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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 3, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EDT

9:30 am thank you for your time this morning. next, we are going to open up the phone lines. you are welcome to weigh in on the president's announcement of the climate change initiative. we have the 20's -- 2016 voters first forum tonight or the exxon and planned parenthood happening today. we will get all of that, and your phone calls, right after this break. >> tonight on "the communicators," diana degette from colorado jim land you been on how to combat recent data breaches. >> most recent attack of course on the office of personnel management but also in private
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industry, target, home depot, so many other private corporations have had customer information stolen. and so what we have realized his we can try very hard to keep ahead of the hackers, but what we need to do is think about how we minimize the need for customers to put their private information onto website. >> right now, there are legal prohibitions for sharing classified information with the private sector, and as legal prohibitions on the private sector -- sharing information back with the government, termed as acting as agents of the government, and that is not allowed. we want to allow those barriers to be removed so that you could share information on threat signatures, very narrowly defined, so you are talking about when and zeros.
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-- ones and zeros. if we could share that information, then when one hack is in one place, we can widely share that vulnerability and so it would probably protect everyone. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators" one c-span2. washington journal continues. host: we are back. we will in open phones. two topics free to discuss. "u.s. set to defend the new force in syria." "president obama has authorized airpower for a new u.s. backed fighting force in syria. raising the risk of the american military coming into direct contact with the regime of bashar al-assad.
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administration officials have been deeply concerned that can fending the pentagon backed force could inadvertently open the first open contact -- conflict the assad government. " president obama at an event around 2:15 the white house and will be talking about his climate change agenda. powerplant admission roles to alter and challenge the industry, states are likely to sue, and industry officials as well. president obama will be announcing a role announcing -- for a 32% cut in emissions by 2030. the white house put this video together ahead of today's announcement. president obama: our climate is
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changing in ways that threaten our economy, security, and health. this is not an opinion, it is fact, backed by decades of carefully collected data, and has serious implications for the way we live now. we can see it and feel it, hotter summers rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and longer wildfire season. all the disasters that are becoming more frequent expensive, and dangerous. our families experience it to. asthma rates have more than doubled. as temperatures keep warming and smog gets worse, those americans will be at greater risk of landing in the hospital. climate change is not a problem for another generation, not anymore. that is why by administration will release the final version of america's clean power plan, the most important step we have ever taken to combat power --
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climate change. until now, there have been no federal limits to the amount of pollution power plants can dump into the air. we limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury and sulfur and arsenic in our air and water, and we are better for it. existing power plants can still dump unlimited amount of harmful carbon pollution into the air we breathe. for the sake of our kids, health and safety of all americans, that is about to change. host: white house video put out yesterday ahead of today's climate change announcement around 2:50 p.m. eastern time. we are in open phones this morning in 2016 --. in 20 desk in 2016 politics news, jeb bush talks about how
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his campaign sees the upside of a donald trump surge. mr. trump's bombastic ways made it all but impossible for those buying to be the alternative to mr. bush to emerge, and easier for mr. bush the warmer further governor, to position himself as the serious and thoughtful are tentative to a candidate who has up ended the early process. a mammoth university poll of new hampshire voters last emphasized the problem for these other candidates. with mr. trump in the race, mr. christie drew 4% and mr. walker, 7%. if mr. trump were to drop out mr. christie would pick up 50% of voters and mr. walker, 14%. mr. trump is now statistically stride -- tied with scott walker. the front page of "the miami
