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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 13, 2015 5:20pm-6:01pm EDT

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100% clean electric grid. the governor of california has set a goal of moving to a 50% clean electric grid. it will require new technology and submit generation nuclear, it will require new battery technology and probably some we have never heard of. in the meantime, with wind, with solar, with designing smarter that zero homes that produce more energy than they use, we can move to a 100% clean electric grid and just in the nick of time. some of the things we do like the renewable portfolio standards have to constantly go up and not down. that is true of the renewable fuel standard as well. when he to go up so we developed a the next generation that can make our economy go. we want to thank you for the
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work you did in 2014 in iowa. you -- o ask [inaudible] the question in essence is this, and in fact this is one of the goals that i have unveiled today in the 15 strategicals for our country level in trees -- increase financial security for every household and get earnings to go back up instead of flatlining. , byg part of it is to cut at least half, the gap between what men are paid and what women are paid. presidential leadership is important. [applause] there are lots of things that we have done, and other measures, but we are not done.
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your grandmother was done in securing the vote. we have to keep moving as a people. secure a better future with more opportunity for our kids is to care enough about one another now to do the things to include more people in the political and economic life of the country. that is our genius and formula. that is what we need to return to doing. i thank you so much for coming out. [applause] [chanting o'malley!] >> democratic presidential candidate art normality at the iowa state fair, the third candidate taking to the des moines register candidate soapbox. the former governor of maryland and former mayor of baltimore. in just a moment, we will go to
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the phones and get your impressions of his speech today and some of his cue and a with the folks there in attendance. the numbers on your screen for , democrats, and independence. if you have made up your mind that o'malley is your man. today o'malley announcing a 16 city to work -- a 16 city tour of iowa. martin o'malley has his family with him today. there is a look before his speech with his family going down the giant slide. in this tweak afterwards it was everything we with the -- everything we thought it would be.
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we will try to follow the former maryland governor in just a bit to get some of his meet and greet, but time for several calls. paul joins us from des moines on the line for democrats. >> i wanted to bring up to the people here in our country where this dirty word liberal came from. it came from the republican party and i think it was back in something, it7 or was when john charles river president that the first republican called their party the liberal republican party. what to the people think about that? >> thanks for calling. veronica and him -- in ohio. to this just listening speech, i have made up my mind and i hope i don't change it.
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>> what in particular? >> he is making more sense than anyone i have heard talk, starting with the debate. debatesonfidence in the when, well i call him smiley face, when donald trump got on their. a shouldn't even be in politics. -- he shouldn't even be in politics. favor longer going to crandon. -- i'm no longer going to favor clinton. i am sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails. >> troy on the democrat line from atlanta, georgia. >> i was just listening to
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o'malley and he really has some good views. he has some good thoughts about what he wants to do. what isn insight about going on about being a president. he probably has more sense than any of the other candidates i have heard that have talked about being a president. he really has some good views. >> we will come back to more of your calls in just a moment. let's go back to the iowa state fair. martin o'malley doing some meet and greet. gov. o'malley: i think the competition is not only right and just, it is also best for economic growth and allowing people to earn a living and he will living wage -- and a living wage. i intend to be very tough when it comes to pushing back against mergers and monopolies.
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those monopoly powers are really -- putting screws to the screws to farmers and the agricultural communities. i think rural america and agriculture could play a really critical role in getting us to a clean energy future. ure. the next gerthe next genern bis and wind and other energies. energies. nt oneen hillary your left, you seem to be getting squeezed out of it. how can you defend yourself from these two alternatives? gov. o'malley: i see a whole lane opening. from countygo down to county and iowa. the great thing here is that intimidated by big money taking over elections. they want to meet each of us and they come out and engage in a
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serious conversation. this year what they are looking for is new leadership and the ability to get things done. i'm not just making a promise, i have accomplished progressive things. after 30 days we went to 3%. the latest poll has us at 7%. that is how you emerge in the caucus. >> other any of them that --[inaudible] gov. o'malley: and it most of them have been received as the most detailed plans -- detailed plans. so far, criminal justice reform. there is no candidate in either party that has stood at the between law enforcement
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and crime for 15 years as i have. we actually reduced our recidivism rate by 15% as well as violent chrome -- violent crime. bill as we've done is wall street. i have the independents. banks the ceos of the big who wrecked our economy once and can do it again. jpmorgan. of some ofarchitects our failed policies. i have the independence to do what is necessary to protect main street from wall street. i am the only candidate to advocate 100% clean energy by 2050. as governor, we made great strides.
