you'll with the problem this way. i passed a law that said we were going to lower tuition by 20% and we did. [applause] oh lord, the college administrators hated that. we built into the budget a priority, saying fine, if it is
1:35 pm
going to cost you $5 million to lower tuition, we will give you $5 million and put that in the budget. the passage of the cut was sent on to the mothers and fathers whose children were in the college. the benefit was to them. i think that higher education is an impending crisis. [applause] when i was the governor, i cared so much about this i interviewed every person i appointed to the board personally in my office and i said to them, i want you to remember something. and you go to the college as a board member, you did not represent the college worried you are present shareholders --
1:36 pm
you represent the shareholders and the shareholders are the people of virginia. likewise, i believe that the national level can make a commitment to higher education. it is a crisis and must be addressed, this high expenditure without any type of oversight or accountability. the increase of administrators and not teachers. the expenses loaded on students, the increased debt, i believe it can be addressed from washington by leadership and working with the government in order to address the problem nationwide. i will leave you with this. there are serious fundamental problems that must be faced in this country that are not being faced.
1:37 pm
we are misleading people. it is time to grow this economy and create genuine excitement and opportunity for the people of america. you can do it with a specific plan like the one i crated. and the international challenge is most serious. we need a new foreign policy enda kenny done. it does not have to be radical and it certainly should not be isolationist. we can put together a plan that preserves america's position and makes it a force for good in the world. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. folks, we are we setting the stage for our panel.
1:38 pm
coffee and snacks continue in the hallway. if you feel the need for elbow room or breathing room, the hunt club is very comfortable at the other end of the building. the program is running without any trouble done there. we are working on the air conditioning. this is only going to take a minute and a half. leave me, i hear you. i want to ask a quick question. where are my college students out here? sorry, you guys. you guys get a box of girl scout cookies for your table. anybody from quahog county? carroll county? the table with the lady in the red dress, they get the next box of girl scout cookies. sorry, i saw them first. that is the way it goes. where are my nashua people?
1:39 pm
they get a box. take them for your table. we want to make sure everyone is having a good time. are we ready to go? great, i will get out of the way. i'm way to ask governor gilmore to go to the pressroom to continue his conversation. we have to move this along, we are starting to fall behind. great to have everyone here. i'm glad for all the enthusiasm. i'm going to ask for your attention back on the stage. we are going to keep things moving. i think you'll find this next panel particularly interesting.
1:40 pm
i have to ask the folks at the front of the room to about and ask nick and andrew to move their crew out the door. all right. there we go. i think it is a shame, is in it too bad that all of our candidates are so shy and find it so hard to talk in front of a crowd? [laughter] we are going to get started. i am to clearly pleased to have these guys with us. this is the rnc panel. they are the heart and soul of the republican national committee and the great work they do. you may not realize, not only how important new hampshire's relationship with the rnc is, but how good and productive it is and how they contribute to our success on the ground. i'm going to let matt takeover.
1:41 pm
this is what i'm calling our stop hillary panel. they have the plan in place and are giving us the tools we need. together, these four f are personally and individuallyolks responsible for making sure that hillary clinton is not the next president of the united states. please give a warm welcome. matt: thank you very much. in my role, i wake of every morning worried about the health and well-being of state parties across this country. i can tell you, your state party is in great hands with jennifer horn i also want to give a shout out to the other rnc members that we had here. there are a hundred and 68 people on your rnc -- there are
1:42 pm
168 people on your rnc. if you are national committee man or national committeewoman from a state party, please stand. give them a round of applause. [applause] and i want to give a shout out to sharon. she will address the summit tomorrow. this is our stop hillary panel. it is true, we have a great panel to talk about that. i want to introduce who we have up on stage here. i will go from here down. sean spicer is here, the chief strategist. he is a big deal inside the rnc. the chief strategist of the rnc during a presidential cycle. a big deal. we have kim jorns, who has
1:43 pm
the northeast and a lot of states. then we have jesse. jesse is the director, the chief data officer at the rnc. we have been talking about data for four years. what obama's team days and what we are doing and jesse is the leader of that. let's give these guys around of applause. i know they have not done anything yet. it is great they were able to be here. sean let's start with you. let's discuss the stop hillary movement. there has been a lot in the press over the last 72 hours and the last week, the amount of media. this is a big deal. obviously, a presidential cycle what is it about?
