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tv   Governor Bobby Jindal at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 22, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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estate firm. my husband started out driving a tow truck. i mention that because most americans get their start the way my husband and i did. family-owned businesses or farms. they create two thirds of new jobs in the employ cap the people and we are crushing them. jobs and we are crushing them. them for theying first time in u.s. history and that is because of the crushing level of government complexity. small businesses cannot handle it. you can hire all of the accountants and the lobbyists and lawyers in the world. if you are a small business owner, you are getting crushed. we have to get off the back of
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our job creators. >> you also said -- you are talking tough out there, you will call the supreme leader of iran on day one? will call the supreme leader of iran. he may not take my call. but we are sending a message. [indiscernible] the united states of america will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the financial system. we can do that. we don't need anyone's permission. every bank and the world, if you do business with iran, you will not do business with the united face of america. states of america. >> carly, i'm going to break the rules. you're not supposed to talk about personal things as a reporter. i have two daughters, a
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nine-year-old and 13-year-old. if you were president, what would you do to be a role model for their future? ms. fiorina: i hope very much i am a role model every day. and i hope that my parents that integrity and hard work are the foundation of a good life. realize it isople not that women are better than men. it's not that it all. everybody has god-given gifts. 53% of thesent voters in this nation. women and girls have as much to contribute to this nation as men. we need to be a country where everyone, regardless of their gender, can contribute. we do not have that nation today, and that is what drives me every day. cannot stay here any
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longer. they will throw me out of here. where do you see this going? ms. fiorina: i need to give doing what i am doing, which is to get out there and talk to as many people as possible. as people get to know me and hear what i have to say and how i approach problems, we build support. introducingep myself to more and more voters, but we are very encouraged by the momentum we have. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: this is the first bite i have had. so far, it is iowa sweetcorn for sure. >> thank you. ms. fiorina: hi. you won the bet. >> i did. i'm donating 50 bucks to your campaign. ms. fiorina: good job. >> thank you. hey, thanks.
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hey, thanks.a: [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: you can help. you can talk. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] [laughter] >> thank you. ms. fiorina: ok. >> thank you very much.
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>> i was -- i was -- [indiscernible] >> all right. bush appear here -- appeared here friday. [indiscernible] as president you talk about all of the young people. view for support the young people? ms. fiorina: people know the answer. [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> this is a killer day. ms. fiorina: there you go. >> we traveled three hours --
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ms. fiorina: oh, my god. thank you. >> thank you so much. ms. fiorina: thank you so much. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: ok, perfect. my granddaughter goes to iowa state and my question for you is, what are you going to do to target the younger generation? a lot of them i find are very, very liberal. ms. fiorina: they are all here. chef but she works for the newspaper there in iowa. ms. fiorina: we've got to go where they are. we've got to take those who are excited about my candidacy -- they drove three hours to come and hear me. we've got to use them and left them. >> i will. what can we do? ms. fiorina: sign-up to help us.
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>> will you come to iowa state to talk? you know what? do you have a card or something? [indiscernible] >> awesome. >> how are you? ms. fiorina: i am well. thank you. how are you, young man? >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: what would you rather be doing right now? >> [indiscernible] oh, the sky gliders. i'm afraid of those. all right, have fun. do you want a picture? what a picture? no. [laughter] sure. >> thank you. ms. fiorina: all right, you are welcome. >> carli -- carly.
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d-a-r-y-l?: is it >> [indiscernible] >> uh-oh. [laughter] >> thank you. ms. fiorina: thank you. bye-bye. [laughter] >> i will get one tomorrow.
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>> i'll get it. [indistinct conversations] ms. fiorina: there we go. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> iowa -- and our concern is -- [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you. >> [indiscernible] i do, but i think ultimately the government should i out of the business -- stand by the people who represent iowa, whether it is
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your governor, your senator, but ultimately i think we have to phase out all of this stuff. the government should not be in the business of setting prices. >> all right. >> [indiscernible] >> follow the troopers -- i am -- na: alright, >> we have the troopers following me. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] hi.fiorina: nice to see you. >> go in here. ms. fiorina: oh, all right. i was following -- but i will follow you.
