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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 17, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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ek we are multiple conference calls where we are talking about the metrics from state parties, where are we on increasing tears, where are we on staffing? it is a bottom of -- we it's the only reason we were able to identify all the low propensity voters from the last voting cycle, from the efforts of you on the ground. we mean it. i know people say it all the time, but the rnc really means it. it is something that we will continue to do, and we are committed to the cycle. with that, let's open it up for a few questions for our panel. rdc a few hands going up. right here. >> on the data side, have you looked at voter fraud data?
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ruob: absolutely. it is a really hard thing to track. every state has very different election laws. a state like wisconsin, even new hampshire. it is very hard to prove that at the time when they register to vote. we do try to find out who was voting in multiple occasions. you have to do a lot of research into it. it's really only about 1%, and a lot of times on accident. we do take that into account. >> i will point. >> this is for data also. do you know what happened with the campaign in 2012 where a lot of us were trained to work at the polling booths, we were
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supposed to get numbers and call them back, it was supposed to be this a deal big deal, to help them identify who to call because they haven't voted yet. like it was a big failure. jesse: i know what you are speaking of. that was around the romney campaign. rnc can actually not engage in election day operations. we were not a part of that program. we advise prior around technology decisions and things like that, but on the actual whatever didn't work, i can't speak to that because i'm not a romney representative. matt: to that point, two dozen 14, we went head-to-head with the democrats, their people
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versus our people and we want. is it correct? jesse: it is correct. we were winning north carolina the whole time -- not the whole time but the last stretch of it. we were very close in virginia as well. we be public polling probably 95% of the time. given that are robust -- our robust operations have gone more accurate, we will be old to beat them to a much bigger degree in 2016. i'm very excited to go head-to-head with hillary and whatever operation she puts together. matt: i'm scanning. right here. you are closer here. he will go here and then here. no. you're on. >> [indiscernible]
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i have yet to see an argument that would appeal to a democrat. if i could ask the panel some questions -- how much did food go up in cost to the average person? it was 2.7% in 2013. what is this year's deficit? it is going to be about $3.5 trillion. in 2013 [indiscernible]
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we are not reading obama's policies down to the dinner table. i have yet to hear any candidate do that. you can't explain to people that the price of food is not going up and the value of the dollar is going down. if you cannot explain to the average worker that his salary in almost terms is going up, and if you cannot explain that every dollar that goes into debt will ultimately destroy the nation, we will not win. [applause] seamatt: we will hear about
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swing voters for the next two years. what is the plan there on the ground, i know this goes to the political perspective as well but also the communication effort. sean: i think you are right. there are a lot of different reasons and ways that we have to reach up to full better. i think frankly, as republicans, too often we try to win arguments. this has been a constant refrain for the last two cycles, we go through and talk about -- why we want to balance a budget, why a certain rate isn't acceptable. we get wrapped up in numbers. no one wants a balanced budget because we are really committed to math. at the end of the day balancing a budget is actually really
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simple. if you're a democrat, you can be for balanced budget too. they doing differently. i think we can all agree that we want a different life for families, we want the most prosperous country in the world, you want companies relocating here. you want job growth. you want it because it is good for people and good for our families. how we communicate to others and what values we are espousing is critical. i hope the you press those candidates. the one unique thing about new hampshire is that you are first in the nation. the opportunity to you have to talk to these 20 plus candidates that will probably come through here at some point, and telling them what you hear if more than what most people around the country will get. i would press them on those
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kinds of things because i agree that we need less math and more heart. matt: there was one down front. one more. >> i just wanted to know, you mentioned data collection and that you were going to beat the polls. what is going to be the difference in the data collection technique? specifically for the independent variable, how a loader self identifies with their political party. that is a very fluid oh independent variable as to age and gender which is pretty fixed. jesse: i speak to fortune 500 companies all the time. they are actually jealous of her o our operation.
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have you ever heard someone to call you and drink pepsi over coke or coke over pepsi? probably not. we have a passionate base. back in 2014, in october, we were processing about one million records per hour of just raw voter contact, which is crazy. at the same time, we realize that our volunteers do not want to talk to democrats. we do a on her own to make sure we're talking to democrats. we had to make sure we had the low propensity republicans turning out. we had to make sure both sides of the aisle that our techniques were fulfilling. i think that is how we are able to be public polling because we were getting a broad base and
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when they were doing survey samples of about 500, we were doing one million. >> [indiscernible] when i worked on a gubernatorial campaign, hours and hours, we made phone calls. the majority of my kids were debt hits. -- hits were thatdead hits. jess: we make sure that at least 30% is cell phones, we also have an internet audience so that they can reach me online. we have accounted for all of it. yes, it is a little more pricey but it gives us more accurate results at the end of the day. matt: last question.
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jesse will be taking autographs and questions in the lobby. >> when blumenthal came into the race, we went after him got him out of the race, democrat said, the loser. i'm worried about this with hillary. hillary's bad. if they, the democrats, see how bad it is going, they will juncker and pull off whoever get s off-the-shelf. what do we do? sean: that's a great question. let's look at be team. joe biden, martin o'malley. architect of the obamacare
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rollout. larry hogan. a republican one in maryland over anthony brown, his successor. i'll lycee because o'malley couldn't carry his own governor in maryland. that's insane. i'm not too worried about him. ji think you have a very good question, but you look at -- they can't get anyone out to the plate. frankly, if they would commence elizabeth warren, at the end of the day, my friends, to your point on the messaging, if we as republicans cannot eat of elizabeth -- cannot be elizabeth warren, that we have bigger problems. right now, i do think they will have some remorse when they realize they put themselves all in the hillary basket and that basket has problems holding
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eggs. if you look at their b team, normally that is a big concern. right now, it's different. blumenthal had a record in the state. their b team -- of the 20 people that you will see this weekend, there is none of them that wouldn't be a great president. their site is having a coronation. to our side, and you have at least 10 years 15 years of top candidates on our side. on their site, they have hillary or nothing. they're basically figure out how to groom chelsea. [laughter] >> [indiscernible]
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jssean: i will be careful of jim webb. i know he is a smart man, he is not very people friendly. he chose to not seek reelection. again, i'm not taking them lightly here he don't get me wrong. it is a very insightful question. i think when you really look at the analysis, there is a reason no one has stepped up to the plate on their side. they can't raise money there is no enthusiasm, their own base will not give anyone more than a few points as an alternative to hillary. i don't discount it, but when you look at the teams and operation, we are built to take on hillary. we have a strong team on the data side, communication side, political side. if they don't run their 18, we still have the varsity team on the field. i'm very proud of the team that we have built.
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matt: another round of applause for the panel. i know there are more questions. we will be out in the lobby. again, good luck to the rest of the day. chairman horn. chairman horn: good job, guys. we have so many great strong republican leaders. some are coming and going all day long. can you give a warm welcome to our national chairwoman who has joined us for the afternoon? [applause] i want to address your attention to the program where it says evening activities. our national chair people will be hosting a cocktail on the second floor at 5:30 p.m. there is a small price to get in the door to cover our costs.
