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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 14, 2015 10:50am-12:01pm EDT

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a bad deal. [applause] i hope congress with a two thirds majority kills it. it is bad because it does not deal with the broad relationship with iran. iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. we are giving them $100 billion of fresh money to carry out their agenda and destabilize the region. they repressed their own people. for two weeks, we could of been on the side of the people that elected a different approach in iran, but we were silent and now the presidential candidates and others who had dissented in iran, are put away. why would we want to legitimize the regime that does not allow freedom in their own country? there are three americans held hostage in iran as well and yet it does not seem like that was part of the negotiation. iran is building ballistic missile capabilities to launch missiles, nuclear and otherwise. is nothing in the agreement that deals with that.
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we are loosening up conventional weapon sanctions that now will allow them with fresh money to become a military force that will create an arms race in the middle east. i have not even gone to the verification issue as it relates to their ability which they violate the rules over and over again. this president believes that they will go quietly into the night and just change their ways , and that is not how the world operates. i believe this deal should be rejected. it sanctions are imposed by the united states, other countries will have the choice. will they look at iran as a business proposition, perhaps jeopardizing their commercial and political and diplomatic push us up with united states? i think that choice will be pretty clear for some countries. , toe not russia and china your point, but other countries will have to deeply consider whose side they are on. thank you all very much. i appreciate you and i look for to shaking all of your hands. god bless. [applause]
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>> on the second day of the iowa state fair, the des moines register political soapbox, jeb bush becomes the second republican to speak to the group. it was mike huckabee yesterday and they also heard from democrats jim webb and martin o'malley. we are going to open up our phone lines and hear your thoughts on what you heard from jeb bush. use -- re republican, support the if you candidacy of jeb bush, 748-8922. whilee to take you back he heads backstage to meet other supporters, we take you back live to the des moines if we are able. also, send us a treat at c-span and your comments are welcome at let's go to michigan with dave on the democrat line.
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caller: [indiscernible] we got all this stuff going on. a need to get this country going again. they need more jobs, get rid of abortions. there were interceptions of religion it is about -- and it is a bust. bush and his family have blood on their hands. it is a loss. host: here's francine in maryland. a jeb bush supporter. left hime just speaking at the state fair. i especially loved what he said about common core. 'sam a teacher and i loved answer and how he wants to support education. host: andy is next up on the democrat line in kentucky. andy, there you go.
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welcome. caller: thank you. i have listened to the speakers and everything and i heard some yesterday. i like ms. clinton. she is a dynamite lady and everything. ms. clinton has been good for us for america and everything and for the united states. i know she doesn't obstacles and everything. i like jim webb. i think he is a good candidate on the democratic ticket and everything. of course, if joe biden gets in, i like joe biden and i know he is good and everything. i was listening to this today and i like jeb bush. he is conservative but i'm not too inclined with him. i kind of like mike huckabee and rick santorum and rick perry. i think one of them three would be the best ones to leave the
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republican party because on the democratic side again, i like hillary, but if she can come clean with the e-mail and the phones and everything, i think she would be good because we did have president clinton, we did have a surplus and everything, so that is something that america needs the kind of look at, too. i think this clinton would be a good president for us. host: the reports say she will be at the fair tomorrow, but not speaking. it looks like we can go back to des moines to seek some of the comments. jeb bush is leaving. let's take a look. to a, governor. -- thank you, governor. [indiscernible] jeb bush: these are surprising businesses that do not need
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washington. i trust the governor of iowa and his department to deal with regulating iowa agriculture. [indiscernible] cutting taxes devastated the price of corn. three dollars and cost production is over four dollars. [indiscernible] [applause] >> it is recommended we do things in the renewable field. they still have not done anything. they still have tentative
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recommendations. jeb bush: they are tentative. the removal back to standards that your brother's and they worked effectively. we had some of our best farm years when it was being incremented and the aba has totally screwed it up. totally screwed it up. -- the epa has totally screwed it up. they said all the right things and they went back to washington and did the opposite. jeb bush: we've got a mess on our hands. did you follow that? >> they cost it. jeb bush: i know they did. they are going to create criminal charges. >> they did it. jeb bush: exactly. it will be a good learning experience for them. how are we doing?
