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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 14, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: jeb bush at the iowa state fair. and there are, like, 100 cameras here. >> [laughter] (202) 748-0003 for you did -- jeb bush: you did? well, i appreciate your service. you must be my dad's age. at that he would say the same thing about you. -- i bet he would say the same thing about you. thank you. i would love to have your vote in the primary. thank you. god bless you. >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [laughter] jeb bush: how are you? >> good, how are you? jeb bush: how are you? >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [indistinct chatter] (202) 748-0003 for the mind -- -- -- the mind needs to have the same exercise as the body. lots of stories. learn about babe ruth. -- [indiscernible] take care.
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>> thank you. >> [indistinct chatter] >> ♪ >> [indistinct chatter]
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jeb bush: we have complicated things in our life, but if you are on the border -- [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: but you can do it. think about it. -- [indiscernible] -- all of a sudden this joan comes up. -- [indiscernible]
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>> [indiscernible] jeb bush: checking out what was going on. -- [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] >> trying to get them to sign up. >> [laughter]
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jeb bush: how are we looking? >> [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: where are you guys from deco -- from? >> minnesota. jeb bush: minnesota? >> [indistinct chatter]
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jeb bush: i would love to have your help. take care.
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enjoy the budweiser. >> absolutely. >> [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: thank you. thank you. take care. >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: take care.
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thanks a lot. see you, guys. >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: hi. how are you doing? take care. thank you. >> [indistinct chatter] >> former florida governor jeb bush after sticking at -- speaking at the des moines fair. opening up our phone lines again to hear from you and your thoughts on jeb bush is -- jeb bush's comments, what you are hearing, what you are liking or not liking.
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let's first, though, take a look at what people are saying on twitter. here is donald, who tweets that 's, howhe last two bush could anybody support another bush? read my lips, no more bush's. bill says two days of iowa republican soap box speeches, not one on income inequality, health care. besays americans will not fooled by another bush. sac is saying jeb bush laid out and policy.e vision a pragmatic and realistic approach. and paul says, why no new coverage of bernie sanders? bernie sanders will be at the iowa state fair tomorrow. we will have live coverage of bernie sanders at the soapbox at
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3:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. let's get back to calls. dan on ourt is republican line. caller: yeah, i want to people out there to remember that when mitt romney ran down there in florida, where was jeb bush? jeb bush was nowhere. he didn't help mitt romney down there. sanctuary cities. up until two weeks ago. they support them. now, he said about two years ago, he said the mexican was nice people. well, let me tell you something about it. are they nice when they come in here and break the laws? don't show up for work? that is not nice. and let me say something for the african-americans. them illegals is taking work
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from poor people, poor white ,eople, poor african-americans and they talk about minimum wage. minimum wage would go with it if it weren't for him. now, bush and owing to do nothing on the border. john kasich and going to do nothing on the border. i think talking about -- for the last 20 years, i have been hearing the are going to close the border. they ain't going to close the border. >> he spent some time there at the fair talking to people about immigration policy, as we listen in, we go to wisconsin. also on a republican line. caller: yeah. i am not going to vote for jeb bush. no way. i don't want another bush. and all them ballot boxes at got sent from california, he should
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have destroyed them. and the lawyers, when they got bush in, they were all republicans. i am going to vote for trump. and if trump backs out, i'm going to vote for huckabee. i am not going to vote for jeb bush. >> donald trump will be live tonight here on c-span at 7:10 eastern. he is not at the fair today. he is in new hampshire today. we will cover that town hall meeting tonight at 7:10. donald trump and hillary clinton at the iowa state fair tomorrow, but reportedly not speaking at the soapbox anyway. to georgia, a jeb bush supported. caller: i support jeb bush. our next president. he will restore us from this severe depression we have been suffering for too long. from a great man and he is a good spot all the bushes are
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known as good people. he won't get my vote certainly and i am tired of people slinging mud at him. i can't wait to see him in office. and he definitely is not a prejudiced man against mexicans. he married a mexican woman. i hope that he can turn around isis. host: and another bush supporter is rebecca in florida. support jeb bush. he has been a tremendous governor for the state of florida. many,s done a lot of -- many things to support the citizens of florida.
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and i think that he would do a very good job as president. of so far as the border mexico, it is not only the mexicans that are coming across the border. isis and who knows who else is coming across the border from whatever countries. everyone was to sling mud at the mexicans. they need to stop and think about all of the other people that are coming in from other countries. think about all the murders that have been done and the atrocities that have been done to united states citizens here andour country by muslims -- people from other countries in the middle east. and they want to blame everything on the mexicans. yes, there has been some illegal done veryho have
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wrong and they should be prosecuted for that. no doubt. but we need also focused on the muslims and people from other countries that are coming into the united states and slaughtering our people. jeb bush definitely has my support. i hope he becomes the next president. the bush family is a very good family. they have all done a good job. and jeb bush has my vote. let's hear from our democrats line next. -- host: let's hear from a democrats line next. caller: i don't support jeb bush because the way he acted in florida, defunding planned parenthood when planned parenthood, only 12% of women who go into planned parenthood get actual abortions. most women that go there are
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getting other things like contraceptives or mammograms. sad, i think it is kind of that the republicans keep chasing after these candidates who are all funded by not the people. they are being paid off by large corporations to -- [indiscernible] and also, i don't think you should be really worried about the illegal immigrants that are coming over into this country because studies show that first and second-generation immigrants are actually not committing as many crimes as nativeborn people. host: jesse, appreciate your comment. let's go back to des moines and take a look at a jeb bush, still there, working his way through the crowd. let's listen in. >> [indistinct chatter]
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jeb bush: are you enjoying the fair? every year you,? -- every year you come? >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: yeah, absolutely. you have five more years to catch up with my parents. >> [laughter] i don't want you to say this to your lovely, lovely wife because when you have your anniversary -- [indiscernible] don't use that. that didn't go over very well. >> [laughter] >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> good luck, man. jeb bush: thank you. thank you so much. >> we have family from florida and -- [indiscernible] jeb bush: oh, yeah? hey, guys. however you doing? nice to meet ya. how are you?
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take care. >> [indistinct chatter] >> nice to meet you. i met your father. >> [indistinct chatter]
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jeb bush: how are you guys doing? >> right here, sorry. jeb bush: [indiscernible] i am from miami. we don't sweat until about three hours. >> [laughter] >> thank you. >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: how are you? >> good. jeb bush: what is going on out here?
