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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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this administration has gotten hyperactive in pushing down -- expanding to what the definition of federal waters are. no one has ever come close to this definition. and if they like iowa, it has huge impacts to get a permit for a drainage ditch, or pond, a retention pond. it takes forever. they impose their will top-down. florida is different from mississippi, different from iowa. >> what would you do about it? mr. bush: reverse it. hopefully some of these rules will be pending because of court challenges.
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the 10th ammendment is as important as all the other ones. we have traveled all over it. -- trampled all over it. >> the clean water act says it should be enacted at the state level. they did not consult with the state, or the people who would be affected by it -- the municipalities, the farmers, all these other people. >> i'm not sure about that. in this case, there is broad-based opposition from everything from the rivers community, the agricultural group.
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>> you want to take those off the grill before they burn there. mr. bush: they look pretty good to me. i have it under control. bring it in. come on in. you can tell from back here? i think they are still edible. the governor has done this a lot. one more to eat. how about this one? >> what is this?
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>> pork. >> this is a pork burger, pork loin. we're eating pork chop on a stick. mr. bush: there was a pork burger with bacon and cheese inside. >> a walking heart attack. mr. bush: looks fantastic. >> have a good day. >> thank you for stopping here.
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mr. bush: how are you? what's your name? [applause] [indiscernible]
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mr. bush: how are you doing? [indiscernible] >> governor, thank you so much. >> thank you. mr. bush: where we looking? >> thank you.
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>> appreciate it. >> nice to see you. >> the bacon wrapped rib is spectacular. mr. bush: this pork burger with bacon and cheese inside of it. >> is that part of the diet? mr. bush: the only way to be on a diet is to cheat. you end up with a splurge.
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mr. bush: i have enjoyed it a lot. i think it was here -- mr. bush: i have avoided the one thing you have to avoid. >> corndogs? mr. bush: lots of training. so far so good.
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>> what are you going to do about term limits? can you make it happen? mr. bush: you have to get a constitutional amendment. we did it in florida. term limits for congress. >> we need to stop the politicians from going there the number one objective is reelection. the number two objective is sense of being home to the constituents. they have shown some discipline not to do what you are saying, the republicans in congress. if you have term limits and that you require elected officials to
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have a timeout before they lobby, you could clean it up quickly. the six-year ban, along with term limits would be the helpful thing. the contract for america. that is the one thing they do not do. nice to see you. [indiscernible] >> ready, get in there. >> we got it.
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thank you. museush: you going to his um? i went there. what an incredible place. johnny cash pajamas. mr. bush: border security? >> how do you plan on dealing with the 11 million already here? mr. bush: border security does matter. there is a way of doing it that will not cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
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we need an exit and entry visa system that knows where people are. 40% of illegal immigrants come with a legal visa, and they come to the airport like everyone else, but they stay. that is a totally different strategy. there, we should coordinate with local law enforcement so someone in denver or orlando who has overstayed their visa, we should deputize law enforcement. third, we need an e-verify system. if a business here in iowa is and they have no ability to know whether someone is legal or illegal, there are to be away for them to know when they are hiring someone, they know is that person is here legally. for the people here illegally, they should get a provisional work permit pay a small fine, pay taxes, learn english along
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and not which many do rea receive government assistance. and they get legal status, not a green card, but legal status. they don't cut in the line for people patiently waiting. heard, thelan i have round them all up plan, conservativea think tank, it would cost between 400-600,000,000,000 dollars and be disruptive. great question. thank you. he is hanging in there. >> is he doing ok? mr. bush: thank you. >> congratulations.
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this is very exciting. [indiscernible] mr. bush: i just saw a guy with a johnny cash shirt. now you have the b king. -- b b king. >> one of the things that concerns me is the morality decline. bush: the president needs to that inspiresay people to live better lives.
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history has been changing culture by the great awakening. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> thank you, governor. mr. bush: we are making steady progress. >> good to see you.
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>> a woman of influence. mr. bush: that is a lot of rescission. >> it takes a lot of work to get them on. mr. bush: everything going well? third-grade reading initiative? [indiscernible] >> what are your plans and creating more manufacturing in the united states? mr. bush: better training, less taxes. less regulation and embrace the energy revolution. did that in 10 seconds. practice for the next debate.
