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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hillary clinton and barack obama have failed this country. we are leaving them behind. we need a president who will stand up, just like ronald reagan did. we need someone to stand up and defend our military against our enemies and stick with strong american values. if you give me the chance, i will not be intimidated here or anywhere else. [cheering] this is why i love coming to iowa. it's not just the media. it is happening right here and right now. if that is who you want for president, you will not back down. but that is the status we have now.
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the question is what we are going to do on climate change. i'm an eagle scout. don't caps on should be cleaner then you leave when you found it. -- your campsite should be cleaner when you leave then when you found it. for my children, i want to make sure we have clean air and clean water. but we also need not only sustainable economy. we need an environment while standing up for a strong economy. i want my kids to inherit good land and good water but i also , want them to have a job. way back there. [inaudible] gov. walker: the question was will you are will you not abolish the federal department of education? money is power in washington.
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whether it is in education. we take it from washington and some those dollars back here to des moines and ultimately to your school boards all across america. i think you know better at the local lover. it is more efficient and more accountable. [inaudible] gov. walker: thank you. the question was about college and college education and affordability. i am proud to say in my state, for the first time ever, four years in a row we froze tuition , at all university of wisconsin campuses. [applause] thank you. i was criticize the other day by hillary clinton. while i was freezing tuition for four years, she was charging $225,000 a speech to college campuses. it seems to me that she was
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raising the costs while we were keeping cost counts do. what we need to do nationally is place incentives for colleges and universities to have students to get financial assistance to keep their tuition lower. the problem is that for decades we have poured more money into student loans than we actually -- and we saw the rate of inflation go up three to four times higher than the national rate of inflation. all we did was push costs more. i know how important it is to make sure we bring the cost of college education down. to make it affordable. that is our plan going forward. sir, right here. [inaudible] gov. walker: we have done that effectively in wisconsin. we want to carry that across the rest of the country. we did that with funding when it comes to all centers. >> you failed your state!
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how are you going to run the united states? gov. walker: the question was about social security. what it comes to three of the big drivers and federal government. there is medicaid, medicare, and social security. i would send medicaid back to the state. it would be more effective, efficient, and more accountable. state leaders are better than the federal services are. when it comes to medicare and particularly social security, for people retirement age tour or near retirement age i would , not touch it. for my generation and younger, we will have to put inflation reforms going forward. we will put that out in the coming weeks. i will lay out a specific obama care plan. but we need to put in place reforms for my generation and younger so we can continue to support those currently on social security and those in retirement going forward. you standing up there. >> [inaudible]
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gov. walker: the question was about immigration. i said months and months ago on fox news i was asked about this sunday, with chris wallace. i said i spent time listening to governors in border states and talking to people across the country. i said my plan then is the same as today. we need to secure the border. that means more than talking about it. we need to secure the border far greater than immigration. i have been to the border and i've seen it. it is a national disgrace in the terms of the threat to public safety and to the sovereignty of this country. secure the border with infrastructure, the wall, and also with the personnel and technology. we need to make sure that is safe. i was in israel earlier this year. they built a 500 mile fence. it lowered terrorist attacks by 94%. we need to do the same on our border. we have a bigger border around
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four times that, but we should be able to uphold that. we need to secure the border. we need to enforce the laws. [cheering] you do not get to do a sanctuary city outside of the realm of the federal law. you don't need sanctuary cities in the country. i do not believe in amnesty. i think there are a lot of people who come in -- my great great grandfather came in as an immigrant from south-central wales. his father was a miner. he eventually made his way to the midwest. but like so many others, they came in and followed the legal path. i do not believe in amnesty. going forward we need a legal , immigration system that gives priority to american working families to focus on their jobs and their wages in a way that will improve the american economy. [cheering] >> [inaudible]
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gov. walker: the question was about the renewable fuel standard. we had an ethanol -- i do not support it. i do not support the concept. what i came here, i pointed out it is already in place. as you know the tax subsidy is , gone. the renewable fuel standard is still in place. you need to support the industry in place. i like to see all the different standards and mandates bunched together and phased out over time. that is why i said over the next couple of years because i believe you get work in excess, so you do not need the standard. market access is the issue. i have talked to farmers. giving that choice at the pump state, we have argued put it in going forward we try to do the grants to make sure that ma and pa gas stations can