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[indiscernible] >> [laughter] >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [indistinct chatter] >> [speaking in spanish]
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>> [speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: i don't mind at all. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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>> [indistinct chatter] >> thank you very much. >> and, java, i am from tallahassee. i him here for a conference and just have the day off. jeb bush: we don't have a state fair quite like this. >> no, we don't. >> [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: how are you? you did? let me get right here. got it? thank you, guys. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] we are from nebraska.
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jeb bush: [indiscernible] host: well, you saw there we lost our video signal from des moines. the former governor spending about an hour and a half after his 20 minute speech on the soapbox this morning at the iowa state fair. it looks like our signal may be backup. we will give it a moment and see if we can get in a call here from jake who is in michigan, a jeb bush supporter. ahead. caller: hey, there. i support governor bush because of his record as governor. a lot of people actually think that he is a moderate or whatever they say. but his record as governor, he created 1.2 million jobs, 80,000 new small businesses. he vetoed so much in the budget.
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i just think he is a genuine guy and he would make a great president. host: jake, appreciate your comments. let's listen back in here. governor seems to be walking away. we are live here on c-span. >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: hello. how are you doing? [indiscernible] >> hi, nice to me too. jeb bush: nice to meet you, too. >> [indiscernible] >> good luck. >> [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] jeb bush: control the border, fixed the immigrant system.
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there is a lot to do. >> [indiscernible] >> [indistinct chatter] how are you doing? pretty good. you are beautiful. how are you doing? hey, guys. hi. >> [indistinct chatter] >> you read it? -- you ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> all right, here we go. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you so much. >> [no audio] host: all right, we will go back
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to your calls. it looks like we lost the signal there. joseph, thanks for waiting. on our republican line. go ahead. caller: yes. jeb bush ife to -- he can control the borders, which is what everybody has stated. and what i mean by that is that we also have to look at the rest of the history of our forefathers in this country back in the early 1500s. we were in the -- [indiscernible] the murders and so forth. so, a good -- [indiscernible] -- would be effective was the immigrants.
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that tried to come into our country -- [indiscernible] thank you. host: all right, joseph. let's go back and listen in. well, maybe not. a little problem with that signal. we will hear from texas, also on our republican line. hi, doris. caller: hi. host: you are on the air, go ahead. caller: that is cleveland, texas. [laughter] i love those people. they are just great. he will get isis for us. he sure will. they want come over here and cut our heads off. that is one thing we can take about the bush's. they are really behind our country. he is a gentle giant. host: to colonial beach, virginia. welcome. go ahead. caller: oh, yes. i am calling in.
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i am looking at -- at jeb bush similar to donald trump. i was a democrat for the longest time. i had lived in california and supported the -- the clintons when -- when he was running. then after california, after he balanced the fiscal budget and there were so many closures, all the bases were closed and there was a big sequestration, then i can every thought what i wanted to do and went the republican rout. and so far, we did pretty good with bush. and donald trump. i am looking at him, as well. as far as running the country as a business, i think you would be perfect for that. i heard of lot of calls and
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comments on television yesterday who doesn't think he is religious or not. we are not voting for a pope. look at president obama. riot and heeremiah is into his second term. so, very serious debates this year. i think it is interesting. i am looking to see what is best for myself and my family. host: you mentioned donald trump. we will have coverage of donald trump coming up tonight from new hampshire. he is at a town hall meeting. live at 7:10 eastern here on c-span. more calls next, to the democrats line. it is day. ?aller: hi, how are you i want to say thank you for letting me have this platform to
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express my opinion. this is so wonderful that in america we can do this. but i would like to make a couple points as a democrat. and pose this to the american people. as adisparity in america -- working-class person and illegal immigration, which most people are not well informed of the cause and effect of illegal immigration. i was a detention officer in north carolina. i was a corrections officer in arizona. and there is a lot of consequences to having an uncontrolled border, including what is happening to desert. a huge cost to the american public with illegal immigration, including, for example, people who need programs like social security disability are being denied after waiting three years because of the costs of what is
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going on with illegal immigration. with the disparity, you have the chamber of commerce being disingenuous to the working class. and to the hourly wage people, if they have intoty, millions of people our working class, it will send wages down for the. and i just want to host: pose these questions and thank you for the platform. appreciate -- and just want to pose these questions and thank you for the platform. host: appreciate your call. as a treat, watching jeff at the iowa state fair. super nice guy and trying hard to address folks. and, boy, he looks exhausted. peter says, jeb bush, talking about the iran deal, jeb bush mentioned this in his comments on the soapbox. no deal is better?
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because w's no deal approach with north korea worked out so well, huh? and no deal means just let them go ahead building the bombs. that is idiocy. san antonio, texas. i'm our democrats line. go ahead. caller: yes. i was calling in because i just wanted people to think about this when they are thinking about supporting bush. governor at the time that his brother ended up getting the presidency. and the reason he ended up getting the presidency was because the voting situation was in such a mess in florida. first of all, they purged a bunch of people off the voting role, which turned out later to be a big mistake. the majority of those people
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should not have been purged. and then there was the hanging chad situation, where they spent weeks -- weeks recounted their middle hanging chads -- recounting their middle hanging chads. so then they end up going to the supreme court and the republicans on the supreme court decided that the bush should be president. so, i just want to remind everybody that -- you know -- the whole thing just looks suspicious to me. to me, it looks like it could have been rather helping brother. but even if it wasn't, the fact that people had to stand in line -- and still do have to stand in line -- for hours and hours in florida and a lot of them probably end up leaving and not even voting because they get tired of standing in line. so if he can't amend the voting situation in florida, how can we
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expect them to run our country? and those are my statements. thank you. host: former governor bush accompanied, at least for part of his day, by iowa governor terry branstad. and meeting there with chuck grassley and joni ernst. a couple more minutes of your phone calls and reaction to jeb bush's comments today at the iowa soapbox. beverly is a supporter. she is calling from louisville, kentucky. hi, beverly. caller: hi. yeah, my comment are going to be about god. and the government does not have a problem mentioning god in the supreme court and taking the 10 commandments out of the school. there is absolutely no harm that could come from having spiritual -- spirituality in the schools. and the people that can't handle
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it, the people that come here from other countries, the people that choose to be atheist, that is their problem. why should the christians actually be abused by taking time to take a got away from us? the young people need it. the young people are being more problems today than ever. and there is a separation of god -- of spirituality and religion and state. but the state has chose to interfere and do what they can that was negative, not positive. and i would love to hear one of our politicians be able to have the courage and hopefully jeb bush to talk about trying to put god back in the schools. host: it is the second day of the iowa state fair. the second day of the soapbox. jeb bush spoke just about an hour and a half ago.
