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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 7, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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bump discuss voter turnout and presidentialfrom elections since the late 1970's. plus, facebook comments and tweets. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: some of the words being used to describe last night's republican debate, spicy, raucous, carnival atmosphere and one headline says reality comes comes tost reality tv the republican stage. here are the numbers to call. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. if not by phone, you can weigh
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in be a social media -- via social media. we look forward to talking to you this morning. lots of sound, lots of clips from the debate over the next two hours. here's one of the writeups in the new york times. donald j trump was outrageous, demeaning, menacing.
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from the opening moments of the evening when he flashed a ride grin and a mischievous victory sign mr. trump was making news. here's a look. [video clip] whos there anyone on stage is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual ee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? raise your hand now if you will not make that pledge tonight. mr. trump.
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to be clear, you are standing on a republican -- >> i fully understand. >> the place where the rnc will give the nominee the nod. >> i fully understand. >> an independent run would certainly hand the race over to democrats and likely another clinton. you cannot say tonight that you can make that pledge. >> i have to respect the person -- if it's not me, the person that wins -- if i do win, and i'm weeding by quite a bit, that's what i want to do. i can totally make that pledge if i'm the nominee. i will not run as an independent. i am discussing it with everybody. talking about a lot of leverage -- we want to win and we will win. , want to win as the republican i want to run as the republican nominee. >> you can't say if another one of these -- >> he buys and sells politicians of all stripes.
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already hedged his bets on the clintons. if he does not run as a republican, maybe he supports clinton or maybe he runs as an independent. he's already hedging his bets because he is used to buying politicians. >> i've given him plenty of money. >> we will move on. you will not make the pledge tonight. >> i will not make the pledge at this time. when mr. writer said trump's hand went up to that question, several republicans look flabbergasted. here are some other headlines . --mp takes on gang trump at the center of gop tussle. if you look at the front page of oie washington post, trump r gop's first debatel.
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appeared to lead in nomination --test just as it was before just below this piece is an interesting graph about how many minutes each of the candidates spent talking. if you look from right to left, you will see rand paul spoke for five minutes, scott walker just under six, governor christie a little over six minutes, ben carson 6.5 minutes, ted cruz closer to seven minutes, marco
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rubio closer to seven minutes, mike huckabee just under seven, john kasich is under seven, jeb bush just under nine and donald trump led the way with 10 minutes 31 seconds of talking last night. one more exchange, another one making a ton of news this morning as megan kelly asked about donald trump's comments on women. , one of the things people of the body was that you speak your mind. it soundst what like when you talk about women you called women fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. [applause] .> no, it wasn't and was well beyond rosie
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o'donnell. your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. this that unlike the temperament of a man we should elect as president and how will you answer the charge of hillary clinton that you are part of the war on women? >> the big problem this country has is being politically correct. [applause] i've been challenged by so many people and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time, either. this country is in big trouble, we don't win anymore, we lose to china, we lose to mexico and trade and that the border, we lose to everybody.
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what i say and often times it is fun and kidding and we have a good time, what i say is what i say and honestly, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you, although i could not be based on the way you have treated me. but i would not do that. you know why? strength, we need energy , we need quickness and we need brain in this country to turn it around. that i can tell you right now. host: donald j trump posted this tweet -- "i really enjoyed the debate tonight even though the fox news trio was not very good or professional." another tweet said she was angry and overrated. now, it is time for your calls. who won the debate? derek in maryland. democratic caller. good morning. caller: good morning.
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-- the guy does reality tv. he is just like sean hannity. ofn hannity is the king yellow journalism. all he is about his ratings. they take the sky too serious. he knows what he is doing. he can never be the president. he knows what he is doing and republicans have a hard time because they don't understand that they have no chance of having a republican as being the president. -- they take this guy too serious. in the next election, if hillary clinton is the president and and sub picking someone like secretary castro, we all know republicans will lose.
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they will lose texas. host: derek from randallstown. paul in orlando on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i hope the morning finds your viewers well. carly fiorina one the night, hands down. the night, hands down. discipline, focused, smart. very presidential. if we want to know what an american version of margaret thatcher looks like, we just saw her last night. hillary clinton will not stand a chance on the debate stage with carly. carly will not let the liberals and hillary get away with that republican war on women.
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i've been keeping my eye on her for a while. i went into the debate thinking if she could get down here to florida, she will get my vote. i'm pretty sure she will make it to florida. if the republicans are smart, they will have a ticket with carly on top and if carly is smart, she has hinted about it, a carly fiorina-marco rubio ticket will be tough for the democrats. host: the former hp ceo making a lot of news today. his trump, shines in the early event. this was the 5:00 p.m. debate with the seven candidates who did not make the evening debate. they say she leveled the first trump,f attack at donald
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questioning his previous donations to bill clinton's foundation and the reports that mr. trump and mr. clinton spoke before the billionaire businessman announced his candidacy. did any of you get a phone call from bill clinton? i did not. it be because i did not give money to the foundation or donated to his wife's senate campaign. here is carly fiorina from yesterday. [video clip] >> hillary clinton lies about ,enghazi, lies about e-mails still defending planned parenthood and she is still her parties front runner. be a fight between conservatism and the democrat party that is undermining the character of this nation. we need a nominee who is going to throw every punch, not pull punches, and someone who cannot stumble before he even gets into the ring. i'm not a member of the political class, i am a conservative. i can win this job, i can do this job.
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i need your help and support. lead the resurgence of this great nation. thank you. host: as to megan kelly, we have this tweet. fred is on the line from cherry hill, new jersey. democrat. won.r: not sure anybody wasthing that struck me there was no single mention of climate change. the greatest issue facing the world. it's like it does not exist. even the pope recognizes it is a problem. candidates,is these maybe with the exception of mr. trump come are competing for the
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koch brothers money. some of them even went so far -- jeb bush acknowledges climate change exists, but last night, he said he would approve the keystone pipeline. he doesn't intend to do anything meaningful about it. i did not see anything last night that impressed me. host: fred looking for comments on climate change. -- mikear from night from pennsylvania. republican. i think there were so many good ones -- i liked mike huckabee the best.
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he really came across well. -- i think all the candidates did a great job at one point or another, except for trump. he was the clear loser. he is bad for the republican party in this country. i never believed he was a committed conservative or had any -- host: what was it he did or said last night that makes you say he is the loser? caller: the first thing he did was right from the start when they asked that question if you would run for third party or not. for him to say he would run third-party tells me he is not interested in beating hillary clinton. he wants to give the election to for a party,g similar to what ross perot did
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to george bush when clinton ran. he spoke to clinton in may and things like that, tells me -- -- heuld he speak to would have sought out some conservative or republican he respected. not bill clinton. the other media outlets, when they have their debates -- they want to push him forward. they would rather see a donald trump on stage because he makes things exciting. , he would givey election to hillary clinton. argumentative, his outrageousness, the comment he made with megan kelly shows he
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is not there to lead all americans and all people. he is there to make waves. that is his job. host: marie responding to the earlier caller who wanted some dialogue on climate change. it is not the biggest threat to this nation. it failed politicians are. here's what bernie sanders had to say. -- hillary clinton tweeted as well -- james from missouri. democratic caller. what did you think? caller: good morning. i did not get to watch the entirety of it, but i did catch
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the part -- republicans are shooting themselves in the foot, basically. they sound like the typical politicians. issues --different they want straight shooters. you might not like some of the things donald trump says, but you have to give him props for laying it on the line. ent --transpar host: this tweet -- another strong exchange during the debate last night came from a couple of candidates we have not heard from just yet. paul hadistie and rand an exchange on the nsa. here's a look. [video clip] >> you've said that senator paul
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's opposition to the nsa's collection of phone records has made the united states weaker and more vulnerable, even going so far as to say he should be called before congress to answer for it if we should be hit by another terrorist attack. do you really believe you can assign blame to senator paul for opposing the bulk collection of people's phone records in the event of a terrorist attack? >> yes, i do. i'm the only person on this stage who has actually filed applications under the patriot foreigne before the intelligence service corps, who has prosecuted and investigated and jailed terrorists in this country after september 11. i was employed he was attorney on to attend, 2001. theworld changed enormously next day. this is not theoretical to me. we lost friends of ours that a. my own wife was two blocks from
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the trade center that they. when you have to be responsible for doing this -- we did it for seven years my office, respecting civil liberties and protecting the homeland. i will make no apologies for protecting the lives and safety of the american people. we had to give more tools to our folks to be able to do that, not fewer. and the trust those people and oversee them to do with the right way as president, that's exactly what i will do. [applause] >> me i respond? >-- may i respond? >> i want to collect more records from terrorists and less records from innocent americans. [applause] >> the fourth amendment was what we fought the revolution over.
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-- >> when you are sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you are responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, when you need to do is make sure that -- [indiscernible] >> you've fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights . every time you did a case, you got a warrant from a judge. i'm talking about searches without warrants, indiscriminately of all american's records and that's what i fought to end. i do not trust president obama with our phone records. i know you gave him a big hug. [applause]
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you know, senator paul. igs i remember are the hugs gave to the families who lost their people on september 11. those are the hugs iran brenda's had nothing to do with politics. remember had nothing to do with politics. >> we have plenty more we want to get to. to come from the fox republican presidential debate last night and lots more of your calls and engagement via social media. philip from florida. democrat. the first thing out of make its mouth, we know she has a history with trump to start with, was that gop thing. trumpas set up to set
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up. when they asked him the thing about the gop, whether he would stay in the gop or not -- that was roughshod over trump. he keeps that to keep the gop at bay. the next thing was the thing with rosie o'donnell and women. he does that with not only just that aret even guys not to standard, that don't hold themselves as the standard, he cuts them down just the way he does with women. if they don't hold himself -- show, if theyhis don't hold the line, he cuts them down just like he does women. he doesn't have a preference to who he cuts down.
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host: what do you make of the process? 10 of these folks on stage for two hours. how does the process work for you? caller: it is kind of a short deal and not an overall deal because trump don't work his thing like politicians does. she came got nobody buying his ticket, he is a businessman. int got nobody buying his ticket. he will get the job done. i am a businessman. that's the way it works. the ones who win last night was the lady and huckabee. the lady should be president and huckabee would be vice president. if you want to go by those debates. host: dorothy on facebook says this --
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bob from louisville, kentucky. independent caller. caller: thank you very much for taking my call. the one i thought did good was trump. what i'm looking for in the president is a patriot. he is the only one who sounds like a patriot. them are on their knees at the party trough. trump stands up, by god. patriot is what i looking for. i'm not a democrat or republican. i want a patriot in the office. host: ralph writes in the washington times today --
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there is zero expectation that any winning coalition will begin forming around candidates anytime soon. it's likely that donald trump will lead the field for a wild and many others can stay a float thanks to donors.