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actually have a blender there. access, youmarket can get to the marketplace. you do not need the standard. and consumers make the choice. my time is up. thanks for coming out. god bless you. and god bless all of our veterans. [cheering] [indiscernible] >> now republican presidential candidate carly fiorina speaking at the "des moines register" soapbox at the iowa state fair. topics included energy security, the iran their agreement, the economy, and defunding planned parenthood. following her remarks she spoke , to reporters and the public. [applause]
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carly fiorina: thank you. i am so thrilled to be engaged in this great tradition and ritual of presidential politics. i always have to set the record straight when someone introduces me so graciously. yes, i have had a life that is only possible here in the united states of america. it is only possible here that a young woman who started as a secretary could go on to run for the presidency of the united states. [applause] i like everyone else in life have had my share of hardships as well. i battled cancer. i learned the power of faith. we lost our younger daughter to the demons of addiction. i know as well that each one of us sometimes needs a helping hand. and someone to take a chance on us. i will not give you a speech today because i want to answer as many questions as i can.
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to get the ball rolling, i will tell you about a question i was asked early on in my presidential race. i was asked on a national television program whether a woman's hormones prevented her from serving in the oval office. [laughter] can we think of a single instance in which a man's judgment could have been clouded by his hormones? [laughter] [applause] any at all? all right, yes sir right there , in front. >> i would like to ask you about raising the minimum wage. and how that would impact the tax receipt to the u.s. treasury and additional funds coming into social security and medicare.
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carly fiorina: the question is about raising the minimum wage. i believe minimum wage should be first, a state decision, not a federal decision. why? [applause] because it makes no sense to say that the minimum wage in new york city is the same as the minimum wage in mason city, iowa. that makes no sense. secondly we have to remember , that a lot of minimum wage jobs are jobs where people start. in those jobs, they learn skills to move forward. we need to be honest about the consequences of raising the minimum wage to high. one of the consequences is that young people who are trapped in poor neighborhoods will have less opportunity to learn how to move forward. i started out as a secretary in a nine person real estate firm. my husband, frank started out as familyruck driver in a
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owned auto shop. i tell young people all the time, don't worry about getting the perfect job. just get a job, any job. [applause] job, -- inin every every job, you will learn things. you will learn things about yourself, about the world around you, you will learn skills you can use to get a better job. we need to understand where real growth in jobs comes from. it does not come from local the federal government telling businesses how much to pay their workers. what jobs come from a low companies -- little companies and family-owned businesses and fact, those small family-owned businesses and farms create two-thirds of the new jobs in this country. they employ half the people. we are crushing them under the power of the federal government
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that benefits the big, wealthy, powerful, and well-connected. it crushes the small and powerless. we are destroying more small businesses than we are creating. every time we destroyed a small business, we destroyed a community, and we are destroying the opportunity for someone to get that job, learn skills, and get a better job. [applause] >> [indiscernible] carly fiorina: this gentleman is an inventor. good for him because this country was built on innovation and entrepreneurship. and small business ownership. d.c., theyon, companies get together with the professional political class and they write the rules.
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might ask?u this is an example. who is trying to crush uber? taxicab companies are getting together with regulators. they are saying, keep those innovators out of here. there is a patent reform bill, supposedly, it is going to reform the patent system. like many things washington, d c does. what they should be doing is using the laws we have to punish those who violate the law. but this bill written by big companies and politicians would call thomas edison a patent troll. it would call you potentially a patent troll. we always need to be very careful one big pieces the of legislation are moving in congress. there are a bunch of
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professional politicians who are being lobbied strongly by companies that want to put rules in place. they crush the small and powerless. i have lobbied against that bill for many months now. [applause] yes, sir. >> [inaudible] carly fiorina: the question is about drilling in the gulf of mexico. look, we must be, we can be, we will be, the global energy powerhouse of the 21st century. [applause] we have the resources to do this, we have the expertise to do it, and, of course we must be , responsible stewards of our resources and land and of our planet. all the people who tell us we cannot do this, we cannot drill, we cannot keep the coal industry going, they all site the science of climate change. let me tell you what the scientists say.
