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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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-- but then make sure that we can make sure it exists for the next generation. if we do those things, our budget would move toward a surplus and we would go our -- grow our economy far faster than 2%. people would be lifted out of poverty and the great middle of our country that defines who we would get a pay raise for the first time in a long, long time. that is what we should be doing. [applause] i know a little about this because i got to be governor of a purple state, florida. it is not read like texas and not blue like california, it is right down the middle. half a million more democrats than republicans. i was the most conservative governor in the state's history but i had a reformer's heart and weut taxes every year to only $19 billion. we reduced the state government workforce by 13,000. in fact, you can fire someone for incompetence in state government in florida. i'm sorry, that is a radical idea. and you can reward public
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servants that do a better job. we changed the system but i think the services are a lot better because of it. ask the people that had to deal with eight hurricanes and for -- four tropical storms whether the state government was there to take care of their needs during 16 months when tragedy took place in every community. we reformed our education system -- florida was at the bottom of education, 50th out of 50 states graduation rate. because we created the first private school choice programs, we expanded our charter schools, we eliminated social promotion, we put reading coaches in every school. we had accountability like nobody's business. we graded schools and no one could say an a school is not better than f school. the net result was, we had a 50% improvement in graduation. i know how to fix things because i was the governor of a state that improve things.
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our income group 4.4% every year. we could grow our economy far faster and it would lift people's spirits up but we have to these things in washington. right now, we have a president that pushes down anybody who disagrees with him and elevates himself with this sophisticated nuance view and the result is nothing gets done. nothing gets done but it can. we can fix this. [applause] if we do, we will have more confidence to lead the world again. the united states plays a constructive role in the world by being the ally of our friends. they know we have their backs. and having our enemies fear us a little bit, that is how you create a more peaceful world. when you pulled back, voids are filled. sadly, we have avoid that has
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been filled large than the callaway did the state of iowa. thousands and thousands of forces organized to destroy western civilization. i am not exaggerating. today, the fbi director says the thing that keeps him up at night are homegrown terrorists. they are inspired by isis. we should be taking up isis. -- we should be taking out isis. we should have a strategy to deal with isis rather than admit we do not have one. each and every day that they exist -- [applause] they gain more power, the recruit more people. the next president of the united states, if i'm president, we will have a strategy on day want day one to take out his great threat to the national security and the world. i promise you that. [applause] the president has no strategy and hillary clinton has no strategy. their strategy is to say it is somebody else's fault. it is time we had a president that accepted responsibility for the duties of the presidency. if there is a problem, do not say the dog ate my homework
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which is what we hear all the time. except responsibility to fix this. accept responsibility to fix this. that is what leaders do. i believe we are on the verge of the greatest time to be alive if we are strong, rebuild our military, show support for veterans, bring that competency in government and grow our economy at a far faster rate. i do not know about you. put aside your ideology for a brief moment. do you think the federal government is operating in a way that shows respect >> no! for the taxpayers of this country? jeb bush: now the veterans have to come to congress to ask for enough money to spend $1.8 billion to build a hospital for the greatest military men and women that are retired in our deserving -- and are deserving. that is ludicrous. people do not get fired anymore in washington, d.c. how about office of personnel management in charge of the human resource office?
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the hr office of the federal government. 22 million files had been taken allegedly by the chinese. even though the inspector general said, a careful, we do not have the cyber security necessary to protect our servers. even though that came about, nothing happened and the net result is that classified information, information that allows for security clearances is now in the hands of the chinese. put aside your ideology. i hope you want a president that can roll up their sleeves and fix the broken systems to make sure we can serve the people. no more $800 million health care .gov websites, no more cost overruns in the defense department and other places. we need a competent leader that will except responsibility to fix these things, and i believe i am the guy to do it. i humbly ask for your support. here's my deal -- i am a
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republican and proud conservative and i have a record of reform that is unmatched of anybody running. i believe in order to fix these things, we need to come together as a nation. i am tired of the divides. i respect people that do not agree with me. it is ok to disagree with me. i do not ascribe bad motives for people who disagree. they may be wrong, that is fine, we will have a lively debate, but we need to forge consensus again to fix aly tax, regulate, -- to fix how we tax, regulate, restore the military, restore our intelligence capability. we need to build a consensus again. i campaign the way that i would govern amongst everybody, no rope lines, totally out in the open. i campaign in the latino communities in spanish asking them to join our cause. i campaign in the african-american communities saying, join us because we believe in education reform so your children can be lifted up
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on college campuses among democrats and republicans alike. if they do not like my views i -- views i respect that but they , know i have a heart for them. the next president will have to unite this country and i will campaign in the way that sends the signal that enough of this divide and we need to fix inks -- things in washington, d.c. thank you all very much. [applause] >> why do you support your brothers plans? thank you for you and your family's legacy for helping poor -- the poorest parts of the world. first of all, if elected would you use one third of the fund to fight malaria and would you also commit to presidential initiative to help kids with
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early childhood development on nutrition and schooling around the world? jeb bush: i think we need to maintain our commitment to the success of programs of our aid programs. this by far is one of the great legacies of my brother and has brought bipartisan support and needs to be continued. it is also good foreign policy to not just be involved in being the world's policeman. we need to lead in every possible way. people look to the united states as a leader for security purposes but also these kind of purposes as well, so i will continue to fund those programs. yes, ma'am? [indiscernible] the question is smaller class size. in florida, we have a constitutional amendment that lowered classic size. i actually opposed it and we implemented it. i believe that we ought to pay teachers more for student learning, lower class sizes, there is no evidence to suggest that yields higher student achievement, but paying qualified teachers that get results consistently, there is
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enough evidence to suggest that and that is what we ought to be focused on. yes, sir? >> do you support common core? jeb bush: common core -- i support higher standards. that term is so darn poisonous i don't know what it means. i am for higher standards, state created, locally implemented with the federal government has no role in the creation of standards, content or curriculum. hang on, we will get you. you are next. do not let the head explode. the federal government should have no say in that and if it is not changed by law, i will do it executive order when i am president of the united states. yes, sir? >> why do you support your brothers plan to privatize social security? jeb bush: why do i support my brother -- i don't. it would have made sense back then but now we're way beyond that. we need to do is reform social security to -- to preserve it for reform in the logical ways that there is broad bipartisan
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consensus which is over an extended period of time and raise the retirement age and raise the limit of income. you can solve social security that way. [indiscernible] more present in iraq and would be be liberators again? jeb bush: the question -- assuming you heard it -- right now we have 3500 soldiers and , marines in iraq already. we have a strategy. -- we don't have a strategy. it kind of creeps up. we are responding incrementally to the challenges rather than having it strategy. i would take the advice of commanders in the field and what i have heard is that the iraqis want our help. they want to know that we have skin in the game and we are committed to this -- [indiscernible] excuse me? >> we had to get out in 2011.
