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tv   Former Governor Jeb Bush R-FL at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 14, 2015 10:30am-10:51am EDT

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has the climbing income. 6.5 million people are working part-time and spend most of the other work full-time. workforce produce a patient rates are lower than they were in 1977. or the first time in american history, business is closing at a rate faster than they are opening. this is not the america that will lead the world. this is not the america that will make sure that children will have more opportunities than their parents. what they need to do is restore the right to rise in this country by 15. regulatoryluted systems of the loss, i do not eight tell iowans about -- the epa rolest of water. [indiscernible] serious problems and we need to embrace the energy revolution in our country to be
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energy secure with north american resources in a short period of time with american ingenuity, innovation and technology. [applause] and we have to have the courage to preserve and protect our entitlement systems that recognize that the world has changed. that we are aging far longer. that the system was designed in a different place and time. we need to find a consensus to preserve what we have with them make surethat we can it exists for the next generation. if we do those things, our budget would move toward a surplus and we would go our economy far faster than 2%. people would be lifted out of poverty and the great middle of our country that defines who we are would get a pay raise for the first time in a long, long time. that is what we should be doing. [applause] governor of a purple state, florida.
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it is not read like texas and not blue like california, it is right down the middle. i was the most conservative governor in the state's history but i had a reformer's heart and we cut taxes every year to only $19 billion. we reduced the state government workforce by 13,000. in fact, you can fire someone for incompetence in state government in florida. i'm sorry, that is a radical idea. and you can [indiscernible] we changed the system but i think the services are a lot better because of it. ask the people that had to deal with eight hurricanes and for tropical storms whether the state government was there to take care of their needs during 16 months when tragedy took place in every community. we reformed our education system when it was at the bottom of education. 50th out of 50 states in graduation rate. because we created the first
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private school choice programs, we expanded our charter schools, we eliminated social promotion, we put reading coaches in every school. we had accountability like nobody's business. schools and no one could say an a school is not better than f school. we had a 50% improvement in graduation. things becauseix a statee governor of that improve things. our income group 4.4% every year . we could grow our economy far faster and it would lift people's spirits up but we have in washington. right now, we have a president that pushes down anybody who disagrees with him and elevates himself with this sophisticated nuance of the and the result is nothing gets done. nothing gets done but it can.
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we can fix this. [applause] if we do, we will have more confidence to lead the world again. the united states plays a constructive role in the world by being the ally of our friends. they know we have their backs. and having our enemies. a little bit, that is how you create a more peaceful world. sadly, we have avoid that has been filled larger than the state of iowa. ofusands and thousands forces organized to destroy western civilization. i am not exaggerating. the fbi director says the thing that keeps him up at night are homegrown terrorists. they are inspired by isis. we should be taking up isis. should have a strategy to deal with isis rather than admit we do not have one. each and every day that they exist -- [applause] they gain more power, the recruit more people. the next president of the united states, if i'm president, we
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will have a strategy on day want to take out his great threat to the national security and the world. i promise you that. the president has no strategy and hillary clinton has no strategy. their strategy is to say it is somebody else's fault. it is time we had a president that accepted responsibility for the duties of the presidency. if there is a problem, do not say the dog ate my homework which is what we hear all the time. except responsibility to fix it. do. is what leaders i believe we are on the verge of the greatest time to be alive if we are strong, rebuild our military, show support for veterans, bring that competency in government and grow our economy at a far faster rate. you.not know about put aside your ideology for a brief moment. do you think the federal government is operating in a way that shows respect for the taxpayers of this country?
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-- for the taxpayers of this country? >> no! veterans havethe to come to congress to ask for enough money to spend $1.8 billion to build a hospital for the greatest military men and women that are retired in our deserving -- and are deserving. is ludicrous. people do not get fired anymore and washing, d how about office of personnel management in charge of the human resource office? takenlion files had been allegedly by the chinese. even though the inspector general said, a careful, we do not have the cyber security necessary to protect our servers . even though that came about, nothing happened and the net result is that classified information, information that allows for security clearances is now in the hands of the chinese. but aside your ideology.
