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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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recognize as being discriminatory or racial. and so it's important for us to just have a sixth sense about this. and recognize the importance of dealing with not just perception but reality. this is mayor dwight jones of richmond, virginia. thank you for your time today. guest: thank you. also want to thank the other members of the richmond police department for participant in this program. that's it for today. a new edition of this program comes your way tomorrow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015]
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>> there is word this morning that louis stokes, the first black congressman from ohio, died yesterday at the age of 90. he was first elected in 19 six the eight and served in the house for 30 years in the 1970's chair the house select committee on assassinations that investigated the murders of president kennedy and martin luther king. he retired from congress in 1998. his family released a statement saying in part that he died peacefully. louis stokes, that at the age of 90. -- 90. 90.ead at the age of coming up, rick perry at the iowa state fair at the des
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moines register candidate soapbox. a long-standing tradition where presidential hope all's get 20 minutes on stage. after his remarks, your reaction, facebook tweet and comments. hampshiree are in new , the governor of ohio. he to take questions from voters salem, new hampshire, life here on c-span. marco rubio spoke at the des moines candidate soapbox. we will show you his remarks up next, followed by the senator walking the fairgrounds and talking with voters. : i'm here to tell you why i am are -- why i am running for president. my parents were born on the
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island of love. they came to the united states in 1966 and barely spoke a language at the time with no money and very little education. to retire with dignity and leave all of their children better off than themselves. i'm worried about today millions of americans feel that they can no longer achieved that. the reason is that the world and the economy is changing and arm policies must change with it. we are not just facing an economic downturn, but a transformation. like the industrial revolution but happening faster. it is disruptive. the jobs have been replaced by machines. they don't pay what they once did. here's the good news. we cannot fixason this. america remains a great country. the issue is that the 21st
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century can be greater than the 20th century. it is fully within our reach. we need to modernize higher education. dozens of countries compete with us for the best jobs the best new businesses, the best ideas. and we have tax policies and regulatory policies and national debt holding us back. we are not fully utilizing our energy resources. we have to repeal our health care law and replace it with something that gives every american the opportunity to buy what ever health coverage they want. if we do this, america will create millions of the best jobs the new century has. which leads me to the second thing we need to do. we need to modernize higher education. we cannot continue with a 20th century system that tells people you either get a four-year
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degree or nothing at all. for many, that degrees and accessible. for millions more, they are borrowing money to pay for those degrees and they still can't find a job. we need more people trained to be welders and airplane mechanics and machinist's. these are good paying jobs. somehow we have stigmatized them as a country. a welder makes more than a political science major and we need to train more young americans to do it. it the second thing we need is flexible higher education. for example a single mother who raids two kids and works full-time for nine dollars an hour as a home health aide. the only way she will get a job is to -- you will get a raise is to get a job as a dental hygienist or paralegal. and to do that just go back to
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school, but she can't because she has to raise a family. we need programs that allow people to get the equivalent of a degree and alternative institutions that allow them to package learning no matter how they acquired it. let people learn online for free. give them credit. suddenly that receptionist, instead of making $10 or $12 an hour can be a paralegal making $65,000 a year. i'm not saying we will get rid of four-year colleges. after all, how will we get college football without them? [laughter] senator rubio: i am saying this. we can't keep graduating people with degrees that do not lead to jobs. that is why i believe before you take out a student loan, the school should tell you how much people make when they graduate from that school with that degree. so, you can decide if it is worth borrowing $50,000 for a major and greek philosophy. after all, the job market for greek philosophers has been very tight for a thousand years. north korea is run by a lunatic. vladimir putin is challenging nato.
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in the middle east, radical jihad-ism spreads across multiple -- multiple countries. iran is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon and long-range rockets capable of striking us. the most important obligation of the federal government is keep you safe and be safe in her family safe and it's not doing that now because we have eviscerated our defense bending. we have a navy and air force smaller and older than it has been in decades. we cannot continue to do these things. we must fix this. we must improve our defenses so we remain the most powerful military force in the world and we must have a policy of clarity, one that makes it clear to our allies we are with them, not our adversaries. one that makes it clear our nation will do what ever it takes to make sure the only
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pro-american democracy in the middle east, the state of israel, prospers and survives as a jewish state. we can do all three of these things. if we do, the 20th century will be the greatest era that america has ever known. i will close by saying this. i america does not only anything. but i have a debt to america i will never repay. this is a nation that literally change the history of my family. when my father was nine years old as a young boy in the streets of havana, his mother died and it nine years of age, he had to go to work and leave school. he would never go back to school. he would work for the next 70 days of -- 70 years of his life. when he was a young man, he had dreams. they became impossible. his dream became to give us the chance he never could. he worked primarily as a banquet bartender. he worked so we would have the
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chance to do the things he never could. a journey my family was able to make in this country. the journey from that bar in the back of the room to the soapbox here today. that journey is the essence of the american dream. it is what makes our nation's special. it is what makes our nation different. as americans, we are all a generation or two removed from someone who did that for us. we are called upon to make sure the american dream does not just survive, but it reaches more people and changes more lives than ever before. we are called not just to keep america special in great, but greater than it ever has been. if we can achieve these things, we will go out in history as the next great american generation. we will go down in history as the authors of a new american century and we will leave for our children what our parents left for us, the single greatest nation man has ever known.
