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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 22, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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that portion of it and why don't we take a look at the document and get reaction. >> also in regard to the other questionwhat the president -- would the president support the bill he supported previously? isolate the main exemption for transfers on these lessons, what the president support a background check for transfers which maybe would have presented the charleston shooting. >> the recent the present has continued to forcefully encourage congress to take some common sense steps to reduce font -- to reduce gun violence is not with the idea that one
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piece of legislation can present -- prevent every incidence of gun violence. the fact is this particular incident is still under investigation, so until we know more about what exactly has happened or what did happen, it is difficult to say whether one piece of legislation or one rule if change could have presented -- prevented this action. the fact is more than 11,000 americans died in 2013 from gun violence. there is a simple -- if there is a simple thing that can be found that does not undermine the constitutional rights of law-abiding americans but would lower that number, then we should do it. that is why the congress -- that is why the president has made up persuasive and forceful case that they should take action. thank you, everybody. enjoy the rest of your day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] >> a look at capitol hill this week. last week congress is in session before the independence daybreak. the senate will gavel into to continue being -- debating trade authority. to both on nomination. the house out today returning tomorrow to work on legislation dealing with social security and medicare. live coverage when they gavel back and. tomorrow more from capitol hill with the hearing on the cyber security breach at the office of personal management. the records of millions of federal employees and government contractors. the director returns to capitol hill to testify. live coverage tomorrow morning. >> tonight, cochair of the congressional privacy caucus, texas republican representative joe barton under fisa rules and issues of diversey in cyber
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security. >> you have the basic principle whose information is it? is it automatically in the public domain because i choose to use of mobile apps? we know the way these things work they go into the cloud and all that. or can i use it and still have a reasonable expectation of personal privacy. to take the latter view that it is personal, that changes the way you regulate a silly you legislate. if you take the position that i am by act of being a part of five participating, by using the app -- by participating you are forgoing the individual right to privacy, that is an -- that is a different issue in its entirety. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on
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c-span two. >> last week we heard from several 2016 presidential candidates, both declared and potential during the in will faith and freedom coalition. no, some of the speakers from fraud -- saturday, rick harry carly fiorina and scott walker. altogether the comments ran about an hour. as [applause] -- rick hperry. >> thank you. thank you very much. it is a vague honor to be here with you today. i think we all come here today with heavy heart for those individuals in charleston, the charleston question who were gunned down in an absolutely
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heinous hate crime inside of their place of worship. that deranged individual do not just take the lives of black americans. he gunned down nine children of god. there is something more basic to our humanity than the color of our skin, ethnic heritage, nationality. it is that we are all made through the image of a loving god. we cannot wait -- like hatred and violence break the ties that bind us together. we need to proclaim loudly every day. that we are one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [applause]
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may up ease that surpasses all understanding fill the hearts and minds of the people of charleston, and may justice be served in memory of our brothers and sisters in christ. so senseless we killed -- so senselessly killed. as and shared with you, my journey on the globe started in 1950 in a rather different place in a rather different time. home was a place called paint creek. you had in one direction for about an hour and you were -- head in one direction for about an hour and you were in abilene texas. you heard -- you had in the other direction, and soon you
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were approaching the end of the earth. i grew up on a cotton farm. four years we had an outhouse. mom badethed us on the back porch. we never felt poor. we were rich in the rich. sacrifice was expected of every neighbors. when families a hardship, hard work was the code that we lived by. i took those lessons with me when i left that area. my faith, love of freedom and duty to my country. i went to texas a&m university and united dates air force. it was not until i flew those sea-130 aircraft around the globe to places in south america, europe, saudi arabia and turkey that i learned just how special it is to call your
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self and american. i know america w has experienced great challenge, but what it means to be in america -- american has never changed. [applause] we are the only nation in the world founded on the power of an idea that is all of us. all of us are created equal that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. among those, life liberty and pursuit of happiness. our rights come from god, not from government.
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government must always be the subject to the people. it has always been the case that there has been a social contact the between one generation of americans and the next. to pass along an inheritance of a stronger country that is full of promise. the social compact has been protected at great sacrifice. that has never been more clear to me then when i took my father to the american immaturity that overlooks the bluffs above omaha beach. on that peaceful windswept setting. -- their line 9000 graves, including 40 pairs of brothers. 43 of whom are buried side-by-side. a father and a son. two sons of a president.
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they all traded their future for hours in a final act of sacrifice. that american cemetery is no accident. those headstones faced west, west over the atlantic west for the nation they defended, the nation they left, the nation they would never return home to. struck me, standing in the midst of the heroes, that they would look upon us in silent judgment and that we need to ask ourselves, our we were the of their sacrifice? the truth is, we are at the end of an era of field leadership. we have been led by a divider who has sliced and diced who is picked american against american for political purposes.
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six years into the so-called recovery, and our economy is rarely growing. this winter and actually got smaller. our economic slowdown is not inevitable. it is the direct result of bad economic policy. [applause] the president's tax and regulatory policies have slammed the door shut. it slammed the door for those trying to climb the economic ladder, resigning the middle class to stagnant wages personal debt, deferred dreams. weakness at home has led to weakness abroad. the world has descended into chaos. chaos is its own making while the white house -- they construct this alternative universe where isis is
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contained. ramadi was just a setback. for the nature of the enemy cannot be acknowledged for free -- fear of causing offense. the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, the islamic republic of iran can be trusted to live up to a nuclear agreement. that is the world he lives in. i might add, no decision has done more harm than the presidents withdrawal of american troops from iraq. we won the war, but this president failed to secure the peace. [applause] but my friends, we are a resilient country. you think about this, we have been through a civil war. we have been through two world
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wars. we made it through the great depression, we even made it through jimmy carter, we will make it through the obama years. [applause] the fundamental nature of the country is our people never stay knocked down. we get back up, dust ourselves off and move forward. he will again. eight years ago americans were promised hope and change, but now one in five children in the country live in the amalie's on food stamps. one in seven americans live in poverty. one in 10 workers are unemployed, underemployed or just have given up any hope of finding a job. these americans live on the outskirts of opportunity. they are the casualties of the obama experiment of the government to create huge jobs little hopes, and this
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inner-city of opportunity. it is time to build an america where everyone is included. everyone where there are no forgotten americans. where everyone has a stake in our country. where everyone has hope, and i am talking real hope for a better future. it is time to change the culture in washington that benefits only insiders. it's that ring the nation a revival of opportunities for everyone. i mean -- let me share with you a story from scripture. we have a lord and savior who came to save the lost. one of those great stories in scripture is he told a despised tax collector, you come and follow me. he saved an adulterous woman from being stoned. then there is the woman at the well in the book of john over in
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chapter four. jews at the time would usually walk around samaria. she just did not do that. she -- he met a woman who was an outcast. she was an outcast even among samaritan women. she went to draw water from the well in the hottest part of the day. she did that because she had been shunned. she did that so she would not have to talk to anybody. to her astonishment when she got to jacob's well she encountered this jewish man. instead of ignoring her he asked her for a drink of water. jesus knew her history. he knew she had had pride previous husbands.