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if you want to quote science, you have got to read the fine print. all the scientists that tell us climate change is real and man-made tell us this that a single station acting alone will make no difference at all. we can destroy every job in this country, we can destroy the agricultural industry, the epa as of the end of this month, the environmental protection agency will control 95% of the water in the state. just like they control the water in california for decades. as a result the agriculture , industry in california is in deep trouble. we can destroy all of these jobs in this nation. we can destroy industries. here's the truth. those livelihoods and lives are being destroyed not at the altar of science, but at the altar of ideology. this is about ideology, not science. [applause]
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one of the reasons to be the global energy powerhouse of the exporting natural gas, whatever it is one of the , reasons to be the global energy powerhouse is not just because it creates jobs. it is not just because it makes it harder for the bad guys to be quite so bad. it is also because we need strong industries in order to be able to innovate. the answer to issue is now is innovation, not regulation. [applause] >> [indiscernible] just wondering if you could give us a brief view of iran, iraq, afghanistan, the isis situation, including our military situation. carly fiorina: the question is
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about iran, isis, the foreign policy issues that are critically important. i know more world leaders on the stage than anyone else running with the possible exception of hillary clinton, but i did not do photo ops. i had substantive meetings. [applause] i know whether it is with vladimir putin or benjamin privately, or doing business in china for decades, or understanding many of our arab allies, i know this. when the united states of america does not stand with our allies and confront our adversaries, the world is a very dangerous place. these are the principles i would apply. first, we must have the strongest military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know it. [applause] second, we must care for those who have served us. it is a station on our nations
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on earth that the uva has been broken for 20 years. in the professional political class talks about fixing a lot of things, but somehow they have , never fixed that. we need someone who knows how to translate a good speech into results. i do. third, on day one in the oval office i will make two phone , calls. the first one will be to my good friend benjamin netanyahu. we will reaffirm that we stand with the state of israel. [applause] the second will be to the supreme leader of iran. realistically, he might not take my phone call. [laughter] he will get the message. and the message is this -- until new deal. until you open every military facility any time for inspections, the united states without anyone else's permission or collaboration will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global
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financial system. we can do that and we must do that. i urgently hope that congress will vote down this deal. the rest of the world has moved on. china and russia have never been negotiating on our side of the table. we have to cut off the money flow. those phone calls are critically important, but they are a signal loud and clear to every ally we haven't every adversary we have that the united states of america is back in the leadership business. [applause] two more quick points on this. i would not call vladimir putin. we have spoken way too often to him. i would immediately begin rebuilding the missile-defense program. i would move military in and out of the baltic states and conduct aggressive military exercises and mr. putin will get the message. [applause] finally i would hold a camp , david summit immediately with
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our arab allies. the king of jordan is a man i have known for a long time. he has asked us for bonds and materials. we have not supplied them. he is fighting isis on the ground. he is going to china to get that help. the egyptians have asked to share intelligence. we haven't, but i would. the kurds have been asking us. our arab allies know this is their fight and they are prepared to fight it. they cannot fight it without leadership and resolve from the united states of america. [applause] >> [indiscernible] carly fiorina: the question is about alzheimer's. i lost my father to alzheimer's
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so i understand the heartbreak. many of you who have followed my campaign for a while know i believe the government is broken. huge, powerful, corrupt. by the way 75% of the american , people agree with me. thereoes not mean that aren't things we should be investing in. we need to be investing in research around these critical diseases just like we need to be investing more in mental health, or treatment of drug addiction. something i know very close to my heart. it is amazing to me that every time we say there is something important that we need to invest more in, the federal government says, we need more money. you want to secure the border -- how long has the border been insecure, by the way? 25 years. we need more money. you want to repair more roads and bridges, we need more money.
