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tv   Science Skeptics  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:21pm EDT

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sen. sanders: the middle class in america is disappearing. we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country and the majority of the wealth is going to the top 1%. that is a real issue. a real issue is our campaign finance issue -- system is corrupt. the supreme court created a system in which billionaires can buy elections. the united states can no longer go a lounge -- around the world and lecture countries on democracy. our country is becoming a system in which billionaires spend unlimited funds of money to elect their choices. >> who is corrupt? sen. sanders: the system. >> but not any of the people? sen. sanders: they are obeying the law.
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the supreme court says they can do it. i am talking about a corrupt system. i think the whole and entire system is corrupt. i think i may be the only candidate that doesn't have a super pac. we are going to try. sen. sanders: -- >> a candidate taking billions of dollars from donors seems like a corrupt act. sen. sanders: no. it is a corrupt system. family can spend more money than either party.
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what the media needs to do -- that is not democracy, that is all a dark he -- oligarchy. it is true for any billionaire. in this election, most of the money is going to come from republicans. can have thise outside influence makes no sense at all to me. >> what is on the yellow paper you were holding during your speech? sen. sanders: i can't tell you. >> i know you think the long-term prospects of the economy aren't good. what do you think about how it is doing now in the short term? sen. sanders: let's be clear. when george w bush, we were hemorrhaging money. -- when george w. bush left
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office, we were hemorrhaging money. $1.4 trillion deficit. are we better today than we were then? yes. but, what is also going on is that for the last 40 years, the american middle class continues to disappear. youth unemployment, african-american youth unemployment today. real unemployment is 51%. we have elderly people trying to make it on $13,000. we have republicans talking about social -- cutting social security van -- rather than expanding it. i'm speaking the truth and people are nodding their heads and saying yeah, the economy is not going well for me or my kids. you had huge crowds on the west coast.
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few hundred people this morning. was that a letdown? sen. sanders: are you kidding me? boone,600 people in iowa. does anyone know the population there? [laughter] much.nk you very sen. sanders: thank you. >> this way. >> ernie? -- bernie? [indiscernible]
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>> go, bernie! [chanting]
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>> whoa, are you ok? >> make a gap. [drums]
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>> thank you. >> senator, i have a question. [indiscernible] sen. sanders: may i borrow your pen for a second? [indiscernible]
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>> may i get eight photo -- a photo with you? sen. sanders: you sure can. how are you? ok. [laughter]
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>> make way. coming through.
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lovernia, w -- bernie, we you! [indiscernible]
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>> bernie, can we get a selfie? please? [indiscernible]
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>> c-span will return to the iowa state fair tomorrow when ben carson at 10 the event. he will be speaking at the soap box around 5:00 p.m. eastern. shortly after that, we will hear from another candidate, former new york governor george pataki who is scheduled to speak at 5:30 eastern. we will have both speeches live here on c-span. first lady helen taft made several little changes to the white house. replacingbvious was the white male ushers with african-american staff. she led an effort to create a memorial for the victims of the titanic. her greatest legacy was bringing thousands of cherry blossom trees to the nation's capital. helen taft, this sunday night at 8:00 eastern on our original
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series, first ladies. tom martha washington michelle obama, sundays at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3. >> coming up next, a memorial service for the military members chattanooga, tennessee. then, another chance to see some of today's iowa state fair with presidential candidates hillary clinton, donald trump, and bernie sanders. vice president biden was in chattanooga, tennessee saturday to attend a memorial service for those killed july 16 at a military recruiting center and u.s. navy reserve facility. he was joined by defense secretary ashton carter and navy secretary ray mavis. this is 40 minutes. [applause]
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>> as a military organization, we have experienced far too often the searing pain of combat losses and honored the many who, in lincoln's words, laid their lives and sacrifices on the altar of freedom. today, we honor five patriots who have made the same sacrifice in the service of their nation. this time, here at home. we've very rightly set aside special days and have solemn rituals to recognize, remember, revere the men and women in uniform who have paid the final price in the defense of america.
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these marines, this sailor, deserve the same thing. we are a family, the navy and marine corps family. we work together, we serve together, we overcome together. as a family, we grieve together. together, we will assure that they, like those who went before, will be remembered as heroes. because that is what they are. heroes. ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. an ordinary thursday became a day of extraordinary horror, but also extraordinary heroism.