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stephen pryor in oklahoma. republican caller. hello. maryland,caller from the way some of his own neighbors are turned up -- turned up baltimore when it's run by democrats -- i really like john kasich. he had some good points. the balanced the budget. clinton would have never done it at all. he beat the democrats. they paid union people to get rid of him. he beat them twice. i like walker and john kasich and rubio is ok.
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country at lead this lot better than that guy in the white house. can lead this country a lot better than that guy in the white house. host: mentioning john kasich, the governor of ohio. he sent a tweaked last night nightet last -- we put a poll on her facebook page. -- our facebook page. who do you think won the debate? john kasich is on top of the pole with 833 votes. donald trump at 747 and rand 460. [video clip] >> if you had a son or daughter
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who was gay or lesbian, how would you explain your opposition to same-sex marriage? >> i'm an old-fashioned person and i happy to believe this happened to believe in traditional marriage. the court has ruled and i said we will accept it. i just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. because somebody doesn't think the way i do doesn't mean i love them. about or if one of my daughters happens to be that, of course i would love them and i would accept them. that's what we are taught when we have strong faith. are planted tot divide us. the simple fact of the matter is -- i've been saying it all along, we need to give everybody a chance, treat everybody with respect and let them share in this great american dream that we have. i will love my daughters no
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matter what they do. god gives me unconditional love and i will give it to my family and my friends and the people around me. kimberly in memphis, tennessee. republican caller. who won last night? caller: i will tell you something -- i extremely respect mike huckabee. campaignim in the last . romney.s for mitt i will tell you why i was for mitt romney. he was a businessman. this country needs to be run like a business. if it is not, we will lose all the way around. host: there are two well-known business people in the race. donald trump and carly fiorina.
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do either of them speak to you? caller: donald trump does. host: what appeals to you? says,: it's not what he it's what he has done. difference such a period. wise, it's not just that. donald trump is a straight up. you know what you are going to get. he tells it like it is. as far as what anyone else being crass orm outspoken -- that's what he is. host: let me jump in.
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that last point you made, robert tweets in -- caller: i've never seen the man drunk. host: anything else, can kimberly? caller: i feel that president -- he is building his army. illegalnting to bring immigrants over here. they don't have to pay taxes for 10 years. alone voting and the mexican and just illegal immigrants, they are wanting their funds.
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that's why they are wanting them here. i don't mind immigrants coming to our country as long as it is done legally. ok? host: ok. thank you for calling. jim from texas. democratic caller. good morning, jim. caller: good morning. the reason i called is because i don't think huckabee will get media.hooha from the it's unfortunate because i think he is a good man. somebody you can trust. i think trump is nothing more than a used car salesman for lamborghinis. he would sell his mother on the street corner if you thought it would close the deal. i'm awful sorry that i have to talk like that. we don't want somebody that has a good clip on the news. thank you very much.
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host: david in maryland. independent caller. caller: good morning. i was totally surprised with how the debate went. are the republican party -- good responses from all the candidates. great energy from the crowd. if there are two takeaways from last night, it's an excited, pumped up republican party. i would say that if there was any candidate that surprised people the most and came out looking better than they did before hand, i would say it is carly fiorina. i had never heard much about her before last night. pretty much everyone agrees that she handed it to them in the first debate. i am a rand paul supporter.
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he had a couple moments last night when he seemed a little uninterested. he probably needs to come across as a little nicer. it was a great debate. host: a little more from facebook -- we look forward to you leaving your comments and more tweets as well -- the hillnd losers in this morning. they say the winners donald trump. john kasich part of the winning team. he made it into the debate by the skin of his teeth but delivered a strong performance in his home state.
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did come across as polished, confident and composed. chris christie struggled in the but hasof bridge gate always been a talented debater. mixed reaction from the hill. .ike huckabee and ted cruz in the loser column, rand paul, ben carson, scott walker and jeb bush. he delivered an uncertain performance, never really asserted himself, being ever shadowed this overshadowed by trump. nights jeb bush last talking about iraq. [video clip] >> to the families of those who died in that war who said they liberated a country, how do you the -- them now and save say the war was a mistake? , notowing what we know now
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having security be the first priority, it was not a mistake. i would have gone in. for the people who did lose their lives in the families who suffered, i know this full well because as governor of the state of florida, i told everyone of them that i was praying for them, i cared about them. it was very hard to do. they areof them said proud that they did not die in vain. here is the lesson that we should take from this which relates to this whole subject. barack obama became president and he abandoned iraq. he left. al qaeda was done for -- isis was created because of the void that we left. that exists as a caliphate the size of indiana. to honor the people that died, we need to stop the iran hadement because they've
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their blood on their hands and we need to take out ices with every tool at our disposal. about governor bush -- chris from michigan. independent caller. who won last night? caller: i thought carly fiorina, scott walker and marco rubio and huckabee all responded presidentially. i think people better take a serious look at ben carson. a thingy, c-span had coverage and how much coverage everybody gets prior to these campaigns. ben carson was third from the bottom but he consistently scores anywhere from six-second highest on the polls. in poverty detroit
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and rose through education. he lived in detroit and has seen the progressive policies, how they have run that town into the ground. he is not awill say politician, he can never win. how are all these ivy league experienced politicians with these law degrees, how is that working out for you? i will take a serious look at ben carson. host: lexington, kentucky. martha is a republican. who do you think won? caller: i think john kasich done good. i think they said trump up. -- set trump up. they had asked him this question before, if he would do that.
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that was the first question they asked. they knew he was going to raise his hand because he'd said it and he wasn't going to back down. they sat him up. he already talked about this. he said rand paul was going to be the one that would rise up -- this is exactly what happened. in there.t want trump the rich republicans, because they know they will not be able to tell him what to do. money, not take their they will not own him and they are scared to death of this man. they picked the last two presidents for the republicans. where did that get us? that got us obama. i think that people should be
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the ones to pick the president, not the money. people need to listen this time. so we can get somebody that can win. thejohn kasich did good. i like ted cruz. i think they should give trump a chance. host: martha from lexington, kentucky. writes that john kasich is dealing jeb bush's thunder. one of the biggest debate winners was the ohio governor. debate, theural gop swing state governor with a message of economic mobility made his mark entering the debate stage to loud applause. he touted his brand of compassionate conservatism and disarmament skeptics, coming crisp talking points. john kasich is killing it.
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hopeful, uplifting and optimistic. a tweet from the former spokesperson for george dubya george w. bush. he has made a compelling case .hat he is a viable contender the national journal. nancy from austin, texas. good morning. thought that was interesting, what you just said -- john kasich might win over the establishment. good. i think who won the debate was rand paul. he was one of the few who had any substance in his talking points. he told us our government has been funding and arming isis.
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they are driving around american humvees. americans should be outraged. i don't see the talking heads talking about that this morning. inis christie outdid him their little back-and-forth, which is absolutely not reality. rand paul was sitting here talking about our constitution and trying to uphold it in chris christie was saying we don't need to pay any attention to that. that's what this country was founded on, people. those are our basic underlying liberties and randy is saying get a warrant and you can spy on people as much as you want. just get a warrant. he pointed out that is what chris christie had done this he had gotten a warrant. he did not even know what he was talking about. this whole point gets lost. i think rand paul is the man of substance. host: he was third in the poll
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that we put out after the debate last night. we will see how he and the other candidates are doing. we will have a little more than an hour of your calls and comments via social media. one major story that is not part of this debate story that we wanted to point out to you. chuck schumer announced during the debate that he is joining the opposition to the iran deal. he's had last night he will oppose the president's landmark nuclear agreement with iran. -- he said last night.
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that story breaking last night. the congress is now on a month-long break. september,e back in right after labor day. we expect they will start for discussion and debate -- floor discussion and debate because they are on that 60 day clock. surely, thank you for waiting. detroit, michigan. democrat. irley. it's a tie between john
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kasich, mike huckabee has ben carson. host: how did they catch your attention? caller: i don't think anybody expected the governor to be able become the light of the entire debate. i'm not a republican, i am a democrat. mike huckabee has come around somewhat from his views in the past, but he seems to have stood for the american people. go -- as the safety nets people are not into reality. they are in their fantasy world about how you eliminate, but he is looking at reality. ben carson is a very smart man overall. even though he may have never really been in government and he has been in medicine most of his life, he is a brilliant young man.
7:47 am
he is very knowledgeable about almost everything they were talking about. he has an answer for it because showows this has been a for a lot of these politicians. i believe they have been bought. the reason why donald trump is causing so much flair is nobody can buy him. everybody else can be bought. and they have been bought. he iss the reason why saying what he is saying because he knows the upper crust cannot touch him. didid i will watch it and i -- i watched it until the end. , i believeporters they knew the question they were going to ask certain people.
7:48 am
many questions the candidates would be asked and it was very noticeable. the lady from kentucky was right about that. huckabee seems turned a little as far as being more compassionate about the overall needs of america. if it wasn't for those safety nets, our country would be like a lot of these other countries that are trying to leave and escape because of so much abuse government controlling and all this corruption and people being hungry and our country would be just like that if it was not for those safety nets that were put in place by some of our former presidents like roosevelt and the ones that came along, kennedy and johnson and all that. if it wasn't for those safety nets come our country would have been just like the rest of the
7:49 am
country's. otherwe want to let some folks get their views in, including julie from new haven, connecticut. public in. republican. who won last night? winner?e a caller: i made several notes here. i'm not sure if that is the right question for me. i am a democrat. democrat, but i am feeling very much like many democrats, i swing over as a republican and i will most likely change. anyone wonm not sure . we look at the information in the paper, you talk about how many minutes each candidate had.
7:50 am
i don't think that qualifies a winner. it presents their case on who they are, what they stand for in a very short time. it is too soon. i must say this. what is happening with the media about that itlk was a carnival in the circus, i called this the american process. this is beautiful. the zeal, enthusiasm, what happens during this time and the to kinds the tendency of disparage the process. instead of disparaging the process, why don't they encourage outspokenness, encourage everything that makes this country great?
