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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 24, 2015 11:00pm-1:01am EDT

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however, i voted for obama twice in the general elections. it's great that mr. hagel is no longer secretary of defense, but by far my least, the cabinet member of president obama's that i disapprove of most was eric holder. i had not trusted him for a moment. now, i was a huge supporter of bill clinton, and eric holder had difficulties with the pardons. at the very end. i will not take that out on obama old holder. however, holder represents -- and i and i insensitive toward what the gentleman just said -- i'm a bleeding heart liberal democrat -- >> what is it about eric holder that you disapprove of? >> this is but i was going to save and then i will finish up peter. thank you. he is really an establishment
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guy. it is important that you have someone of color. it is something very important. that is why when loretta lynch finally got through i just think that eric holder was the wind behind all of this establishment resistance to actually getting rid of guantanamo and all of the things that after eight years of dreadful bush-cheney policy policies now we have this disaster. . and i am not one of these rand paul/ron paul libertarians. his chief law enforcement officer should have enforced it. host: let's leave it there. thank you for calling in. in 2013, the voting rights act was on the table.
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[video clip] attorney general holder: it in validated a part of the voting rights act, a cornerstone of american civil rights law. i am deeply disappointed with the court's decision in this matter. it is a setback for voting rights and will negatively affect millions of americans across the country. since its passage in 1965, the act has enjoyed broad bipartisan support in congress as well as the executive branch. after hearings, sections four and five of this law were reauthorized, most recently in 2006. just seven years ago. it had unanimous support of the
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senate and near unanimous support of the house of representatives. this is a legislative function and responsibility that the constitution gave to congress. the last reauthorization was signed into law by president george w. bush. prior reauthorizations had been signed by ford reagan, and next in. -- and nixon. host: a little bit from eric holder on the voter rights act. his team's balancing act often aligns with police. he has supported police officers every time an excessive force case has made its way to arguments, even as it has opened more than 20 civil rights
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investigations into law enforcement practices. the justice department has made it harder to sue police and give officers more discretion about when to fire guns. police groups see mr. holder as an ally. that has rankled civil rights lawyers, who say the government can have a greater effect on policing by interpreting law at the supreme court than through investigations of individual departments. south carolina, what do you think? caller: he has done a fantastic job. he has done better than anyone i have ever seen as attorney general. he has followed the rule of law. he has not once done anything i conclude to be an overreach. he has done a fantastic job. host: paul is in orlando and he does not approve.
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why not? caller: thank you for taking my call. thank you for c-span. the fund piece stole my thunder. the attorney general got off to a strange start. remember when he said when it came to race, americans were cowards? with all due respect to your first caller, white people get uncomfortable talking about race because if we disagree with this president or that attorney general, we are called racist. ima am a republican. i voted for obama the first time -- i am a republican. i voted for obama the first time. i did not vote for him the second time. does that make me racist?
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is your producer within earshot? host: the producer is always listening. caller: i suggested a behind the scenes for the "washington journal" junkies. if you are not considering it, i hope you would. host: thank you for calling in. we will talk to you again in 30 days. regular viewers will remember when eric holder and louis beaumont got into a heated exchange during a hearing. [video clip] >> it is inadequate. it is important that we have proper oversight.
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>> you do not want to go there. >> about the contempt? >> you should not assume it is not a big deal to me. it was inappropriate and unjust. do not think it was not a big deal to me. do not ever think that. >> i am just looking for evidence. there have been no indications it has been a big deal. your department has not been forthcoming in producing documents that were the subjects of the contempt. there have been other questions asked about the -- >> the documents we were prepared to make available then, we are prepared to make them available now. this is about a desire to have -- >> we have been trying to get to the bottom of fast and furious where at least a couple hundred mexicans died and we cannot get the information to get to the
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bottom of that. i do not need lectures from you about contempt. as a former judge, i never have asked questions of someone who has been held in contempt. we waited until the contempt and then we asked questions. host: this tweet -- i approve of eric holder because he is not afraid of republicans. he tells them they are a load of crap. linda, mississippi. caller: good morning. i approve of attorney general holder because he does his job. he does not make excuses. that is why the republicans are so against him. the congressman had contempt for him because he did not back
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down. he gave him information he needed, but they wanted him to beg and plead. he is a strong black man. he did a great job. the washington times wrote the hiring that has gone on, such as the civil rights division guarantees that ideologues will permeate the department for years to come. andrew mccarthy has set under eric holder the justice department has become a program for progressive activists, being counters, and at lawyers who volunteered services during the bush years to help al qaeda operatives file lawsuits against the united states.
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the theories advanced by the administration have been outside the mainstream and the u.s. supreme court has ruled against mr. holder's justice department unanimously almost two dozen times. justin. caller: i disapprove of his job and i do not want to sugarcoat it. there have been a couple of callers who have touched on the race issue. what do we expect out of our attorney general? he should defend and uphold the constitution. meanwhile, we have society teetering on the cliffs. there are tons of people accused
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of crimes in guantanamo bay bay. what has eric holder done to advance the liberties of those people? also, with regard to him being obama's enforcer, that is what he is. one caller touched on something i think makes a lot of sense. he carries out the orders like a henchman. taking nothing away from him as a man, he is accomplished as a black man. he has been successful in his life. no one can take that away from him. he has come far. he leaves much to be expected. thank you.
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host: raphael, battle creek, michigan. caller: good morning. how is brian? host: brian is fine. caller: eric holder, was he not the attorney general when obama was elected? host: he has been attorney general since 2009. i was thinking about the mortgage crisis -- caller: i was thinking about the mortgage crisis. in 2016, these are not going to repeat themselves. that is my main concern. host: raphael, battle creek michigan. this tweet from victor.
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chris is in milwaukee. caller: the previous caller stole my thunder. that is why i disapprove of him. nobody on wall street went to jail. i wrote letters to my senator, congressman, the president. i wanted someone to pay for it. they blamed it on the people. in the and, the banks gave them mortgages that no one should have given the mortgages. it has nothing to do with him being black, purple, or yellow. i did not like the fact that he got into local crimes. that is what these race things work. they were local.
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usually that is handled by the county. at least, it is in our start -- in our state. he should have stayed out of it. host: he talked about the issues in ferguson recently. [video clip] attorney general holder? they frequently intensify rather than diffuse issues. they arrest people for talking back to officers, for recording public activities and engaging in conduct that is protected. this behavior exacerbates tensions and stifles community confidence that is vital for effective policing.