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we hope you will going up and join them. because i made the executive decision to give one more question to our panel, we will have to take five minutes off vibrate, but you will get exactly 10 minutes to get up have a cup of coffee, do what you need to do, and in exactly 10 minutes we will start again. thank you. >> here in new hampshire, the first in the nation leadership conference, the gop meeting here in new hampshire. hearing earlier from rick perry former governor of texas. coming up, chris christie. bringing together some gop hopefuls, some already declared,
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including marco rubio, who we will hear from tonight. we want to take your phone calls to see who you are interested in seeing on the ballot in 2016 and why. the numbers are up on your screen. meeting here in new hampshire the state that holds the first in the nation primaries, while the democratic candidate is in the first in the nation caucus state, iowa. taking your phone calls, you can let us know who you want to see in 2016, who you are thinking of voting for and why. let's take a look at some tweets here. a number of them talking about the swarm descending in new hampshire. post politics says swarm of gop hopefuls dissent on new hampshire. this is "washington post those
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quote with a photo of chris christie. we will be hearing from him shortly after the break. republican hopefuls swarm new hampshire for its first candidate for a. marco rubio, he says, i'm snapping from new hampshire, add me to snapshot. a look here at some of the paraphernalia that is available. michael bender, rubio rocks. former governor perry at the leadership summit. a rating here for governor perry, style, see c+, you can read more from bloomberg. we do have a caller on the line. caller: hello, good afternoon.
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i would like to see bernie sanders in 2016. the reason why is because he is only one who seems to care about the elderly and disabled there are on disability. i don't want bush or clinton. and i definitely don't want cruz or paul. host: do you think there is a likelihood that he will get into the race? caller: i read that he is supposed to decide by the end of april. i am hoping to hear something soon about that. i think he might need to go on a democratic ticket because states like where i am, in oklahoma don't allow independents. gov. chris christie: do you think people like hillary clinton are scaring off people like bernie sanders? caller: i don't think she is scaring him off, but she is
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scaring me off. gov. chris christie: why is that? caller: i just don't like her. all the stuff that happened when she was secretary of state, all that baggage, and the clinton dynasty, i just don't like it. gov. chris christie: thanks for the call. we will move on now. jimmy is on the line from virginia. caller: on the ballot, i would like to see rand paul. i went to his page, read everything that he believed in and it was everything that i agreed with. gov. chris christie: you have seen him speak before. where? caller: i haven't seen him speak, i saw his website. i saw him randomly on facebook, and i went to his website to read what he believes in. gov. chris christie: i guess we will be hearing from him tomorrow. thanks for the call. terry is on the line from south
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carolina. democrat. caller: i would like to see more media attention given to rodney walls. we only hear about hillary. i do like hillary, by met rodney and he has a serious economic plan that could help this country move forward. given the opportunity to speak he is not a career politician, but he has thought this out very well. i think it could be a really great leader. gov. chris christie: thanks, jerry. taking your calls in this 10 minute break here. we are in new hampshire for the gop first of the nation leadership conference. you can join us via twitter. we also have this up on facebook, you can join the
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conversation there. let's get another call from our independent line, jonathan. jonathan, who do you want to see in 2016 and why? caller: i have two people that i am looking at. i'm looking at the republican candidate, marco rubio. according to certain -- from what i have seen on television is that he's got -- when he did something about -- i forget what. i think he is probably more well-known for jr drinking while he was chatting. another person was looking at is a person -- hillary clinton.
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i remember the last time she tried to run. it will be intriguing to see how she does it this time. that's all i've got. gov. chris christie: ok, jonathan. thanks. then is on the line from new york. democrats line. caller: how are you? gov. chris christie: very good. -- host: very good. caller: my vote is for a rand paul, even though i am a registered democrat. what i see about him, in terms of confidence, is what is going on in washington is a lot of all the candidates that have come forward so far, rand paul seems to be the person who can bring the country back together. he has worked on legislation with people on the democratic
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side, i think he is open to reaching across the aisle. host: for supporters of rand paul, would you think is there a shot at moving him to the top of the pile here? caller: i think he has already tried to run a general election type of campaign, which may be a bit of an issue to get the gop establishment on his side. what he continues to do which is great is attract the youth vote. i'm 21. i think he has done a great job with social media. he needs to appeal more to the gop base. i hope that's not going to be compromising in his views and go more to itwards the right. hopefully he will appeal more to the top donors. host: we will be covering this conference tomorrow. it starts at 10:00. among the candidates who
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have a nap so far, we will hear from rand paul, texas senator ted cruz, and this evening, we should be hearing from marco rubio, senator from florida. all three, freshman senators. all three declared in the race. let's go to the line in abilene, texas. jim. hey, jim, are you there? caller: yes. i'm here. host: who you want to see in 2016? caller: i would like rand paul. i like that he is not so strict. he could really bring this country back together. host: thanks for the call. rod is calling international falls, is it?
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caller: that's correct. i want anybody other than hillary. i think that's the most instructive person that could be put into office today. when we see the next person throw their hat into the ring on the democratic side, you will see the same thing that happened to obama, the he was born in kenya. her staff will go into overdrive and try to chew up anybody that gets in her way. she is actually the most untrustworthy person that we will ever find. it is really sad that the democratic party believes she is entitled. they are probably the biggest -- group you will find. host: it sounds like your vote would be against hillary, but is there someone who stands out in the republican field for you? caller: absolutely not.
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i don't know. that's the whole process we are going to today, to find out who you would vote for. the other side has nothing other than hillary. that is the problem. it is sad. the media is going to jump on the wagon for hillary as fast as they can. host: i hope i didn't cut you off, brad. taking your calls, we will be back to the gop leadership conference shortly. they are taking a 10 minute rate, while they are during on the break, we will take your calls. norbert is on from said ternium, texas. who do you want to see in 2016? caller: i would like to see huckabee for president and rubio for vice president. host: you have both of the not
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just covered. president and vice president. why do you want to see those two and why the combination? caller: first of all, i think huckabee is the most honest person there with the most experience. second of all, i think rubio and him would make a very good team as far as getting things done, not only in this country, but the world. hpostost: thanks for the call. democratic line. tdee in florida. caller: i just wanted to call and say that i was a registered democrat, but i will not vote that way. i will vote republican this year -- in 2016. i'm really disgusted with the way everything is going. i'm disgusted that hillary is a candidate. i am leaning more and more
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to the republican side. they seem to have more of what i feel at heart and more of what i want the american dream to look like. they espouse that the way that i feel. i just think that more democrats need to be aware and learn it. if you want a good job nowadays everything that they put out is exactly where this country should be. obama has just totally done it for me, regarding anything democratic. he is not a democrat. i don't even feel half the time that he is in american, the way he speaks of america, and the way that he house to the dictators around the world. i just find it disgusting. i will be voting republican. host: all right. caller: thank you for having me on. host: thank you for the call.
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again, we are here for the gop meeting in new hampshire. we will be bring you back here tomorrow as well. let's take a listen and see what they are introducing on the floor. >> i see there. lots of empty seats. i have to tell you, i am having so much fun. i hope you are too. [applause] i hope you are all having fun. great. i want to take a second to say thank you to my two cohosts. they put a lot of work into this. i'm so pleased and proud that they are a part of our leadership team. can we say thank you to our cochair and finance chair. [applause] fantastic. you can all look bigger schedule, you see what is coming up. we have a number of speakers coming up this afternoon.
