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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 20, 2015 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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california, which so often has been a leader on environmental issues, is looking to partner and make a difference internationally. today, my administration proposed feel standards for -- new fuel standards for buses and tractor-trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles, another important step toward reducing a lot of this does come down to congress. i know many of you are worried about congress cutting programs that are important to your cities' economic growth, but the battle we should be having with congress is not just about individual programs. it is about the fullest, self-destructive cut in washington known as the sequester. because with the sequester, the whole pie is smaller, so protecting one program means cutting another. that is why you are facing cuts
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that do not make any sense to things like tiger grants, which you all know are so important to putting people to work rebuilding our infrastructure. that is why it is so hard for us to get the funding we need to get homeless assistance grants which helps our most vulnerable neighbors, gets them off the streets. that is why it has been so difficult to fund the preschool development grants, which help educate our children, which we know if we make better investments will pay off for your cities, for your states and for our country. i have been clear -- i will not sign bills at the sequestration level. i will not sign bills that seek to increase the fed spending before addressing any of our needs here at home. [applause] and i need your help. i need your help, mayors. talk to your members of congress, get rid of this sequester once and for all because it is harming our city and harming our country.
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there is no business -- no successful business -- that if it needed to reduce spending would simply lop off 10% of everything, or 15% of everything. that is not how any of us would run our household budgets. you would cut out things you do not need, but you would still keep the college fund going. you would still pay your health insurance bill and your mortgage note. there are things we have to do as a country to stay ahead. once again, mayors understand that if there is a conflict between ideology and reality you should opt for reality. [laughter]
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[applause] reality is a stubborn thing. facts, evidence, reason -- so, thanks for your partnership. i want you to know that as long as i am in the white house, i have got your back. i love the country. i love the suburbs. but i am a city guy. [laughter] and i know that when cities thrive, suburbs thrive. when cities thrive, farmland thrive. when cities thrive, states thrive. when cities thrive, america thrives. you guys make it happen.
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i enjoyed you taking pride in what makes your hometown unique. you may be proud and your people or your barbecues, even though everybody knows chicago has the best pizza. [laughter] you may be proud of your city's victory parade, even though we have a blackhawk parade that is pretty good. i am sure you are all very proud of your parks. we have got nice parks. or the number of sunny days you have got, which we enjoy half the year. [laughter] chances are you have got a few superlatives ready in case someone asks you what makes your city so special. that is what mayors do -- you are boosters. yet as unique as your cities are, as proud as you should be of your cities, we always remind
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ourselves we are also americans. and we all wanted america to be a place where our zip code does not determine our destiny. where every kid in whatever city, whatever hamlet, whatever town has an equal shot at life no matter where they grow up. no matter who you are or where you come from, you can make it. that is what america is about, that is what you are fighting for every day, and i will fight right there alongside with you. thank you, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. ♪ quiz here are some of our featured programs on the c-span network.
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on c-span saturday night at the eastern, justice ruth bader ginsburg. and sunday night at 6:35, a profile interview with presidential candidate -- texas inter ted cruz. on saturday morning, we are live for the annual roosevelt reading festival at the fdr museum. authors include christopher o sullivan on his envoy in world war ii. sheila collins and her book, and molly manning on how books help moreale of troops. and the need for sexual revolution in the middle east. on american history tv on c-span3, we are live at gettysburg college on the civil war sbs end and aftermath.
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with the university of california los angeles history professor on general grant and appomattox. and on abraham lincoln and the press. on sunday morning, we continue live coverage with a: 30, the city college of new york professor gregory downes on the consequences of the civil war. and a discussion of treason and loyalty with pennsylvania state university professor william baer. get our complete schedule at >> this weekend, watch for the annual roosevelt reading festival from the presidential library. in the middle of july, we are at the harlem book fair -- the nations flagship literary event. at the beginning of september,
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where life in the nation's capital for the national book fair celebrating its 15th year. >> the faith and freedom coalition today continued into the second day of its annual conference in washington. in the second day, the group heard from chris christie, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and presidential candidates jeb bush and ben carson. this is four hours. [applause] >> good morning, and welcome to the 2013 road to majority conference. we got started a little bit yesterday. some very encouraging, informative, and a little bit of eventful yesterday with lunch, with senator rubio, senator paul, senator cruz. we look forward to hearing much more in the coming two days.
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all kinds of recognizable names. also some names that may not be as easily recognized, but are certainly emerging on the national scene. so before we officially get started, i wanted to say as we are gathering, certainly here at our conference and across the country, one of my great hopes for all folks engaged in the political process is that we can offer a listening ear to all the people who put themselves out in the position of, you know, endeavoring to lead on issues. my hope over the next 48 hours or so here, a lot of folks are bringing slightly different points of view, their own life experience, their own passion their own ideologies. let's go ahead and offer tremendous respect and
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deference. we had a few folks yesterday who were disagreeing. disagreement is certainly ok. but let's do that at appropriate times. with that said, i will go ahead and get the program started. will you join me in welcoming first, dr. richard lee, and after him, mr. john rodale, who will lead us in our pledge. [applause] dr. lee: i don't think i've ever had anyone clap that i was praying. can you say amen? father, we are grateful this is the day you have made. it was not made in a courthouse. it was made by you. today, we give this day to you. we want to thank you for the privilege of getting together so we might be able to take the
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messages we hear here, at this place, out to others. to share truth so that in these times ahead that our nation might return to its moral foundation. forgive us of our sins. thank you for your grace and mercy thus far. thank you for all of those who made these events possible. lord, may we listen with years the spirit -- ears that the spirit of god has given us, so that we hear truth. we give you this time, amen. >> please stand for the pledge. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god,
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indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
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whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
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oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ [applause] larry: good morning. my name is larry sarin. i am from new jersey, home of m&ms. governor chris christie is our next guest.