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how can it be that the federal government gets more money every single year, and has been doing so for 50 years debts and , deficits increase every year, and the important things always cost more money. i will tell you how it is possible because we never look at how we are spending the money. in fact we do not even know , anymore how we are spending our money. the only thing that gets talked about is the rate of increase over last year's budget. that is why every agency gets bigger and bigger and bigger. guess what? when you have a bloated bureaucracy, no consequence for failure to perform and no reward for good performance, guess what happens? it quits performing. the federal government needs less money. we need tax reform. we need to be revenue neutral not revenue reducing. we need to hold people accountable. to some kind of pay-for-performance environment. we need to go to some version of
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zero-based resident so we actually know where all of our money is being spent. [applause] ultimately, the federal government must invest in those things that are truly important, like research for cures a basic of the strongest military on the face of the planet or securing the border. the government has to invest in those things that are important and quit spending money on those things that are not important or do not work or are not jobs. [applause] >> [indiscernible] carly fiorina: the question was about big companies have too much influence. what is the plan to curb that? ask yourself a basic question. if something is so complicated that you don't understand it, what do you suppose the chances are of getting taken advantage
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of? >> 100%. carly fiorina: 100%, you are right, sir. if we want to stop the spread of crony capitalism, what we must do is not just reduce the size and power and weight of the federal government, we must simplifies it a 73,000 page tax code. by the time i left hewlett-packard after six years of leadership there, we have turned it into a $90 billion firm. we led in every product category and segment. if i did not like a 73,000 page tax code, i could hire lobbyists to take advantage of all that complexity. the nine person real estate firm i started out in could not handle it. the reason we are destroying businesses is because a small business cannot handle the weight, the complexity. the only way to level the playing field is to simplify dramatically. every time the federal government passes a law that puts us deeper into an industry, what happens?
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the big get bigger. if you doubt that, look at dodd frank. what is the result of dodd frank? 10 wall st banks, who helped write that bill by the way, have become even bigger, more powerful wall street banks and thousands of community banks have gone out of business. what happened to obamacare? what do you see happening right now? health insurance companies are getting bigger. drug companies are getting bigger. meanwhile, small hospitals are going out of business. the only way to curb the power of the big, powerful, wealthy and the well-connected is to simplify. if you have a three page tax code that anybody can read and fill out, you do not need to of accountants, lawyers, and lobbyists to figure it out. [applause] yes, ma'am. in the pink and white striped shirt. the question is -- how do i feel about the planned parenthood videos?
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i am pro-life. [cheers and applause] i believe that science is proving us write every day. you don't have to be pro-life to understand the hideous nature of what is going on here. this is about the moral character of our nation. when you can have employees who target poor communities, who are pushing women into later term abortion so that they can more successfully harvest body parts even though late term abortions are demonstrably bad for women, you can only be horrified when you see employees picking over a petri dish for body parts while they say -- look, it's a baby. there is no excuse.
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planned parenthood must be defunded. [cheers and applause] anyone who buys the democrat argument, with all due respect, that this is about women's health, you need to look at all of the other facilities that provide women's health services. you need to look at how many mammograms they actually do. you need to look and understand the foundation of planned parenthood, which from its very inception targeted poor women, african american and hispanic women. there are more african-american lives of boarded in new york city every year that are born alive. that, ladies and gentlemen, is not right. [applause] so, if congress does not have the courage to defund planned parenthood, i tell you what -- when we go to zero-based
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budgeting, i simply will not provide the money to fund planned parenthood. [applause] i have one final question. in the time that i have left, let me just leave you with this thought. this is the most extraordinary country on the face of the planet because our founders knew what my mother taught me, everybody has a god-given gift. i am a conservative because i know that no one of us is any better than another one of us. everyone of us is gifted by god . every one of us has the capacity to live a life of purpose and meaning. our founders created a country in which you have a right to find and use your god-given gifts to fulfill your potential. that's what they meant when they said life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. let me leave you with love this country think of lady liberty.