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he knew she was an outcast. -- he had had five previous husbands. with one simple request that she provide him with a drink of water, he showed this fragile woman that she was a value to him and she had some and to offer. my friends, every human being is an infinite wisdom -- is of infinite wisdom or value. every american has something to offer. now, unlike jesus none of us offer -- running for president can offer living water but we can offer leadership that includes the hopes and dreams of every american. we can offer hope to the millions of americans running on the outskirts of opportunity he -- people left behind us government rose and opportunity
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shrink. to those forgotten americans drowning in personal debt, working harder for wages that do not keep up with the rising cost of living, i come here today to say your voice is heard. i know you face rising health care costs. rising childcare costs. skyrocketing tuition cost. mounting student loan debt. i hear you, and i'm going to do something about it. the families mired in poverty without hope of finding a good job, i hear you. you are not forgotten. i want to be your champion. for small businesses on main street who are struggling to get by. smothered by regulation and targeted by dodd frank, i hear you. you are not forgotten. i am running to be your
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president, all of you for the unborn. whose potential is god-given. whose conception is a demonstration of god infinite grace. those lies matter, and we will do everything to can't protect them. a lot of candidates say the right things about protecting lives. but no candidate has done more to protect unborn life. i have passed a parental notification law, a parental consent law. i find a sonogram law some other state thing and agonizing choice could witness that fetal heart within them. [applause] i signed a law outline abortion at 20 weeks. [applause] after eight years of a president
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who always exceeded his record it is time we elect a president whose record speaks louder than his words. [applause] it is going to be a show me, don't tell me election. on the issue of life, no one has shown more unwavering conviction, concerning life were done more to protect unborn children. not every child is worn into ideal circumstances but in god's eyes there is no such thing as an unwanted child. [applause] so let us always stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and let us build an america whose promise is greater in -- in the days ahead than it
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has been in the past. thank you and god bless you. thank you for being with us here today. [applause] >> good evening. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you. with an -- introduction like that i should just say thanks, she said it all. i want to begin by thanking all of you for coming out. if you would, i appreciate the prayer, but if we could pause for just a moment and offer up prayers not only to keep in mind the nine brothers and sisters in christ who were taken wednesday, but to offer prayer if you would
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tonight not just now fight for their families friends, fellow church members, brothers in charleston and that community and date and for all of us as a country. it is not just about them, it is really about all of us and try to find a way to bring the country together instead of pulling us apart. we could just cause on that the muslim prayers. thank you. -- we could just pause on that and lift them up in prayers. yesterday i read a little bit about the intake or hearing as they brought in -- i will not say his name because i refuse to recognize is named the person who perpetrated the crimes other than to say was racist, evil, something i think we all condemn not just his act but his beliefs. i have to tell you, as you saw the intake where they were
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having the first initial action looking at someone who could commit such an evil act, having been there for an hour sitting in the church as they worse than being the bible, listening to the word of god -- as frustrating as that would be to see that, to see the family members, friends, to see people talking about days after with forgiveness and hoping god might reach his soul. i have to tell you one of my favorite verses was apropos yesterday for them and many of you, second corinthians verse 12 -- 12:9 where paul is talking about the thorn in his body and thinking about the pain and where christ says to him my grace is sufficient for you are my power is made perfect in weakness. you just think it is great to say and easier for me and much
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less difficult circumstances than those friends and family yesterday, but they lived it, they showed us. they show their state, community and world what it means to be a christian. for that, as awful as the week was, what a wonderful testimony to bring to all of us and inspiration to us in even the darkest of times to see there is a way to many and witness. my father used to say he and your father and others were ordained but all of us are called to be ministers. [applause] i also want to say right off the bat, it was a great chance to be with penny and ralph who i have known for a long time. we were swapping stories earlier about not only five years ago when faith and freedom coalition for started putting things together in wisconsin, but way back i said i think i still have one of my own christian
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coalition shirt. jenny marsh and my good friend of wisconsin one of the first leaders. thinking when you have not only her friends at the reception but the number of young women. what an impact that had on us. but i met a god woman about a year ago in wisconsin at a right to life event, and it was so touching because when we were in marquette we helped with the crisis that nifty program to help people going through difficult circumstances. the age we were at going into college at that time. i met the daughter of someone who have been at college and given up her child for adoption who now was in her 20's who came back and reunited and work together at the right to life events and came up and introduced me because she knew we were involved in birthright. i said if there was ever a reason to doubt being pro-life, that moment made it all worthwhile.
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[applause] i also want to say not only about faith and freedom to begin with. you think about freedom. i will talk about that for a fair amount tonight. i want to talk about it not just tonight but when i think about freedom the most important thing to think about right off the bat is freedom is endowed by their creator, defined by the constitution. i was just in philadelphia earlier today. ultimately not just defined by the constitution but defended each and every day by the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of the united states. [applause] before we go a step further, i would ask the simple request, if you have certain our country in the military if you are serving today or are a family member of
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someone who is served our country or serving today, would you and up and properly be recognized? -- stand up. [applause] we can talk a lot about freedom but it does not happen with when -- without men and women use off the ending and the families they represent. it was so great to be in philadelphia earlier today. it was one will be in philadelphia to think about the founders. i will tell you about that story as well. i was thinking about the challenges we face in this country today particularly when it comes to believers. the supreme court decision is coming up on marriage, and i firmly believe marriage is defined as one man and one woman. i think that is something the government -- this date should decide. i think far more important is the debate about religious freedom.
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it is interesting having come from philadelphia seen the statue of william penn and thinking about how he and many others like him came to the country to flee religious persecution. sometimes there are some in the media in the country who think it is freedom from religion. it is freedom of religion, not from it. [applause] that is important because our founders have a pretty good idea. they realized no state, nobody no government entities should demand what religious faith you practice or what church you went to, but they also knew in saying we were not have an establishment of religion. we should also protect the rights of people who believed to practice the faith. in a society where it is important to respect the rights of others, part of that remain -- means respecting believers whether you are jewish or christian or any other lujan out
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there, that is what it was all about. somehow it is frustrating thinking it only works for certain elements of society. it was meant for all of their. i'm proud to be from us eight where the past few months we have inherently written into the constitution that protects religious freedoms in our state constitution. we have not had some of the battles that other states have had along the way, but i would argue today it is not just in my state constitution in my country and our countries constitution. something that defends the rights for everyone of us to believe in what we want to believe. worship willfully want to worship and did not have the right infringed by any form of government going forward. [applause] so it is an honor to be here with you today because i know you sure the challenge. i want to share with you the optimism i have for the future.
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penny did a pretty good job of listing the accomplishments. some people think it is all about taking on big government unions, and we did, but it is really much. taking on big government interest in taking the power of cash out of their hands and putting in the hands of the hard-working tax payers and the people they knew we left. -- newly elect. [applause] we not only changed our economy and made it better, our fiscal ending, we were 3.6 billion in the whole coming-- newly elect. [applause] in, we've done that three years in a world. the only pension system that is fully funded. we have a rainy day fund that is literally 165 times edgar and when we took first -- first took office. we went beyond that. even in my own state we made changes that did not just deal with collective bargaining. we said we're getting red -- getting rid of seniority and tenure. now we can hire and fire make -- based on merit.