1:44 pm
sean: i think we -- you have 19 or so folks coming here potentially running for president on our side. they are articulating division about where they want to take this party and where this country -- and this country. on their side, they have one candidate and they are desperately trying to talk about the fact that it will be a competitive primary in that -- in the words of debbie scholz. where it gets even funnier is that last week she said, because governor lynch a fee is going to get -- governor chafee is going in. link was such a bad governor that they did a better job then he did as a non-governor going
1:45 pm
to jail. it is laughable. we know that hillary clinton barring some sort of catastrophic failure which is always possible, will be the nominee. and some cases, that could be a very positive thing where you do not face competition. that if you look at the trajectory of -- when she goes in the limelight, her unfavorable numbers go up. last week it was in the high 40's. the more she talks, the better we do. it is true. we knew what we had, we knew our opponent and what she was going to do. her number one weakness is that the american of people do not find her honest or trustworthy for a variety of reasons to long
1:46 pm
for this panel to discuss. from an rnc standpoint, we have one candidate and we know at the weaknesses are and we called this the stop hillary campaign. this is the one part where you can be rude and do what you're not supposed to do. if you pick up your phone and go to stop hillary. gop, you can sign off and join the army to stop hillary. every person is that they want to help stop hillary and when the white house the first thing you have to do on that road is signed the petition. i know it sounds naïve but the best thing we can do is have the best data. we need to know who is with us and we need to grow that list. we need to have you and your neighbor and your coworkers. every time someone says i can't stand hillary clinton, what can i do? have them go to stop hillary. gop.
1:47 pm
the bigger and more robust we can make that voter file, the better. that is the one thing that everyone can help start this fight. we rolled out a campaign called stop hillary. the ideal is to make sure that when she rolls out that campaign, people knew the republican national committee number one and number two and number three objectives were to stop hillary and put a republican back in the white house. latewe were extremely helpful around the country. we have the second largest majority in the house of representatives and 54 united states senators. this party is on the march forward. it will not begun enough if we do not win the white house. we are moving in the right direction and have a lot to be proud of. we have gone to communities we have never gone to before. we are opening offices and
1:48 pm
sending staff to places we have never done it before. at the end of the day, the difference between winning and losing is you. if you join the campaign to stop hillary, we can win. i will wrap up by telling you this quick thing. one of the big myths is that we spend a lot of money. we have spent virtually zero dollars on advertising. that is up to the super pac's for the most part. we invest in people and data. we rolled up this stop hillary campaign and my team spent $2000 on these thumb drives and deliver them to every news person covering hillary and went around and put out this video and generated $10 million in earned media the day she rolled out. without paying for the cost of a bunch of them drives -- the thub-- thumb drives, we
1:49 pm
said that we want to make sure that you can backup your e-mail. for no dollars, we generated over $10 million of earned media. last night, while we were flying up here, we sent the team to nationals park and handed out over 2000 cup holders that said stop hillary. it is not about spending money and buying ads it is about sharing information and making sure people get the record straight. if you look back like we won 2014, it is not because we spent money. we had better information and data and people and more committed folks going door-to-door. that is the way we are going to win this time.
1:50 pm
if anyone thinks different, they are wrong. it is not about ads or how many point to buy on television. if we go back out there and talk about the record and exposed hillary clinton's record and was positive vision our candidates have, we will win. i'm less a questions but i will let the train he pulling -- i will be happy to take questions but i will let the train keep rolling. matt: there is all the excitement around these candidates. what is the one thing right now that activists, the folks in his room the ones making the difference, what is the one thing they need to do to prepare for the general election? kim: there are two things. talk to your neighbors and friends. he rnc is rolling out great information every day. find the petition, sign up for the news list.
1:51 pm
while you are working through the primary process, you are to volunteers and treating people. continue the conversation. finish the conversation with how important it is to stop hillary. educate your neighbors and friends. the other thing we can do to pair for the general election is voter registration. in new hampshire, we have a slight advantage. the vast majority of voters in new hampshire are registered as unaffiliated voters. even though we have a small advantage, we have not been successful in general elections for the presidency the last few elections. one of the easiest ways to grow our voter base -- the rnc tracks voters and provide that list of the voters who have been registered as republicans.