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she stands tall and strong, as america must always the. she is clear eyed and resolute. she does not shield her eyes, but she looks out as america always must and holds her torch high. she knows she is a beacon of hope in a troubled world. and lady justice holds a sword at her side because she is a fighter. she is a warrior. she holds the scale. she says that all of us are equal in the eyes of god and all of us must be equal in the eyes of government. she wears a blindfold. and with that blindfold i believe that she says it must be true. that in this nation, in this century, ladies and gentlemen it can be true. it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like. it does not matter your circumstances or how you start. here in this nation every american's life must be filled
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with the possibility that comes from their god-given gift of -- with liberty and justice for all. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] thank you so much. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] house road to the white coverage continues on c-span, c-span radio and morning, marco governor john and kasich at 5:00. afternoon, it is
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senator ted cruz. on saturday, chris christie at noon and bobby jindal at 1:00. join the twitter conversation. taking you on the road to the white house. >> south carolina senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham also spoke at the des moines register soapbox at the iowa state fair. he focused on national security and vowed that u.s. troops will return to iraq if he is elected president. his remarks are 20 minutes. >> good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon. >> welcome to the des moines register political soapbox. our next speaker is u.s. senator lindsey graham, who is seeking the republican nomination for the presidency. senator graham was first elected to office as a state representative in south carolina when he was elected to the u.s. house. he was elected senator in 2002 and has been re-elected twice for that office. he also served in the u.s. air force reserves for 33 years, retiring just a couple months ago. he is actually going to get a very special introduction today from his sister darlene. [applause]
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[cheers] ms. nordone: hi, thank you. it is my honor to introduce to you someone very special to me today, my brother, lindsey graham. there are a few things i want to share with you before he comes up. lindsey and i grew up in a small town in southern carolina in one room -- not one bedroom -- but one room in the back of our parents' home, liquor store, and bar. we all lived and ate and did everything in that room. our parents worked long and hard hours and installed a strong work ethic and values in lindsey and i. as we got older, our mother got sick. she was in and out of the hospital a lot. lindsey stayed by her side day and night. now that i am about the age that she was, i realize how awful
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that had to be for her. how sick she was and scared and probably worried about her children. i know that lindsey was constantly reassuring her so that she could have a little peace. with everything that he has done for me throughout the years, he has never let me down. he has always been by my side. through tough times and some very special times. and i truly believe that if elected president, he will work harder and be more dedicated to this country than anybody else. he knows what it is like to struggle and overcome adversity. and i truly believe he will never let this country down. just like he never let me down. lindsey, i am truly proud of you, and you mean the world to me. it is my honor to introduce someone that i love dearly, my
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brother, lindsey graham. [applause] senator graham: thank you. we have the wrong graham running. how about a round of applause for my sister darlene? [applause] senator graham: like she said, we grew up in a pool hall, a bar, and a liquor store. i am eminently qualified to be president of the united states. [laughter] senator graham: i ran the pool room as a kid. so i know the iranians are liars. i met a bunch of liars running the pool room. but darlene does mean the world to me. when i was 21, my mom passed and when i was 22, my dad passed. it was darlene and myself. we moved in with an aunt and uncle. i do not know what i would have done without my family and friends and faith. i am so proud of my sister, she turned out great. she has two daughters. she married a guy from new
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jersey. nobody is perfect. when my parents passed, we got a social security check of about $300. that meant the world to our family. darlene was a minor and was able to get a check. i know what it is like to need social security. anybody on social security? anybody need their check? i am 60 and i am not married and do not have any kids. if i had to give up some, i would. i have a military retirement. i retired from the air force after 33 years. [applause] senator graham: thank you, i thoroughly enjoyed it. i have a congressional pension. i've got a 401(k) plan. if i need to give up some i will give it up. if i need to give up a couple hundred bucks a month or more i will do it. the people who need it the most