7:51 am
secondly, i'm very disappointed with megan kelly. i felt she had a particular bias and prejudice against ultra. -- against donald trump. i don't remember her giving any other candidate a smug smirk, her body language or her speech -- she was really going after him as a war on men. pleading with all these candidates, please, remember why you weren't there. you are representing the american people. we cannot have another hillary obama. .- remember why you are there i pray and hope that everybody plays well, plays tough, rolls around in the dirt, but come out of this smelling like a rose. thank you. host: a tweet from rick santorum
7:52 am
-- carly fiorina mentioned many times in this program. in print this morning, here is a tweet -- usa today put fiorina on its ,ront page, speaking at a forum talking about this raucous debate she was at. she and rick perry spoke last night about donald trump. [video clip] >> when you look at the celebrity of donald trump, that says a lot about him. giuliani was rudy leading the polls for almost a year. part of that was his celebrity. read thompson was the other one.
7:53 am
a man who spent a lot of time on that screen. i've had my issues with donald trump. i talk about donald trump from the standpoint of being an individual who is using his celebrity rather than his conservatism. for theyou run republican nomination and before single-payer health care -- be for single-payer health care? nobody on the state has done more than i've done to deal with securing that order. we set our econ teams, parts and presidentdlife -- mr. , if you will not secure the border, texas will. and that's exactly what we did. we need a president who doesn't
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just talk a game but a president who has real results. >> i did not get a phone call from bill clinton before i jumped in the race. any of you get a phone call from bill clinton? i do not. maybe it's because i didn't give money to the foundation or donate to his wife's campaign. donald trump is the party front-runner right now and good for him. i think he has tempted when tappedhat people fear -- into an anger that people feel . whatever problem you will will be resolved, the political class has failed you. that's what donald trump taps into. since he has changed his mind on amnesty and health care and abortion, i would ask what are the principles by which he will govern? host: the earlier debate, the debaterd, the happy hour . --the national review online
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5:00 p.m. debate to which the seven republican candidates who do not fight for -- whometime debate were did not qualify for the primetime debate. brian calling from waldorf, maryland. independent caller. caller: fox news can no longer claim to be fair and balanced after last night's assault on donald trump. what they tried to do was take out mr. trump and that will massively backfire on them. host: we have plenty of time here. i've been meaning to ask callers , where do you think that line should be drawn for these takedown andween a also relevant questioning?
7:56 am
where is the line? caller: they should try to be honest, but the media cannot do that. you would never see megan kelly or any reporter asked hillary clinton about her war on bill clinton's women. you would never see her asked obama about his transcripts in school. i was on the fence. i have watched everyone in the media, fox, politicians, democrats, they are all attacking trump. they are afraid of trump. he is the real deal. they cannot buy that men. -- man. all of you are afraid of him because he is not under control. i have kept this in the back of my mind. -- when perot theory
7:57 am
the guy came out yesterday and started talking about how he has clintons --ith the you guys in the media would not be telling us about it. you play your cards on the table and last night, megan kelly and hand, theyowed their played their hand for everyone to see. trump is the guy. host: that was brian. a net from chicago heights, illinois. democratic caller. -- annette. who do you think won last night? caller: i think it was donald trump. i'm a democrat, but i watched the debate. john kasich was good. ,he reason i say donald trump the republicans are afraid of
7:58 am
trump. they are afraid to say anything bad about him because of what he is going to come out and say against them. they say he is thin-skinned, but they are afraid to speak out. what does that say about their skin? one more thing about the republicans -- they pretty much want to win. they don't care about anything else. they have no agenda, they don't care about the war or the middle class. only the rich. everythingo cut off that helps support the struggling and that is sad and disturbing. some people calling your line do not even realize that they are poor because they want to ignore it. they think this does not mean anything.
7:59 am
on the case of immigration, donald trump was talking about the border. there are people in this country of ethnic races -- a lot of callers sound sort of racist. they don't even know that they could be -- they could have different people in their race. like italian. they could be of a race as far spain oronduras or they could be a jewish. host: let me jump in. a that caller has
8:00 am
gone. maybe someone else can answer the question. let's round out our first are with a little more from donald trump on the subject of immigration. escapedrump, it has not anybody's in notice that you say the mexican government, the mexican government, is sending criminals, rapists, drug dealers across the border. governor bush has called those remarks extraordinarily ugly. i like you, you are right next to him, talk to him directly and say, how do you respond to that? and you have repeatedly said that you have evidence that the mexican government is doing this but you have evidence that you refuse or decline to share -- why not use this first presidential republican debate to share your proof with american people? me, you were not for would not even be talking about illegal immigration, chris, you would not even be talking about
8:01 am
it. [applause] that wasnot a subject on anybody's mind until i brought it up at my announcement. and i said, mexico is sending them. except the reporters, because hairy dishonest, generally speaking in the world of politics, they did not cover my statements the way i said it. the fact is since then, many killings, murders, crimes, drugs across the border are many going out and drugs coming in. i said, we need to build a wall and it has to be built quickly. i do not mind having a big you to full door in that wall so people can come into this country legally, but we need them to build a wall. we need to keep illegals out. [applause] trump, i will give you 30 seconds to answer my question which was -- what evidence do
8:02 am
you have, specific evidence, that the mexican government is sending criminals across the border? 30 seconds. donald trump: i was at the border last week, border patrol, people that i deal with, that i talked to, you say this is what is happening because our leaders aren't stupid, our politicians are stupid, and the mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, and much more cunning and they send the bad ones over because they do not want to pay for them, they do not want to take care of them. why should they win the stupid leaders of the united states will do that for them? and that is what is happening with you like it or not. host: in "the wall street journal" this friday in the trump a mismatch thathe gop -- she says what mr. trump lacks is pretty much what everything else the conservatives have come to insist on in the candidacy.
8:03 am
mr. trump is the anti-new gop. host: kimberly stossel writes in
8:04 am
"the wall street journal." trump a mismatch for the gop. tom has been waiting patiently from frankfort, kentucky, republican. hi, tom. caller: good morning, sir. thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. caller: i am very unimpressed with these debates. i do not think we mean -- i do not think that they mean a thing. we need to be very factual. we need to think about the resumes of these people. i believe miss carly fiorina was ceo of hewlett-packard. john kasich has a great history on the congress of the united states. he was an armed service committee for 18 years. he balanced -- he helped the balance the budget. let's look at the background of these people. i do think that megan kelly was very unprofessional and fox news
8:05 am
has called in their heavy artillery on donald trump. , i would like to know more about this gentleman who is the x governor of virginia. he seems to have a very impressive background. host: you're talking about jim gilmore, right? caller: yes, thank you very much and have a great day. host: brad from massachusetts, independent caller. hi, brad. what is -- caller: what is your first name? host: i am called. i was going to point out you were an independent. give us a sense of your viewpoint. awayr: three things i took from the forum, they will guarantee is pretty much more for the next few generations. they will guarantee longer, more expensive wars at any cost. jeb bush talks about honoring
8:06 am
our fallen soldiers by sending more soldiers to die and that does not bother anyone really, so they will guarantee us that if people keep voting republican, in my opinion. human rights are going to virtually become nonexistent. i cannot believe that not just e-mail callers in favor of these republicans. they are telling them they cannot control their bodies, it is wrong. defunding the entitlements to the same point and defunding all these things while increasing tax breaks for corporations -- all of this just does not add up . john kasich had a few points but he avoided the gay marriage question completely. he did not answer her question to any point. how can they really stand by and say therefore the middle class and for growing the economy when they do not want to raise the minimum wage? how can they say that? it is just unbelievable. the trick has worked for
8:07 am
generations. host: comments from brad. thank you for weighing in. charles is con from georgia. a democrat. caller: good morning, sir. i was looking at the debate last night. , i thinkonald trump the governor from ohio did ok. nonehink about it though, of them said nothing about the voting rights. didn't nobody come up with how they will help the country raise the middle wage up -- the minimum wage up, we did not hear anything about that. the other time, they talked about obamacare. they did not just get off the, that does not make sense to up.e something like that [indiscernible] another thing about what they said about donald trump taking money from bill clinton or giving them money or whatever, i
8:08 am
politicians get money from everybody. that is what i don't understand. they say they do not take money, but they take money from everybody. all the politicians, what they need is they need to have a prayer before the even have a debate. that is what they do not do. i heard them say something about a guard last night, they should have had [indiscernible] before they had the debate. there is no good to bring that up. host: charles from georgia. mike from jefferson city, the capital of missouri. mike is the republican. mike, who won last night? is there a clear winner in your view? like toif i may, i'd say who i thought did not and that was mr. trump. he came off as such a bully, misogynistic, he even threatened megan kelly.
8:09 am
if he thinks megan kelly was tough on him, try getting in to a debate when say someone from cnn or msnbc is moderating a .ebate i think maybe if i would pick a winner, i would maybe go with marco rubio, carson did really well. the gentleman from the governor from ohio i thought did really well. if we get to a point where may be trump actually wins the nomination, let's think of maybe, if he has two pick from all these other candidates to run with them, he has insulted practically every single one of them. who wants to run with them? like i said, i just do not think trump did a good job. i think rubio expressed himself well. i think the background he comes from -- there are so many of us
8:10 am
out there, speaking for myself, lift a check to paycheck. we know what it is like on a fixed income. i know what a dislike to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from, how i am going to pay my bills. when you are a billion there, you can insult -- when you are a billion there, you can insult people and just push people around. and what are the consequences? of rosiea big fan o'donnell, but i still would not call her the names that he does, you know? night,said, i think last and i would not know the actual breakdown, but if it comes between how many women are voting as opposed to how many -- he has to win the women's vote. he keeps talking women down like he does, he is just shooting himself in the foot. host: mike from missouri mentioning marco rubio, the
8:11 am
republican.tor, a couple of times. here is senator rubio on immigration last night. senator rubio: as simple as our leaders are stupid, their leaders are smart, and all the illegals coming over our criminals -- well, let me set the record on a couple of things. first, the majority of the people coming across the board are not for mexico. from guatemala, el salvador, honduras. i also believe we need offense, the problem is is that el chapo builds a tunnel under the fence and when he did keep track of that too and that is why we need in your beer -- and e-verify system. i agree with what governor k-6, people are frustrated. this is the most generous country when it comes to integration. we are beingike taken advantage of. we feel like despite our generosity, we are being taken advantage of.