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and he gets his 20 minutes like all the other candidates. we may have a steady video shot here. let's listen in and hear what folks are saying. >> oh, wow. >> this is a healthy looking family, or starters. -- for starters. >> [indiscernible] >> i was going to say, you look like western -- [indiscernible] >> [laughter] >> thank you. jeb bush: what part? >> near windsor. >> where is my camera? >> come on over here. you got a camera? >> i got it. >> come on in here. go ahead. >> oh, ok. >> [indiscernible]
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>> [no audio] making his way, we understand outside of the fairgrounds. i signal just a bit intermittent. tom harkin, the former democratic senator from iowa endorsing hillary clinton today in an op-ed that was published in the "des moines register." hillary clinton will be at the fair tomorrow, as will donald trump. let's get back to calls here. california, it is earnest on our democrats line. thank you for waiting. go ahead. caller: thank you. i am a democrat and a very proud, enthusiastic supporter of hillary clinton. i have heard a number of your to the effectings of being part of the silent majority. " recent caller -- and your d annt caller mentione
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attack on religion. -- not driven by deep religious conviction. we are essentially a moderates nation. and i still think that is the case. folks like donald trump and, frankly, ted cruz and a lot of others have been treating this campaign as if it were -- was a giant reality show. i happen to think trump is tapping into a certain type of american character that people like. it is the dirty har of american politics. this idea of the good guy, bad guy. the guy who is just mean enough and tough enough that he can take on our enemies. pardon my language, but intentionally sort of the attitude that he is our pastor -- bastard. arever, i think he is dangerous for american politics and the decency of american
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politics. i am watching jeb bush here and i disagree with him, but i have a diggity that i also believe hillary clinton has. i believe ultimately, they will be the nominees. because despite all the noise and the show business that all these other guys, you know, attract, including bernie sanders, frankly, i think americans are generally a moderate people. we want a steady kind of sober leadership. and all of this kind of cartoonish politics really i feel is unattractive to most people. host: appreciate your comments. to edward next. ohio. on our republican line. hello, there. caller: hello. thank you for having me. you know, i just have to say, i think that it comes down to one major thing. in politics for in america today. and it is liberalism.
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conservatism has become something that is more than just, you know, your way of life. being a liberal is almost like you have to believe the blood -- [indiscernible] feel isralism i just completely stripping america from what america is and was and was founded by. gentlemen, respectfully, i don't think he knows anything about the history of america at all to think that is a country that has only been driven by moderate-ism and not faith. that is hypocrisy. at the same time, i do believe that we are at a time where faith and religion is diminishing in the mainstream. and that is to be had among the
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beholder right there. but when it comes to -- america, i don't think anybody, anybody could do a worse job than barack obama when it comes to every aspect of foreign relations, domestic relations, and he hasn't even helped the black community. if i am a black president, the first thing on my mind is going to be to help the black community. kasiche will cover john next week, next wednesday. our coverage, by the way, of the iowa state fair will continue into this weekend and next week as candidates come before the soapbox. let's hear from louisville, kentucky. our republican line. hello. caller: thank you for having me. the gentleman that
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just talked, the native american. the president- really going to help the native americans? i have to send my brothers and get placeshelp them and things like that. the native americans was here first. you all callieve, him jesus christ and you all call god, god. well, we call him godfather and jesus our heavenly father. and everybody says, how did you know about jesus when he was little? well, my grandpa -- both my grandpas -- my first grandpa by my mom was cherokee. full-blooded cherokee. and my grandma, too. and my grandfather on my dad's side, he was a --
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[indiscernible] irish andndmother was -- [indiscernible] goingen is the government to help the native americans? i have nothing against the black people because i have black people in my family and i love them dearly. them. is always helping and i believe that they should because americans went over they camegot them and back here and made them slaves. they hurt them. the native americans need to stand up, everyone of them if they are hearing this on tv. we need to stand up, just like the black people, and take our country over. this is our country. bush's, all three of them, i don't like either one of what about rebuilding
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our segment and getting it stabilized and back to what people love so much? host: a couple more minutes of your phone calls. this tweet from donald. says he has covered jeb bush for two hours and i was fair, sure haven't seen exposure given to other candidates. our goal here is to follow the candidates as long as we can here at the eye with state fair as long as our signal holds out. we did the same yesterday with jim webb, martin o'malley, with mike huckabee. we will stay with it. it just so happens that jeb bush is spending a great deal of time at the fair and our signal has gone in and out of it could but out a, --
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but where we can, we want to listen in. oklahoma city, joe on our democrats line. caller: how are you doing today? i think you are doing a job posting. i did want to make three really quick point. shere was a view -- few caller that have called in talking about god. let me just say, religion is wonderful. our founding fathers set up to make sure we didn't end up like where we make our decision based on someone's religion. next, i encourage all your viewers to spend more time watching c-span. not just call in shows and specials and stuff like that, but watch the congress in session. that is where you will learn the truth. you cannot turn to in opinion source like fox news and think you are understanding the issues. and finally, this is to help everybody decide how they are
12:58 pm
going to vote in 2016. ask yourself this question. is my candidate of choice connected to big money? is my candidate connected to billionaires taking secret pac money? most of us aren't rich, but the people we keep putting in office are. their decisions follow that. the only person in this race that is not connected to dark money, that is every republican, hillary, all of them, is bernie sanders. he has refused to take the billionaire dollars. look him up. that is the only salvation we will have. host: joe manchin the coverage of congress. they are on their august recess. the housecome back, and senate returning on september 8. live coverage on c-span2. vermont, it is brian on the republican line. caller: hi.
12:59 pm
i just wanted to say thank you for having me on here. bushnot a supporter of jeb , or any other candidate, except for rand paul. senator rand paul. rand paul is the real deal. he is a guy to straighten up this country and to fix washington. , listenybody out there to rand paul, give him a chance. hear his flat tax. it is wonderful. a great idea. rand paul is not a fake. he is the real deal. host: brian, let's see if we can listen in. we think the governor is making his way out of the fairgrounds. let's listen in. >> [indistinct chatter]
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>> [indiscernible] jeb bush: how are you doing? >> down around mount pleasant. jeb bush: oh, that is beautiful. quick fantastic. we think the former governor is revving up his appearance at the iowa state fair. let's get a few more callers, a jeb bush supporter is isaiah in fairfield, california. my name is isaiah and i'm calling because i think we have a serious issue here, the deliver how babies how peopleey mention don't have things is growing to meet the populace of people that do have stuff.