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jeb bush: we did not have to get out in 2011. >> what about the deal? jeb bush: it could've been modified and that was the expectation. everybody in iraq and everybody in washington you that this deal -- new that this deal could of been expanded and now what we -- [indiscernible] now we need to do something else which is the -- to deal with the fact that we have islamic terrorist organized and the way you take them out is to rebuild iraq and support for the kurdish and to reengage with the sunnis and to be able to have a strategy to take them out. we need to do the same thing, although more complicated, in syria. yes, sir? i have having a hard time hearing. [indiscernible] paul wolfowitz is providing most the teame and i have
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in florida. young people that have experience either in congress or in the previous administration. the parlor game that is played where you have 25 people, 30 people, for the people helping with foreign policy and if they -- that are helping with foreign policy and if they have had to deal with to republican administrations who were the people that were presidents -- i mean, this is kind of a tough game for me to be playing, to be honest. i am my own person. we just gave a speech at the reagan library. i urge you to take a look to get a sense of my views on how this stuff should work. yes, sir? >> governor bush, like you, i consider myself a republican -- a public servant. i used to run the youth conference in iowa, but i feel like our young voices are not being heard at the federal level. we have youth councils at local levels, would you be open to the idea of creating a presidential youth council to inform members of congress and various
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department heads? jeb bush: that's a great idea. i haven't ever heard it before. here is my e-mail address -- i just gave out my e-mail address. that is what i did as governor of florida. i released all my e-mails. i am writing a e-book about my e-mails. i think we need a lot more transparency in politics today. i will get someone from the back. yes, ma'am? [indiscernible] jeb bush: so, i was watching an interview yesterday where people were saying that. i also think that isis is easily as important threat -- [laughter] yeah, right.
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and china over the long call and in north korea with nuclear weapons and unstable pakistan, there are many threats. if it was isolated to one, it would be easy. the vladimir putin threat relates to our weakness. as we pull back, he sees opportunity. we call putin russia regional power trash talking in essence, and he invades crimea with that -- without much consequence. you do not have to be bellicose to deal with russia. you need to say, here are the consequences of your actions. there will be further sanctions. and europe needs to go along. we need to forward lean in terms of nato support and u.s. support into eastern europe, poland and the balkans to send a signal that the nato alliance is still intact. we need to make sure that we are -- that we are entering ukraine ukrainewe arm and train
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forces. they have been invaded. parts of the country are still occupied by pro-russian forces. need to provide support or ukraine to continue to reform. we have to to be involved with our partners and allies in europe so as to push back putin for sure. i think over the long haul, his is a failed state. if we grow our economy at the rate we are talking about, we will be stronger than any country in the world. this is still the strongest country in the world and has the potential to be the only developed country to renew itself and grow at a far faster rate. if we did that, and you see the failed economic policies of russia, ultimately, they will collapse but we need to be said -- to be steadfast and vigilant as a relates to their efforts. yes, ma'am? yeah, sure. i am favor of for-profit, not-for-profit -- not for profit. charter schools are highly effective. the good thing is that if they do not work, they close. what about traditional public schools? they can stink the place up over and over again and nothing happens. yes, ma'am? yeah, you.
