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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 4:20pm-6:01pm EDT

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the money we collecting taxes goes to paying medicare and medicaid and social security and interest on the debt. if we do not adjust the age of retirement there is no money left to help anybody do anything else. there is no money left for the department of defense. of you heard about the bipartisan plan where you clean up the tax code and eliminate deductions and use the money to pay down the debt? the democrats have to agree for people to work longer because we live longer. if we do not ask people at my income level to give up benefits than we are going to lose the system for the people who need it the most. please understand that there is no way to balance the budget unless you go to where the money is being spent. two thirds of the federal government is on autopilot. if republicans and democrats do not do what ronald reagan and tip o'neill did soon, we are
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going to become greece. but here's the good news. we are one big deal away from saving america. here is the bad news. nobody in this campaign is talking about it. when i put revenue on the table, if the democrats would adjust the age of retirement, yes. i am not going to raise taxes but i would eliminate a deduction to pay down debt. how do we have money for alzheimer's research and everything else outside of medicare and social security? to reform the system won't we lose the ability to defend ourselves and care for each other. [applause] senator graham: last question. >> [indiscernible] ok.tor graham: this is a republican/democrat thing. how many believe both parties are feeling you? >> -- failing you?
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>> everybody here. senator graham: how many believe that what is wrong with washington is that we do too many things together? you are right, we do not do the big things together. tell me how you save medicare and social security from bankruptcy without a democrat working with a republican? but me know how to defend this nation without all of us working together to rebuild the military that will fight for your benefit whether you are a republican or democrat or libertarian are vegetarian. what is missing in washington is the desire to put the country ahead. his leadership, telling you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. [applause] senator graham: those in my party, i am a republican too. hispanics. we are driving them away because of the way we are talking about fixing a hard problem like immigration.
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when i am president of the united states i will grow this party. young women, welcome to the republican party. young people, you have been the biggest losers under obama. the american dream used to be to get your kids out of your homes. i will tell you this and then i will quietly go. there is no problem that cannot be solved, but it takes leadership. radical islam is not going to surrender. somebody has to defeat them with a plan that will allow us to be safe at home and protect our friends abroad. i have the background, judgment, experience to take the fight to the enemy in a smart and successful way. 22,use i lost my parents at because i have been knocked down, i think i have the heart for this job. what your president needs more than anything else is a heart.
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for his country or her country. . without a heart it is all talk. and i want to give you not only my background in my experience, but i want to give you my heart. and here is the only way to pay you back as a nation. is to do everything that i can to save the american dream that has been there for me and darlene. there is nothing i will not do to get this country back on track. by mying being yelled at own party. thank you very much. [applause] what did you think about the remarks by senator lindsey graham? republican from south carolina. this is the last live speech of the day but we will be live for 15 more minutes to take your calls. we would like your comments on the senator's remarks.
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i will voters have a separate line. -- iowa voters have a separate line. we want to hear your observations. the senator was introduced by his sister darlene. spoke for the typical 20 minutes. next from florida. steve: hello? >> you are on the air. steve: lindsey graham to me is just not even registering. his problem, really, and i think it is with several others, is the burden. who would help jeb bush. a vote for lindsey graham no is a vote thatte
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will not go to jeb bush. he has noticed t -- no chance of winning. >> the is on the lower end of the polls. do think he has a chance of diverting votes? steve: even if he takes 200 votes there is no reason for this man to be in the campaign. the only reason for him and the lower tier voters, unconsciously, i do not believe they are in on it but i do believe that their supporters know that if you took the four and -- tierpeople people and added them to tru or trump orr cruisemp -- carson or cruise? graham, he is wrong on immigration and every republican knows that he is wrong on immigration.
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if they are pinning hopes on immigration than the republican party is starting his own death warrant. >> we want to let other folks get in. some tweets said that there was not the crush of the other crowds from the other speakers from earlier today, scott walker and carly fiorina, but there were plenty of folks there. we have juan from florida, a democratic caller. are you there? what would you like to set? -- say? juan: i would like to make a comment on the republican party is able. they are blaming the democrats for everything when they are the ones that are doing. mr. bush, his son created the war. the debt of $2 billion a week. there were no weapons of massive destruction.
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they destroyed saddam hussein, he was the one controlling the region, which is why they have the trouble in the middle east. initiative never done the dictators away -- very should have never done the dictators away. republicans are never for the middle class. >> let's hear from steve from reno, nevada. what would you like to say? steve: whenever i see him i cannot believe that i have who areand carolina very conservative and i do not know how he gets elected. >> what does he say that concerns you? steve: he is like a little puppet of john mccain and i am tired of him. >> ok. senator graham talking about iraq. one of the coaches that he would go back and pound them into -- quotes is that he would. go back and pound them into the ground. one person on twitter responds, no more war.