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this deepens the distrust by other exercises. some resulted from stops or arrests that had no legal basis to begin with. others were punitive or retaliatory in nature. the use of tasers was found to be abusive and dangerous. there's a history of using unnecessary force against people with mental illness. our findings indicate the overwhelming majority of force is directed against african-americans. this alarming statistic points to what our investigation uncovered. these harm african american
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residents. our view of the evidence found no impact other than implicit or explicit racial biased. host: a tweet -- the people who oppose holder oppose him because of civil rights and immigration enforcement. keith says holder is the most corrupt ag in history. don says the most racist ag in history. says historians will write holder as being a very good attorney general. jeremy -- disapprove, worst ag of all time.
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cindy -- not very good until the last month. i am sure he has done some good in general. bill, marietta, georgia. what do you think of his performance? caller: i think he was a great attorney general. i do not think a lot of americans are used to black people being well-versed in their language. they do not go on to say you are a bigot. like being half white makes them a better person than being half black.
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there are outside forces that are more important. republicans need to call into rush limbaugh and voice their opinions rather than calling in to c-span. have a good day. host: kevin, washington. you are calling on the disapprove line. why is that? caller: good morning. i would like to speak about eric holder and barack obama and the a little bit about marijuana. i believe these folks have spoken. the subject of marijuana should be legalized. we have done that. i am getting a little bit distracted, but i would like to get myself a little well-rounded.
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host: let's let it sit there. we will move on to dorothy in baltimore. caller: the lady who said he should not be involved in the things, he should have. -- [indiscernible] they need to look out for the people and everybody. i do know that eric holder and obama has done an excellent job dealing with the average american citizen and i believe he will --
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host: the attorney general talked about reducing prison sentences for nonviolent criminals. [video clip] attorney general holder? we are -- attorney general holder: policy took effect and roughly 64% of federally charged drug trafficking sentences carried mandatory sentences. the number was brought down to 51%. a reduction relative to the prior year. we have gone from seeking a mandatory penalty in two out of every three drug trafficking cases. that is a major reduction. the commission confirms this shows federal prosecutors sought mandatory minimum penalties at a lower rate in 2014 than any other year.
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this shows the impact that our policy reforms are having. a decline this pronounced can only be attributed to the changes you announced in 2013. these are encouraging results. they demonstrate since we launched the initiative, the justice system has become -- has begun to operate more efficiently. it is more fairly by ensuring those convicted of crimes are commensurate with their conduct. host: eric holder's mixed
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record. this is their take on eric holder. he build a legacy as a tough defender of civil rights and racial justice, recognizing the crisis is the most urgent civil rights issue of our time. holder roll back some of the worst features, including mandatory minimum drug sentences. he also returned the justice department civil rights -- they voted to block voter id laws in texas and south carolina. in other areas, holder has
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hardly been a champion of liberal values. more whistleblowers have been prosecuted under president obama than under all previous presidents combined. here is a chart showing those. here is one under president nexen. all of these folks have been prosecuted for leaking information under the obama administration. caller: -- [indiscernible] to
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convince him to get rid of the campaign laws that have been passed. he has taken his life in his own hands trying to deliver -- to the people of the united states. host: new york, what is your view of eric holder? caller: i improve of eric holder. one thing that threw me is about domestic terrorism. a scene that took place in nevada. these terrorists had federal officials stand down. has he started any kind of
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investigation against that group? host: i have not thought about that in a wild. -- in a while. bob, what is your view? caller: i was disappointed he has not used his position to tell the people in this country, the crime rate that involves black people is way above the rest of the population. in richmond, virginia, there is not a night go by that there is not murders and robberies. 99% of them are black folks.
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they deserve to go to jail for being criminals and raising him up the way they did. that is just my thought. have a good day. host: new york times -- mr. holder has continued to stake out positions on many of the most -- issues of our time. when it comes to same-sex marriage, this is what the new york times thinks. mr. holder announced the justice department would no longer defend the defense of marriage act. george, colorado, disapprove line.
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go ahead. caller: i disapprove of his performance as attorney general. the administration seems to be liars. you can tell when they are lying because their mouths are moving. eric holder send guns to mexican cartel criminals and in my opinion it makes him a criminal as well. i think obama must have been taught how to get around constitutional law.
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>>host: back to the new york times take on eric holder, he did not prosecute a single prominent banker or firm in connection with the subprime mortgage crisis that nearly destroyed the economy. duane, what do you think? caller: you displayed all of his accomplishments. what more can he do in six and a half years. it amazes me. americans can jump on one person .
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host: henrietta, illinois. good morning. caller: hello. good morning. i disapprove of eric holder. i think he is a crook. he did not prosecute --. he did not bother anyone. he lies. he lies. he lies. gun cartels, he lies. fast and furious, he lies. host: sheila, georgia, what do you think? caller: hi. i have really wanted to talk to you for a long time. i have one question for you. peter sons -- have you heard from them?
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host: no. an older couple who used to call in together. if they are listening, let's hope they try to call in or get a note to us. caller: anyway, about eric holder, i approve of him, but they are going on the wrong promise here. they are going on the wrong premise. what has to be changed is the laws. it used to be back in the day,
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, your tail light is out, oh, i did not know that, you need to get that fixed. today, it is a reason to give you a ticket and fill up the coffers of your city or whatever. you get the ticket, some places you do not have the money. 70% of the people in this country are just making it. you might try to -- you just do not go to court. what happens is you get picked up. then, you end up going to jail. then, you have a misdemeanor. the time you spend in jail, you
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might lose your job or something. those are the laws that need to be changed. host: francis, polaski, tennessee. caller: i disapprove of eric holder. when they said they had targeted conservative groups, what did he do? how could an be a fair and complete investigation. in areas where crime is rampant, we do not hear about that. what we hear about is policeman.
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maybe policeman do wrong. how much have we heard about areas like chicago. this morning, you had three calls for him and only one against. i think there must be some more if the people on c-span can come up with 1, 2, 3. we are not asking for an a partial -- an impartial number, just fair. host: some of the issues include same-sex marriage, voter rights act, criminal justice reform, civil rights, the financial crisis journalist, the
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espionage act, and drone attacks. when president obama was at the official unveiling of eric holder's portrait, he talked about his attorney general. [video clip] pres. obama: you are a good man. having good men in positions of power and authority, who are willing to fight for what is right, that is a rare thing. it is a powerful thing. it shapes our future in ways we do not understand. eric, your country thanks you.