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he was first elected as new jersey's governor in 2009 replacing jon corzine, who outspent him five to one. he is new jersey's first , and i quote, "proudly pro-life governor." he defunded planned parenthood removing $7.5 million per year every year, and a decade-long lawsuit for the choose life license plate -- he just dropped it. we have a choose life license plate in new jersey, 29 other states, and d.c. he was reelected in a landslide 61-38 against a woman named barbara bono. chris christie won 51% of the women's vote that election in a state where even christie
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whitman, the first female governor, could not win women's votes. i am sorry. he won 57%. he won 51% of the hispanic vote in a state barack obama had won by 58%. known for his blunt, no-nonsense approach, you have probably seen him on youtube. i don't think there is anybody that has not. but you are lucky, if you don't know it. chris christie is here live at faith and freedom. my friend, chris christie. [applause] governor christie: good morning. thank you. good morning, everybody. great to be back. i appreciate you being here. most of all, i appreciate this work you do every day in your communities to bring our message out. i am distracted by this teleprompter stuff. i am not barack obama. [laughter]
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governor christie: we will do the best we can to ignore the planein glass plates in front of me, and ignore the politician instinct to look at them even though there is nothing there. maybe it happens to the president. i don't know. i saw something on one of the new stations last week. i saw the president speaking and he said something to this effect. the world respects america more because of my administration. and i came to the conclusion that day that everything we have worried about is true. he really is living in his own world. look at what is happening around the world right now. when you think about the world that barack obama inherited when he came to the white house, and the world that he will be leaving the next president, it
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is startling how much damage can be done to america's reputation in seven short years. look at what is happening around the world. in western europe, they live in active fear of terrorist attacks from extremist islamists. in eastern europe, for the first time in 70 years, after the explosion of spending we did there and lives we gave up there to have a free and united europe -- we have russian soldiers marching east in europe for the first time in 70 years. and across the middle east, iraq is on fire, libya is on fire syria is on fire, jordan is being invaded with a third wave of refugees. egypt is under martial law. iran, with this president's permission, is steaming toward becoming a nuclear power and a dominant force in that region. and in china, we watch the chinese building artificial islands in the south china sea
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and we have a president who says he does not want us to sail our ships within 12 miles of those islands, nor fly american planes overhead, because he does not want to get into a dispute with the chinese. the dispute is being caused by the chinese, not by those who want to navigate the free waters of the world. and you look at all of these circumstances, and you realize what an awful bill of goods this president sold the american people seven years ago. he tried to make us believe that america was the cause of violence in the world, that if we just hold back from iraq and afghanistan and said nice things and gave nice speeches, somehow the world would be a safer, more peaceful place. well, the exact opposite has happened, and now we have fires all over the world. and the reason those fires have occurred is the lack of american leadership and the lack of american strength.
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this country needs to lead the world again so it is safe in liberty and prosperity for all the people in the world and the people that live here in the united states. [applause] governor christie: this president diminished our military, both through actions that have hurt their morale, like the awful scandal at the veterans administration, where veterans have been denied the health care they have been promised -- that is a national disgrace and the president has refused to fix it in a way that honors the service of our veterans. in practical ways, we have 100,000 fewer active duty soldiers in our army. we are headed toward a 260 ship navy, the smallest in our lifetimes. and we are headed towards a 50% reduction in the hardware of the air force. if i know these numbers, so does vladimir putin. so do the mullahs in iran.
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they are being less respectful is a direct result of this president's weakness and the weakness he has put on our military. we need to make our military stronger. what republicans have always understood that strength brings peace. it does not cause war. weakness causes war. [applause] governor christie: and speaking of weakness, let me say this. of all the people who may be coming before you who are considering entering the race for president, i am the only one who has had the responsibility of having to prosecute and investigate terrorist conduct. i was appointed united states attorney for new jersey by president george w. bush on september 10, 2001. the next day, my wife went to work two blocks from the world trade center. and i was on the phone with her when the second plane hit the
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second building. she was assuring me everything was fine, everything was ok. the phone went out. she was evacuated. fourr 5.5 hours, i did not hear from her. those with the longest hours of my life, with our three young children wanting to know if mom was ok. thank god she was ok. but we lost one of our dear friends in our parish and our town that day in the world trade center. our oldest son, his best friend lost his father. we have watched that young man for the last 13 years, and his siblings, put up with the emptiness that can never be filled, a parent lost much too young. these things are not hypothetical to me. i live in the state that lost the second most people on september 11. only less than the state of new york. and i went to the funerals of the people that knew who was killed that day.
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what the united states congress has done in the last few weeks through their changing of the patriot act, i will tell you today, has made america weaker and more vulnerable. there is no excuse for taking legitimate tools away from our intelligence community in what is a dangerous and dirty world. the fact is, if civil liberties are your concern there are many , ways for us to protect those civil liberties that we have. i can tell you, i was the u.s. attorney who reviewed patriot act applications, and who was brought the first case of a n indian-born british citizen trying to sell shoulder rockets to shoot airplanes out of the sky. we convicted him and he got sentenced to over 50 years in
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prison. since he was in his early 60's, i do not think we will have to worry about him again. those tools allowed us to do what president bush instructed us to do after 9/11, which is to never let this happen again. if congress is worried about civil liberties, have aggressive congressional oversight. if they are worried about people going outside the lines, prosecute those people who go outside the line, but do not put the men and women in our intelligence community in harms way, and do not make america weaker and more vulnerable when isis and al qaeda are plotting every day to kill us because we are americans. i am telling you from experience, these actions are shortsighted. the same people who give the long speeches on capitol hill -- if there is another attack on this country, they will be the first ones to haul the cia and fbi director up to capitol hill and excoriate them for not preventing the attacks, without for a moment understanding the
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hypocrisy that underlies that questioning. they were the ones who made the job harder for these people to do. this is a fight we need to have and a fight we better open our eyes wide two. this is not about politics. this is about life and death for our country, and i stand with making america strong and not giving political speeches on the floor of the senate to raise money for a presidential campaign. that is where i stand. [applause] governor christie: but to do these things, to project authority around the world in a way that helps make people free and safe, to strengthen our intelligence community, to strengthen our military, we need to invest in that. the shame of what is going on in this country right now is in the current federal budget, 71% of the spend is on entitlement programs. listen, everybody. those programs are heading toward insolvency. you know this to be true.
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yet we do not want to talk about it, because we are all dominated by political consultants who tell us, do not talk about entitlements. it is the third rail of american politics. don't even touch it. i am not going to touch it everybody. i am going to hug it. we are selling our country short. worse yet, we are resigning our children to a lesser life. social security is a promise. it is a promise that is rooted in this idea that no one in america who has worked hard should grow old in poverty. that is a good idea and a right idea. but now we are to the point where the choices are few because of the lack of action by
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our leaders. i've said we should raise the retirement age to years over the next 25 years. think about that. a two-year increase in 25 years. i will be 77 when it becomes fully effective. will the world really stops spinning on its axis? what do you say to someone who makes over $200,000 a year in retirement income. retirement income. maybe you don't need to get your social security check. you have $4 or $5 million saved. do you really need your social security check? or is it better to leave that money for the person who really needs it, who is trying to figure out how to pay the rent buy food, or pay the heating bill, or go to the doctor? you see, these programs -- if we do not do this, you only have two other choices. either insolvency, which is creeping up on us over the next seven or eight years, or a massive tax increase on all the american people, which would be damaging to our economy and hurtful to working families today. our opponents on the democratic
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side say they do not touch social security because they are for the working people. baloney. they do not touch social security because they do not think it is popular. leaders are not supposed follow polls. leaders are supposed to change polls and lead by telling people what needs to be done. [applause] i have no idea how a massive payroll tax on all american people is good for our working-class families. taking more money out of their pocket is not what they need in an economy barack obama has turned into a part-time employment economy. that is what he has done. since 2007, 4 million more people in america are working at part-time jobs, and 3.2 million fewer people are working at full-time jobs. that is the economy this president has bequeathed to this country. the idea that other people want to roll tax increases on top of that makes no sense to me.