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[indiscernible] the question is -- we have a crisis of alzheimer's in our country, what will i do? two things and this is with a lot of input from the purple shirts to be clear. first and foremost, we need to recast our research and development budget. it should no longer be cut. if we cannot fix the here and now problems, particularly of social welfare problems and entitlement problems, that is where the growth of the budget is in washington. we need to focus on long-term things. infrastructure, but we have seen that r&d budget of nih go down and inside of that budget, alzheimer's, which will create huge costs going forward, hundreds of billions of dollars of cost for families and for the government to medicaid and medicare. the amount of money being spent
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is something like $700 million or $800 million at the most. there are other diseases that get billions of dollars for research. we could find a cure for this. at a minimum, we ought to be able to find a delay of dementia. that is number one, recast the r&d budget for the national institute of health to be able to find a cure. secondly, we need to make sure that there is enough money for community-based care alternatives because the great tragedy, as he know about timers, is not the person lost the much about the caregivers. -- the person who has dementia but the caregivers. i am from florida. it is purple politically but also purple because people that have dementia, disproportionately live in my beautiful state and the caregivers, the spouse and the child and others that exist , it makes it harder for them to
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be able to live a healthy life as well. i think we need to move away from institutionalized care and medicaid programs to community-based health care. yes, sir? [indiscernible] >> do you see a danger of china or russia? my stance is that iranian deal is a bad deal. i hope congress with a two thirds majority kills it. it is bad because it does not deal with the broad relationship with iran. iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. we are giving them $100 billion of fresh money to carry out their agenda and destabilize the region. they repressed their own people. for two weeks, we could of been on the side of the people that elected a different approach in iran, but we were silent and now
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the presidential candidates and others who had dissented in iran, are put away. why would we want to legitimize the regime that does not allow freedom in their own country? there are three americans held hostage in iran as well and yet it does not seem like that was part of the negotiation. iran is building ballistic missile capabilities to launch missiles, nuclear and otherwise. there is nothing in the agreement that deals with that. we are loosening up conventional weapon sanctions that now will allow them with fresh money to become a military force that will create an arms race in the middle east. i have not even gotten to the verification issue as it relates to their ability which they violate the rules over and over again. this president believes that they will go quietly into the night and just change their ways, and that is not how the world operates. i believe this deal should be rejected. if sanctions are imposed by the united states, other countries
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will have the choice. will they look at iran as a business proposition, perhaps jeopardizing their commercial and political and diplomatic relationship with united states? i think that choice will be pretty clear for some countries. maybe not russia and china, to your point, but other countries will have to deeply consider whose side they are on. thank you all very much. i appreciate you and i look for to shaking all of your hands. god bless. [applause] >> [indistinct chatter]
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flex we had some of our best farm years when it was being incremented and the aba has totally screwed it up. totally screwed it up. -- the epa has totally screwed it up. they said all the right things and they went back to washington and did the opposite. jeb bush: we've got a mess on our hands. did you follow that? >> they cost it. -- caused it. jeb bush: i know they did. they are going to create criminal charges.
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>> they did it. jeb bush: exactly. it will be a good learning experience for them. how are we doing? hello, i am jeb. good to see you. >> good to see you. jeb bush: he is a new guy who just started. >> the rookie. jeb bush: governor, you have a great state here. you did a great job. >> thank you. you did a great job. the people in iowa are very nice. >> thank you very much. jeb bush: where are they going to school? [indiscernible] whoo! [indiscernible]
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clerks -- >> am going into senior year. jeb bush: be sure to e-mail me. >> i will. i need your vote. the rule is, when someone asks for your votes coming up to meditate on it and consider it. >> i like what you said. i like what you said. jeb bush: how are you doing? how are you? >> how are you doing? >> fine, thank you. jeb bush: i am looking for food. is there a pork chop coming up? i totally missed it. >> i will vote for you, man. jeb bush: thank you. >> would you support the
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presidential initiative for that early childhood development in education? a multilateral [indiscernible] jeb bush: if it is effective. it is outcome-based. if it was simple and did not try to impose western-u.s. imposition on countries that were completely different and it could work. >> that is why people should say this is what will work for us and delete fund it. would you support that? jeb bush: i would turn all of our eight programs into those kind of projects and also programs that promote free-market economics instead of promoting governments that have phony capitalism at their door. >> thank you very much. jeb bush: thank you. great question.
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[indiscernible] jeb bush: i kind of like the traditional conservative approach but it is hard. was totallyt different government. he was part of the group that created a more progressive government and now the progressive government is going to luck. -- going to muck. [indiscernible] ♪ [star-spangled banner]
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[applause] [indiscernible] chatter] t
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>> a lot of people are turning to pork.
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and not going to not beef. the chinese are buying a lot of pork. [indiscernible] >> i got you all set up. >> i love to girl -- two grill.
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[indiscernible] jeb bush: where is your farm? >> near [indiscernible] biggest: what are the challenges you face right now? but i being down here probably won't even get my pickup [indiscernible]
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we just had this big thing of chicken. over 30 million. jeb bush: what about labor? >> are hours -- are hours are and so :00 in the morning a lot our hours are until 1:00 in the morning a lot of times. [indiscernible] jeb bush: governor, get in here. how many people you have? >> i think we've got about 10 employees. i've got my son down in louisiana.
4:33 am
guard training down there and i would like to go down and see him because i had basic training myself down there. i haven't been back since. it was hot. and humid. >> this time of the year would not be fun. jeb bush: august and september is the worst time to be there. >> dana is my real name. [indistinct chatter]
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jeb bush: i've been told there is an inverse relationship between [indiscernible] where are you from? >> iowa. 90 miles north. jeb bush: what do you grow? >> corn and soybeans. jeb bush: it takes a lot of time. >> i ground my own feed and everything.
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i got what he farmed. how many times that he done this? >> 26 years. how long have you been governor? >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: after 27 years, the man knows what he is doing. >> he definitely does.