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it is a national security imperative and an economic imperative. i also laid out one of the biggest plans for debt-free college. i spent four years and a row as governor without a penny increase in college tuitions. has been sent as an executive talking and a publishing -- has been spent as an executive, wishing progressive things. only -- to get marriage equality passed in our state. you mention in your speech, what would you be doing right udible]ina i think that one of the top things about the current evaluation is whether --
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listen to some of the -- there are some who would say the chinese are moving to make the -- there arere a manipulationis of their monetary policies that is making their goods cheaper. if the latter is the case, and it would appear to me to be the case, i think we should put much more pressure on the appropriate -- and also take action on .round -- on our own it's a tough call. toshould not be entering in a partnership. i think it is a bad deal. , am opposed to any trade deals
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and one of the things that everybody acknowledges is that nothing will keep me from -- [inaudible] gov. o'malley: i would welcome vice president biden's entrance into the race. i think he would bring a lot of perspective and wisdom to the race. -- partyur partner would do better in the general election if we had more to debate on and i think he has more points of experience and a more points we have, the better we will be. if he runs, i would welcome it.
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is a good and decent man -- he is a good and decent man. >>[inaudible] i don't think it is a problem for the democratic problem -- party. that the democratic ofty has a tradition offering pragmatic solutions to the challenges we face as a country. deeply in the principles of our party. i believe in what franklin roosevelt was about and john kennedy. to be a wife i choose credit -- a democrat, not only
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presidential years. to become the nominee, the think i could win -- do you think you could win? gov. o'malley: i'm not answering hypothetical questions. [inaudible] >> iowa and marilyn -- in iowa there are so many rivers and lakes that we can't use due to pollution. there is also been a huge agricultural runoff problem. to the veryake you
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end of your administration to -- rules into action gov. o'malley: you are misinformed. i was working on that phosphorus thing from day one. on day one we also we delivered on the promise during the campaign which is we came up with a new way to reduce sediment runoff into the rivers and the chesapeake bay. we are actually taking action on land, among them, management practices on farms, including many we paid for. big upgrades to our wastewater treatment plants.
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it was not popular but it made the rivers cleaner. also a development that was being done on the septic system. the fostering management was one that we worked on and did our very best to get to the goal line as shortly as possible -- as soon as possible. were were a lot of things were not able to a college, but it was not for lack of trying. monitors the cleanup efforts of the chesapeake even after my term has expired. during my eight years, we 17%ally reduced sediment by 15% and phosphorus ,y 12% into the chesapeake bay which i do believe with the biggest reductions of any governor so far, but i hope
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there will be bigger ones in the future. thank you for asking me, i never thought i would ask that. thank you guys for letting me stand. [chatter] [inaudible] gov. o'malley: i think if you publicer my 23 years of service a very diverse state, you will see a confident team taking action to include more people more fully into the
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economic life of our city and state. whether that was things we did in the criminal justice reform actually increasing the role of minority and women -- minorities and women in business . understanding that i brought --[inaudible] we reduced by half the number of kids that got ripped out of their homes and put into foster care. i am also the only president of candidate --
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[inaudible] [laughter] [inaudible]
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>> congratulations for raising a great daughter. gov. o'malley: thank you. [inaudible] gov. o'malley: guys for coming out -- thanks for coming out. there is only two of you? >> thank you governor. gov. o'malley: thank you. however you been? -- how have you been? >> good.
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[inaudible] gov. o'malley: you asked of the best question, i only had to say yes -- you asked the best question, i only had to say yes. [inaudible] >> thank you. gov. o'malley: thank you. meet you, another person named martin.
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[inaudible] thank you for coming out. where we going? -- where are we going?
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how were you doing? -- how are you doing? >> good, how are you? where are we: going? [inaudible]
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>> he might be the next president of the united states. gov. o'malley: what is your name? that's pretty cool. my youngest brothers are twins.
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where are we going? points is some of the --[inaudible] what you all are doing with renewable energy, that is certainly something the rest of the nation needs to do. when did to improve our our schools to get all of our kids an opportunity to be ready for a career that is out there in this world. each one of the point in our plan affects our nation. >> do you think being the
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youngest democrat on the field will be to your advantage? gov. o'malley: i do believe i bring a perspective of a new generation to this race. i think the world has changed and i believe that when our times change, the problems change, new approaches and new leaders help us solve them. >> what you going to do next? gov. o'malley: i haven't done the iowa craft beers yet. are you buying? >> maybe next time. gov. o'malley: i might try that. thank you. >> i appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. welcome to iowa. , i likealley: thank you your under armour hat. >> thank you.