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[applause] [no audio] [indiscernible] >> good to see you. mr. bush: how are you doing? >> you have been so kind. mr. bush: how are we doing? good to see you. what are we doing in here?
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>> thank you. appreciate you spending time with us. mr. bush: thank you, guys. >> have fun. take care.
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thank you very much. [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you. thanks a lot. of course. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] too?ush: i get that, >> how are you, sir? [indiscernible] welcome to iowa. how are your folks doing? [indiscernible]
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mr. bush: thank you, guys. [indiscernible] mr. bush: you have quotas? night, --et, last
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[indiscernible] i would say from dallas county maybe 75. 75,000 people. [indiscernible] >> very republican. mr. bush: it is right next to where we were. >> just about. [indiscernible]
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>> -- for your dad in 1976. 1980. [indiscernible] mr. bush: cold calling? >> in illinois. that was my first foray for your father. great memories. the glass roots
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political stuff, you learn skills that can last a lifetime. maybe not in politics. >> we had governor romney -- [indiscernible] actually, 2000. -- joni joining ernest ernst came out as well. mr. bush: you did the pigheaded? >> the advertising age. [indiscernible] mr. bush: i appreciate your help.
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>> my chief of staff, great guy. good people. they are all solid. mr. bush: working hard. week.t was your son last junior. [indiscernible] mr. bush: before marriage, he was the most eligible bachelor for people magazine. derek cheater was number one, he was number four. if you are ever in town -- i
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appreciate your story. [indiscernible] mr. bush: every tuesday, wednesday, i would go with these regular people who were committed to jesus, the church. i lostay to overcome -- in a close election. a phenomenal way to get a contract. 1995, easter sabbath.
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really meaningful. i think they, because i was [indiscernible] i grew up in a very irish catholic house. i appreciate you stepping out front. [indiscernible]
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mr. bush: there was a big march in miami. the catholic church is growing down there. i will introduce you to the congregation. looking forward to working forward -- for you in dallas county. >mr. bush: how are you doing? take care. you didn't drink any of your beer. >> i am working on it. [indiscernible]
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mr. bush: he will do it, he is good at it. [indiscernible] mr. bush: states don't have common core standards for math and reading.
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teachers that consistently do better than other teachers. more school choice. rising achievement. >> thank you very much. [indiscernible] lobbush: you don't want to it in. you have to be all in. people want to know where you stand. can't just give it to them
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32n0 second.- >> my mom had a chance to meet your mom and the white house. remember her, i she was larger than life. now she is [indiscernible] she is in a lot of pain, but you would never know it. she is just great. >> i'm going to tell my mother that i met you. my son-in-law is a photographer. mr. bush: good. >> we are doing a road trip. we are going to pennsylvania. we are coming through kansas city. we have seven of us. we have four kids. my father-in-law. mr. bush: a guy trip.
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>> last month, in colorado a fishing trip. mr. bush: it is good to have a father-in-law in your life. see you. >> we were wondering if you could comment on the differences between you and donald trump. mr. bush: the differences? i have a proven record. consistent conservative. lead inearned how to the public sector. i don't assume it is my way or the highway. there is a big difference. i think you can well see it just in demeanor. messageo broaden our and bring in a larger number of people. i respect him. certainly, he has made great progress in his campaign. but we are very different. >> obviously.
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bombastic. kind of a [indiscernible] mr. bush: i don't. i go campaign. i've got my job. i campaign really hard all over. i will turn people. at some point, you have got to at some point you have to be substantive about what you are going to do. trump is not denying a tax on assets. [indiscernible] 14.5% tax? come on. you cannot defend that amongst republicans or the whole country. no one wants that. savings ought to be ours.
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take care. >> [indiscernible] is that an act of treason? mr. bush: definitely. nice to see you. thank you. >> your brother [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you. it is nice seeing you again. it is our first trip i think i saw you. exactly. you. seeing take care. got a picture? jeb, i would get you a beer but you look like you need water. mr. bush: i'm good. >> right here. mr. bush: i will give you whatever i have.