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for your vision, your passion and your audacity to care. thank you for being a friend and partner. thank you for your service. host: one eric holder announced his resignation back in september, the wall street journal" did a legacy on his policy. they said one would be hard put to identify an attorney general who turned the justice department into a political weapon and for an office occupied by bobby kennedy and john mitchell, that is saying something. earle, what you think about eric holder and his legacy? caller: number one, ever since i was 18 years old and went to new
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york this is a racist country against minorities. people will not acknowledge that. i noticed all of the city employees and state employees were all white. all firemen were practically white. every government employee is almost all white. in ferguson, 67% of the people are african-americans. i think it is outrageous. have you noticed the ads coming out on all kinds of stuff?
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host: can you tie that into eric holder? caller: the justice department is overseeing this and he was going to go have certain police departments in certain cities come in and rile things up. i am for that. host: ann midland, texas, on the disapprove line. caller: i strongly disapprove of eric holder because of the irs not prosecuting lois lerner and the people he appointed to see into that. he has divided the classes. there is no warrant for taping of united states citizens, fast and furious, he is in obama's pocket. they are a bunch of crooks.
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host: harry says he approves. he has faced racist tea partiers . thank you for your service to the nation. finally, jonathan says, he pretty much ended nonviolent marijuana enforcement, so he is awesome in my book. kenny, tampa. go ahead. we are listening. caller: good morning. history will be kind to eric holder. there has been a disparage in accountability on lawn forstmann in the black community.
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-- accountability on law enforcement in the black community. as far as eric holder's tenacity towards standing up for what is right, this country will judge him as one of the most fruitful, most forward ag's we've ever had. host: anthony, washington, d.c. hi, anthony. caller: people call in and talk about the financial situation of the country and no one went to jail. no one went to jail because what was done was in ethical, it was not illegal. -- it was unethical, it was not illegal.
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once you regulate things, now what you did, it was unethical but it was legal. the news media never tells us any of that. that is one of the problems. host: ted cruz did not vote on the loretta lynch nomination. he took to the senate floor to criticize eric holder. [video clip] >> he is the most bipartisan attorney general the united states has ever seen. he is assigned the investigation
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to a democrat who has given over $6,000 to president obama and the democrats. eric holder has abused the office and turned it into a partisan arm of the democratic party. he is the only attorney general and the history of the united states to be held in contempt of congress. there are many who would like to see eric holder replaced. there are many who would like to see an attorney general general who will return to the bipartisan traditions of fidelity to law. that includes the willingness to stand up for a president who will point you, even if he or she is from the same political party as are you. host: this article is in the new york times. cruz's guest of two gay
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businessman. it is on the new york times website. read it for yourself. aj baton rouge, what do you think about eric holder? caller: i do not blame eric holder for being the way he is. this administration and the democrats -- you cannot believe anything these people say. keeping your doctors, your insurance, everything they talked about his lies, lies, lies. i do not blame eric holder. he is just carrying on what his boss wants. host: that is aj in baton rouge. this is douglas, baltimore. caller: winner of the american
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people going to realize wall street runs america? big money runs this country. eric holder, in regards to the financial crisis, they do this every 20 years. go back to the 19th century. you have seen wall street has caused depressions and crashes every 20 years. these people on wall street should be held accountable. i agree with that. when you have congressmen and senators in the rich man's pockets on wall street, nothing will ever get done. the bankers run this country and wall street runs this country. host: this is james on twitter -- ignoring the tax targeting scandal may be the most unrepairable action by an ag
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ever. joseph, maryland. caller: i think eric holder -- position. it has been consistent. that problem can never be solved if you put your head in the sand. it is not articulating issues, solving problems, finding solutions to it. eric holder has done that. look at [indiscernible] look at police.
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a community that was 67% at what point do they begin to tackle problems? [indiscernible] they are not being truthful to issues. the only solution is to -- the solution and deal with it. -- they have the one endurance of this -- racism. host: joseph, the suburbs of washington. i'm next, cherry. -- up next, cherry. caller: hello.
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host: we are listening. caller: i am talking and nothing is happening. host: go ahead and talk. we can hear you. caller: i approve of eric holder. i think he and president obama bows had an agenda and that was to bring the american people into a better place. i believe they both have accomplished that. i do not know what else they could have done besides walked on water. with the justice department, they could have done a better job of being personable with the american people. what they do, you have to have a person to refer your case. the small towns, they stay together and conspire. one person does something illegal, they all stay together.
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the little people in little towns where i live continue to be mistreated because of the conspiracy. as an overall thing, i do not see how he could have done anything different. host: that was cherry, princeton, kentucky. milo, you are on "washington journal." caller: i disapprove. it was an awesome thing when barack obama ran for office. i thought it was going to turn the country around a corner. it was great for america. holder, one of the first things he does and people forget about it this is what makes me angry when i hear the talk about what a champion he is for voting rights, the black panthers are holding clubs in a voting area
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and intimidating people coming in to vote. what does he do? he lets them off. on top of all of the rest of it, the irs, and all of those things, when i heard that, i -- oh no, we are heading for trouble. host: holder is ideological, lawless, and has not helped african americans. because more black death send signed off on giving russia control of america's yellowcake uranium. sheila, philadelphia, what do you think? caller: i am listening to your story and i approve of eric holder. i watched a documentary. they said it me 1930's, someone in our country -- they said in
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the 1930's, someone hired a person to watch what was happening to blacks in our country and he called it denial. i think our country is in denial. as long as we are in denial, if you cannot see anything this man has done or anything he has done , you are in denial. thank you. host: thank you for calling in. candy, douglas, georgia. what do you think? caller: he has done everything that was wrong and that only the people that are behind people doing wrong would -- and not hold him accountable is what is going on. i think he just completely sent
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this country in the wrong direction with obama and they lie about everything. the only person i have seen tell the truth is ted cruz. host: an airborne ranger tweets -- he did good, he did bad. he failed the people by not sending corporate heads to jail for criminal acts. caller: i think eric holder is a great attorney general. i feel he had his priorities set . for those callers who think he
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handles all of the issues in a couple of years i do not think they are being very objective and fair to him. i think he fought for the minority. he was trying to fix the policing problem with officer's killing a young black man. stuff like that. he did extremely well during his attorney general, he fought for the voting rights act and brought up issues. i think the young man did extremely well under the prevailing circumstances. thank you. host: thank you. we continue to talk about eric holder and his legacy as attorney general. (202) 748-8000 if you approve. (202) 748-8001 if you
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disapprove. he is the third longest serving attorney general in american history. he has been in office a little over six years. bryan, texas. disapprove line. caller: good morning. i disapprove of eric holder. he is corrupt. the entire administration is corrupt. where is the accountability? if this is anybody else, he would be going to prison. absolutely, i totally disagree. hopefully, with our next
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president, we will get this on the right track that we need to be. have a great day. host: peg tweets and -- he focused on rights and voting. the trend towards oppression is obvious. frank, are you with us? caller: good morning to everybody. i want to say i approve of attorney general eric holder and i think he did a great job for all of the things that he had available to him to get things done. he had a lot of people that opposed him. to keep it brief -- if people are concerned about people dying, how come they never passed the background check that everybody -- that the majority of american people wanted?