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my grandson's arms and brains do not belong to you. he talked a lot about and said that if folks gave him another to bone meal he would be another ronald reagan. o'neill he would be another ronald reagan. ken: actually i would like to see it to lindsay and the rest of them. they keep talking, the republicans, about 1940 through straits. troop strengths. but none of them will talk about the greatest change to the military in its history. and that comes in january when we have women in combat units. i would like to know how we are going to smash them in the ground with women in combat units? and believe me, i expect when we go to women in combat units,
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that my grandchildren, the boys in it, are going to reread alongside of the girls on the draft he didn't you take his -- take his billionaire buddies and do something about the cap. paying .0000001% of their income. >> we will play these three speeches again at 8:00 tonight. more about the crowds here tonight.
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"major difference between lindsey graham and the others that i have seen? media afterwards. " morgan is for myrtle beach, south carolina. i am retired. manink mr. graham is a good and i think he has a lot of good intentions. very compassionate on his position on immigrants. legalay marriage was made he spoke supportively of that. he is a good person. i think what we have in this andtry is a huge division as long as we are divided, we are not going to go anywhere and we are not going to move anywhere.
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i want everybody to realize that. i have never seen division like this. >> so what do you think is the >> i was hoping that in this process, somebody would one up neither side -- either side and show they can manage over the whole country. instead, what i'm seeing is the republicans catering too hard to the right and the root -- and the democrats catering too hard to the left. where is the person that says i want to manage everybody? we don't have that. if we don't get it, we are going to keep falling. >> beth on the line from illinois. yes.
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the thing is that i think we have some other problems, especially with add. learningo get our kids more. letting them eat as much sugar as they want. that there a candidate speaks to the issues that are of concern to you? >> what i was also thinking about is that -- i like lindsey
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graham. that he is also talking about the elderly. i am 63. easy being this age. you are on a limited income. at this age, -- before i was living in a situation where there are people that were on disability, mainly because all they did was sit around and drink all day.
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i think we need to help people who want help. >> thanks. one of the headlines about lindsey graham comes in the washington times this weekend. he says he alone is among the gop candidates who has the foreign-policy experience to lead. he talked about iraq and syria and isis and largely made up that he is the most qualified in the foreign-policy area. he has made 35 trips to iraq and afghanistan in addition to his service with the military. anthony is on the line from west virginia. >> how are you? >> doing well. >> i just finished listening to
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lindsey graham. the only thing i actually like about him is his stance on immigration. other than that, the republican say, they all pretty much the exact same thing. the one person on the republican side that i do like, only because i like her delivery, i don't like what she says, but i like how she delivers it is carly fiorina. i think she is a very strong candidate. she probably will move up in the ranks. >> as a democrat, who are you liking at this point? well, i have a dilemma. it's time we had a woman president and i would like to vote for hillary, but bernie on.ers is really turning me
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>> how so? i like the much everything he says. i like the expansion of medicaid, medicare, and social security instead of cutting it. his antiwar stance. he has such an energy around him. the only other energy icy like iat -- the only other energy see like that is donald trump. for a town hall meeting this friday evening if you like bernie sanders. a couple more calls.
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e.b. from virginia. >> how are you? >> well, what would you like to say about senator graham? >> i like pretty much everything he had to say. i'm going to use the bible text to give you an idea. some people don't like to hear it but that's just too bad. people. you can't trust 62% are against what obama is doing with health care. bible, psalmn the 75 says god is the judge that puts down one and lifts up another.
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god kept hardening his heart and letting moses in and israel became the winner and the pharaoh became the loser. people want to see action in this country. we are tired of all the talk from the bureaucracy in d.c. they make promises they can't meet. nobody can meet what they claim they can meet. we want this nation to survive. toi told all the congressman get down on their needs like -- knees like george washington did , he had god's hand on him.
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>> we are running short of time. fromast collier is nick missouri. you are on the republican side. >> i would like to same that i am -- say that i'm a supporter of lindsey graham. run on he has been out this isis situation since the very beginning. he has been warning us about this before it ever became a movement and they started to take over territory. at this point, it doesn't seem like he has a good shot at getting the presidency, but he has the right stance concerning isis. when we went into iraq, i am a
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veteran myself, we had them drop their arms just like they have with isis, put on civilian close, and go home. now, a photoitary is wearing a uniform. we have a foe that is wearing a uniform. furthermore, i think the whole situation here, i think people bury their heads in the sand. you listen to any of the veterans who speak on television and they all tell you, we have to go back. we need to go and secure this
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of thisy and get rid element that is going to not only terrorize all of the middle east, but is coming here and we can see it when you've got the muslim brotherhood put into power in egypt where it -- egypt. is siding with all bureaucracies. question how this ever came to be in him getting elected. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts. we are out of time. we will do some more phone calls tomorrow with some other candidates. tonight, at 8:00, we will replay today's three speeches from the fair.