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thank you, guys. i thought i had a [indiscernible] you.ank mr. bush: thank you. you bet. i am here all the time. what happened to you? did you have a helmet? where do we look? >> [laughter] mr. bush: got it? >> thank you so much. mr. bush: take care. >> if you were elected president, how would you bring back jobs? mr. bush: we have a tax code that says we tax worldwide income. we have $2 billion in cash overseas. people can bes so
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here. if they create here, they will create jobs. embrace the energy revolution. want to invest in manufacturing. exploit the energy resources in our country. exploiting them creates highway jobs. welders, electricians. >> i am a steel worker. mr. bush: steelworkers. the biggest place where steel can be used now is the infrastructure to bring natural gas and oil. we need to eliminate the crazy rules. we have to make sure trade is fair. you have to have free trade, but you have to make sure the rules are enforced. sometimes they are not. [indiscernible] is a good example of that. we can do this. >> we need to do something. mr. bush: where are you working? are you working now? here? >> tire plant.
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mr. bush: in des moines. i did not know that. excellent. this guy or this guy? >> how is your dad? mr. bush: better. nice to meet you. >> quick picture? mr. bush: sure. >> thank you. >> can we get a picture? mr. bush: can i be in it? >> absolutely. >> how are you doing?
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mr. bush: where are we looking? >> right here. >> cheese. >> thank you. good luck. mr. bush: he took it. a little rusty. permit to build a plant anymore. smaller plants? >> [indiscernible] meltdown proof. mr. bush: you got any information on it? >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: i think we could get nuclear power back and it would solve [indiscernible] it is so no one can get a permit
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to build them anymore. write it down. you guys together? >> there you go. mr. bush: all right. thank you. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: [laughter] mr. bush: that is not fair. where are we looking? >> right there. mr. bush: move-in. why are you so far back? >> [laughter] thank you so much. mr. bush: thank you. >> my granddaughter. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you. over your kids generation and go right to the grandkids. >> the table back there. incredible event.
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>> thank you. mr. bush: how are you doing? >> good. how are you? mr. bush: i'm doing pretty good. you working the state fair? >> i am getting a day off. [laughter] mr. bush: that is a permanent position. >> that is right. how are you? mr. bush: excellent. great. we are great again. where are you going? >> [indiscernible] community college. mr. bush: excellent.
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what are you doing? >> i am just [indiscernible] right now. mr. bush: are you getting a degree in community college? >> know, i am just [indiscernible] mr. bush: that is the smart thing to do. you don't live here? how long do you intend to be a resident? >> i believe a year. i also work full-time. i cannot be a full-time student the first year. mr. bush: you have already accomplished that. what is the difference? i'm always curious about the difference between out-of-state and in-state. >> $10 per credit.
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at howard university, it is [indiscernible] like aed it out to be house, 170,000 dollars to get my bachelors and masters. mr. bush: good luck. what is your goal? >> to eventually do research. mr. bush: good luck. we need more chemists and scientists and engineers. >> thank you. mr. bush: this is jeb bush at the iowa state fair. i have like 100 cameras here. if i play my cards right, you will make the afternoon news. did? well, i appreciate your service.
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you must be my dad's age. i bet he said the same thing about you. thank you, sir. i would love to have your vote in the pennsylvania primary. thank you. god bless you. keep talking. these 88 years old. -- he is 88 years old. mr. bush: how are you? >> good. how are you? >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: we will. it is not easy. i guess for good reason. >> i asked newt gingrich [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you for your
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service. appreciate it. >> [indiscernible] >> i went in underneath president reagan and served. [indiscernible] mr. bush: here is the deal. [indiscernible] very subjective. make sure the policies [indiscernible] for the military. or makery to politicize a political doctrine inside the operations of health care. the primary focus ought to be how we make sure we have the highest morale in the military.
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we won't get calls at the white house if i am president saying we have got to do this. how do we create the greatest morale? everything else is secondary. there has to be a sea change in attitude from top-down. [indiscernible] i know. branch.t your but general or do you know -- but general odierno [indiscernible] a very important part of it. [indiscernible] try to construct it in a patriotic way. [indiscernible] we will.