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you will have one more opportunity later to take a break. we have a lot of excitement going on. make sure to take time when you're out there to say hi to our vendors, say thanks to all the sponsors who are making this happen. it is my pleasure to interest once again our cochair rind brian gold. brian: thank you, jennifer. the all of you for the welcome. our next speaker served as united states ambassador to the united nations for two years under george w. bush. he is a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and a frequent commentator on fox news. when i think of john bolton, i think of a man who, as soon as barack obama started his apology tour, this man stood up and said , that president is not on the
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american team. he is on the american team. john bolton works hard to promote american interest internationally. i am looking forward to hearing what he had to say today. please join me in welcoming ambassador john bolton. [applause] amb. john bolton: thank you. thank you very much. it is a great pleasure to be here today. i appreciate all of you being here today. this really is the beginning of a very consequential decision for new hampshire. and for the country. this presidential election is, i think, going to be the most important that we have seen in a long time. people say that every four
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years. it happens to be true this time. i think it is especially true with respect to our country's national security and the threats that we face are around the world. i would like to talk to you, if i may, what i think the state of the world is. why we got that way, and why gore unique -- your unique responsibility in new hampshire allows you to have an enormous impact on the president and the qualities that i would suggest you look for for the person in that job. with a lot of people running there will be a lot of statements made. i want to focus on what i think is the core issue. let me start with a brief discussion of the state of the world. i will be open to questions to hear your thoughts on this when i finish. i'm not going to cover everything. the list of problems is too long. i think it is important to put this presidential decision in
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context. the world that the united states faces today is a world f illed with threats and challenges that have grown over the last six years and are now more dangerous, more acute, more eminent than they were before president obama became president. over the course of the next two years, they will get worse. our adversaries can be the calendar just as effectively than week -- as we can. they know that theire are two years left of this president and they will try to take of an adjuvant. let's be clear. the problem is not just simply the philosophy or background of barack obama. the problem is that his philosophy of national security is thoroughly embedded in the democratic party. america used to have two political parties that believed
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in a strong american foreign defense policy. that is no longer true. there is not even a joe lieberman wing of the democratic party. we are the only alternative for people that believe a strong american presence in the world is necessary to sustain our way of life. the corollary of that is true as well. you can't have a strong american presence in the world without a strong economy. there are some people, even in our party, who do not understand that. i think they are distinct minority. in the republican party, it is the isolationists that are isolated. i think you new hampshire can prove that next year. the world itself is moving beyond our control. we have an administration that will not defend our interests
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protect our allies, or stand up to our adversaries. let's take a quick look. in europe, we set in 1945 that never again would military force the allowed to change international borders on that continent. today, vladimir putin is using international force on the continent of europe to change borders. the sense fear and a signal around the world that america is not prepared to defend its friends and interests in the heartland of europe. the next phase may come when vladimir putin tests this administration and the theories that hillary clinton put into play when she announced the famous reset button with russia. putin will see if he can damage
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the nato alliance itself something we havee relied on for almost 60 years. nobody is paying more attention to the crisis in ukraine, and what may come next, then the authoritarian leaders in beijing who have made assertive belligerent claims around the periphery of china. they have done what they think they need to do to turn this off china sea from an international waterway into a chinese late. that may seemed to be a long way away, but every barrel that goes from the middle east to china, southeast asia, goes through the south china sea. if that comes under control of china, keep trading partners of
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the united states will find china's hands around their throat. this is the kinds of things that are contrary to american interest that the president doesn't pay attention to. the threat of terrorism, which the president doesn't even want to recognize as terrorism, it has grown substantially during his six years in office. we see it as the middle east defense from a crisis in libya iraq yemen, in to chaos. this is not a threat that is distant from the united states simply because it is geographically remote. it is a threat that we saw last year touch people in this room when americans were beheaded by isis. we saw two years ago at the boston marathon, must the.
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-- next door in massachusetts. my wife was running in that marathon and will run again this year because she, like other runners, will not be deterred by this threat of terrorism. i'm sure that you had friends running in the marathon. this is a real direct threat to the united states that the president simply will not address. we can see that this threat is being made far worse by the weakness of the u.s.? we saw the attacks in paris against the satirical magazine, charlie hebdo. we saw the attack on the kosher grocery store in paris, in copenhagen. there is not any doubt that this ideological threat that we face a serious and growing.
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in africa, boko haram is s sweeping across nigeria. what is a response? there is no response. our friends in the middle east are saying that the united states will not stand up against this threat and they are extremely worried, as we see in yemen today, again, it may seem to be a distant country, but it now has to host al qaeda and the houthis. it is, i'm afraid to say, only a matter of time before some worse tragedy but falls us in the united states. we will have our own administration largely to blame. worst of all we see the obama administration engaging in what
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i believe to be the most serious act of appeasement by an american president in history, in the negotiation of this deal with iran over its nuclear program. we have made concession after concession to a regime, which after all is a state founder of terrorism. it has deliberately targeted and killed americans for decades going back to the bombing of the marine barracks in lebanon in 1983, carried out by a predecessor of the terrorist group, hezbollah. with iranian officers directing and watching as the truck full of explosives killed over 250 american marines. they armed and equipped shiite
2:42 pm
and the taliban in afghanistan to kill americans. when people say, death to america, that is not a prediction, that is a reality. what is our president doing? he is negotiate with people whose word you cannot trust. adam carefully signed a deal with iran. they will not abide by it. they have not abide and by any commitment that they have made on the new front. they will not give up a 30 year long search for nuclear weapons. this may postpone the crisis until after the president leaves office, but it will not postpone the threat of a nuclear iran. nor will it postpone the inevitable further clarification -- thproliferation of
2:43 pm
nuclear weapons. this is why it is so important to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. something that the president's policy is not only failing to do, it is accelerating the race in the middle east. in conjunction with that, while the president makes successions to iran, to the castro regime in cuba it insults the democratically led leader of our ally in the middle east, israel, who fears iran like we do, but with even more reason. it would face what now deceased prime minister of israel, ariel sharon called, a nuclear holocaust.
2:44 pm
they know they cannot stop iran. they have watched as the president has made a laughingstock of his commitment that all options are on the table. the iranians don't believe it, the israelis don't believe it, i will tell you, the president doesn't believe it, and it shows. as if anybody needed any proof of how weak and feckless we are look at what live near putin did on monday, signing a degree that after five years of holding it up, will allow the transfer of a very sophisticated anti-nuclear system to iran which will effectively make it in munich from an attack by israel and medically increase any country from preventing it from getting nuclear weapons. this is as clear of an example
2:45 pm
of how to put a thumb in someone's eye. it is the russian leadership putting its thumb in our eye. that is the world that we face in part. i could go on. that is the world that we face now. as i said, it will get worse over the next two years. this, to me, underlines in the most graphic way why the decision that we as republicans make in taking our next president is so important. there are many issues that concern us -- the state of the economy, obama care, immigration, education. a long list of important issues. let's be clear. the principal responsibility of the president of the united states is to protect the country
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. if the president fails in that responsibility, every other issue falls away. we have seen the result of a president that does not the fill that responsibility. as we know, that is the major task of the president. it is critical -- whatever other issues concern you, and there are many and they are valid -- whatever other issues concern you, i would suggest respectfully that your first decision has to be whether the candidate understands and is capable of dealing with the rest of the world to protect the country. that is the central issue. what does that mean in terms of the presidential candidates? i know what the political conventional wisdom is.