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i thank you for coming out and braving the rain and maybe even some lightning later. i appreciate you coming to hear our message. what is at stake here is not just what political party is going to win, but what candidate is going to govern? you and i were left by our parents and grandparents the greatest nation in the history of the world. it is our obligation to keep it that way, and there's no reason why we can't's. together, we can build the new american century. that is why i am asking you to caucus for me. we will begin the process of selecting the next american president. the good news is it will signal the end of eight years of failure. it will signal the end of the obama administration -- [applause] senator rubio: i knew you would like that. [laughter] senator rubio: the question is, what comes next for america and what comes next if we are willing to do what must be done? that is why i am asking for your
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support on february 4. i am asking you to caucus for me. thank you and god bless you. i appreciate it very much. thank you. [applause] >> i did not know -- senator rubio: good, now you know now. says but i don't have a camera. >> we will take it. >> thank you. [indiscernible] senator rubio: are you? are you really?
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small world. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> welcome to iowa, sir. senator rubio: thank you. thank you very much. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> welcome to iowa. senator rubio: i'm glad to be here with you. just we thought we were going to miss you. senator rubio: well, here you are. you found the right spot.
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[indiscernible] >> it wiggles and wiggles. senator rubio: that is what i see. that's a good way to work out. i need one of those. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: how are you? thank you. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: thank you so much. i appreciate that encouragement. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: no, i'm going to eat later. [indiscernible] >> would you like to meet the senator? >> thank you.
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senator rubio: good. how are you? good to see you. senator rubio: you almost ran out of space. >> yes, i know. senator rubio: keep it
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alphabetical. we may need to switch it around any time somebody shows up. it looks good. you're lucky to have enough room. that was great. all right, are we ready? [indiscernible] senator rubio: he is looking over my shoulder.
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actually, that aligns up perfectly. thank you. thank you very much. >> [indiscernible] >> he was eared -- senator rubio: he was here. he was not going to be here and so 1:30. he was on the ground. >> [indiscernible]
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senator rubio: who is that? >> amy casanova is her name. senator rubio: in cuba? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: but you are hosting her? >> [indiscernible] she survived the castro regime. for a long time there are atheist -- they did not even allow a christian. senator rubio: well, thank you very good to see you. i look for to going back. >> welcome to iowa. -- i look forward to coming back. >> welcome to iowa.
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[laughter] [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: it will work itself out. it always does. >> any farmer who says they don't need grain is crazy. senator rubio: we got that worked out. >> that's what i heard. >> i came to thousand miles and -- i came to thousand miles and sat in the rain for an hour. senator rubio: oh, my gosh. we've got to get a picture with you. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: thank you.
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all right. thank you for coming. where did you come from? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: oh, my god. where is your camera? one more. >> thank you. thank you. senator rubio: are you enjoying the fair otherwise? thank you so much for coming all the way here. i really appreciate it. [indiscernible] >> i was up there a week ago for the debate. >> god bless you. senator rubio: god bless you, too. >> senator, thank you. >> how are you? good to see you. >> thank you for your conservative views.
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senator rubio: how are you? senator rubio: good to see you. thanks for having me here.
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>> [indiscernible] >> 30 minutes outside. >> [indiscernible] >> watch out behind you, man. >> quite a reception in her. what -- you have quite a reception here. what is your message? senator rubio: but i think his america -- that i think america is great. and i want to do what my parents did for me. >> let me ask you -- talking about immigration, trump finally putting out a paper. what are your thoughts on his plan? senator rubio: i have not read his plan. there are a couple ideas he shares with multiple people. i have not a -- i have not had a chance to read his plan. we need to start by enforcing immigration laws. once we do that, we need to modernize, so the people we allowed to come in come in on the basis of building a marriage. and then we have to deal with the reality that we have 13 million emigrants, many of whom have been here longer than 10 years. if there are criminals, they can't stay. that is the lesson from our efforts over the years. >> you were here last night, writing the rise with your family.
