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tv   Reverend John Bryant on Charleston Church Shootings  CSPAN  August 16, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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and he was right, but it happened. that is some good stuff, isn't it? but what is the bad stuff? the bad stuff, for me, is the guns. the love affair this nation has with the guns.
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it is like owning a pimple -- a pitbull that keeps biting people and to keep defending it because you love it. that gun, the violence in their homes, when homicide takes place in the home, present is the gun. increasing suicide, the instrument of choice is the gun. since 2010, over 8000 people
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have been shot mistakenly in our national parks by the gun. each time we make emotional adjustment to hold on to the gun, and of late, it seems as if we have fallen madly in love with the gun. legislative houses all across the country are making new arrangements that the gun will
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be present in new places. the president of nra said that pinckney's death was his fault. that if he had had a gun, he nor his members would have died. the facts do not bear that irony. we keep saying the gun will protect us and yet it seems to make us more violent. we sell more and we own more guns than any nation in the world and we are the most violent nation in the world. it seems to increase it. i said in south carolina that in my city that look like we were going to win the stanley cup. we had to get the people together because if they win, they did not want them to tear the city up. when you win, emotions run high. so you put out of control
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emotions and flickr -- and liquor together, now add the guns -- is that insanity? put it on your head, you know? -- put it on your hip, you know? that is what we are returning to. take it to school. take it in a restaurant. wear it on your hip. what is the fascination? -- what is the fascination with this instrument that can do so much damage, so much harm? that is a bad thing. the gun hasn't moved an inch in the aftermath.
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it is free. in the aftermath, we are still stuck with racism. racism in this country has been plaguing us from the beginning. i was telling some people, i have churches in india, and i was reading an article about india and in the next decade, they are supposed to surpass china and population but the scholars say they will not pass china because india has the cast system -- the cast system which takes a large group of people out of the next and china does a
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better job of integrating everybody. racism, where large proportion of the population is thinking, and it is a challenge. it is a challenge to our political system. the 2012 election, the republicans said repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly that they were standing on the side of the 1%. the democrats said repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly we are for the middle class. nobody spoke for the poor. [applause]
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and african-americans had made progress in that more of us have risen to the middle class but the shame is that those at the bottom are increasing in great numbers and nothing is being done about it. i have watched the republican debates. would you believe that they could spend that many hours and nobody deal with racism?
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that is eating away at the fiber of this country. racism, the need to look down on something, to not see somebody, to not see, to not see. to become invisible in the culture, to not see. to not see that half -- that over half of african-americans are not graduating from high school. cannot see it. -- to not see it. to not see that there is a different set of laws for blacks than there are for whites, to
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not see it. cannot see it. -- to not see it. an article written in "the new york" magazine about one week ago, they were reporting on research just done that found that in the schools, white children who offended the rules were either given medication or sent to therapy, counseling. glaxo offended the rules -- blacks who offended the rules were expelled or to prison for the same infections -- for the same infractions.
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a psychologist reported in the same article that a study down -- that by study done by researchers that in the eyes of whites, black children look older and larger than their white counterparts. so that when i see -- listen the way a black as described who breaks the law. never is the term used, child. it is delinquent or thug because in their eyes, he looks so menacing, he looks larger, he looks older than his white counterpart.
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the men who killed michael brown said he lived like a monster. and the grand jury agreed. racism, it is a challenge to the church, it is a challenge to the black church because in the name of jesus of nazareth, our liberator and emancipated or, we cannot be silenced more otherworldly. and watch our people or fail to see our people are suffering. part of my district is detroit with there is still amongst the black community 40% unemployment.
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and these unemployment rates so high. so high and no job training. they act as if black lights don't matter. i resent it when i say black lives matter and people respond "all lives matter." i ain't talking about all lives. [laughter] [applause] it is clear in america that some lives do not matter. i am talking about bringing
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attention to the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, who are still human beings, who still need to be rescued. who still need the ministry of presence. it is a challenge to the white church. how are you able to sing hymns and not mention what is going on right around us week after week after week after week after week? it is a challenge to law enforcement. it is a problem when the majority, of good police do not
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put the bad place in check. it is a challenge to law enforcement, prosecutors, when they see our black differently than they see a white. it is a challenge to the prison industry which has been called the new jim crow. i think my 20 minutes are about up. [laughter] i am not finished but i will stop. [laughter] and receive what questions you might have. [applause]
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>> let's start with a question about the gun, which you talked about. gun control, gun legislation. it seems like in the aftermath of the shooting, there was no budging. how optimistic are you of any kind of regulation forthcoming, and will it happen at the state level or the federal level question mark will congress take any action? what is your outlook of the gun policy front? mr. bryant: "not in my lifetime." thank god for god's time.