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that is why we need to discuss reforming medicare. let's face it in over the next 25 years. if you make over $200,000 a year in retirement income, let's not subsidize your medicare premiums 75%, as we do now. let's subsidize it 10%. if you have the money to pay it, you are blessed. this country has given you the opportunity to work hard, have a great idea, and have that fast. no place else in the world does that happen. let us make sure we understand what the real things are. do not listen to the people who say, you cannot touch social security. if the government lies and steals from you, what do we have left? i say to him, the lying and stealing has already occurred. remember al gore in 2004? it was a lockbox we were putting
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this money in. let me tell you what is in the lockbox -- a stack of iou's. the lying and stealing has already happened. the next question is not to prevent the lying and stealing. the horse is already out of the barn. it is how do we get the horse back in the barn? it is easier for the horse to run out of the barn than it is to get it back in. it does not want to go in the barn, which is why it ran out in the first place. it is hard to do these things. we need to, though. that is why the first speech i have given in this national conversation is on entitlement arm, not because it was strong politics but because it was strong leadership. and that is what we need in this country again, is people who are willing to tell us the truth whether they think we are going to like it first time we hear it or not.
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larry mentioned that i got reelected in new jersey with 61% of the vote. democrats in new jersey said i would never get elected worst -- the first time. jon corzine outspent me 3-1 in a state that has not elected a republican to the united states senate in 42 years. it is the longest streak of any state in the country. this is as blue a state as there is in america. getting outspent three-one, we beat a democratic incumbent, because people said we were strong enough to tell them the truth and to follow through on it. in the years since then, we have cut business taxes over $2 billion. we have battled the budget six years in a row. we cap property taxes and performed the oldest teacher tenure law, so teachers who get a failing job can get fired, not have a job for life in front of our children's classrooms. [applause] governor christie: we reformed a pension and benefit system that needs more work but is better than it was when i got there. i have now withstood a fight all the way to the new jersey supreme court, who upheld those reforms and said workers need to pay more into their pension and cannot get cost of living adjustments on the backs of
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hard-working taxpayers in my state. those things were accomplished with a democratic legislature. not even close, everybody. 24-16 in the senate, 48-32 in the lower house. people did not wake up every morning saying, how can we make chris christie happy today. believe me. but it does not stop me from doing the things that are right and compromising to get things done. you need to do both. when they send me planned parenthood funding year after year, and i am the first governor to ever veto planned parenthood funding out of the budget -- [applause] governor christie: there is no room for compromise there. but when you have a pension and benefit proposal that the president of the senate, a democrat, is willing to sponsor if you make a few changes, then
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yes, you need to make those changes, and you need to compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. it is compromising our principles that is wrong. but the government is set up to force compromise. the people have twice elected a conservative republican government and a liberal democratic legislature. it is like a science experiment. let's see what happens. in the eight years before i became governor, we had zero net private sector job growth for eight years. in the 5.5 years since i have been governor, we have created nearly 200,000 new private sector jobs in new jersey. we took an economic basket case and put it on the road to recovery. those families who were not working when i became governor know the power of our ideas and how they worked for our state and country. that is what we need to fight for, putting people back to
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work. [applause] governor christie: but when you are pro-life, you need to be pro-life for the whole life. [applause] governor christie: the easiest time is when the child is in the womb. they have not done anything yet to disappoint us. [laughter] governor christie: they have not made any bad choices yet. because when it's hard to be pro-life -- when they are drug addicts on the floor of a jail cell. that is a gift from god as well. that life is a gift from god. that is why in new jersey we say for first time nonviolent drug users, we are not sending them to prison. we are sending them to mandatory inpatient drug treatment. every one of those lives is a gift from god and deserves a chance at redemption. [applause]
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governor christie: life is precious. and we learned that again in south carolina. the idea that anyone, that any human being would walk into a church and sit there for an hour and pray with people that he intended to murder is depraved is unthinkable. we cannot put our minds around conduct like that, can we? so i want to conclude with this today. all the issues i just talked about and lots of others i did not mention are really important to the future of our country but there is nothing more important today than taking as many moments as you can to pray for the families of those victims. good, decent people who care about their church, who loved god and their families, who worked for their communities who served in public life, who were cut down by someone who was
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depraved and disturbed and seemingly has now confessed to the crime. in fact, he even said he spared one of his victims and told her, i am not going to kill you because i want you to be alive to tell people what happened here. this type of conduct is something that only our display of our own love and good faith that is in our hearts camp change. laws cannot change this. only the good will and the love of the american people can let those folks know that that act was unacceptable, disgraceful, and that we need to do more to show that we love each other. open our chests, open our hearts, and show love to each other. that is what leadership is about too, everybody.
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i will pray for those families today, and i suspect you will too. if we can have the power of our prayers and the power of our conduct be an example to those who have hate in their hearts, then we are doing what we really need to do to make the community, our states, and our country a better place. i know this audience believes that, and i know it is the way you live your lives. some of us use the power we derive him that in a way that will help to heal the wounds of these families. moments like this, when america comes together and shows the rest of the world what a great country we are -- i know you will be part of that, and you can count on the fact that i will be too. i appreciate the work you do. and i appreciate the fact that it is folks like you, your families, and friends who make this the greatest country on the face of the earth -- we have to fight to keep it that way. thanks for coming, everybody. [applause]
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larry: please help me welcome back to the stage timothy head. timothy: last fall, many pundits predicted the gop would pick up seats in the senate. some predicted republicans would pick up a narrow majority. i think you would have been very hard-pressed to find anyone anywhere who would have predict that the gop would emerge with one of the largest senate majorities in modern politics. but when the dust settles, that is exactly what happened. the resulting senate minority
12:39 am
leader mitch mcconnell becoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he was the 15th senate republican leader and the second kentucky man to lead his party in the senate. senator mcconnell previously served, again by the unanimous vote of his colleagues, as the republican leader in the 110th 111th, and 112th congress, but also as majority whip. mcconnell also served in leadership as chairman of the nrsc during the 1998-2000 election cycles, and serves as senior member of the appropriations, agriculture, and rules committee. married to elaine chao, who served as president george w. bush's secretary of labor, and as the former president of united way of america and former director of the peace corps, he is the proud father of three daughters. please join me in welcoming to the stage senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. [applause]
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senator mcconnell: good morning. thank you very much for the opportunity to be here with you today. i am deeply honored to have an opportunity to speak to all of you. i particularly want to thank ralph reed, the founder and chairman. ralph is an extraordinary leader over the years. he has worked hard in building the faith and freedom coalition, and i want to thank all of you for being a part of it, and being here today. you have got another great conference this year. it seems nearly every republican presidential candidate is here which is a testament to the importance of your organization.