2:47 pm
i know what they say about foreign policy not being important to people, it is too distant from their daily lives it doesn't matter. i give a lot more credit to the american people than the commentators. you know, as well as i do, that this is the central issue. as you evaluate people, and as they come through new hampshire -- and remembering the absolutely critical role that new hampshire has -- if you ever get a look at it would be president, it is monday come through here. it is not whether a candidate can craft a speech or read one from a teleprompter, you need someone who understands, in his or her gut, that the most
2:48 pm
important thing that they do is protect the country. you will see it in the town halls, in your living rooms, and in the restaurants where they come when you are trying to have lunch or dinner. that is what you need to see. do they feel it in their gut? not just do they say it, but do they understand it and do they mean it? i think the president should wake up every morning and think as his or her first thought, what threat does the united states faced today? that is what the president should think. that is what you should look at. i think it would be good politics in 2016. i think it is critical for the country. to underline that, let's be clear, everybody tells us that whoever we nominate will face hillary clinton. now, i want to say, i do think i
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have a special relationship. [laughter] she and her husband were one year ahead of me in law school down in new haven. i like to say, i have been buried in with them for 20 years longer than the rest of the country. [applause] i will tell you something else. i think the way someone is in law school or grad school, that time of life, is pretty much the way they are throughout the rest of their adulthood. i will tell you something, back in moscow, hillary was a radical, and she -- back in law school, hillary was of radical and she is a radical today. she will be obama's third term domestically and internationally.
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she doesn't have to work and her campaign to get to the left of lisbeth worn -- elizabeth warren . she is already there. the eight years that we have encountered with president obama will only be worsened by hillary clinton. it will not get better. this is the point. over the next several months, we have to avoid repeating the mistakes of 2008 and 2012. we cannot afford to elect an unqualified person to be president. we cannot make the same mistakes three times in a row. you are the people who can prevent that from happening. thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much.
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i would like to say, i spread sweetness and light wherever i go. i assume i've gotten everybody back, got in thereir metabolism going after lunch. i would like to take questions on anything i brought up or didn't bring up. yes, sir. >> thank you, ambassador. i read an editorial in "business weekly" two days ago that scared the crap out of me talking about and isis camp in southern new mexico. why are we hearing about this now? my question is -- is our porous border letting terrorists o in? amb. john bolton: i don't think there is any question as to whether terrorists or others, if
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they want to get in the united states, the place to do it is across the mexican border. president obama, two years ago indicted people for coming across the border -- an indication that the whole world knows the way to come in the united states. i tell you as iran gets closer to a nuclear weapon, north korea contemplate selling nuclear weapons to terrorist groups, they do not need ballistic missiles. they can break them up, slip them across the border. put them in a pickup truck and drive into any american city. this is not a hypothetical risk at all. in the back, with the red tie. the fellow with the red tie.
2:53 pm
you should have one a red tie. [laughter] >> why is it that case that britain and francine to be going along with the iranian deal? amb. john bolton: i can tell you, after years of negotiate with the brits and germans, they are motivated by the idea that they can get iran to give up its nuclear weapons program. they have been adt it for 12 plus years, which is why when people say, why don't you give it a little more time to play out, we have been talking to the regime in tehran for 12 years. how long does it take them to convince us that this is a peaceful program. when the germans, french, and british started in 2003 -- over my objections -- they said, the
2:54 pm
bottom line, when this is done, i ran will have no nuclear enrichment capabilities. they said, as a precondition that iran suspend its uranium enrichment activities. they said, sure, we will suspend activities, and they lied about it. the europeans kept negotiating. we insisted that there be no enrichment activities. the obama administration has taken position weaker than the u.n. security counsel. weaker than the position that the russians and chinese took. the country that stood up more against it in the newish a gotiations than any others has been france. do you realize that the one
2:55 pm
thing that could a lot from this deal is a socialist french government? i don't know what else you need to know about this deal and how bad it will be. yes, sir. over there, sorry. i picked somebody with a blue tie this time. >> equal rights for blue ties. good to see you back in new hampshire. i've been reading some things about isil. particularly that they are not just rabid terrorists, but very specifically operating on their understanding of parts of their koran, and their leader has declared the establishment of a caliphate. in doing so, it encourages muslims to move there and swear allegiance to any entity -- government, and last but not
2:56 pm
least, expand the caliphate by conquest. they do this with elevation. and kill any nonbelievers. that says to me that this is not just random stuff. this is religious-fueled celebration, and attempt to expand into all territories on the planet. i want to give your comments on that. amb. john bolton: what we are facing here is a political ideology that stems from a particular religion, but it is a politicized form of that religion. it is a reflection of the merger of church and state in a particular view. i think of we continue to look at the threat of international terrorism as a series of random acts, or as the president says, crime that mayors deal with arming -- or municipalities,
2:57 pm
you completely miss the point. there's al qaeda, isis, boko haram, there will be others as well. it's like europe after world war i when various forms of communism sprang up around the world, and i give them was of broad. i don't think we are get anywhere near the end of the radical threat of islam is is him -- islamisism. in the 20th century, we understood that we faced fascism and nothing is him. we understood the ideology of communism. we were able to defeat them. we can defeat radical islam, but we can't defeat it is the president doesn't acknowledge that it exists, and
2:58 pm
understanding for what it is. i think that is absolutely critical for forming an effective strategy against it. every day that goes by, allows this ideology to take more brutal. isis today controlled territory in what used to be states of iraq and syria, equivalent to the size of great britain. it's true, you went particularly want to have there, but it is a big territory. they are forming a new state. other states in the middle east have to send a greater entirely, like libya, where terrorism takes root. every day that goes by, the situation deteriorated even further. yes, ma'am. >> what do you think about the terror within? obama himself, where he is putting muslims into homeland security putting our ballots all in one spot when they should
2:59 pm
be in other places. smuggling the muslim brotherhood into the white house. i also heard that he is amassing his own tanks, trying to get rid of gun control. do you think that he is actually planning -- since a country goes bankrupt and a dictator always comes in? amb. john bolton: the answer is no, actually. there are lots of theories about what motivates a president. he went to columbia and harvard. that pretty much tells you where he got it [applause] hill he through the same thing. i think it's important to understand that even though obama is the embodiment of the problem, he is not the only problem. let me give you another example.
3:00 pm
george h.w. bush, in whose administration, i was proud to serve. bush said of dukakis, the united states is just country. that is not a philosophy that should be running the country. >> [indiscernible] >> hello, ambassador. the question is, how do you feel about vladimir putin when he said the conditions that led the russians to go into crimea on behalf of the ethnic russians in crimea also exist in the baltic states?
3:01 pm
he also said that he opposes nato to install any air defenses or any equipment into the baltic states or even the conducting of exercises in the baltic states. bolton: this is a direct challenge to the nato alliance. he thinks our response could be weak. it might be worth it to challenge us over the territory of a nato member like the baltics. he could pull back easily if he gets resistance. he sees the opportunity to shatter the nato alliance. i have negotiated with him. everything you see about him being a tough guy is true. this is a man who knows his own mind. he said the last time he was president, the breakup of the soviet union was the greatest
3:02 pm
geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, and by that he means to reestablish russian hegemony in the space of the former soviet union. and i think he sees the path open before him. and that is why he is going to proceed until he meets resistance. thank you very much. you have a very important choice ahead of you. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] thank you, ambassador. the next speaker is an army veteran. he has been in the house since 1992, and he had served as the chairman of the committee on homeland security in the house. he like, like ambassador bolton
3:03 pm
is a critic of the obama administration on foreign policy. he is a frequent guest on fox news as well as cnn. his vocal on illegal immigration. please join me in joining peter king. representative king: thank you very much. i thank you for being here. me thank the great job at jennifer does. i know the results today show the outstanding job she is doing. let me say i can almost end my speech by saying i agree with everything that the ambassador said. he is really such an asset -- not just for the republican party, but the united states. the work he did in the united nations was phenomenal and we
3:04 pm
should be in his that. let me also thank my friend matt mayberry. i was here last year. i know how enthusiastic everyone wants last year, but especially this year because all of us realize the opportunity we have in 2016, the opportunity to win back the white house, to win back the nation. it is important for us to do that's. it is important for us that we expose not just the weaknesses of those that we are against hillary clinton, but that we have strong policies of our own. this administration has been a failure on virtually every aspect of foreign policy. now putin is going to the ukraine and threatening former members of the soviet bloc.