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>> amen. mr. bryant: my prayer is the people will get enough. i do not see the change coming from a legislators. but when we get enough of the violence, it is so alarming to look at statistics and homicide rates globally in the developed world as compared to the u.s. 10, 20 times greater here. i read an article not long ago about the murders and the
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shootings by police of citizens. they were like in a certain country, that year, 3, 4, in our country, 370 something. when we get enough, and when good people start remaining silent -- >> all right. mr. bryant: i am hopeful that then the change will calm. -- come. mr. hughes: in the last two months, the ame church has experienced teat of strategies that directly reflect the state of race relations in -- of after americans in the united states. in the short time, the miami church found itself in the religious spotlight usually consumed by black mega-churches . what is the church doing with this opportunity to help civil rights movements like black lives matter and what are the local church is doing? mr. bryant: glad you asked. [laughter] a lot of our churches are mega-churches. a lot of our churches have been on the fighting line continuously. without publication.
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i am now a bona fide senior citizen. [laughter] back in the 70's, you would call the news conference and news would show up. today, you can call the news conference and nobody comes. so what happenned in charleston, emanuel has been that doing ministry for 200 years. talked to a brother here who said he was at bible study in emmanuel last wednesday. it was packed. most of the people were white. they did not know it was there. i responded to a letter that
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said all of this marching and protesting does not mean anything, you all have not done anything. i've wrote them back. some, i write back. i said, never confuse the presence of the camera as the presence of our activity. the cameras left charleston and are now following trump. [applause] but last week, i had a tour. my son has opened up a center, a school, feeding 500 young people. they are in baltimore.
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[applause] i was able to walk around and see young people in large numbers, so quiet and orderly, behind new computers. with satellites hanging from the ceiling, learning about saving and investing from those who were experts. being exposed to the arts. i wrote back to the person, just because you have not seen it on tv, doesn't mean it is a non-reality. it is real. i walked through it.
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just the cameras have gone. and other things have taken place in baltimore but we do not have a mechanism to share it. so we are the church. it means we can never do enough. whatever we do, it's not nearly enough. but so much is going on to continue to make a difference. then we have to learn to share through this medium, twitter, facebook, those are our new reporters. when the reporters going to
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come, we can reported ourselves. a lot is going on and a lot more needs to go home. mr. hughes: are the destructive tactics of the black lives matter movement that we have seen lately at campaign events, does that just -- is that justified or distracting? is it as disorganized as the occupy movement? do we need a clear goal like what we saw 50 years ago in alabama? mr. bryant: i once passed in new england and it was a first-generation who basically came from the anglican church and now they were in the ame church, trying to get used to our noise. [laughter]
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and up in a board meeting, they do not know how to have church. you are preaching and their whistling. they shouting right on. that is not church talk. they should say amen, hallelujah, thank you, jesus. [laughter] i said to the brother, i said, now, suppose i got up from my seat and came where you are and hit you in the head with a hammer. would it be proper for me to tell you how to say ouch? [laughter] [applause] scary to us. that is what i tried to say this morning.
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there is a large group of people who are suffering. one in four in the criminal justice system. unemployed, cannot find a job here to add insult to injury, those who had jobs and are still poor, because the jobs pace a little, this is the crowd that has erected. really we need to try to run in front of it and gives it shape, that we think we could take that movement further down the road. what they have said to us is we have heard what you have said and we have tried it. when we can see people going down and catch it on film, in living color you see it. we are still angry. the way we responded years ago when we were taken through workshops, we have got to catch up to that.
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right now across the country, there is a deep feeling of frustration for people who feel that in this culture and in the society, there lies do not matter. they are saying, "hey! look at me.
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i'm a man, i'm a woman. i have needs like you do." and we have got to run behind them, cleaned it up, calm them down. but it is the response of the human soul that has been ignored. mr. hughes: mentioned racism and a got questions about racism. while the confederate flag in the rebel flag no longer flies in capitol grounds, what needs to be done to change the racist conditions that created an unapologetic killer like mr. roof? another questioner along similar lines says it is very good to take down a symbol of racism such as the confederate flag at the statehouse. how do you take down the racism in people's hearts and minds?