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herald," a majority of republicans and republican-leaning independent view jet bush favorably. large numbers also like marco rubio and mike huckabee, far more than dislike them. over half dislike trump suggesting he will have a hard time reaching those hostile voters and attracting more supporters. while several others have room to surge. some of those looking to surge be at tonight's voters first residential forum in new hampshire. 14 candidates will be at this event sponsored by the union leader "the gazette" and "the post and courier" out of charleston. c-span will have the only nationalized coverage of it, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. take a look at the ad put
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together in the papers by c-span. it re-airs at 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. eastern time for those of you on the west coast. there is also in the papers this morning this headline that, donald trump was on sunday talk shows criticizing his fellow republican candidate for recording -- four courting the coke brothers. -- koch brothers. jeb bush, marco rubio, scott walker, and carly fiorina were in attendance. we are in open phones. go ahead with your thoughts, william in prescott, arizona, a republican. caller: good morning. i was watching about our climate change in the united states, how some companies will restrict
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stuff and yet china keeps building one cold plan every week. -- coal plant every week. i heard on tv once that back in the viking days, ozone was worse. i do think there is climate change but we are not going to be able to do anything if we cut our economy off here. china is going to keep on building and building and polluting the world so it really is not going to do anything. i am sure glad for c-span. i just woke up in a casino. i had been watching about alzheimer's, which is fantastic. they are not trying to do everything's i think they should be doing. thank you very much. host: robert in mesa, arizona
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an independent caller. caller: about climate control the reason that people -- climate change, not control. the reason that people do not believe that there is actually climate change is that politicians, whether it be independent, republican, or democrat, people just do not believe them. that is why they are not taking it seriously. if you want to know how serious it is, it is very, very serious. host: all right robert. steve in york, pennsylvania. caller: dealing with this climate change a little bit, the same people that are saying it now, yeah, i do think there is
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some climate change, but will it get worse? yes, and i am going to say why i think it is going to. the fact is, this country has gone against god and the holy bible, and it tells you that it will continue to get worse before jesus christ comes back. and it is because we have turned our back on him in doing things in our own eyes and not on what god wants. it is going to get worse. if the government gets this, if obama and his people get this, they are going to see higher taxes but your electrical power grid and everything, you are going to pay a great deal more money. they will be able to control what you can do and what you cannot do. thank you. host: we are in open phones this
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morning, taking your calls on any public policy issues that have been in the news, getting your thoughts on that. many of you are familiar with the c-span bus that has been in many of your communities across the country. it is an interactive, multimedia learning center that brings c-span2 communities nationwide. in each city, we partner with cable affiliates to talk to students, teachers, and the public about how to use c-span's programming. a special out allows you to explore presidential candidates from the campaign trail.
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to learn more about this, good to you can find more information. mark and florida, democrat. caller: i just wanted to comment about vice president joe biden talking about he was possibly going to run. i think that is just going to screw up hillary. the whole plan -- i believe that is what will happen as it would just screw up hillary. host: do you think he needs to stay out? caller: yeah, i think he needs to stay out and let hillary, she was the first one to come out for the democrats and say she was going to run, and then bernie sanders followed her. i think she will end up beating bernie sanders but i think joe biden will throw a curveball in their. host: is not a good thing to
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have a primary battle and see where both people, all the candidates come out on different issues? other democrats have been attacking hillary clinton for not saying how she would vote on keystone, not saying on what she thinks about these trade deals. caller: it seems like he might be a little bit old to be president. host: mark, democrat from florida. on saturday the new york times reported that joe biden is said to be looking at a presidential run and would not make an announcement until after august. his associates have begun to actively explore a presidential campaign which would deliver a direct threat to hillary clinton. advisors have started to reach out to donors.