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first responders ran into danger to protect others and aid them. as colleagues, friends, and strangers helped each other away from danger, even at the risk of their own lives. two of those wounded in this valiant effort, police officer dennis pedigo and a marine sergeant. he is with us today. so we memorialize as heroes those we lost and profoundly thank the heroes who are here today. the courage witnessed that
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thursday did not end with the closing of that awful day. recruiters nationwide went to work on friday encouraging and assisting the nation's finest young men and women in joining the navy and marine corps. on saturday and sunday, tens of thousands of reservists reported for their drill weekend. this pure act of evil could not keep them from their duty. that commitment is the essence of sailors and marines. it was demonstrated under the worst of circumstances on july 16, and it has not wavered since.
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still, we know it will take time for those with visible and invisible wounds to heal. the shock, the anger over what occurred last month will take us all time to deal with. because what happened defies comprehension. we know that while the pain will
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grexit ladies and gentlemen. the secretary of defense, ashton carter.
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carter: so the families. of sullivan, staff sergeant wyatt, the officer smith and lance corporal wells, to you it is with heavy hearts that stephanie and i join you this afternoon. words for what you feel today. because tries we may, try as we , but can never fully know we do know that the lives of your loved ones meant to the security of our country. and we will never forget.
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biden, you honor the force with your presence today. as you do so often. secretary mavis, admiral greener, general dunford. congresssh numbers of guests, ladies and gentlemen. together today, we cannot erase the pain of our loss, it still with fellowther citizens to honor these five fallen patriots to mourn with , to provideve them comfort and healing as best we can. to remember the lives of the -- these brave men lead, to reflect on the meaning their lives have for us, the duty their deaths in pose upon us. their lives were truly exemplary. many of them served abroad and fought on the front lines in places like iraq and afghanistan. here at home, they were serving among the many men and women in uniform who represent our military communities in
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communities across the country. on the front lines of the force of the future. the meaning of their lives is therefore clear. crystal-clear, and we will be forever proud of them. the meaning of their killing is yet unclear. what combination of disturbed mind, violent extremism, and hateful ideology was at work, we don't know. perhaps it will never be fully known. let alone fathomable by all who have the decency and conscience to value their fellow human beings. but we do know this. we know that we will do what it takes to protect the servicemen and women who protect us. this is something all of us, me, president obama, vice president
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biden, secretary mavis, all the men and women of the department of defense, this is something we take personally. that is why i directed the military services to fundamentally review their domestic security procedures as well as take immediate steps to improve the security and force protection of our personnel. we will do more if necessary. we also know that we are the many, the just, the noble, and that the few who threaten or insight harm to americans, violent extremists or terrorists, wherever they are, will surely come a very surely, no matter how long it takes, come to feel the long arm and the hard-faced of justice -- hard fist of justice. [applause]
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and we know that those who attempt to inspire fear or terror will find no satisfaction, will have no success in the united states of america. instead, we come back from tragedy, stronger and more united. because across america, and reserve facilities and recruiting centers are still open. young men and women are still signing up to serve to defend their country. they will carry forward the legacy of the fallen, and like them, they, too will serve in the finest fighting force the world has ever known. here in this great city, recruits are still lining up to volunteer. in some cases, more of an they were before.
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in fact, one future sailor named alexis and listed last week. she had been talking to recruiters in chattanooga before the shooting, but this senseless violence only wanted to make her -- only made her want to serve her country more. it only strengthened her resolve to stand up against fear and hatred. she said, we are not going to let one destroy us. we are all standing strong as a community and as a whole, that this. of chattanooga, the spirit of tennessee, and the spirit of america and its military. that is how we heal, by standing strong together. to the sullivan family, to the wyatt family, the holmquist family, the smith family, the wells family, you are part of our family and you always will be. your strength and sacrifice will continue to guide us, inspire us, and remain with us forever and ever. may god grant peace to the souls of those who are no longer with
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us but will live on within us. may god watch over the soldiers, sailors, air men, and marines who continue to defend us and may god continue to bless this great nation, the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states of america, joe biden. [applause] v.p. biden: thank you. thank you. thank you very much.