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[indistinct chatter] >> then they have pork chop on a stick. get the children to buy a little bit to promote the economy. they think coming and taking pictures is enough. see if they can purchase. >> what is your favorite food today? jeb bush: i haven't been
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anything other than fried chicken. >> house that? -- how was that? jeb bush: incredible. it was like going to heaven. >> there are a lot of things you can eat. >> what you supporting other candidates or just mr. bush? >> i'm trying to be a good toast. jeb bush: all 74 of us. >> it looks like you want to support work today. >> you can't beat the iowa state
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fair and the great pork we have in this state. there are people from all over. jeb bush: why don't you ask him another layout question? [laughter] >> are you competitive person? jeb bush: very competitive. very. >> raspberry cake at nine years old with a blue-ribbon. pretty happy. jeb bush: fresh wild raspberries? >> yes, but the -- they are not wild. jeb bush: the some of you, right? >> yet. jeb bush: governor, i'm worried about that bubble coming out of [indiscernible] progress being made on the right-hand side there.
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think?h: what do you >> not quite ready. jeb bush: let me know and i will assist you. >> governor bush, who is better on the grill, you, it your brother? >> i don't know. i do this at my son. usually stake report. -- usually stake or pork. [indistinct chatter] it, theore you do better you get. jeb bush: that's why he is such a great governor. >> a lot of practice. jeb bush: you get that mental health issue worked out? are they following your lead now? and were in the process were unfortunately one of the latter states to do that.
4:41 am
jeb bush: we did it when i was governor and kept into civilized care model. -- and kept the institutionalized care model. >> it takes a while and people are starting to see that you can provide better service closer to home. if you're focused on people who need the service rather than this the disruption, it is the right thing. [indiscernible] >> that's right. jeb bush: backup people mad. >> we are also [indiscernible] jeb bush: you are just starting that? we got 100%. >> you have good experience with that?
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restoring it to what it was intended. jeb bush: i don't know why they lowered it. i don't know why it is always more complicated than it needs to be. you are in business and you need to have a certainty [indiscernible] jeb bush: ultimately, people will have huge benefits. i think that will be the original idea and it seems to be working. gone from being
4:43 am
totally energy dependent state and we produced more than we consume. leave the country 20% of electric carried by wind. another billion-dollar investment. [indiscernible] jeb bush: it is an illusion of some kind. should they are saying it right
4:44 am
but it does not look at, right? [indiscernible] this is the best food at iowa state fair. pork chop on the grill. jeb bush: this is the bet -- the healthiest food. >> enjoy. oh, man. >> doesn't get any better than that. jeb bush: definitely. [indiscernible]
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jeb bush: people employed it better though they -- take better care of the water than the epa. have a strategy to reduce
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[indiscernible] farmers andng with ,verything to filter strips kerosene, all of these kinds of things that we don't need more government regulation to drag up the cost. jeb bush: your point is well taken that there are regional issues. this has really gotten hyperactive in expanding dramatically the definition [indiscernible] no one has come close to the definition in a state like iowa.
4:48 am
[indiscernible] they get permits and takes forever. they say we don't have the resources. ruleslly, some of these [indiscernible] the 10th amendment is that -- is as important as the other. i think you can get something more effective with lower cost and far more input with us job loss if you shift the pattern.
4:49 am
actually, the clean water act says it should be implemented at the state level. they did not consult state matters. [indiscernible] i know that in this case there is large opposition to it. [indiscernible] jeb bush: they look pretty good to me.
4:50 am
we've got it under control, brother. >> bring it in. jeb bush: thank you, good morning. [indistinct chatter] >> governor branstad, what is this grilling? >> pork. >> what's over here? loin and weer, pork are eating pork chop on a stick. jeb bush: the pork burger with taken and cheese inside.
4:51 am
they are over there. a walking heart attack, perfect. should be good. jeb bush: they look fantastic. [indiscernible] >> good luck. [indiscernible]
4:52 am
jeb bush: lily, how are you doing? >> thank you. chatter]ct
4:53 am
>> governor, thank you so much. jeb bush: thank you, sir. >> i've only got five more days. nice to meet you. jeb bush: nice meeting you, too. thank you. [indiscernible] >> how are you doing? nice to see you. i caught you earlier. how is your paleo diet going
4:54 am
today? >> no bacon? [indiscernible] >> did you get the bacon wrapped rib? spectacular. jeb bush: i have this pork burger with cheese. >> is that on the diet? jeb bush: the cheese would not be. the only way to be on a diet is to cheat. you end up with the splurge. [indiscernible]
4:55 am
[indistinct chatter] jeb bush: i've avoided the one thing you have to a avoid. [indiscernible] [indistinct chatter]
4:56 am
>> the number one objective is reelection. thenumber two objective is sense of the note to the constituents. forget the budget. it will not work. they've shown some discipline not to do what you are saying. if you had term limits and you require elected officials to have a timeout before they start lobbying again, i think you could clean it up pretty quick. would beear ban helpful thing, too. [indiscernible]
4:57 am
jeb bush: watch out for all of this. i paid $40 for the pork chops. this is handy on sundays. [indiscernible]
4:58 am
[indistinct chatter] jeb bush: five quick things, more security and there is a way that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. secondly, we need an exit and entry visa to know what people are. for the legal visa like everybody else -- and they come
4:59 am
to the airport like everybody else that they stay longer illegally. deputize law enforcement to be able to help with that start and e-verify system. [indiscernible] there ought to be a way to know that when they are hiring someone that person is here legally. and people who are here illegally, they should get a provisional [indiscernible] and learning along the way which many do. they not received federal government assistance and for an extended period of time, they get legal status.
5:00 am
the other plan -- the round them all up kind of plan -- it would be really disruptive in a lot of communities. a practical way. great question. >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: thank you. he is hanging in there.