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tomorrow, we have a couple other live events. will be atco rubio the iowa state fair. we will be live at 11:30 eastern time for that. will be john kasich speaking at 5:00 p.m. also at the iowa state fair. i wanted to show you this piece. it is a headline following up scott walker's speech from earlier today. he fought back against some protesters in the front row. now asgoing to see this we replay his speech from earlier today. here it is.
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gov. walker: good morning. first off, i am going to start with freedom, endowed by our creator, defined by the constitution that is defended each and every day by the man and woman who proudly wear the uniform of this united states. let's give a big round of applause. [cheering] [applause] thank you for your service. it is great to be at the fair, great to be in iowa. we will keep coming back. we will go to all 99 counties. i am here today with my wife and one of my sons, matt. we will have a great time. this is great weather. we just acknowledge america is a can-do kind of country. but we have a government in washington that cannot get the job done. i call it 68 square miles surrounded by reality.
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that is what we are facing now. i am not just frustrated with the president and with the democrats in washington, i am frustrated with the republican leadership in washington as well. [applause] when we elected a republican senate, the leadership out there said they would put a bill to repeal obamacare at the desk of the president. we are still waiting for that measure. part of the reason why we see the things we do across the country is because people want to send a message. i talk to voters who say we want to send a message to republican leaders in washington. that when you make promises on the campaign trail, we want to see it. whether it is repealing obamacare or standing up against illegal immigration. if it were not for me and 24 other governors who took the president to task and took him to court, that would have gone
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through to the president, who said 22 times he could not do what he did last november. we need leaders in washington who will stand up to the president and say enough is enough. america wants you to stand up to its promises. [applause] for me, that is something i am going home with. we did not just take the big unions in wisconsin. we did not just take on the democrats. we took on party establishment. in 2010, i ran for governor, because after my wife and i thought and talked and prayed about it, we knew, as tough as it is to win in a state like wisconsin -- wisconsin has not voted republican for president since 1984 when reagan was elected -- we knew we had to do something. we saw the mess that was happening in our state. and for our children, we wanted something better.
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we inherited a $3.6 million budget deficits. we have a surplus now. [cheering] we defunded planned parenthood more than four years ago. if you want to get welfare, you have to pass job training and pass a drug test. [applause] we want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. we require a photo id in wisconsin. [applause] we did all of these reforms. we got a great field of republicans. one of the best since the 1980's.
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but there is a difference in the candidates. i am asking for your vote in for you to cooperate with us. what makes a difference is that there are a lot of fighters out there, yet they have yet to win in washington. we have winners but have yet to win the fight in recent years. there is only one candidate who has fought and won and gotten results, even in a blue state like wisconsin. if you are someone who can win and get results and not compromise your values, get him into the white house. [cheering] [applause] we had 100,000 protesters, some of which are here today. they have every right to speak, but they cannot drown out the voices of the millions who elected me in wisconsin.
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[cheering] [applause] [booing] gov. walker: the truth is, things are better in wisconsin because of our reforms. if we can fix wisconsin, we can fix america. [applause] we can fix america. it was not too late for a blue state like wisconsin, it is not too late for america. we can push true reform. we can put it into the hands of
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the processes it in iowa. we need to bring the power back to our people. that is what we did. we took the power out of the hands of the special interests and back into the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. if we could do it over there, we can do it in washington. [cheering] [applause] we measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government. we understand that this does not comment from the mighty hands of the government, it comes from the people to control their own lives. [applause] as a kid, i lived in plainfield, iowa. a small town in wisconsin.
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we moved to a small town in wisconsin. my first job was washing dishes. then we moved to the big time. we started flipping hamburgers at mcdonald's. to work the cash register. i work in those jobs. my dad was a small time preacher at the first baptist church. my mom was a part-time secretary. my grandparents were farmers. my dad's dad was a machinist. i did not inherit fame or fortune from my family. i got the belief that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can do anything you want. that is the american creed, the american spirit. [cheering] [applause] that is how you save the economy. not with more washington. last year, six of the 10
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wealthiest counties in america, they were in and around washington, d.c. we understand that people want jobs, not the government. it is time to get the government out of our lives once and for all. [cheering] by repealing obamacare, we will have the -- [cheering] [booing] we have to get the out-of-control federal regulations -- the epa is ruining our rivers. we will reign in the epa, going forward. we will pull in all the other regulations that are like a wet blanket on the american economy so we can get the economy working again. [applause] we will have a new policy to say we will defend what god has given us in america.
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i oppose the keystone pipeline to save the american economy. [applause] we have to get people of the education and skills they need to succeed. that will work for more than the minimum wage. despite what the naysayers said, the facts are the facts. years ago, they said they would be devastated. graduation rates are up now. third-grade reading scores are up. [cheering] that is because we put power back into the hands of the people. we need control powers at the state level, not washington.
