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tv   Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 22, 2015 11:08am-11:31am EDT

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should women earn equal pay for equal work? i have 2 daughters, and i want to make sure when they are adults they get paid the same for doing the same work that a man does in the same job. it is an acceptable in america today that african-american women and latina women earn even less. african-american women earn $.54 for every dollar that a man does doing the same job. $.56 in the earn same situation. that is an a couple policy. how do republicans are -- that is an unacceptable policy. how republicans respond? like scott walker did. as governor of wisconsin he signed registration to repeal equal pay enforcement in wisconsin. equal pay vetoed legislation, as this chris christie. that rubio suggested
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making sure that we can enforce federal law, the equal pay act, was wasting time. of 2woman and a mother daughters, and as a representative of thousands of constituents of my own in south florida, i believe that we need to make sure that we fight not only to support equal pay, but to enforce it. that is what everyone of our presidential candidates believed. let's talk about health care. the important thing for us to focus on over the course of the what isr and a half is the contrast? what are the choices? which candidate or president of the united states is going to be the cornerstones of the middle-class life? what are those? that includes making sure that you have a good roof over your head. that makes sure that you have maintain you access to quality affordable health care. you get a good education.
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you have a secure retirement. those are all cornerstones of a middle-class life. look at the republican record. the republican record on all of those things, as soon as the republicans took the majority after the 2010 election, they passed legislation in the first 100 days that repealed -- that attempted to repeal all of president obama's efforts to ensure that people could remain in their homes. when president obama took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. now, when you best forward to today, we have had 65 straight months of job growth in the private sector. more than 54 years of job growth. the last several months have jobsmore than 200,000 created. that is the kind of progress that we want to continue to see. a republican presidency. we would not see that under a republican presidency, because they do not support making sure that people can keep a roof over their head. every candidate for president of the republican side has as a top
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priority to repeal the affordable care act. what does that mean? that means that the 60 million americans who have gained access to health care coverage would lose it. it means that young adults who parent'son their insurance until they are 26 years old with no longer be able to. the 129 million americans, like i am, who live in this country with a i am asting condition -- breast cancer survivor. i was diagnosed at 41 years old 7.5 years ago. ofide, that horrible feeling not knowing if you're going to be able to see your children grow up. the second fear you have as a breast cancer patient is when is the other shoe going to drop? this was before the affordable care act. when is the other shoe going to drop? is the insurance company going to drop my coverage or deny me coverage because i have a
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pre-existing condition? no one should face a groep see and fight not only -- should face bankruptcy and fight not only for their life but their health care coverage. every single candidate on the republican side with take us back to that dark place. we're not going back, are we? we are not going back. he will continue to move forward. the lastlicans over few weeks have not had such a fun time, have they? it has been interesting among the 18 candidates for president. if the republicans think that things have gone well, they need only to take a look at jeb bush. he actually said a couple of days ago that we are spending too much on women's health care. how many women in the crowd think we are already spending too much and that we should spend less making sure that women can stay healthy? are there any hands in the air that we are spending too much? the women that i know, not only
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in my district, but all across america want to make sure that they can stay healthy because it is not just a women's issue to make sure that women can remain healthy, it is a family issue and an economic issue. the reason it is an economic , 40% is that 40% of women of households with children, are headed by a woman. a woman who was working. if woman are not able to remain healthy, if they cannot get basic access to health care, if they cannot make their own way productive choices and plan their families, that affects their ability to support their families in a very significant way. let's take a look at where the republicans are on women's access to health care. supports jeb bush repealing the affordable care act. he supports making sure that women cannot get access to health care that allows them to
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make their own reproductive choices. marco rubio has the same opinion as todd akin, who supports a ban .n abortion in all cases even in the case of rape or incised. rape or incised. that is not where america is. where america is is that women should have access to health care. on retiremente security. there is a very clear contrast between where republicans and democrats are on a secure retirement. we just celebrated -- we just -- 50 years0 years of medicare and medicaid. 80 years of social security. that ifograms ensure you work hard throughout your life, if you play by the rules, when you retire you are not going to have to worry about falling through the floor. you will have a floor that will support you.