1:01 pm
players earn it a fall and unravel. there's so many people that don't have stuff in the towns are filling up with homeless people. people, the new homeless population is all young people, it's very scary. america started to fall, we are losing what we have. it's very scary. we can get ahead of the problem now instead of spending all this money on campaigns and the sort of stuff. people work for the county, people work for the state. i make it hundred dollars a month and i pay my $400 rent with the rest of my money, i go out and try and take care of all homeless people. but there is not enough being done because the schools that are filling up every year, kids graduate school, every year. not everyone of those kids are going to have a job, not everyone of those kids are going to have places to stay. that is growing. we are starting to unravel, america starting to unravel. we are starting to fall, but
1:02 pm
there's enough land, i'm from northern california. there is so much land here. it's all hills, it's all dirt. isaiah, another view in a bush supporter here as well as bernice in lubbock, texas. go ahead. caller: i'm a bush supporter, i'm also native american urine i was listening to that lady talk. help with the native americans. i was hoping that maybe bush could get that started. in some way or another. and get this country back in order. how does jeb bush stack up against the two texas candidates against the former governor perry and senator cruz? caller: better. i think he is doing a better job, better at all things, i believe. host: let's go to maryville,
1:03 pm
tennessee on the independents line. this is janelle. caller: i wanted to call and tell you how refreshing it is to be able to watch a candidate in action. your coverage has been absolutely magnificent today. i can't take my eyes off of it. this is perfect for the american people. candidates,ese whoever you follow, could not pay for this kind of coverage. immediate responsiveness to people in the crowd's, fantastic. thank you so much. supporterf a trump but i love seeing jeb bush today. i love seeing this side of him. host: thanks for that. more coverage ahead. we will tell you about it. you can follow us online at a schedule,or
1:04 pm
because the iowa state fair is running another week or more in our coverage from the soapbox will continue as well. in east orange, new jersey on the democrat line. caller: can you hear me? ok. i listen to some of jeb bush's speeches. i'm not a republican. but jeb bush doesn't even look happy running. i think this thing snowball out of control, all of these donors giving him millions of dollars that he pursued from the donors that gave his brother money. he has the same people working for him that his brother had, all except dick cheney. he will not admit that his brother invaded the wrong country, lost a lot of our soldiers lives, and he still wants to talk about the surge, we never should have been there in the first place.
1:05 pm
his other brother works for the saudi arabians. host: i think we lost you. caller: someone is calling me, just ignore it. his brother had a relationship with the saudi's, he knew they were giving bin laden money. goes, he'sran talking about a bad deal. iran, theything to got all this nuclear material euro under bush's watch, he paid no attention. all that money, just like donald trump said, these people didn't give him $100 million because they like the color of his hair. let's hear from a bush supporter next, it's carol in columbus, ohio. caller: i'm not looking for a clown or a bully for president. i'm looking for someone with wisdom, honesty, someone that will return dignity to the presidency and to our country. i do have some comments, are we
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going to rewrite the dictionary in describing marriage? male, female, and illegal. when did illegal and legal become synonymous? -- then i have a question when do three wrongs make a right? tobacco, booze, marijuana, and heroine. on votingoing to be on whether to legalize marijuana. why have we not learned from the past? and i would like to know where we are going to start calling a spade a spade. there's a doctor the me to comment on fox news last february about certain people who are in bed with islam. i would like to know how people think our government would look under any kind of islam control.
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thank you, those are my comments. will looke everybody contestantndividual or person running for president with a lot of depth and looking thehe individual and not circus they are surrounding himself with very. host: this is in tucson, arizona. elliott on the republican line. as an african-american republican, it is kind of difficult to watch these guys. it's kind of troubling. i'm a veteran myself. saw about bush in the past, if there was an ,frican-american veteran honorably discharged in florida, and he was labeled as a felon,
1:08 pm
so he couldn't vote. i dug into it a little bit more and i found out that a lot of people were disenfranchised. i didn't want to believe it. but as i looked into it i found it so. for me, bush is out. jersey, he gotw all this money from his settlement. hundreds of millions of dollars. for his stage. host: you are talking about chris christie? caller: right. i was kind of leaning towards him. and he just blew it off and settled for basically pennies on the dollar. it really could have helped his stage. i'm thinking of this guy's president, he is not going to do was in the best interest of me. , i looking at the party support mccain and i didn't really appreciate what mr. trumps that or anything like that. i'm talking other veterans, ofer veterans and their kind wishy-washy. but entire republican thing, i don't think they are sticking to issues. all i'm saying is like a
1:09 pm
third-grade mentality of he said she said. this is where i think, this is what i think. what i would like to see them do is basically go hey, we have a problem with our educational system. we have a problem on this is how we are going to solve it. coverage ahead of the president of candidates, republican and democratic on the c-span networks as our road to the white house coverage continues. later today we hear from donald trump, holding a town hall meeting in hampton, new hampshire. that is tonight at 7:00, 10:00 eastern. we will be back in iowa tomorrow, back to the des moines register soapbox to hear from bernie sanders. he is speaking tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern, that will be live on c-span. hillary clinton is expected tomorrow. though not expected to speak. hillary clinton in the week spoke in exeter, new hampshire. she laid on education plan that
1:10 pm
is making headlines today with $350 billion plan. hillary clinton processor rivals on student debt. she spoke in exeter high school in exeter, new hampshire. she talked about student debt health care, and a number of other issues. [applause] [cheers] >> hello, good afternoon. is very exciting for all of us. i hate to slow your applause. it's good to have all of you here. thank you for coming out to exit her high school this afternoon.
1:11 pm
as you heard, my name is alexis simpson i'm a state representative from here in exeter. [applause] >> it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our home, exeter. i will ask you now if you're able to rise and we will say the pledge of allegiance together. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. please be seated. before we continue with today's -- i already said that. [laughter]
1:12 pm
>> we are particularly glad to welcome secretary clinton back to our community today. to discuss her college compact. college affordability is an issue that impacts new hampshire and its families in profound ways. one of there has highest level of student debt in the country. our students graduate with on average $33,000 in student loan debt. as i said earlier, i am a state representative in concord, but i'm also a mom to two young boys here in exeter. i have beentor, examining this issue and working on ways to address the double. as the parents, it frightens me. i just finished paying off my own student loans. [laughter] [applause] clapat is worth a little your.