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[cheering] [applause] in the present economy, it is a way to -- as well as our job creators. i am proud to say we have not touched that in our first four years by more than $2 billion. we live on manufacturers, property owners. we need to go on, going forward. there are a lot of people that talk that. i am the only one who stood up to 100,000 protesters. [cheering] to fight for the american people. [cheering]
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[applause] if you want to balance the budget, if you want to satisfy the hard-working people, if you want a better life for farmers and manufacturers, you need me to be our nominee. i want you to know that that going forward. [cheering] [applause]
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one more thing about the economy. when it comes to safety, we need a president who has the kurds to to stand upourage to anyone and do what is necessary to protect our children and grandchildren. if i am the president, i will push the fight to isis instead of letting them come to us. i am not intimidated by huge crowds or anyone else out there. i will fight for the american people over and over and over and over again. you want someone to stand here, i am right here. we will not back down. we will do what is necessary to defend the american people going forward. [cheering] hillary clinton and barack obama have failed this country. we are leaving them behind. we need a president who will stand up, just like ronald reagan did.
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we need someone to stand up and defend our military against our enemies and stick with strong american values. if you think this is true, -- [cheering] this is why i am in iowa -- -- right here and right now. that is the status we have now. i was an eagle scout.
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for my children, i want to make sure we have clean air and clean water. but we also need not only sustainable environment, but economy. we need an environment while standing up for a strong environments. i want my children to enhance good land and water but i also want them to have a job. [inaudible] the question was what will you do about -- money is power in washington. whether it is in education. we take her from washington and send it back here and ultimately to your school boards across america. you know better at the local level.
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it is more efficient. [inaudible] the question was about college and college education and affordability. i am proud to say in my state, we froze tuition at all university of wisconsin campuses. i was criticized the other will day by hillary clinton. while i was freezing tuition for four years, she was charging $2,500 a speech to college campuses. it seems to me that she was raising it. what we need to do nationally is place incentives for colleges
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and universities to have students to get financial assistance to keep their tuition lower. but we have poured more money into student loans than we actually solved the rate of inflation. it is sometimes three to four times higher than the national rate of inflation. i know how important it is to make sure we bring the cost of college education down. to make it affordable. that is our plan going forward. we have done that effectively in wisconsin. we want to carry that across the rest of the country. when it comes to all centers. >> you failed your state! how are you going to run the united states? gov. walker: the question was about social security.
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what it comes to three of the big drivers and federal government. there is medicaid, medicare, and social security. i would send medicaid back to the state. state leaders are better than the federal services are. when it comes to medicare and social security, for people retirement age tour near retirement age, i would not touch it. my generation and younger, we will have to put inflation reforms going forward. we will put that out in the coming weeks. i will lay out a specific obama care plan. but we need a specific plan for my generation and younger so we can support those currently in retirement and those in retirement going forward. >> [inaudible] gov. walker: the question was about immigration. months ago, i was asked about this with chris wallace. i said i listen to governors in border states and talk to people
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across the country. i said my plan then is the same as today. we need to secure the border. that means more than talking about it. we need to secure the border far greater than immigration. i have seen the border. it is a national disgrace in the terms of the threat to public safety and to the sovereignty of this country. secure the border with infrastructure, the wall, personnel, and technology. i was in israel. they built a 500 mile fence. it lowered terrorist attacks by 94%. we need to do the same on our border. we are a bigger country but we should be able to uphold that. we need to secure the border. we need to enforce the laws. [cheering] we cannot have any sanctuary cities. outside of the realm of the federal law. you don't need sanctuary cities in the country.
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i do not believe an amnesty. i think there are a lot of people who come in -- my great great grandfather came in as an immigrant. his father was a miner. he eventually made his way to the midwest. but they followed the legal path. i do not believe in amnesty. we need a legal immigration system that gives priority to american working families to focus on their jobs and wages in a way that will improve the american economy. [cheering] >> [inaudible] gov. walker: the question was about the renewable fuel standard.
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we don't have an ethanol -- i do not support it. i do not support the concept. what i came here, i pointed out it is already in place. the tax subsidy is gone. the renewable fuel center is still in place. you need to support the industry in place. i would like to see be different standards and mandates bunched together and phased out over time. i believe you get work in excess, so you do not need the standard. market access is the issue. i have talked to farmers. we have already put it in my state. we try to do the grants to make sure that ma and pa gas stations can actually have a blend of their. if you have market access, you do not need the standard. and consumers make the choice. my time is up. thanks for coming out. god bless you. [cheering]
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ms. fiorina: thank you. i am so thrilled to be engaged in this great ritual of presidential politics. yes, i have had a life that is only possible here in the united states of america. a young woman who started as a secretary could go on to run for the president of the united states. [applause] i have had my share of hardship as well. i battled cancer.