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hello, i am jeb. good to see you. >> good to see you. jeb bush: he is a new guy who just started. >> the rookie. governor, you have a great state here. you did a great job. >> thank you. thank you very much. jeb bush: where are they going to school? [indiscernible] whoo! [indiscernible] be sure to e-mail me.
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[indiscernible] i need your vote. >> i like what you said. i like what you said. jeb bush: how are you doing? how are you? >> how are you doing? >> fine, thank you. jeb bush: i am looking for food. is there a pork chop coming up? i totally missed it. >> i will vote for you, man. jeb bush: thank you. support the presidential initiative for that early childhood development in education? a multilateral [indiscernible] jeb bush: if it is effective.
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it is outcome-based. if it was simple and did not try to impose western-u.s. imposition on countries that were completely different and it could work. >> jeb bush: i would turn all of our aid programs into those kinds of projects, and also, programs with more free market economics, and promoting governments that are productive. great question. yourself -- sider jeb bush: [indiscernible] i kind of like the traditional .onservative approach
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back then, we had totally different -- we now have a progressive government. now the progressive government has run amok. [indiscernible] ♪ [the national anthem]
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jeb bush: a lot if you will have converted support because it is lean and healthier. the safety is higher.
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how is the cheeseburger -- you have cheese inside? you have bacon and that too? it? have my name on the >> you bet. become a big hit in the last years. >> i love to grill with bacon. bush: where is your farm?
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>> northeast iowa. >> beautiful northeast iowa. jeb bush: what are the biggest challenges you face right now? >> me being down here is wrong. [indiscernible] bush: making sure there aren't infections? >> we raise babies. >> the chickens. that's a huge problem. over 30 million. jeb bush: what about labor, what's that issue?
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>> we don't work in :00 to 5:00. a lot of times at 1:00 in the morning. jeb bush: if you can't find workers, what do you do? >> do yourself. >> can we get a photo? jeb bush: that would be great. >> governor, get in here. jeb bush: how many people do you have on your ranch? >> i think we have about 10 employees. louisiana son down in . national guard training down there. [indiscernible]
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fall 1969.ere in it was hot. >> august and september is the worst time to be there. >> [indiscernible]
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jeb bush: i've been told there
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is an inverse relationship between height and intelligence. that's how you are, the less smart you are. >> i'm not sure about that. jeb bush: where you from? clarion,ing, iowa -- iowa. 90 miles north. jeb bush: [indiscernible] ground my own beef and everything. >> governor, will you be in charge -- >> he's a pro.
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>> iran for lieutenant governor -- i ran for lieutenant governor. jeb bush: how about the hamburgers? pork burgers. jeb bush: after choice seven years, the man knows what he's doing.
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>> they save a lot of people. then, they have pork chop on a stick. bush: by little bit super bit to buy a little promote the economy. they think coming around and taking pictures is enough. they have to take the money out and spend. they areall watching -- all watching. jeb bush: [indiscernible] trying to describe it, it's just like heaven. fried snickers.
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melted and fried. quantities ofntic power sugar on top. >> will you be joining other candidates? us.bush: all 74 of >> come early and often. good all 99 counties. all 99 counties. >> why do you want to support pork today? >> you can't beat the iowa state fair. >> governor, --
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competitive.ery very competitive. result,anddaughter, 90 one of blue-ribbon -- won a blue-ribbon with a raspberry cake she made. pretty happy little girl. jeb bush: wild raspberries? .> they aren't wild great time for raspberries. >> governor, i'm worried there are bubbles coming out of your pork burger. think?h: what do you let me know, i will assist you. >> who is better on the grill, you or your brother? >> i don't know how good he is a
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-- jeb bush: i don't know how good he is. let's say, i'm pretty competitive. >> it's like anything, the more you do it, the better you get. he's such a great governor. jeb bush: you get that mental health issue all worked out? >> yes. mental health redesign. we were fortunately one of the letter states to do that. jeb bush: we did that when i was governor. you did the right thing.