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i've been in lake worth, florida, and independent. we are in open phones. caller: i resent anything that has to do with donald trump. he is interfering with what i have known in my 88 years of decency of running for the president of the united states. host: ivan with his comments on donald trump. a new poll showing that donald trump tops the field. donald trump with 19%, followed by scott walker, jeb bush, ben carson, ted cruz, mike huckabee, rand paul, marco rubio, chris christie, and john kasich. we're in open phones this morning, talking about different issues out there, wanting you to weigh in. call in and give us your take on all these different public policy issues. you have the 2016 field, action
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in the senate. the house, lawmakers have just washington but the senate is in and they are slated to vote late this afternoon, around 5:00 or so, one a bill, they would vote on legislation to move to a bill that would unfunded planned parenthood. that is the story on the front page of "the washington times," and it says "even as pro-choice groups take to federal court to stop the release more graphic, under cover videos on the fetal tissue business." earlier we spoke with peter sullivan about this. >> it is going to take place this afternoon, probably later in the afternoon. it is a procedural vote to actually get, to start the debate on the bill to defund
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planned parenthood, cut off that $500 million. as you mentioned, the vote is likely to fail because it needs a 60 vote threshold, and probably hardly any democrats, if any, are going to vote for it so there probably are not the vote. it will be a procedural vote to move to the bill and then it is not going to go forward. host: but then what happens? some republicans are saying their leadership should continue to fight on this. >> right, so this could be a fight that goes on for a while. it could go on into the fall, in september. we will see whether this comes back after congress returns. they have to figure out how to fund the government by october 1, and there are many republicans who say, we should be defunding planned parenthood in the spending bill and
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appropriations bill, and they are not going to vote for anything that includes funding for planned parenthood, which in theory could lead to a government shutdown if the sides cannot agree on it. it is definitely something that has been kind of fired up by these controversial videos and could definitely come back in the fall. host: what is the republican leadership's hang about this, about the prospects of a shutdown over the controversial videos and funding for planned parenthood? do they think it is worth shutting down the government? >> they say they do not want to shut down the government. when senator mitch mcconnell won the majority in november, he said, we are not going to be shutting down the government and he has not changed on that. leadership does not want to shut down the government. they also say that they do want to defund planned parenthood so this could be intention. we are going to see how strongly
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they push to defund planned parenthood. the house states the leadership has so much -- so far been a little bit more conscious -- cautious. they have not had any votes to defund planned parenthood, which has annoyed some of their rank-and-file members to a certain degree. it seems more rank-and-file driven, this may be heading toward a shutdown. i do not think leadership once a shutdown. host: what is the white house saying with mark -- say? >> they say they are going to veto any spending bill that defines planned parenthood -- defunds planned parenthood. they say they are going to make sure there is funding for planned parenthood, and i'm sure they will be ready with their argument that republicans are yet again shutting down the government over cutting off access to women's health. they are getting their side
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ready for the fight here. host: earlier today talking to "the hill is quote newspaper about the vote coming up, set to vote on this closure vote which would allow them to move for the bill to defund planned parenthood. politico says, "even if they manage to overcome the political obstacles, they may still collide medicaid law. " "planned parenthood got most of its taxpayer support last fiscal year from two main pots of money -- the medicaid health care program for low income people and grants such as the title ask family-planning program. if any bill that cut funding to
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planned parenthood, stopping money would be relatively easy. congress controls that money could decide who gets much and who gets done at all. but severing planned parenthood for medicaid could be more. " 75% of its funding is state and federal medicaid dollars although it would not give a breakdown in states have tried to expel planned parenthood clinics from the medicaid programs, they've ended up in court. the same thing could happen to a federal. caller: donald trump talks about mexicans coming over here as rapists but in the united states, they convict people without dna evidence. victims sit and lie and say they have been raped. if you know the courthouse will
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charge you with a rape case without dna evidence. that is in justice all day long. host: one person you will not see at tonight's voters first forum will be donald trump along with mike huckabee and james gilmore. there will be 14 candidates participating in tonight's forum , and we will have coverage of that. c-span is the only place to watch it nationally. 7:00 p.m., our coverage begins. i live in south carolina papers spot -- iowa and south carolina papers sponsoring the forum. lindsey graham, rick santorum, bobby jindal, george pataki, and carly fiorina are not expected to get on the main stage for the fox news debate that will be