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i learned the power of faith. we lost our younger daughter to the demons of addiction. each one of us sometimes needs a helping hand. i will not give you a speech today because i want to answer as many questions as i can. to get the ball rolling, i will tell you about a question i was asked early on in my presidential race. i was asked on a national television program whether a woman's hormones should prevent her from serving in the oval office. can we think of a single instance where a man's judgment could have been clouded by his hormones? [applause]
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>> i would like to ask you about raising the minimum wage. and how that would impact the tax receipts to the national treasury and money coming into social security. ms. fiorina: the question is about raising the minimum wage. i believe minimum wage should be a state decision, not a federal decision. why? because it makes no sense to say that the minimum wage in new york city is the same as the minimum wage in iowa. we have to remember that a lot of minimum wage jobs are jobs where people start. in those jobs, they learn skills.
5:08 pm
we need to be honest about the consequences of raising the minimum wage too high. young people who are trapped in poor neighborhoods will have less opportunity to learn how to move forward. i started out as a secretary in a real estate firm. my husband started out as a tow truck driver. i tell young people all the time, don't worry about getting the perfect job. just get a job, any job. [applause] in every job, you will learn things. you will learn things about yourself, about the world around you, you will learn skills you can use to get a better job. we need to understand where real growth in jobs comes from. it does not come from local government telling businesses how much to pay their workers. those small family-owned
5:09 pm
businesses and farms create two-thirds of the new jobs in this country. they employ half the people. we are crushing them. the power of the federal government that benefits the well-connected. we are destroying more small businesses than we are creating. we destroy a community, destroying the opportunity for someone to get that job, learn skills, and get a better job. [applause] >> there are a couple tax reform bills coming through congress.
5:10 pm
ms. fiorina: this country was built on innovation and entrepreneurship. big companies get together and they write the rules. this is an example. who is trying to crush uber? taxicab companies are getting together with regulators. there is a patent reform bill, supposedly will reform the patent system. like many things washington, d.c. does. they should be using the laws we have to punish those who violate the law. but this bill would call thomas edison a patent troll.
5:11 pm
a bunch of professional politicians who are being lobbied strongly. they crush the small and powerless. i have lobbied against that bill for many months now. [applause] >> [inaudible] ms. fiorina: the question is about drilling in the gulf of mexico. we can be, we will be, the global energy powerhouse of the 21st century. [applause] we have the resources, the expertise to do it, and we must
5:12 pm
be responsible stewards of our resources and land and of our planet. all the people who tell us we cannot do this, we cannot drill, we cannot keep the coal industry going, they all site the science of climate change. you have to read the fine print. all the scientists that tell us climate change is real -- we can destroy every job in this country, we can destroy the agricultural industry, the epa will control 95% of the water in the state. just like they control the water in california. the agriculture industry in california is in deep trouble. we can destroy all of these jobs
5:13 pm
in this nation. we can destroy industries. here's the truth. lives are being destroyed at the altar of ideology. this is about ideology, not science. [applause] one of the reasons to be the global powerhouse, one of the reasons to be the global energy powerhouse is not just because it creates jobs. it is because we need those industries in order to be able to innovate. innovation, not regulation. [applause]
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>> can you give us a brief view of iran, iraq, afghanistan, isis situation and including our military situation? ms. fiorina: the question is about iran, isis, the issues that are critically important. i know more foreign leaders than anyone else running. with vladimir putin or benjamin netanyahu privately, i know this. when the united states of america does not stand with our allies and confront our adversaries, it is a dangerous place.
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we must have the strongest military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know. [applause] we must care for those who have served us. it is a stain on our nation that the v.a. has been broken for 20 years. washington, d.c., talks about fixing a lot of things. but somehow they have never fixed that. we need someone who knows how to translate a good speech into results. i do. i will make two phone calls. the first one will be to my friend netanyahu. we stand with israel. [applause] the second will be to the supreme leader of iran.
5:16 pm
realistically, he might not get my phone call -- take my phone call. he will get the message. and the message is this -- until you open every military facility any time for inspections, the united states will make it as difficult as possible for you to maneuver in the economic system. the rest of the world has moved on. we have to cut off the money flow. they are a signal loud and clear to every adversary that the united states of america is back in the leadership business. [applause] i would not call vladimir putin.
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i would begin rebuilding the defense program. i would conduct aggressive military exercises and he would get the message. [applause] i would hold a camp david summit immediately. the king of jordan is a man i have known for a long time. he is going to china to get that help. the kurds have been asking us. our arab allies know this is their fight and they are prepared to fight it. they cannot fight it without leadership and resolve from the united states of america. [applause]
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>> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: the question is about alzheimer's. i understand the heartbreak. i lost my father to alzheimer's. many of you who have followed my campaign know i believe the government is broken. huge, powerful, corrupt. 75% of the american people agree with me. we need to be investing in research around these critical diseases just like we need to be investing more in mental health, treatment of addiction. it is amazing to me that every
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time we say there is something important when he to invest more in, they say, we need more money. the border has been insecure for 25 years. you want to repair more roads and bridges, we need more money. how can it be that the federal government gets more money every single year, debts and deficits increase every year, and the important things always cost more money. we never look at how we are spending the money. we do not even know anymore how we are spending our money. when you have a bloated
5:20 pm
bureaucracy, no consequence for failure to perform, guess what happens. it quits performing. we need tax reform. we need to hold people accountable. we need to know where our money is being spent. [applause] the government has to invest in those things that are important and quit spending money on those things that are not important or do not work. [applause]
5:21 pm
>> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: the question was about big companies have too much influence. ask yourself a basic question. if something is so complicated that you don't understand it, what do you suppose the chances are of getting taken advantage of? 100%, you are right, sir. here is the thing. if we want to stop the spread of crony capitalism, what we must do is not just reduce the size, power, and weight of the federal government, we must simplify. a 73,000 page tax code. by the time i left hewlett-packard we had turned it into a $90 billion firm. we lead in every product category and market segment. if i didn't like that tax code, i could hire lobbyists and lawyers to figure out how to take advantage of that.