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they could have passed background checks in regards to guns and weapons and they could have kept a lot of these states concerned about fast and furious and people, especially in america and mexico and also, if they did not do away with --, they could have gotten a lot of people prosecuted on wall street, but they decided to do away with the glass-steagall act. they made things upthrough the financial crisis. host: frank in nashville. this is rick in florida. hello. caller: good morning. i think the hallmark of this administration, specifically
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eric holder, is selective prosecution. that, in itself, you roads the rule of law -- erodes the rule of law. unless you look at the thousands of prosecutions that have occurred, this is the top law enforcement agency of the country -- if you look, overall, at all these prosecutions, you will find a very biased approach including emphasis on racial cases. and those racial cases are what is in the news. that is what a lot of people approve of, and i understand that. if you do not treat everybody the same, we all lose. the playing field will not be level for everybody. host: we continue our discussion of eric holder's agassi for
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another half hour or so on the washington journal. after that, you have the opportunity to talk with the head of the mayo clinic, dr. john noseworthy. he will join us a -- join us from rochester minnesota. that is all coming up. if you watch this program regularly, and december, we had to ban political consultants, brad and dallas woodhouse. during their segment -- they are on opposing sides, by the way -- during their segment, they received a phone call. here it is. [video clip] >> we go to joy and raleigh, north carolina. >> good morning from down south. >> oh god, it's mom. >> i am your mother. i does a great that all families are like ours. i do not know many families are writing at thanksgiving. >> is is your mother? >> i was very glad that this
11:57 pm
thanksgiving was a year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws. i am hoping you will have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas. >> we were not together this thanksgiving we were most years -- >> i would really like a peaceful christmas and i love you both. >> this was not planned. she called in on the normal line. but since you did call in mrs. woodhouse, what is it like to raise these two boys? >> it hadn't been easy. host: joyce woodhouse joins us on the phone from north carolina. the reason we are talking with her is because this weekend the white house correspondents dinner is being held. the republican on -- they will join us at the c-span table as our guest.
11:58 pm
mrs. woodhouse what you think about the white house correspondents dinner? guest: i think it is fantastic. every year, i watch this event on c-span, because you come in early. i have always dreamed of going to the event. a couple years ago, my son brad and his wife jessica attended. i watched the entire event. i did see them. though they did not sit at the same table. because she is a republican and someone had invited her and someone else had invited brad. so they sat different tables, which is interesting. host: we are looking forward to having you up here and meeting you. you are you looking forward to meeting? guest: i am looking forward to
11:59 pm
meeting you people from c-span. you have been so kind to me. i am looking forward to hearing the president and the comedian. i would hate to be the comedian because i have watched this for a number of years. the president is a great comedian himself. his timing is really good. i would hate to follow in his footsteps. i am looking forward to meeting the president and mrs. obama. because i am going to get to go to the reception -- to the chairman's reception. so that is going to be great. host: congratulations. that is quite an honor. will you sit at the table
12:00 am
between your public and democrat son to keep -- your republican and democratic son to keep the peace? caller: -- guest: probably. i may sit beside someone from c-span and have a nice conversation with them if i think they're going to be nice. host: what if they get out of hand? guest: i will try to rein them in, but it is not easy, as i said before. one thing, after i was on c-span . i obviously hit a nerve. i had people call and put on facebook, like, i have two darters -- daughters who are always fighting at christmas and we have a horrible christmas. i did not mean to give that impression. i have eight grandchildren and against loud before dallas and brad and even jessica start arguing. i would prefer that they did
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not, but later they go out and do things together and they do not hold a grudge. which is good. they talk back and forth, hang up on each other, but they still love each other and are decent to each other when they see one another. host: joyce woodhouse, looking forward to having you up here in washington tomorrow as a guest of c-span. safe travels on your way up. we will see you at the dinner. thank you for joining us. guest: thank you again. i just appreciate how nice you folks have been to me and my family. host: joyce woodhouse, mother of brad and dallas woodhouse clinical consultants on opposite sides of the fence. as always, c-span will be live at the white house correspondents dinner at the
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washington hilton at 6:00 tomorrow. red carpet arrivals, all that good stuff. then the dinner program. you will see the entire thing on c-span,, and you can listen to it on c-span radio. back to your calls on eric holder and his six years as attorney general. anthony, arizona. go ahead. caller: good morning. good morning c-span and good morning to all who are listening. i approve of attorney general holder's performance of service to our nation. i base that on america has to rate the habit -- break the habit. attorney general has -- attorney general holder has begun to break the habit that individuals have become the law of the land. we know there are just and unjust laws on the lands -- in
12:03 am
the books that are still to be rectified from his speech. -- i have people come up behind me in line and ask me are you in line? they do not realize how many people ask me that every day when i am standing in line. maybe i need to get a shirt that says i am in line. then i have a gentleman who has me when i am standing in the fast food restaurant to get lunch. i do not even know him. if he wants to speak to me speak to me. but do not put his 30 hands on me because i do not know where he has been -- host: that was anthony. this is marshall. what you think about eric holder's performance as attorney general? caller: good morning and thank god for c-span. eric holder is not worth to dead
12:04 am
flies, in my opinion. an attorney general is the most strongest office in the criminal site -- criminal justice system that you can have in this country. before straining out different problems we have an adjusting the problem in law enforcement. he did nothing as far as investigating with the trayvon m artin deal and the police department. it was clear that zimmerman who was involved in killing trayvon martin, was coached by the police department. anybody with half a brain could see that was all doctored up. it eric holder did nothing but give lip service. he just gave lip service and give speeches.