8:12 am
and let me tell you about who never gets talked about in these debates, the people who call my office, who up and waiting for 15 years to come to the united states and they pay their fees and they hired a lawyer, and they cannot get in. and they are wondering, maybe they should come illegally? ande are important issues we should address it. it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed otherwise, we will keep talking about this for the next 30 years like we have for the last 30 years. host: more from facebook, alexander writes that john kasich is the most rational, knowledgeable and eloquent of them all. i am a democrat but watched for educational reasons. nobody rights that won last night's debate. but fox clearly lost a lot of trust from his republican base. gary says hillary clinton, joe biden, and sanders and anyone else not on the stage full of clowns. thata writes that it is
8:13 am
the only great conservative that run was rent all. it did writes that case great last night -- rights that john kasich the great last night. a historic debate. rudy is on the line from missouri. democrat. hi, ruby. what did you think last night? caller: i think the only one who want last night was -- who won last night was [indiscernible] . host: why? caller: because you had all these white men talking about who can run the country again. when i say people, i mean the poor as well as the rich. because for the poor whites, they are telling them, you have on these mexicans coming over taking your jobs. you won't have any good land, any good homes because they are
8:14 am
taking over. what about the blacks in america? what about all of the poor in america who are trying hard and living in poverty and the rights are still -- even the poor whites live better than any other than the poor blacks and the poor hispanics. the women are always the rich, good luck, roger, you did a great job once again. host: from california. independent. caller: hi, paul. i am a true independent. orm at third-party candidate president, but i will give you comments first to realize i am not an idiot. wasfirst one i mentioned ben carson, the smartest man on the stage as a brain surgeon, let's give him credit, but the other people are buffoons. this is the same group of people that every time they ask them, they do not believe in evolution. how can you trust anybody that does not believe in evolution? offve to defend megyn keli the bat because she asked tough
8:15 am
questions to others as well. there was one to governor walker about him not granting exception for abortion for the life of a mother who would be in danger. he did not back down and he said there are other ways. come on? these are the people you would like to give the president. my name is reverend bud green. if you reverent -- if you google reverend bud green for president, you will find the .com on the internet. my believe is that we need to be antigovernment and the name is a play on the marijuana thing. i think by smoking marijuana in enlightens you to see what is really going on. the last comment is when you listen to these people on stage and ripping into the illegal aliens, take that back to the 1930's when people were talking about juice. take the word jew and put in illegal alien and they have the same racist comments. people do not realize it and you have to think about things like that. host: you said you're running for president? caller: yes. host: when did you decide to do
8:16 am
this? iran 20 years ago. he will see some of the things on the internet. i was on the tv shows back in 1996. exactly what i talk about is that the regular person has no voice. we are being run by an elite class of people that is taken advantage of everything, but donald trump does not represent them. he is a billionaire. are people that a billionaire represents you? it is the common person that needs to be the people that run things and that is what i am trying to show people. the pro-marijuana thing is interesting because when i started this thing 20 years ago, being pro-marijuana and antigovernment was shocking, but now, people say, hey, reverend bud, you know what you are talking about. i've got a lot of respect for people that maybe 20 years ago, it was out of their mind. the electorate is finally realizing that people that run the country are not representing you.
8:17 am
that is the whole thing behind occupy wall street, the 99% are being run by the 1%. i often think that we cannot be soaked -- i like the tea party people, though, too, because they are upset with things. i think we have to have a mixture of occupying to party and that is what i'm try to do with the campaign. we will have commercials in the future, so you'll be her a more about reverend bud green. i preach at the time to talk. host: thank you. frank is a republican collar. -- caller. caller: i am not running for president. [laughter] smoking wheni am he is, i might be. the other thing, the caller from massachusetts, he is as much independent as i am the easter bunny. it is very clear that he is probably a schoolteacher on his break and he is worried about getting his payments getting cut off at some point. which essentially goes to the point, we talk about candidates and their positions and who won
8:18 am
and who did not, the real issue is the guy that has a chance to win is the guy that can convince union members, civil service workers that those payments are not going to keep coming when the bond market start to sink. and that is the issue that did not seem to get focused on. we need a plan to address the $17 billion debt and we need a plan to put people back to work better in the shadows right now. being pro-illegal immigrant and nationalizing everybody that is here illegally is certainly not going to help people at the bottom of the totem pole. any democrat that says that is lying through their teeth. the people that will be impacted by raising the minimum wage, somebody should do a survey and find out how many of them are actually here on a green card. these are the points that i think are being missed altogether. host: frank. bethany from vermont. .emocratic collar -- caller
8:19 am
go ahead. caller: i think i missed the bathing suit contest last night. i listened to the other speakers and i wasn't too impressed. i can't get over the fact that there are so many men who have and then on your issue same last night with all men who speak about. could you enlighten me? host: what are your thoughts? caller: my thoughts are that not enough women are being recognized as women anymore. it is like they were doing that the 1960's and 1970's, and now all of a sudden, wherein -- women are caulking to the toublicans -- are walking the republicans. i do not understand why they cannot see.
8:20 am
republicans are not for women. that is my opinion. host: thank you for calling. the opinion of chris in alabama via twitter is, i was shocked that walker would not permit abortion even for rape or insist. that was an eye-opener. here is a look. governor huckabee like governor walker, you take strong positions on social issues. you favor a constitutional amendment banning -- you favor same-sexbortions and marriage. millions of people in this country agree with the, but according to the polls, and this is electability question, according to the polls, more people do not. how do you persuade enough independents and democrats to get elected in 2016? >> i disagree with the idea that the real issue is a constitutional amendment.
8:21 am
that is a long and difficult process. i have actually taken a position that is bolder than that. a lot of people talking about defunding planned parenthood as if that is a huge game changer. i think it is time to do something even more bold. i think the next president ought to revoke the fifth and 14th amendment to the constitution. thathat we clearly know that baby inside the mother's womb is a person at the moment of conception, the reason we know that it is is because of the dna schedule that we now have clear scientific evidence on. and his notion that we just continue to ignore the personhood of the individual is that unbornof child's fifth and 14th amendment rights for due process and equal protection under the law. it is time that we recognize the supreme court is not the supreme being and we change the policy to be pro-life and protect but therenstead of body parts and sell them like they are parts to a buick. [applause] bet: governor mica could
8:22 am
there of arkansas at the debate last night. more of your calls -- governor mike huckabee of arkansas at the debate last night. more of your calls and tweets. ryan is on the line from winchester, virginia. independent. caller: good morning, how are you? host: doing well. caller: i don't even know what to start. the one thing i want to touch on is trump is valuable in the sense that he has no valuable financial ties and so he pretty much does not answer to anyone. but i want to stress to everybody, he can say what he wants to say because of that but it does not mean we necessarily will like when he has a say. it is kind of scary to hear people -- well, i appreciate the fact that he says whatever he wants and does whatever he once, but we only have a small window into what that means, and he is offended quite a few people. i do believe that that is a powerful notion that he is not tied to special interest as most politicians and even media are tied somehow to special
8:23 am
interest. because we doon, not know what he will say and he does not have any accountability. i also went to say that people reading up on megyn kelly, in a way, this -- beating up on megyn kelly, this is kind of a media shift, not just megyn. you go past news broadcast where the assassination of the president kennedy and there was zero emotion shown. well, there was a motion shown and that was the big break. that was the moment and editorial went into work reporters showed their motion. a shifted now and people don't know how to handle it. news is not temple he given, it is given with an opinion, a tone, a body, language, a gesture here and there, and that is what they picked up on with megyn. her opinion came through and it was apparent. she was not a moderator, she was basically reflecting her opinions. not just in the questions she
8:24 am
asked but in the way she presented those questions. and people do not have to -- do not know how to part through those things. rooney in the "new york times" writes that this was not at the day, at least not like most i have seen in the past. this was an inquisition. on thursday night in cleveland, the fox news moderators did but only fox news moderators could of done because the representatives of any other network would've been accused of pro-democratic partisanship.
8:25 am
host: mike from ohio. good morning. democrat. caller: good morning. i found it amazing how megyn kelly from fox chastised trump facts about women and rosie o'donnell, when fox news people like sean hannity and breitbart sitting there last night, he slammed other women on the program. they act like donald trump done something terrible. the few republicans out there cannot see what fox news and the republican party did last night. they are blind.
8:26 am
these questions were deliberately asked to him to try and throw him off, screw him up and get more people to go the other way. i think it backfired on them. i bet you empty -- any amount of money that there are no people defending donald trump this money because of the actions of the republican party and fox news. that was so cool to see what they did to this guy. -- that was so cruel to see what they did to the sky. thank you. vat: republican caller, l. val, are you there? judy is next, let's hear from val. caller: hi, good morning. i just really want to ask about the gentleman who just spoke with said there were people who may be were not really committed to taking a stand publicly for donald trump and i am one. trumplicanng myself a
8:27 am
going forward right now because of that debacle last night. let me to you something -- as an african-american, i am in such distress with seeing what is happening in our community with our families, with the youth, oh, my god. thecontinue, continue deterioration and the politics have to stop. they are arguing about the same point and it has to stop. what donald trump represents for me, and i think all the issues but he ise bravado, just not afraid of being bold and doing something different. we have had politics forever, so even [indiscernible] something from a business perspective and may be there may be some hope for us. host: ok, posner in "usa today" writes that perhaps the whole performance plays into terms for
8:28 am
son as an iconoclast who speaks his mind when others are worried about not defending anybody but also highlights his flaws. his personal attacks and lack of words to the party is bidding to lead -- host: more from the debate last night. this is ted cruz, the republican senator from texas. the question about fighting isis. >> we need a commander in chief that speaks the truth. we will not defeat radical islamic terrorism as long as we have a president unwilling out of the words radical islamic terrorists. [applause] when i ask the general of the joint chiefs, what would be required militarily to destroy isis?
8:29 am
he said there is no military solution. he's that we need to change the conditions on the ground so that young men are not in poverty and susceptible to radicalization. ist, with all due respect, nonsense. it is the same as at the state department gave that we need to give them jobs. what we need is a commander in chief who makes clear, if you join isis, if you wage jihad on america, then you are signing your death warrant. >> you don't see in ideological problem in addition to a military one? , of course it is an ideological problem. that is one of the reasons why introduce the expatriate terrorist act in the senate that said if any american travels to the middle east and joins isis, that he or she forfeits their citizenship so they do not use the passport to come back and wage jihad on america. [applause] yes, it is ideological and that we contrast president obama, who has a prayer breakfast and essentially acted as an
8:30 am
apologist, you say, well, gosh, the crusade, the inquisition -- we need a president that shows the courage that agents president -- that egypt's president had when he called out the radical islamic terrorists for threatening the world. host: judy now in northeast pennsylvania. democratic caller. hey, judy. caller: good morning. i like to say i am for donald trump and secondly for john kasich. i just like the straightforwardness of donald trump. he says it like it is and that is really what i like about him. i think you would be good for the [indiscernible] also. the reason i like john kasich, he is the person who mentioned our military because i was wondering, nobody mentioning anything about our guys and that is one thing that means a lot to me, so he was the first one to even bring that up and they talked about it. that is how i feel.