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i am honored to join my colleagues and family members. i wish i were not here. for i have some sense of how hard it is for you to be here. mr. mayor, as i told you earlier, you should be so proud of your city. and, to my good friend, you should be so proud of your state.
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congresswoman black, congressman fleischman, i want to say that you have been through a lot. and understand that -- isaiah, chapter six, verse eight, reads, who shall i send and who shall go for us? each man we honor today gave the same response of isaiah: here i am, send me.
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send me. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan, tethered to his irish roots, chastened by his italian mom -- a great combination, mom. a red sox fan, a neighborhood kid, who never really left the neighborhood except to go to iraq twice. two purple hearts to it we irish say, a heart of gold. his hometown paper said, everything, everything a marine should be. staff sergeant david wyatt. iraq, afghanistan, the darkest and most violent days of both of those wars. dave, an eagle scout.
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as a camp counselor, pulling a young man trapped in a canoe below the water, saving his life. as his hometown paper said, someone, someone you could always, always count on. sergeant carson holmquist. afghanistan. of a marine, two tors in iran. all waste -- always respectful, always looking out for others. a marine even before he took the oath. randall smith, grandson of a navy veteran -- has been pointed out already -- a baseball star in his hometown, always smiling, always there for his friends.
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they say in his town someone, someone you always wanted to be around. lance corporal skip wells. devout. a friend to everyone. always there. always wanted to be a marine. to protect from the time he was a kid. his classmates in his hometown newspaper said, he was always looking out for the other guy. it was no surprise to anyone that knew them, anyone that grew up with them, that they chose the profession they did. it was stamped in their dna.
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being a sailor, being a marine, is not what they did, it was who they are. they each said, i will go. i am here. send me. i didn't have the privilege of knowing any of them personally, but i knew them. confident. committed. determined. trustworthy. passionate. and always, always loyal. i knew them. they were my son and so many other sons i know. they were, with the exception of sully, the 9/11 generation, but he was that, too. men of honor, men of faith, men of determination and viewed with
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a sense of duty -- it is hard to explain where they got it from. the sense of commitment to their family and friends from the time they were kids. to the moment they died. each of these guys, the best that i know -- had this instinct to protect. just in instinct. you grew up with guys like this. they had that instinct. you knew if you are in trouble, they would be there. they were different.
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and commitment to family and friends, again, part of that remarkable 9/11 generation. i would respectfully suggest from being around a long time the finest generation of warriors the world has ever known. that is not a hyperbole. the finest generation of warriors the world has ever known. this generation, 4.2 million of them joined after 9/11. 4.2 million. over 2,200,000 deployed to afghanistan and iraq. everyone of them knew it was probable -- not possible -- probable they would be sent into battle. a battle unlike any in our
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history. state actors but many stateless actors. difficult to tell friend from foe. like thousands of men and women in this arena, they went. they raised their hand. they said, send me. what a remarkable generation. a generation, along with their families, have made great sacrifices for this country. every day, complements of the defense department -- my stuff calls early in the morning. i carry a card in my pocket every day for the last nine
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years, a little box in the bottom of my car. it lists the number of dead, the number wounded. not a general number, the exact number. the precise number. because every single solitary one of these warriors leaves behind a whole family and community. i can't stand it when i hear the number dead.
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wounded, 52,321 -- five added since last week in afghanistan. there are thousands still in harm's way. we are here not only to pay tribute to these five euros -- heroes, we are here to pay tribute to the families of the five. first, to all the families of all the fallen, your country says thank you. thank you for raising such incredible men and women. with such a keen sense of duty and honor.
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from the time i was a kid, my mother had a saying. she was looking you and say, joey, remember, remember you are to find by your courage and you are redeemed by your loyalty. that was my mother's code. you are to find by your courage and redeemed by your loyalty. i say to the families here today, your sons, husbands, brothers -- they are the purest example of my mother's standard. they met it and exceeded it. they were defined by their courage and region and by their loyalty. to the families here, as i said when i met you a moment ago -- i
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have spoken to you on the phone before that -- thank you for sharing this memorial with us. i know it is hard. it is hard. because it brings back every single -- it brings back that very moment when you got that call. for i know, no memorial, no words, no acts can provide the solace your hearts yearn to acquire. a continues to linger and in some cases grows more intense. i hope it eases your grief knowing that the people of your home towns, the people of chattanooga, and tens of millions of americans really do grieve with you.