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that will ensure that you can feed your family. that will ensure that you can keep that roof over your head. but he will not have to choose between medicine or meals. in the kratz pat -- democrats passed social security and medicare. they have strengthened them. republicans like a jeb bush, they believe that we should privatize social security. brother'supported his plan to privatize social security. that went down in a ball of flames because american support social security. americans support medicare. day thatsaid the other we should phase out medicare. does anyone think that medicare should be phased out? should we be entitled to making sure that they have a strong health care and that they do not have to worry about it? we need to make sure that we have a candidate for president who focuses on making sure that we have all of the cornerstones in place of a middle-class life.
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it is our democratic candidate for president that will ensure that. finally, i know i said finally once already, but really finally, let's look at the first republican debate. at the first republican debate which was held on the 50 anniversary of the voting rights was-- i thought it appalling. but there were a lot of things appalling, including the misogynistic comments of donald trump and the fact that none of the republican candidates on the stage called him out on any of those misogynistic comments. i cannot believe that not a single candidate on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights , whentually suggested they want to expand access to voting rights, there was no mention on the stage of support are increasing people's access to the polls. why question mark when republicans began taking over the state legislatures and governors mansions, what do they do?
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they began restricting access to the polls. casting boehner suppression laws all across the country and denying people the right to vote. thatve to make sure elections are able to be conducted because voters have a chance to maximize their access to the polls. that is what democrats stand for. we will continue to fight for every vote. wanty -- lastly, i really to close on a high note. i'm so proud of the democratic party and our support for making sure that we are more equal in america. today, when barack obama is president, with the sport of democrats, we live in a more equal america. the supreme court has finally major that love is love. it is the law of the land. marriage equality is something that everyone in america can enjoy no matter where they live.
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let me just say, we are continueing to push for the type of equality -- we will continue to push for the type of a quality that every american should enjoy. black lives matter. changes in policy that ensure that no matter what your skin color is or your background is, that everyone has the ability to be treated fairly and equally, and not live in fear. policy needs to change. i'm proud of the young people who love been pushing that black lives matter movement. we have brought the confederate flag down. we have major that symbols of hate are unacceptable in america . now, we need to move forward even more. and we do not need is immigration policy like that that has been spewed by the hateful comments of republican candidates for president. donald trump, it is appalling
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and unacceptable that he would andr to mexicans as rapists killers. instead of people who just want to come here to make a better way of life for themselves and their families. i cannot even use the vulgar has used, and jeb bush has doubled down on, and many republican candidates have called children of immigrants who are not the vocal -- that they word have used, but citizens. there has been a debate whether you deny or take away citizen for babies born in this country who all have legal constitutional citizenship. that is what the democratic party stands for. equality of opportunity, making sure that we can support the cornerstones of a middle-class life. that is what you will get from a democratic president. i will work every single day, along with many of you, to make
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sure the democratic nominee for president is elected the 45th president of the united states. we will do it on the shoulders of iowa voters like we have. on to victory. thank you, so much. [applause] >> democratic representative debbie wasserman schultz from florida who was also the chair of the democratic national committee speaking today at the iowa state fair on the des moines register soapbox. a number of presidential candidates throughout the last week of been on the soapbox. debbie wasserman schultz, of course, not a candidate for president, but selling the democratic side of things as we move into the campaign season. we do have a couple of republican candidates who will take to the so bucks today. we plan to bring them to you live as well.
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chris christie is coming up at fromand bobby jindal louisiana, the republican governors of new jersey and louisiana coming up as our road to the white house coverage continues on c-span. with a to get your thoughts on what you heard from debbie wasserman schultz, or if you have thoughts on the candidates that you have seen so far this week at the iowa state fair. who impressed you the most? the numbers are on your screen. we have set up a line just for iowa voters today. us at c-span or leave a post on our facebook page. kimberly joins us from washington state on the line for democrats. your thoughts? caller: i was calling. i love that she is talking about
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wanting to hear from everyone on all sides. thisall for only 6 debates election season is a little ridiculous. as a democratic voter i would like to hear from all of the candidates equally. i feel like the way it is set up is in favor of hillary clinton. that is really unfair to the democratic process. as some of that is the head of the democratic party, she has not called attention to that she continues to support it. i would love to see us have more debates this election year then the 6 that are proposed. >> if they're democratic candidate other than hillary clinton that has impressed you at iowa or another event? -- othe -- caller: even martin o'malley has great things to say. ,ssues with all of the things
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the candidates, it would be great to hear sites from everyone. i've not heard very much about lincoln chaffee. i would love to hear his opinion on things. 6 debates, to hear all of these candidates and what they think, and be able to contrast them, that is a really important part of the democratic process. it is disappointing not to hear her call for more debates than that 6 that have been deposed. from lakeland,us florida. also a democratic caller. caller: good morning. hit a lot ofler the frustration in democrats. 6 debates, debbie wasserman schultz is the chairwoman of the .nc in 2014 we got wiped out because all that she backed were corporate owned democrats. she would rather have a corporate owned democrat when then progressive spirit that is what she has done to florida.
