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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 27, 2015 5:45pm-6:01pm EDT

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turned into a gated community. go ahead. yes, i am right here. i can barely hear you in the background. caller: i just wanted to say i am so happy that president obama -- addressed the situation with katrina today. there are people that really would love to come home, but clearly the president is unaware that the people that owned properties that rent out the , so many price gouging of us are unable to return home. the other survivors have been able to build a foundation for a new life and what have you as we ine here out here georgia, but i would like to go home, and i think president obama were an act alleging those
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young men even though we deduct a chance to see them, but he did acknowledge them and their experiences. and i thank c-span for covering the story as well. host: thank you. if you'd like to tweet us, you et us @cspan. you can also post your comment on facebook. eric in st. petersburg, florida. go ahead. caller: hello. host: you're on the air. caller: i want to send my thoughts out to all the people that we lost life with katrina, and i want to send my thanks to nation, but ihis want to say something about tragedies.
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hurricane intranet was the number one tragedy of the united states of america. we are teaching our kids wrong. one tragedy in the united states was slavery. a peacock about all the people -- if you talk about all the people who were killed, the people who are buried, that was the number one tragedy in the united states of america. joe is in louisiana. how did katrina impact you, joe? are you with us? some background noise. we will put joe on hold and see if we can get him back on the line. a caller, let's go to in seattle. hello. i am so glad to have this opportunity. i was so and draw by president to the survivors
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and 10katrina hurricane, years has gone so fast, and we need this reminder, of this crisis, because so many of us just assume that the government, fema, has taken care of everything. and by virtue of this, we can see that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. host: thanks for calling. sean in tennessee, you were impacted by the storm how? caller: yes, sir, this is sean. by the storm. family members that are on. the question i have where is governor jindal, the person who is running for president?
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i understand why he is not in new orleans right now. that is my question. host: ok, we will move on, then. walter joins us from california. what are your thoughts on this 10th anniversary? caller: thank you for letting me be on. i'm a veteran asiana. fromam a veteran louisiana. i was so happy to see president obama in louisiana, and sq previous caller about bobby jindal, bobby jindal is the governor of louisiana, back basically he does not spend a lot of time in louisiana. relatives who live in new orleans, and i want to say that i was surprised yourself how far come, and i was so happy to see president obama there, someone who i love so very much because he cares so
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much about people and for the people of new orleans, who have come back. they can for letting me say this. host: thanks for calling. before the president spoke in the community center, he took a tour of part of that community that suffered 10 years ago at the hands of hurricane katrina, and he spoke for a few minutes during that tour. we will watch more of that and take more of your calls. obama: these areas are part of one of the most historic districts of louisiana and new orleans and america. a lot of people think this is where jazz started taking root. it is close to downtown and the french quarter, one of the most important historic african-american communities in the country. like so much of this area, it was devastated during the storm,
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but what you are seeing here is an example of the incredible federal, state, local totnerships that have helped revitalize this community, not this housing, which is all new, and funded to a program, but also a new school and that direction, a new community center in that direction. and part of our goal has to make sure not just that we work recovered from the storm -- we were recovered from the storeroom, but we were dealing from the structural inequities that existed long before the storm happened. i will say nice things about him later, but i want to make sure that none of this would've happened had it not been for the outstanding leadership of mayor mitch landrieu, who has been unbelievable partner throughout this entire process. we are proud what he's doing. you can see the results here.