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i also know what incredible courage it took to be here. it requires you to relive. one of the things i have learned that i want you to know and hope you gain some solace from it. that people never talk about. your courage is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people all across this country who are suffering and struggling with their own horrific loss.
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maybe not as a consequence of wearing a uniform, but who have lost a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter. and i promise you, as they struggle with their own tragedies, wondering, will i make it? can i survive? they see you. they hear you. they have come to learn about you. i promise you, you give them hope. years from now, he will find people coming up to you you never knew they will say, thank you.
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thank you. because they look at you and say, if they can do it, if they can show up, maybe, maybe i can do it. maybe i can overcome. you are literally an inspiration and america owes you just for being here. and always, with the men we honored today. john mellman once wrote, they also serve who only stand. jill and i and the entire biden family have you in our thoughts
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and our prayers as you have had us in yours. i also know there is nothing in this moment that can fill that deep, black hole, that open wound, losing your son, your husband, your brother, your father -- nothing can replace the sun as he walked away and turned and smiled at you, let up your life. literally, lit up your life just smiling at you. made you realize how worthwhile life was. or the husband who knew your fears even before you expressed them. whose gentle hand could soothe them away. the dad who talk to you in at night, just touched your face, made you feel so secure.
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the brother who always, always, always had your back. you have lost very much, you have given so very much. please know that he will always be with you in the deepest recesses of your heart. in your every thought. he will be the voice you hear telling you, it is ok. he will be that feeling in your chest that cons you down. -- homes you down. that look from the mirror that gives you confidence to move forward and that sunset that says, i see you, i see you. the day will come when his memory brings a smile to your
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lips. it takes time. it takes getting through every season at least once. but it will come. it will come. that is when you know you will be all right. my prayer is that it comes sooner rather than later. it will come. hold onto one another tightly. gunnery sergeant tommy sullivan, david wyatt, carson holmquist, randall smith, skip wells.
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these are the men made of this stuff that makes this the greatest country on her. they are part of less than 1% of the population that protects 99% of us. they are what makes us who we are. they are the backbone, as these women and men here are. the virtual bone and sinuw of this country. and in the face of dangers and threats, we look out for one another. we stand together. we never, never bow. we never, never bend. our national character is no match for the cowardice and perversion that we face.
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these perverse ideologues, warped theocrats. they may be able to inspire a single loan wall to commit a savage act but they can never, never threaten who we are. when this perverted jihadist struck, everybody responded. marines and sailors moving from room to room helping fellow warriors to safety, marines and sailors helping fellow warriors jump the fence away from danger, only to turn back into the fight to save more. marines and sailors grabbing
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children from nearby playgrounds, shepherding them out of harm's way. warriors fighting back, getting people to safety, warriors at a recruiting center helping countless people stand up and serve. chattanooga police officers taking shots. first responders, doctors, nurses, saving lives. residents bringing food to the police officers on duty at the shooting site. makeshift memorials, vigils that grew bigger day after day after day. thousands of people lining the streets in your home towns. the funeral routes of tommy sullivan, david wyatt, carson holmquist, randall smith, skip wells.
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and every stretch of road and intersection, cars, trucks, football practices stopped and waited and showed their reverence. all for the purpose of reasserting who we are. we are unyielding. chattanooga, the country has and still stands with you. it will remember what you have done. it will remember and remind everyone who we are at our best. and we have a message for those perverted cowards around the world. america never yields, never bends, never cowers, never stands down ,endures, response, and always overcomes.
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for we are americans. and never, never underestimate us. it has always been a bad, bad bet to do that. ladies and gentlemen -- [applause] [cheering] ladies and gentlemen, god bless each of the fallen and their families. may god protect our troops wherever they are. and may god continue to bless the united states of america. god love you. [applause]
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also daniel kaley with the jewish american talks about the organization and its support for the iran nuclear agreement, it was 50 years ago that riot took in los angeles following a roadside argument between police and the black motorist. as always, we will open our phone lines and look for your comments on facebook and twitter. washington journal is live every day at 7 a.m. on c-span. this sunday night on q&a.