5:01 am
[indiscernible] jeb bush: the president needs to project in a way that people inspires people to live better lives. history has been changing culture renewal by the great awakening.
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5:03 am
>> what are your plans and creating more manufacturing in the united states? jeb bush: better training, less taxes. did that in 10 seconds. [indiscernible]
5:04 am
jeb bush: thank you so much for hosting us. i will be back.
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>> in your story. -- we appreciate your story.
5:13 am
[indiscernible] , abouter sabbath of 1995 ,0 of us at the catholic church it was very meaningful. because i wasn't the school --
5:14 am
[indiscernible] >> i wrote irish catholic family. [indiscernible] appreciate you stepping out in front of us. it is a very catholic areas down there.
5:15 am
it will have you out, and tradition to the congregation. thank you. and looking forward to looking for you. >> how are you doing? >> i will make sure they get it. >> take care. [indiscernible]
5:16 am
>> more school choice, you will
5:17 am
get rising achievement. >> thank you. people really want to know where you stand. you have to be all in. people want to know where you stand. you can't just give it to them in 30 second. >> my mom had a chance to meet
5:18 am
your mom and the white house. mr. bush: when i remember her, she was larger than life. now she is [indiscernible] she is in a lot of pain, but you would never know it. she is just great. >> i'm going to tell my mother that i met you. my son-in-law is a photographer. mr. bush: good. >> we are doing a road trip. we are going to pennsylvania. we are coming through kansas city. we have seven of us. we have four kids. my father-in-law. mr. bush: a guy trip. >> last month, in colorado a fishing trip. mr. bush: it is good to have a father-in-law in your life. see you. >> we were wondering if you
5:19 am
could comment on the differences between you and donald trump. mr. bush: the differences? i have a proven record. consistent conservative. i have learned how to lead in the public sector. i don't assume it is my way or the highway. there is a big difference. i think you can well see it just in demeanor. i want to broaden our message and bring in a larger number of people. i respect him. certainly, he has made great progress in his campaign. but we are very different. >> obviously. he is bombastic. mr. bush: i don't. i go campaign. i've got my job. i campaign really hard all over.
5:20 am
i will turn people. at some point, you have got to be substantive about what you are going to do. trump is not denying a tax on assets. 14.5% tax? come on. you cannot defend that amongst republicans or the whole country.
5:21 am
no one wants that. savings ought to be ours. take care. >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: definitely. nice to see you. thank you. mr. bush: thank you. it is nice seeing you again. it is our first trip i think i saw you. exactly. great seeing you. take care. got a picture? >> jeb, i would get you a beer but you look like you need water. mr. bush: i'm good. >> right here. mr. bush: i will give you whatever i have. thank you, guys. >> thank you. mr. bush: thank you.
5:22 am
you bet. i am here all the time. what happened to you? did you have a helmet? where do we look? [laughter] mr. bush: got it? >> thank you so much. mr. bush: take care. >> if you were elected president, how would you bring back jobs? mr. bush: we have a tax code that says we tax worldwide income. we have $2 billion in cash overseas. lower the rates so people can be here. if they create here, they will create jobs. embrace the energy revolution. want to invest in manufacturing. exploit the energy resources in our country. exploiting them creates highway
5:23 am
jobs. welders, electricians. >> i am a steel worker. mr. bush: steelworkers. the biggest place where steel can be used now is the infrastructure to bring natural gas and oil. we need to eliminate the crazy rules. we have to make sure trade is fair. you have to have free trade, but you have to make sure the rules are enforced. sometimes they are not. we can do this. >> we need to do something. mr. bush: where are you working? are you working now? here? >> tire plant. mr. bush: in des moines. i did not know that. excellent. this guy or this guy? >> how is your dad?
5:24 am
mr. bush: better. nice to meet you. >> quick picture? mr. bush: sure. >> thank you. >> can we get a picture? mr. bush: can i be in it? >> absolutely. >> how are you doing? mr. bush: where are we looking? >> right here. >> cheese. >> thank you. good luck. mr. bush: he took it. a little rusty.
5:25 am
you can't get a permit to build a plant anymore. smaller plants? >> [indiscernible] meltdown proof. mr. bush: you got any information on it? >> [indiscernible] mr. bush: i think we could get nuclear power back and it would solve [indiscernible] it is so no one can get a permit to build them anymore. write it down. you guys together? >> there you go. mr. bush: all right. thank you. [laughter] mr. bush: that is not fair. where are we looking? >> right there.
5:26 am
mr. bush: move-in. why are you so far back? [laughter] >> thank you so much. mr. bush: thank you. >> my granddaughter. mr. bush: thank you. can skip over your kids generation and go right to the grandkids. >> the table back there. incredible event.
5:27 am
>> thank you. mr. bush: how are you doing? >> good. how are you? mr. bush: i'm doing pretty good. you working the state fair? >> i am getting a day off. [laughter] mr. bush: that is a permanent position. >> that is right. how are you? mr. bush: excellent. great. we are great again. where are you going? >> [indiscernible] community college. mr. bush: excellent. what are you doing? >> i am just [indiscernible] right now. mr. bush: are you getting a degree in community college? >> know, i am just [indiscernible] mr. bush: that is the smart thing to do.