1:13 pm
when the time comes for my voice to go to college, they could be facing the prospect of thousands of dollars of debt before they even receive their diplomas. hillary understands that this is a problem that requires true leadership. top's why she and her policy advisers have made college affordability and solving the student debt crisis a priority. she is here today to talk to you, families of the granite state, who feel this particular economic issue acutely. she has a plan to tackle the cost of higher education, and help reduce the burden of debt on her students. hillary clinton wants to be the champion that families like mine and many of yours need in order to get ahead and stay ahead. [applause]
1:14 pm
>> for we hear from secretary clinton herself, and tori who is in the middle of the struggle to pay off his student loans. let us welcome dan to the platform. dan: a everybody. i hope you're excited. i'm excited to be here. my name is dan, i'm a student at the university of new hampshire, going to be a senior. i'm pretty excited about that. i studied political science. background,a humble i doubt is a small business owner, who has been very successful over the years. my mom is an accountant who worked her way up from interns ahead of her department. they are hard-working and intelligent people. the we have a problem. my sisterm is that and i come it's when to be a struggle for us to pay for education. i am working three jobs myself the summer to pay off debt and be able to help my family
1:15 pm
because we work as a team for the problems that we have in our house. we can barely afford it now, it's going to be a real struggle when my sister has to go to school. excited that a lot of the candidates this time around, hillary seems like she's going to be doing the most for us. in trying to fight student loan costs. one of the things i have been doing this summer that doesn't come easy, i think, is dedicating a lot of my time, any spare time i have to volunteering with the campaign. [applause] just fighting every day to help solve this issue for my family because i'm not content with the status quo that we have right now. down, notces to go just for my family, but for everyone. please help me in welcoming the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause]
1:16 pm
hillary clinton: thank you, thank you all so much. wow. thank you. thank you so much. dan did a great job. for soou for speaking many other young people like yourself, who are hard-working and dedicated and deserve to go as far as that ambition effort of yours will take you. we are going to do everything we can to make it easier for you, your family, your sister, and all the other young people in new hampshire. let me thank rep presented alexis simpson for her industry remarks. said i'm awhen she state representative, a mom with two boys, and i just paid off my student loans. manyw that is true for so young couples and young families.
1:17 pm
we want people to be able to fulfill their responsibilities, but we don't want it to be so hard that the debt they carry interferes with them being able to start a small business or to buy a home or even to get married, which unfortunately, is the case today. i also wanted to recognize the state rep hattie lovejoy. when you stand up? -- will you stand up? thank you for being here. an executive counselor: bono bono it's great to be back in and sit or and at this expiratory high school. i have been traveling all over new hampshire, from dover to nashua, to glenn, to windham, and people everywhere ask great questions. i think it is partly because you live in the first primary state.
1:18 pm
and one of the questions they asked me all the time is about affording college and being able to pay back the loans they take down in order to go to college. this election is about the choices we make as a country. and those choices will shape our future for our children and our grandchildren. i have always believed that in america, if you work hard and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. that is the basic argan that is always set -- basic bargain that always set our country apart. we want to strengthen the bargain so that it holds true for the next generation, and the next, the next. thanks to the hard work of people across america, our country has come back from the worst recession of our lifetime. so we're standing again, but we
1:19 pm
are not running the way we should. corporate profits are near record highs, but most paychecks have barely budged. costs for everything from childcare to prescription drugs have also gone up. they are rising faster than wages. it is no wonder that many americans feel like the deck is stacked in favor of those in the top. we have got to do better. we've got to get incomes rising again. so more hard-working families can afford a middle-class life. that is the central economic challenge of our time. and it will be my mission every day that i serve as president, we need strong growth. [applause] hillary clinton: when need strong growth, we need fair growth, we need long-term growth. we want a new era of prosperity
1:20 pm
that is shared by all. that works for everyone. so today, i want to talk about one of the most important ways we can ease the burden on families. and one of the single biggest ways we can actually raise incomes. ,y making college affordable and available to every american. [applause] hillary clinton: for many millions of americans, college degree have been the ticket to a better life. my grandfather worked his entire life in the lace mills in scranton, pennsylvania. he started as a teenager, he retired at 65 years old. he always believed by working that hard, all those hours, that life will be better for his children. made it to college, made
1:21 pm
it to penn state. made it to the football team back in the 1930's. and then, when he got out, he was able to start his own small business. he worked really hard. he scrimped and he saved. but that made a huge difference in our lives. saved forarents years. for college. they knew that that would be one of the ways they could set me on a path to a better future. college still holds that promise. a lot has changed in our country. but that hasn't. the chance never had to go to college themselves, like my mother, dream of seeing their children get that degree. literally from the moments they are born. that's what they're hoping for. that's why they emphasize the importance of education.
1:22 pm
high school is, even middle schoolers are taking college prep courses today. some are even studying for the sat. full-time workers are taking courses online, it even if that means heading straight from an eight hour shift to a pile of homework. if that is what it takes to get a better job, to give their kids better than they had, they will do it. here's the problem. states are slashing education budgets. and colleges keep raising prices. fortate tuition and fees public colleges increased by 42%. and 2014.04 42%? incomes raised so families are left with a painful choice. either you say we can't afford it, you postpone or even pass up
1:23 pm
the opportunities that degree offers, or you do whatever you can to pay for it, even if that means going deeply into debt. for most people, return on investment of a college degree is still worth it. i want to emphasize that. on average, people with four-year degrees earned over $.5 million more over their careers than people with high school degrees. but student debt increasingly holds people back. 40 million americans have student loans. oh $1.2 trillion. hampshire students, as we heard, are caring one of the highest debt loads in the country. now, millions of americans are delinquent or in default. even if they do everything they can, they just can't keep up.