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phyllis manis on u.s. foreign-policy since 9/11. all of those questions are important, i address them all in the book. i think it's more important because in some ways it something we can do something about. what is the u.s. policy regarding isis? can we really go to war against terrorism. are we doing the war wrong, or is it wrong to say there is a word all? i think those are some -- those of the questions that are most important. >> sunday night at eastern and pacific. several 2016 presidential hope holes were in des moines today for day three of the iowa state there area and among the candidates were hillary clinton, rick santorum, lincoln chafee on and burning -- bernie sanders.
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donald trump was also there.
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trump: now it is on. >> welcome to the state fair. trump: thank you very much. it is a great honor to be here. hello mark. >> why did you decide to come and do this? trump: it will be very exciting for the kids and of the kids will go up. we have quite a few children that will be taking rights today. where are the children? get them over here. that is great. i love children, i love iowa. great place. i really developed a relationship with it and it is an amazing place. yes mark? [indiscernible]
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trump: i have been doing it. i have been here many times. we have a great staff of the whole place. chuck and everybody. i really have been doing it. actually the venues of gotten larger and larger because we really have gotten some tremendous crowds. we are doing record-breaking crowds. i'm so honored when i saw the recent polls with highway leading by a lot. we started with smaller venues and gotten bigger and bigger. the crowds of god enormous. i would still do that if it was appropriate. >> what you want to say to the kids? trump: i love my kids. come here kids. does anybody want to take a ride? [cheers] trump: how many are we taking? who wants to go first? [laughter]
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trump: we will have some fun. are your parents out there? way to your parents. they will have a great time. it is a great experience. i do, i have jury duty. and look forward to it. i have no expectations. i just hope they are innocent, whoever they are. >> would you say to hillary? trump: she has a lot of problems with the you know situation. if you look at general petraeus, he had just a tiny fraction of what she is got going. they destroyed his life virtually. i think she has some very big problems. i wish her luck at i think she has big problems. >> [indiscernible] trump: nice seeing you martha. say you were innocent and proven guilty but certainly it with the that way. it looks very serious as first hillary is concerned. i hope that is not what happens to her. the facts are not good --
11:03 pm
looking good for her right now. if you look at general the trias on a much -- patreas on a much lesser level, i think it will be tougher her. yes? >> under what circumstance would you use a nuclear weapon? trump: i don't even want to talk about that question. it is a very serious question and hopefully you would never have to use a nuclear weapon. but we have to be prepared. the world hates us, probably like never before. we have to build up our military and take care of our vets. we have to have the finest military and equipment by a factor of 10. we have to be protected and so tough and so strong that nobody will ever mess with us. >> would you say to hillary clinton if you rented to hurt the state fair? i would say hello. >> what is your biggest challenge going forward? trump: we are being ripped off
11:04 pm
by everybody in the world, whether it is china or japan or mexico. mexico is becoming the new china in terms of trade. so many companies. just yesterday i read nabisco is moving to mexico. give me a break. we have to reverse that. we need jobs in our country. we are going to take jobs back from china, japan. we will make art country great again. that to me is going to be the challenge and we will do it. and it is not going to be that difficult. iceberg with carl icahn. he will help us. all the best negotiators. we of the best business people in the world in this country. they will all help us. believe me, when i get the right people negotiating with the right countries, we will come out on top every time. that is what we need. [applause] >> can you talk about jeb bush
11:05 pm
yesterday during a puppet of all the donors raising $100 million? trump: he is a puppet. he's got lobbyists. he made statements of the last couple of days that are incredible try to justify the war in iraq. they cannot be justified. he said "skin in the game." he said united states has to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game. we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives lost, wounded warriors who i love all over the place. and he said we have to prove that we have skin in the game. i think it may be one of the dumbest statements i've ever heard. skin in the game. we do not have to prove anything. the iraqi officials are a bunch of crooks, you there even is in iraq which i don't think there is. iran is taking over iraq. it was one of the dumbest things ever. i think what happened, because i understand psychology, i think is rather probably said you are killing me. that was his war. he looks very bad. said jeb bush
11:06 pm
tried to push back. but when he said we have to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game and we have lost all of those lives and all of that money, i think he should apologize to the families of the people. >> your critique of him as being a puppet. you admit you were essentially a puppeteer controlling -- trump: but now i am on a different side. i know how the system works better than anybody. many of the people went to jeb and hillary and everybody else, they are friends or enemies of mine. but they are people i know. these are not people that are doing it because they like the color of his hair. believe me. these are highly sophisticated killers. when they get $5 million or $2 million to geoff, they had him just like a puppet. he will do whatever they want. he is their puppet. believe me. with me, i had yesterday a lobbyist call me up.