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is this your wife mary? i met her. dear. >> [indiscernible] [indistinct conversations] mean, your shirt is cool. [laughter] >> thank you. ms. fiorina: do you want one? >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you. where is your -- oh, there we go. >> ready?
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got it. thank you so much. >> i got one already, but i will get one again. i appreciate it. a lot of people coming through here? >> yeah. it did not rain and it is cool. >> yeah, i know. ms. fiorina: how are you? >> fine. nice to see you here. ms. fiorina: thank you. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: well, and -- >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: i have watched the destruction little by little of
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the agricultural industry in california -- >> i know. ms. quarterman: those people -- ms. fiorina: those people are the losers. all of this overregulation and overreach, big-time. >> and we have to cut down on that. ms. fiorina: yes. at >> [indiscernible] read i actually but the point is too much. i assume farmers manage their water well because it is their livelihood. we have a great business. we love our business. ms. fiorina: why would you believe a government bureaucrat woodmanager water better? -- would manage your water better?
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>> exactly. ms. fiorina: if you would ever like to meet the family -- if you need more information, call the office. [indiscernible] if you have any other questions, i will be here. ms. fiorina: thank you so much. >> bill and catherine donaldson. ms. fiorina: nice to meet you. >> hi, how are you? [indiscernible] >>[indiscernible] we lived in california. ms. fiorina: so, you know. >> we do know. we were a couple hours from -- [indiscernible]
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and so, when you're in washington, you hear a lot about food versus fuel. so get to know the midwest. [indiscernible] i spent aa: well, fair amount of time in iowa last year and i will continue to spend more, and i must say i love it. and i'm not just saying that. >> [indiscernible] we will give you a history. that, too.: i love >> we will give you a tour of the plant, and you will see exactly how this goes on.
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ms. fiorina: that would be great. thank you. thank you. i look forward to that. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: this would not be the first issue -- >> really? [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you, thank you very much. >> [indiscernible] support.
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one of the things we have to do before anything issuing -- when the epa is claimed to control between 75% and 95% of the water in your city, that crushes farmers. i have seen the effects where areticians in washington destroying the agricultural industry. honestly there is so much work to do to undo the harm that is being done. thingstalk about amazing now, i'm talking about that over time when we have markets that are in good shape. it's not the time to do it now -- it is not the time to do it now, it will be. the market should not be in the
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business of setting the market prices. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: now and over time. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: holy smoke. >> [indiscernible] [laughter] >> i call it the happy hour. and it was a happy hour. congratulations. >> if you do get the nomination, i would be so honored to have you be the first presidential
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candidate i ever vote for. ms. fiorina: you can help me get the nomination. talk to your friends. you can help me. >> thank you so much. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you so much for coming to iowa. ms. fiorina: how are you? >> very well. ms. fiorina: what's your name? >> henry. ms. fiorina: henry. that's a good name. [indiscernible] >> i'm not sure. the rides -- ms. fiorina: there you go. i am not getting on the scary rides. [laughter] hey, mark, how are you doing? ms. fiorina: this is my daughter adeline.
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we just came here to hear the music and we have been following your campaign aggressively. ms. fiorina: how are you doing? >> that's the best way, because that way you can all get in. this is your picture. >> 1, 2, -- there you go. ms. fiorina: ok. >> i bet you are tired of this. ms. fiorina: oh, no. [indiscernible] >> all right. 1, 2, 3. little dark, but i think it will work. thank you. ms. fiorina: thank you. >> [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you.
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hi, sir. do you want to take a picture? do you want me to take it? there you go. i asked governor scott walker today if he had any response to donald trump's position on immigration. he declined to comment. do you want to comment? think there are aspects of his plan that make a lot of sense. not tos a lot of sense support illegals who have committed crime. it makes a lot of sense. to have an employer verification system that works. it makes a lot of sense to secure the border finally. all of that make sense. my issue is this. about allen talking of this for 25 years. we always talk about this every
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election cycle. position takers get rich. and yet somehow it never gets done. what people need to decide is who is the leader who will actually get it fixed. >> deporting everyone who is here illegally in this country, is that practical? is that a bridge too far for you? we mustina: i believe begin by securing the border. if we cannot secure our border, we cannot protect our children. that is our job. we need to do it. then we need to fix illegal immigration, which has been broken for 25 years, and it means, if someone comes in on a one-day border crossing -- someone comes over on a visa and overstays and never leaves. we know that too. or when people knowingly hire an illegal and lower than the minimum wage, and we know that and there are consequences. then we can decide what to do with the people who come here
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and stay here illegally. we do need a pathway to citizenship, because i know too many people, as everyone does, who have done it the right way. >> republican presidential candidate carly fiorina at the iowa state fair. coverage continues with candidate donald trump who held a campaign event in mobile, alabama. trump:m: i'm -- mr. unbelievable. that is so beautiful. now i know how the great billy graham felt, because this is the same feeling. we love billy graham. we love billy graham. you know, this all started, we going toel and we were have about 250, 300 people.