5:22 pm
the reason we are destroying for businesses now is because of small business cannot handle the weight of the complexity. the only way to level the playing field is to dramatically simplify. what happens? the big get bigger. if you doubt that, look at dodd frank. they have become even bigger, more powerful wall street banks and thousands of community banks have gone out of business. what happened to obamacare? what do you see happening right now? health insurance companies are getting bigger. drug companies are getting bigger. hospitals are going out of hospitals areall going out of business.
5:23 pm
the only way to curb the power of the big, powerful, wealthy and did is to -- well connected is to simplify. if anybody can fill out the form, you don't need to higher mountains of accountants, lawyers, and lobbyist to figure it out. [applause] yes, ma'am. in the pink and white striped shirt. the question is -- how do i feel about the planned parenthood videos? i am pro-life. [cheers and applause] i believe that science is proving us write every day. -- right every day. you don't have to be pro-life to understand the hideous nature of what is going on here. this is about the moral character of our nation. when you can have employees who target poor communities, who are pushing women into later term abortion so that they can more successfully harvest body parts
5:24 pm
even though late term abortions are demonstrably bad for women, you can only be horrified when you see employees picking over a petri dish for body parts while they say -- look, it's a baby. there is no excuse, planned parenthood must be defunded. [cheers and applause] anyone who buys the democrat argument, with all due respect, that this is about women's health, you need to look at all of the other facilities that provide women's health services. you need to look at how many mammograms they actually do. you need to look and understand the foundation of planned parenthood which from its inception targeted poor women, african american and hispanic women. there are more
5:25 pm
african-american lives aborted in new york city than born. that, ladies and gentlemen, is not right. [applause] so, if congress does not have the courage to defund planned parenthood, i tell you what -- when we go to zero-based budgeting, we will find the money to defund planned parenthood. [applause] i have one final question. in the time that i have left, let me just leave you with this thought. this is the most extraordinary country on the face of the planet because our founders knew what my mother taught me, everyone has god given gift. i am a conservative because i know that no one of us is any better than another one of us. everyone of us is gifted by god with the capacity to live a life of purpose and meaning.
5:26 pm
our founders created a country in which you have a right to find and use your god-given gifts. that's what they meant when they said life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. lady liberty, she stands tall and strong, as america must always the. she is clear eyed and resolute. she does not shield her eyes, but she looks out as america always must and holds her torch high. she knows she is a beacon of hope in a troubled world. lady justice holds a sword at her side because she is a fighter. a warrior. she holds the scale. she says that all of us are equal in the eyes of god and all of us must be equal in the eyes of government.
5:27 pm
she wears a blindfold. with that blindfold i believe that she says it must the true. that in this nation, in this century, ladies and gentlemen it can be true. she wears a blindfold. it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like. it does not matter your circumstances or how you start. here in this nation every american's life must be filled with the possibility that comes from their god-given gift of liberty and justice for all. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] thank you so much. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] >> bernie sanders also spoke at the des moines register's candidate soapbox at the iowa
5:28 pm
state fair. remarks, he walked through the fairgrounds and spoke with voters. next, about a half hour of that. >> we love you, bernie! [indiscernible] >> it's a hot one out there, isn't it? >> you have all of these plans that are very costly. how will you pay for that? sanders: this is the
5:29 pm
richest country in the world. me be frank. if you are a billionaire, millionaire, a large corporation , you are going to start having to pay your fair share of taxes. we are going to bring a tax on wall street speculation which should bring in more than enough money to make sure that tuition is free. corporations major who make billions of dollars in profits and don't pay a nickel in federal taxes, that's a problem. >> can you talk about your specific plans on climate change? sanders: it goes without , my view differs from my
5:30 pm
republican colleagues. say, itissue, i have to is an international embarrassment. we refuse to acknowledge what the scientist community is saying in an almost unanimous voice. that is that climate change is real, caused how could it be the body that controls the u.s. senate and u.s. house cannot even acknowledge the reality of climate change, but alone come up with a program to come up with it? what i would do is move aggressively toward energy efficiently -- energy efficiency. we are wasting huge amounts of energy in this country in terms of buildings that are not properly insulated and cars getting 20 or 25 miles a gallon. energy efficiency can save us huge amounts.