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taking place on thursday. "the washington times" says this -- it is unlikely to influence who makes it into the first republican national committee sanctioned debate is fox news has said the top 10 candidates will be determined based on polls as of 5:00 p.m. tuesday. for some of those who are left out of the 9:00 p.m. debate thursday at quicken loans arena in downtown cleveland, fox will host a 5:00 p.m. event described as the kids table. carol, cohead. caller: good morning. i have been listening to all of the debate going on and all these men calling in about the planned parenthood. my question is, what do these men got their boys to say about this planned parenthood? they are not that have these babies, carry them nine months
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and have to deliver them. it is the women that development work, the men do not do the work , so what does it have to do with them? host: and carol, you are a republican? caller: yes, i am, and i have a daughter who has had three children. i took her as she was growing up i took her to the health department. she went and got her checkups done by the health department, and there is nothing wrong with taking your children to the health department. i do not know anything about this planned parenthood because where i live, there is not a planned parenthood so i've never heard anything about it. host: we will talk to patty next in memphis tennessee, a democrat. caller: i think donald trump may win and none of the christians have talked about, he just may be the antichrist that they have been talking about for so long. i like donald trump. he tells it like it is, and so i
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believe he will one day be our president. but people, the men should not have anything to do with women's reproductive systems. i used to work, not in planned parenthood but where we gave out pills and things like that, and women need that. like the other woman said, who is going to take care of the babies? the men are not. host: chris in redding, california, a democrat. caller: i would just like to ask all the voters to check out bernie sanders' voting record and listen to what he has to say. i think he is the best choice and they will think that too if the checking out. thank you. host: why do you choose him over the former secretary of state? caller: i choose him because he has stuck by his principles for the past 40 years.
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he has not changed his stances. he is not taking money from corporations like hillary is. he takes money from small donors and there is a political revolution going on with bernie sanders. host: take a look at the first ad by hillary clinton in this 2016 contest. a million-dollar ad in iowa and new hampshire. one of them talking about why she is running. >> when i think about why i am doing this, i think about my mother, dorothy. she was abandoned by her parents at the age of eight, sent to chicago to live with grandparents who did not want her, but people showed her kindness, gave her a chance. like the teacher who saw my mother had no money for food and started ringing her extra from home whispering, dorothy, i just brought too much food
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today. she went to work in somebody else's home at age 14 and it opened her eyes. she saw parents that loved and cared for their children, and that is the kind of loving family she provided for us. when she needed a champion someone was there. i think about all of the dorothy's all over america who fight for their families, who never give up. that is why i am doing this. that is why i have always done this, for all of the dorothy's. i have hillary clinton and i approve this message. host: first campaign ads by the former secretary of state. gene in lockport, louisiana, independent. good morning. caller: i am a vietnam veteran and donald is for the veterans. he is going to win, and that is all i have to say. host: we will go to columbus,
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ohio, philip, an independent. caller: i just wanted to make a comment. i think there is a lot of hypocrisy, especially with republicans. they want to defund planned parenthood but no one is speaking about israel. they have legalized their abortions, and we send aliens of dollars, taxpayers spend billions of dollars supporting israel -- billions of dollars, taxpayers spend billions of dollars supporting israel. i support less money for financial aid for countries that support abortion. caller: i have something to say about planned parenthood. the women that go to planned parenthood and have abortions do not want these children. if they are forced to have these children, then they can take them home, they can starve them, they can beat them, they can
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leave them alone for weeks on end, where they can give them to their boyfriend who could throw them up against the wall or shake them to death. what is the choice. host: elaine in clearwater, florida. that does it for today's "washington journal." a reminder, the voters first form republican presidential debate will be in new hampshire tonight on c-span at 7:00. we will be back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. ♪ >> the hill newspaper reporting
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on tougher climate change rules for power plants that the obama administration is releasing today. u.s. power generators will be required to cut their carbon dioxide output by 32% in the first ever limit. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell says he is making it a priority to fight that rule and that it threatens the life blood of the economy. multiple states also planning on filing their lawsuits. here is the video announcement from the white house. president obama: our climate is changing in ways that threaten our economy, security, and health. this is not opinion, it is fact, backed by decades of carefully collected data. it has serious indications for the way we live now. we can see it and feel it's, hotter summers, lighting


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