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tv   Gregg Abbott Commencement Address at University of North Texas  CSPAN  June 14, 2015 12:17pm-12:31pm EDT

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be flown into east coast u.s. targets and european capitals. just two days afterward, all air marshals got an unsecured text message sent to their unsecured phone instead of their encrypted smartphones -- a message that there is -- we want everyone to avoid late cancellation fee, therefore we need to have everyone cancel their hotel rooms indefinitely. later on, the gao and inspector general discovered that that was going to be the plan for the next, until the new fiscal year. so for 60 days or longer, any aircraft that was going to fly four hours or longer was not going to have an air marshal team on them. so i initially -- first of all we thought it was sort of a
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test. we get this text message that made no sense to us. two days after this emergency briefing so i just wanted to confirm it with a supervisor. the supervisor told me -- he goes, we have run out of money and we are going to have to fly puddle jumpers until something happens. sen. johnson: this occurred when? when did this briefing occur? mr. maclean: late july 2008. so afterwards i called the inspector general hotline and i got routed to the two other officers. sen. johnson: we need to have standard recess for this committee hearing. apparently the capitol police is clearing this. we should stay in place? we are clearing the floor. if you could move in an orderly fashion and exit as quickly as possible, thank you.
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>> i would like to gavel this hearing back in. it is unfortunate what happened here as we were doing this hearing, the threat was called in. in today's world we have to take those threats seriously. i'd like to commend the capitol police for acting quickly and swiftly. fortunately, the threat was determined to be false but again, that is the world we live in today. suffice it to say that this will be the first in a series of hearings in terms of the challenge that the tsa has in trying to really succeed in its dual mission of keeping the
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station safe, identifying every possible threat, preventing those things from harming any american. at the same time, allowing efficient throughput so americans do not wait excessively in lines or miss flights. we will continue to explore this. i will continue to work with secretary jeh johnson. i will continue to work with the new tsa administrator and ask those gentlemen to think outside the box. take a look at the priorities. we need to establish in terms of being most effective and most efficient at providing the kind of security and traveling convenience that we possibly can for the tsa. so with that, the hearing record will remain open until june 24 at 5:00 p.m. with submissions of questions for the record. this meeting is adjourned.
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>> we will have another hearing held by the senate homeland security committee in just a minute. first, a look at the 2016 presidential race and what some of the candidates are up to. several republican hopefuls were in utah. that was a chance for voters to hear from announced candidates and those who have not yet announced, including chris christie. the u.s. does a writes about it,
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noting this is the fourth time romney has assembled his people in utah. hillary clinton held a rally in new york to officially launch her campaign. while she continues on a trampoline -- a campaign trip to caucus, bill clinton spoke to cnn's state of the union having this to say about the republican field of candidates. mr. clinton: they have some significant diversity. and they are no dummies. it is interesting. they believe what they believe. they still believe trickle down economics works better than, and their convictions are so great that they are undeterred by evidence. that is always amazing to me. they have some differences of opinion on, like the national security issues and the incarceration issues and that.
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it will be interesting to watch them debate. i sympathize with the question of how the primary voters are going to decide who to vote for and whether it is fair or unfair for some people to be eliminated from televised debates. i do not know how you listen to 12 people in a televised debate. >> were 16. -- or 16. >> here is what i think -- generally republican primary voters wind up voting for the person they think has the best chance to win. in spite of, because they figure the tea party has taken over the house. they have all their ideological dreams fulfilled. the reason i'm saying this is, it may be harder this year than before to figure out who is the
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most electable candidate. but i predict that at some point during this process whatever they are debating and whatever the stories are, there will be a move by people who think they can influence the process to settle on the one that is most electable, because they figure they already got what they need. they got to congress and they just want to win the white house. i get that. and i understand that. but that is what makes it for an outsider who does not understand all the ins and outs of it. >> c-span's coverage of presidential candidates continues tomorrow with a campaign announcement from former florida governor jeb bush, hosting an event in miami where he is expected to declare his candidacy. we will have live coverage at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. on tuesday, donald trump is
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hosting an event in new york city to announce his plans for the 2016 presidential race. you can watch that live at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> like many of us, first families take vacation time. like presidents and first ladies, a good read can be the first -- perfect companion for your summer journey. what better book than one that peers into the personal life of every first lady in history? "first ladies -- presidential historians on the lives of 45 american women." available through your favorite bookstore or online bookseller. >> the senate homeland community -- committee recently heard
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testimony from federal whistleblowers that spoke about alleged retaliation they experienced for bringing attention to the government's wrongdoing and the effect it had on their lives.
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>> this hearing will come to order. good morning, everybody. i want to welcome our witnesses, say how much i appreciate your thoughtful testimony. i've read it all. there is some pretty compelling stories. this is, from my standpoint, a very important hearing. as i've looked back at the laws written designed to protect people have that the courage to come forward within government to blow the whistle, to tell the truth, to highlight problems of waste and abuse and corruption and potential criminal activity
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within departments and agencies, we have a number of laws. they date back quite a few years. and with mr. divine's testimony i added a new one. i did not realize it went act to 1912. then the whistle-blower protection act of 1989. then the whistle-blower protection enhancement act of 1989. and the whistle-blower protection enhancement act of 2012. yet, we still have problems. my own experience with this, having come to government pretty late in life, started really with the events with secret service in cartagena. and then as we started looking at the reports being written by the office of inspector general, the fact there was retaliation or certainly evidence of retaliation against members of that inspection team for being forthright. then followed up just recently
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with our board of security hearings. we had a customs and border protection agent, chris cabrera, testify before this committee, contradicting some of the information from department of homeland security, but also testifying under oath as all of you will be doing here today. a few weeks later, a couple months later, he testified on march 17, 2015. a few months later, right before another hearing on may 13, 2015, this committee was made aware that agent cabrera was being scheduled for a hearing in front of the internal affairs. now, i raised the issue with then-deputy -- still deputy chief of u.s. border patrol ron batello. i stated because of my lutheran background, i'll put the best construction on things. i was assuming that hearing with internal affairs was all about being concerned about what he was bringing to the table and wanting to correct any errors within the customs and border protection agency. i'


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