12:05 am
an attorney general is supposed to be strong and enforce the law. have an investigation, just like republicans with their attorney general's. with clinton and monica lewinsky. they treated him like he committed a federal crime. eric holder should have done that with all of these cases. whether it was police departments involved in these killings of black men and whatever. he was not there. he was just giving speeches -- host: that is marshall in california. the attorney general announced his resignation in september of last year. here is a portion of that speech. [video clip] >> we have been great colleagues but the bonds between us are much deeper than that. in good times and in bad, in things personal and things professional, you have been there for me. i am proud to call you my
12:06 am
friend. i am also grateful for the support you have given me and the department. the vision that you and i have always shared. i often think of the early talks between us, about our believe that we may help to craft a more perfect union. work remains to be done, but our list of accomplishments is real. over the last six years, our administration, your administration, has made historic gains in realizing the principles of the founding documents, and fought to protect the most sacred of american rights. the right to vote. we have begun to realize the promise of equality for our lgbt brothers and sisters and their families. we have begun to say significantly reform our criminal justice system and reconnect those who are ably served in law enforcement with the communities they protect. host: susan in herndon virginia. what is your view on eric holder and his legacy? caller: good morning.
12:07 am
thank you for the interesting conversation with mrs. woodhouse. it was very delightful. i have grown up in d.c. and met mr. holder when i went into a mcdonald's and noticed how much everyone liked him in the community here. reflecting on what he has done as an attorney general, he has begun to change the conversation about minorities. he has a big, uphill fight. i look back at other attorney generals and how they turned away from iran contra went reagan was president and did not do the prosecution needed at the time. we have to be fair when we talk about politics and who is working for who and so on.
12:08 am
this is a great country. we have great african-american politicians now. i look forward to mrs. lynch. thank you for letting me share -- host: that is susan in herndon, virginia. loretta lynch will be sworn in on monday, according to news reports. eric's then maryland. attorney general holder, what do you think? caller: good morning. thank you for allowing me to talk. i can hear legally 10 years ago and earned my citizenship. in 2007, i was in an american university -- in american university, and among the people who believed in president obama then senator obama. i really believed he was a different kind of politician. i just want to say i am so disappointed.
12:09 am
almost eight years later, i am extremely disappointed by what he is doing. eric holder is similar. he is the top law enforcement official in our country. i am very disappointed because he seemed to select the law he is going to enforce. the same as -- is doing as far as illegal immigration. he said more than 20 times that he could not do it because the constitution did not allow him to do it, but for political reasons now, he is doing it. when he comes to syria, saying that -- all of these lies. it may mean not believe in obama administration -- host: and cause a maryland. this is glover in new york city.
12:10 am
caller: good morning. i want to talk about the people that keep calling about the internal revenue. they forget that when you do not pay taxes for the rest of your life, you should be investigated to find out who you are. a guy like holder. host: that is glover in new york city. the "new york times" had a large article about the clinton foundation and its fundraising and money coming from russia. today, there are editorial page follows up on that. "candidate clinton and the foundation." " hillary rodham clinton's determination to -- is in danger of being overshadowed by questions about
12:11 am
the interplay of politics and foreign donors who support the clinton foundation. nothing illegal has been alleged about the foundation, the global philanthropic initiative founded by former president bill clinton. no one knows better than mrs. clinton that this is the tooth and call political season were accusations are going to fly for the next 19 months. and no one should know better than the former senator and first lady that they will fester if straightforward answers are not offered to the public. the donations were not publicly disclosed by the foundation, even though mrs. clinton had signed an agreement with the obama administration requiring the foundation to disclose all donors as a condition of her becoming secretary of state. this failure is an excuse spirit -- is an inexcusable violation of her pledge," the new york times writes.
12:12 am
"there is no indication that mrs. clinton played a role in the uranium deal's eventual approval by cabinet level committee. but the foundation's role in the lives of the clintons is inevitably becoming a subject of political concern." we put the numbers up, so if you want to talk about eric holder you can do so. we have ron on the line. caller: thank you c-span. i want to say i disapprove of his performance. i believe law and order is broken down in this country. he has upheld the race hatred in this country. it is not reported, but a lot of people are beaten up. his law form represented the
12:13 am
quantum on among detainees after 9/11. i totally disapprove of his performance. host: that is wrong in pittsburgh. this is a need a in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i would like to say that the journal has become my paper it new morning show. i watch every single morning. you are my favorite host sir. also, i do approve of mr. holder's job that he is doing. and i do appreciate that him and the president's jobs must be the two hardest jobs. my real reason for calling is because i love, love, love mrs. woodhouse. we need more moms like her in this world to keep the peace. thank you for taking my call. you keep being the best host. host: anita, what do you do in
12:14 am
pa? caller: i am a hairdresser and right now i am a caretaker. i have a couple family members not well and i love what i am doing. host: thank you for calling in. from "the hill" chelsea hill -- chelsea clinton defends family's foundation. she -- the daughter of hillary and bill clinton maintain the philanthropic foundation would push to be even more transparent this by already disclosing donors on a regular basis. "i very much believe that that is the right policy, that we will be even more transparent," she said. she is the vice-chairman, by the way. she said the organization what not take any new funding from foreign governments but that the work will continue as it is. betty from louisiana. you are on c-span.
12:15 am
good morning. caller: good morning. in reference to eric holder, i think that the measure of any man doing his job is whether or not he does it fairly and evenhandedly. i do not think mr. holder has done that. he should have investigated the irs. he should have done quite a few things. that he seems like he avoided doing for political reasons rather than for legal reasons. whether or not there was any need to do so. thank you for letting me have my say. host: that's betty in louisiana. this is sarah in new york. caller: how are you? host: how are you? caller: pretty good. i have a question about the lois lerner thing. i have a question for you about the irs thing with lois lerner.