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where are you guys living? >> [indiscernible] about halfway. mr. bush: appreciate your service. thank you. are you guys together? one big, happy family. are you an iowan? >> yes, sir. mr. bush: you lost your family to virginia? take care. >> [indiscernible] [laughter] mr. bush: you, personally. what grade are you going into? let me ask you a personal question. do you have a summer reading list this year? no? i think we need to bring summer reading list back. you play sports in the summer?
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you look like an athlete. you can play all sorts of sports. your mind needs to have the same exercise as your body. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: there is good stuff. lots of stories. you can learn about babe ruth. you can read about all the yankees players. take care. thank you. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: you are kidding. are you visiting or leaving? >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: you came for this? >> for the fair. mr. bush: fantastic. are you from here? >> yes. mr. bush: that is a good place to be launched -- lodged. where do you live?
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>> says of -- sarasota. >> nice to meet you. mr. bush: nice meeting you, too. is your dad here? [indiscernible] mr. bush: it is an honor to be here. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you, thank you. >> i hope you go all the way. mr. bush: thank you so much. it is easier when you believe what you say. i don't even remember what i said. >> [indiscernible]
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what is your idea about [indiscernible] mr. bush: we have complicated things in our life today. you have to do it. but you can do it. what do you think about it? a drone came up 50 feet in the air. it is there to see who is at the event. a drone checking out what was going on at the event. you don't think we could have drone technology and g.p.s. technology to know where people are crossing the border? that would create a deterrent. we can do this. we can do it. it has to be every week saying, what are we doing? a change in strategy. you've got to be a leader on this stuff.
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they don't just island in. appreciate you. they don't just dial it in. appreciate you. stay out of trouble. we can do it. our live coverage of the eye with state tomorrow with more presidential hopefuls speaking the "des moines register" soapbox. rick santorum will be followed by lincoln chafee. at 3:00, vermont senator bernie sanders. we also expect to see hillary clinton and donald trump stopped by -- stop by sometime tomorrow. we will bring you live coverage throughout the day on c-span. was in hampton, new hampshire, friday for a town hall meeting at a local high school. he also held a news conference with reporters prior to the
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event. [applause] mr. trump: great crowd. thank you. fantastic crowd. really amazing. ok, questions? katie? >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i am ok with working with cuba, but we should have
11:51 pm
made a much stronger deal. for he had them in a position where we could have done much better. the deal is a neutral deal and could have been much better. the concept of opening up is ok, but we should have made a much better, stronger deal. yes. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: well, i said that in a very sarcastic fashion. it is helping china because china is doing little about global warming. this country has gone overboard. you saw what happened the other day with president obama's bill. it will put costs out of control, and we have to compete with china and the rest of the world. china loves what we are doing on global warming, that i can tell you. you go over to china and see what their factories are doing. their factories are doing absolutely nothing having to do with global warming, and they won't for many years. china is making it impossible
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between the devaluations which i was just talking about with some of the --somebody who really knows the subject. the devaluations and the whole thing global warming, china is making it impossible for our companies to compete. we have to get smart in this country and fast. yes, ma'am. >> [indiscernible] spent $2 trillion in iraq. we lost thousands of lives in iraq. we have wounded warriors who i love all over this country and beyond. ok? was it worth it? we have nothing over there. his brother made a horrible decision, and president obama made a horrible decision the way he left. when he left, he should have taken the oil instead of giving it to isis and enron. -- iran. you know the primary
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beneficiary is? china is taking out the oil. you should not have gone in. once you went in, you should never have -- i mean you go in, you never won. but what a mistake iraq was. i heard jeb bush talking about it. first of all, it took in five days before he could give an answer. after the pollsters told him what to say, he said it was bad. now he is trying to backtrack, probably because his brother said you're killing me, you said it is bad. that is my legacy, the iraq war. iraq war is a disaster for the bushes. the last thing we need is another bush, believe me. saddam hussein, instead of him, you have isis. instead of him, you have iran taking over. so you tell me, was it worth what we paid for? yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i said they are terrible.