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and they said, something is happening here. we cannot hold this. this is crazy what is going on. then we went to the convention center and they could have 10,000 people and we were all set and excited and the next day, they said, too many people, we can't put them in. so, we came here. we came here. [cheering] , iftrump: you know, today you notice, we have a stock market not doing so well. we have a country not doing so well. politicians other than the few politicians who are with us tonight. we will exclude them. we have politicians who do not have a clue. are all talkthey and no action. what is happening to this country is disgraceful. and when i announced i was running for president, i brought
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up the subject of illegal immigration. [cheering] mr. trump: and i took a lot of heat. that, i can tell you. rush limbaugh actually said "incoming." two weeks later everybody was apologizing to me. they saw that i was right, between what happened in san such an incredible family, and so many people have been so badly hurt. the other day in california last week, a woman, 66 years old, a veteran, was killed, raped, sodomized, tortured, and killed by an illegal immigrant. we have to do something. we have to do it. so, we are going to talk. we're going to have a lot of fun. the weather is a little dicey.
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that's ok. who cares if it rains, right? right? [cheering] mr. trump: if it rains, i will take off my hat and i will prove -- i will prove once and for all that it is mine, ok? , we are going to talk about a lot of different subjects, and tonight is friday night, what the heck, right? what is better? what is better? [cheering] what people? the people who built this country, that is what we have here. the people who built this country. good people. so, we will start with a little ,alk on illegal immigration what is going on. we've got to stop it. ,e are going to build a wall and it's got to be -- you know,
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it's amazing. the politicians, 10 years ago, 15 years ago they all wanted a wall. it never happens. wantse somebody did not it. probably a lobbyist. all of these guys like bush and hillary clinton, they are all taken care of. i do not know if you know -- [jeering] no, when hillary has $60 million and when jeb bush, when jeb bush -- who is totally in favor of common core, week on immigration -- [jeering] very weak on immigration, wants to let people comment, although today he is using "anchor babies." he put out a memo saying, you cannot use "anchor babies." now that i have used it, he is using it. he has $14 million. in hillary's case, she has $60
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million. i do not know if she will make it to the gate. what do you think? i'm not sure she is making it to the gate. some bad things came out today. classified as you know the word classified? you know, they destroyed general petraeus over less and nothing seems to be happening here. it will be interesting to see what happens ultimately. but we have right now -- and i just got these numbers today. i said what are they? births inl of the this country are illegal immigrants, ok? can't afford it. and they are supposed to stay. i turned out right. the 14th amendment. i had these guys say, oh, you can't change the 14th amendment. it will take so long. on that i agree, but you know what? amendment, i was right. you can do something with it and
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you can do something fast. you can do something fast. cheering] mr. trump: so, we have 300,000 babies a year that you will have to take care of, we all have to take care of your it in the case of other countries, including mexico, they do not do that. it does not work that way. you do not walk up the border one day and all the sudden we have another american citizen. mexico does not do not do it. very few places do it. we are the only place just about that is stupid enough to do it. [cheering] mr. trump: so -- . decided to run i have gotten an amazing reception at -- reception. i have to say. this has been great.
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[cheering] it has been while. day, i had jury duty. they had a line for occupation. i refuse to put dumb politician. .e have a great guy he has been so spot on, so highly respected. has anyone ever heard of senator jeff sessions? [cheering] jeff, where are you? come up. look at him. he is like 20 years old. unbelievable guy. [cheering]


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