12:41 am
i was hoping somebody might actually recognize me with all of these presidential candidates coming up here. it is a great treat, i know, for you to have a chance to hear from all of them in one place at one time. mainly, i want to thank you for your involvement and for caring about the important issues that we face. i was reminded on the way over here of a story of a traveling preacher. the story goes that before making his way to the church the preacher wanted to mail a letter, so he asked a young boy along the way where the post office was. when the boy had told him, the preacher thanked him and said, if you will come to the baptist church this evening, you can hear me telling everyone how to get to heaven. "i don't think i'll be there," the boy said. "you don't even know where the post office is." there is a saying, i am a conservative, but i'm just not angry about it. and that is the spirit in which i think we are all gathered here this morning, because conservatives actually have a lot to be happy about. for example, i had the honor of speaking before the faith and freedom coalition several times,
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but this is the first time i have had the honor of doing so as the majority leader of the united states senate. [applause] senator mcconnell: thanks to the voice of the american people last november, the senate is under entirely new management. and one of the most important changes to the causes you champion will get the respect they deserve in the senate. the big difference between being a majority versus a minority leader is like football. the minority is like a defensive quarter, scoring occasionally, but it is a lot harder. if you lead the majority, you are the offensive coordinator. you get to call the plays, said
12:43 am
the schedule, and get the outcome you want. not that it guarantees every outcome, but at least i get to decide, instead of the other fellow -- senator harry reid. i thought i would get your attention. [laughter] let me give you an example. the texas sanctity of life. the senate is now in a place where the unborn child protection act -- [applause] a bill that in the past senate cannot even get a hearing, i promise it will be getting a vote. [applause] so that is not only good news for pro-lifers, that is good news for our entire country. it is about time to begin the process of putting america in the ranks of other civilized countries by protecting unborn
12:44 am
children in the womb for 20 weeks. it is high time we did that. [applause] because i don't know about you but i think we are failing as a country is the best thing we can offer to a scared, young mom to be is a referral to planned parenthood. is it the best we can do? i don't think so. all we care about is free speech -- on any issue at any time. i have been a big defender as a few of you know of the first amendment. i had a lot of help from groups like yours. you and i know you cannot do what you do every day if the government does respect your right to free speech. the government will not even let us express ourselves and advocate for the causes we
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believe in, the fight is over before it begins. it is that simple. this administration, this one has repeatedly sought to stifle free speech. they do it to the irs to keep you from organizing is picking up. they do it at the federal medication -- federal medication commission. some i said, you know, it is just a renegade employee at irs. actually i was just hearing out orders. they wanted to quiet the voices of people who disagree with them. and that has to stop.
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[applause] well, they have not succeeded. because people like you have been vigilant in protecting our rights, including the most fundamental right of free speech. they tried to promulgate a regulation to quiet the voices of critics. and amazingly enough, it was the single biggest -- the largest number of complaints about any proposed irs regulation in history. that is how many americans heard about it and wanted to do something about it. let me be quite clear about it -- the government has no business interfering with free speech. not now, not ever. [applause] every american has a fundamental constitutional right to speak their mind. and that includes, certainly christians and conservatives. after all, the right to freedom of speech and religion -- the
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latter cannot be protected without the former. as james madison put it, the religion of every man must be left to the conscience of every man. it is the right of every man to exercise it as a dictator. this right is, in his nature, and alienable right. it is imperative that every american defend your right to do so. the scripture says, speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. for the rights of all who are destitute. and we need your voice is now more than ever. why do i say that? because we have never had a president as liberal as this one. i'm something of a student of american history. woodrow wilson was really liberal. fdr was really liberal.
12:48 am
barack obama is the most liberal president in american history. bar none. this president has sought to withdraw the united states militarily overseas, fail to invest in the modernization of the force, but his faith in personal diplomacy has pushed a regulatory state that operates anybody making a profit must be up to no good. can you imagine that mindset? if you are making a profit, you must be up to no good. how do you think businesses grow and hire people? how do we have prosperity here? you do it with growth. but their view is, if you are making a profit, you must be up to no good. to a legislative agenda that assumes government has the answer to all our problems. he would not have put it this way, what does the president want to do?
12:49 am
think about it a minute. he wanted to europeanize america. what do i mean? big debt, high taxes overregulation, slow growth. and while it may not be directly in a cotuit, another problem they have in europe, declining church participation. the secularization of america. big debt, high taxes, slow growth, and all goes together. a republican congress will not be able to achieve as much as we like. i think it is important to remind people with high expectations, there is only one person in america who can sign something into law or veto a bill. the presidency in our system is a really important job.
12:50 am
and you are going to hear from a whole lot of people who like to have that job. and i can tell you every single one of them would be a heck of a lot better than what we have now. [applause] but one of the things the senate can do, even now, is stop a lot of bad things from happening. we may not be able to achieve everything we would like. because as a lot of you know, most things in the senate require 60 votes. i have 54 members. he has the veto pen. we can solve a lot of bad things. we have, and we will. stop a lot of bad things -- i guarantee that. until, hopefully, get a new president with a new agenda for america. [applause] i want to thank all of you for the great class a freshman we've
12:51 am
got. this time last year, we were down 55-45. it is now 54-46. not only do we have a lot of great new republican senators, they are really smart. this is an outstanding group of americans who share the agenda that we all believe in. meanwhile, our democratic friends are in and interesting sort of disarray. there divided these days, not quite sure what they stand for. only yesterday, to give you an example, they joined us in passing a defense authorization bill, but authorization is policy. appropriation is spending. and i followed the authorizing bill within appropriation bill
12:52 am
that would actually spend the money to enforce it. they kept us from actually getting on the bill that would spend the money. so, you could say they were for the troops before they were against the troops. [laughter] sound familiar? they were before before they were against. they are in a bit of a circular firing squad. occasionally, that is helpful. fundamentally, we believe america is a force for good. in the world. we are a force for good in the world. we believe america is an exceptional country. we don't think it is appropriate to go around the world apologizing or our shortcomings. when most people would give anything they had to be here in america. we are a beacon of truth and light, we need to lead and the
12:53 am
rest of the world -- we desperately need a new president with a new agenda for america. on a whole lot of different fronts. that is why, also, the american people need the faith and freedom coalition. you all are important people of faith. you have led going back all the way to the founding fathers. thank you for your advocacy, your support, your engagement, for everything you are doing to protect and preserve the freedom's and values and institutions that have made our nation great. our country needs you, and i am proud to stand with you. after eight years of barack obama, we will have a lot of work to do. i lot of methods left behind. it will take patience, perseverance, but we can do it.
12:54 am
every generation of americans has felt a strong obligation to leave behind a better country than their parent's left for them. a lot of americans doubt that these days. if you look at the polls, they seem to wonder whether we are going to fulfill the commitment. i'm optimistic. winston churchill, the most quoted person who ever lived said this about us. about america. he said, the americans -- they always do the right thing. after they have tried everything else first. [laughter] our best days are ahead of us, thank you for all you are doing for us. i appreciate the opportunity to be here. [applause]
12:55 am
>> my mom, my brother, and my uncle drop in school. by the time i was in the third grade, i felt like -- >> my first job was picking up garbage emma so i could help feed my mom. lucy has autism. she doesn't speak walk, but not being able to speak is not the same as having anything to say. people want freedom, just like anything else. 1 out of 4 women is what a be victimized by someone who claims to love them. this is a problem. >> the barriers right now on people rising up is a great challenge of our time. so many people could do so much better if we fixed a few things.