3:05 pm
they are concerned by what putin is doing. the president's answer is not armed those that want to fight back. the middle east, this agreement with iran is wrong. the president went into these negotiations for the purpose of preventing iran from becoming a nuclear power. under the president's own admission, if iran complies with the agreement, at the end of 10 years, iran will be only a few months away from a nuclear weapon their nuclear in infrastructure is intact. in addition to that, countries like saudi arabia and egypt and jordan all of whom did not trust the iranians, realize what this will be and will look for their own nuclear weapons and we will have a nuclear arms race. then we have ice is. it was a year ago that president obama said that ice is was the j.v. isis is the greatest threat we
3:06 pm
face since international terrorism. they are the first islamic terrorist group to infect a nation state. they occupy more landmass than great britain. this is a tremendous threat to the united states, western civilization, and the values all of us should share. it is the threat here at home. now we have hundreds of americans gone to syria to fight alongside isis. they can come back into the united states, and they are a threat to us to carry out attacks. yesterday the fbi and rested a man from ohio who went to syria to fight alongside isis and come back here to carry out terrorist attacks. in addition to thousands of europeans who go into syria to fight alongside isis. they come from countries in europe where they do not have to get a visa to travel to the united states. this means we are under greater threats and we have been since
3:07 pm
september 11. i come from a district, i lost 150 friends, neighbors, and constituents. i never want to go through that again. i never want to see people suffer. yet we have to have the policies that stand up. when the president says last year that crisis is the j.v., i can tell you i am the only member of congress who is on the intelligence and homeland security committees. we had briefings before that telling us what a threat isis was. how the president could honestly say that isis was the j.v. when we knew almost a year ago what a threat they were. how general flynn also said what a tremendous threat they were. this is a president whose policies are weak, apologetic, and in many ways incoherent, which is why countries like israel and jordan and egypt have such little fate in this president -- faith in this
3:08 pm
president. having said that, for us to coordinate campaigns in 2016, we have to have real policies. we have to ensure that we do everything we can to keep isis and al qaeda and all those affiliates from attacking us. we have to have candidates -- we cannot have candidates saying -- [indiscernible] they are more worried about an attack at starbucks than isis. if we are going to function effectively, we have to have coherent policies, use every element of our disposal, fbi cia, nsa, and the nsa is not listening to anyone's phone calls. they are an effective and necessary component that will put in place that that were put in place by the bush administration. they have stopped any number of attacks. i do not want to have it on my conscience that an american was
3:09 pm
died because the nsa was prevented from obtaining information that would have stopped that attack. that is the enemy is isis, i qaeda, and islamist extremists. i wish that obama -- i was the people running for president in our party would realize we have to use every component every weapon we have to stop isis from attacking us. also, as republicans, i believe we have to reach out and re-create parts of the reagan coalition. we had people in this country whose s share our values 80% of the time. i'm talking about cops and firefighters who joined the reagan movement because their first love with foras for this
3:10 pm
country. we have to let these people know that they are welcomed in our party. i have known cops all my life. i have friends and neighbors who are construction workers. i know where their part is. too often we give an appearance that they are not welcome, that somehow, if they are union guys, we do not want them. they are the ones you make our neighborhoods strong, and we have to find ways to reach out to them to let them know they are welcome as part of our coalition. as republicans, we had historically in the party that strongly supports please pray for the last nine months, the police have been under unprecedented attack from elements of believe oral -- elements of the liberal media such as "the new york times." 99% of the pleased to announce any job. the police are the last
3:11 pm
line of defense wedded to the our neighborhoods safe, and we should be more outspoken standing with them, nothing that the problem is that the police are too militarized. it may not always be correct or appeal to those in the media or those that we are trying to somehow think we are going to get this -- [indiscernible] these are real core of american thou use. we should be fighting for them. i want you to know, the whatever i can make sure that we win in 2016, because we cannot afford the continuation of the obama policy. john bolton mentioned on this what president obama is looking for. i am not one of those people who questions his patriotism or dedication. he has a very different philosophy of government than we do.
3:12 pm
that is why when it comes to issues like iran, like the rating agreement, and i've spoken -- like the iranian agreement, and i've spoken to people in the administration know what is going on, but the president believes that if somehow we reach out to her iran, if we had less of a footprint in the middle east, he would believe there would be reciprocity can super patient and the terrorists. so we put out of iraq. what happens? isis is created. isis is in libya. in yemen, we saw them take less strong actions than we should come another country is divided between al qaeda and the houthis who are circuits of iran. -- who are surrogates of iran. this permeates the democratic party, which is not the party of scoop jackson, john kennedy
3:13 pm
harry truman, but it is an ideological party which believes that somehow if iran is brought into the community of nations, that iran will act accordingly, and then we can work with iran, there will be a balance of power. no wonder countries like egypt are scared stiff. no wonder egypt and jordan and saudi arabia and prime minister netanyahu. if the president can find time to sit down with raul castro, you think he would find time to make a telephone call to bibi netanyahu after he won the election. so it is a mindset which somehow is apologetic for the use of american power that the u.s. has response ability for its wrong in the world, and a month it that believes if we just act in a more kind and gentle way toward iran and toward al qaeda
3:14 pm
and some other enemies we have around the world including pugintin, that they will reciprocate. the fact is america becomes isolationist, if america is back from its responsibilities, that gap will be filled by enemies, whether al qaeda putin irrational leaders around the world who see american weakness as an opportunity for them to move. any of us who went through september 11, any of us who have seen overseas what has happened and the lack of faith that our allies have in our country knows that we need strong, responsible, republican leadership but to get that we have to have candidates and platforms, we have to have ideas and principles which do not apologize for america, which realize the enemy is the enemy not our own government can and realize that we should not be scaring people with fictional
3:15 pm
threats, but focus on the real threats, of islamic terrorism of an emerging russia, and realizing that the american people deserve the opportunity to live their lives in freedom and prosperity and the opportunity to move ahead and also realizing that, we should bring more people interact coalition so we can the governmenting the way ronald reagan did. you have been a great audience. i would love to take questions. he could be hostile, friendly. the fact is if someone whether running for reelection for congress, senate, any office, you have to be ready to take hostile questions. you have to realize whatever happens in the republican primary it is nothing as compared to what is going to happen in the general election. he got to be ready to take tough questions, stand up for we believe in. the issues are two important paper over. we have definite views, ideas.