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>> it takes a while. we can actually provide better services. on givingyour focus people who need the service, rather than de disruptions. we found that we increase services to a lot of people. >> that's right. care forso doing this medicaid. jeb bush: you are starting that? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] we -- [indiscernible] did you have a good experience with that? bush: i don't know why they lowered it. is alwaysow why
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more complicated than it needs to be. [indiscernible] >> notice that? it is increasingly more competitive. have huge benefits. i think that was the original idea. it seems to be working. >> we have gone from being we produceendent -- more ethanol than we consume gasoline. : jeb bush i was surprised -- jeb bush: i was surprised when i
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got into this, wind. >> another million dollar investment in wind. thing.the [indiscernible] kidding. you're >> [indiscernible]
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>> this is the best food at the iowa state fair. jeb bush: the healthiest food at the iowa state fair. enjoy. >> ready? jeb bush: oh man. made in iowa. do you have any hot sauce? >> barbecue sauce. is that in the insult to the porcrk chop?
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bacon doesn't hurt. >> you cannot be pork chop on the stick. jeb bush: pork chop on a theck at the hampton inn -- hilton garden in, my home away from home. i never thought there would be a day when people were just staring at me and porkchops. >> the iowa state fair, it doesn't get better than this. jeb bush: thank you.
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>> while you are here with the governor, what are your thoughts on water quality issues and the lawsuit going on in iowa? jeb bush: that should be a state issue wherever possible. ve huge rainfall. i mean, it is flat. we have a really diverse and fragile ecosystem. people in florida know how to take care of the water a lot better than the epa. >> we have a strategy to reduce nutrients. something being developed with iowa state university. we are working with farmers.
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we don't need more government regulations. that will drive up the cost and really reduce liability to make iowa more competitive. wellush: your point is taken. our regional issues. we have the mississippi river, the great lakes, the gulf of mexico, the atlantic. this illustration has gotten hyperactive in pushing down -- expanding to what the definition of federal orders are. no one has ever come close to definition. and if they like iowa, it has for impacts to get a permit pond, age ditch, or retention pond. -- it takesmits
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forever. top-down.e their will florida is different from mississippi, different from iowa . >> what would you do about it? reverse it. hopefully some of these rules will be pending because of court challenges. the 10th them in the is as important as all the other ones. [indiscernible] >> the clean water act says it should be enacted at the state level. they did not consult with the state, or the people who would
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be affected by it -- the municipalities, the farmers, all these other people. jeb bush: [indiscernible] that. not sure about in this case, there is broad-based opposition from everything from the rivers community, the agricultural group. >> you want to take those off the grill before they burn their. we have a under control, brother. >> bring him in. > come on in.
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jeb bush: i think they are still edible. >> the governor has done this a lot. ? what is this? >> pork. pork loin. we're eating porck chop on a stick. jeb bush: there was a pork burger with bacon and cheese inside. >> a walking heart attack. fantastic.ooks
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>> have a good day. >> thank you for stopping here.
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jeb bush: how are you? what's your name? >> billy. >> governor, thank you so much.
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>> thank you. jeb bush: where we looking? >> thank you. >> appreciate it. you.ce to see
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>> the bacon wrapped rib is spectacular. jeb bush: this hamburger with bacon and cheese inside of it. >> is that part of the diet? , the only way to -- jeb bush: the only way to be on a diet is cheap. eat.h >> thank you. it abush: i have enjoyed a lot.
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>> you are comfortable eating in public. jeb bush: i have avoided the one thing you have to avoid. >> corndogs? training.lots of so far so good. >> what are you going to do about term limits? jeb bush: you have to get constitutional amendment.