5:28 am
you don't live here? how long do you intend to be a resident? >> i believe a year. i also work full-time. i cannot be a full-time student the first year. mr. bush: you have already accomplished that. what is the difference? i'm always curious about the difference between out-of-state and in-state. >> $10 per credit. at howard university, it is [indiscernible] i figured it out to be like a house, 170,000 dollars to get my bachelors and masters. mr. bush: good luck.
5:29 am
what is your goal? >> to eventually do research. mr. bush: good luck. we need more chemists and scientists and engineers. >> thank you. mr. bush: this is jeb bush at the iowa state fair. i have like 100 cameras here. if i play my cards right, you will make the afternoon news. you did? well, i appreciate your service. you must be my dad's age. i bet he said the same thing about you. thank you, sir. i would love to have your vote
5:30 am
in the pennsylvania primary. thank you. god bless you. >> keep talking. he is 88 years old. mr. bush: how are you? >> good. how are you? [indiscernible] mr. bush: we will. it is not easy. i guess for good reason. >> i asked newt gingrich [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you for your service. appreciate it. [indiscernible] >> i went in underneath president reagan and served. [indiscernible]
5:31 am
do not try to politicize or make a political doctrine inside the operations of health care. the primary focus ought to be how we make sure we have the highest morale in the military. we won't get calls at the white house if i am president saying we have got to do this. how do we create the greatest morale? everything else is secondary. there has to be a sea change in attitude from top-down.
5:32 am
[indiscernible] where are you guys living? about halfway. mr. bush: appreciate your service. thank you. are you guys together? one big, happy family.
5:33 am
are you an iowan? >> yes, sir. mr. bush: you lost your family to virginia? [indiscernible] [laughter] mr. bush: you, personally. what grade are you going into? let me ask you a personal question. do you have a summer reading list this year? no? i think we need to bring summer reading list back. you play sports in the summer? you look like an athlete. you can play all sorts of sports. your mind needs to have the same exercise as your body. mr. bush: there is good stuff. lots of stories.
5:34 am
you can learn about babe ruth. you can read about all the yankees players. take care. thank you. mr. bush: you are kidding. are you visiting or leaving? you came for this? >> for the fair. mr. bush: fantastic. are you from here? >> yes. mr. bush: that is a good place to be lodged. where do you live? >> sarasota. nice to meet you. mr. bush: nice meeting you, too.
5:35 am
[indiscernible] mr. bush: it is an honor to be here. [indiscernible] mr. bush: thank you, thank you. >> i hope you go all the way. mr. bush: thank you so much. it is easier when you believe what you say. i don't even remember what i said. we have complicated things in our life today. you have to do it. but you can do it. what do you think about it?
5:36 am
a drone came up 50 feet in the air. it is there to see who is at the event. they have a drone checking out what was going on at the event. you don't think we could have drone technology and g.p.s. technology to know where people are crossing the border? that would create a deterrent. we can do this. we can do it. it has to be every week saying, what are we doing? a change in strategy. you've got to be a leader on this stuff. they don't just dial it in. appreciate you. stay out of trouble. we can do it.
5:37 am
>> our live coverage of the iowa state today with more presidential hopefuls speaking from the "des moines register" soapbox. rick santorum will be followed by lincoln chafee. at 3:00, vermont senator bernie sanders. we also expect to see hillary clinton and we will bring you will stop by. we will bring you live coverage throughout the day on c-span. >> donald trump was in hampton, new hampshire, friday for a town hall meeting at a local high school. he also held a news conference with reporters prior to the event.
5:38 am
[applause] mr. trump: great crowd. thank you. fantastic crowd. really amazing. ok, questions? katie? >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i am ok with working with cuba, but we should have made a much stronger deal. we had them in a position where we could have done much better. the deal is a neutral deal and could have been much better. the concept of opening up is ok, but we should have made a much better, stronger deal. yes. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: well, i said that in
5:39 am
a very sarcastic fashion. it is helping china because china is doing little about global warming. this country has gone overboard. you saw what happened the other day with president obama's bill. it will put costs out of control, and we have to compete with china and the rest of the world. china loves what we are doing on global warming, that i can tell you. you go over to china and see what their factories are doing. their factories are doing absolutely nothing having to do with global warming, and they won't for many years. china is making it impossible between the devaluations which i was just talking about with some body who really knows the subject. the devaluations and the whole thing on global warming, china is making it impossible for our companies to compete. we have to get smart in this country and fast. yes, ma'am. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: we spent $2 trillion
5:40 am
in iraq. we lost thousands of lives in iraq. we have wounded warriors who i love all over this country and beyond. ok? was it worth it? we have nothing over there. his brother made a horrible decision, and president obama made a horrible decision the way he left. when he left, he should have taken the oil instead of giving it to isis and iran. you know the primary beneficiary is? china is taking out the oil. you should not have gone in. once you went in, you should never have -- i mean you go in, you never won. but what a mistake iraq was. i heard jeb bush talking about it. first of all, it took in five days before he could give an answer. after the pollsters told him what to say, he said it was bad. now he is trying to backtrack, probably because his brother
5:41 am
said you're killing me, you said it is bad. that is my legacy, the iraq war. iraq war is a disaster for the bushes. the last thing we need is another bush, believe me. saddam hussein, instead of him, you have isis. instead of him, you have iran taking over. so you tell me, was it worth what we paid for? yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i said they are terrible. not destroyed, but they are pretty well destroyed. i think i would have a great relationship with russia and putin. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: it depends. they have to behave also. i think i would get along very well with putin. i know many of the people. i had a major event there two years ago in moscow, as you know. it was a tremendous success. we had an amazing success, and i think i would get along very well with putin. i think i would get along with
5:42 am