3:16 pm
ronald reagan did not back down. we cannot back down. yet the stand for what we believe income that firm policies, stand by them, be willing to defend them, and let me wrap it up. they give for being here today. thank you for your attention. and any questions you have, i will try to answer. >> time for a few questions? let's go on this side. >> representative keating, i'm a former state senator, so i'm not sort of a fringy individual, just so you get a sense. i do appreciate the foreign policy, but i must say i do not know a single reasonable republican in this state who is not concerned with many of your
3:17 pm
comments that you have made over the last few years. i think you do not represent the mainstream and frankly some of the comments about the bridge and all these sorts of things are not helpful to the party. representative keing: that me for say who is not a reasonable republican, many people who stop me say thank you. i will stand by everything i have said. listen politics and democracy are competitive and you have to have an exchange of ideas -- you have to have a collision of ideas, and the party emerges stronger. if people cannot take it, they should be giving up themselves. i think that i would my record up for campaigning around this
3:18 pm
country for republicans, for standing up and supporting the bush administration, for republicans in congress, for standing up for the leadership and doing what has to be done. whenever i say i say and i get up there and i will match my republican record and my views and my police anyone of the republican party. >> yes, sir. >> i knew this guy's father back in new york. you gave a very strong speech on foreign policy. can you please share with us your ideas on the economy and economic growth. >> ♪ caller: representative keatiing: we have to take back controls on the
3:19 pm
financial sector. there are too many elected. kratz who are tying down economy,, which is wrong. we have to work together to pull back those controls. secondly, we have to change the tax code in this country. we should encourage people, the middle class, small business and those main things we have to do, mainly to unleash the economy and get the burden of government off. education should be decided at the local level. it is important, essential that edge of occasion -- that education be a laboratory of ideas, school districts, and th american education has fallen hundred and we cannot be doing with a heavy hand of the federal government. yes, sir. >> sir, i am wondering if you
3:20 pm
feel that pakistan is friend or part of the problem in the context of foreign aid that goes overseas, number one. second, i'm wondering what your views are of saudi arabia and whether over the years they have played a duplicitous game in exporting their brand of wahabi sm, and it seems like over now they are coming late to the party. representative king: in answer to your second question, yes. over the years, the saudis have been opportunistic. there is no doubt that they have been subsidizing extreme forms of islam over the years. several things have happened in recent years. one, saudi arabia has come under threat of attack itself. right now, saudi arabia is terrified of an emerging iran. so it is warmer moment in time,
3:21 pm
saudi arabia wishes to ally with the united states. this is not an alliance of lasting powers like we have with the canadians or australians. this is at this moment of time the saudis want to work with us because of their peer of iran and because of al qaeda. their main concern is with iran. that is where a president has to be able to take advantage of the situation. and yet at a time when the saudis want to work with us, for the purposes, but that would be our purpose also, but we are scaring away the saudis, because they do not have faith in this administration, when they see our dealings with iran with the nuclear agreement. also when it came to syria in 2013, september, when the president rouhani's redline and it -- when the president drew his redline, the saudis saw
3:22 pm
that. we have never had a president who has and so escalating and has not stood by certain basic american principles in foreign policy. or once he makes a commitment, ask away from it. the saudis are reluctant to go all out with us now because of the lack of faith they have in this administration. pakistan, pakistan at best has been mixed. i am on the intelligence committee. let me just say this. pakistan goes back and forth and that just takes statesmanship, tough diplomacy with us. do i trust pakistan? no i do not at all. these are countries we have to find ways one way or the other to have them take the same side as us. is not going to be because of french and. it is going to be -- friendship. it is going to be because of
3:23 pm
diplomacy. the saudis, i do for the short term. that answers your question. yes, sir. >> on the subject of energy, new york does not allow fracking. why? representative king: andrew cuomo. to me, it is inexcusable. we have people in new york who want to secede and become part of pennsylvania. they want to become part of pennsylvania. this is a case where ideology is trumping common sense and it is hurting our economy. as a new yorker, this is hurting us, not just energy-wise, revenue was, and the parts that
3:24 pm
it would help the most, upper new york, they see pennsylvania is thriving. fracking is safe. i believe it is absolutely essential. as the world becomes more and more dangerous, we were talking about the saudis, these are countries we cannot count on. we have to get as much energy supply as we can come build up as much as we can, and fracking is environmentally safe, sound something we have to do. do not blame me for the sins of our democratic government. i have been's of my own without the blame for his -- i have sins of my own without being blamed for his. >> thank you. you very well articulated the islamic threat to this country. an even greater threat is the electromagnetic paul spared what plan would you institute --
3:25 pm
the electromagnetic pulse. what plan would you institute to protect this country? representative king: the energy grid is something we have to be extremely concerned about. i am working with other members of congress. i'm not certain as you are, but it's something you have to look at and i do have a concern. yes, sir. >> thank you. the trade agreements, the tpp transpacific partnership the tt ip, where are they in congress and what is your view of those? representative king: i support free trade agreements. there is a bipartisan effort to go forward.
3:26 pm
people are concerned about what they see is the loss of jobs. i believe for the united states to begin petted of the world free trade is to our advantage because we of the best workers products, and if we can put protection of these agreements which would provide some protection against those who may lose their jobs, it is definitely a net plus the go-ahead. -- net plus to go ahead. i would support free trade agreements. i recognize -- ok. this man over here. >> yeah. congressman king -- sorry about the confusion. my question, your been critical of certain conservative presidential candidates, ted cruz, for example. in my opinion, he itemizes conservative values and where the repugnant party should be going, but you have been
3:27 pm
critical. why have you -- why do you disagree with him? representative king: what example. you do not check the government down. you govern. it does not send the right signal to the american people. republican numbers never went down to quickly in such a brief time as when the government shut down in october 2013. if you were opposed to a lawyer, you do not shut the government down, you repeal the law. you elect a republican president the sun. he can put the government in a position where you shut down the government. that sends the wrong signal. that to me is not myra type of republican is in. our job is to get the job done can reduce the size of government, and govern effectively. >> congressman king, thank you
3:28 pm
for taking my question and thank you for all you do. how do you plan to help get our nation jobs, and how do you feel the right to work? representative king: i believe it should be a state issue. i do not believe right to work laws should be imposed nationally. i know that scott has been successful in wisconsin. in new york, i have had a good relationship with the building trade unions. my neighbor heard, peter brennan was richard nixon's secretary of labor. i have found him on issues whether issues of national defense and security, certain unions, good to work with. others are not. i've been on the other side. as far as the american economy the main thing is to unleash the american economy. circumstances have changed.
3:29 pm
prince pulls are the same. less government, that more tax incentives, to do what began to encourage the middle class, the middle class that drives our economy, the middle class and small business him and we do that by cutting back on government regulations cutting back on government restrictions, cutting back on unnecessary environmental -- fracking. that is a classic example. unleash the american economy. as john kennedy a rising tide with -- you get the economy to move, the entire workforce incident and the american people go forward. yes. he is coming over and with the mic here >> last question. >> during the last election, republicans in congress ran on
3:30 pm
europe republican workers to give them the majority. now you have the majority. the voters and all the people who work here delivered that majority to you. what do you think you've done? you disagree with shutting down the government which i disagree with you, because you won the majority. how did that ruin anything for republicans? i just want to be positive. what do you feel the republicans who we gave the majority to them what have they done to stop obama's unlawful and unconstitutional -- [indiscernible] representative king: i disagree with you highly about shutting down the government. any consultant you talk to come any candidate running cap every analysis shows that that hurt the republican party. we won in spite of that. what saved us was the failure of
3:31 pm
obamacare being rolled out. you cannot find any place in the country that i know of where that helped the republican party because it shows us as being irresponsible. polls overwhelmingly -- the american people were 2-1 against what we did. it does not work. that issue did not win the election for you. as far as what evidence can do, the house is trying to do the best we can. in the senate you have to have 60 votes, and we only have 55 republican senators. that is basically the issue. yes, we wanted a house. we are making progress. -- yes, we won in the house. we are making progress. there are issues like the estate cast that week passed in the house that are working. unless you have 60 senators and a republican president you can have government being tied up. the reason obama got obamacare
3:32 pm
three, they had the votes in the senate to get it done. we have to do the same thing. we have to elect people to the republican house, increase a majority, but also increased majority in the senate and elect a republican president. having the president its changes the whole dynamic, and that is what is essential that we do, but we do not say we are going to be elected by shutting down the government. the way it works now you have to get 60 votes to pass anything in the senate. that means you will have 41 senators who could block government from going forward and shut down the government. that's a would pass legislation that we think is hobbled. democrats oppose it. we have 59 senators. they can get 41 democrats to come together and say we are shutting down the government unless you repeal a law that you passed. that is why it is such a dangerous president set -- precdedent to set.