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mr. bryant: that's why we need our white brothers and sisters of goodwill. a lot is said in our absence that can be corrected. i live in chicago when i was at a demonstration, and it was about 50-50 black and white. telling the police what they will do and telling the police where they can go. i never turned around. i kept -- [laughter] i kept my face front because
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they will not get killed. another brave young man i saw on the news who saw the police with his foot on the neck and brutalizing an individual, he could not take it and he tackled the police. do you know the miracle? he did not die. he tackled the police and he did not die. so i am praying that as brothers and sisters of goodwill, see what is going on and speak out. the kind of racism i'm talking about cannot be legislated. the kind of deposits made in
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that young man'life, that birth that level of hatred. i'm talking about the african-american community. if you are treated like you are nothing long enough, you act like nothing. in like manner, we have got to take care of that. we have got to do that job into the hearts and spirits of our people. even when everything around you tells you you are no good and you have no destiny. it is up to us to give them another message. on september 2, back to your situation, we will be back in this facility.
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news conference, ame church, the cme church, and ame zion church. on that date, we are going to roll out an agenda of what we need to do to make these united states more humane and more united. and so, you're all invited back at 10:00 in the morning on september 2 for the national press club. mr. hughes: this questioner asks, on the scale of one to 10, how much progress have we made
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to realize dr. martin luther king's dream? mr. bryant: if you had asked me that six or seven years ago, i would have had a different answer. our greatest blessing has turned out to be at the same time our greatest pain. the election of barack hussein obama has unearthed a fear -- >> hey! mr. bryant: and that is what has triumphed so much right now. they fear in this country. do not take it lightly when
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there are those who cry. we want our country back. initially, i said, who has your country? [laughter] until we understood this is no longer a country of white, male privilege. nothing has melting in this melting pot. it is a stew.
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i know where the carrots are, where the potatoes are. it does not have to blend, but -- [laughter] mr. hughes: this year, gay marriage has become legal across the united states. two were married in united methodist church. where does ame church stand on gay marriage? can gay people get married in the ame church? if it does not accept it now, do you see that changing? mr. bryant: the american atmosphere has been filled with gay rights. all the programming.
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all the tv shows. all the movies. school curriculums. legislation on gay. but nothing on race. [applause] you have given us this small window to talk about race and guns. i think i want to keep my hour to talk about what america refuses to talk about.
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[applause] mr. hughes: some of our nation's public places such as government and schools have found the need to secure this place with armed security. how can black churches better protect their congregations from hate crimes in a hostile south? mr. bryant: north, east, south, and west. that is a serious question. i do not want to see churches harmed -- armed. i do not want to plaintiff that. >> amen. mr. bryant: and so there is no move afoot to arm the church. we have to trust god.
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it is a violent culture. what happened in south carolina can happen to anyone in our churches, mosques, or synagogues. i would hate the church would follow suit on culture. and everyone armed to the teeth. what it has demonstrated is that it really does not work. we are armed to the teeth. and we are killing each other. left and right.
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i would hope the church would be a violence free zone. if others come in with something else on their mind, we will not take there were -- their approach or their response. we will continue to trust god. mr. hughes: before i ask the last question, i have some housekeeping. the national press club is the world passes leading professional organization for journalists and we fight for a free press worldwide. for more information on the club, visit our website and to donate to our nonprofit journalism institute, visit next tuesday, a new orleans mayor will address the club head of the 10th of the anniversary present on september 2, south carolina governor nikki haley
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will speak at a national press cup -- press club luncheon. and the press club will host its annual 5k for scholarships, journalism training, and press freedom. i would now like to present our guest with a national press club mug. [laughter] [applause] i would now like to ask the last question and, believe it or not, somebody managed to get us a donald trump question. [laughter] if donald trump comes to you seeking pastoral guidance -- [laughter] what would you tell him? [laughter] mr. bryant: you must be born again. [laughter] [applause]
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mr. hughes: a follow-up question. what would dr. martin luther king advise trump to do? mr. bryant: i have absolutely no idea. [laughter] i have heard people ask king questions. what would be in his heart and his mind, very seriously, and i know we left -- we laughed. but when you listen to the candidate, and you listen to what he is running on, it is
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money. and i really do believe that what we need in leadership are those who think deeper than the material. and that is why when i talk about the people in south carolina saying this mayor loves us, and we need in this country leadership that sees us, that our burden is their burden, that there are no easy fixes, but counsel, prayer, collaboration,
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needs to take place. anybody who says, i am worth so much, so i can be your leader, no. you must be born again. of the spirit and of the soul, to be the father of the nation or a mother of a nation. mr. hughes: how about a round of applause for our speaker? [applause]
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i would also like to thank national press club staff organizing today's event. if you would like to wear more about the club, go to our website. thank you for we are adjourned. >> monday on the communicators.
