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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 15, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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[background sounds] [sirens]
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[background sounds] ♪
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[sirens] [background sounds] ♪
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[bagpipes and] in[indiscernible]
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[background sounds] >> please return to your seats thank you. >> please clear the middle aisle and take your seats.
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[indiscernible] [background noise] >> it is now my honor to introduce -- for his song, " sacrifice.' ♪
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[guitar music] ♪ >> it was like any other, this would be my last i kissed my wife and my children , but it all went by so fast. always knew that this could happen, never dreamed i'd take a fall and i know now -- is over,
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are you supposed to take that call? don't waste your tears on me, the sacrifice i made that night was my responsibility you can't afford to question why, just stand together side by side and say goodbye. i was proud to wear this uniform
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, and proud to wear this shield and the honor to defend all those in need is how i knew i would always be when i took -- the evil that men do now i get to feel that honor one last time, and bury me in blue. don't waste your tears on me, the sacrifice i made that night was my responsibility you can't afford to question why
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, stand together, side by side and say goodbye. just shed one last tear for me, just be strong and kerry -- carry on, it's not your responsibility you have had time enough to cry
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stand together, stand by side-by-side stand together, stand with pride and say goodbye. ♪ ♪ >> it was a day like any other, this would be my end. [applause] [applause] >> i would like to introduce
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those from the grand order of the auxiliary who will read the rollcall of heroes. >> think you. -- thank you.
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>> thank you. >> no problem.
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[background noise] [indiscernible] [sirens]
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>> the 2014 will call of heroes. alabama, jeffrey w garrett. james b hart.
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william h kelly. john t williamson.
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alaska, patrick scott johnson. gabriel bell rich. -- gabriel l rich.
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arizona -- john t hobbs. david s payne.
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tyler j. stewart. arkansas -- pete richardson.
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california -- jordan j. porter.
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9:25 pm
christopher a. cohortkohortzo . michael d. davis jr.
9:26 pm
ricky p. delfortino.
9:27 pm
sean r. diamond. juan j. gonzalez.
9:28 pm
scott m. huel. y. costa yuchenko.
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brian m. law. nicholas c. lee.
9:30 pm
timothy d. mitchell.
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danny p. oliver. roberto c. sanchez.
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tom a. smith jr.
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colorado -- david m. baldwin.
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florida -- robert g. german.
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michael lee horn. charles r. condeck jr.
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mark h. lawson.
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[crying] jonathan s. pine. chelsea renee richards.
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christopher l. smith. georgia -- n. l. hawk.
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kevin d. jordan. michael a. noris.
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stephen l. thomas.
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[background noise] illinois -- james p. morsby. indiana -- jacob d. calvin.
9:43 pm
perry w. wren.
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nicholas e. schultz. jeffrey b. westerfield. iowa -- howard j. snyder.
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kansas -- jason e. harwood.
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kentucky -- bob w. branham. louisiana -- alan m. berez jr.
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james e. foster jr.
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carlos papillon jr. maryland -- jamal l. clagget.
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massachusetts -- greg t. maloney. dennis o. simmons.
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michigan -- chad a. charles. grant william whitaker.
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minnesota -- scott t. patrick. mississippi -- john thomas
9:53 pm
kolum. john r. street.
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missouri -- matthew scott chisholm. eddie j. johnson sr.
9:55 pm
montana -- joseph j. dunne i.
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nebraska -- amanda baker.
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mark a. hekert. nevada -- alan r. beck.
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igor soldo.
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new hampshire higher -- -- stephen joseph arkel. new jersey -- were not sorenaldo arocha,
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jr. christopher m. goodel.
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stephen j. petrozello. melvin vincent santiago.
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new mexico -- anthony p. haas.
10:03 pm
new york -- frank g. bordenero.
10:04 pm
thomas k. choy.
10:05 pm
dennis e. guerera. wyn jyn lu.
10:06 pm
douglas h. mayvell. darrell r. pearson.
10:07 pm
rafael l. ramos.
10:08 pm
christopher g. skinner. david w. smith jr.