8:31 am
chris christie, i like him as a person, but i remember a couple months back when he said he was not ready for the white house yet, so why he put his talent, i do not know. that is on my mind about him. host: judy mentioning john kasich. if you go to our facebook page, the update on the pulled that we have there as the governor of ohio up first to want the debate won theuestion -- who debate is the question? john kasich on top, donald trump number two, rand paul number three, and you can see the rest of the list. we will take a look for that -- at that for second as we take this call. connie from georgia, republican. who won last night? caller: i think probably everybody thinks donald trump won.
8:32 am
i was really looking for president last night and i think trump stirred the base up, but as far as looking at a president, i think jeb bush would be the nominee. host: how come? i think because of his experience in florida and because of his background, the family came from, the dynasty he came from, and i would like to see someone who can sit down toh vladimir putin and talk him, and i don't see any of these other people actually face-to-face of who with -- with either proven and him giving them respect at all. let's see, i made notes. host: take your time, connie. caller: ok, i don't know. i think a lot of it will depend on whoever the nominee's vice presidential running mate is. don't see this country with
8:33 am
hillary clinton at all. -- i don'trica needs think that will happen unless we have someone who will uphold the morals of this country. could winnk jeb bush the hispanic vote. from what i understand, that is going to be a big part of the election. i think that can happen. host: that is connie. connie mentioning the russian leader vladimir putin. scott walker talked about russia last night at the debate. he is the governor of wisconsin. here's a look. asgovernor walker, president, what would you do a fresh and president vladimir putin started a campaign to ,estabilize nato allies mirroring the actions vladimir putin tick at the early days of the ukraine? >> first off with the cyber attack with fresh about the day, it is sad to think but probably the russia and chinese government know more about hillary clinton's evil server then the members of the united
8:34 am
states -- e-mail server than the members of the united states congress. and that has been our national security at risk. if i am president, he will not think about that. vladimir putin believes in the old saying, probe with the nets. under obama and printing, we found a lot of mush. we need to put steel in front of our enemies. i would send weapons to ukraine, work with nato, deployed forces on the eastern border of portland -- poland and put in place back to missile defense system that we had in poland and the czech republic. host: scott walker there from last night. can this con from lancaster, south carolina. independent color. hi, ken. caller: first, i want to say something about the first debate. what i want to say about immigration, i'm on the pro-blacks and poor whites.
8:35 am
-- and pro-whites. they are killing us. [indiscernible] most of them work in manufacturing and infrastructure , and what they said thursday was true. [indiscernible] want is thing they their vote. the republicans went cheap labor to keep wages down and that's how it is. likeration -- this country the roman empire is going to get too big and it will eventually collapse because it cannot sustain itself. my question -- why are poor people shooting themselves in the foot? not seeywood elite do immigration. the armies do not see immigration. they want money. the politicians do not see it in the neighborhood or in their world. and country is suffering the democrats won the votes and
8:36 am
the republicans of the cheap labor. what is in it for us? immigration is not for us? if we do not stop companies are hiring them or shut down the borders, they are going to still come and in 10 years, we are going to be back at the same problem and let me end on this note, please, i was watching the television show and this black guy walks up and he says to the hispanics talking, he said, i do not like you are talking like that when i am around. the man said, do you know spanish? and he said, no. in a couple of years, you are going to need it. hey, you think about that. from southwas ken carolina. if you have not gotten in on the phones, we will do this for another 30 minutes and then we will break away and talk about congressional elections with a couple of experts to talk about the dropping participation in the lowering in voting rates. and voting percentages in the
8:37 am
congressional races, but for now, we will continue to do this. lake, florida, republican. allen, to live for thinking on. caller: you are particularly call. i do appreciate that. i was not able to see as much of the debate as i would have liked, but i am a strong supporter of ben carson. host: how come? man has been overlooked. he is a brilliant man, he is humble, he is not antagonistic, and i believe he needs -- we need someone who has had on the shoulders i can make the brilliant decisions that he has made in his career. need toelieve that we understand that one of the greatest threats to our country is implosion, similar to what the man just said about the roman empire. we are very similar to the roman empire. someday, if you have a chance,
8:38 am
read a few pages out of the roman empire given in the library. ben carson spent a lot of time in the library studying. i have done the same thing. i believe that he will have the answers -- excuse me -- to heal the wounds that are in this country. rich and thef the famous people in this election, we may be making a wrong decision. we need to address the racial discrepancies in this country. i'm not black, i am white. i believe black people should embrace this man and the republican party if they want to win the election. i think marco rubio is a tremendous -- i have been a resident of new jersey and florida, and i have been used coast -- coast to coast, i'm sorry, on my travels with my family. my father was in the military during the first -- second world
8:39 am
war and he was in officer. we travel through every state in the union. i served during the vietnam conflict in the national guard. , spain,rips to germany and i have been around the world and back. my brother, the same thing. the intelligence to select the proper people. he does not need to know everything about politics. out thatiewers pointed politicians have not been doing such a great job. although attorneys and everything. we need to have a guy like ronald reagan, who is not that brilliant of a man, but he certainly made brilliant and thens in his house people that he's elected. i think that ben carson is capable of doing that. host: all right, going to let you go, alan. james from new jersey. a democrat.
8:40 am
james, did you watch last night? caller: yes, i watch the debates last night. host: what were your impressions, was there when there? -- was there a winner? caller: let's put it this a, i am a moderate and that gets me in trouble sometimes. nevertheless, donald trump, i think he does have the guts to take on china. that is one really good part that we do need. somebody to take on china and set them straight. i am hoping for joe biden to jump into the race. that's what i want. that,heless, besides china andmp taking on maybe some republicans can adopt the idea of donald trump taking on china and winning and not playing games. host: james calling from newark.
8:41 am
i cut you off. i thought you were finished. james is a democrat. to the democratic side of the aisle, some information on martin o'malley, the former maryland governor, the mayor of baltimore to he did this last night -- did not see the gop debate that heard it was entertaining. .ave more democratic debates he is saying this because of some of the news that came out groupsay in which some saw favoritism for hillary clinton. here's the story in "the washington times" today. the democratic committee has for six its scheduled are very debates that will start in october, sparking a sharp rebuke --
8:42 am
host: that is the critique. they want more than six debates that are scheduled. the court accused of breaking the process. the fact that the republicans did an early debate, the 5:00 p.m. debate, the second-tier candidates were asked at the debate in a very short timeframe
8:43 am
to talk about or describe hillary clinton. here is what they have to say. >> senator, i need a two word answer to the following. and 2008, then senator barack obama described to the clinton as "likable enough." what two words would you use to describe the democratic front-runner? >> devices and with no vision at all. >> carly fiorina? >> not trustworthy and no, schmidt. >> let's go with three, good at e-mail. >> socialist and government dependent. not the change we need at a time we need it. >> professional politician that cannot be trusted. >> not a lot of compliments. to be continued said thisary clinton
8:44 am
glasslike, watched the gop debate. but you feel like donating to a democrat right about now. independent caller. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i did not watch all of it. i just saw bits and pieces from i would and cnn, but not trust trump. host: how come? protests too much. if bush i would not vote for he was the only one running. the busch have seen with thehe bush helm other two. carson because i
8:45 am
feel that he has america at heart. the only thing that turned me off was when he talked about freedom and then he talked about that it should be mandatory that everybody should have shots. what else would he say that is mandatory? right now, i do not trust any of them. i am surprised that there is so much controversy about the republicans, but why did they not question obama before? as far as i'm concerned, obama is not the president. he is just sitting in the seat, and he is not legal. i am afraid of getting into hillary, because she is in the same suit. we will become a one world
8:46 am
nation with a one world union and we will be like the third world countries if these treaties go through that they are talking about. it was some kind of a farce and i think they should have had more time to answer, but that is my opinion. i am for america and i believe that god should be really the rule of our lives. all right, marianne from new york. hector from new york as well. democratic caller. good morning. caller: hello? host: you are on the air. caller: my favorite was the revelation by ted cruz. that he deserves to be president because he wraps the barrel of his gun with thebacon. i agree. bacon is a qualified to be
8:47 am
president. host: i got to let you go. paul from michigan. caller: how are you doing? host: i'm doing fine. caller: thank you for c-span and a great job you do. host: thank you. look at donald trump -- he is more of a teddy roosevelt or fdr. i watched politics since i have been 12 years old on and off and it is interesting to me. i have never seen anything like donald trump. he comes across tv, he speaks in smaller sentences, he knows what he is act. this is what we need in our country the next four years or eight years if he tries for a second term. i believe he will be the next resident -- next president. he is wonderful. i have voted democrat before and i have also voted republican.
8:48 am
i have voted independent also. of both has the quality parties and i think the country -- it is 44% independent. with different social media now, tv is still very important, of course, but social media and messages can get out, youtube, c-span, video. it is a whole different day. i am telling you, he has got a great chance to win. i hope he stays a republican, but he did mention you may go as an independent. i think the republicans should really give him a great, fair chance like the man is asking. and he said, what is the country? get past to have borders -- it has to have borders and a link which. we are unique. and we want to stay that way. god bless you, mr. trump. do not give up. i heard someone said -- trumplican? did someone mention that? or trumpicat.
8:49 am
i just wanted to throw that in. god bless you and do not give up. thank you, c-span. you guys are wonderful. host: thank you for calling. trump, weons donald showed the clip last night where he was challenged by megyn keli on his comments about women. we will probably show it to you again and we will be back to take a good number of your calls before we wrap things up today. here it is. trump, one of the things people love about you is you speak of mind and you do not use the politicians filter. however, that is not without its downsides. in particular when it comes to women. you have called women you do not like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. [laughter] >> only rosie o'donnell. [laughter] >> no, it was not.