1:24 pm
i was just talking to some young people before i came out, and it is a realg, stretch. i just hope i never get sick. i just hope i don't get laid off from my job. i just hope there's not a family emergency. so, yes. he blew doing everything possible to pay those loans, but sometimes, life and fate intervened. is real,of this debt not just on balance sheets. but in people's lives and futures. when i talk to young people here in new hampshire, they tell me they put off buying homes, or changing jobs, or starting a business. i met one young woman in the back who has a great job in massachusetts, she can't afford to live there. so she commutes two hours each way to live with her parents. because she otherwise can't make it work. to have that job, starting off in her career, and to pay back her debts.
1:25 pm
i have met parents and grandparents who have cosigned loans and ended up draining their savings or ruining their credit because they tried to help the next generation. there are students who take out loans to pay for an expensive degree from a for-profit littletion, only to find support was they actually enroll , or they graduate and discover that when it comes to getting the job they were promised, their degree is not worth what they thought. then there are students who start college but never finished. they are left with debt and no degree to show for it. the worst of both worlds. over 40% of college students still haven't graduated after six years. and many never do. it is time to show some tough love to colleges and universities that let
1:26 pm
significant numbers of students fall behind and dropout, year after year. here's the bottom line. college is supposed to help people achieve their dreams. but more and more, paying for college actually pushes those dreams further and further out of reach. everythingetrayal of college is supposed to represent. it's also about whether or not america creates the greatest workforce in the world in this century, just like we did in the last century. the rest of the world, make no mistake about it, is working as hard as they can to outdo us. china is on a path to double the number of students enrolled in college by 2030. which means it will have nearly 200 million college graduates, more than our entire workforce. i believe american workers can
1:27 pm
anybodyand out innovate in the world, if given the training and education they deserve. [applause] hillary clinton: so, that's why today i'm proposing it is time for a new college compact. where everyone does their part. we need to make a quality education affordable and available to everyone willing to work for it, without saddling them with decades of debt. as i have been talking with people, i have certainly reached out to students and families, educators, legislators, experts, including young progressive activists who put the issue of debt-free college and affordability at the top of the agenda. today, i'm announcing my plan to put college within reach for everyone, we're calling it the
1:28 pm
new college compact. we are posting on our website, facebook, snapshot, just about everywhere we can think of. or you can text the word college 7246 to learn 4 more. we hope you will check it out. for now, here are the basics. under the new college compact, no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college or university. [applause] hillary clinton: schools will have to control their costs and show more accountability to their students. more 42% increases over 10 years.
1:29 pm
way above the rate of inflation of anything else. states will have to meet their obligation to invest in higher education. the federal government will increase its investment in education and will not profit any longer off of student loans. [applause] hillary clinton: and everyone who already has student debt will be able to refinance it at lower rates. [applause] hillary clinton: now, this is my plan out how it's ambitious. -- and i know it is ambitious.
1:30 pm
it is achievable, it would make a big difference in people's lives. it comes down to two big goals -- first, we make sure that cost won't be a barrier. under my plan, tuition will be affordable for every family. students should not have to take out loans for tuition at their state's public colleges and universities. and we will make sure the federal government and the state step up to help pay the costs. so the burden doesn't fall on families alone. importants an additional point i want to underscore about my compact. days is not the only problem. the cost of living and attending college has also been increasing. so under my plan, students who qualify for pal grants -- pell grants will be freed up to use them for living expenses, and
1:31 pm
middle-class dunes will have an --ier time paying for middle middle class students will have an easier time paying for expenses as well. [applause] hillary clinton: we're also going to make committee college free. that is president obama's plan we are adopting it. [applause] if studentston: started a community college and transfer to a four-year school, we will make sure that your credits count and your transition is seamless. [applause] hillary clinton: and we want more committee colleges to offer two-year degrees and certificates programs that are valued by employers so students know that if they do the work, they are in good shape to get a job. we will work closely with the historically black colleges and
1:32 pm
universities and with hispanics serving institutions because they serve a lot of very bright and needy students. we will offer a special help to college students who are already parents. because when you help parents get an education, you are also helping their children. [applause] and we make an: promise to students who perform national service. if you are willing to spend orrs tutoring america's kids cleaning up our parks, or helping communities hit by disasters, we will guarantee that you can attend your public university or college debt-free. [applause] hillary clinton: so that's the
1:33 pm
first big goal. here is the second. we will make sure that debt won't hold anyone back. so for the millions of americans, including many of you who already have student debts, my plan will give you the chance to refinance at lower interest rates. it just makes sense. if you can refinance your mortgage or your car loan, you should be able to refinance your student loan two. loan too. [applause] hillary clinton: it is just wrong that people are locked in the college loans at 8%, 9%, even 10% interest. if you do end up taking out a loan, for example, to go to a private college, we will cut your interest rates. so the government never makes a profit off your loans. and we will make it easier for you enroll in income-based repayment programs, so you will
1:34 pm
never have to pay more than 10% of what you make. [no audio] [applause] hillary clinton: in your debt will only last for a fixed period of time. it will not hang over your head forever. we are also going to help borrowers who are in default it back on their feet to meet their obligation. and we will make sure the colleges and universities have more skin in the game. if they load students up with debt for programs that don't lead to good paying jobs, students and taxpayers should not be the only ones left holding the bag. deserve a certain amount of the responsibility, and they will have to fill it.
1:35 pm
and we will crack down on predatory schools, lenders, and bill collectors. us overcharge veterans, or mislead borrowers, we are going to do everything we can to hold you accountable and stop you. [applause] hillary clinton: i also want to strengthen the g.i. bill so more veterans can get their degree. [applause] and i want ton: make sure the colleges spend federal dollars on things that benefit students, like teaching and research, not marketing campaigns or big salaries for administrators. [applause] hillary clinton: and finally, i want to encourage innovation.