11:07 pm
a friend of mine. for his client, i don't blame him, he said i want to put $5 million into your campaign and i said i don't need it or want it. because when you can back to me in two years anyone help for a company that you representing or country that you are representing, i'm good to the right thing of people -- for the people of the united states and i don't have to insult you. i appreciated but don't want your $5 million. i am turning down so much money. if he put it up i would feel obligated as i'm a loyal person. just like jeb bush. i'm not just talking about jeb, hillary too. nobody plays the game better than i did and that is the way it works. >> -- qualify to be president in your view? trump: nobody will do the job that i will do. i will bring back jobs, strengthen the military, take care of bets, get rid of obamacare. look at what
11:08 pm
is happening. look what is happening. the costs of your insurance is gone to the roof. look what it is happening. it is terrible. i will take care of people in it will be better to women. there is another thing i heard with jeb. women's health issues. then he goes back to her three hours later and said he misspoke. i will be so great to women. i cherish women and women have not been taking care of properly. when i hear somebody like jeb bush talking about we are not going to find -- and then he comes back.'s pollster said you made a mistake, take it back. but he does not mean it from the heart. another question. >> [indiscernible] trump: it will come out tomorrow on "meet the press." i just put out a policy on immigration i think is very comprehensive. tax
11:09 pm
policy which i have to be very good at. who knows the system better than me? i'm putting out a tax policy over the next you weeks. we are putting them out one by one. i think you will see that it will be very important. thank you for all your nice words. >> a lot of voters are saying they really with this year policies. they are very eager to see the substance behind -- trump: i think the press is more eager to see it than the voters. i think they like me and they understand the and think i will do the job. when you put out a policy like a 14 point plan, a lot of times in the first hour of negotiation that 14 point plan goes astray. but you may come up with a better deal. that is how life works. when i do a deal i do not say here's 14 point. i go out and do it. i don't talk about 14 points. i know the press wants it. i don't think that people care. i think they trust me. that is what it is all about. i have been getting politicians to pass whatever it wanted all
11:10 pm
my life. nobody has more experience. nobody is more experience dealing with politicians. i have been dealing with them all my life. whether it is big new york city zoning deals which are probably tougher than most of the things i will be dealing with with foreign countries. i built a city on the west side of manhattan. talk about getting zoning. getting zoning for trump tower, 68 stories on 57th. i've been given with politicians all my life. they are fine. they are wonderful. they are all talk and no action. they are selling this, country down the tubes and they are easy to deal with believe me. >> what you think voters don't care about policy? >> where you speaking at the iowa soapbox? are you afraid to take questions? trump: that paper was not relevant to me. and a notice another -- a number of other people are not speaking there.