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not destroyed, but they are pretty well destroyed. i think i would have a great relationship with russia and putin. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: it depends. they have to behave also. i think i would get along very well with putin. i know many of the people. i had a major event there two years ago in moscow, as you know. it was a tremendous success. we had an amazing success, and i think i would get along very well with putin. i think i would get along with the leaders of the world very well, many of them, not all of them. the ones i don't get along with will have to pay. we have to make our country great again, and we are not doing it. we are going in the wrong direction. we are going like this. we are a laughingstock all over the world. ok? yes, sir. go ahead. >> mr. trump: new hampshire has a huge heroin problem. per capita, the biggest in the whole country. new hampshire has a huge year
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when problem -- carolyn -- heroin problem. education, working hard. you have to get people to understand the problem. it starts with oxycontin from what i am hearing. you have to educate and do something very strong. but it does have a big problem. i have been hearing it from everybody. bigger per capita than any place else. yes, ma'am. >> mr. trump: it will be very soon. i have some of the most brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i am involved in very much because i understand the system very well, probably better than anybody that has ever run for office if you want to know the truth, because i am part of the system. we have some amazing people working on immigration, so i would say over the next two or three weeks. probably sometime during september. hashat about what putin done? mr. trump: ukraine is a problem.
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at some point, don't you think the countries of europe should be more involved than they are? we are leading all of these fights. ukraine is a big problem. germany is a rich, powerful country. economically, from it is our -- tremendous power. unbelievable economic power. why isn't germany? do we have to lead every fight? ukraine is a problem, and we should help them. but let germany and other countries directly affected, let them work it. we have enough problems in this country. we have to rebuild our country. china and other countries have drained us. china has created the greatest theft in the history of the united states. if you think about it, it is the greatest theft in the history of the united states, the money they had taken out from us. it is a one-way street. so, we have enough problems. folks, and we back
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our friends. and we want them to straighten out ukraine. i want to see it straightened out also. but don't you think germany and those countries directly affected should be fighting? it is almost like they don't even care. they don't even care. i think i would get along great with him. who knows? what i think i would get along great with him, the man. how are you? >> [indiscernible] rand paul, you have to understand, is a disaster in the polls. he is a disaster on military and defense. he is getting decimated by everybody. other than giving him a lot of money for an eye center at his request, he said, could i have money? i said yes because i thought it was worth it. a lot of money for an eye center
11:58 pm
which is hypocritical when you think about it. other than giving him a tremendous amount of money for his eye center, which i'm happy about because i'm sure they do good work, i hope they do good work. he is doing so badly he figures he has to attack trump because i am leading by what everywhere. i don't mind. i think he is never going to make it. can't make it. got the wrong message. i mean, this is not a time to be weak on defense. i am the opposite. i want to make our military so strong, so powerful, so great that nobody is going to mess with us. i want to take care of our vets who are treated like third class citizens. two weeks ago on wednesday, our vets, as you know and probably reported on it because you have a big problem here with that's -- vets not taking care of properly, our debts have the longest week in the history of the v.a., waiting for doctors in
11:59 pm
rooms. they wait for or five or six days. in one case, they waited five days and the doctor said sorry, i'm going on vacation now. our politicians, all talk, no action. they are all the same. our politicians have let the vets down. rand paul has let the vets down. i don't blame him. he's doing so poorly in the polls. i have been attacked by perry of texas. and he went bing like a rocket ship in the wrong direction. i was attacked by lindsey graham. he had two points. now he has zero. rand paul has very few points, but i think he is going down, too. rand paul is using the people of kentucky. either run for senate and do a good job or run for president. you don't run for president, and by the way if i don't make it, i
12:00 am
will become your senator reluctantly. if i were a good, strong republican from kentucky, i would run against him in a heartbeat and win because the people of kentucky are being used by rand paul. think of >> i work with a veterans advocacy group. mr. trump: good. did you hear that? it takes over three years to process one veterans claim. i think they have run out of competence. peopleve incompetent running it. it


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