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how she still has that chairmanship is unbelievable, except for the dnc, and wall street, that gives money to the debbie hasreason why the votes. they're scared of bernie sanders. >> think you are calling. george in new york. an independent color. caller: good morning. the candidate that most impressed me was donald trump. specifically the primary pursed this -- the primary purpose of the federal government is to secure the border. at the minimum we need a secure border. second, at a minimum, we need to solve the situation with illegals that are convicted of felonies and need to be either incarcerated or removed back to the country of origin. that is the primary concern that i feel for my neighbors, and i think he is the only candidate that has brought this up as an issue. frompublican caller brighton, massachusetts. john joins us. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i will tell you that debbie wasserman schultz has a tough deal going. the candidates that she backs, one is about socialists and the other one is under considerable political fire. i will give her credit for that. i just think that the message is old and tired. it seems to be all about abortion at this point. up thetrying to stir female electorate to vote for hillary. i just can't see it working this time. enjoy the show, thank you. host: chris christie is up next on the soapbox at the iowa state fair. this tweet from a chris christie earlier, taking the family to the iowa state fair tomorrow. that tweet is from yesterday. chris christie is taking over snapchat and mary pat taking over instagram. the republican presidential
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candidate and the governor of new jersey coming up at noon eastern on the iowa state fair des moines register at soapbox. this story from usa today, chris christie looks for and i will boost. new jersey governor chris christie jumped in a fox interview that he might write a pony when he arrives at the iowa state fair on saturday so that he can outdo donald trump, who touched down at the fair last week in a helicopter. chris christie has bigger concerns than trying to match donald trump's outlandish ness. he is at risk of being knocked off of the stage when the next presidential debate is televised. on the line from democrats -- for democrats. hello. you need tohink turn on your television so we do not get the echo. are you with us? caller: yes. >> go ahead. caller: i want to talk about the republicans.
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you may wonder what i'm talking the republican party, and then having -- and they have a clan mentality in my opinion. they want to take the country back. take mind they want to some of everything that has been achieved. i think it is crazy. never havecans anything to say positive about america. they never go into the future. they only want to talk about taking kids back, going backwards, tax breaks to the rich. tax breaks to the rich i believe caused america to be in the problem and in the situation it is in today. , i believe -- ways of futuristic bernie sanders. he is speaking to the people.
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i believe this program is going to catch fire in the near future. >> thank you, charles. go ahead, thomas. thatr: i would like to say politics has come to this. it is always a big show. bernie sanders really gets down to the nitty-gritty that is affecting americans. with the republicans it is all so much of -- it is all showmanship. the real meat to and bread of the american people and what they need. thank you, very much. jason on the line for republicans. your thoughts? caller: i would like to thank .-span it seems like isil rick perry on
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c-span -- it seems like i saw a rick perry on c-span and he was order security. donald trump has been on television, and basically he does not get down to specifics. it is too bad that cnn -- it is good that we have c-span to be able to see rick perry and candidates like that, but it seems like regular media is shutting them out. almost someone who has given good and practical implementations, and it seems like -- i just want to think c-span for giving us that access for people like myself in california and around the country. >> thank you for calling. republican caller: from bronx, new york. caller: i want to talk about the first debate.
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as a republican, i was very republicant no mentioned the poor, the needy, or the middle class. all they talk about is the isis war. i want to let the world know that i'm very much ashamed to be a republican. all they think about is war. thank you. next call is dave in brighton, colorado. your thoughts. caller: i just want to mention that i thought debbie wasserman schultz did a tremendous job. i thought she spoke well, right on the issues, and very energetic for the democratic party in terms of all. she has done well for the last seven years with president obama share it with people like her i think that we have a bright future.


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