3:33 pm
that's when for legislation, get it through, and if you are opposed to it from the dismantle it, but you do it by the weight was passed, bypassing both houses of congress. you do not just take your toys and walk away. thank you all very much. >> thank you so much representative. great to have you with us. i want to take a quick opportunity to introduce to you some pretty outstanding republicans. we have a special election underway in the rocking him district 32 for a vacant house seat. this is a great opportunity to showcase we have all sorts of great new, young republicans coming to the effort. our candidate in that race is yvonne bailey. is she here?
3:34 pm
she is working so hard. she is out there every weekend knocking on doors. yvonne thank you so much. you can find her at #ydb. i want to say thank you to some strong leadership. a lot of our friends in the press will not understand it. you understand how important the executive council is in new hampshire. after a couple years back, we won the majority in that seat. we have had great leadership under our senior executive council. are you with us, chris? give a round of applause anyway. he missed it. he is doing a great job. he is doing an outstanding job for us. i had to great honor of introducing her next guest. this is another strong governor from a very blue state who
3:35 pm
managed to win as a republican and implement great strong republican policies. he was the chairman other public and governors association during the 2014 election cycle presiding over unprecedented wins in governorships across the country. spent a lot of time up here. he was very generous to the state of new hampshire during that cycle. he was reelected -- we all watched this race -- with a 22% margin. republican who knows how to win any blue state. that's give a warm welcome to governor chris christie. governor christie: thank you very much. thank you, all. appreciate it. thank you very much.
3:36 pm
he back in history. i was on you this morning, in my son texted me. he is at school and to become aware are you? i said i am on my way to new hampshire. is a bit of a wiseguy. i do not know where that comes from. he said, your new homes. happy to be back. we had a great time in londonderry. i see some familiar faces in the words they are on wednesday. i want to spend time taking questions from you, i will say couple of things. first is i went to -- on entitlement reform. speech i gave on entitlement reform very simple and very direct. 71% of the federal budget is now
3:37 pm
spent on entitlement compared to 26% 50 years ago. if anybody comes on this state wants to talk to you about national defense education research and development, tax cuts or anything else involving the federal government, asked them what they are going to do on entitlements, because if they are not going to do something to fix the problem we're not going to be able to deal with any of the other problems with that we have in this country. i used to this is whathen i got to new jersey, he had an $11 billion deficit. my democratic legislature sent me a tax increase. we balance the budget by cutting 800 programs in new jersey in order to balance the budget. , there are ways fiscal house in order to this country and we need to and everybody is
3:38 pm
considering running for president of the united states to have to answer for you what they are going to do regarding the cost of entitlement programs in the country there are to make it fair for everybody, not just from one generation, all generations. it is the present is for eight years. the day he announced in 2007, he does not talk about it. reason because there's not some short answer you can read off a teleprompter tell you what to do. reason he is not talked about it is the same reason you have the problems all over the world -- iran moving towards a nuclear weapon syria on fire, video on fire, egypt under martial law troubles all across the world, vladimir putin charging into eastern europe. reason for this is because the people around the world know the same thing that the people in the united states no, that we have a week president, who has
3:39 pm
weakened our president and they are taking advantage of that in every way they possibly can. we can no longer afford to have we as in the oval office. we have to have strength and clarity and hard truths, and that is why i started by talking about entitlements. by what i talk about those things if they were not true? there is no political advantage to talking about those issues. the reason you talk about them is because you want to really make suggested that will help to solve the problems that our country confronts and just as importantly take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities we have. we have extraordinary opportunities as a country. we should be simplifying our tax system and lowering taxes for corporations and individuals so we can get economic growth. this president takes victory laps on 2.5% gdp growth.
3:40 pm
that him go into families of children who have graduated from college who cannot find a job and feeling that we may be the first generation that leaves america a weaker, lesser base for the next generation than what was left us. the only reason you should consider running for president ifs if you want to turn around, if you want american be a leader in the world again to get our own house in order so other nations can emulate us, and we need to work together as republicans. we have to work together when we get to washington to solve these problems. the american people are anxious. they're filled with anxiety, not anger. they're worried about the country, and they should be. the reason for that is absolutely feckless leadership by this president. all he cares now is about his
3:41 pm
legacy and his library, the two l's. that is all that is left legacy library. he does not care about anything else. i will end with this. i think it is a national disgrace when the president of the united states it's down and considers -- sits down and considers taking cuba off the watchlist, when in my state, a state trooper was murdered, the person broke out of prison estate cuba, and the castro -- escaped to provecuba, while this trooper's widow lives
3:42 pm
in new jersey. that is why i say thate two l's are all he cares about. if cuba once to normalize relations with the united states, they should act like a civilized country. some people say i am too blunt and direct. i'm too straightforward. i think we could use a little of that in washington. you may not always agree with every word that comes out of my mouth, but you will never have to wonder what i am thinking. you will never have to wonder what i am feeling. you will never have to wonder what direction i am leaving my state or any other leadership position i ever get an opportunity to pursue. i think the american people are
3:43 pm
hungry for that after nearly seven years of a type of aimless leadership that we have had from barack obama. so i am much more comfortable taking questions. so why don't we take questions. who has got them? yes, sir, in the back. there we go. >> hello, governor. you mentioned entitlement reform. a couple of thoughts that i had. how do you feel about work for welfare check? or perhaps means testing social security benefits? or what would you do to prevent ssdi from going that bankrupt?