the leaders of the world very well, many of them, not all of them. the ones i don't get along with will have to pay. we have to make our country great again, and we are not doing it. we are going in the wrong direction. we are going like this. we are a laughingstock all over the world. ok? yes, sir. go ahead. [indiscernible] mr. trump: new hampshire has a huge heroin problem. per capita, the biggest in the whole country. new hampshire has a heroin problem. education, working hard. you have to get people to understand the problem. it starts with oxycontin from what i am hearing. you have to educate and do something very strong. but it does have a big problem. i have been hearing it from everybody. bigger per capita than any place else. yes, ma'am. [indiscernible] mr. trump: it will be very soon. i have some of the most
5:43 am
brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i am involved in very much because i understand the system very well, probably better than anybody that has ever run for office if you want to know the truth, because i am part of the system. we have some amazing people working on immigration, so i would say over the next two or three weeks. probably sometime during september. >> what about what putin has done? mr. trump: ukraine is a problem. at some point, don't you think the countries of europe should be more involved than they are? we are leading all of these fights. ukraine is a big problem. germany is a rich, powerful country. economically, tremendous power. unbelievable economic power. why isn't germany? do we have to lead every fight? ukraine is a problem, and we should help them. but let germany and other countries directly affected, let
5:44 am
them work it. we have enough problems in this country. we have to rebuild our country. china and other countries have drained us. china has created the greatest theft in the history of the united states. if you think about it, it is the greatest theft in the history of the united states, the money they had taken out from us. it is a one-way street. so, we have enough problems. we back our folks, and we back our friends. and we want them to straighten out ukraine. i want to see it straightened out also. but don't you think germany and those countries directly affected should be fighting? it is almost like they don't even care. they don't even care. i think i would get along great with him. who knows? what i think i would get along great with him, the man. how are you? >> [indiscernible]
5:45 am
mr. trump: rand paul, you have to understand, is a disaster in the polls. he is a disaster on military and defense. he is getting decimated by everybody. other than giving him a lot of money for an eye center at his request, he said, could i have money? i said yes because i thought it was worth it. a lot of money for an eye center which is hypocritical when you think about it. other than giving him a tremendous amount of money for his eye center, which i'm happy about because i'm sure they do good work, i hope they do good work. he is doing so badly he figures he has to attack trump because i am leading by what everywhere. i don't mind. i think he is never going to make it. can't make it. got the wrong message. i mean, this is not a time to be weak on defense.
5:46 am
i am the opposite. i want to make our military so strong, so powerful, so great that nobody is going to mess with us. i want to take care of our vets who are treated like third class citizens. two weeks ago on wednesday, our vets, as you know and probably reported on it because you have a big problem here with vets not taking care of properly, our vets have the longest week in the history of the v.a., waiting for doctors in rooms. they wait for or five or six days. in one case, they waited five days and the doctor said sorry, i'm going on vacation now. our politicians, all talk, no action. they are all the same. our politicians have let the vets down. rand paul has let the vets down. i don't blame him. he's doing so poorly in the polls.
5:47 am
i have been attacked by perry of texas. and he went bing like a rocket ship in the wrong direction. i was attacked by lindsey graham. he had two points. now he has zero. rand paul has very few points, but i think he is going down, too. rand paul is using the people of kentucky. either run for senate and do a good job or run for president. you don't run for president, and by the way if i don't make it, i will become your senator reluctantly. if i were a good, strong republican from kentucky, i would run against him in a heartbeat and win because the people of kentucky are being used by rand paul. think of it. they are saying if he does not make it, we will take him. that is not the way it works.
5:48 am
>> i work with a veterans advocacy group. mr. trump: good. did you hear that? it takes over three years to process one veterans claim. i think they have run out of competence. they have incompetent people running it. it starts with our senators and congressmen and our president. i run things properly. what i run runs properly. one of the things i will do is take care of our veterans. it is going to be very important. you are a perfect example. three years to process a claim that should take 24 hours? yes, ma'am. >> on a lighter note. mr. trump: marty walsh is a clown. i don't even know who he is. he spends all this time and
5:49 am
effort and money on an olympic bid and then he goes out and talks about ice bucket challenges. get a real mayor. he came out and he was strongly against -- when we had the original problem, as you know, when i was totally misquoted. now, everyone has apologized to me. he said i don't like trump's statements. now, everyone is apologizing because i turned out to be right. you had beautiful kate in san francisco and many others, even a few days ago, a 63-year-old woman -- a 66-year-old woman was raped, sodomized, and tortured by an illegal immigrant and they caught him. it's just disgraceful what is going on. i am so proud of it, i brought up -- and i took a lot of heat
5:50 am
that first week, week and a half. now, so many people have apologized to me. it has become a mainstay of everybody's campaign. the problem is, they don't know what to do about it. i do. i know how to solve the problem and it starts with building a wall. yes, sir. [indiscernible] i don't think he said that. jeb bush said that on women's health issues, he won't fund them. are you ok? [laughter] jeb bush said that on women's health issues, he won't fund them. whose phone was that? are you ready? jeb bush said that on women's health issues, he won't fund them. then he said, i misspoke, i am so sorry. i cherish women. women will be taken care of better with president trump then anyone else, republican or
5:51 am
democrat. you can look at my company, i have many women executives. they make, in many cases, more money. they are unbelievable executives. i think they are paid more. we are studying it right now. they are phenomenal. they are incredibly talented. years ago, in major construction projects, i have had women in charge. governor baker should only dream about doing for women what i have done and what i will do. issue women's health there will be nobody that are
5:52 am
better than donald trump. whatever it takes. yes, ma'am. bernie sanders has gained a lot of traction. they are looking for real change. obama said they are looking for change and look what we got. we got change. that they are looking for something different than what they have. bernie sanders is not going to end up being the standard, but certainly he and i are getting the biggest crowds. we have 2500 people and a thousand people or more than that are standing outside listening to microphones. and loudspeakers. we have had tremendous crowds. i had 15,000 in phoenix. every crowd is a record. every crowd is totally sold out. he has done the same thing on the other side with a very different philosophy to put it mildly.