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>> was really into sci-fi and that really pushed him and he would always stream of getting to america. from a very young age that is what he pined to do and at 17 he ran away from home and did it. one of the most inventive leaders, elon musk. >> he is seen as this steve jobs kind of figure. there are bits of him like that for sure. tend to lean more to this edison kind of idea although i think in lawn has a lot to prove that what i have really taken away is he is a guy who gets thousands of engineers at spacex and tesla, the brightest of the right and very hard-working individuals and he is really able to get products out of them that can be commercialized and have really changed the industry. to me he is the guy who is
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combined software and hardware. ais idea of atoms and bits in way that no one else has. >> monday on the communicators. >> several 2015 presidential hopefuls were in des moines for day three of the iowa state fair. we also saw donald trump attend the event. he flew in by a helicopter and proceeded to hold a news conference with reporters.
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>> now it is on. >> welcome to the state fair. thank you very much is a great honor to be here.
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>> [inaudible] mr. trump: it will be very exciting for the kids and we have quite a few clips here today. where are the children? get them over here. i love children. i love iowa. i have really developed a relationship and it is an amazing place. [indiscernible] >> i have been here many times. the venues have gotten larger and larger because we have gotten some tremendous crowds. we are doing record-breaking crowds and i am so honored when i saw the recent polls with iowa leading by a lot. we started with smaller venues
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and we have gotten bigger and bigger. the crowds have gotten to be in our mess. i love my kids. does anybody want to take a ride? looks nice, right? how many can you take at one time? it will go up and then it will come down. who wants to go first? [laughter] we are going to have some fun. are your parents out there? to them.them -- wave they are going to have fun. i have jury duty. i look forward to it. i have no expectation. innocent,e they are whoever they are. [indiscernible] >> hillary clinton has a of problems with the e-mail
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situation. a tiny petraeus had fraction of what she have going. they destroyed his life. i think she has some very big problems. i wish her luck. i always say you are innocent until proven guilty. it would look very serious as far as she is concerned. hope that is not what happens to her but the fact aren't looking good for her right now. what general petraeus looked through -- went through on a much lesser level, i think it will be very tough for her. under what circumstances would you use a nuclear weapon? talkdon't even want to about that. that is a very serious question and hopefully you would never have to use one. we have to be prepared. the world hates us.
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probably never liked us before and we have to build up our military. we have to take care of our vets and we have to have the finest armament and military and equipment anywhere in the world by a factor of 10. we have to be protected. we have to be so tough and strong and smart that nobody will ever mess with us. >> what would you say to hillary clinton if you ran into her at the fair? >> i would say hello. >> what do you think your biggest challenge is going forward pack out -- forward? >> we are doing so well. we are being ripped off by anyone -- everyone in the world. mexico is becoming the new china in terms of trade. just yesterday, i read that nabisco is moving to mexico. give me a break. we have to reverse that. we need jobs in our country. we are going to take jobs back from china, japan, make our
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country great again. that, to me, is going to be the challenge and we are going to do it. it is not going to be that difficult. i spoke with carl icahn, he will help us. all of the best negotiators? we have the best business people in the world in this country. they will all help us. righte me, when i get the people negotiating with the right countries, we will come out on top everything will time. that's what we need. [applause] >> you talked about jeb bush yesterday being a puppet of his donors. >> there is no question about it. he has lobbyists. i know them. he made statements over the last couple of days that are incredible, trying to justify the war in iraq. saw hisknow if you recent statement, he said the united states has to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game.
4:51 am
thousands of lives have been lost and he says that. i think it may be one of the dumbest statements i have ever heard. we don't have to prove anything. the iraqi officials are a bunch of crooks if there even is an iraq. iran is taking over iraq. it was one of the dumbest things ever. . i think his brother probably said, hey, you are killing me. that was his war and he looks very bad. jeb bush try to push back but when he said we have to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game and we cost all of those lives and money, i think he should apologize to the families of the people. >> you admit that you were a puppeteer. >> i was one of the greats. i know how the system works better than anybody.