12:16 am
is that not -- host: is that not what? caller: is that not still in court? host: why is this an issue that you are concerned with? caller: well, and they are criticizing eric holder for not investigating. but then, about five months later, all the e-mails magically show up. and then you did not hear anything from congress or the senate. what i am wondering is do they still have to investigate those e-mails in order to prosecute lois lerner if she did anything wrong? i think that eric holder did a really good job. if you notice what happened in ferguson, when the police game
12:17 am
to interview witnesses, they played -- they pretty much closed their doors. when the fbi got there, they pretty much open their doors. because they trusted eric holder. even though he could not get a conviction. they trusted eric holder. and i trust him. host: sarah in new york. this is rafiq in texas. hello. caller: good morning. i am on the fence with eric holder in the sense that, for one thing, the question is like a -- question due to the anti-obama sentiment in this country. it is dishonest to pretend as if america is still not suffering from the racial bias that it went through after the civil rights laws was passed.
12:18 am
the fact that the system is corrupt, so eric holder and president obama are just reading from a script. we really need to look at the entire system. this is just -- not just a republican-democrat situation. we have abdicated our responsibility as citizens and allowed these political parties to run a month -- run amok. we keep getting caught up in either/or situations when that is not really the case. it does not matter whether a democrat or republican is in office. we will still get the same results because system is corrupt. host: bc venice tweets in that eric holder was negligent in his failure to pursue terminal
12:19 am
activity by wall street and its banks. this article in the hill says that being is open to deal to ease spending ceilings. speaker boehner said he would -- if there is a way to reduce mandatory spending that would give relief, have at it, he told reporters, referring to the agreement -- struck in late 2013 that word relieve spending ceilings and 2014 and 2015. boehner said that it could happen again and acknowledged that the gop congress would have disagreements with the white house over spending. carl you are up next. troy, montana. what is your view of eric holder and his legacy? caller: i am a first time caller and probably last time caller.
12:20 am
you need to get a guy on this program named leo hnenry, a democrat, to talk net neutrality. he predicts c-span will lose half of its bureaus because of it. on eric holder, the voting rights act, 29% of the american people do not know who joe biden is. to me, it would be the stupidity of the american people that will destroy this country. wall street, no one went to jail for wall street. wall street is run by democrats. democrats do not prosecute democrats. look at jon corzine, losing $1.2 billion. why is he not in jail? you have eric holder and bill clinton -- pardoning the biggest tax cheat in american history. democrats are a corrupt organization. host: lena, seven valleys, p j.
12:21 am
what is your view on eric holder? caller: i think eric holder did a job. a lot of callers are saying he did not do anything. what do other attorney generals do? i know reagan's, a lot of drugs were in america and they are still here. what does he do, nothing. that is why we have crime and what not in black neighborhoods. drugs are in america. these other attorney generals did not do anything about it. you talk about the irs. they were also, as far as the naacp, they challenged them, one in to know what they were doing with tax money and whatnot. they also -- under other
12:22 am
administrations, they targeted entertainers about taxes and so on and so forth. was everyone outraged about that. you talk about the fast and furious under eric holder. that started with the bush organization. they talk about our president lying. i looked on the internet, they said that bush lied 935 times. he also lied about the iraq war. i do not know why everybody keep calling and talking about and colder and our president as liars and they did not do what they were supposed to be doing. look at what the republicans did -- host: that is lean. the front page of "usa today," an exclusive interview with charles koch. the headline, koch: not all
12:23 am
about moeny. charles koch and his empire are mounting an aggressive new defense of his company and its political advocacy, with the billionaire insisting his work to help elect republicans is rooted in his decades long quest to increase well-being in society. -- that is so ludicrous. i do not know how they can say that with a straight face, he said. we oppose many are more things that would hurt us then benefit us, talking about his or refinery of the keystone xl pipeline and his opposition to the import-export bank, who subsidies aiding u.s. companies he has decried as corporate welfare. that is in the "usa" -- "usa
12:24 am
today" interview with charles koch. fred in new york, eric holder and his legacy is the topic. what is your view? caller: i think this administration and eric holder and president obama had an opportunity to shine in the above board and open. they have not been. this country has been dumbed down. no area has improved an iota. they protected the wrong people and are concerned about the wrong agenda. -- will not be settled. the irs scandal and all of the fast and furious, and the way they have upset major -- between the races has been terrible.
12:25 am
the country's -- host: this is john in cleveland. you have the last word. caller: accepting in the bank industry, when compared to john mitchell, gonzales ashcroft, a bunch of water boys who are running the country. the justice department was polluted. the current if the eye director resigned because they were trying -- under reagan, the whole bunch of them. i am not saying eric holder was great area that except in the financial industry, every one of them were bought by presidents because they were water boys during the political election. shame on them. i am 79 years old.
12:26 am
>> at the ceremony attorney general holder talked about the department's accomplishments during his tenure when it comes to voting rights same-sex marriage and the criminal justice system. atty. gen. holder: thank you. please take your seats. ok. a couple of business items. my toward -- my portrait hangs on the fifth floor of the justice department. it has not been mentioned, my kids names are hidden in the portrait. if you look on the button of my jacket and on the wings of the eagle, you will find three of them. that is the lure that i want to come out of the portrait, find the names of the older children.
12:27 am
i want to check to make sure that you know you are on annual leave. [laughter] in my final act as attorney general, screw it. [laughter] this has been a great six years. being at the justice department has -- i say the last six years, but the reality is that i've been at this department since 1976 off and on. i started as a lawyer in the public integrity section. it is going to be hard for me -- not going to be, it is hard for me to walk away from the people who i love and who represent this institution that i love so much. it is time. it is time to make a transition.