8:50 am
[laughter] account -- [applause] >> thank you. >> for the record, it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> yes, i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's look. you once told a contestant that it would be a pretty sight to see her on her knees. does that sound like a temperament for a man as president? and how would you react hillary clinton? donald trump: i think the biggest problem this country has is being politically correct. [applause] i have been challenged by so many people and i do not have politicalotal correctness. and to be honest with you, this country does not have time
8:51 am
either. this country is in big trouble. we do not win any more. we lose to mexico both in trade and at the border. we lose to everybody. frankly, what i say, and often times it is fun and i'm kidding, we have a good time, but what i say is what i say. , if you do not like it, i am sorry. i have been very nice to you all the are probably do not have to be based on the way you treated me. but i will not do that. but you know what? we need strength, we need , andy, we need quickness we need brain in this country to turn it around. that i can tell you right now. [applause] to suzanne, philadelphia. what did you think of the debate last night? great. i thought it was a lot of people are saying it was nothing. i thought it was great for one reason -- donald trump. -- who stood out
8:52 am
as being presidential. look at them. look at the ones that are congressmen that are up there. look at our congress. look at our country. we need donald trump. i hope that man does not give up, because the more i see of him, the more i tend to agree with him and i like him. s,hope the rest of the caller the rest of the people in this country start looking at him because he is not a politician. host: so you are calling on the democratic line. right? can you see yourself voting for him? caller: yes, i can. yes, i can. host: tell us more. caller: seriously. host: ok, that was suzanne from
8:53 am
philadelphia. robert is calling from tennessee. independent caller. on theched, you are republican line. go ahead, robert. -- i'm sorry, you are on the republican line. go ahead, robert. caller: i like ted cruz a marco rubio. in my cabinetrump as ceo to run our business affairs and that the other to take care of the world affairs. host: back to ted cruz and marco rubio -- what do you see in them that you like, robert? caller: i think they are what america -- they speak what to america is all about. one other thing, people like democrats and hillary clinton, how could they even consider themselves a christian when they
8:54 am
are for baby murdering? i thank you for taking my call. host: the caller mentioning telik clinton. here is a little piece in "the hill." sort of a story by pictures. hillary spent most of the debate with kim kardashian and kanye west. one quote says that while the field of gop top candidates were busy engaging in a fiery first debate, hillary clinton was reportedly rubbing elbows at nla fundraiser with kim kardashian, kanye west, and justin bieber's manager, scooter bruan. kim kardashian tweeted to her more than 33 million followers and she will, maybe she will take a selfie with me? and when you scroll down, there it is. she got her selfie. if you want to take a look
8:55 am
yourself, you can look at "the hill." rich is calling from tennessee. in independent caller. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. , well, longat rubio way toward erasing the state of the union response a couple of years ago and that he distinguished himself as being presidential. i thought he was crisp. i thought he sounded relaxed and passionate. it does not hurt that he is telegenic. i think as a running mate, i thought carly fiorina, likewise, made a name for herself. probablyt was fortunate for her that she was on the undercard instead of out. the two of them, between them, you would have -- you get a
8:56 am
large part of the hispanic vote plus the female vote. you would have a business person . it just seems like a dream ticket. hopefully, over the next year or so, we will see -- i just see them as being a far more appealing to the majority of americans than anyone on the democratic side right now. host: alberta conference savannah, georgia. democrat. hi, there. caller: hi, there. how are you doing this morning? host: doing fine, how are you? caller: i'm good. i like casey and i like rubio. i liked casey m rivera. host: give us details about what you heard. caller: what he had did with medicaid expansion in ohio and i
8:57 am
liked the way it rubio talk about us being, you know, they to talk about immigration from mexico and he went on to expand how we are all from someplace different. see, i am 67 years old and i'm a black female. i look at the audience last night, i am not represented in that crowd, and the thing about it is, i am a democrat and i have to vote republican. the republican party is not a becauseat includes me they do not talk about any of my issues. they do not talk about anything that i want to hear about, and we hear that i have got to say this -- we hear everybody talks christianand we are
8:58 am
and abortions. what i am hearing is that man, everybody want to be god. god said, let the weekend tear grow together and he says he will do the separating. for some reason, we are doing the separating and we are separating each other from one another. with our rednecks, with our tones, we disrespect women. etorics,our rh with our tones, we disrespect women. i just like the weight they help themselves, rubio and i don't know what they're religious feel, butor how they i feel like abortion should not even be in there. should be in the churches if they go to church and whatever. as government and my grandmother
8:59 am
was a half cherokee indian, and you know what she said when we were children in school? she said the united states would destroy itself because we want to be better than everybody else, but it is nothing but one lord, one faith, and one baptism. and god is coming back for me and i'm going to live according to the way he want me to live. politicians need to get it together, they need to stop badmouthing one another and say what they are going to do for the country and stop saying what they want to do and who is this and to is that. i have never seen people just the grade one another so just degree did so. you forl right, thank calling from savannah, georgia. in can see the candidates on the screen on the far right of the picture that we showed with john
9:00 am
kasich, who the caller was mentioning. the governor of ohio. much has been made in the media and some of the follow-up that nong of the debate one seemed to hit. --others, may be the moderators have been talking about donald trump and generated -- general from the debate. trump: i know you do not like to talk about donald trump. i do want to talk to you about the merit of what he just said. cracks when you say on the american government is stupid, that the mexican government is sending criminals, that we are being bamboozled come is that an adequate response to the issue of illegal immigration? say we are outspoken, we need to take lessons from donald trump if we are really going to learn. donald trump is hitting a nerve
9:01 am
in this country. people are frustrated. they are fed up. they do not think the government is working for them. if people want to tune him out they are making a mistake. he has his solutions, some of us have other solutions. to balance the federal budgets is the chief architect and washington. i was a military reformer. ohio in a state of job loss to a $2 billion surplus and a game of 370,000 jobs. the point is that we all have solutions. mr. trump is touching a nerve because people want the wall to be built. they want to see and to illegal immigration. they want to see what we all do. you will hear all of our ideas tonight. host: john kasich said there is an electable republican.
9:02 am
the democrats won last night. joe says the fox news corp. and her advertisers won the substance of the debate itself was a train wreck. but made for great tv. close second place was clinton 2016. shelley wrote the dnc debate has yet to begin. he said ben carson is a throwback to the time our country was run by everyday men and not politicians. america is respectable. and has as in america success story we all love. we have a caller from fort myers. it has been going for two hours now. republican, go ahead. caller: i wanted to mention this to you. during that time the guy was clicking his pen the whole time.
9:03 am
i thought maybe it was me being crazy. but another person mentioned it. , you clearyou are on your throat repeatedly. could you take something like a sinus allergy, or using nasal spray? you are on television. it aggravates me. it might aggravate others. as far as the debate went, it was wonderful to watch. host: thank you. suzy, independent color. caller: i did not notice your sinus problem. host: what do you have to say about the debate? caller: i thought the debate was so-so, if i had to pick between two it could be casing and carson. number one, i like how he defended trump on the thing you just played. about his views, however but he has their views and their solutions. i agree with that.
9:04 am
everybody up there has different ways of doing things. ben carson, i think he won. i do feel like he is a person who will pick a cabinet that will work with him, and not just push his believes. i think he will consider everyone's believes. he knows there is more than one way of doing things. i also want to make a comment to the latest who made the comment about abortion. the reason why men are calling in is because they believe in abortion and getting rid of babies so they do not have pay child support. i do not think anybody has thought of that comment. that is my belief. that is why men: more than women do. i really like carly. i hope she becomes president. carson can be vice president.
9:05 am
i think she is awesome. she was right to the point on everything she said. very firm, crisp, host: well read. nathan is calling from pittsburgh. i caught part of it here. host: what you think? i'm from an area of pittsburgh were john kasich is. i think donald trump, is because , but telling the truth everything, when people tell the truth, it is a hard sense of what other people to see. you cannot criticize, or you should not criticize someone who is trying to tell the truth and be honest.
9:06 am
that is why our anger and our rage with our government, it is really with congress. a lot of trouble getting past these people. you have to take that into consideration. donald trump has a place here. nobody has dumped themselves professionally. nobody has the record that they can stand on a bernie sanders. he was on your show two days ago. he sat there, he took every question. took everybody that questioned and why he did things, why he changed. he never flinched. he never made fun of anybody. he never criticized anybody. and what about himself bernie saunders does, and what bernie saunders did. if they would all do that we be in a much better stay.
9:07 am
i personally come donald trump, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. the there is where we need to look. host: thank you. bernie sanders put a tweet on economicn there saying inequality, climate change, citizens united or student debt. that's why the ours are so out of touch. he mentioned carly fiorina who is in the earlier debate, getting a lot of positive commentary from the callers. but also from elements of the media. here's another look at what she had to say. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she is still defending planned parenthood, she is still her party's front runner.
9:08 am
2016 will be a fight between conservatism and the democratic party that is undermining this country. we need a nominee who will throw punches, and somebody who will not stumble before even getting into the ranks. i'm not a member of the political class. i'm a conservative. i can win this job. i can do this job. i will lead this great nation. host: and our last two calls from the segment. republican, good morning. caller: good morning. i want you to know that i'm a 69-year-old woman of color. to aall from a democrat republican, back to an
9:09 am
independent, and back to a republican. i am a conservative at heart. that donald to say trump is my number one pick, number two would be 10 crews, and then ben carson. i worked with carly fiorina. she is very exciting. , thed trump reminds me bottom-line is that i think he can get the ball rolling. he can give our country what we need. ben carson is brilliant. he is a brilliant person. four, i can pick a few more from the cabinet, they can get our country back to where it should be. it is scary for me. i have grandkids that i'm concerned about. i'm concerned about the whole world. has the guts to speak up for everybody.
9:10 am
to speak up to those roads. in the foreign country, who are determined to destroy us. host: you mentioned the fact that, what about some of the criticism you have heard from donald trump that there is no substance, he is just very forceful. those are some of the comments we have heard. have you respond to that? caller: what i respond to is what has barack obama's presidential to you? does he seem like a good president? it has been that way for seven years. he does not seem presidential to me. , i think herump carries himself well. he is a business what -- man. you cannot tell much from a 32nd sound bite.
9:11 am
i think the debate should have been cut in half. they should have given each of them a few minutes to let us know what they would do and how they would do it. but it was rushed. they gave them questions that really do not make sense. time, ande them more let them tell you what you want to do for the country, the bottom line is that they want to make a difference. we are going down the tubes fast. , if we do not do it here, we can just forget it. get our children and our grandchildren to get ready to leave this world. it is that scary for me. i trust in god. personhave to trust a that i would vote for. i trust donald trump. i trust ben carson. i trust ted cruz. the rest of them, i am not
9:12 am
saying i do not trust them. but these are the ones i trust the most. host: thank you. let's hear from paul in california. it is still fairly early there, but paul is from california and independent. hello. caller: hello. from one paul to another here are some -- you are doing a good job. i've noticed a lot of these everyonelers, and talks about the direction we are heading in the country. the last was relatively conservative. people are just worried about wages stagnating, they have not increased since the first bush recovery. i don't know about the jobless recovery. the jobs never came back. the wages have not increased. people are unemployed.