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i hope you want a president that can roll up their sleeves and thanks the broken systems to make sure -- that can fix the broken systems to make sure we can serve the people. no more $800 million health care websites, no more cost overruns in the defense department and other places. we need a competent leader that will except responsibility to fix these things, and i believe i am the guy to do it. i humbly ask for your support. here's my deal -- i am a republican and proud conservative and i have a record of reform that is unmatched of anybody running. i believe in order to fix these things, we need to come together as a nation. i am tired of the divides. i respect people that do not agree with me. it is ok to disagree with me. i do not ascribe bad motives for people who disagree. they may be wrong, that is fine, we will have a lively debate, but we need to forge consensus tax, regulate,y
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restore the military, restore our intelligence capability. we need to build a consensus again. i campaign the way that i would govern amongst everybody, no rope lines, totally out in the open. i campaign in the latino communities in spanish asking them to join our cause. i campaign and african-american communities saying, join us because we believe in education reform so your children can be lifted up on college campuses among democrats and republicans alike. if they do not like my views i respect that but they know i have a heart for them. the next president will have to unite this country and i will campaign in the way that sends the signal that enough of this divide and we need to fix inks and washington, d.c. thank you all very much. [applause] [indiscernible]
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[no audio] jeb bush: i think we need to maintain our commitment to the successful programs -- this by far is one of the great legacies of my brother and has brought bipartisan support and needs to be continued. it is also good foreign policy to not only be involved in being the world's policeman. we need to lead in every possible way. people look to the united states as a leader for security purposes but also these kind of
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purposes as well, so i will continue to fund those programs. yes, ma'am? is smaller class size. in florida, we have a constitutional amendment that lowered classic size. i believe that we ought to pay teachers more for student learning, lower class sizes, there is no evidence to suggest that yields higher student achievement, but paying qualified teachers that get results consistently, there is enough evidence to suggest that and that is what we ought to be focused on. yes, sir? common core -- i support higher standards. darn poisonous i don't know what it means. i am for higher standards, state created, locally implemented with the federal government has no role in the creation of standards, content or curriculum. hang on, we will get you. you are next.
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do not let the head explode. the federal government should have no say in that and if it is not changed by law, i will do it executive order when i am president of the united states. yes, sir? why do i support my brother -- i don't. it would have made sense back then but now we're way beyond that. we need to do is reform social to preserve it for reform in the logical ways that there is broad bipartisan consensus which is over an extended period of time and raise the limit of income. you can solve social security that way. [indiscernible] the question -- assuming you heard it -- right now we have 3500 soldiers and marines in iraq already.
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we have a strategy. it kind of creeps up. we are responding incrementally to the challenges rather than having it strategy. i would take the advice of commanders in the field and what i have heard is that the iraqis want our help. they want to know that we have skin in the game and we are committed to this -- [indiscernible] excuse me? we did not have to get out in 2011. it could've been modified and that was the expectation. everybody in iraq and everybody in washington you that this deal could of been expanded and now what we -- [indiscernible] now we need to do something else which is the -- to deal with the fact that we have islamic terrorist organized and the way you take them out is to rebuild iraq and support for the kurdish and to reengage with the sunnis and to be able to have a strategy to take them out.
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we need to do the same thing, although more complicated, in syria. yes, sir? i have having a hard time hearing. [indiscernible] [no audio] i get most of my advise from a team that we have in miami, florida. young people that have experience either in congress or in the previous administration. the parlor game that is played where you have 25 people, 30 people, for the people helping with foreign policy and if they have had to deal with to republican administrations who were the people that were presidents -- i mean, this is kind of a tough game for me to be playing, to be honest. i am my own person. i just gave a speech at the reagan library. i urge you to take a look to get a sense of my views on how this
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stuff should work. yes, sir? [indiscernible] run the youth conference in iowa, but i feel like our young voices are not being heard. we have youth councils at local levels, would you be open to the idea of creating a youth council with various department heads? jeb bush: that's a great idea. here is my e-mail address -- i just gave out my e-mail address. that is what i did as governor of florida. i think we need a not -- a lot more transparency in politics today. i will get someone from the back. yes, ma'am?