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are not going to have it if we do not make decisions in this country pretty quick. i want to talk to you about three things. too many terrorists, too much debt, too few jobs. as to the terrorists, if i am president of the united states, we're going to go back to iraq and we are going to pound these guys into the ground. and we are not going to leave until the job is done. [applause] senator graham: and if you think you can defend this nation without some of our soldiers going back to get it right this time, i do not know what movie you are looking at. we left iraq way too soon. i know it has been 10 years, but it is hard, folks. it is hard to build people up who have never known anything but heartache and hatred. president obama was told by his military commanders we need to leave a force behind. he said no and the rest is history. bush made mistakes. obama made mistakes. i made mistakes. the biggest mistake is to leave them over there because they are
6:39 am
coming here. 3500 soldiers is not enough. we need about 10,000. we need to take the fight to isil. we need a couple of aviation battalions and trainers. we are going to need forward air controllers to drop bombs on the right people. then you have to go into syria. the caliphate's headquarters is in syria. if we do not hit them there, they are coming here. i don't know how to destroy issa -- isil without some american ground component. this is not working from the air. here is what i would do as president. i would send more troops back to iraq. i would go to the arabs and the -- in the region and say we are going to use your armies and we -- and you're going to pay for this war because we paid for the last two. we go to the turks and the egyptians and the jordanians and the saudis. we put together a regional force and we would be about 10% of it.
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we are going to go into syria and kill every one of these guys we can find and hold the territory. [applause] senator graham: when it comes to radical islam, whatever it takes as long as it takes. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. i have been in the military for 33 years. 143 days on the ground as a reservist. if we do not do this, the second 9/11 is coming our way. there are more terrorists and more safe havens and more weapons than at any time before 9/11. i do not know how to defend the nation with all of us sitting over here. i do not know how to defend this nation by destroying your military. anybody in the army? >> one. senator graham: thank you. we have the smallest army since 1940. does that make sense to you?
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>> no. senator graham: smallest navy since 1915. if i am commander-in-chief we will rebuild the army. [applause] senator graham: if you do not understand that we need ground forces to go in on the ground in iraq and syria to destroy isil, you are not ready for this job. as with the iranians, i will get you a better deal. how many of you believe the ayatollah has been trying to build a power plant and not a bomb? well, good. you were all right. how many think he has been trying to build a bomb? how many think he might actually use it? what are we doing? what are we doing as a nation? if most of you believe that the radical ayatollah would use a bomb if he had it, why would you give him a pathway to it? we are giving him a pathway and
6:42 am
the money to pay for it. this is nuts. this is the biggest miscalculation since hitler. it is not between a lousy deal and a war, it is between a lousy deal and a better deal. we need a commander-in-chief they will respect. the problem that we have is that nobody respects our current commander-in-chief. you know how you got a bad deal? you elected somebody president who has never run a lemonade stand or bought a car. we need to re-engage in the mideast. i will get you a better deal. i will go to iran and say if you want a nuclear power plant you can have it. but it's going to be small for peaceful purposes. and you will not get a penny of money or another bullet until you stop destabilizing the region and trying to kill our friends in israel. [applause] senator graham: and if you want a war, you are going to lose. it is up to you. i do not want a war with anybody, but i am not going to
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sit on the sidelines and watch our country be walked over and walked over and walked over. i am not going to be a commander-in-chief that allows the enemies of our nation, like iran, to have the weapons to kill millions of us one day. >> when is the last time the u.s. won a war? senator graham: when was the last time we won a war? iraq in 2009. >> that was not a war. senator graham: at the end of the day the search did work. searcurge. at the end of the day we were at war. >> that was not a declared war! senator graham: do you believe we are at war? i think we're at war. with radical islam. presbyterians here? >> yeah. senator graham: you were predestined to be here. thanks for coming. how many of you believe that we are in a religious war?