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you are a young senator. a lot of iowans tell me they relate to you. senator rubio: that is why i was so focused on student loan debt. alternative educational plans. that is why we want to increase the child tax credit. that is why we want to cut the burden on small business. that is why we want to expand the childcare tax credit, so students going back to school have somewhere to put their kids.
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i think it is 35 out of 50 states, childcare is more expensive than higher education. these are challenges real americans are facing. we have an agenda we are very proud of. senator rubio: hey, how are you? >> good to see you. senator rubio: we were here last night area -- last night, too. >> my daughters were here. senator rubio: they went to the concert and i rode rides with the boys. spent about $50 trying to knock down a bottle. it was fun. we had a great time. >> we appreciate your contribution to the iowa economy. senator rubio: maybe it was more to the carnival guys taking my money. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: that's great. i'm glad we did our part. senator rubio: i'm glad you brought your camera. i think they are often looking at a giant pumpkin somewhere. >> the butter cow -- senator rubio: we have not seen
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the butter cow. we have to go see that. >> we look forward to that. >> come in many have you had so far? senator rubio: i have had won just about every day. >> funnel cakes and cotton candy and all that stuff. >> sugar. senator rubio: well, good. i'm glad i saw you. >> [indiscernible] >> ok, ok. they are wearing their iowa state colors. >> oh! senator rubio: -- >> he is a good friend and he came for my birthday party. i am trying to be a good host. we appreciate all of the candidates. we are excited about him coming and giving them a chance to see iowa at its best, actually. i support him, and i'm really impressed. i think he is definitely a rising star in the republican ranks.
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we are very proud of his record and appreciative of him coming. senator rubio: thank you so much. >> do you plan to spend more time here in iowa? senator rubio: where are we going? >> right over here. senator rubio: do you have an umbrella?
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what are you selling? >> not joe's. senator rubio: -- >> nachos. senator rubio: nachos. >> i have to point this out because television is visual -- fine sure choice today, sir. -- find shirt choice today, sir. enjoy, enjoy. shows what do you plan on reading trump's immigration plan? -- >> do you plan on reading trump's immigration plan? [indiscernible] can we borrow any corn here or no?
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-- senator rubio: can we buy any corn here or no? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: how long are you open? >> until 9:00. senator rubio: so, we have until 9:00 to stuff the ballot box. >> [indiscernible] >> you have to be 18.
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senator rubio: thank you. my sons are here, too. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: amanda is 15. three more years. the next time i come -- maybe in three or four years, as president, i hope. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> ready? which way are we going?
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senator rubio: daniela, come here, please. >> [indiscernible] >> hey, can i get a picture? senator rubio: thank you, guys. >> [indiscernible] >> oh, dear. >> where is she? oh, over there? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: the guy we are following, in white? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: it was like stop and start and stop and start. i was worried, on the radio they said that it was going to be lightning.
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>> where are we going? >> [speaking spanish] senator rubio: we are not going to be able to that thing. it's probably shut down. >> yeah, looks like it. [indiscernible] >> oh, there are goes. it is spinning again. this morning it was not moving at all. >> i will get a photo. >> if elected president, how will you address global poverty? senator rubio: well, we do now. america does more than any country in the world. one of the goals we have -- the main things we can do, obviously is help develop the economy through literacy, health care, ultimately rule of law. i feel like america does more now than any place in the world. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: people think it is more than it actually is. it's only 1% of our budget. i have no problem with it. in some cases, i have called for increases. i would like to see more accountability on some of it.
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i have some reforms on some of it. for example, we did enact that required countries -- if they want to receive foreign aid, they have to make sure they get birth certificates. i would never propose cuts to it. what i'm looking for is ways to improve accountability. i would like the programs to get back to historic old -- historic numbers. >> [indiscernible]
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>> [indiscernible] senator rubio: how are you? >> cheryl. senator rubio: cheryl. >> [indiscernible] [laughter] >> nice to see you. senator rubio: nice to see you? what have you got going? >> burgers. senator rubio: [indiscernible] >> thank you. i enjoy doing this. senator rubio: did you already flip these?