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>> we need to stop the politicians from going there the number one objective is reelection. . forget the budget, it will work. : they have shown some discipline to not do what you are trying to do. if you have term limits and that you require elected officials to -- the six-year ban, along with term limits would be the helpful thing. >> [indiscernible]
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jeb bush: border security? >> how do you plan on dealing with the 11 million already here? jeb bush: border security does matter. of doing it that long cause hundreds of millions of dollars. we need an exit and entry visa system that knows where people are. 40% of illegal immigrants come , and they comesa to the airport like everyone else, but they stay. that is a totally different strategy. there, we should coordinate with local bond worth it someone in orlando who has overstayed their visa, law enforcement should help.
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third, we need an e-verify system. if a business here in iowa is hiring someone and they have no on wait to tell if someone is legal or illegal, there ought to that when they are hiring someone, they know is that person is here legally. for the people here illegally, they should get a provisional work format, pay a small fine, bush alonglearning the way, which many do, and not assistanceernment a . and they get legal status, not a green card, but legal status. the other plan -- the round them up kind of plan -- it
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would be really disruptive in a lot of communities. a practical way. great question. >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: thank you. there.anging in [indiscernible chatter]
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jeb bush: the president needs to project and away that people live better lives. >> history has been changing cultural by the great awakening. [indiscernible chatter]
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>> what are your plans and creating more manufacturing in the united states? jeb bush: better training, less taxes. did that in 10 seconds. [indiscernible]
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jeb bush: thank you so much for hosting us. i will be back.
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♪ [indiscernible chatter]
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>> we have a great opportunity in iowa. joni ernst came out as well.
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bush: you did the pigheaded? >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible chatter]
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>> jeb bush meeting with folks at the iowa state fair after his 20 minute stint on the soapbox. here on c-span, we will follow that with your calls about jeb bush's comments and what you are hearing as he walks around the fairground, spending time in the iowa pork tent. this tweet from the "des moines register," says that there were mitts he could go that couldn't, sipping beer with iowa backer chris mclendon. supporter,a jeb bush 202-748-8922. go ahead with your comments. caller: i am from the great
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state of florida myself. senators have become puppets of the federal government in the past eight years, overspending, complete disregard for the coverage you should. i think jeb bush is a great candidate. thenderstands the role of state, state sovereignty, the power of the states. i think he will be able to handle the budget, and quite friendly, the mess that president obama has left for the next candidate. from here is tony, calling kentucky, democrats line. go ahead. i have been a longtime .emocrat
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2003-2004, i thought what a mess that was. but, this loss of administration has been so bad -- i'm registered independent -- we will see how it goes. i think we have one too many bushes right now. i can understand why three of the top four in the polls in have never held office. i can understand that. we are so frustrated, people of the united states, so frustrated with congress. we're tired of the same old thing, never anything getting done. the resume, i believe john kasich has the best resume in the gop.
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donald trump, i don't know. being and of hard democrat all my life. host: thank you for your comments. try to sort through some of the candidates. donald trump later tonight. he mentioned john kasich on the next week we will cover john kasich ear the sticky back inside the budweiser pavilion. the government is talking to other supporters. >> my mom had the chance to meet your mom, and my mom really liked your mother. bush: she was like larger-than-life.
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[indiscernible] >> we are doing a road trip. jeb bush: where you going? >> [indiscernible] >> we were wondering if you could comment on the differences between you and donald trump. jeb bush: the differences?
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i have a proven record. i listen. i learned how to lead in a public setting. i don't say it is my way or the highway. there is a big difference. . think you can see it i want to broaden out our , when a larger number of people. i respect him, and clearly he makes a great partner in the campaign, but we are different. >> [indiscernible] how do you respond to that? don't.h: i i have my job, i will do it hard. i will campaign hard. at some point, you have to get -- people are hurting.
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[indiscernible] >> american people are joining isis. >> nice to see you.
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jeb bush: great seeing you. take care. [indiscernible chatter]
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jeb bush: we have a tax code. we tax worldwide income. we have the lowest cost energy in the world. we want to reinvest in manufacturing. ithe biggest place for steel
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right now is infrastructure, natural gas, oil. you haveto make sure -- to make sure the rules are enforced, sometimes they aren't. we can do this. .> i sure hope so [indiscernible chatter] >> how is your dad? jeb bush: better. recovering.
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