11:11 pm
yes, i'm taking questions right now. mi going to take questions? she just asked if i'm going to take questions from reporters. in my taking questions from reporters? they will tell you i'm taking questions. trump: unlike hillary, do we agree? go ahead. [indiscernible] trump: i had not heard that. i guess that is a consummate in many ways. yes, go ahead. >> my concern is protecting the border in enforcing -- trump: you are going to love me in terms of illegal immigration. we are building a wall. it will be a wall. nobody is going through my wall. trump builds walls. we are building the wall. it will be strong and solid and the least -- policed. all you have to do is fly a drone over
11:12 pm
it. they can see that immediately. nobody can go under, nobody's going over it, and we are good of a big door for people to come and legally. we will have a big dutiful door for people to commit legally. i want people to come into the country but they have to come in legally. you will be very happy with me. yeah? >> would a president trump the same as candidate trump with foreign leaders? trump: i think even better. foreign leaders -- i've had great relationships over the years. i had great relationships with people over the years. i think even better. i am leading in every poll. the big ones and little ones. i am leading in iowa because when people look at scott walker, estate has a $2.2 billion deficit. he was telling people's growth is terrible -- in terms of the state. their instrument is dissension all of
11:13 pm
the state but they said they will have a big surplus of $1 billion. it's a $2.2 billion deficit. nobody was willing to say it but me. and i did not want to say it. i would not have said it until the attacks me. then i said thank you very much and i set it. >> i am talking about foreign leaders. trump: i get along great with them. i'm building when china -- in china. a building all over the world. why, do you think they're getting long good right now? putin can't stand obama. who likes obama? i am talking worldwide. he is not getting along with anybody. hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of this country. the world collapsed around us while she was secretary of state. in my opinion, kerry might be worse because he is making a deal with iran that is so bad and so dangerous and so incompetent and stupid that it will have grave consequences. grave
11:14 pm
consequences. >> what would you do what they want to stop the iranians from getting into their weapon? trump: very forceful action. you cannot let iran -- libby tell you this. nor can israel. israel sold epicurean obama. you cannot let iran have nuclear weapon. when they marched on the street saying "have to israel, death to united states." it cannot happen. it will not happen here. >> yourself funding your campaign. heavyset a budget for this endeavor? trump: irrelevant. i make $400 million a year. what difference does it make? i want to make the country great. that is all it want to do. my business has been so successful. my children and my executives will run that
11:15 pm
easily. i won't even think about it. my soul purpose will be taking the brain that built a great business with some of the trump: irrelevant. i make $400 million a year. what difference does it make? i want to make the country great. that is all it want to do. my b great assets of the world, i have some the great assets in the world. best locations in manhattan. trump tower, 57th and fifth. that is what i do whatever it is. whatever kind of a brain that is will be used to making our country rich again, trade deals. great trade deals. making our country rich. and then making it great. we cannot make it great unless we make it -- we need the money. we of $19 trillion. my whole focus will be this country and making it great. >> will you spend a billion dollars -- $1 billion on election? trump: i would if i had to. >> [indiscernible] trump: yes, i do. i have
11:16 pm
exceptions and i've been open about that. >> what is the biggest challenge your campaign faces going into the fall? have you made any mistakes so far? trump: i don't think i have made mistakes. they do the polls in my never go up. when i said mexico, i was talking about illegal immigration. the people understood it even though the press did not want them to. when i talk about john mccain i was saying how bad he treated veterans. they are treated badly. than they do a poll. mccain or trump? and i swap them in the polls. the veterans like me better because they know i will take care of them. after 30 years he is not taking care of them. and this last thing with fox. all you have to do is ask roger who won. i do not think i have made any mistakes. i'm sure i will at some point, but so far you have to say as a work of badly? right. reported is not want to give me an answer.
11:17 pm
>> your wife is the possible first lady? they are not doing it to any other candidate. trump: did you run a profile? that will not happen. she is fantastic. >> what kind of things we do differ the for this country? trump: almost everything. what things in my candidate different for this country? almost everything, because that is what has to happen. everything we do is wrong. the military, we are not taking care of the military or our vets. we are not taking care of our country, our finances. we're not taking care of our trade deals. when was the last time he saw this country have a victory? we do not have victories? we do not have victories against china in trade. china just devalued their currency. that is the sucking sound. that means jobs and money coming out of our country. what they did with that evaluation, the biggest devaluation that had
11:18 pm
into decades, they are killing us. they will not be doing it when i am watching. i think our people have no idea what is happening. do you agree with me? is everybody agree with me? trump: let's give them a helicopter ride. come on, it was going first? where are your parents? kids, get all lined up. [indiscernible] ♪ trump: let's get a picture of
11:19 pm
everybody. get in the picture. >> everybody back. [indiscernible]
11:20 pm
>> democratic presidential >> the two took time to speak , tom harkin. they spoke with the media before greeting local residents. i noticed that last night in the speech, you joked about .napshot -- snapchat do you think this is a laughing matter? do you take any responsibility for this investigation that is going on now? mrs.


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