10:09 pm
michael c. williams. north carolina -- jeffrey w.
10:10 pm
green. stanley l. klingenschmidt.
10:11 pm
alexander e. thalman. ohio -- michael a. paris sr.
10:12 pm
justin r. weinbrenner.
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
oklahoma -- bryan d. beck. kelly a. chase.
10:15 pm
terry b. fischer.
10:16 pm
mitchell d. weeks. kristen d. willheit.
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pennsylvania -- richard a. champion. brian k. dixon ii.
10:18 pm
david kedra. cheryl a. pierce.
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south carolina -- joseph j. madaskovic. holmes n. smith jr.
10:20 pm
10:21 pm
tennessee -- david c. johnson.
10:22 pm
darryl j. perrett. michael a. petrina.
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texas -- paul a. buckles. charles d. dinwiddy.
10:24 pm
lee dixon. jessica l. hollis.
10:25 pm
cleveland d. johnson jr.
10:26 pm
mark u. kelley. alejandro martinez, sr.
10:27 pm
michael j. naylor.
10:28 pm
michael a. pimmintel. jessie valdez, iii.
10:29 pm
utah -- corey blake ride. virginia -- brian m. berger.
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purcy lee house, iii. brian w.jones.
10:31 pm
washington -- derek a. hansen.
10:32 pm
10:33 pm
wisconsin -- michael j. seversen. federal -- oswaldo o. albarati-casana.
10:34 pm
michael c. baskett. jair j. cabrera.
10:35 pm
jason m. crisp. brian j. feldt.
10:36 pm
alexander i. giannini.
10:37 pm
clinton holtz. brandon k. kountz.
10:38 pm
mark a. mayo. frank e. mcknight.
10:39 pm
ernest j. montoya, sr. tyler r. robledo
10:40 pm
geniel amaro-fantauzzi
10:41 pm
juaquin correa-ortega.
10:42 pm
marielis morales-santiago. francisco mujica de leon.
10:43 pm
carlos rivera-vega. mario torres-martin.
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acknowledgment of all deceased officers. mrs. amy scully, wife of alvin scully, florence township police department new jersey. acknowledgment of all disabled officers. deputy sheriff robin hawkins leo county sheriff's office, new mexico.
10:45 pm
acknowledgment of all international officers. new south wales police force australia.
10:46 pm
acknowledgment of law enforcement officers in deleterious service, united states navy. -- military service. united states navy. acknowledgment of all officers tc stats a result of terrorist action. sergeant craig pollin, pennsylvania state police.
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acknowledgment of all law officers still serving in law enforcement. the top-performing team of the 2015 honor guard competition. united states border patrol honor guard. [applause]
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>> please stand national chaplain phillip wiggins delivers the closing benediction. >> please join me in prayer. hear our prayer, god, at 10 to
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our prayer. from the end of the year if i will cry to you. when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to what is higher than i am. you have been a shelter for me a strong power from enemy. i will abide in your tabernacle forever. i will trust in the shelter of your wings. father, lifted the family members and asked if they find rest in you alone. the salvation comes from you. he alone is iraq and our salvation and fortress. we will never be shaken when we place our trust in you. in your name we pray, amen. >> david gray to sing god bless america.
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god bless america, this land
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i want to see those blue ribbons up there, people. let us remember our fallen. god bless america, this land that i love. stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. from the mountains, through the
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prairies, through the ocean god bless america, my home sweet home. god bless america, we will stand behind her if you will guide her, through the night with the light from above. from the mountain to the prairie, to the ocean white with
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song. god bless america, my home sweet home. my home sweet home. >> thank you. [applause] >> colors, detail.
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>> colors, detail, present. >> colors, and detail, order.
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>> colors, and detail, order.
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>> order. at ease.
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>> on behalf of the united states fraternal police
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artillery, our 322,000 members nationwide, we thank you. we honor the families that are here today with a promise that we will never let america forget your loss. thank you. god bless you. and that concludes the national peace officers memorial service. thank you.


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