5:31 pm
second, we have move toward sustainable energy like wind, and iowa is a leader in that area. solar, we are doing fairly well there. the truth of the matter is, we know what we have to do and we have to lead the world. we have to work with china, india, russia and other countries, but the future of the planet is at stake and what the scientists tell us is if we don't get our act together, this planet will be five or 10 degrees fahrenheit warmer and that will cause devastating problems. reporter: your team has been talking -- entire career,y i have had one of the strongest records in the united states congress on civil rights and i come from a state where there are frankly not a lot of african-americans. but this has then nothing i have
5:32 pm
fought forces i was a young man. clearly, what we have to do is move forward into parallel ways -- we have to combat institutional racism as strongly as we can. we cannot continue to see videos of unarmed black people getting shot, getting thrown to the ground, that is unacceptable. second, we need major reforms in our criminal justice systems so that in america, we don't have more people in jail than any other country on earth. and by the way, those numbers are disproportionately african-american and hispanic. reporter: are you surprised by black lives matter interrupting your -- there are too many innocent and unarmed black people that have been killed. they have a right to say so. criticizedou have the state of american media. what do you make of iowa's primary and its role?
5:33 pm
sen. sanders: i like what happens in iowa and i will tell you why. you go beyond where my state goes. you demand more people, you demand people in the caucus process not only to know the issues of bernie sanders or hillary clinton or anyone else, but you ask them to be thinking hard about the differences, who their second choice is, you ask them to come out and do more than cast a vote, but spend a couple of hours talking with their neighbors about why they are supporting bernie sanders or hillary clinton or jeb bush, or whoever it may be. i happened to be a strong believer in democracy. i want to see people highly engaged in the process. new poll puts you ahead of hillary in new hampshire. what do you have to do to get those results in iowa? sen. sanders: we have only been in the campaign three and half its.
5:34 pm
i'm the senator of a small state 70% of the with american people not only not buting what i believe in not knowing who i was. as we go around the country and as we go around iowa, more people are familiar with the issues they are raising and those issues are resonating here in iowa. reporter: are you going to do anything fun at the fair? sen. sanders: yes. reporter: what are you going to do? sen. sanders: eat. >> can you sign my campaign poster please? thank you. i've got to get going. thank you. where are we going?
5:35 pm
[indiscernible] [indiscernible]
5:36 pm
>> [indiscernible] sen. sanders: people are sick and tired of establishment politics, establishment economics and occasionally, establishment media. int people want is a nation which government represents people in the working class, because that's a majority of people, not just a handful of leaders. what these crowds tell us is i
5:37 pm
believe, people are sick and tired of a campaign-finance .ystem which is corrupt as a result of citizens united, it allows leaders to buy elections. whether they are conservative or progressive, believe that is a democracy. your campaign a summertime insurgents or a can you transition to being a real rat? sen. sanders: when you have 350,000 people making individual contributions and you bring out 27,000 people in los angeles, when you have 100,000 people attending a digital town meeting at locations around the country, we are building a grassroots movement. and to be honest, one of our problems is that the movement is going faster than our infrastructure. we have hired a number of --anizers right here in iowa
5:38 pm
i think we are up to three dozen or more. we are hiring people in new hampshire, nevada -- we have to keep up with where the movement is going. have -- people will defeat the big money. [indiscernible] saying today is what i have been saying my whole political life and that is we need to have a government that works for all people and not just campaign donors. we need to make sure when elderly retired people are not talking about social security and we should not have the highest rate of child poverty. we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. about thosetalking issues for many years and i will continue. hillary will run her own
5:39 pm
campaign. [applause] [indiscernible] sen. sanders: how many do we have on the ground in iowa? 44 people. your beginning to put together the kind of organization that will let us win in iowa. reporter: what does this big crowd at the iowa state fair tell you? sen. sanders: the same thing i've seen all over the country. people have had it up to here. they are sick and tired of seeing this great nation where almost all the wealth and income are going to the top 1% while the middle class continues to disappear. of aare sick and tired campaign-finance system that
5:40 pm
allows billionaires to literally buy elections. die to defendnd american democracy, not for a handful of billionaires to choose presidents and senators. welcome joe you biden into the rest -- into the race? sen. sanders: i have known joe biden four years. if he gets in, i look forward to an issue oriented campaign. --orter: are the e-mails and is that a genuine consideration? [indiscernible]
5:41 pm
sen. sanders: [indiscernible] the middle class of america is disappearing. highest rate of income going to the top 1% and it's a real issue. let me underline the word -- don't misquote me on this -- it is destructive. it is corrupt. the supreme court that gave us citizens united created a system under which the leaders can buy elections.