12:56 am
my core beliefs start with the premise that the core beliefs should be in the front of the line. >> governor jeb bush is a to the first about your program in the united states. to give low-income kids to go to a private school. out of my immediate family, i'm the first person to graduate high school. and then i went on to graduate from college. >> i'm currently an account manager, the main reason i am in the situation i am in is because jeb bush allowed companies to grow create high-paying jobs. i am the american dream. jeb bush: it is not just about yapping about things. people talk, we need to start fixing things. i said i would do these things and i didn't. the result was, florida is a lot
12:57 am
better off. >> i think bush changed a lot of lives in florida. i don't think we would be where we are today with regard to domestic violence. he wanted women to not live the way that i found myself. it has changed so many lives. he really cares about us, about people with developmental disabilities. there are people today that are getting services because of what jeb did. he does not do it for himself. he does it because he is a true servant. he is the best voice we can have. >> i'm proud of the fact that many families now have a chance to live lives of purpose. you can improve the life of people, whether it is programs for the disabled, changing the economy, fixing hiring dictation -- all these things can be fixed. i'm absolutely convinced of it. we need new leadership that takes conservative principles
12:58 am
and applies it so people can rise up. america's best days are front of us. we are going to lead the world. >> ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the 43rd governor of the state of florida -- jeb bush. jeb bush: it is a joy to be with you all. before i start my remarks, i like to pause -- many are concerned about what happened in charleston. i was traveling to campaign there, i got in at 11:00 at night. and i saw the tragic story. our hotel was literally a block away from the church. it was not appropriate to
12:59 am
continue to campaign. but it is appropriate to know that the violence it took place in the church just breaks our heart. and this was an evil act of aggression. i do not know what was on the heart of the man who committed the crimes. i do know what was in the heart of the victims. they were meeting in brotherhood and sisterhood in the church. it was wednesday evening, they were praying. they were learning and studying the word of the lord. to fill his house with love areae. people of faith must come together and at least reflect on this. fortify our strengths in the love of christ, the love of god to be able to go forth. this is had a big impact on me. i am sure it has on you.
1:00 am
you must continue to bear and i even in crisis and desperate times we can always walk upright as brothers and sisters and look to the heavens and know that we are children of god. that gives us all strength and we know it your hearts and prayers are with the families and with the pastors that lost their lives. let's hope it never ever happens again. [applause] i am glad and honored to be here as a candidate for president of the united states, the greatest country on the face of the earth. today is not going to be a political speech. i will talk about my journey of faith and how my faith has impacted my life personally and as a public servant. my life was transformed when i was 17 years old. i was in mexico. most of the older guys in the room will not understand this
1:01 am
although occasionally, i will see a guy not his head when i tell the story but i saw a young woman and i fell in love at first sight. totally, head overkill is -- head over heels in love. she is now my guiding light and soulmate, my inspiration in many ways. it took a while for us -- for me to convince her that it was love at first sight and i finally got that down. because of her, my life became organized, focused on starting my life journey earlier than most people did. it has been a total blessing. i converted to the catholic church. christ came into my life a little earlier but i converted to being catholic in honor of my wife and because i believe in the blessed sacrament. on the easter s sabbath of
1:02 am
1995, i had lost an election and i found serenity in the rca class to convert to catholicism and it has been in organizing element of my personal structure as a person and an elected official. some people ask about people who serving -- who are serving, they ask if you allow your decisions to serve in government to be influenced by your faith. typically, the answer they want to hear is never i would never do that. in the game of political correctness, that is the answer to get you to the next level. that is my personal experience and it continues to this day. the endpoint is a certain kind of politician that we have heard of before. the guy whose moral convictions are so private and deeply personal that he refuses to even impose them on himself.
1:03 am
[laughter] that is not me. how strange in our time today to hear that our faith and our moral traditions, spoken as an oppressive or backwards force when in fact it is the moral foundation of our country. [laughter] [applause] it has also been in many ways if we are objective, the greatest force for good in the world. feeding the hungry. healing the sick. welcoming the stranger. these are the tenets of our faith and if we act on our faith each and every day we will create a just, more loving world. the instinct to do this came from our religious traditions and we must get together to protect those freedoms that are so sacred and important for a free society.
1:04 am
when i got to be governor of the state of florida, i insisted that we build a culture of life. it was one of the guiding principles of my joys and crazy experience -- joyous and crazy experience. we took special care for the most vulnerable in our society. i honestly believe that as a conservative that believes in limited government, we need to put the most vulnerable in our society first. they are as of much value as others. whether it is an abused woman or a child with developmental disabilities where i cut taxes i shrunk the government, we created an environment with high sustained economic growth.
1:05 am
we eliminated affirmative action and replaced it with a model that was not discriminatory that allows minorities to attend universities. we did all of these conservative thinks but we also put the most vulnerable in society at the head of the line, guided by my faith. we also put the rights of the unborn at the front of the line as well. when i became governor -- [applause] when i became governor, i was shocked at the total lack of regulation of abortion clinics and that parents had no legal role in their minor daughter's abortion decisions. we put regulations on abortion clinics and made sure there was reasonable health and safety standards to protect women. i led the fight for a
1:06 am
constitutional amendment requiring parental notice for abortions and signed into law a bill that required a 48 hour parent or guardian. we oversaw the major reforms to conditions and standards in senior centers as well partially because miami and florida is a place where a lot of seniors exist. we reflect the future of our country and we better start focusing on the beginning of life as well as the end-of-life issues and do so with a loving and compassionate way. when i was asked to intervene on
1:07 am
behalf of a woman that could not speak up for herself, i stood on her side. i stood on the side of terry charbonneau sharvo and her parents. [applause] that should be the first and most important instinct in this nation. to stand on the side of the most vulnerable and the innocent. if we do that and we treat people with the same dignity and respect that we believe we should receive, we will solve a lot more problems than giving up that basic concept and allowing government to be the end all and we all. we can shut down government if we all acted on our own consciousness of helping others. if we restored that at the guiding principle, the demands on the government would subside. we would all be government -- we would all be conservatives.
1:08 am
it would create a self-governing people again. where we see troubles that exist in our communities, that we would act on them. imagine a country focused on that. it has been and we need to restore that come up and center in our society. i believe that religious freedom is under attack in ways that we have never seen before. whether it is the obama administration or just the general culture, we need to recognize that it has been a rough year for religious charities. there has been an attitude that when prevailing government policy read -- runs headlong against the faithful, the faithful must yield. when people that have religious believes -- believes, that the people have to step back. we need to make sure that we
1:09 am
protect the right of having religious views as well as the right to act on this religious views for your. . nevermind the objections of conscious. when it comes to doing the right and good thing, the little sisters of the poor know better than the regulators of the health and human services. [applause] from the standpoint of religious freedom, you might say it is a choice between the little sisters and big brother, and i am going with the sisters and i hope you are as well. [applause] this conscience should also be respected when people of faith want to take a stand for traditional marriage. in a country like ours, we should recognize the power of a man and a woman loving their children with all their heart
1:10 am
and soul as a good thing, as something that is positive and helpful for those children to live a successful life. while there are people who disagree with this, we should not push aside those that do believe in traditional marriage. i for one believe it is important and i think it has got to be important over the long haul, irrespective of what the courts say. [applause] in america, our conscience has shown not just at home but found our borders, we are living in a world where this administration particularly believes that the u.s. presence in the world, it's very presence, it's leadership is not a force for good. that it creates more problems and benefits. this is the first president and the first -- in the post-world war ii era. we are seeing -- allowing for people of conscience outside of our country. jews are being discriminated at
1:11 am
higher levels and christians around the world are being targeted. as we pullback and we do not stand up for religious freedom then we see what happens. radical islam and their adherents are targeting christians like place it in places like iraq and throughout the middle east. cops beheaded on the shores of the iranians. christian students being targeted in a university in kenya where the muslim kids were allowed to go, the christian kids were slaughtered. over and over and over again, we are seeing this, and where is the united states? if we are going to have a strong foreign policy, we need to focus on our own national security. we need to build alliances to keep us safe, but we need to support those in the world that believe in their faith but for us, who would be there to stand by the side of someone who is courageously continuing to it here to their faith?