5:53 am
[indiscernible] mr. trump: i built a net worth of more than $10 billion. i have been a world class business man. i have some of the great assets of the world. i don't say that in a braggadocio's way. that is the thinking that our country needs to take our jobs back from china and japan and mexico and clean up the border. speaking of mexico. that's the kind of thinking we need to take back our jobs, bring back our money, our manufacturing. you take a look at china, what they had done. i have taken our money, jobs, base, manufacturing, and we owed them $1.4 trillion. that's like a magic act. they had taken everything and we owed them money. right now, china, $1.4 trillion. they get everything and we owe
5:54 am
them money because we are led by people who don't have a clue . i think we are led by stupid people. i don't think they are bad people. i think they are very stupid people. our leaders don't have a clue. they are incompetent. china is a great example. i met with carl icahn and i had dinner with him two nights ago. i said carl, if i do this, i am going to put you in charge of china and i'm going to add in japan. you know what? everything is going to be just fine for us. we have people negotiating for us that have no idea what they are doing. they are not even business people. remember this, bush and hillary and all these people, they have a lot of money. they raise money from my friends, i used to be one of them. they are always there for me. but that is not good for the
5:55 am
country. jeb has raised $114 million approximately. everybody that puts money up for jeb bush, it's like he is a puppet. he is totally controlled by these people. jeb bush is controlled by the people that put up the money. so are the other candidates. i don't want money from people. other than small donations because i have so many people -- one woman sent seven dollars. i love that where they invest in my campaign. i don't want that for the money, i want that because psychologically i think it's great. jeb bush has $114 million. what is he going to do with it? he will start hitting me with ads i guess. he has to because he is going down the tubes. there is no energy. when jed and hillary and all of these other candidates start spending money, remember this. that money was given by people that have total control over them.
5:56 am
those people, many of whom i know very well, they don't care about him, about the color of his hair, they don't care anything about him. and they don't care about the country in many cases. they only want whatever they want and they will get plenty. yes, sir. >> we don't know who they are. mr. trump: they should release the names of the donors. i think we should be much more open. if somebody contributes a lot of money, we should know who those people are. it's not a great decision for me and they are friends of mine. i am putting up my own money. here you have other people have money into other campaigns where they will have total control. 100%, katie, they will have control of those people that are running for office. one of the reasons i have done so well in the polls is because everyone knows i will not be
5:57 am
controlled. i will do what's right for the country. no lobbyists. i know all of the lobbyists. they are very good. but when they give a million dollars or $5 million to jeb bush, they have total control over him. he will do whatever they say. with me, there is none of that. i love the idea of campaign financing. one of the things you should do is everybody should be known. if some but he gives a million or 2 million or 5 million, it should be known. i will tell you, this nonsense with packs where they have $100 million raised and they don't cordon it with the other people, i mean, bush puts his best friend in there. they are not a lot to talk.
5:58 am
do you really believe that doesn't happen? they are not allowed to talk. they play golf on saturday, but they don't talk about the hundred million and where they are going to invest. come on. we are not babies. it is a shame. it is a disgrace. what i would like to see, if you put money up, you can put money into either or both here and do whatever you want. there has to be transparency. you have to know where the money is coming from and that would help. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i would love to have the concept of a woman running with me is fabulous. it's too soon to say.
5:59 am
there is a lot of pressure on hillary right now. it has been brutal for her. i think at some point, she is perhaps not going to be able to run. she will have to and her campaign. that seems to be the thinking by so many. i was saying that two months ago and everyone thought it wasn't right. it looks to me like what they have done -- this is top-secret stuff. general petraeus's life was destroyed. with a tiny fraction of what she has done. it's very unfair to him if they are going to destroy him over doing by comparison nothing, i don't see how she can run. i think she has much bigger problems than running for office. yes, ma'am. how much longer? last question. we will do two more questions. i don't think donations when people don't know who is donating are good. i think the concept that -- concept of donations, people
6:00 am
should know who is contribute in. don't forget, while i am friends with citizen united, and i think the head is a great guy, that doesn't help because i'm spending my own money. on a personal basis, i don't love it. i think there should be better transparency and i think when the money comes in, you should be able to use it to do what you want because that is what they do anyway. everybody does it, unfortunately, not us, because i am not doing it. these candidates are doing it illegally because they are telling the people that are running the packs exactly what to do. if anybody thinks they are not, they are children. i will be doing jury duty on monday morning. can you believe it? i knew you would ask me that question. in new york city. i don't know. it's one of the courts. i am looking forward to it. i think it's fun. thank you very much. i will see you. are we giving helicopter ride? i think so. i hope so, to the kids. thank you.


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