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>> you are going to be in my hometown tonight. senator rubio: i am. [indiscernible] senator rubio: yeah, these have
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some time left. we do this every sunday. or most every sunday. [indiscernible] senator rubio: i got here as 7:00 a.m. [indiscernible] senator rubio: [indiscernible] are they all pretty much the same time? do you think the edges are hotter? it looks like the middle might -- >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: that is the key, is to only flip them once. what are these? what is the meat? >> pork burgers. senator rubio: is there a particular reason? [indiscernible] you ever had a pork burger? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: well, i have had a pork chop.
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i have not had it on a stick. it is pork, ground down. not as spicy, a lot thinner. they are just trying to see if i burn anything. i am not going to burn pork. >> you do this at home? senator rubio: i do. right, guys? [laughter] senator rubio: these need a little more time. we like to grill. mostly hamburgers. other stuff.
10:36 am
steak. we roast a whole hog on christmas. >> that's great. it's a lot of work. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: yeah. we have plenty. we do plenty of pork. we're cuban. you want a pork chop? no? were these frozen? >> yeah. the second batch of burgers today. [indiscernible] senator rubio: i'm trying to see -- these all look like they have already gone --
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>> what is your favorite food at the fair here? senator rubio: i like the funnel cake. this is ready. i think this one is ready. don't you? >> i think they all are. senator rubio: you think they all are?
10:38 am
>> hey. senator rubio: you want a pork burger? >> a little bit more on that. senator rubio: the other white meat. >> that's right. [indiscernible] senator rubio: so, what do you think? do you think these are already? >> just give them a little -- senator rubio: what does the grill get to? >> pardon? senator rubio: what does the grill get to?
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>> oh, about 350, 400 degrees. senator rubio: are they frozen when they go on? >> yes. senator rubio: these take a lot longer. >> when they start bleeding -- it's time to flip them. the longer you cook it, the lower -- [indiscernible] senator rubio: right. we roast a whole hog for christmas every year. [indiscernible] we spent 12 hours last year on the one we had.
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at some point, you're just guessing. you're just looking at it. >> my wife and i do a lot of cooking and i do a lot of smoking. senator rubio: you ever use a roaster? we roast with charcoal. they call it -- in spanish. they do it in cuba by digging a hole in the ground. no one was to dig a hole in the yard anymore. it takes a lot longer that way. >> right. senator rubio: we are ready when you are. all take that over to you. >> here, let me stir it for you. senator rubio: we've got to try it. >> you bet. [laughter] senator rubio: i think this is the one you made. that's good. thanks for having us, chef. >> [indiscernible] [indistinct conversations] >> you got it working? >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: i did. i do that every sunday. >> thank you. we appreciate it. [indiscernible] >> how are you?
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senator rubio: thanks for having us guys. i appreciate it. >> i am a pork guy, and i -- senator rubio: oh, you are? [laughter] >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: you are everywhere. they have a big distribution center in south florida, don't they? >> we do. i just retired. senator rubio: you did? so, you are here? >> i'm living around in atlanta. i'm having a good time. >> [indiscernible] >> i do. we have one if you would like 1 -- senator rubio: when i ran for senate, we got really interested
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-- we worked with them on a bunch of things. >> we appreciate all of the support you have given us over the years. senator rubio: you guys do a great job. >> we appreciate it a lot. senator rubio: you create a lot of awareness. >> [indiscernible] senator rubio: where is your camera? you can download that online. you look ready to go. are they working here? >> they are. senator rubio: they don't get to go on rides? >> later. senator rubio: oh, later. thank you, guys. >> [indiscernible] [laughter] senator rubio: i might have overcooked them, not undercooked to them. [laughter] senator rubio: thank you. thanks for having me.
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senator rubio: let me guess, they are having pork? [laughter] >> [indiscernible] >> hi. what is your plan to turn minnesota into a red state? senator rubio: you know, we have a plan for all americans. i think americans in minnesota and all of the country want their children to do better than themselves. the only way we will do that is to become globally competitive, modernize higher education, and make sure our military is the strongest in the world. we need to do at job of convincing them that we are the party that stands with them. >> thank you.
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>> [indiscernible] >> senator, what did you learn today, anything? >> [indiscernible] to theave more road white house coverage coming up in about 15 minutes with rick terry at the iowa state fair. looking overcast, not too bad. , comingidate soapbox up. we will follow that with your phone calls and your reaction on
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twitter and facebook. then we are in new hampshire for a down -- town hall meeting with john kasich. while we wait to hear from former governor perry, a look at john kasich talking to voters yesterday at the iowa state fair.