1:12 am
i believe the u.s. has a role to do that and we better start doing it soon. [applause] if we get this right, if we restore the proper balance where people of faith can act on their faith, and we express our love for others by not just talking about it and acting on it, and we create a government that is the servant, not the master of our own destiny, this is going to be the most extraordinary time to be alive. this is going to be a time of abundance. this will be a time when our children and grandchildren will have much more opportunity. if we fix how we tax, how we regulate, embrace the energy revolution, focus on the things that right now are broken through proper leadership, if we fix these things, young people particularly are going to have a time that will be the greatest time to be alive in this world. we can grow faster than we are growing today. we can create a more secure world and in doing so, people of
1:13 am
our generation, not the young people here but their parents and grandparents can fulfill what every generation has done since the beginning of the creation of this republic. we have always left things better for the next generation. can we honestly say today that that is the case? we cannot but we can fix it. i honestly believe we can. with conservative principles applying limited government, asking people to act on their hearts, become a self-governing people again, this will be the most extraordinary time in america's history. i hope that you believe that. that we shed the negativity that exist and we offer a hopeful optimistic message for people who have not heard it in a long while. the politics of grievance, the politics of angst, the politics of anger is important to fight against the overreach by the progressives. we are never going to win elections unless we inspire people to believe that the future will be bright by applying the timeless principles
1:14 am
that we know to be true and effective. with your help, we can make that happen. i appreciate your activism. i appreciate all that you do and i humbly ask for your vote. thank you all very much. [applause] >> please welcome steve scheffler. >> good morning. it is my deep honor and pleasure to introduce a very good friend of mine. for those of you that do not get her publication, you need to get her report.
1:15 am
it is in its 46 year and a very educational tool. this is a woman who is the mentor and leader of the nash -- the national leader of the conservative movement. when i was in high school, i read her book -- a choice, not an echo. this is a woman who single-handedly handed us the plank in the national platform at every national convention she is in the forefront. this is a woman who came to iowa in 1980 and 1992 against all odds and thought -- and fought the equal rights amendment. the polls showed that the e.r.a. was going to pass as an amendment to our state constitution with over 80% of the vote. i told her, phyllis i love you
1:16 am
but you are wasting your time. i still remember that blank look that she had on her face insinuating -- steve ye of little faith. here is a great woman. no other woman deserves such great credit then my great friend phyllis schlafly. [applause] >> thank you very much. and thank you for your friendship over the years. and how you have made iowa a great player in the national political sweepstakes. it is great to be in this room. this is a room with a lot of sentimental memories for me. it was right here in this room that we celebrated the burial of the equal rights amendment in
1:17 am
1982. [applause] i am sure that many of you were here. we had 1000 people here that night. the fellow that gave us that from sq bomb scare. we were able to celebrate a tremendous victory against the powers that be and of all the things that we toss people by defeating the people rights amendment was that conservatives can win. they do not need to be defeated. what we did was to fight the problem of three presidents, three first ladies every member of congress except two, all of the media, hollywood. hollywood came to springfield, illinois repeatedly. and all of the money. and yet, we beat them all. it is a lesson for everyone that however down and out you may feel about the odds, we can win.
1:18 am
you are the people that can do it. i thank you for being here today. i think ralph reed for putting this on. and for the church will award that he gave me last year. we have the opportunity to win again and we need you to be active in politics. we all want you to pray for god's help but don't expect god to stuff the ballot box for you. that is our job. [applause] i urge you to be active in politics. it is sometimes difficult. you are needed. that is why i wrote my book and i hope you will get the new expanded view because the teenagers have not given up and they are doing all sorts of the same shenanigans that i wrote
1:19 am
about in my first book. i have a lot of new information about what they have done in recent years as patrick henry says i have no lamp to guide my feet, but the rest is history. i have no way of judging the future but by the past. you need to know how the game is played. we need all of you to pursue the delegates which will be at the next republican convention in cleveland. you need to be there. you need to be named a delegate. when we were trying to nominate barry goldwater, we not only had enough people to fill the room, and have the majority, but i personally know dozens, hundreds of people who bought the ticket to go to san francisco for the convention just so they could sit in the gallery and watch
1:20 am
their delegate and make sure he voted right. that is the kind of commitment that we need to make sure that we are not stuck with another loser of a kingmaker candidate. [applause] all of those losers, made a spoke for them. we have to pick someone who is a real winner. who will grapple with the issues and overturn what obama has been doing to this country. the other victories we have had is making republican party pro-life. when i started out under nixon the republican party was prohibition -- pro-abortion. we made it pro-life. that was another struggle. our people were able to get themselves elected to the republican delegation and on the
1:21 am
platform committee so that they could identify what the republican party is for. when the supreme court handed down roe versus wade, a lot of people said, that is it. the supreme court has spoken. a lot of us said, no, that is not it. that is the start of the fight not the end of the fight. we need to do the same thing regarding marriage. we want to make sure that the republican party stands for traditional marriage as god prescribed it and not as some people want to change it to today. the bottom line is that we can win on all of these issues if you will engage in politics. a lot of people in this room do a lot of good things in many ways. to be involved in politics is what we have done with the
1:22 am
reforms, and i urge you to be a part of the game so that we can make sure that we get a non-kingmaker candidate for our presidential nomination. we need everyone now. we do not need just a few people. we need all of you to be active so that you are backing up the right candidate. my book tells you the game plan of how the kingmakers have been giving us the wrong candidates all of these years. i remember one of our biggest fight was in san diego and that was the year that we had to fight abdul -- bob dole to change the platform to say that we were tolerant. we did not want to say that we were tolerant of abortion. it was a big fight. we had a group of people who work hard on that. ralph reed was one.