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[indiscernible] [no audio] the jeb bush: so, i was watching an interview yesterday where people were saying that i also think importantis easily as threat -- [laughter] yeah, right. in north korea with nuclear weapons and unstable pakistan, there are many threats. it was isolated to one, it would be easy. the vladimir putin threat relates to our weakness. as we pull back, he sees opportunity. putin derusha original power, trash talking in essence, and he invades crimea with that much consequence. -- you needave to to say, here are the consequences of your actions.
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be further sanctions. in europe needs to go along. we need to forward lean in terms of native support and u.s. support into eastern europe, poland and the balkans to send a alliance isthe nato still intact. we need to make sure that we are .ntering ukraine forces they have been invaded. parts of the country are still occupied by pro-russian forces. need to provide support or ukraine to continue to reform. we have to to be involved with our partners and allies in europe so as to push back putin for sure. i think over the long haul, his is a failed state. if we grow our economy at the rate we are talking about, we will be stronger than any country in the world. this is still the strongest country in the world and has the potential to be the only developed country to renew itself and grow at a far faster rate. if we did that, and you see the failed economic policies of
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russia, ultimately, they will collapse but we need to be said asked and vigilant as a relates to their efforts. yes, ma'am? yeah, sure. i am in favor of -- charter schools are highly effective. the good thing is that if they do not work, they close. what about traditional public schools? against think the place up over and over again and nothing happens. yes, ma'am? yeah, you. [indiscernible] [no audio] is -- we have a crisis of alzheimer's in our country, what will i do? things in this is the input from the purple shirts to be clear. first and foremost, we need to recast our research and development budget. it should no longer be cut.
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as a cannot fix the here and now problems, particularly of social welfare problems and entitlement problems, that is where the growth of the budget is in washington. we need to focus on long-term things. infrastructure, but we have seen of nih go down and inside of that budget, alzheimer's, which will create huge costs going forward, hundreds of billions of dollars of cost for families and for the government to medicaid and medicare. the amount of money being spent his something like $700 million or $800 million at the most. there are other diseases that get billions of dollars for research. we could find a cure for this. at a minimum, we ought to be able to find a delay of dementia. that is number one, recast the r&d budget for the national institute of health to be able to find a cure. secondly, we need to make sure that there is enough money for community-based care alternatives because the great tragedy, as you note of
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alzheimer's, is not the person lost the much about the caregivers. dementiarson who has but the caregivers. i am from florida. it is purple politically but also purple because people that have dementia this apportionment lived in my beautiful state and the caregivers, the spouse and the child and others that exist makes it harder for them to be able to live a healthy life as a. i think we need to move away from institutionalized care and i medicaid programs the -based care. i think does it make a mark as it relates to the challenge you face. yes, sir? [indiscernible] [no audio] this is the last question? ok.
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my stance -- the iranian deal is a bad deal. [applause] i hope congress with a two thirds majority kills it. it is bad because it does not deal with the broad relationship with iran. iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. we are giving them $100 billion of fresh money to carry out their agenda and destabilize the region. they repressed their own people. for two weeks, we could of been on the side of the people that elected a different approach in iran, but we were silent and now the presidential candidates and others who had dissented in iran, are put away. why would we want to legitimize the regime that does not allow freedom in their own country? there are three americans held hostage in iran as well and yet it does not seem like that was part of the negotiation. iran is building ballistic missile capabilities to launch missiles, nuclear and otherwise. is nothing in the agreement that deals witat


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