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[applause] we can pay based on merit. i get tired of hearing conservatives don't hear about education, we do. we just put our faith and parents and teachers that put the money to use in the classroom not an education bureaucracy. that is why we perform government of the public sector level. we lifted the cap on choice schools and provided statewide and enhanced home school opportunities as well because i trust parents to make the best decision if given the choice going forward. we passed major life -- pro-life legislation. i believe law-abiding is and
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should be able to pack themselves family, -- protect their family, friends, and loved ones. we even did something so amazingly sensible, we said in our eight it is now easy to look but hard to cheat. we require photo id to vote in this date of wisconsin. -- in the state of wisconsin. [applause] the reason i tell you that is not to brag. maybe not too much. it is a good team. our lieutenant governor. our state senate. it was a great team effort. i tell you that because wisconsin is a state that has not gone republican for president since our hero ronald reagan was last elected in 1984. when we first thought about running for governor we spent a lot of time thinking about it talking about it, praying about
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it because we knew how tough it would be considering how it is for republican to win in the eighth. -- in the state. we have two sons. they are traveling the country. back then we were worried our state was headed in the wrong direction. we knew as parents what we had to do. we stepped up and won the election. we did not just win the election we help the state assembly in the senate go from all democrat to all republican majority. [applause] in 2010 we did not just do that, we did what we said we were democrat to all republican majority. [applause] going to do. shortly thereafter, about 100,000 protesters came to our capital. many of you may not know this but the occupy wall street movement did not start in manhattan and wall street, it started in madison wisconsin in our state capital. after they lost they are
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eventually went to new york. at one point rachel duffy, when the wives of the member of congress, gave me my favorite bumper stickers. 14 senate democrats of the minority left the state and went into illinois to try to stop things. eventually figured out a way to change things. we got the bill passed and they came back. they give me one of my favorite stickers that says one walker beat 14 runners. [applause] that was not enough, so they tried to take on the supreme court justice. that they tried to take on six members of the state senate. they tried to take on rebecca and i. because of the help of many of you here, whether it was on the phones or 20 or $40 contribution for some of you came in some of
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you mentioned tonight you pray for us, which is the most important thing you could do along the way. because of that we became the first governor and lieutenant governor to win a recall election. [applause] thank you. the reason i tell you that is not to brag as to much say thank you. thank you. the legislation is going forward. no doubt we can do it anywhere in america. with your help with the house and senate we can do it right here in our nation's capital. [applause]
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him when he give you three quick reasons why that is important. -- let me give you. when i talk about growth i said sometimes people in this town get a little confused. i like to come in and i believe tomorrow after i go to church because i cannot stay too long in washington. i call a 68 square miles surrounded by reality. it is a great reminder but i have to get out of town. i love it. sometimes people get confused. last year alone six of the top 10 wealthiest counties in america, you know where they were? in and around washington d.c. i think the rest of us understand you grow the economy in cities and towns and villages all across america, that people
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create jobs, not the government. about time we get the government out of the way so the people of america can are putting people back to work again. in fact, some of the best ways to do it is to get government out of the way. bring in regulations. once and for all repeal obamacare and put patients and families back in charge of the health care system. [applause] using the abundance of all the different powers and energies. to help literally fuel the economy going forward. i feel like we should reform the tax code and the with the burden not just on individuals but job creators so more and more can jobs can come back from overseas to put more americans back to work. sometimes people get a little confused and they think wait a minute, why are you so upset with lowering the tax burden on hard-working people out there? we cut the burden by $2 billion.
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they are look -- lower today than they were four years ago. people wonder why i assessment that. february 6 of this year we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. [applause] thank you. really you should clap for her for putting up with me for 22 years now, but thank you. she would ask for even more class if she was here right now. i learned a critical thing not long after i was married. i made a critical mistake right after the bat -- right off the bat. i went to kohl's department store and right -- but something right off the rack. i learned over the years that it says 2999 and then i get the sunday insert that gets me
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another 15% or 20%. or maybe i remember a flyer from back on that gave me 15, 20 or if i am lucky 30% off. i take that up to the front and they start bringing it up. she swoops into her purse and scoops out the cold cash. next you know they're bringing it up and paying me to buy the shirt. right? not quite, but it kind of feels like it, right? how does a company like that make money? they make it off of volume. they could sell you the shirts for 29 dollars $.99 or they could reduce the price, bob hearn -- brought in the base or make more money off the volume. a few of you could pay the higher rates, but it wouldn't it be nice for the base to be brought and more people go back to work. my friend art laffer, i call it the kohl'curve. we do not just level things off
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the third to fix things the marriage penalty. we are encouraging through our policies not discouraging marriage. [applause] we know it is not only fiscally sound and morally sound but empirically sound. if you have a mother and daughter -- mother and father involved in raising children, we can prove it. children are much better off. they are much more like you finish school, get an education. it is a great thing for moral as well as economic recent going forward. secondly the second thing i want to talk about is reform. lift people like the president and hillary clinton but somehow believe the measured success and government and government is how many people are dependent on government. food stamps and unemployment is the measure.
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i think for the rest of us measure of success should be just the opposite. the measure should be how many people are no longer dependent on the government. [applause] you see, that is the difference. sometimes there are those in the media that believes that means we want to push people out. we understand the true prosperity does not come from the mighty hand of the government. they live their own lives and control their own desk to me to the dignity born of work. when i was a kid, my first job was watching -- washing dishes. not long after that i went up to the big time and started upping hamburgers at the ronald's. my friend paul ryan grew up 50 miles on the road from me. he was flipping burgers at janesville, the only difference is his manager told him he had slipped hamburgers in the back because he did not have interpersonal skills to work the front cash register. [laughter]
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true. kidding about that. -- kid him about that if you see him. my dad was a small-town preacher at the first baptist church. my mom worked part-time as a secretary and bookkeeper downtown. my grandparents, my mom side were farmers that did not have indoor plumbing until my mom went off to junior high's. my dad that was a machinist for 42 years. we realize we did not care it came her fortune from the family. what we got was believe if you worked hard and play by the rules you can do and be anything you want, that is the american dream. [applause] think about that. it is great to challenge people
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to think about this, government is not the answer. it is about giving people the skills they need to succeed and then go out and do it on their own. when i group on school not one of my classmates ever said to me , some day when i grow up i want to become dependent on the government. no one ever said good luck coming in dependent on the government. along the way i met them really amazing people. many people who have come here legally from places around the world. many people have told me the reason they came to america was not to become dependent on the government, the reason they came here was because it was one of the few places left in the world where it did not matter what your parents did for a living. what class you were born into, in america you can do and be anything you want. opportunity is the for all of us . if you do not remember anything else tonight, remember this. there is reason why in america we take a day off in a few weeks to celebrate the fourth of july
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and not the 15th of april because in america we celebrate our independence from the government not our dependence on it. [applause] the third thing i want to talk about for just a moment or two is about safety. what are you talking about safety? safety, what does that mean? some people in washington call it national security. i call it safety. when i see a video of a jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage, when i see christians from egypt and other places around the world be headed because of their faith, that is not something you read about, that is something you feel. you feel in your heart and your soul. even though i was a governor i do not deal with -- i deal with these issues day in and day out and has risen to the top of my
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list of priorities. [applause] i cannot tell you how frustrated i am with this president and administration. we have a president who drew a line in the sand and allowed it to be crossed. we have a president who just the past year called isis cult the jv squad who called the oven a success story, who calls iran a place we can do business with. i don't know about all of you, but i remember as a kid if rent of house and personage in the late 1970's, my brother and i tied yellow ribbons and that of my house because my friend kevin irving and allen was the youngest marine held hostage. they held american hostage for 444 days. iran is not the place we should be doing business with. [applause]
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i think about how mixed of this obama-clinton doctrine is when it comes to foreign policy. we have a president who earlier this year at the graduation ceremony stood up and actually told the graduates the number one threat to the military in the world today is global warning -- warming. i've a message for you the number one threat to the military and the per one threat to america and the world is radical islamic terrorism, and it is about time we do something about it. [applause] we need a president in this country who understand that israel is actually an ally and start treating her as such.
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we need to send a message once and for all that we need a leader in this country who will have the courage to look the american people in the eye and tell them something that may not be easy to say it will not take a day, or a week or even a month . the enemy we face today is not like the one we grew up in the cold war where containment is enough. our enemy today is like a virus and it we don't take it out, it will take us out. we need someone with the courage to say i would rather take the fight to them instead of waiting until they bring the fight to us. [applause]
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so there is a lot of stake in this next election. not just the election but the choice is that we make. do we continue a third term of the presidents failed policy by electing hillary clinton who has been intricately involved in these horrible policies we just talked about? or do we elect not just a republican, but ideally a republican who can actually get things done? i would ask you to consider this for just a moment. we have arguably one of the best fields republicans have had for president since 1980. right? [applause] we have not made an announcement yet but we just warmed to days ago what they call testing the waters committee. if you are interested go to to get more details. if we were to get in, i think we can offer something unique.