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[indiscernible] >> as president, what would you do? mr. kasich: i think special ed has to be taken care of. i think it should not be mixed with others. i don't tie you that because it is what you want to hear. thank you. are you kidding? it is unbelievable. to spend all of that time on -- >> what are your comments on the debate?
10:47 am
mr. kasich: it was good. all the way from new york? >> you are the first republican -- positive. mr. kasich: where have you been? >> joshua tree. the mojave desert. mr. kasich: you want to go up north. [indiscernible]
10:48 am
mr. kasich: what are you doing now? >> studying communications and public relations. mr. kasich: what about you? >> i minored in politics and law. thank you. >> i have met all of the
10:49 am
candidates. god bless you. mr. kasich: thank you. >> what do you think of the candidates coming out -- >> do you have plans to get big money on a political elections? mr. kasich: i have something that makes sense. >> let's talk to everyone at once. >> governor, what here in iowa translates to all of the others? mr. kasich: everything i talked about. i do not think people are different no matter where they live.
10:50 am
people have the same concerns and want solutions. some people may have a different view of how you solve problems, but in south carolina, i do not treat people different than iowa. everyone has the same concerns. you have to give them your solutions, they may like you, if they like you, great. if they don't like you, you move on. that's the way it works i think. i am free about all of this. talking about polls, or this or that, i do what i think i want to do and stay focused. i am very focused on the big issue. trust and performance. i do not know who i trust anymore. just because you tell me
10:51 am
something, i do not know if i believe it. i think the record matters. i think if you have a good record people look at you a second time. i have been in this race for three weeks, and i am tied for second place in new hampshire because i spent a lot of time there. hopefully we will spend more time in iowa. >> governor, have you had the chance to look at a long-term immigration plan? mr. kasich: i have my own plan. i don't talk about their plans. my plan is to finish the fence, make it clear, once it is done, we are sending you back, no more debate. we have a robust worker programs that people can come in and go back. the 11 -- 12 million who are people if they have not committed a crime, they can pay a penalty and reach legal status. that is the heart of it. i think it is a common sense approach for congress and the american people. >> you spent a lot of time talking about -- showing there
10:52 am
are more pathetic people. other people wondered what you would do to make americans more apathetic? -- empathetic? mr. kasich: it is important that we care about our neighbor. when we do things better -- bigger than ourselves, we get that a section -- satisfaction, don't you? you feel good about doing something good for someone else. we are not looking for sainthood, i am the farthest from it. i we feel good when people come up to me and say my child was autistic, now i can get insurance. that makes me feel good. i think it is about people realizing they can make a difference. sometimes people feel like the system is so big, i cannot do anything, i think it is vital that people realize that what they do does make a difference. it is in us, we have to bring it back out.
10:53 am
leaders can help. everyone can help realize we honor. -- we matter. i will do my job as a president. [indiscernible] >> she is giving it to you. mr. kasich: thank you. where is the camera? >> i have a phone. mr. kasich: there we go. >> do you want to take a selfie? mr. kasich: thank you. >> thank you.
10:54 am
>> thank you. mr. kasich: thank you.
10:55 am
mr. kasich: thank you. >> good luck, sir. mr. kasich: thank you. >> where is the place? >> right up here. >> here is ice cream. mr. kasich: i want regular ice cream. >> a cohen --cone? mr. kasich: yes. >> farm strong. mr. kasich: i had a great time here. [tractor noise] >> the door is locked. mr. kasich: can i get up? >> the other door.
10:56 am
mr. kasich: how about ice cream? [tractor running] announcer: ohio governor john kasich will be back on the trail [tractor running] announcer: ohio governor john [tractor running]
10:57 am
>> well, we had a good time. now it's beautiful, after the rain. that would be good. 90's.the
10:58 am
>> that would be perfect. where did they go? >> right there. >> i mean, come on. are you kidding me? mmm. really good. where did you get this? while it. while -- whilow. >> there is a blue bunny. : blue bunny?ch really good. really good. ok. that's the thing that amazes me. your arena. >> oh, yeah.
10:59 am
[engine revving] governor kasich: what is going on here? are all of these cameras for you? when the school start? >> on september 1. what greaterch: you going to be in? how is it going? how is math? are you brothers and sisters? how about you? >> am going to be a freshman. governor kasich: can i give you a tip? when you go from eight raid to ninth grade, you really have to work on studying. >> she does not have a problem with
11:00 am
you?l how are >> can i get a picture of you with my kids? gov. kasich: yeah. good luck. we will see you.


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