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now, just because the houses are nice does not mean our jobs are done. this is a community that still has a lot of poverty. there is an area where young arele still too often taking the wrong path before they graduate from high school. there is a community that still needs resources and still needs help. the fact that we can make this any strides 10 years after a terrible epic disaster i think is an indication we have a spirit that we have in the city and it is survived in our mayor. their prime. lowerthe president in the ninth ward of new orleans this afternoon prior to his speech at a community center, also in the neighborhood. your calls for the next five or 10 minutes, or reaction to the president's remarks today as he marked the 10th anniversary of
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hurricane katrina, and your thoughts about the 10 years since that hurricane, the recovery, are we ready for the next big storm, your remembrances of the storm itself. let's go back to the phones. mary from atlanta, go ahead. caller: my heart goes out to everyone that was there, and i'm chance toobama had a go out and talk to people there. thank you. host: joe in louisiana. clearly, you were impacted by the storm if you were there. tell us about that. caller: my name is joe. i was raised in new orleans, born in new orleans. a lot of stuff is gone. a lot of schools like my old change their whole new name and took a lot of stuff that we believed in and were raised up in, it is gone. story, but a horror
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i am glad the president was aledged it man-made storm. it was just like the government did not build levees strong enough for us to survive. i love my city. thank you, everyone, who helped when we were at our worst, when we were down, and everybody who helped us. us, come have a drink with us on bourbon street. you helped us, and we remember you all who helped us. come back and have fun. be here. scared to host: thanks for the invite, joe, the invitation to come back to portland's that's go to chris in florida.
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caller: hello, this is ncan, and i'mu society from the president's remarks, but i was the people that helped aay lot of families that came here. i helped a lot of families that and as a for relief, man of color, it encouraged me, it may be believed when we all work together, great things can happen. that is why i am determined to do great things and put people before policy, and that is something i do daily. i'm a father of four girls. my oldest is a cancer survivor, and she sees the legacy of our president and says, that he, that is cool. he seems like a real guy. he shakes people's hands, and she is in fourth grade, but excited, and what he said today it resonated for the recovery for america, that if we can turn it around and do great things that we did in new orleans and
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said that example, we have -- people before policy, that is what i'm fighting for. people before policy. host: another louisiana caller, margaret, joining us. you were impacted by the storm. go ahead. caller: yes, sir. we lived below new orleans, and i understand new orleans had a big hit, but in montague, we also had a big hit. i'm still fighting to get my we alwaysated, and are getting turned down. we do not know why, we do not know who to go to to get help. us duringbroke on hurricane katrina, and everybody is forgetting about the smaller communities around new orleans focusing on new orleans it's up. we were also hit, too, and we are not getting the help we should be getting. host: thanks for calling.
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in fact, this story from "usa bringing up a lot of case that other areas were hit hard by hurricane katrina, and it is written, mississippi is forgotten. we should recognize that magnolia state struggling. she writes for the past 10 years i have had a chip on my shoulder, or precise, a bricked, all that is left of my childhood home on the gulf coast. the relentless winds and storm our entirered community. when i mention that, most people respond it was awful what that hurricane did to new orleans, and therein lies the problem. i do not grow up in new orleans. live iny did not louisiana. the home we owned was more on of the moree 65,000 distort in mississippi. that from a writer in "usa today."
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geoins us in rgia. caller: i would like to thank you for the wonderful job you do in season. comments weres very good. i am proud that not only the government worked together to get in there, but our church, the episcopal relief and development, as well as other charities, have done a wonderful job, and still continue to work hard to rehabilitate new orleans. host: thanks for calling. pat in california. caller: i am in california, and i have to say i have very dear friends in baton rouge, lafayette, and across the way
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heart,and what breaks my that there are so many, so very lacking in that are knowledge that the government did send a grant of money two that prior to the crisis we are talking about today, and the 10-year reunion, and that individual and is all the money and is incarcerated. over. seems to be skated are you familiar with what i'm referring to? host: go ahead, explain it. caller: i believe it was the mayor. the governor is incarcerated. the government grant from washington granted for the fixed, repaired, and put back in working order long, two years prior to the crisis that we are speaking of
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on a 10-year reunion. host: you're talking about ray or?in, the may caller: that is correct, and have that money not been embezzled, those levees would have been in far better shape than the date that this storm hit. host: thanks for calling, pat. our coverage of the 10-year anniversary of hurricane katrina continues on c-span. on "washington journal," tomorrow and saturday morning, friday we will talk to former mayor of new orleans and the editor of the "new orleans times picayune," and then on saturday, you will see archival aftermath.the


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