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there are a lot of good people, many of whom are good friends of mine. many of whom are fighters and who work in this capital. fighters fighting the good fight, but on the, they have not won any of the major fights yet. there are other people good at winning elections. they do not consistently take on the tough fights? i would argue we were to throw our hats in the ring what would make us unique is we do both. we fight the good fight, and we win the fight over and over again. they made us and the people of our state better because of it and i think in america, not just republicans want were conservatives want, i think americans what someone in the white house who will wake up every day asking how we will fight and win for the hard-working american people? i think that is what we need going forward. [applause]
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so i just want to end with this little bit. as challenging as these times are, difficult as the choices to be made in the next your and-a-half, i am optimistic about the future. i love america. we are can do country. unfortunately i can -- can't get it done government. i know with the right leadership we can make america great again. not just because of what we're done in our state but many of my friends around the country have done similar things in the state to live in, so i know this is our an immediate source of optimism for the future. i want to end with this. what makes me optimistic about the future is because of our history. i am reminded of this from where we came earlier today. i mentioned as a small kid i grew up in delivering, small town.
2:50 pm
as a kid, i loved history. maybe a little bit of a geek but i thought of our founders as bigger than life. like superheroes. later after we were married we got a chance to go to philadelphia. here i was up and excited. i was ready to see where the superheroes worked. we went out and went to the national park service. we made our way to independence hall. the sun was coming up. we got in the hall. as many of you know, it is not much bigger than the dais we are on right now. looked at the chairs and looked at the desk and don donley. these are ordinary people. these are ordinary people who
2:51 pm
did something extraordinary. you see, they did not just risk the political careers, business ventures, these were patriots who missed their lives. their lives for the freedom that we hold dear today. ladies and gentlemen here tonight i would tell you moments like that reminds me, and i hope they inspire you as well to know what has made america great, what has made us exceptional, what has made us the greatest country in the history of the world has been all throughout our nation's history. times of crisis be economic or crisis or military or spiritual, what has made america amazing as been throughout those times there have been men and women of courage who have been willing to think more about the future of their children and grandchildren
2:52 pm
than they thought about their own political futures. i would contend to you now this is one of those moments. this is one of those times in american history. this is the moment and opportunity that we can look back until future generations. we were there. we heated the call. we did what was required to make america great again. i have every confidence with your help and the help of the american people in the good fortune of the got above us, we will make america great again. thank you so much for coming out on your night. thank you for the chance to share with you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much and good morning. in my campaign for the
2:53 pm
presidency i am developing somewhat a reputation for going anywhere and begin to anyone. earlier this week i was on "the view." i got into a little tussle with whoopi goldberg about life. that was fun. actually it was. early on in the program i was asked to question a sickly why are you a conservative? i said this, i am a conservative because i know no one of us in -- is any better than any of the rest of us. [applause] all of us have god-given gifts. each of us has the capacity and desire to live a life of dignity and purpose and meaning, and our values principles, and our policies work better to lift
2:54 pm
everyone up. [laughter] [applause] in the course of this campaign i have been asked a lot of questions, and i have answered a lot of questions from media. one of the interesting questions i was asked one saturday morning on national television was whether or not a woman's hormones prevent her serving in the oval office. so ladies, i'm going to ask you a little question. a quiz. can you think of any instance in which a man's judgment might have and clouded by his hormones? any at all. [applause] including in the oval office. hillary clinton must not be president of the united states
2:55 pm
but not because she is woman. she must not be president of these united states because she is not trustworthy, because she lacks a track record of leadership and because her policies are bad for the people of this nation. [applause] and we had better have a nominee on that general election debate stage who will not be afraid to throw punches all night long. [applause] when i was a little girl one sunday morning my mother looked at me and said what you are is god's gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to god. i did not feel particularly get it as a young girl or young woman. so my mother's words were like a promise to me that i have
2:56 pm
god-given gifts, and they were a challenge as well, that i needed to find them and use them. i have traveled and lived and worked and done business and charity and policy work all over the world. i know with absolute certainty that it is only in the united states of america that a young woman can start out as i did typing in answering the phones for a nine person real estate this is an go on to become the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world and run for the president of the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] it is possible i think because our founders knew what my mother taught me. i founders knew everyone had god-given gifts. that everyone has potential. i have learned over and over in my life that indeed everyone does have god-given gifts for
2:57 pm
potential, usually far more than they realize. our founders built a nation on this what was a radical idea at the time, that here in this nation you have a right to facilitate potential. that is what they meant when they said life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and that right comes from god. that should not be taken away dimon or government. we are not a perfect nation, but the truth is more things have been more possible for more people in this great nation than any other time in this history it anywhere else on the face of the planet because of the profound conservative believe that all of us are each will in the ice of god and each of us has god-given gifts. [applause]
2:58 pm
you see, honestly i think that is one of the fights we have to happen this 2016 election. i do not take for granted our belief in the gifts and dignity of each and every human life. remember when the head of the chicago public teachers union said they were striking the issue, accountability in the classroom. the head of the teachers union in chicago said, we cannot be held accountable for the performance of students in our roster because too many of them are poor and come from broken families. what was she saying? if you are poor and come from a broken family come you can't learn from you don't have god-given gifts. ladies and gentlemen that is not what we believe. progressives believe some are better and smarter than others that some are going to take care of others. this is the battle we must have to restore people's understanding of what conservatism truly means and how important faith really is in
2:59 pm
this nation. i grew up a little girl of faith, but over the course of my life i must tell you my faith became more abstract. i came to a place in my life where i sort of thought of god as a big ceo. he understood basically strategically what was going on, but he did not understand the details of each and everyone of our lives. through a pastor friend of mine i came to rediscover our personal relationship with jesus christ. one morning i woke up and said if human beings can create something sophisticated as the global positioning system where literally billions and billions and billions of moving objects are kept track of in precise ways every single millisecond of every single day, if humankind can create this, then yes indeed, jesus christ knows the
3:00 pm
personal details of each and every one of our personal lives. [applause] and that personal relationship with christ would carry me through a long and difficult battle with cancer. i came to battle with cancer. i came to know there are blessings in all passages. the blessings in that passage was that i came to learn life is not measured in time. life is measured in love and moments of grace and positive contribution. when my husband frank and i, he and i happen married for 30 years, we went to the tragedy of the loss of our younger daughter to the demons of addiction, that personal relationship with jesus christ saved us again. i learned in that terrible passage that all we control in life is our own choices, a choice, first and foremost, -- i
3:01 pm
believe we are at a little moment in our nation's history and we have come from a place with the status quo of government has gone on for way too long. we have come to a place where the potential of the people of this great nation is being crushed by the weight, the hour, the corruption, the ineptitude of the government of this nation [applause] . [applause] -- nation. [applause] and, ladies and gentlemen, here is the truth. this has been going on for a very long time. every government agency has gotten bigger and got more money for 40 plus years under republicans and democrats a life.