9:13 am
people are underemployed. they want more hours. jobs are leaving. we have big problems. i think what donald trump is doing is demagoguery, he is a billionaire. guy that is in the top 150 of the richest people in our very rich country. he wants to blame the lowest of the low, on the totem pole from people in power. i think that happens when there is so much confusion. they're so much wrong with society. that is what is going on now. there are actual real reason these things are happening, and i think that it has a lot to do with our trade quality. it is constantly pushed by the people on wall street. i think you talk a little bit about how just yesterday, in the
9:14 am
-- i amf the debate getting my deals mixed up. i am thinking of the iran deal. he said he is going to vote against it. caller: really? i had not heard that. he iss schumer, i believe against the deal. it is still early in california. i'm trying to get my coffee. it is the free trade which is what i am worried about. of the big portion of the democratic party does. partyhave -- we have no that represents that issue. hear from jack. one more california caller. jack is a democrat. jack did you watch last night?
9:15 am
caller: yes, i listened last night. the big take away, excuse me, i'm sorry. i am reinforced with trump. is bringing an air of freshness to politics. i can remember when i voted obama twice. i generally voted against the president of my choice. i was rather intrigued last night. we need after obama, we , we justet in there need to support our allies. we need to fight the radical islamist. and the people who support radical islam.
9:16 am
think this deal being made with a ran -- iran is a big mistake. we need to work with all these people. he knows a lot of the people in government. i think he has a leg up in that stance. there are some others that came out. i think ben carson did well. mike huckabee, i never hear anybody mention him, but he has some really good sound advice. so, the best one was donald trump. when i came up with the governorion, the one of ohio was talking about having was a homosexual. it changeshat
9:17 am
usually on how i view homosexual marriage and marriage in general. the mistake is that there should be two kinds of marriage in the united states. there is the legal marriage that deals with the standpoint of property and law. should be able to say i want to have a union with this person and we will share responsibilities come and share liabilities. there has to be a religious marriage that is available to the churches to say these people conform to our religion and our beliefs. the two do not have to be the same. we do not have to say they are the same. host: ri thank you. one last call. when a caller from massachusetts. caller: yes, i really like donald trump.
9:18 am
i just want to see what he is going to do about illegal immigration. he is putting a bounty on anybody. like huckabee, you know he is going to ensure that the poor and middle class pay more of a percentage on their taxes. they designedrs the breakdown. why don't they pay more taxes? class paynd middle more of a pay may way percentage tax. that the catholics are the antichrist. why don't they ask those questions? host: that was joe from massachusetts. that was our last call for this two-hour reaction segment to last night's republican debate. before we move on, we want to
9:19 am
point out one more number about the unemployment rate and news numbers. the economy added to a new 15,000 jobs in july. 5.3%, that iss unchanged from june. sector --rage pirate private sector earnings from jim rogers. a stable -- private sector earnings from june. we'll take a short timeout, and then we will have two guests here to talk about exactly who votes in the country. especially in the congressional election. the numbers are down. will be here from the segment covering from america. we will be right back. ♪
9:20 am
sunday night at nine with elections coming on tour we will show you a debate among the foreign national party leaders in canada. on c-span2 saturday night at 10 eastern, charles murray argues that through the use of technology we can rein in the power of the federal government. sunday evening at 7:00 susan souther's talks about by the people of my sake japan from the morning it was bombed on august
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larry flynt. the watergate case from all the president's men, and the 2011 drama the land of our civil rights case invalidating the loss or hitting interracial marriage. court oralpreme arguments from four cases that play the part of popular movies. saturday's on august at c-span radio. listen to c-span radio at 90 point one fm in the washington dc area online. at or download it off the c-span radio at. >> do you vote? if you do i want us to tell -- we want you to tell us why. we are having a discussion because the new numbers are out from the census bureau.
9:23 am
, with aa sociologist branch of stratification. philipalso here with bumps from the washington post. first let's go to a specific number for you tom. we know that elections are part of the report. we know that congressional election turnout is 40%. tell us more. time you are the correct. beginning in the 1970's the turnout rate was 48.9% across the entirety of the congressional district. time ishave found over , we unpacked that low turnout number. that is the focus of the report. why do you think that is
9:24 am
the case? guest: there are a lot of reasons. correlationigh between how this is going and how people are so secure in their lives. most voters tend to vote more often. they have a stable home and there are a lot of reasons contributing to what they want more. the financial also seent, we have these shifting over time as well. , ite's less engagement makes them less interested in going out and getting into the polls. host: let's get the phone numbers on the screen. do you vote? why or why not. on the bottom of the screen will have several numbers. if you are between the numbers ,f 18 and 24 call 202-748-8000
9:25 am
if you are in the middle age call 202-748-8001 if you are .lder than 64 call 202-748-8002 if you set up the numbers like that it is because studies that are put together tell us more about it. we did get a lower turnout rate analysis. it goes by age and race. what we have found is that over the course of the time older americans tend to vote more. we found that older people vote more than younger or middle-aged. that has happened across the entire united states. host: the electorate has grown increasingly diverse. guest: in some ways that just mirrors the population as a whole. one part of the analysis shows what part -- what does
9:26 am
electorate look like ecco -- he ecco --? hispanic origin, let's get your perspective. guest: we jumped the gun a little bit like talk about age. there is actually a fast-moving curve. we are working with trading purposes. if you look at the curve over time it looks like this. it drops off very quickly and slowly climbs back up. we are seeing a correlation there. the gun, i jumped the gun by talking about it. nobody has ever done a good job of convincing voters that it is worth thinking that time in the go out and get the polls. it is a tough case to make when
9:27 am
you are working two jobs and just move. all these factors come into play. consistently not been able to make the case that is worth their time. host: how much do we know? guest: the race component is very interesting. we still see that there is stratification by race and ethnicity. whites still tend to vote and a anher rate, blacks vote at even level, and hispanics vote at much lower levels. those are all interesting. again, a lot of this is loosely correlated. your job is to bury statistically accurate, mine is not. guest: when you look at the standing, they tend to be younger than white people. there is age overlap as well.
9:28 am
as the hispanic population ages do they show the same development. guest: the other thing that looks most interesting is the fact that the electorate was diverse in 2014. the results suggest that it was not a very diverse electorate, because everybody was moving so handily despite that diverse electorate. a lot of people see it as sort of a high water mark. we are not in the midterm elections. guest: we have done is reports for presidential. staffs the first time our showed that the voting of blacks and hispanics was higher than white non-hispanics. >> we had highly engaged electorates.
9:29 am
we had this current congressional electorate. ofhink that is an indication regardless of the specific election, there could be a diverse selection across cycles. guest: particularly next year, one of the reason we have whites not voting was because we had the first african-american. it'll be fascinating to watch in 2016 how it works against the population of nonwhite voters. one of the headlines to one of the stories is that the electorate in 2014 was as diverse as 2008. that is remarkable. we will pick up the phone's for our two guests. again, we are blind by age. ray and is calling between the age of 18 and 34. good morning. are you there? i think they hung up. from what state?
9:30 am
can you hear us? caller: yes. host: calling from maryland between the ages of 35 and 44. what kind of questions do you have? caller: the question i have is its i'm calling as a hispanic. he said there was an increase in the turnout of whites. thinks tell us why he what he thinks is driving that. benefit, can the you tell us what is dealing with the growth and the turnout. , what are some of the
9:31 am
interests in stopping minorities from voting. host: thank you. the question is what is driving minority voter turnout? guest: i think the senses is a thing we are really good at as we document what happens. it seems like i would know somebody who could answer that. institute thehe question is we cannot tell you for certain, to be totally fair. is that the population itself has grown more diverse. thingsme one of the we're not really touched on is what we are seeing happen now with the electorate is really what we expected to happen long-term with the debate. the base will grow increasingly hispanic. absolutely that
9:32 am
this population becomes more hispanic it is more popular than there was in the past. there are more voters in the population. other than that it is hard to determine what leads to voter turnout. on a grandelection scale, we have a national election. it's hard to know what gets people to polls and what does not. it is hard to say. host: let's go to arizona. , -- you esterday host: what would like to say? caller: i would like to say go donald trump. he is right out there. he cannot be bought. he is not a politician. let me jump in, we do get the point. that is our last segment.
9:33 am
we are now talking about voter turnout. voter turnout, it is the lowest it has been since 1978. would you like to speak about that? caller: yes. i will turn out. i would like to speak about that , because i think all of the people need to turn out. people thatack the will save our country. thank you. host: thank you. what else would you like to add about the senior group? have: the real question we talked a lot about is the consistency of older americans voting. also, we are talking about the racial future of the country. i think the real question is that as this large group of hispanics age, will they be consistent like older americans currently are? i think that is a very fundamental question as we move forward.