1:36 pm
people are increasingly rebooting their careers through online programs. yet many students can't use federal student aid to pay for those programs. if earning online badges, specialization, or nano degrees helps people improve their job prospects, we should make that option easier and more affordable. and under my plan, more students will be allowed to use student aid to pay for high quality programs, particularly online. we will make sure that rules about accreditation don't keep out promising online education companies. highnt to keep quality without stifling innovation. the reason i call this a college compact is because it goes both ways. everyone is going to have to step up. we can't fix the problem of rising costs and rising debt
1:37 pm
just by throwing more money at the problem. we can't expect the federal governments just to pay the bills for free. that's not how america works. states will have to start investing in education again. colleges will have to do better by their students. students will have to make a contribution of working 10 hours a week, americans will have to work hard, put themselves through school, tout learn and out hustle our competitors, just like we always have. perspective, this is just common sense. if you are going to hear people in this campaign talk to you ,bout improving the economy helping incomes rise, then asked them what they're are going to do to make college affordable and begin to deal with the debt burden that is holding too many americans back. [applause]
1:38 pm
i want everyon: young person in america to know that if you work hard, you can get ahead. i want america to have your back, just like it did in the past. just like so many of us believed. i had a long to go to law school. -- a loan to go to law school. it was a government loan at a very low interest rate, and i paid it back as a percentage of my income over time. so did my husband. we both worked hard, we worked all the time. extra jobs, extra opportunities turns the money in order to pay our way. that help from our government made a huge difference. so i'm asking people, you got to keep doing your part. you got to work hard, you have to do everything you can to make your contribution. but then we should have your back. thatt every parent to know his or her child can get a degree, or you can get one
1:39 pm
yourself or in that's the country i want to help build for this generation and all generations to come. i look forward to talking with you about it right now. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you all. thank you so much. thank you all, please, please, everybody sit down. in the audience with microphones. if you raise your hand and i call on you, there will be a microphone over to get you. my goodness, where should we start. there's a man in a red shirt. yes sir. thank you so much for being here. i'm excited about the college initiative. i know that education has been important to you both here and
1:40 pm
around the globe. early childhood education as a key part of this, making sure that people have an opportunity to go into the future and eventually go into college. but around the world, we have 58 million kids who are not even stepping foot inside a great school and 165 million that are suffering from malnutrition, their brains and bodies are not developing properly. to ask you if you would be willing to launch an initiative as resident for early childhood education that would focus on nutrition and getting all kids in preschool or gradeschool. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you. the answer is yes, and yes. the first yes is in our own country. we've got to do more here to get more children prepared to be successful in school. i feel very strongly about this.
1:41 pm
some of you have heard me talk about it before. because we can do everything i just outlined, and get more kids into affordable college and get the debt load down, we can do a lot to work with great schools like this and others to really help more kids succeed. but the zero to five years set the pattern. and too many kids come to school behind already. this is not something that i'm saying just because i care deeply about it, and i'm a new grandmother, and i'm reading, talking, and singing all the time to charlotte. it's because the brain research shows that. 80% of your brain is physically formed it by the age of three years old. kids who are stimulated, who have good early childhood programs, kids with families who have the time and energy and understanding how to help prepare their own kids, they will do well. but we know also from the
1:42 pm
research that by the time kids get to kindergarten, kids like my granddaughter will have heard 30 million more words than children from less advantaged backgrounds. gap wille achievement literally start on the first day of kindergarten. for those of you who are teachers, and i hope we have a lot of teachers here. [applause] hillary clinton: you understand this. you know you will do your very best in the classroom and the school, and try to help every kid to fill his or her given potential. but it would be a lot more successful if we had universal pre-k and good early childhood in our country. both as a yes is first lady, as a senator, and a secretary of a, i worked very hard in the millennium development goals. i worked very hard to make sure our country, which is such a
1:43 pm
generous country, did what we could to help the smallest and most vulnerable of children. and we have made progress, as you know. we have made progress in the last 15 years. kids in the school and element tree school, we cut the infant mortality rate, we cut the maternal mortality rate. we made progress. but we still have too many places in our world where kids die too young, where they are stunted from poor nutrition, where they are not given an adequate education. i have made this point, i write about in my book about my four years as secretary of state. i've made it in many speeches around the world. i believe what the united states does both through our government and through our philanthropy and faith communities and individual charities is just astonishing. we are generous, caring nation. it we have to recognize that
1:44 pm
really has made a difference, the work that americans of done around the world. program when i was secretary of state called feed the future. it really does represent my views, it became one of president obama's biggest initiatives -- i think it is far better to help people learn how themselves, to plant and grow their crops, to create a market economy around those crops, then to always have to be providing emergency food aid. future did with feed the opportunitiesmore to go after malnutrition. we still have emergency health for malnourished children. but we also are doing more to help people have the tools to help themselves and help their kids. you didn't mention, but one that i will throw in here is clean water. we have one billion people in the world without access to
1:45 pm
clean, safe breaking water. importantnot only charitable opportunities, there also economic opportunities. because we have great ngos and great companies in america who are really good at knowing how to do this. if we can continue to link up our public and private sector in dealing with some of these problems, i think we will go far in meeting your goals. thank you for raising that. [applause] hillary clinton: right here. >> i am educator, 13 years in public education. [applause] >> thank you. as a knife great teacher, i see a lot of kids coming in from eighth-grade without having the summer opportunities to continue. i think working on a summer program to keep kids engaged
1:46 pm
mentally and physically active -- it's andous investment in our future. kids lose so much over that time. nieces, thehews and family has the resources to keep them engaged and stimulated. a lot of families aren't so lucky. what are your thoughts on that measure? thank you forn: teaching, and thank you for caring about what happens to your students year-round. not just when you have responsibly for them. one of the things i want to stress about improving education in our country is we should look at the evidence about what works. a lot of people have big arguments over the right things to do. but they often don't reference the massive amount of evidence that we have about what works here at you just put your finger on one thing that really works. kids who don't have the
1:47 pm
opportunity that many of us try to provide for our own children over the summer actually lose ground. you can work really hard all student, as a family to support the student, and particularly as a teacher. and then you got three months, and other kids, like your nieces and nephews, they're going to museums, they're going on interest in trips, maybe they are watching movies with her family. there's a lot of stimulation going on. ,e know the longer school year summer programs, a longer school day are especially helpful in closing that achievement gap between kids who don't have the opportunities that you are talking about, and kids who do. honestly, a good summer program can make a huge difference. i think that is something the districts should look at, particularly for kids you might not otherwise have good alternatives during the summertime.