3:02 pm
we have been tangling people's lives up in a web from which they cannot escape even if they want to, for a very long time. we have been sailing to serve those -- failing to serve those who serve us, failing to serve our veterans for at least two decades third a stain on our nation's's honor. we are witnessing now the destruction of opportunity in america for the first time in u.s. history. we are destroying more businesses than we are creating. think about that they're destroying more businesses than we are creating and it is not a business that is hurting. big business does great with big government. it is called crony capitalism. the bigger and more powerful, the more corrupt the big and federal government gets, the better it is for big business because they can hire accountants, lobbyists, lawyers,
3:03 pm
to manage complexity. think about dodd frank too big to fail, has become five banks on wall street and meanwhile thousands of banks have been trayvon out of business. the businesses we are destroying give most people in the nation their opportunity. when you get yourself out of that web of dependence, would you go? nine person real estate firm where i typed and filed. my husband frank started out as a tow truck driver in pennsylvania third it is these us small and family-owned businesses, new businesses, that create two thirds of the jobs in the nation and employ half the people. we destroy opportunity with the weight of this government, just as we are tangling people's lives up in the web of independence. every day, we open a newspaper
3:04 pm
and see yet another story of government ineptitude. it is a strong word, but honestly, when the tsa fails 96% of the time, what else to call it hurt when the irs and 2015 said, so sorry, we cannot answer test their questions because we need more money to man the phone, it is ineptitude. when we learn that shipping live anthrax around for 10 years, that is called ineptitude. it goes on and on and on. when we learn the office of personnel management has been breached by the chinese in our most sensitive information stallman, let me tell you why that is called an exited. secretary of defense and homeland security, i can tell you we have no uncertainty -- we
3:05 pm
are the most powerful nation in the world but not with the -- the government has grown so bureaucratic that it is inept at its most basic function. [applause] why has this gone on for so long? why have we come to settle for this? recall ours was intended to be citizen government. 82% of the american people in a recent poll, 82% of the american people believe we have a professional political classes more focused on the preservation of its title privilege prestige, and stature than it is on doing the people work. you know, sometimes people are not able to challenge the status
3:06 pm
quo. we now need a leader in the oval office who understands their job , to challenge the status quo of this vast, powerful, bureaucratic, corrupt and inept federal government. 2[applause] and, of course, nowhere is leadership the more missing. in the end, that is what leadership is. it is challenging the status quo per no more is leadership more necessary than in the world today than when america is not leading the world, a very dangerous and tragic ways. i know morley world leaders on the stage today than anyone else running, with the possible exception of hillary clinton though i did not do photo ops. i said very close to vladimir putin and had a long conversation with him. if you spend any time at all with him, you know he will not be persuaded by a gimmicky red
3:07 pm
reset button. ice -- i talked with him five years ago in a private meeting about the danger iran represents pair i have done business with chinese leaderships for decades. i know all of our arab allies and leaders all around the world. they won in the oval office, i would make two important phone calls. the first phone call would be to netanyahu to reassure him the united states of america will stand. [applause] that phone call is important in and of itself but guess what. every ally we have in the nation looks at the disrespect with which we are treating israel and they wonder how much their own friendship with us is worth. the second phone call i would
3:08 pm
make, he would get the message in the message would be this. new deal. whatever the deal is, you have got a new deal. unless you open up every nuclear facility to full unfettered anytime and anywhere inspections, uranium enrichment facilities, we will make it impossible to move money around the financial system. we can do that. [applause] once again, a phone call important in and of itself, but a phone call that reaches every advocate we have and says the united states of america will confront our adversaries. i would not call vladimir putin at all. we have talked too much to him. i would quickly and urgently rebuild the missile defense program, conducting military
3:09 pm
exercises, and arming ukrainians. [applause] finally, with regard to isis, president obama and secretary of state clinton are continuously putting a false choice in front of us. it takes tens of thousands of boots on the ground if you do not agree with us. that is simply not true. we have a lot of allies in the arab world that understand this is their fight. they asked us for specific things. i have known for a long time, asking us for bombs we have not provided them. we have not done it here the egyptians are asking us to share intelligence and we are not. instead of holding a camp david summit, i would hold a camp david summit with arab allies and ask them what they need to fight this fight and's b -- defeat this evil once and for all. [applause]
3:10 pm
we need someone in the oval office who understands how the economy works, who understands how the world works and who is in it, who understands how bureaucracies work because our government has become one giant, bloated, bureaucracy. understand how technology works because technology is a tool. most importantly, we need someone who understands what leadership is. it is a leader's job to challenge the status quo. leadership is about living at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the highest calling of leadership is to unlock attentional of others. we need a leader who will unlock potential of this great nation. [applause] let us acknowledge that people of sincere faith make better
3:11 pm
leaders. because our faith gives us humility. we know not one of us is any better than anyone of us. our faith gives us empathy. we know everyone of us can fall in each of us can be redeemed. our faith gives us optimism and we know things can be better. every problem we have is self-inflicted. everyone can be healed. we need leadership and citizenship. [applause] i think every day, as i know you do, as i travel the country, i sensed deep disquiet. people feel we are losing something. i think every day when i talk to the people of this great nation of the nation we can and must be, i think of lady liberty and lady justice. picture it lady liberty. she stands tall and strong. clear eyed and resolute, she
3:12 pm
does not shield her eyes from the world, which is the way america must always faced. she holds her torch high. she knows she is a beacon of hope in a troubled world. and lady justice. she holds a sword in one hand because she is a fighter. she is a warrior. for the values and principles that of made this nation great she holds the scale on the other hand. with that scale, she is saying to us, all of us are equal in the eyes of god so all of us much be -- must be equal. [applause] and she wears a blindfold. with the blindfold, she is saying to us, in this great nation, in this, the 21st century, it must be true.
3:13 pm
it can be true. that it does not matter what you look like. it does not matter who you are. it does not matter your circumstances or where you start. here, in this nation, every american's life must he filled with the possibilities that come from their god given gifts, with liberty, and justice for all. thank you so very much, ladies and gentlemen. god bless you all. [applause] thank you so much. >> we will have more from the faith and freedom conference in just a moment there we will be live with nikki haley after a shooting in the church late last week. number of political leaders are calling for the removal of the
3:14 pm
federal flag for the state capital. it plans to fight any effort to remove from the grounds of the south carolina statehouse. we will take you live to the remarks of the governor right here on c-span. live from capitol hill tomorrow a senate hearing on a cyber security breach millions of federal employees and federal contractors. we will have live coverage tomorrow morning starting at 10:30 eastern. >> like many of us, first families take vacation time. what better book than one that appears inside the personal life of every first lady in american history? "first ladies."
3:15 pm
inspiring stories of fascinating women who survived the screw near the white house. a great summertime read. available as a hardcover or e-book through your favorite bookstore or online bookseller. >> more now from the annual faith and freedom coalition conference. we heard from presidential candidates jeb bush and dr. ben carson, as well as potential candidate new jersey governor chris christie. [applause] >> good morning. it is a joy to be with you all. -- thank you for this great invitation to come back and speak here at the faith and freedom coalition meeting.
3:16 pm
it is a joy to be with you all. before i start my remarks, i would like to pause and i know many of you are concerned about what happened in charleston. i was traveling in trials in the day before yesterday and got in at 11:00 at night and saw the tragic story, our hotel was literally a block away from the church. it is appropriate to mourn because we know that a house of god as a house of peas and brotherhood, and the violence that took place in that church just breaks our hearts. this was an evil act of aggression. i don't know what was on the mind of the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes, but i do know what was in the heart of the victims. they were meeting and brotherhood and sisterhood in that church. they were praying. they were learning and studying
3:17 pm
the word of the lord. at times like these, at times of great national mourning, people of faith, all of us, must come together and at least reflect on this and fortify our strength and love of christ and him alone of god, to continue to go forth. this has had a big impact on me, and i am sure that it has with you. we need to support each other. we must continue to bear witness that the truth god asks of us. in desperate times, we can always walk upright as brothers and sisters and look to the heavens and know that we are children of god. that gives us all straight, and i know that your hearts and prayers are with the families and the pastor of those who lost allies, and let's hope that it never, ever happens again. [applause] i'm glad and honored to be here as a candidate for president of the united states, the greatest country on the face of the earth.
3:18 pm
they were not be a political speech. i thought i would talk a little bit more about my journey of faith and how faith has impacted my life personally and as a public servant. my life was transformed when i was 17 years old. i was in mexico, most of the older guys in the room won't understand this, although occasionally i can see a guy will not their head when i tell the story, but i saw a young woman and i fell in love at first sight, totally head over heels in love. she is my wife of 41 years. she is my guiding light, my soulmate, my inspiration in many ways. it took a while for us -- for me to convince her that it was love at first sight. because of her, my life became organized, focused on starting my life journey earlier than most people did.
3:19 pm
it has been a total blessing. i converted to the catholic church. christ came into my life earlier, but i converted to being catholic in honor of my wife and because i believe in the blessed sacraments and they give me great comfort. on easter sabbath, 1995, i had lost an election in 1994 and i found incredible serenity in the class to convert to being a classic, and it has been a part of my architecture, if you will, as a person, and certainly as an elected official. sometimes people are asked about this question about people who are aspiring to public life, people who are serving, they are asked whether you a little your decisions and government to be influenced by your faith. whenever i hear this, i know typically the answer is that they want to hear, no, never, of course not, i would never do that because in the game of political correctness, that is the answer they get you to the next level. that's my personal experience and it continues to this day.