1:23 am
gary bauer and pat buchanan and i were all working on that. the media dubbed us the fearsome foursome. i want to reactivate that so that we can win the battle. this is the biggest challenge of our lives. to make sure that we get a good candidate and we support him and we win. don't be inclined to go third party. if you are inclined to go that way, i invite you to move to europe. they have lots of room for third-party in europe. we have a two-party system. i think you will not get very far making the democratic party pro-life. you are with the republican party. that is where the fight is and that is where we need you to get involved in politics. eagle forum has been leading the way in that for years and we want to show again that our
1:24 am
platform stands for traditional marriage, the way that god ordained it and we will fight for it and we need everyone one of you to be involved in politics from here through the 2016 election. that could be the most important election of our lives. i will see you on the battleground. we need all of you. and we need you now. thank you for what you are doing. i appreciate it very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the attorney
1:25 am
general of the state of oklahoma, scott pruitt. [applause] mr. pruitt: greetings to you from the great state of oklahoma where i as attorney general have been working with the cadre of attorney general's across the country on the front line. we are responding to a president that has said unapologetically that he has a phone and he will disregard the checks and balances that the founders put in place. attorney generals across the country have been responding since 2010. when you look back at our history, i get nostalgic, i think back about what it must of been like to live during the time of our founding. when individuals understood that what they were doing was not just about them. it would affect generations in
1:26 am
the future. there is a verse in ecclesiastes -- why can't we have that today. we think about it, we live in a very important time. we live at a time much like the founders. we live at a time where what we are doing today will affect generations into the future because we have an administration that has said that if congress does not act, he will act in their place. it is attorney generals who recently brought an action against the president's unlawful immigration plan. it was attorney generals, 26 states strong, that said an executive order do what congress is empowered to do. the affordable care act.
1:27 am
that challenged the unlawful action of the irs when they disregarded 37 states decision to not set up health-care exchanges. that decision is coming out next week and if we win, the affordable care act will be in operable in 37 states across the country. [applause] we live in a key time. we live in a very key time. let me tell you how. we have a reimagining of first amendment principles. there is a battle that is ongoing that you have heard about involving religious liberty. we have individuals in this country that believe that your first amendment rights of free exercise is no more. many years ago, i attended -- i was visiting churches in romania. i was working with individuals that had been a part of the
1:28 am
revolution. i went to a church and i looked up on the wall and i for pictures of pastors from the 1950's and i asked the person i was with -- i am confused. i know he was in power in the 1950's, i see these pictures of pastors on the walls. did you meet and worship during that timeframe? yes, we met every week. there was always someone in attendance from the government that listened to everything that we said. if we exported outside of the walls of the church, we were arrested and prosecuted. there are people in this country today, who believes that our first amendment rights only gearing tease you the right to worship on sunday and not live out your faith in the public square. let me say to you the first amendment of our constitution gives you the right to live out your faith in the public square. it is not a private fate.
1:29 am
it is about living freely in the public square every day. religious liberty is under attack. we needed nominee for the republican party to stand unapologetically and say that we do not have a limited right of live -- a religious liberty. do you know that the irs was sued last year by an organization in wisconsin called the freedom for religion organization? this organization sued the irs and said you're not doing the job. we believe that they are engaged in a lectionary across this country. since 1954, the irs has always interpreted their responsibilities to say to pastors and churches that you cannot endorse a candidate from
1:30 am
the pulpit. this organization believes that when a pastor speaks from the pulpit on pro-life sunday, when they are advocating principles that we should value life from the moment of conception, that that is considered electioneering and they should be prosecuted. this organization brought a lawsuit against the irs. the irs settled the lawsuit. i asked for a copy of the settlement. i want to know what they agree to dismiss that lawsuit and make it go away. i haven't heard from the irs yet. [laughter] it is exemplary of what is at issue. government is using its power to kill religious speech. we must stand unapologetically and unequivocally for those rights.
1:31 am
it does not just reimagining a first amendment right that this administration is about. it does not just religious liberty under cap. there is attack on the rule of law. rule of law is a special thing. it allows businesses and individuals to know what is expected of them. it allows them to know that they can plan and allocate resources and personnel and apply capital and they can plan for the future. change the statute after the fact -- that creates instability. it means capital is not deployed. one of the first things entrepreneurs look at when they are looking at investing in other countries is whether the
1:32 am
assets will be protected by something called rule of law. we live in a country where it is being eroded. it is all because of a president who says he has got a hand. he has change the lot with affordable care act. he's using the epa to pick winners and losers. he is about this effort that is changing our confidence and rule of law. we are fighting those battles and winning. it is an important time to do so. if we don't stand for the roll up today, it will be extended beyond our ability to have confidence in our system of government. there's a quote by teddy roosevelt and i will share it with you. in any event situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing. the next best thing to do is the
1:33 am
wrong thing. the worst thing you can do is nothing. as we head into 2016, we're seeing the debate ramp up for who the nominee will be the republican party. we see this taking shape. i encourage you to fight for rule of law. recognized at the time you're in is a time -- it will matter to your children. it will matter to your grandchildren. it will matter to the world. i promise you that as long as i'm attorney general, we will be joining with those other soldiers across the country to make sure until this president legally asked him it is protected the rule of law is preserved in religious liberty. thank you so much.
1:34 am
god less you. -- god bless you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome to the stage glenn. [applause] >> good morning. my friend asked me to speak at this year's conference, he said i want you to give a detailed over review of the political environment, the primary elections, m of the demographic challenges racing our party, and you have got 10 minutes. let's get right to it. where is my presentation. it is on the side. i going to do not be able to see what i'm talking about. [laughter] baroness. one of the things we face in
1:35 am
this country is a hyper partisanship. there are no longer republicans who will vote for democrats and vice versa. during up the base in this up coming election is so crucial. because the armor democrats in the country than republicans, to make sure that when you look at that the history of residential approval ratings by party, no president had a larger gap than obama. that carries over into our politics. make sure what ever you do come next november, you get your friends and your neighbors who think like you to get out and vote. we will need every vote to keep hillary out of the white house. [applause] attitudes of the voters are mixed. in my company, where calling it the yell you'll affected terms
1:36 am
of how people feel about the economy. sometimes i think, we're doing pretty good. other times, not so well. people think the economy is just in the blah. the public is not there. that is something when you are talking to our voters, middle-class voters, that you need to stress that we need a change from the direction that we are on. look at issues. economy and jobs is still number one. look compared to january 2014. that is a pretty significant increase. you could see how much concern about national security issues has risen. that will be a key framework. economy and jobs is still very important.
1:37 am
spending issues is still important. national security issues have gone up significantly. voters are looking for a change more now than they were in 2008. the candidate of change -- he is the candidate of change. people want more change. we have this great opportunity with the political environment. then what you see is -- i'm sorry, i'm having a hard time eating this. they say it is more important to have a candidate who could be the democrat than one who agrees with him on issues. we'll see what happens in their primaries as people go. i hope you get out there and do
1:38 am
that. you will hear a mix. that will be very important. republican voters will be making that decision. look at the democratic field. it is not that close. i think she's going to -- i think the democratic primary voters will go, oh my gosh. what are we doing here? hillary will panic and move even further left. i think she will bounce back and win the nomination. look at how wide open things are . you could tell from the gray hairs i have never seen anything as wide-open as this for the republican nomination. there is a different front runner seen every few weeks.