1:52 pm
if they are in new hampshire they have not yet registered, 5000 of them. we can start preparing for next year's general election. matt: jesse, being the chief data officer we have had to hear all about osa and what a robust data operation they had. all these data scientists in caves working on the data. what are your thoughts on that? it is something still out there and i know we are working on it. what are your thoughts on data operation? jesse: i'm not a good public speaker. behind a data screen is where i should be. the oath they had a pretty phenomenal data operation. it was designed for one candidate and one candidate only.
1:53 pm
we have this term in data, data can get stale very quickly. we have a changing environment. let's a you fly an airline and the airline really makes you upset and you never fly that airline again. since you change to another airline, this is the data point that needs to be captured. it could be education, energy whatever you want. we have been capturing data for the last 20 years and we continue to do it. osa's data i am willing to bet has become stale. he gives us a good advantage. the one thing -- i do not have aaa customers, so i may be three days behind. -- chipotle customers, so i may be three days behind. matt: it was built for obama could it be rebuilt? jesse: in some ways yes.
1:54 pm
in some ways no. since they have been able to table the dataset, they are losing time as -- throughout time. you can't even buy a lot of this data. they are going to be way behind us for a very long time, i believe. as they did not take the actual steps to keep the upkeep of data. matt: again, there has been a lot of stories. there has also been a lot of positive stories about how the rnc has caught up after 2014. we went head-to-head in targeted races. we have caught up and in some ways surpassed. the biggest portion has gone to the rebuild on the data side. where are we now and have we cut up and surpassed where they are?
1:55 pm
jesse: to give an example, one advantage, when hillary was first running for president, we collected a lot of data on her and the president at the time. i doubt they were doing it for the same candidate. we go into the election knowing that people in new hampshire were supporting hillary at the time. we want to identify why and see if we can change their mind. why would they be doing that. highly to be very surprised if hillary has the same information on any of our candidates. if it is, it is in the server in her basement somewhere. matt: rob goes all across the country. i do a lot of training. we do regional clients. -- flying ins. we touch and a lot of times on
1:56 pm
the social media side. that is a big part of these presidential campaigns. obviously a big movement. what are some of the rules that have changed on the social media side? and some of the most successful strategies we could be doing on the social media front? rob: can anyone hear me? how many people use twitter or facebook on their phone? how many use it on a desktop or laptop? matt: what is a desktop? rob: what about instagram? not many. and concorde we did a longer presentation. one of the things that has changed about 2016 is the impact everyone of you could have socially.
1:57 pm
you are now at thean arm of the media. reporters from all different outfits are here. it may have audiences and you can influence people -- and they can influence people. your ability to share on your channels information that will help our candidates and help us influence hearts and minds and recruit volunteers is something that we have never experienced at this level before. right now, the people who build strong media accounts and use them responsibly are not only part of the conversation but done correctly, can control it. the stop hillary campaign, it was not just that we had videos and graphics, it is because people took the time to share it. president obama built an online
1:58 pm
unity of people who are just as excited. they got their friends talking. the more we have our friends talk online, the better we will do. right now, digital and mobile are becoming people's first screens, technical term for the media they are spending the most time in front of. i have some stats. alex shared some with me. evil on average check their phones a hundred times a day. i can see -- people on average check their phones a hundred times a day. i can see some people doing it now. assume that people may miss the nightly news, may not read what you read online, and take it and share it. if it is a good article, share it. if they do not, the beauty of social media is that you do not have to showare it.
1:59 pm
sharing is caring. matt: in a lot of what -- we are talking about there is a report that was about after the 2012 election. it is kind of important, particularly for you all. i do that is how we are funding state parties and funding the rnc and why we are raising those dollars. implement in this plan early and often, the type of staff we are hiring in state to give us feedback. i know people get up here all the time from different organizations and tell you all you are the backbone of the elephant. thank you for doing what you do, make the phone calls, give the money. we mean that at the rnc. every week we are multiple conference calls where we are
2:00 pm
talking about the metrics from state parties, where are we on increasing tears, where are we on staffing? it is a bottom of -- we it's the only reason we were able to identify all the low propensity voters from the last voting cycle, from the efforts of you on the ground. we mean it. i know people say it all the time, but the rnc really means it. it is something that we will continue to do, and we are committed to the cycle. with that, let's open it up for a few questions for our panel. rdc a few hands going up. right here. >> on the data side, have you looked at voter fraud data?


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