3:44 pm
and what are your thoughts about reforming the care and medicaid? governor christie: means testing for social security, yes. it seems to me if you're making more than $200,000 a year in retirement income, you do not need to get social security. social security should be an insurance policy against property for the elderly. we do not want any of our elderly living in poverty. if you have $200,000 in annual retirement income, that means that at a minimum you have about $4 million saved. fact is we have to make choices in this country. and on the disability insurance program, is going to go bankrupt by 2016, we said let's follow a program that have in the number of, which is before you go on disability, yet do develop a rehabilitation -- you have to
3:45 pm
develop a rehabilitation program and get back to work. let's provide tax incentives for businesses that are going to hard as folks back after they do the rehabilitation program. let's make the system more streamlined and let's tighten the rules for getting on disability in the first place. there have been some months administration where more people have gone on to social security disability and have gotten a job -- than have got my job. that is why the system is there bankruptcy. i think we should put everybody to work who is able-bodied and can work. all the things that underpin what i talked about on social security, if people are going to work past the age of 62, no more payroll tax after the age of 62. if you want to work past six, we want to encourage that, because we live longer. if you want to work past 62 you
3:46 pm
have paid enough in payroll tax. america needs to be working. that is what we are going to get our gdp growing. we need to encourage people of all ages to be working hard and could you bring to our economy. we have 12 different points on social security and medicare and medicaid. they are available to you. you can see all of them. the idea is not saying i think we should do something on social security and i will get to back to you. people have said why would you want to suggest those things? because we have to. if you want to start a national conversation, let's start one that matters. yes, ma'am, right there. >> ma'am? >> this is not my question, but
3:47 pm
it goes on what you just said. some people that are on social security disability cannot work. carson has as burgers syndrome -- asberger's syndrome, and he can never hold a job. governor christie: that is what it is for. what this settlement is talking about what i'm saying social security disability should be there for the people who need it. medicare should be there for everyone who wants to participate. my point is for those who are gaming the system, it is bankrupting the system. we do not have enough money to pay for all of this. someone like your son it needs to be there. that is what the program was set up for to do with issues like that, not to have more people going on disability then you have hitting a job in this country. >> i wanted to make understoo
3:48 pm
d that you understand. my real question was on immigration. what do you think -- what would you do about all the illegal immigrants we have this country taking jobs away from americans who need the jobs, and what would you do about securing our borders? governor christie: on securing our borders, the executive branch's job is to do the things you can do to protect our country and that is protecting the sovereignty of the country. if you are president, that is what you need to do. i am not somebody who is were building and wall from one into the other. i'm not think that is smart or efficient. there is a lot of different ways we can do it. with manpower, fences, and electronic equipment. the other way you can do it is when you set up a fair system in this country that actually works, you go to employers and
3:49 pm
say if you employ people who are here illegally, you're going to be gone after. folks come here to work. we cannot have it one way where we are going to build a wall. awllwalls can be gotten over. the reason people come here is to work. and so if we have employers that we are going to clamp down on folks who are hiring people in this manner, once we set up a fair system that everybody is signed on to, i think you will decrease the amount of people. if you know you come here, you're not going to work. i will tell you this -- i am not someone who believes that for the people who are here already that they are going to self-deport. not something i could is going to happen. the fact is for our society we do not have enough law enforcement people to roundup 10 million or 12 million people
3:50 pm
whatever number you want to use. so we better get together as a party first and then as a country and decide how we deal with these problems in a way that makes sense. it has been no consensus because there has been no leadership from the white house. now the present does -- now the president does executive orders, which in my view are illegal -- and it is an abdication of leadership. the person in charge cannot say i do not want to work with the congress. he has got to work with the congress. let your member something, he could have tried to fix this problem before when he had a democratic congress. he did not fix it then either parent we. we need to get together and come to a consensus on how to do with this and bring our country together, thoughts but our country apart that is the way i would go about doing it. yes, right there.
3:51 pm
>> as someone just turned 63 on tax income i like your payroll tax proposal. you are saying what i would have asked all of the candidates. everyone wants to grow the economy. but the gdp and our national debt are perilously close to each other. and every economist has will tell you that is a scary place to be. i do not think just entitlement reform is enough, and people say 1% let's start in the right direction. i think we need more reduction of the government, and if so what would you cut out, what would you reduce, where would you basically make some of government people unemployed? governor christie: let's remember a couple of statistics.
3:52 pm
the numbers are that in federal spending 71% of federal spending is on entitlements. 29% is on everything else. so it is a lot of it. recently have not dealt with this, the reason why i think we have additional trillions and trillions of dollars in debts that we have is not only expansion of the government, but the refusal to deal with those issues. in the last 25 years, medicaid has grown over 800%, while the economy in the last 25 years has grown 200%. i was a political science major but i can even do that math. even i can do that math. it does not work. if anything we did in new jersey will give you an indication, when i came in we had a $29 billion budget and an $11 billion deficit.
3:53 pm
we cut 800 programs about the budget. we did not raise taxes on the people of new jersey caps off for the 5 1/2 years i have been governor. so i will stand off. on the top of my head and do the let's go to the federal government and start cutting programs. you have to have the will and resolve to do it. the only way you will know if someone does is to look at what they have done before. have a just talk about it or have they done it? in new jersey we have actually done it. now we have at six years of talents budgets. gone from 13% nonrecurring revenues down to 3%. cutting alone will not fix this problem. we have to grow the economy at 4% or better because we are not going to cut away our way out of an $18 trillion problem.
3:54 pm
it has to be both. it has to be -- you have to be resolved to do that. that is why i speak about entitlements. why would you go first to the place where 29% of your spending is rather than where 71% of your spending is? it is politically risky because you are going to turn 63. you like my payroll tax id. but there are going to be other people who do not like some of the other ideas. you know what -- i do not run for governor to be elected prom king. i'm not looking to be the most popular guy in the world. i'm looking to be the most respected one. the way to do that is put forward real ideas. yes, sir, right there. >> thank you for taking my question. i'm the vice-chairman of the latino national republican coalition of long island.
3:55 pm
common core is an issue close to my heart, and i want to know what your stance is on common core. if you were president what would you do with common core? governor christie: common core before the obama administration, was a state-by-state proposition. done by the governors, and the federal government had little role in it. then the administration started to federalize that program. my predecessor started to intimate common core before i got in. i finished it. i can tell you what we found in new jersey in the effectiveness of, core is open to question. four months ago i put together a group of parents and teachers and administrators to come back to say we have high standards in new jersey that we developed ourselves, and i want to know what we should be doing to get higher standards in new jersey that does not have to do with
3:56 pm
common core. they're coming back to me with recommendations of what we think we should do. what i'm concerned about is the further education gets away from the local community, the more difficult it is for parents effect education -- to affect that education. as a parent of children, the most important people to a child's education, more important than teacher, the principal, are their parents. if we want to have parents to have buy-in to whatever standards we're setting and have them be part of the team to raise our children up to those standards, they better be involved in deciding what the standard should be. so that is my view on it. yes, circa, right here. -- yes, sir, right here.
3:57 pm
>> governor, i want to ask a question about you ok? governor christie: sure. >> i like your proposals. it is in the bible the truth will set you free. you think by speaking truth to power, not a personality contest, you can get elected? governor christie: i do not know. if i run, i will find out. i get this question all the time, not examine yours, the one about, especially from the media, do you have to change mellow, to round off a couple of those rough edges? i do not know what they are talking about. the fact is this -- i am a republican in new jersey. come and try that for a couple days ok? we haven't elected a republican
3:58 pm
to the senate and 42 years. it is the longest streak of any state in america not to elect a republican to the senate. 42 use. this is not a place where republicans go to grow, prosper, and win elections, all right? if people are waiting for me to be the nicest guy in the room, the most subtle guy in the room, if i had waited for that, i would not be in this room. in the end i do not know the answer to your question. i do not know whether you can speak these kinds of truths, lead with entitlement reform the after folks the way i have and be elected. i do not know. but i will to you this -- one, i will not change. i will be who i am so that if you ever do let me to something
3:59 pm
else, you will know exactly who the person is sitting behind that desk. second, i am not going to tack and move and flip-flop and pander because i am looking in rise trying to figure out what is it he wants to hear, and then pray to god that you do not remember what i said, when i go into the opposite. that is not who i am, who i have ever been, who i am going to be. this could wind up being a grand experiment. i think is one, given the conditions our country is in right now, that might just be worth taking. >> governor, i appreciate your frankness. my name is stephen hill and 50 million americans are struggling with food and security issues,
4:00 pm
more and more veterans dealing with that. it do you think it will hear more from candidate talking about the issues of hunger and poverty, and meaningful solutions to these issues? governor christie: we should. a part of that is what underpins the entitlement reforms, the proposals i made this week. the underpinning of those proposals are that these programs we provide through the government should first take care of the folks that need it the most. and we should try to make sure that we do not have the elderly living in poverty. that they don't have to be -- have to decide between going to the doctor and buying food. we make sure that people are going to get health care who are indigent, not through the emergency room, which is the most ineffective and expensive way to provide health care.


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