3:20 pm
the endpoint is a certain kind of politician that we have all heard before, the guy whose moral convictions are so private, so deeply personal, that he refuses even to impose them on himself. [laughter] well, that's not me. how strange to hear that our faith and moral traditions spoke n of as some kind of backwards or oppressive force, when it is the moral foundation of our country, the greatest country on the face of the earth. [applause] it's also been i think in many ways if we are objected about -- objective about this and take a step back to greatest force for good in the world, the greatest force that has ever been known in the world. feeding the hungry, healing the sick, welcoming the stranger these are the tenants of our
3:21 pm
faith, and if we act on our faith each and every day, we will create a more just, more loving world. the instinct to do these things did not come from nowhere. they came from a religious tradition and we must stand together protect -- to protect those freedoms that are so sacred an important for a free society. when i got to be governor of the state of florida i insisted that we build a culture from beginning to end. it was one of the guiding principles of my joys experience. -- joyous experience. it was a crazy experience, but it was joyful to be governor of my beloved state of florida. we took special care, as that video mentioned, we took special care for the most honorable and -- vulnerable in our society because i honestly believe that as a conservative that believes in limited government, we need to put the most vulnerable in our society first, the front of the line, because they are of value, as much value as everybody else, and others need
3:22 pm
to take a step back, whether it is an abuse woman or a child with development of disabilities or a child welfare system in florida, as the most conservative governor in modern times, i shrunk the government. we created an environment of a lot so sustained growth. -- lots of high sustained economic growth. we eliminated affirmative action and replace it with a model that was not discriminatory, but allowed minorities to attend universities. we did all of these conservative things, but we also put the most vulnerable in society at the front of the line, guided by my faith. we also put the rights of the unborn at the front of the line as well. when i became governor -- [applause] -- when i became governor, i was shocked at the total lack of regulation of abortion clinics that parents have no legal role in their children's abortion decision. what we did is that we put regulations on abortion clinics. we narrowed the number of them but we made sure that there was reasonable health and safety
3:23 pm
standards to protect women. and i even in crisis and desperate times, we can always we did all these conservative things are we also put the most phone a role the front of the line, guided in my faith.
3:24 pm
we also put the rights of the unborn in the front of the line as well. when i became governor -- [applause] when i became governor, i was shocked at the total lack of regulation of abortion clinics and that parents had no legal role in their minor daughter's abortion decisions. we put regulations on abortion clinics and made sure there was reasonable health and safety standards to protect women. i let the fight for a constitutional amendment requiring parental notice for abortions and signed into law a bill that required a 40 hour notice to appear in or guardian. at meyer ching, the state of florida was the first state to sustain funding, $2 million a year to go to crisis pregnancy centers to provide counseling and therapy. to get -- give moms other choices. i signed into law a partial birth abortion ban. i helped programs to allow seniors to age with dignity. not in -- in centers where they would get the love and respect they deserve. we oversaw major reforms to conditions and standards in senior centers partially because miami and florida in general is a place where a lot of seniors exist. we better start focusing not just on the beginning of life but the end-of-life issues as well in the country and do so in a loving and compassionate way. when i was asked to intervene on behalf of all woman who could not speak of for herself, i stood on her side. i stood on the side of terri schiavo and her parents. [applause] i think that should be the first and most important instinct in this nation filled with charitable hearts. to stand on the side of the most vulnerable. the nsn. because if we do that, if we treat people with the same dignity and respect that we believe we should receive, we are going to solve a lot more problems than giving up that basic concept that allowing government to be the end-all and be-all. we could shut down government if we all acted on our sense of consciousness about helping others. if we restore that front and
3:25 pm
center as the guiding principle of what it is to be a successful person, and i know many people in this room do that, the demands on government would subside. we would all be conservatives. which should be the objective. to win this fight over the long haul by creating a self-governing people again where we define when we see the troubles that exist in our communities that we act on it. imagine a country that would be focused on that. it has been and we need to restore that front and center in our society. my belief is that religious freedom now is under attack in ways that we have never seen before. whether it is the obama administration or just the general culture, it's important for us to recognize, it has been a rough year for religious
3:26 pm
charities and their right of conscience. there seems to be an attitude that when the prevailing government policy runs headlong into views of the faithful, the faith all must yield. -- faithful must yield. i am reminded of what secretary clinton said that when clinton who have religious beliefs, they run into conflict with a woman's right to choose, for example that the people who have religious conscience have to get over it, have to get -- take a step back. in a big, diverse country we need to make sure we protect the right not just of having religious views but the right of acting on those views. religious conscience is one of the first freedoms and our country. -- in our country. [applause] we find a government agency dictating to a charity what has to go in their health plan. nevermind the objections of conscience. i do not know about you but i am betting that when it comes to doing the right and good thing the little sisters of the poor no better than the regulators of -- know better than the regulators of the health and human services. [applause] from the standpoint of religious freedom, you might say it is a choice between the little sisters and big brother, and i am going with the sisters and i hope you are as well. [applause] this conscience should also be
3:27 pm
respected when people of faith want to take a stand for traditional marriage. in a country like ours, we should recognize the power of a man and a woman loving their children with all their heart and soul as a good thing as something that is positive and helpful for those children to live a successful life. while there are people who disagree with this, we should not push aside those that do believe in traditional marriage. i for one believe it is important and i think it has got to be important over the long haul, irrespective of what the court say -- courts say. [applause] in america, our conscience has shown not just it home but found our borders, we are living in a world where this administration particularly believes that the u.s. presence in the world, it's very pleasant, it's leadership is not a force for good. that it creates more problems
3:28 pm
and benefits. this is the first president and the first -- in the post-world war ii era. we are seeing -- allowing for people of conscience outside of our country. jews are being discriminated at higher levels and christians around the world are being targeted. as we back and we do not stand up for religious freedom, then we see what happens. radical islam and their adherents are targeting christians like place it in places like iraq and throughout the middle east. cap beheaded on the shores of the iranians. christian students being targeted in a university in kenya where the muslim kids were allowed to go, the christian kids were slaughtered. over and over and over again, we are seeing this, and where is the united states? if we are going to have a strong foreign policy, we need to focus on our own national security. we need to build alliances to keep us safe, but we need to support those in the world that believe in their faith but for us, who would be there to stand by the side of someone who is courageously continuing to it here to their faith? i believe the u.s. has a role to do that and we better start doing it soon. [applause] if we get this right, if we restore the proper balance where people of faith can act on their faith, and we express our love for others by not just talking about it and acting on it, and
3:29 pm
we create a government that is the servant, not the master of our own destiny, this is going to be the most extraordinary time to be alive. this is going to be a time of abundance. this will be a time when our children and grandchildren will have much more opportunity. if we fix how we tax, how we regulate, embrace the energy revolution, focus on the things that right now are broken through proper leadership, if we fix these things, young people particularly are going to have a time that will be the greatest time to be alive in this world. we can grow faster than we are growing today. we can create a more secure world and in doing so, people of our generation, not the young people here but their parents and grandparents can fulfill
3:30 pm
what every generation has done since the beginning of the creation of this republic. we have always left things better for the next generation. can we honestly say today that that is the case? we cannot but we can fix it. i honestly believe we can. with conservative principles applying limited government, asking people to act on their hearts, become a self-governing people again, this will be the most extraordinary time in america's history. i hope that you believe that. that we shed the negativity that exist and we offer a hopeful optimistic message for people who have not heard it in a long while.