1:39 am
here it is just wide open. if the arrest somebody feel strongly about -- if there is some unusual strongly about, get involved in their campaign. look at hillary. there are times she has been very popular. you notice now the positive and negatives aren't you. the more political she is, the worse for image is. she is going to be pulled to the left by bernie sanders and martin o'malley. that is exactly what we are seeing here. she will not answer where she stands on certain issues. that is going to hurt her image.
1:40 am
when challenge the republican space is this is not the same electorate. we had to recognize this. it is not the same electorate. this election is changing. mr. romney did well enough alone demographic -- groups. he would have won the presidency and would have won by more than george w bush did. it tells you that there a lot more minorities voting. republicans don't do well with that.
1:41 am
and also african-americans. i think that is extraordinarily in or to. public nomination is widely open. this is not going to be determined by four states. keep in mind in 2008, the republican nomination was run by march 4. -- wrapped up by march 4. it could go even longer. once we have a nominee, we are going to need to unite behind the nominee very quickly.
1:42 am
hillary will have a fair amount of bumps. you heard it here first. she is going to have a unified party behind her. we'll have to make sure that we do the same with the republican nominee. the results were great and has done a lot to help this country. look at what 2010 meant for 2012? look at 1994. bill clinton comes in and wins a huge victory. don't assume that the political environment in the makeup of the
1:43 am
electorate is going to be the same in 2016. that is why it is important to get voters to agree with you to turn out and vote even if they are thinking about not doing it. nothing is more important from enough and bolts standpoint. that is kind of the old review. believe it or not, i was quick on that. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome our next guests.
1:44 am
[applause] >> what an honor to be here, ladies and gentlemen. it is a delight see you here today. i have lived here in washington so you don't have to. [laughter] what is the big political story in america today? to read the note -- news, it is all about the republicans. america is radicalizing and radicalizing quickly. look at the democratic field. the socialist running her president -- in his acceptance
1:45 am
speech, he said "you don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country." i taught economics for a long time. most starving children have no choice in sneakers. but that is not the main point. the main point is that the whole left is moving left. what do we do when that happens? we could do the same thing. we could strike back with our own rage. we could do the us it. we could show what is written on our conservative hearts and in the country for a country that actually needs us. that is what i want to talk about with you for the next few minutes. there is a problem with respect
1:46 am
to -- it is interesting. guest americans whether or not the the word compassionate or uncompassionate characterized the republican party. 11-1. if you get rid of the paid staff of the republican party and blood relatives, that rounds 20. that is a problem. if we could change this right now while the left is getting angrier and against people. the country is ours. i'm going to suggest you that we need to do two basic things. number one, fight for people. the first presidential election
1:47 am
i paid attention to us that of saint ronald -- ronald reagan, obviously. [laughter] everyone still talks about reagan. you know you love them. they tend to forget the real reagan magic. we remember him as fighting against things. against regulation and against bureaucracy. against spending. against state ways. those things were things -- the real reagan magic was that he was for people. at the time, jimmy carter was very much like the current incumbent in the white house. the country was -- reagan rejected that. he rejected that with positivity
1:48 am
. he accepted his nomination in detroit in 1980. a sad city these days. the number word he used was "people." he said it 87 times. that is reagan magic. that is what we have got to get back to look across the political landscape. someone has got to rush into that breach. if it is us, we win. this is not just a cosmetic difference. think about what where angry about. i know you're mad. so in my -- so am i.
1:49 am
let's just say obamacare. stop writing against it. -- fighting against it. [applause] think about it specifically. you'll be fine. the people are going to have inadequate health care and no choice tenures for now because of the bureaucratic economy. someone is got the scent up for the people who may not even vote like us. fight for the people adversely affected are the law. i know you were warriors for education reform. a judge you crazy that we have an inadequate education system in this country.
1:50 am
why question like you hate teachers unions? it is not about -- it is about fighting for poor children for being left hind in this country. fight for kids. fight for poor people. people will listen. reminds me of the person who put the conservative movement on the map. who needs us to fight with them? let me remind you it is not the people sitting here.
1:51 am
their fate is in your hands. the president united states boasted about the american economy coming back. it was incredibly successful. 81% of those gains have gone to the 10%. the wealth has gone to the rich. meanwhile, the poorest of the poor are falling behind under this administration. they need you to fight for them. generate 2009, millions of americans were on stamps. that is a fruit of this administration and ideology. someone has got to fight for them. we fight for people.
1:52 am
not against things. that is actually item number one. remember what it is that people really need. what is it? we're not just a think tank. the senate lot of time looking. the most unlovable members of our society, men, single men who have been many years incarcerated come out of prison hopeless. they are not sympathetic figures . we have to do something about these people. it has the highest rate.
1:53 am
the people i meet there are fascinating. he didn't know what would happen. i'm going to do my best. going to prison as it teenager and just came out. didn't have a cell phone. didn't know how to drive a car. just a will to turn his life around here and he came back a year later. i saw him again. that was in the question i had for them. are you happy? let me show you something.
1:54 am
this thing will wreck your life. you'll be chained to this thing. edit e-mail from his boss. i need you now. they need me now. he really needs me. that is the secret. every person deserves to earn his or her success. [applause] mia wore your property unity? do
1:55 am
i believe that no one is a liability? for people with disabilities. people -- do you look people in the to believe in them and fight for the opportunities? you understand the nature of dignity through work. it will change the conservative moment and change the country for good. i know there's a ton to be unhappy about. then i wake up and i read "the washington post." it turns out what have end is
1:56 am
worse than in my dream. i had to remind myself that happiness is a choice. we get to reach out to our fellow man and lift them up. not to -- to bring the best that has been said. the love of our society and community and of our faith and families. that is the secret and the magic of the conservative movement. i'm asking you to fight for people and to give people what they really need. this is just a little sample. it is called the conservative
1:57 am
heart and it is a chapter of a new book i have coming out. i need you to work with me and us to work together to bring this country back. america needs you to win. you need to win. this is the question i have for myself as well. it is easy to ask myself -- will the press like me today? or something like that. it all of my activision --
1:58 am
activisism -- if the answer is yes, you get a good nights sleep incumbent ready to fight. america's going to win. god bless you. god bless america. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please have a welcome the next guest. [applause] >> thank you. isn't it a thrill to be here. how exciting to see so many young people.
1:59 am
we need to encourage them and support them and lift them up in prayer. america needs them. it is my pleasure and pledged to introduce the next speaker who is a man that really doesn't need introduction. you didn't know about him for the national prayer breakfast. ben carson is a true american success story. he was raised in a single-parent home by mother never made it past the third grade. she challenged her children to become exceptional. i guess it worked. it is intelligent.
2:00 am
after he graduated, he worked several he worked as an x-ray technician, bank teller, school bus driver, supervisor for highway cleanup crews, and a crane operator in a factory. very well-rounded. and then he was accepted into the university of michigan school of medicine and upon completing medical school, dr. carson went on to direct pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins children's center for 29 years. dr. carson has received numerous awards, including the presidential medal of freedom, which is the highest civilian honor in america.


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