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these are not people that are doing it because they like the color of his hair, believe me. these are highly sophisticated killers. when they get $5 million or $2 million to geoff, they had him just like a puppet. he will do whatever they want. he is their puppet. believe me. with me, i had yesterday a lobbyist call me up. a friend of mine. for his client, i don't blame him, he said i want to put $5 million into your campaign and i said i don't need it or want it. because when you can back to me in two years anyone help for a company that you representing or country that you are representing, i'm good to the to the right thing for the people of the united states and
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i don't have to insult you. i appreciated but don't want your $5 million. i am turning down so much money. if he put it up i would feel obligated as i'm a loyal person. just like jeb bush. i'm not just talking about jeb, hillary too. nobody plays the game better than i did and that is the way it works. qualified to be president in -- >> are you qualified to be president in your view? trump: nobody will do the job that i will do. i will bring back jobs, strengthen the military, take care of bets, get rid of obamacare. look at what is happening. look what is happening. the costs of your insurance is gone to the roof. look what it is happening. it is terrible. i will take care of people in it will be better to women. there is another thing i heard with jeb. women's health issues. then he goes back to her three hours later and said he misspoke. i will be so great to women. i cherish women and women have not been taking care of properly. when i hear somebody like jeb bush talking about we
4:54 am
are not going to find -- and then he comes back.'s pollster said you made a mistake, take it back. but he does not mean it from the heart. another question. >> [indiscernible] trump: it will come out tomorrow on "meet the press." i just put out a policy on immigration i think is very comprehensive. tax policy which i have to be very good at. who knows the system better than me? i'm putting out a tax policy over the next you weeks. we are putting them out one by one. i think you will see that it will be very important. thank you for all your nice words. >> a lot of voters are saying they really with this year policies. they are very eager to see the substance behind -- trump: i think the press is more eager to see it than the voters. i think they like me and they understand the and think i will do the job. when you put out a policy like a 14 point plan, a
4:55 am
lot of times in the first hour of negotiation that 14 point plan goes astray. but you may come up with a better deal. that is how life works. when i do a deal i do not say here's 14 point. i go out and do it. i don't talk about 14 points. i know the press wants it. i don't think that people care. i think they trust me. that is what it is all about. i have been getting politicians to pass whatever it wanted all my life. nobody has more experience. nobody is more experience dealing with politicians. i have been dealing with them all my life. whether it is big new york city zoning deals which are probably tougher than most of the things i will be dealing with with foreign countries. i built a city on the west side of manhattan. talk about getting zoning. getting zoning for trump tower, 68 stories on 57th. i've been given with politicians all my life. they are fine. they are
4:56 am
wonderful. they are all talk and no action. they are selling this, country down the tubes and they are easy to deal with believe me. >> why do you think voters don't care about policy? >> why aren't you speaking at the iowa soapbox? are you afraid to take questions? trump: that paper was not relevant to me. and a notice another -- a number of other people are not speaking there. yes, i'm taking questions right now. am i going to take questions? she just asked if i'm going to take questions from reporters. am i taking questions from reporters? they will tell you i'm taking questions. [applause] trump: unlike hillary, do we agree? go ahead. [indiscernible] trump: i had not heard that. i guess that is a consummate in many ways.
4:57 am
-- complement in many ways. yes, go ahead. >> my concern is protecting the border and enforcing the laws we already have -- trump: you are going to love me in terms of illegal immigration. we are building a wall. it will be a wall. nobody is going through my wall. trump builds walls. we are building the wall. it will be strong and solid and the least -- policed. all you have to do is fly a drone over it. they can see that immediately. nobody can go under, nobody's going over it, and we are good of a big door for people to come and legally. we will have a big dutiful door -- beautiful door for people to commit legally. i want people to come into the country but they have to come in legally. you will be very happy with me. yeah? >> would a president trump the same as candidate trump with foreign leaders? trump: i think even better.
4:58 am
foreign leaders -- i've had great relationships over the years. i had great relationships with people over the years. i think even better. i am leading in every poll. the big ones and little ones. i am leading in iowa because when people look at scott walker, estate has a $2.2 billion deficit. he was telling people's growth is terrible -- in terms of the state. their instrument is dissension all of the state but they said they will have a big surplus of $1 billion. it's a $2.2 billion deficit. nobody was willing to say it but me. and i did not want to say it. i would not have said it until he attacked me. then i said thank you very much and i set it. >> i am talking about foreign leaders. trump: i get along great with them. i'm building when china -- in china. a building all over the world. why, do you think they're getting long good right now? putin can't stand obama.
4:59 am
who likes obama? i am talking worldwide. he is not getting along with anybody. hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of this country. the world collapsed around us while she was secretary of state. in my opinion, kerry might be worse because he is making a deal with iran that is so bad and so dangerous and so incompetent and stupid that it will have grave consequences. grave consequences. >> what would you do what they want to stop the iranians from
5:00 am
getting a nuclear weapon? trump: very forceful action. you cannot let iran -- let me tell you this. nor can israel. israel sold epicurean obama. you cannot let iran have nuclear weapon. when they marched on the street saying "have to israel, death to united states." it cannot happen. it will not happen here. >> yourself funding your campaign. heavyset a budget for this endeavor? trump: irrelevant. i make $400 million a year. what difference does it make? i want to make the country great. that is all it want to do. my business has been so successful. my children and my executives will run that


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