5:42 pm
states can no longer go around the world and lecture countries on democracy what our country is becoming a system with alien heirs who spend unlimited funds. with billionaires who spend unlimited funds. brothers are going to spend more money than the democrats and are publicans. is that illegal? reporter: is it a problem if your rivals except money from a super pac? i may beers: i think the only candidate, i am not sure, the only candidate who has a super pac. reporter: if a candidate is taken -- taking unlimited -- is. sanders: the system
5:43 pm
corrupt. if the system allows them to do that, they will do it. the super pac is what the law says. -- it'm talking about is is also conservatives who say this. when one family can spend more money than either the democratic or republican party and what the nota has to do -- that is democracy. it is called oligarchy, when you have a nation which the handful of millionaires control elections. it is true for any billionaire. but most of the money is going to come from republicans. canthe idea any billionaire have outsize influence makes no sense at all to me. reporter: you had a yellow piece of paper in your hand at you never looked at. what is on that paper? sen. sanders: it is a secret. i can't tell you. [laughter]
5:44 pm
reporter: i know you think the long-term prospects are not good. what's your view of the economy in the short term? sen. sanders: let's the clear. i think the american people have not forgotten where george bush left us. complain we only grew 250,000 jobs, but it's a hell of a lot better than losing 800,000 jobs. we were on a financial system on the verge of collapse. are we better than we were when bush left office? the answer everyone has to concede is yes. is what is also going on that for the last 40 years, the american middle class continues to disappear. use unemployment, african-american youth unemployment, real unemployment is 51%. we have elderly people trying to ore it on 12,000 dollars
5:45 pm
$13,000 and you have republicans talking about cutting social security. the nerve i'm touching is telling the truth and people are nodding their heads and saying the economy is not going well for me or for my mom or my kids. that is what this about -- that is what this is about. you had a few hundred boone this morning in iowa. , i look,ers: in boone we had 600 people. anyone know the population of doing, iowa? [indiscernible] [laughter] [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] sen. sanders: may i borrow your
5:50 pm
pen for a second? >> [indiscernible] sen. sanders: [indiscernible]
5:51 pm
sen. sanders: how are you? [indiscernible] sen. sanders: thank you all. i borrowed somebody's pen.
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>> we love you!
5:55 pm
>> very hot day. sen. sanders: what do we are you? you?at do we oh my shirt has caught it. [indiscernible] >> can we get a selfie?
5:56 pm
>> bernie sanders later in the week on c-span -- on friday, the vermont senator and democratic residential candidate has a townhall median in colombia, soccer lineup. we will have that live on c-span. after that, the senator joins us to take your phone calls. >> our road to the white house coverage of the presidential candidates continues live on the iowa state fair on c-span, c-span radio, and as the candidates walk the
5:57 pm
fairgrounds and speak at the candidates so walks. ,uesday morning, republicans senator marco rubio and governor john kasich at 5:00. on wednesday, republican rick perry is begun 11:00. on friday afternoon, it is senator ted cruz. on saturday, republican governors chris christie at noon and bobby jindal at 1:00. .oin the twitter conversation 's campaign 2016 -- taking you on the road to the white house. >> tonight on "the communicators" -- that pushed him. he heard about silicon valley and dreamed of getting to america. from a young age, that is what he pined to do and at 17, he just ran away from home and did it. >> ashlee vance on one of silicon valley's most inventive
5:58 pm
leaders, elon musk. >> he is seen as this next steve jobs kind of figure. i think he has this attention to detail and pushes his workers really hard. i lean more to word and edison idea. i think elon musk has a lot to prove but i've have taken away he's a guy who gets these thousands of engineers, the brightest of the brights and these hard-working individuals to get products out of them that can be commercialized and that have changed industry. to me, he's the guy who has combined software and hardware and assembled adams and bits the way no one else has. -- atoms and bits the way no one
5:59 pm
else has. >> we travel outside the beltway to communities across america. >> the idea is to take the program for american history television and book tv out on the road he on the beltway to produce pieces that are a little more visual and to provide a window into these cities viewers would not normally go to that have rich histories and a rich literary scene. >> a lot of people have heard of the big cities like new york, l.a. and chicago. but what about albany, new york? what is the history of them? >> we have been to over 75 cities. we will have hit 95 cities by april of 2016. coverageare not event pieces. they are shorter and they take you some place, they take you to a historic site or a home. cablepartner with our affiliates to explore the history of literary culture of
6:00 pm
various cities. >> the key entry is the cable operator he then contacts the city because it is the cable industry bringing us there. >> we are really looking for great characters. you want your viewers to identify with these people we are talking about. we will take a program where we are taking people on the road to places where they can touch things and see things and learn about not just the local history, because the local history plays into the national story. this,somebody is watching it should be enticing enough that they can get the idea of feel that but also this is just in our backyard. let's go see it. >> we want viewers to get a sense that i know that place just from watching one of our pieces. >> the c-span mission, as we do with all of our coverage, leads into what we do on


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