12:28 am
change is a good thing. i'm confident in the work that you have done that we have laid a foundation for even better things over the course of the next couple of years. i think that as we look back at these past six years, what i want you to understand is that you have done truly historic -- historic and big things. no matter where you look. if you look at, at the basic stuff. this department is restored. it is restored to what it always was, and certainly what it was when i got here, and what it always must be. free of politicization, focused on missions, and making sure that justice is done, without any interference from political outsiders. we have expressed fate in the greatest court system in the
12:29 am
world, and brought the toughest national security cases into that system, and with unbelievable results. the notion that we are still having a debate on whether or not cases should be brought in the article three system, or in military tribunals is over. it's dead. that is again due to the great work that prosecutors and various districts have done in putting together wonderful cases and successfully trying those cases. we have had an impact on the environment, and companies that would help spoiled -- would have spoiled our environment. historic wins in that regard as well. if you look at financial recovery, related to the crisis, and huge amounts of money that we recovered. tony west is here, and he deserves a special thanks for that, and what was done with the
12:30 am
money, tried to give it to people who suffered the most. [applause] the thought was never to sibley --simply take that money and put it in the u.s. treasury, but, with ways that we could get people back into their homes, or somehow try to reduce the debt load that they were dealing with. our trust division lives again and has had a tremendous impact in our country and in positive things that they have done for the american consumer. we announced, or heard, today, that a merger -- which i think would have been extremely anticompetitive and not in the best interest of american consumers -- has been abandoned. that is the -- due to the great work of the trust division.
12:31 am
our tax division, bringing money back, disallowing the practice that had for too long gone on while people squirreled away money. indian country. you think about the tough history that exists between united states and our native people. we have put on track, i think, the ability to write some really -- right some really historic wrongs. we have done, i think, a great deal. much work remains to be done. this justice department was committed to addressing those problems in as frank a way as possible. criminal justice reform. if you look at statistics, you see incarceration rate goes like this and then it goes up and
12:32 am
about 1974, late 1970's. we are a nation that incarcerates too many people for too long and for no good law enforcement reason. it is time to change the approach that we have been using for the past 30-40 years. through the great work of people in this department, we are starting to reverse that trend. again, more work remains to be done. civil rights. the lgbt community is something i tried to focus on. i think that is a civil rights issue of our time. this whole question of same-sex marriage that will be resolved by the court over the next couple of months or so hopefully that decision will go in a way that i think is consistent with who we are as a people. i also think that that is a sign, an indication, one part of the fight for overall lgbt a -- equality. i think the work that you have done in that regard will be an integral part of this legacy of the department.
12:33 am
the thing that in some ways animates me, angers me, is this whole nation of the right to vote. we celebrated this year the 50th anniversary of the passage of the voting rights act. i went to selma to commemorate bloody sunday. john lewis was here earlier. this nation fought a civil war endured slavery, dealt with legalized segregation. a civil rights movement in the mid to early 1960's transformed this nation. the notion that we would somehow go back and put in place things that make it more difficult for our fellow citizens to vote is simply inconsistent with all that is good about this country, and something that i was bound and determined to fight. our civil rights division has done a superb job in crafting lawsuits based on an act that
12:34 am
was wrongfully gutted by the supreme court. i suspect we will see successes from those cases that have been filed. that, of all things, can simply not be allowed to happen. the right to vote must be protected. [applause] attorney general holder: i want to thank my family, my lovely wife, for the sacrifices they have made over the years. not only to allow me to be attorney general, deputy attorney general. honey, you have been the rock in the family. [applause] attorney general holder: you
12:35 am
have allowed me the opportunity to do the things that really animated me and allowed me to work with all these great people. i also want to say some thing about the folks that you see standing here. my detail. these are people, men and women who literally sacrificed their well-being in terms of their interactions with their families, they travel with me they missed weekends, they work long and hard hours, and are prepared to do ultimate kinds of things. i cannot do this job without them. they will not smile because they never do that. i see mark is a smiling a little bit there. [laughter] bart is also smiling. [laughter] [applause]
12:36 am
attorney general holder: then, i just want to thank all of you. all of you. you are what makes this institution great. we have a great building, and it is something that is historic in its nature. it is only kept great by the dedication commands, the commitment that all of you show on a daily basis. i hope that you all will understand that the jobs that you have -- there is not a routine job in the department of justice, given the great power that we are entrusted with, the responsibility that we have. i don't want you to ever think that -- it is just tuesday, i will get through the day.
12:37 am
that is not who we are. it is not who you are. i think that has certainly been shown in the way that you have conducted yourselves, and the way that you have accomplished so much over the last six years. i said earlier that when we celebrated robert kennedy's 50th anniversary of the swearing-in in 2011, people said that that was the golden age for the u.s. department of justice. i think 50 years from now, and maybe even sooner than that, people will look back at the work that you all did and say that this was another golden age. that is how good you all are. that is how dedicated, committed, and wonderful you all have been. the focus on justice, focus on helping those who cannot help
12:38 am
themselves, you have distinguished yourselves. every now and again, at an appropriate time, a group comes along that is worthy of special recognition. you are one of those groups. i'm proud of you. i am proud of you. i will miss you. i will miss this building, this institution, and more than anything, i will miss you. this building will always be home. you all will always be my family. wherever i am, and whatever i'm doing, i will be rooting for you from the sidelines. i want to do something here. we have these bands that i have been wearing for the last whatever number of whatever is. i can officially take this off now. [laughter] [applause]
12:39 am
attorney general holder: i think we can officially say now that eric holder is free. [laughter] attorney general holder: it is not necessarily something that i want. i don't ever want to be free of this great institution. i don't want to ever be free of the relationships that i have forged with so many of you. i don't want to ever be free of the notion that i am a member of the united states department of justice. this is something that has meant the world to me. it has helped to define me as an individual and lawyer, as a man. for that reason, although i got rid of those bands, i am free in one sense. it is really not consequential as the way i will never be free nor want to be free of the united states department of justice, or free from all of you.
12:40 am
thank you for your support over the past six years. i look forward to all that you will do under the great new leadership of a wonderful attorney general who will be sworn in on monday. i expect you will do great things over the course of the next two years, and for those of you who are career employees. i expect that you will do great things as long as you are part of the justice department. there are some of you here who will be here 20 years from now 30 years from now. i believe your biographies will be littered with wonderful things. again, thank you so much. i will miss you. as i said, as i ended a previous speech -- this is my third going away. [laughter] attorney general holder: i promise, it is the last one. i will end this one, i love you all madly. thank you. [applause]
12:41 am
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12:43 am
>> eric holder's successor loretta lynch will be sworn in , on monday by the vice president. she will be the first african-american woman to head the department of justice. you can watch it on monday.