1:48 pm
thank you for raising that. that is great. [applause] hillary clinton: the young woman back there with a long -- yes, you. >> i just got back from doing a year of service for americorps in los angeles. >> one thing i noticed that bothers me was that there was no school nurse. there were very few opportunities for students, and the were -- the opportunities d were offeredre by philanthropists and not any other government agency. i wonder what you would do in reduction and health care costs around the country, not just an affluent laces like here. thank you forn: being part of americorps in doing your service. [applause] hillary clinton: we have 75,000,
1:49 pm
mostly young people, in americorps every year. i want to get that number up to 250,000. part of that is because i really believe in service and i believe in either national service, military service, some service that the young person can do to get back to our country. and thank you for doing that. you know, again, we are not always being smart about how to make better investments that will save us money. so kids who are in school who have some kind of medical or health issue -- if it is not taken care of, it very often can interfere with their learning. yearseen that in many with the work i've done with arkansas advocates for children and family. you know, kids to don't know that they cannot hear, those who aren't seeing well, those who
1:50 pm
have abcessed teeth. problems that most of us thankfully have not had to experience. we have a lot of kids who show up in school with health problems, and we have steadily cut back on a nurse or some kind of health care program. you are so right. i am so grateful to philanthropy's that paid to send a nurse to 10 schools. we have 10,000 schools. how we get services that can help kids actually be healthy and do as well in school as they can? the only way to do that is to have a much more supportive program from the government, from the local, state, federal level. i know that this saves money in the long run. people say, then we have to put a nurse in every school. you could have a nurse covering two or three schools. you could do that.
1:51 pm
the point is, what is the alternative? sick kids who often don't do well and will drop out because they are behind. they may never live up to their potential and very well might become a financial burden in some respects on the rest of us. we have to get smart about how moneynd our hard earned so we actually get the best results. thank you for your service and thank you for raising that issue, because i hear about it across the country. people are very concerned about the lack of health care continuity. now that we have the affordable care act and more kids are eligible for treatments -- [applause] hillary clinton: -- we at least have a funding stream to take care of problems that are identified. oftentimes now, the issue is how to get them identified. who will be on the front line? and a child spends seven or eight hours a day in school.
1:52 pm
that is a great place to identify problems and treat the ones that can be treated inexpensively on the school side. thank you for that. oh, my goodness. here we go. how about you? >> my name is megan karen, i am from nashua, new hampshire. i'm currently a life coach in a nonprofit called youth works. i work specifically with boys and young men and trends identified youth were victims of commercial explanation and trafficking. that is usually the response i -- exploitation and trafficking. that is usually the response i get. kids back inese school, the massachusetts apartment of kids and families partners with bridgwater states to offer them college. which i think is amazing, because these kids go through so much. i think your plan is great.
1:53 pm
i was wondering if you could implement anything to support what dcf does? hillary clinton: thank you for doing that work. [applause] hillary clinton: you know, for dealing with a group again people who are particularly vulnerable, the exploited, the marginalized. there is just no doubt that some groups of kids need more intensive help, so thank you for doing that. i really think we've got to do more to deal with these vulnerable groups of kids. i would just may be listed couple of them -- kids in juvenile facilities. you know, a lot of kids, they make a mistake. then they are put into a facility where they often get worse, not better. they often don't get adequate education. they often don't even get added -- adequate nutrition, exercise,
1:54 pm
anything else. then we turn them out and we wait for them to do something worse, because what do you know, they've never been given the support they need to do better and they don't see much of a future. the foster care system. [applause] hillary clinton: you know, in so many places you are in care until you graduate from high school or turn 18, whichever is first. i have worked on foster care issues for a really long time, going back to my children's defense fund days. i have defended foster care kids, i have advocated for legal changes as first lady and work across the aisle to help get changes for foster kids. but it still just breaks my heart. i don't know how many of you have ever known foster kids. i've known many of them. so many of them just need some support and permanence and predictability.
1:55 pm
along comes the age of 18 and in some places in our country, the social worker shows up with everything they own in a black garbage bag and says you're on your own. if they turned 18 and they are in the middle of high school, if they are lucky enough, the foster family says stay here until you graduate. sometimes they are not. and they are literally sent out the door. i had to help and intervene as a senator and with other people to help kids who are sleeping in bus stations who wanted to finish school and have nowhere to go. i have talked to foster kids who by the most intense effort got themselves into college but then when everybody else goes home for thanksgiving or christmas they have nowhere to go and the dorm is closed. what is going to happen to them? i mention this because we could never forget as challenging as it is for many people now, economically -- and it is, there are groups of people, particularly children and young people in our country who are really in trouble.
1:56 pm
so i want to do what we can to do more, to help them and i will look for ways to do that. [applause] hillary clinton: my goodness. oh! ok. i was going to go this way and then come back. is that ok? i'll be back. i promise. i promise. i'll be back. ok. the gentleman in uniform back there. [applause] >> good afternoon, hillary. i appreciate your time. i served 22 years in the united states navy. i live right here in new hampshire. [applause] >> my son is an active duty gunnery sergeant in the marine corps. [applause] >> i don't have to tell you, this isn't about education, but about the scandal problem going on with the v.a. recently there was this dentist
1:57 pm
that killed a lion and there was this outrage that was unbelievable. you have over 8,000 veterans a year committing suicide because they cannot get access to the v.a. because of the corruption going on at the v.a. to put that into context for you, that is the equivalent of a world war ii baton death march every year. where is the outrage for that? that is just the suicide victims. whistleblowers, 47,000 veterans a year. 47,000 for other reasons. if you have 47 townships in new hampshire with 1,000 people in every one of them being wiped off the map every year, what would that be called? where is the outrage? what we want as veterans -- and i'm a leader in this aspect. you want to know what is going on in the community? we started a facebook page called v.a. is lying. there is over 8,500 of us there. we're working the leadership of the v.a. the undersecretary knows my name
1:58 pm
on the veteran benefits side and on the administration side. they know who i am. we are working hard to get this corruption straightened out. this is our v.a. we are going to clean it up. ok? but we need help. and what we need is to see some of these people who are corrupt in the v.a., who are hurting us. be indicted go to jail. note the office of inspector general covering of these things. how can there be 47,000 veterans a year dying and no one has been indicted? this has gotten to the point where it is ridiculous and we need help. we are doing what we can. because warriors never ever give up. ever. we adapt and overcome, and we will clean up our v.a. but we need help. hillary clinton: you will have
1:59 pm
it. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you for what is explaining happening, but for being committed to helping us ended, and to clean up the v.a. so it operates as it should, for you, , includingry veteran your son when he is eventually no longer active duty. that's right. that's why you are a patriot, that's why i appreciate what you are doing. i will be your partner in this. because i believe strongly that -- [applause] -- there is no: excuse. excuse for corruption, no excuse for way harms one of our veterans. so we will follow up with you.
2:00 pm
>> [inaudible] ms. clinton: let me have someone talk with you after this. to get more information. we will look at your website. i can't comment -- the laws may need to be changed. i can't comment on legal matters without knowing. you give us information.


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