3:31 pm
the politics of grievance, the politics of angst, the politics of anger is important to fight against the overreach by the progressives. we are never going to win elections unless we inspire people to believe that the future will be bright by applying the timeless principles that we know to be true and effective. with your help, we can make that happen. i appreciate your activism. i appreciate all that you do and i humbly ask for your vote. thank you all very much. [applause]
3:32 pm
dr. carson: thank you very much. -- >> good morning. i appreciate the work you do every day in your communities to get our message out. i am distracted by this time proctor stuff. i am not barack obama. [laughter] [applause] we will do the best we can to ignore the glass panes in front of me. that might be the way it happens with the president, i'm not sure. [laughter] [applause] i saw something on one of the news stations last week to the president said something to this effect. the world respects america more because of my administration. i came to the conclusion that they that everything we have worried about is true. he is really living in his own world. look at what is happening around
3:33 pm
the world right now. when you think about the world that barack obama inherited when he came to the white house and the world he will be leaving the next president, it is startling how much damage can be done to america's reputation in seven short years. look at what is happening around the world in western europe. they live in active fear of terrorists and attacks from extremist islamists. in eastern europe, for the first time in 70 years, after the explosion of spending we did there and lives we gave up their to have a free and united
3:34 pm
europe, we have russians soldiers marching in eastern europe for the first time in 70 years. across the middle east, iraq is on fire. libya is on fire. syria is on fire. jordan is being invaded by refugees and under martial law. iran is steaming towards becoming a dominant force in that region and a nuclear power. china, we watch them build artificial islands in the south china sea and we have a president who says that he doesn't want us to sail our ships within 12 miles of those islands nor fly american planes over because he does not want to get into a dispute with the chinese. the dispute is being caused by the chinese, not by those who want to navigate the free waters of the world. you look at all these circumstances and you realize what an awful bill of goods that this president has sold the american people seven years ago. he tried to make us believe that if we just pulled back from iraq and afghanistan and said nice things in gave nice beaches that somehow the world would be a safer and more peaceful place.
3:35 pm
the exact opposite has happened. now we have fires all over the world, and the reason those fires have occurred is the lack of american leadership and the lack of american strength and this country needs to leave the world again so that it is safe for liberty and prosperity for all the people of the world and for the people that live here in the united states. [applause] this president has diminished our military, both through actions that have hurt the morale, like the awful scandal at the veterans administration where veterans have been denied the health care that they have been promised. that is a national disgrace, and this president has refused to fix it in the way that honors the service of our veterans. we have 100,000 fewer active-duty soldiers in our army. we are headed to a 260 ship navy. the smallest in our lifetimes.
3:36 pm
and a 50% reduction in the hardware in the air force. if i know these numbers, so does vladimir putin and the mullahs in iran. i believe a direct result of this president's weakness and the weakness that he has put on our militaries, we need to make our military strong. republicans have always understood that strength brings peace. it doesn't cause war. weakness causes war. [applause] speaking of weakness, let me say this. of all the people who may be considering the race for president, i'm the only one who has had the responsibility of having to prosecute and investigate terrorist conduct. i was appointed the united states attorney for new jersey on september 10, 2001.
3:37 pm
the next day, my wife went to work two blocks in the world trade center. i was on the phone with her when the second plane hit the second building. she was assuring me that every thing was fine and she was ok. the phone when out. she was evacuated. for five hours i did not hear from her. those are the longest hours of my life. our three young children wanted to know if mom was ok. thank god, she was ok. but we lost one of our dear friends in our parish in our town that day in the world trade center. our oldest on, his best friend losses father. we have watched that young man for the last 13 years and his siblings put up with the emptiness that can never be felt in the place of apparent that was lost much too young. you see, these things are not hypothetical to me.
3:38 pm
i live in a state that lost the second most people on september 11, only less than the state of new york. i went to the funerals. the people that we knew. the people who were killed that day. and what the united states congress has done in the last few weeks through their changing of the patriot act, i will take you today, it has made america weaker and more vulnerable. there is no excuse for taking legitimate tools away from our intelligence community in what is a dangerous and dirty world. the fact is that if civil liberties are your concern there are many ways for us to protect those civil liberties. i was a u.s. attorney who reviewed applications for the fisa court. i brought the first terrorism case post 9/11 of an indian born british citizen who is trying to sell shoulder fired missiles to shoot commercial airliners out of the sky.
3:39 pm
we prosecuted him with the use of the patriot act. we convicted him. we won't have to worry about him again. here are the facts. those tools allow us to do what president bush instructed us to do after 9/11, which is to never let this happen again. if congress is worried about civil liberties, how about some congressional oversight? do not put the men and women of our intelligence community in harms way and do not make america weaker and more vulnerable while al qaeda at isis are plotting every day to attack and kill us. they are shortsighted. these people who give these long speeches on capitol hill, if god for bid there is another attack
3:40 pm
in the country, will be the first one to hall them forward and escorted them for the attack. they were the ones who made the job harder for these people to do it. this is a fight we better open our eyes wide two. this is about life and death for our country. i stanford keeping america safe and strong, and not giving political speech is to raise money for presidential campaign. that's where i stand. [applause] to do these things, to reject authority around the world in a way that helps make people free and safe, to be able to strengthen our intelligence community and military, we need to invest in that. the shame of what is going on in this country right now is that 71% of what is spent is on interest and entitlement programs. lesson, those -- listen, those
3:41 pm
programs are heading towards insolvency. we know this. you know this in your heart. you know it to be true. yet, we don't want to talk about it because we are bombarded by political consultants because it is the third rail of american politics. don't touch it. i'm not going to touch it. i'm going to hug it. [laughter] [applause] we are selling our country short. worse yet, we are resigning our children to a lesser life.
3:42 pm
social security is a promise, it is a promise rooted in this idea, that no one in america who has worked hard should grow old in poverty. that's a good idea and a right idea. now we are to the point where the choices are few because of the lack of action by our leaders. yes, i said we should raise the retirement age two years over the next 25 years. think about that. the two-year increase in 25 years. i will be 77 when it becomes fully effective. will the world stop spinning on its axis for that? or say to someone who makes over $200,000 a year in retirement income that maybe you don't need to get your social security check. you've got $5 million saved if you're getting $200,000 in retirement income. do you really need your social security check?
3:43 pm
is it better to leave that person for the person who really needs it to pay the rent or buy food or pay the heating bill or go to the doctor? you see, these programs, if we don't do this, you only have two other choices everybody. either insolvency, which is creeping up on us over the next 7-8 years, or a massive tax increase on all the american people, which would be damaging to our economy and hurtful to working families today. the democrats don't touch social security because there for the working person, baloney. they don't trust social security because they don't biggest popular. leaders are not supposed to follow polls. leaders are supposed to lead by telling people what needs to be done. [applause] i have no idea how a massive payroll tax increase is good for our middle class working families. taking more money out of their pocket is not what they need and an economy that barack obama has turned into a part-time employment economy. that is what he has done. since 2007, 4 million more americans are working part-time jobs. 3.2 million fewer people are
3:44 pm
working full-time jobs. that is the economy this president has bequeathed to this country. and they want more massive tax increases on top of that. it makes no sense to me. that's why we need to reform medicare. let's increase eligibility to years over the next 25 years. if you make over $200,000 a year in retirement income, let's not subsidize 75% as we do now. let subsidizing 10%. if you have the money to pay it, you are blessed. you worked hard. this country has given you the opportunity to work hard and have that success. no place else in the world is that happen. let us make sure we understand what the real stakes are. don't listen to the people who say, you can't touch social security. this is a sacred trust. if the government lies and steals from you, what do we have left?
3:45 pm
i say, the lying and stealing has already occurred. [laughter] remember al gore in 2007. that me tell you what is in the lockbox, a stack of ious. the horse is already out of the barn. how do we get the horse back in the barn? you know it's a lot easier for the horse to run out of the barn than it is to get it back in. it is hard to do these things. we need to. that's why the first b jack given in this national conversation is on entitlement reform, not because it was strong all it takes. it was strong leadership. the democrats in new jersey said i would never get elected the first time. in a state that has not elected a republican to the senate and 42 years.