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gov. o'malley: where are we going? what is your name? how old are you? >> i am eight. gov. o'malley: you are a big eight. i might try some of the craft beer or the cheese curds. >> i'm bob from des moines. gov. o'malley: a-bomb nice to meet you, what do you do? i have a restaurant. havet to wish you luck, i
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been watching you and i wish you a lot of luck. gov. o'malley: bob, i need you, thank you. i'm an exchange student going to france this year. encourage the united states to do an exchange or host other countries? we didn't do a whole lot of that when i was in college. we live on a very connected planet and i think a deeper understanding leads to better action. i think it is important to understand each other and that american kids have a perspective on the world. >> thank you. gov. o'malley: thank you. >> we have to get moving serve -- we have to get moving sir.
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gov. o'malley: where is my daughter? >> she's right there. [laughter] gov. o'malley: why does the lapel sticker not stick? that is a philosophical question of our time. maybe it means it is not actually sticky. >> did you see the giant turbine? watching over the fair. gov. o'malley: yeah, that is
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cool. is that the original famous but tent?- famous but did >> how are you doing? gov. o'malley: how are you doing, man? thank you for saying hi. where are we going? >> we will catch up and a second
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-- in a second. .ost: --gov. o'malley: hi where are we going now? [whistling and humming]
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i am not getting a corn dog. >> democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley making his way across the iowa state fairgrounds following his turn on the des moines register candidate so ox -- soap box. mike huckabee and a jim webb candidate gets 20 minutes to make their case and take questions from the audience. we were then catching up with some of their meet and greet
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afterwards. now a chance to go back to some of your phone calls. the numbers are on the screen, also some tweets and facebook comments. need tweeting, marching -- o'malley on c-span, he is knocking it out of the park. c-span caller won over by martin o'malley speech, quoting her, he says the most may sense -- he makes the most sense, my decision is going to be o'malley. mark for the republicans, go ahead. >> i just think there is about a dozen of these guys that are wasting our time and the taxpayer dollar because i don't think they stand a chance. i may be final winner were come out of the top 10, not the top six. >> 30 think that is going to be -- who do you think that is going to be? >> the politicians have messed
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it up and it has made me anti-politician, so i think donald trump is the man for me. i am in an businessman and i think he is a man of his word that he can get us back on the road. >> alexander from arizona joins us. a independent, formerly conservative and i did all of my research. to get they seems problems of the day and he is looking at the underlying problems instead of what is on the service. i see a lot of republicans approaching problems with weed whackers where as -- whereas he is approaching the problems with a weed killer. we need a nation that wants to improve itself and i think that
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man address that today. >> calling. aaron on the line for democrats. >> i think martin o'malley gave . very strong presentation he has a very strong record of getting results and hopefully we will wait and see what happens after iowa. >> thank you for calling. from --ter for o'malley >> hello, i am from baltimore. i have to say, martin o'malley was the best mayor we ever had since donald schaefer and a truly transformative mayor. a great person and i would support him to the bitter end and i am not voting for anyone
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else. >> martin o'malley served as the mayor of baltimore from 1999 until 2007 and a couple of terms as the governor of maryland. he entered the presidential race back on may 30. back to your calls, michael in lakewood, washington, a democrat. >> i am disappointed with that one gentleman said he -- saying he should not even be running. the more voices, the better. each person has one thing they are passionate about. i am glad this gentleman is running and i appreciate what he has to say. >> thank you for calling. ronnie in florida, also a democrat. >> i think he will be a great guy and i think he is someone we need to represent us as a nation. in florida, we want somebody who for his
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>> the christian science monitor writing about the des moines register soap box at the iowa state fair. this article. the article goes on the iowa state fair with the iowa state about the-- goes on iowa state fair as a rite of passage for presidential candidates with an opportunity to share part jobs on a stick with potential keep -- potential voters. time for a couple more calls. on the line for democrats. >> thank you for taking my call. i support martin o'malley. he seems to have some fresh ideas and good energy. is also answering questions, so i wanted to keep it brief.
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it seems like he has the experience as a former governor. >> republican caller erica in california. >> yes. speaking. hello? >> go ahead. husband. is a veteran i just lost him. he passed away. ,e was in the army for 20 years and i am very disappointed in the v.a. situation because he messed them up. trump going to be president, it might be better for the v.a. peoples and all the soldiers. >> thank you for calling. if you missed any of today's
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speeches or q&a sessions at the iowa state fair at the soapbox. we will re-air those tonight at 8:00 beginning with mike huckabee. you will also see democrat jim webb and we will re-air martin o'malley as well. back to the iowa state fair tomorrow morning as jeb bush and -- will be on the soapbox starting at 10:30. eastern time. tomorrow evening, our road to the white house coverage continues with donald trump in new hampshire. he will have a rally at 10 p.m. eastern time.


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