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i do. what more do they have to do before you believe what they say? make me your commander-in-chief and we will keep them from coming back here again. make me your commander-in-chief and i will have the back of the 1% that are doing the fighting for the rest of us. make me the commander-in-chief and our nation will be respected again. make me commander-in-chief because we need one that knows what the hell they are doing. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: the second thing that we need to do is get the nation out of debt. does that make sense? we are on the road to greece. $18 trillion in debt. how do you get that? bipartisanship. both parties spend more than you are giving them to spend. do you know what drives the debt? the baby boomer retirement. anybody born from 1946 to 1964? anybody born after 1964? we want our money. [laughter] senator graham: 80 million of us are going to retire in the next
6:45 am
25 years and we are going to wipe out medicare and social security. remember ronald reagan? ronald reagan rebuilt our military and put our enemies on notice and we were respected again. but he sat down with tip o'neill and he adjusted the retirement age to save social security from bankruptcy. it needs to be done again. i will be the ronald reagan if you can find me a tip o'neill. i want to work with democrats. i am running to be the republican nominee, but i want to be the president of all of us. tell me how you can save this country without the parties working together? tell me how you can fix medicare and social security without nobody on the other side helping you? you cannot. ronald reagan and tip o'neill had a drink every night. when i am president we will drink more. [applause] senator graham: and after a couple drinks, we are going to
6:46 am
stop the bs and we are going to work together. if you're running for president of the united states, you should openly embrace the other side if they will work with you. folks, we are running out of time. the american dream is going to die on our watch if we do not do something about it and the enemies of our nation are getting stronger as i speak. there is no problem without a solution, but let me tell you the commonality. and i will take questions. sacrifice. some of us have got to sacrifice to save this nation. to the 1% who are fighting this war, you have to be willing to go back and i know you will. what more sacrifice can you make then to go back over there so they do not come here? as to the rest of us, are we willing to sacrifice a little bit for our country? >> yes. senator graham: i am. i make $175,000 a year. i will take less from social
6:47 am
security because i can afford it and give it to people who need it the most. i am willing to sit down with democrats and fix immigration instead of yelling about it all of the damn time. once you secure the border and control who gets a job, with the 11 million, let's be practical. nobody wants the crooks. the rest can stay but you have to learn our language. you have to pay taxes and get in the back of the line and keep your nose clean. the reason i want to be your president is that this country has been incredibly good to me. as a young man, i was bitter. why was my life turned upside down? why was i affected by losing my parents when i was 22? the older i got, the more i appreciated that it was not about what i lost. it is what i had. i had two parents who loved me. how many people in this country have one parent maybe? i have family.
6:48 am
how many people have nobody? i had friends and was loved and was taken care of. i am a republican. i believe in limited government, but most of us are one car wreck away from needing somebody to help you. so, if i get to be your president, we're going to do the hard things, and we are going to do them together because we are all in this together. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you for being here today. [indiscernible] senator graham: right. >> [indiscernible]
6:49 am
senator graham: he asked a question about helping other people. when you're $18 trillion in debt you cannot be everything to everybody. does that make sense? but you're not going to save this country and defeat radical islam by dropping bombs alone. if you want to really hurt radical islam, you want to get these guys a real punch in the gut? let a young girl go to school. let a mother have a say about her children. if i'm president, we are going to kill those guys are catch them. but we are going to do something else, too. we're going to build up other people. i have been there 35 times. i know there are plenty of people over there who want the things that you want. united states we will build up others. a small schoolhouse educating a poor girl will do more damage to radical islam than anything that i can think of.
6:50 am
this is a generational struggle. let me tell you how it ends. we win and they lose but it will take a while. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: he said, why do we need a bigger navy? because the terrorists have no ships. do you know why we need a bigger navy? we need a bigger navy because if you are going to pivot to asia, what do you pivot with? a rowboat? we are going to be spending more -- less on our national defense than any time since world war ii. the reason i want a bigger navy is to be sure that china knows that we still exist. why is china doing what they are doing?