9:34 am
that is voting habitual. it becomes a habit. i think the row question is that does this new demographic shift to the same kind of voting. host: is there an anecdote that tells you what that might be? we are early in the trend. look at a map of the country, and you look at ethnicity, and age. it stands out. say that one of the reasons that the republican party is pulling its hair out with donald trump is that they are worrying about what will happen with these bennett vote. rocket himself to the that was the immigration issue. it had him high in the polls. but from the republican party standpoint they too want to know what will happen to the hispanic voters. they know it will be an increasing part of the
9:35 am
electorate. that is why donald trump stresses them out. host: from florida, calling from the line from 45 to 65. caller: good morning. i just want to say, it isn't there a little bit of an over emphasis on the classification of voters then on the substantial issues that affect this country. might notike people be going to the polls because the issues are complex, they don't understand it. maybe they don't have the level of education. it seems like there might not be enough emphasis on the real issues that people need to really think about as they move to the polls. more interest is paid in popular rather than focusing on the boring, the nerdy, although the very important issues that
9:36 am
affect our lives in the country. on ethnicity,ced and groups and everything else like that rather than on the overall problems that we are all facing. host: who wants to take that you go --? guest: this is about the demographic shift. it is kind of hard to not talk about ethnicity and race. obviously, it is hard to make the case about why a board policy issue should not be boring. politicians have to make that case. they can get people energized. it is kind of hard to answer on that. know a file clerk wants to do women felt more than men? guest: in this specific report we limited the analysis to age and race. that is an old finding in political science. generally found to be the
9:37 am
same, except there was a big gender gap. we take the 80's for granted. host: why? what is the speculation? about why women are voting more than men. guest: there is an engagement gap. maybe philip does. guest: i do not know. i have not seen a lot of research done. host: what are the most prevalent reasons people give for not voting? guest: there is a great report, i do not know who it was. it was very basic. in the report we took the responses we typically get from voters is that they say they do not like the candidates or politics. they might be disenfranchised with policy issues. also, people are just too busy. they do not have time. guest: i think also that probably a lot of people who did not find time or forgot about it
9:38 am
would say they were not inspired by candidate. seeing iswe are alternative methods becoming more common. i think you'll see perhaps those excuses change. early, i think it being too busy is less of a reason. we did address that in the report. wet: karen writes i think make more impact in local elections. as you see if your people participate in those. 18-34 years old. from massachusetts. good morning. well, the reason i'm calling is that i am voting because of the first amendment. the fourth amendment and the 14th amendment. i believe in equal rights. believe that social justice will be the issue of the next election. , imy generation gets older
9:39 am
think that is definitely something that will be one of the most important issues over time. that is why people will start voting, especially hispanics. are notl like they wanted. especially by one party. with marco rubio and ted cruz, they look hispanic. they are not representing our views or our beliefs. education, and giving everyone a better life. that is why i am voting, that is why i have always voted. this is the first time i have called. host: did you say this is the first time your voting? caller: i have voted before. host: you will continue to do hat yet go --? what do you make of what you have heard. the challenging thing
9:40 am
with young people seems to get them out that first time. then voted becomes sort of a habit and then you do it consistently. the challenge for anybody in office, how do you engage young people. , especially on the immigration issue those will be one thing that resonate more. in 2014 older hispanics did turn out. as you get older you become more engaged. aaron calling in. do you vote? caller: thank you. , the issuesnnial
9:41 am
that matter to me are issues that matter to my generation. we are finding that jobs are not there. the one candidate that i think that does talk about issues that matter to me is the candidate bernie sanders. he talks about income inequality. he talks about progressive taxation. we talk about education
9:42 am
competing in the 21st century. he talks about disasters. he is one who means the most to me. he means the most to millennial's. host: what do you think it is that moves you? you talk about these issues that get you to go up and move out. when there might be other folks your age, or maybe younger who are not motivated to go out. what is it that gets you out? the pressure that gets me out is that it does influence my life. like i said, all of these policies and increasing pressure on our generation to influence politics bernie sanders goes down. withw that in the 1930's the greatest generation. they rebuilt america. and if you read generational theory, we are going back through that cycle with the millennial's. host: thank you. darren sees it not just as an
9:43 am
issue that -- do you want to speak to that? guest: not to go back to these politics that overlie all of this. it is kind of hard not to. it is hard for officials to make the case that what they're doing -- as we look at debates. they are going in part because it is things that are on television. it keeps attention on the issues. for the gentleman that is called an he is talking about the issues, but if you're not paying attention to them is hard to get people involved. host: this says many you say they have not voted because they do not understand the issues. sadly, the specs a very susceptible to political advertising. focus on younger
9:44 am
folks, what have you learned in the research institute. guest: it is a pretty straight up demographic survey. guest: a lot of the thing is stuff so anecdotal. overlies all this is that people are trying to make the case about why what they are doing is right in the people are wrong. i do not know it is a case that young people are more susceptible and that is why they do not vote. i think it is that it is hard when you are young, to the gentleman's point that is called in, that he has all of the student debt and he is trying to figure out where he will live. there is as big study that came out that said more millennial's live at home, despite the fact that the economy is improving that has to do it that fact that rents are high, job quality is down. there are all of these overline issues.
9:45 am
saying that things are not taking the time to learn about issues, i think that is sort of unfair. that is not because the voter's and got an vote. it is because of all these different campaign issues. host: back to where we are going. guest: what we call is turning method is something not happening on election day. what we found is that since 1996, when we started talking about alternative methods, we saw an increase. there is no reason to think it will not grow the future.
9:46 am
if more states move that direction, if more states adopt policy then we expect to see it go up. host: do we apply this to him certain age groups? guest: the big question here is that there is a trend moving we are seeing an effort to curtail, and constrain early voting hours with the argument that this is a protection method. it is a case that there is very little impersonal election ballot absentee voter fraud. it is part of the issue. but the whole thing comes back to the rights. you see that there are some places where you see in the polls that they consistently get
9:47 am
early voting. those ballots are overwhelmingly democratic. and that makes the republicans nervous. we are seeing a political fight about access to early voting and access to the ballot. i do not think that will go anywhere over the short term. it will be interesting to see how those trends have increased. guest: we found that hispanics actually employed a lot of alternative methods, more so than whites or blacks. i can cross that several different times. the exception for blacks is that they do alternative methods other than the democratic breakdowns. but the 2008 and 2012 elections show that increase. host: tom has been waiting from oklahoma. thank you for explaining that. you are on the phone. go ahead. caller: thank you.
9:48 am
ok, i do not vote. i have not voted. but if donald trump gets in there i will vote for him. i like donald trump -- i do not like donald trump, i think he's aired it. but these politicians have been trying to balance the budget for years and years and cannot seem to do it. they need a businessman in there. i think not a career politician. host: what do you think that the turnout discussion? by thisspecial increase congressional number. the number is 41.9%. are you excited to vote? are you getting out to vote? host: no -- caller: no. no i do not vote. i will vote for donald trump
9:49 am
because he is a businessman. i have been around since 1960, and things are just getting worse. host: what are your reasons for not having voted in the past? caller: because the politicians are all under by special interest groups, and wall street. get up there and tell the american public what you're going to do, live to us, they just lie to vote. they do what they want to do. they serve the special interest groups. all of our politicians are owned. they send money to foreign countries that hate us. that is crazy. we have trouble here in america. why don't we take care of all people here for a change. host: interesting perspective for somebody who said she has never voted. anything to respond to their? guest: i will say this. she sees why donald trump is popular. the not know that some of things that she had said i would disagree with, for example,
9:50 am
obviously there's a correlation between people giving checks to politicians and people taking meetings from those people. , the idea that politicians are owned as a little exaggerated. again, what trump has seized upon this idea that he will go in there and change. he is not beholden holder to anybody. it is fascinating. i will be fascinating to see people trump -- people vote for trump. one of the questions is how you get people who do not vote to go to the polls? is of the ways you do that get a candidate that people are passionate about. we saw that with barack obama. people got -- people went to the polls. donald trump can apparently inspire people. we will have to see people actually go to the polls for him. if they do that will be significant. guest: one more point about her.
9:51 am
she is saying she has not been vote for the first time you go --? we do nothing with specific cohorts. is an interesting point. i was talking to some political scientist from wisconsin. their theory is that it actually matters when you age into a voting bracket. if you turn 18 right before national election, you will be more likely to not only vote in that election but also from then on. he comes back to the idea of habit. it is an interesting perspective. voteyou become eligible to , within the national election cycle. did you do any study by income level? guest: yes, it was very narrowly focused.
9:52 am
we have a detailed table. it is income education. indicator,otal really if you live in a community for five years, your voting goes through the roof. that is for a lot of different years. maybe you own a house, and pay taxes. maybe your kids go to the school. practically,more you are engaged in the poll basis. your voter registration has not changed. that is a big issue. if you can do same-day voter registration that increases turnout. that past 1990's, we had a lot of young people to the polls. there are a lot of practicalities as well. host: for those who do not vote. people who don't vote cannot complain.
9:53 am
let's go to louisiana. nathaniel, good morning. caller: good morning. host: what would you like to say? but first, do you vote? caller: i have been voting since i was able to vote. and i never miss it. i always go right to the vote. they do not want you to vote. they don't want you to vote. i have been voting ever since i was able to vote. did you hear the additional comic? , you can't teach an old dog new tricks. i think we have a good president.
9:54 am
everybody cannot be wrong about everything. notatter what i do, he does do enough to finish it. nobody do a thing. when he came in. we was all, we was in a depression. so the thing is, regardless of who you get in there, you got a get somebody doing the right thing. and if he's doing the right thing about the president. all of us talknd about that stuff. whether go right there, the rolling with the man who is trying to have it and so, i believe that he's been a good president. host: is there anything you heard that you want to respond to? guest: he raised the issue of how he said his father had to pay poll tax. this is the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act.
9:55 am
interesting, particularly in the 2008 turnout. ago and about 50 years think about how dominant white voters were. thinking about how much things have changed since then. it came out of the anxieties and concerns of making sure that every american has the right and ability. the question is that the religious people vote more often than secular? host: we definitely have personal opinions about that. guest: it is a good question. the facts.y without host: good morning, from massachusetts. caller: hello. if you could just see the looks on your faces, with the guy from louisiana before me.
9:56 am
that was pretty funny. i amt wanted to say that, 31, i have never voted. i will say that because of education. have, i was not politicaln all of the , the price of like that. so i figure, why should i vote. personte for the wrong that i'm hurting the country. that is why i don't vote. know, i have a three-year-old i've been looking at things differently since obama came into office. painn doing a lot more attention and stuff like that. the problem is that is not advertised on tv.
9:57 am
the debate is on last night, i wanted to watch it. today, i will be trying to watch it again. host: do you think you'll be voting next time around? caller: absolutely. this will be my first year. i am proud of it. i am proud to vote. now i know what i'm voting for. host: you mentioned you have a child. is there any particular issue, or group of issues that would bring you out? caller: well, you know, as a parent,, we all want success for our children. i want him to have a good future, with him growing up, he is on disability. temporarily. should happen again as he is older, for some reason.
9:58 am
look at what is happening with social security. i think about that. i think about was certain areas in his life, there is a problem. i want him to be taken care of. with the economy and the way everything has been. i want everybody to have the opportunity. host: we are almost out of time. final thoughts? guest: that is a good example of somebody growing older and becoming more aware for multiple reasons. you see voting rights go up. guest: i have to say also that a lot of people are not paying attention to the cycle yet. it builds. the presidential cycle gets a lot more turnout in a lot more engagement. this is watching c-span now a year before the election. host: we can look at the study.
9:59 am
where can people look at this and find this? they will find not just this report but all of our data going back to the 1960's. you can check out the census bureau looking at the social stratification. thank you to both of you this friday morning. thank you. guest: thank you for having us. host: appreciate your cause. washington journal starts at 7:00 eastern time. we will see back tomorrow morning. have a great day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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the jobless rate held steady last month. the labor department reporting u.s. employers added 215 thousand jobs, while the unemployment rate held at 5.3%. the government says the monthly average of people seeking unemployment benefits remains near a 15 year low. -- at noont new be eastern we will have a discussion on the relationship between housing and health, particularly on whether medicaid -- this weekend, politics, books, and american history, saturday night congressional profiles with four freshmen members, democrat brendan boyle. and new jerseyub


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