3:46 pm
it is the longest streak of any state in the country. it is the bluest state as there is an america. we be a democratic incumbent because people said that we were strong enough to tell them the truth and follow through on it. we have cut business taxes over $2 billion. we have balanced budgets six years in a row. now, teachers to get a failing grade can get fired, not have jobs for life in our children's classrooms. [applause] we reformed the pension and benefits. it still needs work. and now, we have taken a fight to the supreme court that says workers need to pay more into their pension and can knock it cost-of-living increases on the back of hard-working taxpayers in my state. not even close. 48-32 in the lower house.
3:47 pm
these guys do not wake up in the morning saying, how do we make chris christie happy today. [laughter] it does not stop me from doing the things that i think are right, and from compromising to get things done.
3:48 pm
you need to do both. when they send me planned parenthood funding and i'm the first governor to veto it out of the budget -- [applause] -- there is no room for compromise there. when you have a pension and benefit proposal that the president of the senate is willing to sponsor if you make a few changes, then yes. you need to make those changes. you need to compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. it is a principle. our government is set up to force compromise. the people of new jersey oh elected a conservative republican governor and democratic legislature. they said, let's put these things together and see what happens. [applause] in a state where we had zero net private sector job growth, for eight years, zero net private sector job growth. in the five and a half years i have been governor we have created 200,000 new private sector jobs in new jersey. we took a basket case and put it on the road to recovery.
3:49 pm
and those families who are now working know the power of our ideas and how they work for our state and country. that's what we need to fight for. putting our people back to work. [applause] when you are pro-life, you need to be pro-life for the whole life. [applause] the easiest time is when that child is in the womb. they have not done anything yet to disappoint us. [laughter] they haven't made any bad choices yet. it becomes much harder to be pro-life when they are drug addicted on the floor of a jail cell. that is a gift from god as well.
3:50 pm
that's why in new jersey we say for first-time nonviolent drug offenders, we no longer will send those people to prison. we will send them to mandatory, inpatient drug treatment because we need to save lives. everyone of those lives is a gift from god and deserves a chance at redemption. [applause] life is precious. we learn that again in south carolina. the idea that anyone, any human being, would walked into a church, sit there for an hour and pray with people that he intended to murder, is depraved, unthinkable. we can't put our minds around conduct like that, can we? i want to conclude with this today. all of the issues that i just talked about and those that i did not mention are important to the future of our country, but there is nothing more important to our country today than taking
3:51 pm
as many moments as you can to pray for the families of those victims, good, decent people who care about their church, love god and their family, the work for their communities, who served in public life, who were cut down by someone who is depraved and has seemingly confessed to the crime. in fact, he said he's scared one of his victims and told her that i'm not going to kill you because i want you to be alive to tell people what happened here. this type of conduct is something that only our display of our love and faith can change. love and changes. only the love and goodwill of the american people cannot this people know that that act was -- can let those folks know that
3:52 pm
that act was unacceptable, disgraceful, and that we need to do more to show that we love each other. open our hearts and show love to each other, that is what leadership is about to come everybody. -- about, too, everybody. and, i pray for those families today. i suspect you will too. if we can have the power of our prayers and the power of our conduct be an example to those who have hate in their hearts, then we are doing what we need to do to make our community and country better place. i know that this audience believes that. i know it is the way you live your lives. so let us use that the power we derive from that in a way that will help these families. it's moments like this when america comes together and shows the rest of the world what a great country we really are. i know you will be part of that. i will be too. i appreciate your invitation
3:53 pm
this morning, the work that you do, and i appreciate the fact that it is folks like you, your families and friends, who make this the greatest country on the face of the earth. we just have to fight to keep it that way, everybody. thank you for coming. i appreciate it. [applause] >> more from the conference in just a moment that you can watch live coverage in about 10 minutes on the conch mercy concerning the confederate flag on the grounds of the state capital with nikki haley. lindsey graham also calling for the flag to be removed. this picture was tweeted of the republican presidential candidate at the south carolina statehouse. it is expected he will be joining nikki haley at the news
3:54 pm
conference to call for the federal flag to be removed from the state capitol on. live pictures at 4:00 eastern time as charleston area political and religious leaders have been asking for that flag to come down after last week's shooting of nine african americans in their church. a tweet also saying president obama will be delivering the eulogy of the pastor killed in the charleston shooting. a south carolina state senator. before the news conference come a bit more from the faith and freedom conference. the group heard from gop presidential candidate dr. ben carson. we will show as much of his 20 minutes of remarks as we can before the remarks from south carolina. dr. carson: thank you very much. i am delighted to be here with you today. i am thinking yesterday about
3:55 pm
the terrible tragedy and charleston, south carolina, and one of the people who was killed, somebody i was talking to just a few weeks ago, the state senator who along with one of the other members, a cousin of my business manager and close friend, armstrong williamson. these things hit so close to home and if we do not pay close attention to the hatred and the division that is going on in our nation, this is a harbinger of what we can expect. i would like to take a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives. thank you. you know, faith and freedom, those are topics i like to talk about. there is no timeclock appear -- up here. you will see me checking my watch from time to time. when i was out in iowa, one of
3:56 pm
the left wings media said carson kept checking his watch. they gave me a specific time and i did not want to go over it. they always find something negative. i find it amusing. when i think about the things that really enhanced my faith, it was -- i was a youngster who was troubled. i had a horrible temper. when i was 14, another inkster -- youngster angered me. i had a large camper -- camping knife. the knife blade struck with such force he fled in terror. i was struck with terror. i was trying to kill someone over nothing. i started contemplating my life.
3:57 pm
i had turned things around academically. i was a horrible student but through the efforts of my mother, making me read, and i conquered that and became a good student. i realized i would never realize my dream of becoming a doctor with a temper like that. my choices were going to be jailed, reform school, or the grave. none of those appealed to me and i fell on my knees and i said, lord, unless you help me, i am not going to make it. there was a bible there and i picked it up and there were all these verses from the bible about false -- fools. i read them and they sounded like they were talking about me. there were these verses about anger like proverbs 19:19. encouraging verses like probert
3:58 pm
16:32. verse after verse, chapter after chapter, it seemed like they were all written about me and i came to an understanding during that time, that to lash out at somebody, to punch someone in the face was not a sign of strength. it was a sign of weakness. it meant you could be easily controlled, easily manipulated. i came to understand that being angry has a lot to do with selfishness, because it is always about me, my, and i. somebody is in myspace and took my thing. and if you can learn how to step out of the center of the equation and let it be about someone else and look at things from other people's point of view, you're not likely to get angry. that was the last day i had an angry outburst. it has never happened again since that day. [applause]
3:59 pm
but, you know, some people say you just learned how to cover it up. no. i will tell you a secret. when god fixes a problem, he does not just do a paint job. he fixes it from the inside. it is fixed. they gave me a lot of faith. i adopted god not only is my heavenly father but my earthly father to go to when you have problems. and to help you in situations. i remember as i was entering my senior year in college, i had been resisting relationships with girls, women because i did not want to get in the way of my studies and i said it is probably time to start here. i said, lord, let the next relationship be the right one because i want -- i will not resist it. he gave me the most wonderful wife and in a couple weeks we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. [applause] that is the way he is available if we just ask him for stuff in
4:00 pm
terms of our faith. when i was finishing my residency at johns hopkins johns hopkins is the modern we were opening a new neuroscience center, so all of the bigwigs from around the world were there. one from australia took a liking to me. who says you should come to australia and practice in western australia. i said, "australia, you have got to be kidding me." i didn't think about, but that is what i was thinking. you drill a hole from washington and come out in australia. and i have heard they had a whites only policy. so i wasn't all that interested. it seemed like every time i turned around, there was someone saying "g'day, mate, how are you doing?" every time i turned the tv on there is a special about australia.


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