6:51 am
building islands over resource rich territory held by others? because they can. when obama drew a red line against the side, he crossed it, and nothing happened, putin and china took that as weakness. you know why it want to rebuild a larger navy? i want putin to know we are not going away. i want to rebuild our defenses like ronald reagan, get us out of debt, balance the budget, and take the fight not only to isolate, but let putin know you are not going to walk all over our friends. remember when we signed the deal with the ukraine to give up nuclear weapons? we guaranteed their sovereignty. putin stepped all over that. we are to take natural gas and sell it to our friends in europe to undercut his monopoly. we are going to give weapons to the ukraine so they can defend themselves. we are going to rebuild nato so that he knows that america is back. that is why we need a bigger navy. right here. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: ok, i've got it.
6:52 am
how many of you are willing to spend more money on alzheimer's research? how many of you are willing to spend more money on education? how many of you realize that if we do not reform entitlements we are not going to have money to spend on anything? i am all for helping alzheimer's. because it is a big cause that is growing. it is a terrible disease that maybe can be cured or at least blunted. i lost my uncle.
6:53 am
here is what i want to tell you. any farmers here? we do not have any money left if we do not deal with the retirement of the baby boomers. by 2031, all of the money we collect in taxes goes to paying medicare and medicaid and social security and interest on the debt. does that make sense to you? if we do not adjust the age of retirement and deal with benefits, there is no money left to help anybody do anything else. there is no money left for the department of defense. have you heard of simpson bowles? it is a bipartisan plan where you clean up the tax code and eliminate deductions and take the money to pay down the debt? the democrats have to agree for younger people to work longer because we all live longer. if we do not ask people at my income level to give up benefits then we are going to lose the system for the people who need it the most. please understand that there is no way to balance the budget unless you go to where the money is being spent.
6:54 am
2/3 of the federal government is on autopilot. if republicans and democrats do not do what ronald reagan and tip o'neill did soon, we are going to become greece. we are going to lose our way of life. we will become a debtor nation. but here's the good news. we are one big deal away from saving america. here is the bad news. nobody in this campaign is talking about it. would i do revenue? would i put revenue on the table, if the democrats would adjust the age of retirement, and the means test benefits? yes. i am not going to raise taxes but i would eliminate a deduction to pay down debt. how do we have money for alzheimer's research and everything else outside of medicare and social security? you have got to reform the system or we lose the ability to defend ourselves and care for each other. [applause] senator graham: last question. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: ok.
6:55 am
this is a republican/democrat thing. how many believe both parties are failing you? >> everybody here. senator graham: ok. how many believe that what is wrong with washington is that we do too much together? you are right, we do not do the big things together. i went to leave you with a thought. tell me how you save medicare and social security from bankruptcy without a democrat working with a republican? i am dying to hear. let me know how to defend this nation without all of us working together to rebuild the military that will fight for your benefit whether you are a republican or democrat, libertarian, or vegetarian? what is missing in washington is the desire to put the country ahead of the party. what is missing is leadership, telling you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. [applause] senator graham: those in my party, i am a republican, too. hispanics.
6:56 am
we are driving them away, folks, because of the way we are talking about fixing a hard problem like immigration. if i am president of the united states i will grow this party. to young women, welcome to the republican party. young people, you have been the biggest losers under obama. the american dream used to be to own your own home. now it is to get your kids out out of your home. i will tell you this and then i will quietly go. there is no problem that cannot be solved, but it takes leadership. radical islam is not going to surrender. somebody has to defeat them with a plan that will allow us to be safe at home and protect our friends abroad. i have the background, judgment, experience to take the fight to the enemy in a smart and successful way. because i lost my parents at 22, because i have been knocked down, i think i have the heart for this job.
6:57 am
what your president needs more than anything else is a heart. for his country or her country. without a heart, it is all talk. and i want to give you not only my background, my experience, but i want to give you my heart. and here is the only way to pay you back as a nation. is to do everything that i can to save the american dream that has been there for me and darlene. there is nothing i will not do to get this country back on track. including being yelled at by my own party. thank you very much. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> 10 years ago hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast.
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