12:44 am
>> the office of director of national intelligence marks the 10th anniversary. president obama was part of the event where the offices station. he talked about the role of odni and the work it is doing. he talked about recent counterterrorism that resulted in the deaths of 2 hostages by al qaeda. president obama: i want to make one point again, we are going to review what happened and identify changes that can be made. i know that those of you who are here share our determination to continue to do everything we can to prevent the loss of innocent lives. you know, i was asked by somebody, how do you absorb
12:45 am
news like that we received the other day. and i told the truth. it was hard. but the one thing i wanted everybody to know is i know you because i work with you, because i know the quality of this team. is that we all bleed when we lose an american life. we all grieve. we do not take this work likely and i know that each and every one of you understands the magnitude of what we do. and the stakes involved. these are not abstractions and we are not cavalier about what we do. and we understand the solemn responsibilities that are given to us.
12:46 am
and our first job is to make sure that we protect the american people. there is not a person that i talked to involved in the intelligence community that does not also understand that we have to do so while upholding our values and ideals and laws. our constitutions and our commitment to democracy. and that is part of the reason why i am so grateful to work with you. because i know that you share that commitment. but understanding that this is hard stuff. everybody here is committed to doing it the right way. and for that reason, you know, i am absolutely committed to making sure the american people understand all that you put in to make sure we do it the right way.
12:47 am
>> you can see all of that event today online at vice president biden spoke yesterday at an event marketing the independence of israel. he talked about the long history and friendship between the u.s. and israel. he also spoke about the framework agreement reached earlier between the the u.s. and iran and five other countries something the , israeli government has expressed concern about. this is 40 minutes. [applause] >> we will begin with the singing of the national anthem.
12:48 am
>> ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous night o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rocket's red glare
12:49 am
the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? [applause]
12:50 am
>> ♪ [singing israel national anthem] ♪
12:51 am
[applause] >> please join me in welcoming the ambassador. [applause]
12:52 am
ambassador dermer: on behalf of all of my colleagues at the israeli embassy, my wife and i want to welcome all of you to this israel independence day celebration. i want to especially welcome the many officials from the obama administration, senators members of congress, and ambassadors who are here tonight. above all, i want to thank you, vice president biden. [applause] ambassador dermer: it has been a many years since the vice president came to this event. so we deeply appreciate you being here with us tonight. [applause]
12:53 am
ambassador dermer: i know that it reflects your personal commitment to israel which you have expressed in so many ways over a 40 year career as a senator and vice president. but i also think your presence here helps reaffirm the alliance and friendship between our two countries. actually, alliance and friendship are probably the wrong words. allies have common interests. friends have common values. america and israel have both. we confront the same enemies and are driven by the same ideals. america and israel share a common heritage and a common destiny. that is why prime minister netanyahu was perhaps more accurate when he said last month that america and israel are more than allies and more than friends. we are family.
12:54 am
[yiddish] you speak a little yiddish, right? [applause] ambassador dermer: all families have disagreements. mr. vice president, i do not know how it works in catholic families, but i can tell you that in jewish families, disagreements can get pretty heated. [laughter] ambassador dermer: what helps us overcome those disagreements is the understanding that what unites us is more important than what divides us. this is especially true of the relationship between america and israel. [applause] ambassador dermer: and it is something that i think about every day as israel's ambassador to the united states. we often speak about the unprecedented security cooperation and intelligence cooperation between our countries as if we are routinely checking off some inconsequential list.
12:55 am
but i know that israeli lives are saved because of that cooperation and mr. vice president, you know that american lives are saved because of that cooperation. i know what america means to israel, what it means to have the most powerful country in the world on your side. and what it would mean to not have america on israel's side. mr. vice president, you know what israel means to america. what it means to have a strong stable, democratic ally in the heart of the most dangerous region on earth. and what it would mean for america if there were no israel. on independence day, we do not focus on challenges, we focus on achievements.
12:56 am
67 years ago today, we established a sovereign jewish state in our ancestral homeland the same land on which thousands of years ago our patriarchs and prophets and kings ruled. israel has come -- things ruled. israel has become home to half of the world's jews. in 67 years, israel has gone from an ill-equipped and undermanned military to having one of the more powerful and capable militaries in the world. in the 67 years, -- [applause] ambassador dermer: in 67 years israel has gone from being a small agricultural backwater to being a global technological power. today is the day when we marvel at israeli technology that is powering the world's computers,
12:57 am
irrigating land, and helping paraplegics walk for the first time. today is the day when israelis can take pride in having won a dozen nobel prizes and six european basketball championships. [laughter] [applause] ambassador dermer: i know it is not the nba, but it is pretty good. [laughter] ambassador dermer: we can take pride in having developed a dynamic culture with world-class museums, terrific wine, and a country so exciting that israel -- israelis actually go to manhattan to unwind. [laughter] ambassador dermer: today is the day when we are especially proud of our vibrant and rambunctious democracy where concepts like freedom, equality, and justice are not empty words. in israel, a daughter can grow
12:58 am
up to be a fighter pilot or government official. a muslim can graduate first in her class at our most prestigious university. a christian can worship as they please in a thriving community. what is even more remarkable -- [applause] ambassador dermer: what is even more remarkable is that israel has achieved all that it has during 67 years of multiple wars, countless terror attacks, and a continuous and unrelenting effort to destroy it. ladies and gentlemen, here in washington, israel's independence day also gives us an opportunity to thank america for the partnership that has grown so much stronger over these past 67 years. people forget, but in 1948, the united states placed an arms embargo on israel.
12:59 am
israel fought the war of independence with czech rifles. today the united states helps with billions of dollars in military assistance, providing israel with some of the most advanced weapons systems, and jointly developing with israel perhaps the world's best missile-defense program. in 1948 -- [applause] ambassador dermer: in 1948 israel was exporting oranges to the united states and our bilateral trade was almost $34 million. today we export cutting-edge technology, our bilateral trade has grown by 1000 times to $38 billion. [applause]
1:00 am
ambassador dermer: for over 67 years, america has stood by israel's side in countless ways. ambassador dermer: for over 67 years, america has stood by israel's side in countless ways. from airlifts to loan guarantee s to help stabilize the economy to vetoes of and that israel resolutions -- of anti-israel resolutions at the united nations. america and israel have had serious disagreements but we have weathered all of those disagreements to grow closer and closer decade after decade. i am confident that the security challenges america and israel will face and the innovation america and israel will create together will pull our countries even closer together in the years and decades ahead. ladies and gentlemen, as israe


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